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【HS】通讯链应用&新赛博程序&代理 P56-61
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通讯链应用 Commlink Apps
代码兄弟: 代码兄弟是一款设计用来通过不断检查错误并提供可能的解决方案,甚至基于启发函数为你写部分重复的代码,从而帮助你更快地构建软件的应用程序。这款应用程序可以节省你大量的时间,但并非总是如此——我们都曾经嘲笑过自动纠错失效。使用代码兄弟应用程序进行编程检定时,向你的骰池中添加一个骰子,不过使其成为狂野骰。
剧透 -   :
Code Buddy: A Code Buddy is an app designed
to help you create software faster by constantly
checking for errors and providing suggestions for
solutions, and even writing some of the more tedious
code for you based on heuristic algorithms.
This app can save you a lot of time, but not always—
we’ve all laughed at autocorrect fails. When
making a programming test with the assistance of
a Code Buddy app, add one die to your dice pool,
but make it a wild die.
剧透 -   :
eParkour: Analyzes local objects and projects
possible parkour moves based on the user’s
skill profile. Provided you have a DNI or image
link, it provides a point of Edge on any Athletics
test, which must be spent on the test or is lost.
This does not provide Edge on attack or defense
tests, even ones that benefit from Athletics via the
Dodge action.
文件保险库: 任何存储在文件保险库应用程序中的文件都受到等于你的通讯链防火墙属性等级的加密保护。如果检测到尝试解密,应用程序的默认对策是警告通讯链的持有者并删除文件。默认对策可以被修改——其中一个更聪明的应用是编辑或替换文件,这样骇客就不会知晓他们下载了错误信息。
剧透 -   :
File Vault: Any files stored away in a file vault
app are protected by encryption with a rating
equal to your commlink’s Firewall attribute. If
a decryption attempt is detected, the app’s default
response is to alert the commlink’s owner
and delete the files. The default response can
be altered—one of the more clever applications
is to cause the files to be edited or replaced, so
that the hacker downloads false information unknowingly.
模拟分享: 这款应用程序允许你与其他用户共享你的拟感信息流。最常用于一起体验影音或分享私人拟感环境,它也允许用户订阅通讯链的拟感信息流作为矩阵的乘客。订阅用户可以体验与通讯链的所有者完全相同的拟感,包括任何致衰休克或生物反馈伤害。订阅者可以选择他们自己的矩阵模式以限制来这种危险。使用AR完全防止任何伤害,冷模VR意味着你只从生物反馈中受到眩晕伤害。只有生物反馈伤害被共享,而不是矩阵伤害。模拟分享订阅者可以使用的唯一矩阵动作是发送消息,切换矩阵模式,和跳出,但你可以用团队协作动作来协助其他人的矩阵动作,如果你有对应的技能的话。虽然与顺风车骇入程序相比,模拟分享更安全,但它不能带乘客进入结构层或共鸣域。一个搭顺风车的人会作为一个图标出现在主要化身上,不能单独作为矩阵动作,复合程式或网精能力的对象。
剧透 -   :
SimShare: This app allows you to share your
simsense feed with other users. Most commonly
used to experience media together or share a private
simsense environment, it also allows users to
subscribe to the commlink’s simsense feed as a passenger
in the Matrix. A subscribed user experiences
all the same simsense as the commlink’s owner,
including any dumpshock or biofeedback damage.
Subscribers can choose their own interface mode
to limit this danger. Using AR completely prevents
any damage, and cold sim VR means you only take
Stun damage from biofeedback. Only biofeedback
damage is shared, not Matrix damage. The only
Matrix Actions a SimShare subscriber can use are
send message, switch interface mode, and jack
out, but you can assist other Matrix Actions with
a Teamwork test if you have the matching skill.
While much safer to use than the hacker program
Hitchhiker, SimShare is not able to carry passengers
into Foundations or the Resonance realms.
A hitchhiker shows up as an icon attached to the
host persona, and cannot be targeted separately via
Matrix Actions, complex forms, or sprite powers.
我流: 社交媒体在第六纪无处不在,它可以一种有效快速收集信息的方式。即使没有我流账户的人也被引用和跟踪,所以如果你知道去哪里找的话,你可以侵犯任何人的隐私。运行我流程序可以为关于个人、公司、流行文化话题或当前事件的任何矩阵搜索提供一点极限。这点极限必须花在矩阵搜索上,否则就会丧失。在这个检定上出现失误会引入错误的信息,而严重失误则会破坏整个搜索。这些程序通常作为配件装在小型飞行无人机上,以用于捕捉生活中的情景和自拍。许多狂奔者利用这一点来为可疑侦察设备的出现找借口。
剧透 -   :
MeFeed: Social media is ubiquitous in the Sixth
World, and it can be a useful way to gather information
quickly. Even people without MeFeed accounts
are referenced and tracked, so if you know where to
look, you can invade anyone’s privacy. Having the
MeFeed app running provides a point of Edge on
any Matrix search about a person, company, pop
culture topic, or current event. This Edge must be
spent on the Matrix search, or it is lost. A glitch on
this test introduces a piece of misinformation, while
a critical glich corrupts the entire search. These are
commonly accessorized with a small flying drone
for capturing life on the go and taking selfies. Many
shadowrunners take advantage of this to excuse the
presence of a surreptitious reconnaissance device.
人体模型: 黑客有时需要让其中一个设备看起来像是运行着一个活跃的化身,也许是当他们忙于使用另一台设备或仅仅是试图在某个地方混入的时。人体模型应用程序需要运行个人助手应用程序才能运行。同时运行人体模型和个人助手时,你的通讯链对任何矩阵观察者来说都像是在生成一个活跃的化身。侦测到这是一个虚假的化身需要一个矩阵侦察检定,阈值等于通讯链的设备等级。
剧透 -   :
Mannequin: Hackers sometimes need to make it
look like one of their devices is running an active
persona, perhaps while they are busy using a different
device or just trying to blend in somewhere. The
Mannequin app requires a personal assistant app to
be running in order to function. With both Mannequin
and a personal assistant running, your commlink
appears to any Matrix observer to be generating
an active persona. Detecting that this is a false
persona requires a Matrix Perception test against
a threshold equal to the commlink’s device rating.
剧透 -   :
Personal Assistant: The personal assistant is one
of the most common and popular commlink apps.
It functions as a software servant, with the primary
functions of keeping track of your schedule, monitoring
your network, and automating control of
connected devices. They are often programmed
with artificial personalities and distinctive icons
but are nowhere near being true sentient AI. These
are essentially just highly sophisticated commlink
automation tools. Unless equipped with additional
software (see P-ICE below), it is limited to the following Matrix actions: Change Icon, Control
Device (owned devices only), Edit File (owned files
only), Enter/Exit Host, Format Device (self-only),
Full Matrix Defense, Jack Out, Matrix Perception,
Matrix Search, Reboot Device (self-only), and
Send Message. Issuing your PA a simple command
requires a Minor Action. More complex automations
requires a bit more time and focus. Especially
elaborate and complex automations may require a
programming test with an interval of one minute,
per the gamemaster’s discretion. Any sequence,
contingency, and combination of the available Matrix
Actions is possible. Your PA will only take actions
as directed. It has no initiative of its own and
is capable of taking a single Matrix Action each
combat round on your turn. For all actions, a PA’s
dice pool is its rating x 2. However, a PA must buy
hits instead of rolling (one hit for every full four
dice, rounded down), and no Edge may be gained
or spent on its behalf. On its default setting, a PA
improves your overall Matrix defense by constantly
taking the Full Defense Matrix action on your
behalf. This adds its rating to your dice pool to
resist any hostile Matrix actions. Note: A rating 1
PA scores zero hits, rating 2–3 scores 1 hit, rating
4–5 scores 2 hits, and rating 6 scores 3 hits.
P-ICE: 个人ICE,或者P-ICE,是一种新型的通讯链应用程序,设计用于让人们感觉更安全地使用矩阵。虽然不如真正的IC强大,但它仍然可以扰乱骇客一天的心情。一个通讯链一次只能运行一个ICE,而且它必须和个人助手应用程序一起运行。
剧透 -   :
P-ICE: Personal ICE, or P-ICE, is a new line of
commlink app designed to make people feel safer
about using the Matrix. Not as powerful as true
IC, it can still mess up a hacker’s day. A commlink
can only run one at a time, and it must run along
with a personal assistant app.
不!: 这种类型的P-ICE导致PA在每个战斗轮中花费它的动作搜索针对通讯链和其连接设备的敌对矩阵活动迹象。如果检测有到敌对活动的迹象,PA立即执行一系列动作。默认的响应是警告其所有者或当局有攻击和入侵,然后关闭所有连接设备的无线模式,然后重启通讯链。它可以设置为只警告某些特定号码,或者调整某些设备的设置但不调整剩下设备。这必须预先设置好,但优点是所有者不必花费动作来关闭每个设备的无线模式以保护它们免受黑客攻击——所有这些都只是对检测到的入侵的快速响应。你也可以使用一个次要动作来触发应用程序,即使没有检测到任何非法活动。
剧透 -   :
Nope!: This type of P-ICE causes the PA to spend
its action every combat round searching for signs of
hostile Matrix activity against the commlink and its
connected devices. If signs of hostile activity are detected,
the PA carries out a batch of actions immediately.
The default response is to alert its owner and
the authorities of the attack or intrusion, then turn
wireless off for all connected devices, then reboot
the commlink. It can instead be set to alert only
certain numbers, or to adjust the settings of some
devices but not others. This must be predetermined,
but the advantage is that the owner doesn’t have to
spend actions turning each device’s wireless mode
off to protect them against hacking—it all just happens
quickly in response to a detected intrusion.
You can also trigger the app using a Minor Action,
even if no illegal activity is detected.
棘刺: 棘刺程序为你的PA提供了一些对抗黑客的额外防御。你的PA继续在每个战斗回合中使用全防御动作,任何时候骇客使用一个可以被你通讯链防火墙属性对抗的动作时,他们受到矩阵伤害。如果动作成功,他们受到一格矩阵伤害。如果失败,他们受到每净成功一格的矩阵伤害(最少一点)。这些伤害只能通过棘刺护盾赛博程序来防止。
剧透 -   :
Spines: The Spines program arms your PA with
some extra defense against hackers. Your PA continues
to use its action on Full Defense every combat
round. Any time a hacker takes a Matrix action
that is opposed by your commlink’s Firewall
attribute, they take Matrix damage. If the Matrix
Action against you succeeds, they take one Matrix
damage. If it fails, they take one damage for every
net hit against them (minimum one damage).
This Matrix damage can only be prevented by the
Spineshield cyberprogram.
剧透 -   :
Watchdog: The watchdog P-ICE causes the PA
to spend its action every combat round to search
for any icons that are running silent. If hidden
icons are discovered, it alerts its owner and any
other numbers it has been pre-programmed to
contact. No further test or action is required to
identify the icons, but the only information provided
is the type of icon or device. If the icon is
disguised or otherwise altered, the watchdog app
reports the falsified information as if it were true.
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Re: 【HS】通讯链程序&新赛博程序&代理 P56-61
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新赛博程序 New Cyberprograms
普通赛博程序 Basic Cyberprograms

剧透 -   :
Autosoft Host: This program allows you to
load autosofts so that they can be utilized by an
agent program. You only need to run one instance
of autosoft host, and this unlocks the ability to run
any number of autosofts — limited only by your
program slots. In addition to autosofts, you can
also run skillsofts in the same way. Each autosoft
or skillsoft takes up a program slot of its own.
剧透 -   :
Emulator: Most deckers carry around a commlink
for everyday Matrix use, but you can run
them more efficiently on a cyberdeck using an
emulator program. Emulator can run a number
of commlink apps equal to the cyberdeck’s device
rating within its own program slot. You can still
run commlink apps on a cyberdeck, but without
this they each take up one program slot. This is
most commonly used to run a personal assistant
along with mannequin and some P-ICE.

骇入赛博程序 Hacking Cyberprograms

剧透 -   :
Blaster-Charger: This program allows you to
build up extra code/power/force for a Data Spike
Matrix Action. When running Blaster-Charger, you
may spend one or more Minor Actions to “charge
up” your Data Spike action. For each Minor Action
spent charging up, reduce the cost of one boost or
Edge action on behalf of your data spike by one,
to a minimum cost of 1 point of Edge. After each
use, the program crashes. You can reload it with a
Minor Action.
剧透 -   :
Bomb Kit: When you set a Data Bomb while
running this program, replace one of your dice
with a wild die. You may create a Data Bomb that
gets copied along with a file instead of going off
when illegally accessed. Unless the Data Bomb is
located and disarmed, it will go off the first time
the copy is accessed. However, you may choose to
set a specific number of file access attempts that
must occur before the Data Bomb goes off. And
yes, if the copy is copied, the copy of the copy has a
copy of the Data Bomb, too, et cetera and onward.
剧透 -   :
Directional Shield: This program allows you to
enhance and focus your Firewall against an anticipated
threat on the Matrix. When you have taken
the Full Defense action, you may spend a Minor
Anytime Action to add the rating of your Data Processing
attribute to your dice pool to defend against
a Matrix Action. You must be aware of the icon that
is taking action against you in order to use this. You
may use directional shield multiple times per combat
round, but only once per Matrix defense roll.
Each use requires an additional minor action.
剧透 -   :
Defense Pods: You can run multiple copies of
defense pods. Whenever you suffer Matrix damage,
you may spend a minor anytime action to activate
a defense pod. You may activate more than
one defense pod if you wish, but each one requires
a separate Minor Action. For each defense pod
activated, reduce Matrix damage by 1. After each
use, the program crashes. It can be reloaded with
a Minor Action.
双重代理:如果你在运行这个程序的时候导致IC崩溃,主机会在下一个战斗轮中启动一个新的IC副本。当这种情况发生时,IC将在你的控制下产生。直到你下一次积累监视指数前,IC将尽其所能遵循你的命令,不会对你采取行动。当你获得至少一点OS时,双重代理程序会崩溃,IC会恢复其本身的行为。如果IC采取产生监视指数的行动,它将在行动完成后立即被主机删除(并在下一个战斗轮中重新启动 —— 这次不再受你的控制)。
剧透 -   :
Double Agent: If you crash an IC while you
have this program running, the host will launch
a new copy of the IC in the next combat round.
When this happens, the IC will spawn under your
control. Until the next time you accrue overwatch,
the IC will follow your orders to the best of its
ability and will not take actions against you. When
you get so much as one more point of overwatch,
the double agent program crashes and the IC resumes
its natural behavior. If the IC takes an action
that generates overwatch, it is immediately deleted
by the host after the action is complete (and relaunched
on the next combat round — not under
your control this time).
剧透 -   :
Drone Master: If you also have an RCC that is
connected directly via data cable to your cyberdeck
(or agent box), your agent program can jump into
a drone that is subscribed to the RCC. Your agent
effectively replaces the drone’s Pilot with its own
rating and overrides any autosofts with the ones
it has access to. Autosofts running on the drone
are not available while it is controlled by your
agent. This doesn’t upload your agent to a drone,
though. It still requires a cyberdeck or agent box
to run. The drone’s Pilot ultimately resists being
dominated (even if you own it). This doesn’t cause
any trouble when running under your PAN, but
if you use an agent box on a remote mission for
this purpose, it takes 1D6 boxes of Matrix damage
every minute. This is less of a security protocol and
more of an unintended effect caused by clashing
剧透 -   :
Quartermaster: This program outfits an agent
with a variety of useful software tools. Collectively,
these tools give the agent its own Edge attribute
equal to its rating, although its pool of Edge
points begins empty and it cannot gain Edge on its
own. The agent’s owner may spend a Minor Anytime
Action to transfer their own Edge points to
the agent’s pool of Edge. This is the only way the
agent may gain points of Edge. An agent on a remote
mission may be provided with points of Edge
at the time that it is released, but no further points
of Edge may be provided. The player who controls
the agent may decide when and how the agent uses
its available Edge, but the Edge may only be spent
to directly assist the agent and cannot be given to
or spent on behalf of other characters
剧透 -   :
Rocket Launcher: These cybercombat super-
chargers give deckers an advantage against
demiGODs, IC, and hostile sprites, but they’re just
as good for messing with personas. If you spend
a Minor Action to activate the rocket launcher
before making a Data Spike Matrix Action, increase
your base Matrix damage by 2. After the
Data Spike action, the Rocket Launcher program
crashes. You can reload another copy with a Minor
Action. You may run multiple copies of Rocket
Launcher at the same time, but you must spend
a separate Minor Action to activate each one. If
multiple Rocket Launchers are used on the same
attack, Matrix damage is increased by 1 for each
Rocket Launcher after the first.
剧透 -   :
Secret Agent: This program is designed to be uploaded
with an agent operating in a host, in which
case the agent accrues additional overwatch at the
rate of 1D6 per hour (instead of 1D6 per minute).
剧透 -   :
Smoke Bomb: If you spend a Minor Action to
activate a Smoke Bomb program just before taking
a Hide Matrix Action, add a wild die to your
dice pool. Then the Smoke Bomb program crashes,
but you can always load it back up with a Minor
Action. You may have multiple copies of Smoke
Bomb active, but you must spend a separate Minor
Action to activate each one. If you use more than
one on a Hide test, add a wild die for each Smoke
Bomb you activate.
剧透 -   :
Special Agent: Designate a specific specialization
of the Cracking or Electronics skill when writing
or purchasing this program. While running,
this program effectively provides your agent with
the designated specialization, increasing its dice
pool by 2 for related tasks. You may run multiple
special agent programs, but copies of the same specialization
do not stack.
剧透 -   :
Spin Doctor: You may run multiple instances of
Spin Doctor on a cyberdeck. Its effects are cumulative
but each instance requires a program slot.
In order for this software to work, you must also
be running Baby Monitor. When your Overwatch
Score starts to get dangerously high, this software
begins a desperate sequence of dirty tricks to mimic
malfunctions, implicate other icons, and underprioritize
offensive actions. This allows a hacker to
stall, effectively increasing their maximum Overwatch
Score (usually 40) by +2 per instance of Spin
Doctor that you have running.
剧透 -   :
Spineshield: This cyberprogram was developed
as a counter-countermeasure to hacking. It prevents
one point of damage from the Spines commlink
app, then crashes. You may run multiple copies of
Spineshield, requiring a program slot for each one.
If you suffer multiple boxes of Matrix damage, every
copy will activate at once (regardless of how
much or how little damage is incoming), reducing
the damage by 1 for each running copy. After each
use, this program crashes. You can, of c
剧透 -   :
Tapeworm: If you have a copy of Tapeworm
loaded, you may upload it to a device to which you
have admin access. This requires a successful Edit
File action. The Tapeworm will record a log of all
Matrix Actions performed using the device, as well
as any data that is accessed, downloaded, or sent
from the device for up to one hour per net hit on
the test to upload the tapeworm. You may choose
a shorter time if you wish. During this time, the
Tapeworm will hide and record data on the target
device. It can only be noticed if someone attempts
a Matrix Perception test on the device and scores a
number of hits equal to your net hits on the test to
upload the Tapeworm. If spotted, it can be deleted,
but not traced. If it is not discovered and deleted,
after its time expires the Tapeworm will upload all
of its data to a pre-determined host on the Matrix
and then delete itself. Usually these are data havens
or public file-sharing hosts. Assuming you can access
the target destination, you can download the
files left for you by the tapeworm with no difficulty.
To anyone else, the files are protected with
rating 2 encryption.
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Re: 【HS】通讯链程序&新赛博程序&代理 P56-61
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代理 Agent
剧透 -   :
Agent software generates a second persona of
limited artificial intelligence that can carry out
Matrix Actions at the commands of its owner.
While many are programmed to emulate personalities,
these programs are not truly sentient. There
are many stories that suggest an agent program
can become a self-aware AI, but there doesn’t seem
to be a predictable means for how this occurs—if
there is any truth to the stories at all. An agent program
requires a program slot on a cyberdeck, or
an external device called an agent box, in order to
run. A cyberdeck or agent box can run one agent
with a rating no greater than its device rating. Even
with an agent box connected, a cyberdeck can only
run one agent at a time.
剧透 -   :
An agent program’s Charisma, Intuition, Logic,
and Willpower attributes are all equal to its rating.
An agent also has a number of ranks in the Cracking
and Electronics skills equal to its rating. The Matrix
attributes of an agent come from the hacker’s devices
and are exactly the same as the cyberdeck’s
persona (including any bonuses or penalties from
software, hardware, complex forms, etc.). An agent
does not normally have a Matrix condition monitor
of its own — if it takes Matrix damage, that damage
goes straight to the cyberdeck’s condition monitor.
If an agent’s actions generate overwatch, it applies
to the parent device’s overwatch score. Agent
software shares all user and admin access statuses
with its parent device, and it only has access to any
devices or files that are explicitly allowed.
剧透 -   :
An agent’s Matrix initiative is (rating x 2) +
2D6. Any Matrix initiative enhancements from a
cyberjack or other source also improve the agent’s
initiative. Unlike PA apps, agents are not limited
to legal Matrix actions. They will take any Matrix
action that is required in order to carry out their
orders with no regard for legality or ethics.
剧透 -   :
One of the most common uses for an agent is to
provide assistance to a decker. Unless commanded to
do otherwise, an agent will always make a Teamwork
test on behalf of all of its owner’s Matrix actions.
When used in this way, the agent must buy hits instead
of rolling dice, providing one hit for every four
dice (rounded down). To save time, note how many
hits your agent can buy, and don’t forget to add that
many bonus dice to your dice pools when you take a
Matrix Action. Note that each teamwork assistance
requires your agent to take a Major Action, so its
uses may be limited when time is of the essence.
剧透 -   :
Agents can access and use any program that
is also running on their parent device. Some programs
have been specifically designed to enhance
agents. Autosofts were originally designed to provide
drones with additional skills, and skillsofts to
work with skillwire augmentations, but the Autosoft
Host program allows an agent to make use of
them, too. If you are running an Autosoft Host,
you can load additional autosofts and skillsofts
in your other program slots. Your agent gains the
skills provided by the software. An agent can only
run them at a rating up to its own rating, but it can
effectively run a more powerful autosoft or skillsoft
at a lower rating in order to make it compatible.
Note that an agent already has the Cracking
and Electronics skills. Agents can provide teamwork
assistance with any skill they have access to
剧透 -   :
Many hackers prefer to code their own agents,
but they can be legally purchased with a special

代理盒 Agent Box
剧透 -   :
The agent box is a hacked and repurposed
commlink designed to host an agent program. An
agent running on an agent box has its own Matrix
condition monitor (8 + [agent box rating/2]). If an
agent box is destroyed, the Matrix damage does
not carry over to the host device—the agent simply
ceases. Don’t forget to back up your programs.
剧透 -   :
A cyberdeck is only capable of running one
agent at a time, even if you have multiple agent
boxes. There are still advantages to having multiple
agent boxes, however. One of them is that it’s
always nice to have a backup. Another is that you
can use them separately from a cyberdeck for remote

远程任务 Remote Missions
剧透 -   :
You need skill and a cyberdeck to prepare an
agent for a remote mission. This allows an agent
to function independently of its host cyberdeck,
with some limitations. There are two ways to send
an agent on a remote mission: by using an agent
box or uploading one onto a host. To set up an
agent box for a remote mission, make a programming
test with a threshold equal to the agent’s
rating and an interval of one hour. Net hits are
important, and you may make one additional test
after achieving the threshold to increase your net
hits if you wish. A critical glitch on this test is the
source of most rumors of agents growing into true
artificial intelligences. You must code instructions
for a specific mission with clear targets and objectives,
as well as a list of Matrix actions that are
available to the agent while on the remote mission.
You may only choose a number of Matrix
actions equal to the agent’s rating x 2, so choose
wisely. Finally, you must also set the agent’s Matrix
attributes: Attack, Sleaze, Data Processing,
and Firewall. You have a pool of points equal to
the agent’s rating plus your net hits on the programming
test. These points may be spent on a
one-for-one basis on the agent’s Matrix attributes
and additional software. No Matrix attribute may
be higher than the agent’s rating, and none may
be set to zero. It costs one point to provide your
agent with each program, including autosofts,
skillsofts, and commlink apps. You must own any
programs you wish to include on a remote mission,
but you do not lose them by copying them
over. In this way your agent can be equipped with
any cyberprogram or autosoft that it might need
to complete its mission. If using an agent box, you
must connect a software tag or external program
carrier for each program you include.
剧透 -   :
An agent on a remote mission has its own Matrix
condition monitor (8 + [rating/2]) and Overwatch
Score. It suffers Matrix damage and accrues overwatch
independently of its parent device, and the
parent device can’t be traced or accessed through
the remote agent. An agent’s starting Overwatch
Score begins at the same level as the parent device’s
Overwatch Score when it was released on
the mission. When it reaches 40, the agent and all
accompanying software is automatically deleted,
and the physical location of the agent box (if any)
is reported to the authorities. A quarantined copy
is kept for analysis by the host or GOD, but there’s
no connection back to the cyberdeck that generated
it. Besides adding +1 to the team’s heat modifier
at the end of the run for every occurrence, there are
no further consequences.
剧透 -   :
Uploading an agent to a device or host requires
Admin access and one successful Edit File action
for the agent and each program. No hardware is
required. The agent gains admin access and accrues
additional Overwatch Score at the rate of 1D6 per
minute. If the agent is uploaded to a host, it works
just as well as if running on an agent box. If uploaded
to an RCC, its effective rating is reduced
to the RCC’s device rating/2, and no additional
programs may be included. If uploaded to a commlink,
it effectively takes over the PA app. In this
case, the agent effectively loses all of its capabilities
but gains full control over the PA. The PA will take
any actions the agent tells it to. If an agent within
a host, RCC, or commlink is converged upon, the
host device immediately and automatically deletes
the agent.
剧透 -   :
If an agent is uploaded to any other electronic
device, its rating is limited to 2. Items with a
Device Rating less than 2 lack the hardware required
to host an agent. When in a device that is
not capable of hosting a network, such as a home
appliance, firearm, or someone’s wired reflexes, the
only Matrix actions that your agent can take are
actions that target the host device. If any device
hosting a remote agent is rebooted, the agent is deleted
from that device.
剧透 -   :
An agent on a remote mission only includes
enough of its code to get the job done. When you
send an agent on a remote mission, you still own a
copy of the agent software and can still run one on
an open program slot or spare agent box. You still
have the program, and if you lose an agent on a remote
mission, you don’t lose the original. If someone
downloads or copies a remote agent, they may
not use the agent for any purpose other than its
remote mission. It’s definitely not the same thing as
making a true copy of the program. While it is possible
to make lots of remote agents at once, agents
running independently of a cyberdeck tend not to
last very long and are limited to following pre-programmed
objectives. Remote agents are best used
for specific tasks with limited objectives. There
is, however, a market for pre-made agent boxes.
Ownership of an agent box can be transferred,
and so a number of unusual devices have shown
up on the market. These are commonly referred to
as cyberkits, and are a popular alternative to hiring
a decker to come with your team on a run. You
might think that deckers wouldn’t be so willing to
make something that replaces them, but there are
plenty who prefer making and selling these to exposing
themselves to more personal risk.
剧透 -   :
A cyberkit’s rating is also the rating of the agent
software loaded on it. Note that when a cyberkit is
rebooted, its software is deleted. The hardware (an
agent box) is the most expensive part, so unless it
gets wrecked or lost, it can be reloaded for the listed
recharge cost. Finding one to sell requires most
contacts a number of hours equal to its rating x 2.


1,100¥ (200¥)
1,600¥ (300¥)
3,700¥ (400¥)
6,000¥ (500¥)
9,200¥ (600¥)

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