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【HS】小玩意儿&通讯链骇入 P40-44
« 于: 2023-06-14, 周三 14:37:11 »
小玩意儿 Gizmos

数据阀 Data Tap
剧透 -   :
Data taps are small, handheld devices with a variety
of connectors designed to allow direct access
to another device or network. Standard data taps
are a common tool used by legitimate technicians,
but hackers have adapted them for more nefarious
purposes. It’s a widely known fact that directly connecting
to a device makes it much easier to hack.

标准数据阀 Standard Data Tap
标准数据阀合法且随处可得。除非你正在用它连接一些你不应该连的东西上,没有人会在乎你是否持有一个。安装一个标准数据阀需要你足够接近以能接触你想要直连的设备。如果设备没有暴露的线路或数据接口,你可能需要撬开外壳或者干点别的啥,一些安保系统被设计用于侦测这些篡改行为。一旦当你准备好了一个数据阀并能接触到设备,安上它需要一个主要动作以及电子学+逻辑(2)检定。这创造了连接但不会给予权限。一旦连接上,数据阀能通过通用数据接口直接访问或者激活用以无线连接。除非你打算隐藏它,注意到数据阀的侦查检定的阈值是1. 你可以进行一个隐匿(手上功夫)+敏捷检定来隐藏一个数据阀,这时你的成功数决定了发现它的阈值。
剧透 -   :
The standard data tap is legal and widely available.
Unless you’re using it to connect to something
you aren’t supposed to, no one is going to
bother you about having one. Installing a standard
data tap requires you to be close enough to touch
the device you’re connecting to. If there are no exposed
wires or dataports, you might need to pry
open a case or something, and some security systems
are designed to detect such tampering. Once
you have a ready data tap and access to a device,
attaching it requires a Major Action and an Electronics
+ Logic (2) test. This creates a connection
but does not grant access. Once connected, the
data tap can be accessed directly via the universal
dataport or enabled for wireless connection.
Unless you take action to conceal it, the threshold
for a Perception test to notice the data tap is 1.
You may make a Stealth (Palming) + Agility test to
conceal a data tap, in which case your hits set the
threshold to discover it.

箭型阀 Arrow Tap
剧透 -   :
If you can’t get close to a device to install a data
tap, why not strap one onto an arrow or crossbow
bolt? Well, it’s not that simple. Quite a lot
of innovation has gone into making these things
work. These marvelous projectiles repurpose a micro-
drone into a data tap delivery system and fits
it all within an oversized arrowhead. Using these
requires considerable accuracy. It takes a Major
Action to bring the arrow tap online and designate
the device you wish to have it connect to. Then you
must score at least 3 net hits on an attack test to
hit your target. If successful, the arrowhead pierces
the case or sticks into the wall next to it (doing
effectively zero damage), then dissolves due to a
chemical reaction similar to that used in stealth
grapple line technology. The microdrone activates,
connects the data tap (no further rolls required),
and bricks itself. As long as no one saw or heard
you shoot the target, the tap is not any more obvious
than a standard one. No Stealth test is allowed
to make it harder to spot, though.
剧透 -   :
These are available as crossbow bolts, arrowheads,
shuriken, throwing knives, or dart rounds.
If used as a weapon, reduce base damage to 1P.
剧透 -   :
Arrow taps are one-use items. If you fire one
and miss, the projectile will dissolve, and the microdrone
will self-destruct.
剧透 -   :
An arrow tap has a very limited internal battery,
and due to the requirements of stealth is not
designed to be able to recharge wirelessly. Once
activated, an arrow tap will only function for
five minutes. A more expensive version with longer
battery life is available, which lasts for thirty

数据阀抓钩枪 Grapple Tapper
剧透 -   :
Someone looked at the concept of a grapple gun
and had the inspiration to use it to establish direct
wired connections. These grapple guns are a complete
redesign of the original and are much smaller.
Roughly the size of a large revolver with a data
cable spool in place of a cylinder with bullets, the
end is capped with a small metallic pod.
剧透 -   :
In order to use one, first take a Minor Action
to activate the pod. To connect to the target,
make an Athletics (Bows) + Agility (3) test. If you
target a vehicle or drone, the pilot may make a
defense test against your attack, and you require
3 net hits to make a connection. When fired, the
pod extends its grapple claws and latches onto
the target, then secretes a conductive gel that is
used to establish a crude connection for the data
tap. If it attack is successful, the connection is automatically
established through the grapple gun’s
cable. This establishes a direct wired connection.
Removing the grapple takes a Major Action and
does not require a test. If the cable is cut, the connection
is severed. The cable can be retracted after use, but the data tap is a one-use item that is
not recoverable.
剧透 -   :
It’s worth noting that while the data tap has no
wireless connection of its own, the grapple gun’s
wireless function can be enabled for wireless access
to any device it connects to.

激光接口 Laser Jack
剧透 -   :
For those requiring a secure, unhackable wireless
connection, there’s the laser jack. This tiny
laser emitter/receiver module is used to establish
a direct connection between devices and requires
line-of-sight. Both devices must have a laser jack in
order to connect. Normal noise levels do not apply.
Any break in line-of-sight will completely sever the
connection, but fog, rain, and other atmospheric
particulates can degrade it. Light rain or smog
generates 1 noise per 50 meters of distance; heavy
rain or light fog increases this to 1 noise every 20
meters, and a thick fog adds 1 noise per 10 meters
of distance. No noise reduction of any kind has
any effect on reducing noise from this source. On
a clear day, atmospheric interference limits the effective
range to approximately 2 kilometers. These
devices establish communication through a direct
laser beam, so unless someone directly intercepts
the laser with their own emitter, it impossible to
detect or access the devices wirelessly. The laser is
faintly visible to IR sensors (including characters
with thermographic vision). Spotting it requires an
observe in detail action, with a threshold of 3.
剧透 -   :
The main drawback to this unhackable tech is
that it’s not capable of providing the bandwidth required
for VR. Only wireless device functions and
AR mode can be used if you are solely relying on
laser jacks. For this reason, these rarely see regular
use except when stealth or discretion is required.

链接手套 Link Gloves
剧透 -   :
These gloves have been obviously modified with
the required chips and cables to generate a special
electromagnetic field that can create a direct connection
to any devices they touch. The gloves are
impossible to disguise as normal clothing, though
some clever designers have been known to make
them seem fashionable rather than functional. The
connection established through link gloves is of
limited bandwidth, incapable of VR mode. Link
gloves are not compatible with a living persona.

隐匿阀 Stealth Tap
剧透 -   :
Standard data taps are not designed for concealment.
They are bulky and include a wide variety
of connection cables and dapters. A stealth
data tap discards everything non-essential, resulting
in a device roughly the size of a small-caliber
bullet with several contact points. Due to a lack
of included cables and dataports, you’ll need an
electronics toolkit to install one. The process for
attaching a stealth data tap is the same as for a
standard one. The threshold to detect a stealth
tap with a Perception test is 2 if no special attempts
are made to conceal it. Any Edge boosts
or actions taken as part of a Stealth (Palming) +
Agility test to conceal a stealth tap cost half as
many Edge points (round down).

泰瑟阀 Taser Tap
剧透 -   :
The Defiance Super Shock taser fires wired taser
darts, and a successful hit allows you to detect your
target’s medical status. Well, some nefarious (some
would say brilliant) hackers managed to adapt this
tech to help deal with those pesky street samurai
who turn off all of their wireless functions to avoid
getting their augmentations hacked. Taser taps are
taser darts designed specifically for the Defiance
Super Shock taser, and they deliver a payload of
short-lived conductive nanites that establish a direct
connection to all of the target’s augmentations
and linked devices. Even if they’re offline or using
an internal router. Even if they’ve switched off
their augmentations. Of course, you have to tase
someone to do this, so it isn’t exactly a clandestine
assault. Most hackers aren’t crazy enough to use
these. Once the connection is established, the target
can take a Major Action to remove them (no
test required). If left undisturbed, the connection
will still be lost after one minute. You can choose
whether or not to have the taser deliver its shock
or only establish a connection. This is useful if you
want to use it to connect to a camera or maglock
without frying the thing. Whether or not you apply
the shock, a taser tap is not reusable.

矩阵中继 Matrix Relay
剧透 -   :
A Matrix relay is a device that helps you extend
the range of your wireless network, allowing you
to operate at greater ranges or within a blackout
zone. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes,
from small handheld personal devices no larger
than a credstick to massive systems that require
a semi trailer to move. Hackers have discovered
that these also work really well as signal boosters,
allowing them to cut through noise caused by jamming
and distance.
剧透 -   :
Here’s how it works: a Matrix relay that is connected
to your PAN essentially allows you to be in
two (or more) places at once, as far as the Matrix
is concerned. Setting one up requires a Major Action.
No skill test is required unless you would like
to conceal it with a Stealth (Palming) + Agility test.
If you move away from your Matrix relay, determine
if there is any noise directly between you and
your wireless relay due to distance, jamming, or
any other effect. If that noise ever exceeds the Matrix
relay’s rating, you are out of range. You benefit
from a stronger signal if you’re not at the edge of
the relay’s range. If the relay’s rating exceeds the
noise affecting your connection to it, reduce all
further noise penalties by that amount.
剧透 -   :
If you’re within 100 meters of your Matrix relay,
its full rating is available to boost your signal.
Reduce your noise level by the relay’s rating while
it is active.
剧透 -   :
A Matrix relay can be restricted by its owner
for personal use. If access is allowed, a number of
users equal to its rating x 3 may connect to one.
剧透 -   :
Shade sets up a rating 4 Matrix relay and
activates it. Later, when he needs to use it, he’s
2 kilometers away for a noise level of 3. He
wants to hack a camera that happens to be
150 meters away from his relay. If he didn’t
have the relay, he’d have to deal with a noise
level of 3 due to the distance, but the noise level
from the relay to the target is only 1. Because
the relay has one point of rating left, it
further reduces this noise level down to zero.
影正巧在有人开始干扰他周围区域的时候准备骇入摄像头,这产生了3级杂讯。通常这没啥大不了的。如果他能使用的他中继,干扰就不会有效果。但是,干扰确实影响他连接中继的能力。除非他有啥别的办法降低杂讯,由于距离产生的3点杂讯加上干扰带来的杂讯会高于中继等级。即使中继并没有受到干扰,影还是不能使用它除非他能将杂讯降到4点或更低。所以他启动了他的信号信号清理器 赛博程序并将杂讯降至1. 现在它可以从他的中继处承受仅1点杂讯的情况下骇入目标,除非有人在那边开始干扰信号...
剧透 -   :
Shade is just about ready to hack that camera
when someone starts jamming the area
around him, generating a noise level of 3. Normally
this wouldn’t be such a big deal. If he
could access his relay, the jamming would have
no effect. However, the jamming does affect
his ability to connect to his relay. Unless he has
some other way to mitigate the noise, the noise
level of 3 due to distance plus the noise from
jamming is higher than the relay’s rating. Even
though the relay is not under jamming, Shade
can’t access it unless he can reduce the noise to
4 or less. So he fires up his Signal Scrub cyberprogram
and reduces the noise to 1. Now he
can hack his target from the relay with only 1
point of noise, unless someone starts jamming
signals over there …
剧透 -   :
A Matrix relay can be restricted by its owner
for personal use. If access is allowed, a number of
users equal to its rating x 3 may connect to one.

标签滥用 Tag Abuse
剧透 -   :
RFID tags are everywhere in the Sixth World,
gathering and transmitting marketing data,
monitoring you via sensors, delivering advertisements,
and generally invading everyone’s privacy.
Of course, hackers have discovered, or in
some cases developed, a few new tricks that can
be done with them.

GOD炸弹 GOD Bombs
剧透 -   :
A batch of software tags loaded with the most
obnoxious but ultimately harmless viruses and
other illegal software. Once activated, the tags
start breaking the law with incredible speed and
abandon. When activated, begin tracking an Overwatch
Score for the GOD bomb. At the start of
every combat round after activation, increase the
GOD bomb’s Overwatch Score by its rating x 1D6.
When it reaches 40, a small explosive designed to
utterly destroy all of the tags is detonated, leaving
GOD with the impression that a persona has
just been converged upon and dumped from the
Matrix. This will undoubtedly cause an escalating
security response, initially calling in demiGOD
(decker/technomancer cops) in the Matrix, but a
physical security response team will also show up.
Obviously it’s a bad idea to set one of these off
where you’re going to be, but they work great for
distractions and practical jokes that go too far.

尖叫者标签炸弹 Screamer Tag Bombs
剧透 -   :
Screamer tags are the opposite of stealth tags.
They don’t run silent, they go loud, usually with
obnoxious AR audio and images. These are actually
just nefariously modified standard RFID tags
with some malicious code that makes them immune
to common spam filters. Individually, these
serve no purpose beyond harassment, marketing,
vandalism, or a very simple distraction. However,
some hackers had the big idea to use them in clusters.
Despite the lack of a physical explosion, these
devices have been dubbed “Screamer Bombs.”
Dozens of them at once, all tied to activate from
one trigger, can create a stunning effect in the Matrix.
A screamer tag bomb’s rating is based on how
many tags are tied together. Each point of rating
represents about a dozen tags. When they are activated,
they have an effect similar to a jammer,
increasing the noise level by half the rating (round
down) out to a radius of 100 meters. This is also
illegal and alerts Matrix security forces that begin
shutting the tags down one at a time (represented
by the 1D6 minute burnout time). It also makes
Matrix Perception tests much more difficult. Within
range of an active screamer tag bomb, no Edge
may be gained or used on any Matrix Perception
tests. Furthermore, the dice pool of any Matrix
Perception tests is reduced by the rating of the
screamer tag bomb. Unlike jammers, these area-effect
devices are not capable of screening their effects
from individual users. They affect everyone.
Anyone foolish enough to fire off a screamer tag
bomb that is still connected to their own PAN
gains 2D6 overwatch every combat round.

软件标签 Software Tags
剧透 -   :
A software tag is slightly larger than your average
datachip and contains the memory storage
and processing power required to host and run a
single piece of software. For more complex tasks,
multiple software tags can be connected together
to run several programs simultaneously. They are
not powerful enough to run agent programs but
can handle commlink apps, cyberprograms, and

间谍标签 Spy Tags
不仅仅是静默运行,间谍标签被编程来保持离线以躲避任何矩阵侦查,只在偶尔的情况下启动发送一串数据一会就关机。它们能被编程为在在指定日程下激活,但是默认是随机模式以防止突然侦查。除非有人主动的在三秒内搜寻信号,或者标签恰巧上线,它们除了视觉扫描几乎不可能被侦测到。它和常规的隐匿标签一样工作(p. 269, SR6),只能汇报以目的地坐标和时间戳的形式汇报其位置。间谍标签是搭配一个或多个传感标签以来获取更详细信息的隐匿标签改造而来。在这种情况下,传感器标签离线运行(不具备无线),且只会将它们的数据发给隐匿标签。将传感标签练到隐匿标签使得其变得有点笨重,但仍然非常小。
剧透 -   :
Instead of merely running silent, spy tags are
programmed to stay offline to avoid any chance of
Matrix detection, and only occasionally turn on to
send a burst of data before deactivating for a time.
These can be programmed to activate on a specific
schedule, but the default is a randomized pattern
to avoid accidental detection. Unless someone is
actively searching for signals during the three seconds
or so that the tag comes online, it is highly
unlikely to be detected except by visual scans.
This is standard operating procedure for a regular
stealth tag (p. 269, SR6), which is only capable of
reporting its position as location coordinates and
a time stamp. Spy tags are stealth tags modified to
pair with one or more sensor tags in order to gather
more detailed information. In this case, the sensor
tags operate in offline mode (no wireless), and
only send their data to the stealth tag. Connecting
a sensor tag to a stealth tag makes the tag a little
bulkier, but they’re still pretty small.

低语者标签炸弹 Whisper Tag Bomb
没尖叫者标签炸弹那么吵闹,这个设备有着相同的理念但是使用了更多的隐匿标签来使其更难被从单一静默运行的图标中挑出。这些隐匿标签通过那些在矩阵上看起来是更大的设备踪迹的非法软件改装而来,这样他们就能在认出钱被误认为是更大的设备了。当你静默运行并激活低语者标签炸弹时,这些低语者炸弹开始每分钟产生等于其等级x1d6的监视指数。如果指数达到40,其被合围且损毁,并且安保小队会被派遣至其位置。当你使用低语者标签炸弹时,如果任何人成功用矩阵侦查检定注意到你,骰2d6. 除非你骰到了两个一样的数字,否则他们仅会注意到一个隐匿标签而不是你。每次发生这种状况时,永久降低低语者标签炸弹等级1。除非被合围,否则你能关闭并复用低语者标签炸弹,但是任何等级减少是永久的。假设他们熔毁或者被矩阵安保砖化了。
剧透 -   :
Less noisy than a screamer tag bomb, this device
comes from the same concept but uses many
stealth tags to make it harder to pick out individual
silent-running icons. These stealth tags are
modified with illegal software to appear to have a
larger device footprint on the Matrix, so that they
might be mistaken for a larger device until identified.
When you are running silent and activate a
whisper tag bomb, the whisper tag bomb begins
to generate an Overwatch Score of its own at a
rate of 1D6 per minute. If this score ever reaches
40, it is converged upon and destroyed, and a
security team will be sent to its location. When
you are using a whisper tag bomb, if anyone successfully
spots you using a Matrix perception test,
roll 2D6. Unless you roll doubles, they spotted a
stealth tag instead. Permanently reduce the whisper
tag bomb’s rating by 1 every time this happens.
Unless converged upon, you can deactivate and reuse
a whisper tag bomb, but any rating reductions
are permanent. Assume that they burn out or are
bricked by Matrix security forces.
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Re: 【HS】小玩意儿&通讯链骇入 P40-44
« 回帖 #1 于: 2023-06-14, 周三 14:37:26 »
通讯链骇入 Commlink Hacks
剧透 -   :
Commlinks are by far the most common Matrix
devices used to generate a persona and PAN. Most
people use them as a phone, pocket secretary, personal
computer, portable entertainment system, and
to protect their data and devices under a firewall.
Hackers have found other ways to make them useful
with a combination of software and hardware
hacks. The armorlink, securelink, and stealthlink
upgrades are designed to improve a commlink with
a new function. You can combine multiple upgrades
on the same commlink. Hacks, on the other hand,
completely repurpose a commlink into a new device.
These irreversible modifications replace the
commlink’s entire functionality with a new purpose.
These can’t be combined on the same commlink—
each hack repurposes an entire commlink.

代理盒骇入 Agent Box Hack
代理软件在碟板上有最良好的运行表现,但是,被骇的通讯链也可以被设计来当做分离的主机,以运行独立于主机碟板之外的代理程序。骇入通讯链使其成为代理盒需要进行电子(硬件)+逻辑的延续测试,阈值等于通讯链设备等级的两倍,间隔为一小时。一旦改造完成,通讯链就会变成一个代理盒,其等级等于原始通讯链的设备等级。代理盒充当代理的一个外部程序载体,其代理等级不得高于代理盒的等级。有关代理的详细规则,包括代理盒的具体用途,请参见“数字工具箱 Digital Toolbox”章节(第55页)。
剧透 -   :
Agent software runs best on a cyberdeck, but
a hacked commlink can be designed for use as a
separate device made to host and run an agent
program independently of its host cyberdeck.
Hacking a commlink into an agent box requires
an Electronics (Hardware) + Logic Extended test
with a threshold equal to double the commlink’s
device rating and an interval of one hour. Once
transformed, the commlink becomes an agent box
with a rating equal to the original commlink’s device
rating. An agent box acts as an external program
carrier for an agent with a rating no higher
than the rating of the agent box. Detailed rules for
agents, including specific uses for agent boxes, are
in the Digital Toolbox chapter (p. 55).

装甲链升级 Armorlink Upgrade
剧透 -   :
A commlink with an armorlink upgrade is more
effective at protecting itself and the devices within
its PAN against Matrix attacks. Add bonus dice
equal to the armorlink upgrade rating to any test
made to resist Matrix damage, which benefits the
commlink as well as any devices connected to its
PAN. The maximum rating for an armorlink upgrade
is equal to the commlink’s device rating.

诱饵包骇入 Decoy Pod Hack
剧透 -   :
A decoy pod is a large handheld device built
from a repurposed commlink, a jammer, and a
confusingly wired frame that ties together a ridiculous
number of stealth tags. When connected to a
cyberdeck and activated, it confuses security protocols
and draws attention away from your persona.
When you accrue overwatch, it goes to the
decoy pod instead of your persona. Once a decoy
pod has gained a number of points of overwatch
equal to its rating x 2, it overheats and explodes,
dealing 4P fire damage at ground zero. For obvious
reasons, most deckers use these in wireless mode.
You can only use one decoy pod at a time. Activating
a decoy pod requires a Major Action due to the
careful calibration required. It can be deactivated
immediately with a Minor Action. If a decoy pod
is deactivated before it is destroyed, it reboots with
no Overwatch Score. An exploded decoy pod is
not recoverable.

化身增强器骇入 Persona Booster Hack
剧透 -   :
A persona booster is a commlink that has been
overclocked, its operating system wiped and replaced
with illegal software, and its entire purpose
altered in order to add to the processing power
of a persona. They’re designed to interface with
cyberdecks but can also be used with an RCC or
commlinks. Unfortunately for technomancers,
these things don’t work for them. Hacking a commlink
to transform it into a persona booster requires
an Electronics toolkit and an extended Electronics
(Hardware) + Logic test with a threshold
equal to double the commlink’s device rating and
an interval of one hour. Once complete, the device
irreversibly ceases to be a commlink and is
now a persona booster, with a rating equal to half
the original commlink’s device rating (round up).
When a persona booster is connected directly via
a data cable (either to your device or to a datajack),
it can be engaged to enhance any Matrix
Action. Engaging the persona booster requires a
Minor Action, after which you add a number of
wild dice to the dice pool for your next Matrix
Action. If you have multiple persona boosters, you
may use as many of them as you like to boost your
Matrix Action, but you must spend a Minor Action
to activate each one of them. Persona boosters
may be used in wireless mode, but they only provide
half as many wild dice (round up) as when
they’re plugged in. What’s the catch, you ask? First
of all, these devices can be very unpredictable. The
wild dice giveth and the wild dice taketh away,
though they are more likely to help than hinder.
Second, these devices run hot and loud, and burn
out quickly. After each use, permanently reduce a
persona booster’s rating by 1. Furthermore, your
Overwatch Score is increased by the total amount
rolled on all wild dice gained from persona boosters.
GOD hates these things.

安全链升级 Securelink Upgrade
剧透 -   :
A commlink’s Firewall is increased by the rating
of its securelink upgrade, but only when resisting
Hack actions. The maximum rating for a securelink
upgrade is equal to the commlink’s unmodified
Firewall attribute.

隐匿链升级 Stealthlink Upgrade
剧透 -   :
A commlink gains a Sleaze attribute equal to its
stealthlink upgrade rating. This Sleaze attribute is
limited to Matrix stealth, and only applies when
resisting a Matrix Perception action. This makes
the commlink much more effective at running silent
but does not allow for other Matrix Actions
that would require a cyberdeck or living persona.
The maximum rating for a stealthlink upgrade is
equal to the commlink’s unmodified Data Processing

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Re: 【HS】小玩意儿&通讯链骇入 P40-44
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剧透 -   :

Arrow Tap4(I)2,000¥
Grapple Tapper4(I)750¥
50m Cable Spool250¥
Grappler Tap Pod4(I)350¥
Laser Jack4100¥/pair
Link Glove5(L)500¥/glove
Stealth Tap2(I)500¥
Taser Tap5(I)400¥

Rating 1–32Rating x 1,000¥
Rating 4–64(L)Rating x 5,000¥
Rating 7–96(L)Rating x 20,000¥
Rating 10+Rating(L)Rating x 50,000¥

GOD Bomb1–64(I)Rating x 500¥
Screamer Tag Bomb1–62(I)Rating x 100¥
Software Tag14(L)100¥
Spy Tag22(L)250¥ per sensor type
Whisper Tag Bomb1–62(I)Rating x 200¥

Agent Box1-63(I)Commlink cost plus rating x 100¥
Armorlink1-64(L)Rating x 250¥
Decoy Pod1-64(I)Commlink cost plus rating x 100¥
Persona Booster1-33(I)Commlink cost plus rating x 100¥
Stealthlink1-34(I)Rating x 1,000¥
Securelink1-34(L)Rating x 500¥
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