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副标题: 秩序的尖兵—地狱骑士团

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活动范围: 地区(阿维斯坦(Avistan))
阵营: 根据骑士团而定(通常守序中立)
组织总部: 根据骑士团而定
价值观: 执行地狱骑士的戒律;
    锁链骑士团(the Order of the Chain):致力于追捕逃亡的罪犯;
    界门骑士团(the Order of the Gate):处理和防范禁忌知识造成的动乱;
    神爪骑士团(the Order of the Godclaw):狂热的遵从于信仰;
    尖钉骑士团(the Order of the Nail):为文明的边界开疆扩土,狩猎未开化的蛮族部落;
    焚烧骑士团(the Order of the Pyre):猎杀异端和邪教徒;
    刑架骑士团(the Order of the Rack):负责销毁禁忌的知识;
    天谴骑士团(the Order of the Scourge):执行对犯罪者和堕落者的审判。
目的: 粉碎所有的混乱和非法行为,并传播他们的理念。
盟友: 阿斯莫迪斯信徒(Asmodeans);阿巴达尔信徒( Abadarans);其他秩序理念的追随者;合法政府
敌人: 所有违法者和反叛者;其他根据骑士团而定
宿敌: 根据骑士团而定

这些最初成立于切里亚斯的冷酷铁骑以地狱骑士之名踏遍了世界的每一个角落以传播和践行他们的理念。 地狱骑士们认为,在这个绝望的时代,世界饱受重重围困的当下,任何仁慈和怜悯都是毫无意义的奢侈品;他们期望他们的敌人-包括所有混乱的制造者,无政府主义者,强盗,或是自由斗士-在世上越少越好。

执棒官 达西恩·雷恩(Lictor Darcyne Wrens)(守序中立 女性 人类 术士10/地狱骑士1)
执棒官 赛维“骨爪”迪威里(Lictor Severs“Boneclaw”DiViri)(守序邪恶 男性 人类 战士4/游荡者2/地狱骑士4)
迪威里对“地狱骑士”的事业充满了热诚,凭借他天赋异凛的交涉能力弥补了在策略和战斗方面的缺陷。虽然他相当瞧不起(蔑视)瓦瑞希安王国-尖钉骑士团定居了数十年的国家-的某些政策和国情,但为大局计,未曾表现出类似的看法。为了缓和这份挫败和烦躁感,迪威里多次迁怒于灰烬之地的休盎提部落(Shoanti tribes of the Cinderlands),对他们发起毁灭性的袭击和屠杀,近乎波及到了瓦瑞希安南部的切利亚斯殖民地边疆。作为报应,或许是来自于休盎提部落对施暴者的小小诅咒,迪威里的手部因为不明原因被褪去了层层血肉,仅残留下骷髅般的手爪。
执棒官 托伦·维多克(Lictor Toulon Vidoc)(守序中立 男性 人类 战士4/游荡者2/地狱骑士10)

剧透 -  原文:
Merciless Enforcers of the Law
Scope regional (Avistan)
Alignment varies by order (typically LN)
Headquarters varies by order

Values enforcement of Hellknight law; order-specific values (the Order of the Chain imprisons fugitive sand criminals; the Order of the Gate seeks to prevent disorder through arcane means; the Order of the Godclaw values religious obedience; the Order of the Nail pushes civilization over barbarism; the Order of the Pyre hunts heretics and pagans; the Order of the Rack destroys dangerous lore; the Order of the Scourge fights corruption and crime)
Goals crush chaos and lawlessness, spread their ideals
Allies Abadarans; Asmodeans; followers of other lawful faiths; lawful governments
Enemies lawbreakers and rebels; varies by order
Rivals varies by order
the fearsome Hellknights are among the most notorious mercenary orders of the Inner Sea.

While they originate in Cheliax, the grim, heavily armored knights travel to the corners of the world to pursue their targets in the name of order. To the Hellknights, mercy and kindness are luxuries that a world under siege cannot afford. Their enemies—which include all bringers of disorder, be they anarchists, bandits, or freedom fighters—can expect precious little of either.

Numerous misconceptions surround the Hellknights. Despite what many believe, they are neither servants nor allies of Hell; indeed, the Hellknight name and ethos predate the rise of diabolism in Cheliax with the ascension of the wicked House Thrune. Instead, the Hellknights seek to wield Hell’s intimidating reputation as a realm of both torment and peerless order. Each Hellknight is tempered by battle with the denizens of Hell—an infernal crucible that forges them into unbreakable and implacable enforcers of order.

While they are paragons of lawfulness, Hellknights are not stringent enforcers of local laws; the law they prioritize is their own, untainted by corrupt officials or democratic compromises. On occasion, governments beset by chaos contact a Hellknight order with an offer of mercenary employment, simultaneously filling the grim knights’ coffers and permitting them to enforce their law unchallenged. In cases where a Hellknight’s mission draws her into conflict with local authority, she works within the law to the extent she can, but accepts no compromises in pursuit of her mission.

In addition to these universal aspects of Hellknight philosophy, each Hellknight order has its own ideals and a specific form of disorder it seeks to combat. The major orders and their areas of concern are as follows.

Lictor Darcyne Wrens (LN female human sorcerer 10/Hellknight† 1): Darcyne Wrens’s recent promotion to the position of lictor of the Order of the Rack has been met with some quiet disapproval from others in the order, as it is unusual for a spellcaster to assume such a role. While Darcyne has worked zealously to quell any question of her worthiness, her disdain for spellcasters who lack inborn talents for magic is obvious, and her lack of respect for wizards and other so-called “arcane thieves” hasn’t bolstered her popularity. Regardless of dissent, Wrens has committed herself and her order to their cause with new zeal. Smoke from the burning of “dangerous” writings now constantly rises over the towers of the order’s headquarters, Citadel Rivad.

Lictor Severs “Boneclaw” DiViri (LE male human fighter 4/rogue 2/Hellknight† 4): Intense and utterly committed to the Hellknight cause, DiViri’s inborn knack for tactics and warfare are complemented by his legendary talent for negotiation. While he never speaks openly about his personal feelings, he disdains the frontier nation of Varisia, where the Order of the Nail has been located for decades. DiViri has made an art of taking out his frustration in numerous devastating raids and massacres against the Shoanti tribes of the Cinderlands. These attacks go beyond defending the Chelish settlers of Southern Varisia. Instead, each is a small vengeance, retribution for the Shoanti curse that left the lictor’s hand a skeletal claw.

Lictor Toulon Vidoc (LN male human fighter 4/rogue 2/Hellknight† 10): Charming and urbane, the lictor of the Order of the Scourge treads the perilous halls of Cheliax’s royal court. While he despises politics, the lictor frequents the court to defend and advocate for Hellknights—those of all orders, not merely his own. Lictor Vidoc fiercely protects Hellknight independence, artfully resisting the poisonous promises of courtiers and crown alike. The lictor has recently received distressing intelligence pointing to a resurgence of the Council of Thieves. Too busy to follow up on such rumors, Lictor Vidoc has put out a discreet call for independent agents to investigate further, so that he can maintain his presence at the heart of Cheliax’s government.]
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Re: 【AG】地狱骑士(Hellknights)
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组织总部:西拉德斯卡堡(Citadel Gheradesca),临近科伦庭(Corentyn)
首领:执棒官乌洛·阿多姆(Lictor Uro Adom)(守序中立 人类男性 战士5/地狱骑士7)

1.逮捕(Taken Alive,特异能力):你是追逐和逮捕猎物的专家。你用链枷造成非致命伤害时不受攻击减值,此外,当你完成你的洗礼仪式后,你可以专注于解析某个特殊个体。在接下去24小时中,你在针对目标人物的察觉,察言观色和生存检定中获得+4额外加值,适用于注意关联情报,看穿伪装,质询位置,跟踪或是其他类似场合。
2.识破伪装(Pierce Disguise,类法术能力):多疑的你对任何人都抱有戒心和怀疑,而你的谨慎小心让你能察觉到一些被隐藏的事物。你可以以类法术能力施展真知术(true seeing),每天可持续的分钟数等同于角色等级一半。这些分钟数不必连续,但每次使用至少会消耗一分钟。
3.真实之力(True Identities,超自然能力):几乎没有人能在你面前隐藏真实的自己。你在识破幻术(disbelieve illusions)的意志检定中获得+4额外加值。每天3次,当你成功识破一个非瞬间效果的幻术后,你可以通过一个自由动作消除这个幻术。这被视为目标性的驱散效果,效果等同于只针对幻术的解除魔法(dispel magic)。施法者等级等同于你的角色等级。


剧透 -  法术速查:
真知术 (True Seeing)
学派              预言系
环位              炼金术师 6, 牧师/先知 5, 德鲁伊 7, 审判者 5, 魔战士 6, 术士/法师 6, 召唤师 5, 女巫 6
领域              知识领域 5
施法时间       标准动作
成分              语言, 姿势, 材料 (价值250gp的眼药膏)
距离              接触
目标              接触到的生物
持续时间       1分钟/等级
豁免              意志, 通过则无效 (无害)
法术抗力       可 (无害)
  你赋予受术者以看到事物真实面目的能力。受术者可以看穿普通和魔法的黑暗,注意到被魔法隐藏的暗门,看到受‘朦胧术 (blur)’或‘移位术 (displacement)’效果影响的物体或生物的真实位置,看到隐形的生物或物体,看穿幻术,看出变形 (polymorphed)、转变 (changed)、或变化 (transmuted) 事物的真实样貌。受术者可以看到灵界位面 (但看不到异次元空间)。真知术可看穿的距离为120英尺。
  然而,真知术并不能透视固体。它不能起到X光视域或等效能力的效果。它无法看穿隐蔽,包括雾或类似情况造成的。它也不能看穿普通的易容、侦察到躲藏起来的生物或者注意到以普通方法隐藏的密门。此法术效果不能为其他魔法增强,所以不能透过<水晶球 (crystal ball)>使用真知术,也不能和‘锐耳术/鹰眼术 (clairaudience/clairvoyance)’合并使用。
剧透 -   :
Symbol hand wrapped in chains
Headquarters Citadel Gheradesca, near Corentyn
Leader Lictor Uro Adom (LN male human fighter 5/HellknightISWG 7)
Members guards, sleuths, trackers, victims of outlaws
Armor Features lock-and-chain design,manacle-like gauntlets, helms reminiscent of iron prisoners’ masks
Favored Weapon flail
Reckoning Crush your limbs with tightened chains. Gain a +2 bonus on combat maneuver checks when attempting to disarm, grapple, or trip opponents.

1: Taken Alive (Ex) You are an expert in hunting your quarry and capturing it alive. You take no penalty on attack rolls for using a flail to deal nonlethal damage. Additionally, while performing your reckoning, you can focus on understanding one specific individual. For the next 24 hours, you gain a +4 bonus on Perception, Sense Motive, and Survival checks that relate to noticing, seeing through the disguises of, interrogating others about the location of, or tracking that individual, or any activity directly related to doing so.
2: Pierce Disguise (Sp) You are suspicious of everyone, and your wariness grants you senses others do not have. You can use true seeing as a spell-like ability for a number of minutes each day equal to half your character level. These minutes do not need to be used consecutively, but they must be used in 1-minute increments.
3: True Identities (Su) You are not easily fooled by those who would hide their true natures. You gain a +4 bonus on Will saving throws to disbelieve illusions. Three times per day, when you successfully disbelieve an illusion that has a duration of longer than instantaneous (normally or using true seeing), you can attempt to dispel the illusion as a free action. Treat this as a targeted dispel, as per the spell dispel magic, but targeting only illusions and with your caster level equal to your character level.


徽章:从异界门(aswirling potal)中向外凝视的地狱之眼
组织总部:安弗雷克堡(Citadel Enferac),佩扎克东部(Pezzack)
首领:执书官吉奥达诺·托其亚(Vicarius Giordano Torchia)(守序邪恶 人类男性 法师11/地狱骑士2)
组织成员:魔鬼崇拜者,知识分子/学者,被放逐的异界后裔(planar-blooded outcasts),施法者

1.思维专注(Focus of Mind,超自然能力):你如同一名四级的地狱骑士持节士一般从职业表格中获得一种审视(assiduous gaze)能力。如果你已经拥有审视能力,你可以额外选择一个审视。除此以外,如果你并没有持节士面甲(signifer mask,有着同名职业能力),你将会获得一副面甲并可以如同地狱骑士持节士一般使用它。你必须在佩戴持节士面甲的时才能获得这个能力。
2.施法者甲胄(Armored Spellcasting,特异能力):你已经熟练掌握了穿戴地狱骑士战甲进行施法的方法。你可以忽视名字中带有“地狱骑士”护甲的奥术失败几率。
3.深度灵视(Unfathomable Gaze,类法术能力):你可以通过地狱骑士的特殊训练集中你的意识,并投射到一个类法术仪式上;这项行为会允许你收集到一些对实行你的使命至关重要的信息。每天一次,当你佩戴持节士面甲时,你可以以类法术能力施展灵视术(vision),施法者等级等于你的角色等级。不同于常规施法,你所接受的训练让你不会在施法后疲乏(fatigued)。
剧透 -  法术速查:
灵视 (Vision)
学派            预言系
环位           术士/法师 7, 女巫 7
施法时间    标准动作
  该法术的功能如同‘通晓传奇 (legend lore)’一般,但更快也更费力。你可以提出一个关于某人、某地或某物的问题,然后施展此法术。若你就在该物体或该人边上,或者就在问题中的地点,那么通过DC 20的施法者等级检定 (1D20+CL {最多+25}),你可以得到关于它的一个幻景。若仅仅知道该人、该物、该地的详细信息,则DC为25, 而且获得的信息是不完整的。若只是听到些传闻,并没有完整信息,则DC为30, 且只能得到含糊的信息。在法术完成后,你会疲乏。
剧透 -   :
Symbol infernal eye staring out from aswirling portal
Headquarters Citadel Enferac, east of Pezzack
Leader Vicarius Giordano Torchia (LE male human wizard 11/HellknightISWG 2)
Members devil worshipers, intellectuals, planar-blooded outcasts, spellcasters
Armor Features helm with a vortex-like pattern, crimson robes
Favored Weapon dagger
Reckoning Etch complex symbols of penitence into your flesh with a dagger. Gain a +4 bonus on Will saving throws to resist divination spells and spelllike abilities.
1: Focus of Mind (Su) You gain one gaze ability from the list detailed as part of the assiduous gaze class feature of the Hellknight signifer prestige class(Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Paths of Prestige 29). You can choose only a gaze that a Hellknight signifer could choose at 4th level. If you already have the assiduous gaze ability, you can select one additional gaze. Additionally, if you do not already have one, you receive the mask described in the prestige class’s signifer mask class feature (and also detailed on page 63), as well as the benefits of the Hellknight signifer prestige class’s signifer mask supernatural ability; you must be wearing a signifer mask to use this ability.
2: Armored Spellcasting (Ex) You have mastered the delicate and yet taxing art of casting spells in your Hellknight armor. You can ignore the spell failure chance of any armor with “Hellknight” in the name.
3: Unfathomable Gaze (Sp) You are able to focus your staunch Hellknight training into a spell-like ritual that allows you to glean information that could be vital to your mission of enforcing the law. Once per day, while wearing a signifer mask, you can use vision as a spell-like ability, treating your total character level as your caster level. Unlike casting the spell normally, you are not fatigued after this ability is complete, as your training allows you to shake off what might tire lesser individuals.


组织总部:阿尔珀德尔山脉(Aspodell Mountains)中的鼎亚堡(Citadel Dinyar)
首领:执棒官雷撒克·奥托(Lictor Resarc Ountor)(守序中立 人类男性 战士4/牧师2/地狱骑士6)
洗礼:用五尾鞭(five-tailed lash)鞭打自己。每当你受到[秩序]神术的治疗时,你可以每伤害/治疗骰额外回复1点。此外,你可以自由使用五种神的圣徽。

1.狂信(Pentamic Zeal,类法术能力):每天三次,你可以以类法术能力使用绝望术(bane),祝福术(bless),追人不倦(tireless pursuitAPG)或是狂怒(wrathAPG),你的有效施法等级等于你的角色等级。
2.不倦审判(Tireless Judgement,超自然能力):每天三次,你可以通过一个迅捷动作在攻击检定上获得+3神圣加值,在确认重击的判定上获得+6神圣加值。在20级时,你每天能使用四次本能力,并且加值增加到+4和+8,效果类似于审判者的正义审判(justice judgement)。如果你拥有审判能力,那么你每天可以额外使用3次正义审判(20级是四次),或者你可以在另一个审判上加上正义审判的效果,就如同双重或是三重审判一样。
3.五神之佑(Blessing of the Five,超自然能力):每天一次,通过一个标准动作,你可以以你为中心,挥动圣徽治疗30尺半径爆发范围内的所有生物,受到10d6点的生命值回复。你可以选定最多3个生物不受治疗效果影响。此外,假如这次治疗效果会将某个已死生物的生命值回复到体质负值以上,这个生物会复活并处于瘫痪状态。每次使用这个能力只能复活一名生物,并且被复活的生物在一天内获得一个负向等级。本能力不能被任何专长或其他能力强化或改变。
剧透 -   :
Symbol five-pointed iron star
Headquarters Citadel Dinyar, in the Aspodell Mountains
Leader Lictor Resarc Ountor (LN male fighter 4/cleric 2/HellknightISWG 6)
Members crusaders, religious zealots
Armor Features breastplate with clawlike vambraces, clawlike helm
Favored Weapon morningstar
Reckoning Flagellate yourself with a five-tailed lash.Whenever you are the target of a lawful divine caster’s spell that heals hit point damage, you heal 1 additional point per die rolled. Additionally, if you cast divine spells, you can use the holy symbols of Abadar, Asmodeus, Iomedae, Irori, and Torag interchangeably.
1: Pentamic Zeal (Sp) You can cast bane, bless, tireless pursuitAPG, or wrathAPG as a spell-like ability three times per day, with your effective CL equal to your character level.
2: Tireless Judgment (Su) Three times per day as a swift action, you can gain a +3 sacred bonus on attack rolls, and a +6 sacred bonus to confirm critical hits. At 20th level, you can use this ability four times per day, and the bonuses increase to +4 and +8. Otherwise, this functions as the inquisitor’s justice judgmentAPG. If you already have access to judgments, you can use the justice judgment three times per day (four times at 20th level) without it counting toward your daily uses, or you can add the justice judgment’s effects to another judgment without it counting as a second or third judgment.
3: Blessing of the Five (Su) Once per day as a standard action, you can brandish a holy symbol to heal all living creatures in a 30-foot-radius burst centered on you. Creatures in the area heal 10d6 points of damage. You can choose up to three creatures in the area that are not healed. Additionally, if a creature in the area has died within 1 round and this brings its hit point total to a negative amount less than its Constitution score, the creature returns to life and stabilizes. This ability can only revive one creature per use, and a revived creature gains a temporary negative level that lasts for 1 day. This ability cannot be modified using any feats or other abilities that affect channeled energy.


组织总部:维拉德堡(Citadel Vraid),临近科沃萨(Korvosa)
首领:执棒官塞维“骨手”迪维里(Lictor Severs “Boneclaw” DiViri)(守序邪恶 男性 战士4/游荡者2/地狱骑士4)

3.破除迷信/最终破灭(End Superstition,类法术能力):每天一次,你可以以类法术使用法师裂解术(mage's disjunction),施法等级等于你的角色等级。


剧透 -  法术速查:
关照术 (Status)
学派              预言系
环位              牧师/先知 2, 女巫 2
施法时间       标准动作
成分              语言, 姿势
距离              接触
目标              每3个等级1个接触到的活物
持续时间       1小时/等级
豁免              意志, 通过则无效 (无害)
法术抗力       可 (无害)
  当你要和即将分离的同伴保持关注时,关照术使你可以从心中察觉同伴的相对位置和大致状态。你可以感觉到受术者的方向、距离和他们所承受的任何状态,如:未受伤 (unharmed)、受伤 (wounded)、瘫痪、恍惚、昏迷、濒死、反胃、恐慌、震慑、毒素、疾病、困惑等等。一旦法术施展在受术者身上,那么只要施法者与受术者处于同一位面,他们之间的距离远近不影响法术效果。若一个受术者离开该位面或死亡,则法术结束该受术者的部分。

法师裂解术 (Mage's Disjunction)
学派              防护系
环位              术士/法师 9
领域              魔法领域 9
施法时间       标准动作
成分              语言
距离              近距
区域              半径40尺爆发区域内的所有魔法效果和魔法物品, 或者一个魔法物品 (见后文)
持续时间       1分钟/等级
豁免              意志, 通过则无效 (物体)
法术抗力       否
  除了你携带或接触到的物品之外,区域内所有魔法效果和魔法物品都会被裂解。法术和类法术效果会被拆解并完全摧毁,即会像受到‘解除魔法 (dispel magic)’一样终止效果。而永久性魔法物品必须进行意志豁免,未通过就会在法术持续时间内还原成一般物品。如果该魔法物品正被某生物所持有,在进行意志检定时,意志豁免加值可依该物品或持有者的,取较高者。若物品的豁免检定结果掷出自然1点,那么物品会被摧毁,而不是魔法效果被暂时压制。
  此外,你还有每CL 1%的概率毁掉一个‘反魔场 (antimagic field)’。如果反魔场从裂解术中幸存下来,那么其中便不会有物品被裂解。
  你还能将单个物品作为法术的目标。该物品在避免被永久摧毁的意志豁免中受到-5减值。即便神器也能成为法师裂解术的目标,不过只有每CL 1%的概率才能影响如此强大的魔法物品。若成功,神器的力量被拆散,它自身也会被摧毁 (无需豁免)。若一个神器被毁,你必须进行意志豁免 (DC 25),否则会永远失去所有施法能力。这些能力无法经由凡人的魔法恢复,甚至‘神迹术 (miracle)’和‘祈愿术 (wish)’也不行。毁掉神器是件危险的事情,有95%的概率会引起一些对这神器有兴趣或有关系的强大存在的关注。
剧透 -   :
Symbol thick nails forming a sunburst
Headquarters Citadel Vraid, near Korvosa
Leader Lictor Severs “Boneclaw” DiViri (LE male fighter 4/rogue 2/HellknightISWG 4)
Members frontiersmen, settlers, victims of barbarian and monster attacks
Armor Features breastplate emblazoned with a fiendish face, horned helm
Favored Weapon lance or halberd
Reckoning Pierce your flesh with sharp metal. Gain a +4 bonus on Knowledge (geography) checks. Additionally, if you are trained in Knowledge (geography), you automatically succeed at attempts to use that skill to identify a creature’s ethnicity or accent, as long as you are familiar with that ethnicity or accent.
1: Domination (Ex) Select a creature type from the ranger favored enemies table. You treat that creature type as your favored enemy, as per the ranger ability. If you choose humanoid (human), you can select one of the following ethnicities: Kellid, Mwangi, Shoanti, or Ulfen (or another clannish or tribal ethnicity, at the GM’s discretion). If you choose an ethnicity, the bonuses on skill checks, weapon attack, and weapon damage rolls increase to +4, but you do not gain any bonuses against other humans. These bonuses stack with any favored enemy bonuses gained from other classes.
2: Identification (Su) Three times per day as a swift action, you can choose a living creature within sight and know its creature type, ethnicity (if any), and alignment. Additionally, for a number of hours equal to your character level, that creature is treated as though you had cast the spell status upon it. Though unaware of your probing, the target can attempt a Will saving throw to negate this ability (DC = 10 + 1/2 your Hit Dice + your Charisma modifier). Spells such as undetectable alignment may prevent a portion of this information from being gleaned, while spells such as nondetection stymie this effect entirely. This is a divination effect.
3: End Superstition (Sp) Once per day, you can cast mage’s disjunction, using your character level as your caster level.


组织本部:喀雷恩堡(Citadel Krane),欧斯坦索附近(Ostenso)
首领:执棒官罗恩·斯托特(Lictor Rouen Stought)(守序中立 人类女性 游侠6/地狱骑士4)
战甲特征:锋刃战甲(bladed armor),带角骨盔
洗礼:在明火中烧灼自己的身体。每天一次,通过一个直觉动作,你会获得火焰抗力10维持10分钟。这个能力不会和抵抗能量(resist energy)或是其他提供火焰抗力的能力叠加,但能和防护能量伤害(protection from energy)叠加。

1.戮邪专精(Favored Cult,特异能力):你年复一日的磨练提升着自己的能力,只为有朝一日能为这些卑劣邪神或伪神(并非受到主流承认)信徒带去灾祸和毁灭。当你完成每日的洗礼后,选择一个只能授予四个或更少领域的神力存在(divine power),你在对抗这位神的崇拜者时在察觉,知识,察言观色和生存检定上获得+2额外加值。此外,在对抗这位神的信徒时武器攻击和伤害检定+1.
2.焚祭(Immolation,类法术能力):你掌握了引导自身怒火的方法,并运用这股力量燃尽你的敌人。每天一次,你能以类法术能力使用延迟爆裂火球(delayed blast fireball),施法者等级等于你的角色等级。
3.压制狂信(Quell Zealotry,超自然能力):你能剥夺你的敌人与神明的联系,让它失去被神明赐予的力量。每天一次,通过一个标准动作,你可以压制一个100尺内的神术施法者。如果目标在意志检定上失败(DC=10+1/2生命骰+魅力调整值),它会失去从神术施法职业上获得的所有神术,超自然能力和类法术能力,持续轮数等于你角色等级的一半。受到这个能力影响的生物如果试图使用被压制的能力,那么它只能感受到无尽的空虚而非神明的恩典,就如同它的信仰不曾存在一样。
剧透 -  法术速查:
延迟爆裂火球 (Delayed Blast Fireball)
学派              塑能系 [火]
环位              术士/法师 7
持续时间       5轮或更少; 见后文
  该法术的功能如同‘火球术 (fireball)’一般,不过更加强大,并且可在施法后最多延迟5轮才引爆。爆炸造成每CL 1d6点火焰伤害 (最高20d6)。延迟爆裂火球所制造的炽热小球可以按照你的意愿立即引爆,或延迟至多5轮再引爆。你需要在施法完成时选择爆炸延迟的时间,而且除非有人触碰小球,否则一旦设定就不能更改。若你选择延迟引爆,炽热小球在引爆前会一直停留在指定地点。生物可以捡起小球当作投掷武器 (射程增量10尺)。如果有生物在引爆前一轮内持有并移动小球,则小球有25%的机率在被持有时爆炸。
剧透 -   :
Symbol tower rising from flames
Headquarters Citadel Krane, near Ostenso
Leader Lictor Rouen Stought (LN female human ranger 6/HellknightISWG 4)
Members atheists, former cultists, members of mainstream religions, victims of dangerous radicals
Armor Features bladed armor, horned and skull-like helm
Favored Weapon glaive
Reckoning Burn yourself over an open flame. Once per day as an immediate action, you can gain fire resistance 10 for 10 minutes. This does not stack with resist energy or any other abilities that provide fire resistance and overlaps with protection from energy.
1: Favored Cult (Ex) You can hone your skills to become a bane to those who worship a divinity you hate. Each day while performing your obedience, choose a divine power that grants four or fewer domains. You gain +2 bonus on Intimidate, Knowledge, Sense Motive, and Survival checks against those who worship that power. Additionally, you get a +1 bonus on weapon attack rolls and weapon damage rolls against the worshipers of that deity.
2: Immolation (Sp) You can channel your wrath into power that can scorch your foes. Once per day, you can cast delayed blast fireball using your character level as your caster level.
3: Quell Zealotry (Su) You can tear the divine power from the grasp of those who would use it to stand against you. Once per day as a standard action, you can target a divine spellcaster within 100 feet. If your target fails a Will saving throw (DC = 10 + 1/2 your Hit Dice + your Charisma bonus), it loses access to any spellcasting and all the supernatural and spell-like abilities it gains
from any of its divine spellcasting classes for a number of rounds equal to half your character level. When a creature under the effects of this ability tries to use an ability to which it no longer has access, instead of its god’s favor, it feels only a profound, black emptiness, as if its deity no longer existed.


组织总部:瑞瓦德堡(Citadel Rivad),临近西冠城(Westcrown)
首领:执棒官达西恩·雷恩(Lictor Darcyne Wrens)(守序中立 女性人类 术士10/地狱骑士1)
战甲特征:肌肉纹理(muscular design,),光滑圆盔(sleek helm), 残破斗篷(flayed cloak)

2.消解云雾(Dismantle,超自然能力):每天一次,通过一个标准动作,你可以在200尺的范围内生成一片棕色的浓雾。这片浓雾的效果类似云雾术(fog cloud),除了云雾范围变为10尺半径,使用你的角色等级作为施法者等级。任何接触到雾气的生物和物体都会受到锈蚀爪(rusting grasp)的影响(不需要近战接触);所有的金属物件,包括武器和盔甲都要接受一个强韧检定来避免受到影响(DC=10+1/2角色生命骰+魅力调整值)。身处云雾的生物只要不重新进入云雾的范围,便只会受到一次锈蚀的影响,而非每轮检定。你和你的盟友可以自由进入云雾且不受影响。这是一个不可驱散(dismissable)的效果。
3.毁灭怒吼(ruin,类法术能力):每天一次,通过一个标准动作,你可以以类法术能力使用高等咆哮术(greater shout)(DC=18+角色魅力调整值)
剧透 -  法术速查:
高等咆哮术 (Shout, Greater)
学派              塑能系 [音波]
环位              吟游诗人 6, 术士/法师 8
成分              语言, 姿势, 器材 (一个金属或象牙号角)
距离              60尺
豁免              强韧, 通过则部分生效 或 反射, 通过则无效 (物体); 见后文
  该法术的功能与‘咆哮术’相同,不过它会造成10d6点音波伤害 (对暴露的易碎物、晶质物或晶体生物造成每CL 1d6音波伤害,最多20d6)。它还会使生物震慑1轮并且耳聋4d6轮。强韧豁免成功则生物不会被震慑,且耳聋时间和所受伤害减半。手持易碎物品的生物可通过反射检定以使其免受伤害。

云雾术 (Fog Cloud)
学派              咒法系 (创造)
环位              德鲁伊 2, 魔战士 2, 术士/法师 2, 女巫 2
领域              水领域 2, 天气领域 2
施法时间       标准动作
成分              语言, 姿势
距离              中距
效果              半径20尺扩散区域的雾气
持续时间       10分钟/等级
豁免              无
法术抗力       否
  一团堆积着的雾气从你指定点翻腾着向外涌出。雾气会遮蔽所有5尺以外的视觉,包括黑暗视觉。在5尺以内的生物具有隐蔽 (攻击有20%失手率)。更远的生物具有全隐蔽 (50%失手率,并且攻击者不能用视觉来定位目标)。
  常风 (时速超过11英里) 可以在4轮内吹散雾气;强风 (时速超过21英里) 可以在1轮内吹散。

锈蚀爪 (Rusting Grasp)
学派              变化系
环位              德鲁伊 4
施法时间       标准动作
成分              语言, 姿势, 法器
距离              接触
目标              一个非魔法铁质物品 (或者从物体被接触的点开始, 3尺范围内的体积) 或 一个铁质生物
持续时间     见后文
豁免             无
法术抗力      否
  你可以通过一次成功的近战接触攻击在战斗中使用锈蚀爪。用这种方式使用锈蚀爪能锈蚀金属铠甲,立即降低由此铠甲提供的AC 1d6点 (最高不超过此铠甲所提供的AC)。
  在对抗铁质生物时,每次成功使用锈蚀爪进行的攻击会立刻造成 {3d6+CL (最高+15)} 点伤害。法术持续每等级1轮,每轮你能进行一次近战接触攻击。
剧透 -   :
Symbol a spiked wheel
Headquarters Citadel Rivad, near Westcrown
Leader Lictor Darcyne Wrens (LN female human sorcerer 10/HellknightISWG 1)
Members denigrators of art and poetry, patriots, technology-haters, traditionalists
Armor Features muscular design, sleek helm, flayed cloak
Favored Weapon longsword or whip
Reckoning Endure internal burns. Gain a +4 bonus on Fortitude saving throws to resist poison. This increases to +6 against ingested poisons.
1: Mute (Su) Three times per day as a standard action, you can target a single creature within 100 feet. If the creature fails a Will saving throw (DC = 10 + 1/2 your Hit Dice + your Charisma modifier), the creature cannot make any sounds for a number of rounds equal to your character level. This prevents the target from speaking, otherwise making noise, casting spells with verbal
components, and using similar abilities with auditory effects. Each round on its turn, the target can attempt a new saving throw to end the effect. This effect is dismissable. It does not make the target immune to sonic or language-based attacks, spells, or effects.
2: Dismantle (Su) Once per day as a standard action, you can cause a cloud of thick, brown fog to arise from a chosen point within 200 feet. This cloud functions as per fog cloud, using your character level as your caster level, except the fog spreads in a 10-foot radius, and every creature or object within is affected as per rusting grasp, without any touch attacks required. Attended metal objects, including weapons and armor, receive a Fortitude saving throw to negate this effect using their wielder’s Fortitude saving throw bonus (DC = 10 + 1/2 your Hit Dice + your Charisma modifier). Creatures within the cloud are affected by the rusting effect only once, not every round, but creatures that move back into the area are exposed again. You and your possessions can enter the cloud and not be affected. This effect is dismissable.
3: Ruin (Sp) Once per day as a standard action, you can use greater shout as a spell-like ability (DC = 18 + your Charisma modifier).


组织总部:迪梅堡(Citadel Demain),意高城(Egorian)附近
首领:执棒官托伦·维多克( Lictor Toulon Vidoc)(守序中立 人类男性 游荡者2/战士4/地狱骑士10)

1.畅饮罪血(Spill Guilty Blood,类法术能力):没有什么比审判一个犯法者更让人迷醉。每天两次,你能以类法术能力使用死亡丧钟(death knell),施法者等级等于你的角色等级(DC=12+角色魅力调整值)。如果你拥有施法者等级,那么你的有效施法者等级+1。如果你没有施法者等级,那么你可以选择在十分钟/每生命骰内对目标的攻击和伤害获得+1额外加值来代替有效施法者等级+1的好处。
2.残虐处刑(Terrible Justice,类法术能力):你通过一场残酷的处刑表演终结了一个敌人的生命。每天三次,当你完成一次致命一击(coup de grace)时,30尺范围内的所有敌人都必须通过一个成功的意志检定,不然就会陷入恐惧状态,效果类似于恐惧术(fear)(DC=14+角色魅力调整值)。
3.恐惧化身(Reason to Fear,超自然能力):你无所畏惧,因为你清楚你才噩梦的根源。你将免疫恐惧(魔法或是其他效果)。每天三次,当你对目标生物或是目标地点造成了一次恐惧效果后,你可以通过一次近战攻击外加一个自由动作让陷入恐惧的目标生物受到一次魅影杀手(phantasmal killer)的效果(DC=14+角色魅力调整值)。你至少要对目标生物造成1点伤害才能使用这个能力。你可以把这个能力视为你的武器储存了一个魅影杀手法术,通过一次成功的近战攻击释放出来。
剧透 -  法术速查:
死亡丧钟 (Death Knell)
学派              死灵系 [死亡, 邪恶]
环位              反圣骑士 1, 牧师/先知 2, 审判者 2, 女巫 2
领域              死亡领域 2
施法时间       标准动作
成分              语言, 姿势
距离              接触
目标              接触到的活物
持续时间       立即/受术者的每个HD持续10分钟; 见后文
豁免              意志, 通过则无效
法术抗力       可
  你吸取其他生物衰弱的生命力,并用于补充自己的力量。在施放该法术时,你要接触一个HP为-1或更少的活物。若该受术者的豁免检定失败则死亡,同时你可获得1d8点临时HP,并且力量获得+2增强加值。另外,你的有效CL也+1, 从而增强与CL相关的法术效果。这种有效CL的提升不会使你获得更多的法术。受术生物的每个HD可以使这些效果持续10分钟。

恐惧术 (Fear)
学派              死灵系 [情绪, 恐惧,影响心灵]
环位              反圣骑士 4, 吟游诗人 3, 审判者 4, 术士/法师 4, 女巫 4
施法时间       标准动作
成分              语言, 姿势, 材料 (母鸡心脏或白羽毛)
距离              30尺
区域              锥形爆发区域
持续时间       1轮/等级 或 1轮; 见后文
豁免              意志, 通过则部分生效
法术抗力       可

魅影杀手 (Phantasmal Killer)
学派              幻术系 (魅影幻觉) [情绪, 恐惧, 影响心灵]
环位              魔战士 4, 术士/法师 4, 女巫 4
领域              狂乱领域 6, 梦魇子域 4
施法时间       标准动作
成分              语言, 姿势
距离              中距
目标              一个活物
持续时间       立即
豁免              意志, 通过则不相信; 之后强韧, 通过则部分生效; 见后文
法术抗力       可
  如果受术者具有“心灵感应 (telepathy)”或者佩戴了<心灵感应头盔 (helm of telepathy)>,并在遭受魅影杀手攻击时成功地通过了第一次意志豁免,则野兽可以转而攻击你。你必须通过意志检定,否则你就会变成魅影杀手的目标并要承受它致命的恐惧攻击。
剧透 -   :
Symbol star of bleeding lashes
Headquarters Citadel Demain, near Egorian
Leader Lictor Toulon Vidoc (LN male human rogue 2/fighter 4/HellknightISWG 10)
Members constables, informants, the poor, victims of organized crime
Armor Features serrated breastplate,horned helm
Favored Weapon heavy mace, scourge (see page48), or whip
Reckoning Lash yourself with a scourge or whip. Take 1 fewer point of bleed damage per round when you are affected by an ability or effect that causes bleed damage and gain a +4 bonus on Heal checks to stop bleeding.
1: Spill Guilty Blood (Sp) The end of a lawbreaker invigorates you like nothing else. Twice per day, you can cast death knell as a spell-like ability, using your character level as your caster level (DC = 12 + your Charisma modifier). If you do not have a caster level, instead of a +1 increase in effective caster level, this ability provides you a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls for 10 minutes per Hit Die of the target. If you have a caster level, you can choose to gain this bonus on attack and damage rolls instead of to your effective caster level.
2: Terrible Justice (Sp) You end a foe’s life with a brutal display of force. Three times per day, when you perform a coup de grace, all foes within 30 feet must succeed at a Will saving throw or be affected as per the spell fear (DC = 14 + your Charisma modifier).
3: Reason to Fear (Su) You fear nothing, as you know you are a source of nightmares. You are immune to fear (magical or otherwise). Three times per day, when you are the target of a fear effect or within a fear effect’s area, you can target the creature from which the fear effect originated with a phantasmal killer spell effect (DC = 14 + your Charisma modifier) as a free action when you strike it with a weapon. You must deal at least 1 point of damage to use this ability. This functions in all other ways as if your weapon were a spell storing weapon with a phantasmal killer spell stored within.



如同苦行僧的自我鞭策或是圣骑士的自我救赎,地狱骑士们同样拥有着类似的禁欲仪式。他们凭此更好的坚定信念,去除杂思,希望能更接近于理想中的秩序捍卫者。洗礼仪式通常是一件完全取决于个人意愿的行为,地狱骑士会在仪式中卸下他们的战甲(大概也包括心灵防线),对照着骑士团的戒律-度量和锁链(the Measure and the Chain)-反省自身的一言一行,并思索如何让自己更符合地狱骑士的信条。





进行一次洗礼:除去思想层面上的反思,洗礼仪式往往还需要一些物理层面上的自我责罚-通常来讲,他们会花费10分钟左右对自己造成1d4点的非致命伤害。但有时,一些陷入自我矛盾或是秩序的狂热践行者(原文是特别公正)会选择完成一次耗时更长也更极端的洗礼仪式-为此,他们会额外受到1d4点的致命伤害。一名忠实于信条的地狱骑士往往会获得地狱骑士的准则(Hellknight Obedience)这个特殊专长,她在经过大约一小时的洗礼仪式后,会分别在12,16和20级获得一些所属骑士团的恩典。除此以外,那些选择了以极端仪式来警醒自己的地狱骑士们则会因此获得地狱骑士的狂热(Hellknight Obsession)这个特殊专长,并在洗礼后享有一些特殊效果。洗礼造成的伤害无法被减免(如伤害减免(dr)或是其他类似能力)。

剧透 -   :
Order of the Chain: These bounty-hunting knights seek escaped convicts and other fugitives from the law, and they often serve as jailers of politically inconvenient prisoners.
Order of the Gate: With three spellcasting Hellknight signifers (see page 92) to every Hellknight (see page 90), this order wields infernal magic to learn of catastrophic crimes before they occur.
Order of the Godclaw: Driven by faith, this order believes in a pantheon of lawful deities including Abadar, Asmodeus, Iomedae, Irori, and Torag.
Order of the Nail: Headquartered in Varisia, Hellknights of the Nail crusade against “uncivilized” peoples, from Belkzen orcs to native Shoanti and Varisians.
Order of the Pyre: This order zealously hunts shamans, witches, occult practitioners, and disciples of less-established faiths.
Order of the Rack: Destroyers of dangerous knowledge and revolutionary philosophies, Hellknights of the Rack eagerly crush rebel activity across Cheliax.
Order of the Scourge: The Hellknights of the Scourge oppose criminal activities both minor and organized, in addition to watching authorities for signs of corruption.

Join the Hellknight
While many fighters who seek to join the Hellknights opt to take the armiger archetype, characters from any class are welcome to petition to join the Hellknights (provided the character is lawful). When a character seeks to join, he must either receive the patronage of a serving Hellknight or make plain his intentions by petitioning at a Hellknight order’s citadel. This begins a course of intensive reeducation and physical training that takes as long as the armiger’s trainer considers necessary, although the basic curriculum takes about 3 years. At the end of this period of training, the armiger must pass the Hellknight test (see the sidebar on page 95)—particularly brave or foolhardy armigers can always petition to take the test before their training is complete, but in most cases, this merely results in the armiger’s untimely demise.
The Test
To become a full-fledged Hellknight, an armiger must pass the Test. The specifics of the Test vary by order, but for all of them, it is a somber, trial-like rite conducted at dawn twice per year that culminates in the armiger facing a devil in solitary combat. An armiger who fails this test dies, but if he triumphs he becomes a member of the Order. See Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Path of the Hellknight and Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Hell Unleashed for more details on the Hellknight test.
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Re: 【AG】地狱骑士(Hellknights)
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守序灵光(Aura of Law,特异能力):地狱骑士的守序灵光强度(参见侦测守序法术)等同于其总角色等级。

侦测混乱(Detect Chaos,类法术能力):这一能力如同圣武士的侦测邪恶能力般运作,除了它侦测的是混乱。


制裁混乱(Smite Chaos,超自然能力):这一能力如同圣武士的制裁邪恶能力般运作,但是针对混乱阵营的生物。这一能力在对具有混乱亚种的异界生物、混乱阵营的异怪和精类生物造成双倍效果。

识别谎言(Discern Lies,类法术能力):2级时,地狱骑士可以以类法术能力施展识别谎言,每日次数等于3+魅力调整值。他的施法者等级等同于其总角色等级。

地狱骑士战甲(Hellknight Armor,特异能力):2级时,地狱骑士获得了穿戴地狱骑士战甲(见下文)的权利,并可以以全速移动。当穿戴该护甲时,地狱骑士的护甲检定减值降低1点,最大敏捷加值增加1点。5级时,这些数值增加为2。8级时,这些数值增加为3。

烙印(Brand,类法术能力;焚烧骑士团):地狱骑士可以以类法术形式施展审判烙印(mark of justice)。




信念(Pentamic Faith,特异能力,仅神爪骑士团可选):这一能力允许地狱骑士选择以下领域之一:手艺,荣耀,知识,秩序,魔法,高贵,保护,符文,力量,旅行,战争。地狱骑士获得该领域的所有神授力量(但是不获得领域法术),使用其地狱骑士等级作为牧师等级来决定他获得了哪些领域能力。


唤魔(Summon Devil,类法术能力;界门骑士团):地狱骑士可以以类法术能力施展召唤怪物V来召唤1头倒钩魔(bearded devil)。6级时,该类法术能力被召唤怪物VI替代,并允许其召唤1d3头倒钩魔,或1头欲魔(erinyes)。9级时,该类法术能力被召唤怪物VII替代,并允许其召唤1d4+1头倒钩魔,1d3头欲魔,或1头骨魔(bone devil)。

追迹(Tracker,类法术能力;任何骑士团):地狱骑士可以召唤一个生物来帮助他,不论是    用于战斗还是用于追踪敌人,如同他使用了召唤 怪物法术,除了召唤出的生物能存在1小时。6级的地狱骑士可以召唤一只鹰,一头 骑乘用犬,狼或豹。9级的地狱骑士还可以选择召唤一只凶暴狼或地狱猎犬。


破坏(Wrack,超自然能力,任何骑士团):以一个标准动作,地狱骑士可以进行一次接触攻击时一名生物陷入难以言喻的痛苦。被接触的生 物承受1d6+地狱骑士魅力调整值的伤害,同时必须通过一个意志豁免,否则将在1d4轮中恍惚。

意志之力(Force of Will,特异能力):3级时,一名地狱骑士在对抗具有以下描述之一法术的意志豁免上获得+2加值:魅惑(charm),胁迫(compulsion),五官幻觉(glamer),恐惧(fear),虚假幻觉(figment),心灵幻觉(pattern)或魅影幻觉(phantasm)。6级时,地狱骑士选择另一个子学派或描述以在意志豁免上获得+2加值,且第一次选择获得的加值提升为+4。9级时,他再次从表中选择,且之前所选择的两个加值均再次提升+2,即他获得一项+6,一项+4和一项+2加值,分别对应三种不同的效果。


炼狱战甲(Infernal Armor,超自然能力):只要穿戴地狱骑士战甲,9级的地狱骑士就在与守序非善良生物互动的所有魅力相关的检定上获得+2加值。此外,他获得了在任何种类的黑暗中完美视物的能力,以及火焰抗力30,酸性抗力10和寒冷抗力10。

地狱骑士(Hell's Knight,超自然能力):10级时,地狱骑士可以使一件他持用或接触的武器获得秩序,焰爆或邪恶特殊能力。只要地狱骑士处在该武器的100尺内,武器就会保持这一新获得的特性——一名地狱骑士同时只能维持一件武器的特殊能力。同时,地狱骑士在穿戴地狱骑士战甲时免疫火焰。

剧透 -   :
Not all who start as novice armigers have what it takes to become a full-fledged Hellknight, but those who do receive a wide array of abilities as they grow more powerful. While the individual powers and focus of a particular Hellknight vary according to his order, all Hellknights are universally feared and respected in regions where they maintain a presence. Most Hellknights are lawful neutral and proudly avoid being “tainted” by distractions such as good or evil, but some who rise in power shift toward tyrannical and cruel natures.
Hit Die: d10.

To qualify to become a Hellknight, a character must fulfill the following criteria.
Alignment: Any lawful.
Armor Proficiency: Must be proficient with heavy armor.
Base Attack Bonus: +5.
Skills: Intimidate 5 ranks, Knowledge (planes) 2 ranks.
Special: The character must slay a devil with Hit Dice greater than his character level. This victory must be witnessed by a Hellknight.
Class Skills
The Hellknight’s class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Intimidate (Cha), Knowledge (local) (Int), Perception (Wis), Ride (Dex), and Sense Motive (Wis).
Skill Ranks at Each Level: 2 + Int modifier.

The following are class features of the Hellknight.
Aura of Law (Ex): A Hellknight’s lawful aura (see the detect law spell) functions as that of a cleric whose level is equal to the Hellknight’s character level.
Detect Chaos (Sp): This ability functions like the paladin’s detect evil class feature, save that it grants the use of detect chaos instead.
Order: A character must choose one Hellknight order to join at 1st level (see page 89 for a list of orders). The choice of order determines which disciplines the character later gains access to.
Smite Chaos (Su): This ability functions as the paladin’s smite evil class feature but against chaotic-aligned creatures. This ability is twice as effective against outsiders with the chaotic subtype, chaotic-aligned aberrations, and fey.
Discern Lies (Sp): At 2nd level, a Hellknight can use discern lies as a spell-like ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + his Charisma modifier with a caster level equal to his character level.
Hellknight Armor (Ex): At 2nd level, a Hellknight earns the right to wear Hellknight plate (see page 97), which does not reduce his speed. While wearing this armor, the Hellknight reduces its armor check penalty by 1 and increases the maximum Dexterity bonus allowed by 1. At 5th level, these adjustments increase to 2. At 8th level, these adjustments increase to 3.

Disciplines: At 3rd level, a Hellknight gains access to his first discipline, choosing one associated with his specific order. At 6th level, the Hellknight gains a second discipline, choosing from any listed as being available to “any order.” At 9th level, the Hellknight gains his third discipline, choosing this one from any of the disciplines listed below, even those from another order, with the exception of pentamic faith. When applicable, the save DC to resist a discipline’s effect is equal to 10 + the Hellknight’s level + his Charisma modifier. The Hellknight can use any one discipline a number of times per day equal to the total number of disciplines he has access to, so at 3rd level he can use his discipline once per day. At 6th level, he can use both disciplines twice per day each. At 9th level, he can use all three of his disciplines three times per day.

Brand (Sp; Order of the Pyre): The Hellknight can use mark of justice as a spell-like ability.
Censor (Su; Order of the Rack): When the Hellknight uses smite chaos on a creature, he can strike the creature mute for 1d4 rounds unless it succeeds at a Will save. A mute creature cannot speak, cast spells with verbal components, or use language-dependent effects.
Fearsomeness (Ex; any order): A Hellknight who successfully uses the Intimidate skill to cause a creature within 10 feet to become shaken can instead cause that creature to become frightened.
Onslaught (Su; Order of the Nail): As a free action, a Hellknight increases his base speed by 10 feet and gains a +4 bonus to his Strength for 1 round. If the Hellknight is mounted, these bonuses also apply to his mount.
Pentamic Faith (Ex; Order of the Godclaw only): This ability allows the Hellknight to select one of the following domains: Artifice, Glory, Knowledge, Law, Magic, Nobility, Protection, Rune, Strength, Travel, or War. The Hellknight gains the granted powers (but not domain spells) of that domain, treating his Hellknight levels as cleric levels to determine what domain abilities he has access to.
Shackle (Su; Order of the Chain): When the Hellknight uses smite chaos on a creature, he can impede its mobility. The creature can negate this effect with a successful Will save; otherwise, it is affected as if by slow for 1d4 rounds.
Summon Devil (Sp; Order of the Gate): The Hellknight can use summon monster V as a spell-like ability to summon 1 bearded devil. At 6th level, this spell-like ability is replaced by summon monster VI, allowing him to summon 1d3 bearded devils or 1 erinyes. At 9th level, this spell-like ability is replaced by summon monster VII, allowing him to summon 1d4+1 bearded devils, 1d3 erinyes, or 1 bone devil.
Tracker (Sp; any order): The Hellknight can summon a creature to aid him, either in battle or to track an enemy, as if using a summon monster spell, save that the summoned creature lingers for 1 hour before vanishing. A 6th-level Hellknight can summon either an eagle, a riding dog, a wolf, or a leopard. A 9th-level Hellknight can instead opt to summon a dire wolf or a hell hound.
Vigilance (Su; Order of the Scourge): The Hellknight gains low-light vision (this effect is constant). In addition, as a full-round action, he can see through up to 5 feet of stone, wood, or similar barriers as if they didn’t exist. Metal and denser barriers block this effect. Each use of this ability to see through solid objects lasts as long as the Hellknight concentrates, up to a number of rounds equal to the Hellknight’s level.
Wrack (Su; any order): The Hellknight can make a touch attack as a standard action to cause a creature to suffer incredible pain. The creature touched takes damage equal to 1d6 + the Hellknight’s Charisma modifier, and must succeed at a Will save or become staggered for 1d4 rounds.

Force of Will (Ex): At 3rd level, a Hellknight gains a +2 bonus on Will saves against spells with any one of the following subschools or descriptors: charm, compulsion, glamer, fear, figment, pattern, or phantasm. At 6th level, the Hellknight chooses another subschool or descriptor from the list and gains a +2 bonus on his Will saves against spells of that type, and the bonus provided by his first selection increases to +4. At 9th level, he chooses from the list again, and both previous selections increase by 2, so that he has a +6, a +4, and a +2 bonus, respectively, against spells of three different groups.
Lawbringer (Ex): At 7th level, a Hellknight’s attacks are treated as being lawful for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction.
Infernal Armor (Su): As long as he wears Hellknight armor, a 9th-level Hellknight gains a +2 bonus on all Charisma-related checks made while interacting with lawful, nongood creatures. In addition, while wearing the armor, he gains the ability to see perfectly in darkness of any kind, resistance to fire 30, resistance to acid 10, and resistance to cold 10.
Hell’s Knight (Su): At 10th level, a Hellknight can grant a weapon he wields or touches the axiomatic, flaming burst, or unholy weapon special ability. This weapon has this special ability as long as the Hellknight remains within 100 feet of the weapon, but a Hellknight can maintain only a single weapon’s granted special ability at a time. The Hellknight also becomes immune to fire while wearing Hellknight plate.
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Re: 【AG】地狱骑士(Hellknights)
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武器与护甲擅长(Weapon and Armor Proficiency):持节士获得重甲和一种他的骑士团偏好武器的擅长。

守序灵光(Aura of Law,特异能力):地狱骑士持节士的守序灵光强度(参见侦测守序法术)等同于其总角色等级。

口授传承(Catechesis,特异能力):若地狱骑士持节士拥有战斗祭司(Warrior Priest)UM专长,他的地狱骑士持节士等级与其他神术施法者等级叠加,以计算那些职业的领域力量,裁决领域,先知启示。这不会提供新的能力。此外,拥有战斗祭司专长的持节士获得引导阵营(混乱)作为奖励专长,并在计算对混乱异界生物造成的治疗或伤害时,以及在计算它们减半伤害的豁免DC时,将其地狱骑士持节士等级视作牧师等级。


持节士面甲(Signifer Mask,超自然能力):在开始地狱骑士之道时,持节士获得一面面甲,通常没有露出眼睛的地方,或其它类人特征。该面甲不会阻碍持节者的视野,且当穿戴该面具时,他在察言观色检定和对抗基于视觉效果的法术与能力的豁免上获得+2表现加值。

奥术着甲大师(Arcane Armor Expertise):2级时,若地狱骑士持节士拥有奥术着甲训练专长,他获得奥术着甲大师作为奖励专长。5级时,使用该专长的动作需求由迅捷动作变为自由动作。
*译注:此处疑为有误,实际应为核心规则书中的奥术着甲大师(Arcane Armor Mastery)专长。

持节士护甲训练(Signifer Armor Training):3级时,当地狱骑士持节士穿戴着地狱骑士战甲时,他的护甲检定减值降低1点(至少为0),奥术失败率降低5%。8级时,他的护甲检定减值再降低1点,奥术失败率再降低5%。此外,8级时,若地狱骑士持节士的速度因着中甲或重甲而降低,他独特的训练令速度少降低5尺。

审视(Assiduous Gaze):在4级和7级时,地狱骑士持节士获得一项审视能力,从下表中选择。地狱骑士持节士每日可以使用每个他拥有的审视能力的轮数等同于1/2其职业等级。这些轮数不必连续。地狱骑士持节士可以以一个迅捷动作启动一项审视能力以检视30尺内的一名单个生物,物体或五尺方格。地狱骑士持节士必须穿戴持节士面甲才能使用这些能力,他在使用这些能力时的施法者等级等同于其角色等级。





辨识谎言(Discern Lies,类法术能力):6级时,地狱骑士持节士可以以类法术能力使用辨识谎言法术,每日3+魅力调整值轮。这些轮数不必连续。他的施法者等级等同于其总角色等级。

炼狱坚韧(Infernal Resilience,特异能力):9级时,地狱骑士持节士获得DR 5/混乱,且免疫毒素。

魔鬼预言者(Diabolic Harbinger,超自然能力):10级时,只要地狱骑士持节士戴着他的持节者面甲,他便可获得100尺范围的心灵感应能力,且可以在魔法和普通黑暗中完美视物。当穿戴持节士面甲时,他免疫目盲和目眩效果,并在与守序生物互动时,在所有基于魅力的检定上获得+2加值。若该生物同时为异界生物,这一加值提升至+4。

剧透 -   :
Hellknight signifers form the spellcasting arm of the Hellknight orders. They serve as faceless enforcers of order and use their magical powers to relentlessly root out and punish criminals to the letter of the law. They wear masks— often featureless—to mark themselves as impersonal agents of order, unswayed by empathy, detached from emotion, and dedicated to passing impartial judgment upon all lawbreakers. A signifer’s distinctive mask is a symbol of his devotion to the precepts of law and exacting justice, and it serves as the focus for several of his signifer powers. Traditionally, signifers are arcane or divine spellcasters. As a signifer must be lawful, clerics who take this prestige class generally worship lawful deities, with the majority being worshipers of Abadar or Asmodeus. Despite trends toward diabolism, overall a signifer’s views of good and evil are defined by his Hellknight order first and everything else second. While it’s certainly possible for a psychic spellcaster to become a Hellknight signifer, to date, such examples are relatively rare among the various Hellknight orders. Yet in time, as such magic spreads and gains acceptance, psychic Hellknight signifers may well grow more common.
Hit Die: d8.

To qualify to become a Hellknight signifer, a character must
fulfill all of the following criteria.
Alignment: Any lawful.
Armor Proficiency: Proficient with medium armor.
Feats: Arcane Armor Training or Warrior PriestUM.
Skills: Intimidate 2 ranks, Knowledge (planes) 5 ranks,Spellcraft 5 ranks.
Spells: Able to cast 3rd-level spells.
Special: The character must slay a devil with Hit Dice greater than his character level. This
victory must be witnessed by a Hellknight.
Class Skills
The Hellknight signifer’s class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Diplomacy (Cha), Intimidate (Cha), Linguistics (Int), Knowledge (all) (Int), Profession (Wis), Sense Motive (Wis), and Spellcraft (Int).
Skill Ranks at Each Level: 2 + Int modifier.
Class Features
The following are class features of the Hellknight signifer prestige class.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A Hellknight signifer gains proficiency with heavy armor and with one of his order’s favored weapons (see Order on page 93).
Aura of Law (Ex): A Hellknight signifer’s lawful aura (see the detect law spell) functions as that of a cleric whose level is equal to the Hellknight signifer’s character level.
Catechesis (Ex): If a Hellknight signifer has the Warrior Priest feat, his class level stacks with other divine spellcasting classes for determining the effects of those classes’ domain powers, inquisitions, and mysteries. This
doesn’t grant any new powers or abilities. In addition, a Hellknight signifer with the Warrior Priest feat gains Alignment Channel (chaos) as a bonus feat, and treats his Hellknight signifer levels as cleric levels when Hellknights determining the amount of damage healed or dealt and saving throw DCs of his channeled energy.
Order: A Hellknight signifer chooses a Hellknight order to join at 1st level. The most common Hellknight orders (and their favored weapon or weapons) are: Chain (flail), Gate (dagger), Godclaw (morningstar), Nail (halberd or lance), Pyre (glaive), Rack (longsword or whip), and Scourge (heavy mace or whip).
Signifer Mask (Su): Upon initiation, a Hellknight signifer receives a mask, often devoid of eyeholes or other personal features. This mask doesn’t obscure the Hellknight signifer’s vision, and while wearing it he gains a +2 competence bonus on Sense Motive checks and on saving throws against spells and abilities that rely on visual effects.
A Hellknight signifer with a bonded object from the arcane bond class feature can perform a special ritual that costs 500 gp and takes 8 hours to complete. This ritual converts the Hellknight signifer’s mask into his new bonded object, which takes up the head slot. In this case, his Hellknight signifer levels stack with levels from the class that grants the arcane bond for determining what additional magical abilities can be added to the bonded object.
Arcane Armor Expertise (Ex): At 2nd level, if a Hellknight signifer has the Arcane Armor Training feat, he gains Arcane Armor Mastery as a bonus feat. At 5th level, the action required to use this feat changes from a swift action to a free action.
Signifer Armor Training (Ex): At 3rd level, while a Hellknight signifer wears Hellknight armor, he reduces the armor check penalty by 1 (to a minimum of 0), and reduces the arcane spell failure chance by 5%. At 8th level, he reduces his armor check penalty by an additional 1, and reduces his arcane spell failure by an additional 5%. Additionally, at 8th level, when a Hellknight signifer’s speed is reduced by wearing medium or heavy armor, his unique training decreases the speed reduction by 5 feet.

Assiduous Gaze: At 4th level and again at 7th level, a Hellknight signifer gains an assiduous gaze ability chosen from the list below. A Hellknight signifer can use each assiduous gaze ability he has for a number of rounds per day equal to half his class level. These rounds need not be consecutive. A Hellknight signifer can activate an assiduous gaze ability as a swift action to examine a single creature, object, or 5-foot square within 30 feet. A Hellknight signifer must be wearing his signifer mask to use these abilities, and his caster level while using the ability is equal to his character level.
Elucidation (Su): The Hellknight signifer can discern each active spell on the target, including the spell’s effect and caster level.
Morality (Sp): The Hellknight signifer can determine whether the target is chaotic, evil, good, or lawful, as well as the strength of its aura as if he had studied it for 3 rounds using detect chaos, detect evil, detect good, and detect law.
Scrutiny (Su): The Hellknight signifer can discern whether the target has spell-like abilities or spellcasting abilities; whether any spellcasting abilities are arcane, divine, or psychic; and the strength (see detect magic) of the most powerful spell or spell-like ability the target currently has available.
Veracity (Sp): The Hellknight signifer can observe the target as if using true seeing. A Hellknight signifer must be 7th level to select this ability.
Vigilance (Su): The Hellknight signifer can see through up to 5 feet of stone, wood, or similar barriers as if they didn’t exist. This effect cannot penetrate metal of any kind.

Discern Lies (Sp): At 6th level, a Hellknight signifer can use discern lies as a spell-like ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + his Charisma modifier. His caster level is equal to his total character level.
Infernal Resilience (Ex): At 9th level, a Hellknight signifer gains DR 5/chaotic and becomes immune to poison.
Diabolic Harbinger (Su): At 10th level, as long as a Hellknight signifer wears his signifer mask, he gains telepathy with a range of 100 feet and can see perfectly in both magical and mundane darkness. While wearing his signifer mask, he is immune to blindness and dazzling effects, and gains a +2 bonus on all Charisma-based checks when interacting with lawful creatures. This bonus increases to +4 if the creature is also an outsider.
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Re: 【AG】地狱骑士(Hellknights)
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大多数的地狱扈从会居住在所属骑士团的大本营,进行重复的工作和训练直到成为名副其实的地狱骑士的那一天。这些地狱扈从经历的是近乎严苛的日常训练;他们每天会和其余新兵在训练场上耗费数小时来打磨战斗技巧,空闲时则在城堡的图书馆内阅读和学习,或是反复牢记所属骑士团的度量和锁链(The Measure And The Chain,具体查看地狱骑士之道)。每隔一段时间,地狱扈从会以小队为单位离开城堡,奉命在附近的城市或边境巡逻,在实践中践行地狱骑士和所属骑士团的准则。





剧透 -   :
Until would-be Hellknights take the trial referred to simply as the Test—in which they enter single combat with a conjured devil and either emerge victorious or die— they are known as armigers. While this is a blanket term for all Hellknights-in-training (including those training to become signifers), it also applies specifically to fighters who focus their training to become Hellknights. Despite their lack of recognized rank, armigers are skilled and deadly warriors.
Most armigers live and train at their order’s citadel, working toward the day when they become full-fledged Hellknights. These armigers follow a brutally strict routine; they spend hours honing their combat skills against other trainees, obsessively studying in the citadel’s libraries, or memorizing passages of the Hellknight philosophy known as the Measure and the Chain. At regular intervals, squads of armigers emerge from their citadels to patrol nearby cities or frontier lands, working to enforce Hellknight law and their order’s edicts.
On occasion, some armigers travel farther from their citadels, searching out those who mock the law and bringing them to justice by any means necessary. While a few do so as squires to full-fledged Hellknights, others strike out on their own or join bands of adventurers. To make up for the broken routine of adventuring life and the frequent compromises necessary in the presence of such allies, such roaming armigers are expected to perform frequent reckonings. These painful acts of mortification, such as scourging oneself or drinking boiling water, keep the would-be Hellknight disciplined and focused on the strictures of the Measure and the Chain.
Bonus Feats: When selecting fighter bonus feats, the armiger can select any feats whose names include the word “Hellknight” (such as those that appear on page 62 of Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Path of the Hellknight) as though they were combat feats.
This alters the fighter’s bonus feats.
Hellknight Order: At 1st level, an armiger must select which Hellknight order she intends to join. If the armiger later gains levels in a Hellknight prestige class, she must select that same order.
Studious Squire: An armiger gains 2 additional skill ranks at each level. These ranks must be put into Intimidate and Knowledge (planes). In addition, the armiger treats Knowledge (local) and Knowledge (planes) as class skills.
This alters the fighter’s class skills and skill points per level, and replaces the fighter’s bonus feats gained at 1st and 10th levels.
Ardent (Su): Armigers are difficult to sway from their beliefs. At 2nd level, an armiger gains a +1 bonus on Will saves against charm effects. This bonus increases by 1 for every 4 fighter levels beyond 2nd. Once per day, if an armiger is forced to take an action that is diametrically opposed to her order’s beliefs and values while under the influence of a charm or compulsion effect, she can immediately attempt a Will save against the effect’s DC to resist acting out that order. Success does not remove the existing charm or compulsion effect, but does allow the armiger to resist betraying her beliefs.
This replaces bravery.

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Re: 【AG】地狱骑士(Hellknights)
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地狱链接(Infernal Binding,特异能力):缚魔士必须选择魔鬼子类的幻灵。缚魔士的幻灵不会随等级增加攻击次数的上限,他的基础攻击加值等同于生命骰的一半。在4级和之后每4个等级,幻灵的魅力值都会增加2。

地狱奥法(Infernal Arcana,类法术能力):在1级和之后每2个等级,缚魔士的幻灵会得到以下类法术能力:防护混乱(1st),灼热射线(3rd),暗示术(5th),魅惑怪物(7th),支配人类(9th),异界誓缚(11th),高等传送术(13th),真言术:震(15th),流星爆(17th)。幻灵可使用每个类法术能力1次/日,施法者等级等同于缚魔士的召唤师等级。当幻灵使用异界誓缚时,缚魔士可以被视为这个法术的施术者。在19级,缚魔士的幻灵可以使用每个地狱奥法3次/日。

地狱亲和(Infernal Affinity,特异能力,超自然能力或类法术能力):缚魔士可以依靠她的幻灵歪曲地狱的力量。这会赋予缚魔士等同于地狱血统术士的血统能力(获得的等级如下所示):腐化之触(4th),地狱抗力(8th),地狱火(12th),黑暗之翼(16th),炼狱之力(20th)。缚魔士将他的召唤师等级视为术士等级来决定血统能力的效果。
剧透 -  速查:


制裁混乱(Smite Chaos,超自然能力):在6级,缚魔士的幻灵就如同地狱骑士(进阶职业)一般获得制裁混乱的能力。这项能力每日可使用1次,并在6级后的每4级可额外使用一次。

剧透 -   :
While many assume Hellknights are worshipers or agents of devilkind—or, at best, duped puppets of the infernal realm—most Hellknights see Hell and its native devils as a challenge
to be conquered. If one can dominate these beings of pure (albeit cruel) law, then the power of that law is theirs by right. While the Test undertaken by those who seek to become full Hellknights is one method by which this power is earned, the devil binder takes this philosophy a step further, forcing a devil into service.
Unlike those of most summoners, a devil binder’s eidolon does not willingly serve its master due to a similar philosophical bent. While some devil binders (especially those who do serve Hell) seek more amicable relationships with these infernal servants, others treat their eidolons as mere tools, remorselessly ordering the devils into battle. The nature of the summoner’s magical bond is irrevocably altered by their style of invocation. A devil binder borrows extraplanar quintessence from her eidolon, gaining strange abilities for herself and evolving her eidolon’s magical powers.
Alignment: The infernal bargains and rituals a devil binder pursues leave an indelible stain upon her soul. A devil binder must be lawful evil or lawful neutral in alignment.
Infernal Binding (Ex): A devil binder must select an eidolon of the devil subtype. The devil binder’s eidolon never increases its maximum number of attacks, and its base attack bonus is equal to half its Hit Dice. At 4th level and every 4 levels thereafter, the eidolon’s Charisma score increases by 2.
This alters the summoner’s eidolon.
Infernal Arcana (Sp): At 1st level and every 2 levels thereafter, the devil binder’s eidolon gains the following spell-like abilities: protection from chaos (1st), scorching ray (3rd), suggestion (5th), charm monster (7th), dominate person (9th), planar binding (devils only) (11th), greater teleport (13th), power word stun (15th), meteor swarm (17th). Each of these spell-like abilities is usable once per day, and the eidolon’s caster level is equal to the devil binder’s summoner level. When the eidolon casts planar binding this way, the devil binder is considered to be the spell’s caster instead. At 19th level, the devil binder’s eidolon can use each of its infernal arcana spell-like abilities three times per day.
This replaces the summon monster I summoner class feature.
Infernal Affinity (Ex, Su, or Sp): A devil binder wrenches Hell’s power from her eidolon. This grants the devil binder the bloodline powers of the infernal sorcerer bloodline (gained at the following levels): corrupting touch (4th), infernal resistances (8th), hellfire (12th), on dark wings (16th), and power of the Pit (20th). The devil binder treats her summoner level as her sorcerer level for the purpose of determining their effects.
This replaces bond senses, shield ally, transposition, greater shield ally, merge forms, and twin eidolon.
Smite Chaos (Su): At 6th level, the summoner’s eidolon gains the ability to smite chaos as a Hellknight (see page 90) of its Hit Dice. This ability can be used once per day and an additional time for every 4 levels beyond 6th.
This ability replaces maker’s call and the eidolon’s devotion ability.
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Re: 【AG】地狱骑士(Hellknights)
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烙铁(Branding Iron)

通常 价格: 2 GP      重量: 5 lbs.
定制 价格: 10 GP    重量: 5 lbs.


价格: 850GP
重量: 50磅

价格: 30GP
重量: 25磅

价格: 2000GP
重量: 50磅

价格 75GP
重量 2磅


冰魔重铠(Gelugon Plate)
位置:铠甲; 价格:60950GP
这件闪烁着深蓝色光芒的+3地狱骑士板甲(+3 Hellknight Plate)触碰起来是如此的寒冷,围绕着板甲旋转的冻雾好似魔鬼的脸庞。这套铠甲的穿戴者获得10点寒冷抗力。在移动结束时处于穿戴者5尺范围内的任何生物都必须成功进行DC为16的强韧豁免,失败则会由于护甲所散发出的冰寒而恍惚(staggered)1轮。豁免成功的生物会在24小时内免疫同一套冰魔重铠的效果。冰魔重铠的穿戴者能够以标准动作启动或压制这个效果。
地狱骑士(Hellknight)或者擅长重甲的地狱骑士持节士(Hellknight signifer)在穿戴这件护甲时,每日至多能够施放3次冰墙术。

持节士之拳(Signifer's Fist)

剧透 -   :
While the Hellknights have very strict requirements and regulations to which all members are expected to adhere, they are not above allying with like-minded specialists who bring talents and abilities uncommon in those seeking to join one of the orders. Furthermore, the Hellknights are constantly on the lookout for new potential members, and they are often willing to share secrets and training techniques with those who might not initially be interested in joining an order. In both of these situations, the Hellknights have been known to offer affiliation. By contrast, those who revel in chaos, flaunt their lawlessness, or otherwise seek to undermine governments or established order often find themselves not only barred from affiliation but actively pursued and hunted by Hellknights eager to punish such miscreants.
Example Affiliation Encounter: Just as those who seek to become actual Hellknights or signifers must pass the Test, in which the initiate defeats a powerful devil before a Hellknight witness, so too can those who seek affiliation with a Hellknight order undertake a similar test. It is not enough to merely defeat a single devil with more Hit Dice than oneself for a nonmember to earn the respect of a Hellknight’s order, though. In addition to defeating such a devil while under observation, a character must also demonstrate her adherence to that order’s virtues. Typically, this requirement can be met by handing over a criminal or law-breaker whose crimes are among those the order in question seeks to punish. Most Hellknight orders maintain relatively extensive lists of bounties, so those who seek affiliation can focus their hunt on known criminals.

Hellknights often employ the following equipment in their war against chaos. This equipment might be found in the possession of any Hellknight, though some individual pieces might be used more by some orders than others. For example, the Order of the Nail has many mounted knights who use Hellknight barding, and the Order of the Gate has many signifers who use signifer masks.

Branding Iron
This length of bare metal is 2 to 4 feet long. One end serves as a handle, while the other forms a simple shape, such as a square or circle. Branding irons with ends that form complex symbols, such as the symbol of a Hellknight order, are much more expensive.
If the branding iron is heated in an open fire for 10 minutes or more, it becomes red-hot. If then pressed against wood, leather, skin, or another surface capable of being scorched, it deals 1 point of fire damage, leaving behind a burn mark that becomes a mundane scar of the branding iron’s symbol. A willing or helpless creature can be marked with a hot branding iron. If employed as an improvised weapon in combat, a sufficiently heated branding iron deals damage and leaves behind its symbol on any creature struck. If the wielder is trying to mark a particular spot on a target creature, she takes a –4 penalty on her attack roll (in addition to any penalties from using improvised weapons). Creatures immune or resistant to fire damage cannot be marked by a branding iron. A hot branding iron loses its heat quickly. It can mark only one creature, within 5 minutes of being removed from a fire, before it needs to be reheated.

Hellknights often equip their steeds with armor similar to their own. Typical barding for Hellknight steeds features ornamental spikes (these spikes deal no damage). Such barding is usually designed to look similar to the armor of the horse’s rider, or to look skeletal, fiendish, or similar to a nightmare. Hellknight barding can be made from Hellknight leather, Hellknight half-plate, or Hellknight plate; it costs four times as much and weighs twice as much. Hellknight half-plate barding or Hellknight plate barding slows a mount’s speed from 40 feet to 30 feet, from 50 feet to 35 feet, or from 60 feet to 40 feet. A mount wearing such armor moves at only triple its normal speed when running instead of quadruple.

WEIGHT 50 lbs.

The armor worn by a Hellknight signifer is a vestment of armored plates, chain, and dark fabric. It functions as half-plate, but it can be donned and removed as though it were medium armor. Any spellcaster who wears this armor is treated as if he were wearing Hellknight plate for the purposes of any feats and effects that require it. This armor includes a signifer mask, though signifer masks can also be purchased separately.
WEIGHT 25 lbs.
There are instances where wearing full plate armor can jeopardize a Hellknight’s life. Primarily worn by Hellknight sailors, this studded leather armor includes heavy gloves and a helm of sculpted leather designed to look like a skull—either a human’s or that of some aquatic creature. Hellknight leather’s statistics are identical to those of studded leather, except it costs 5 gp more and weighs 5 pounds more.

PRICE 2,000 GP
WEIGHT 50 lbs.
These distinctive suits of armor are a special type of masterwork full plate that grant additional effects when worn by a character with levels in the Hellknight prestige class. Apart from its distinctive look (each order of Hellknights has its own style of armor), a suit of Hellknight plate functions the same as a suit of masterwork full plate.

WEIGHT 2 lbs.
The menacing, eyeless masks of the Hellknight signifers were first created by members of the Order of the Gate, and are semitransparent when viewed from the inside. This alchemical treating of the material obscures the face of the wearer as a full helm does but allows the wearer to see as if through a smoky pane of glass. When wearing a signifer mask, the wearer is always treated as averting her gaze when dealing with gaze attacks, and she gains a +8 circumstance bonus on saving throws against vision-based effects. However, the obscuring nature of the mask means that the wearer also takes a –4 penalty on vision-based Perception checks while wearing the mask, and all opponents are treated as having concealment (20% miss chance).
A character with the Hellknight signifer prestige class can see through the mask as normal, but she can also adjust her mask as a standard action to function as detailed above. Signifer masks are often magically enhanced, becoming variants of items that take up the head item slot. Additionally, when a character takes levels in the Hellknight signifer prestige class, this mask grants the benefits and capabilities of the signifer mask class feature.
Hellknights have crafted a wide range of magical items, many being baroque versions of well-known items. Special and custom items like those detailed below are among the most valued possessions of Hellknights and their orders.

PRICE 60,950 GP
SLOT armor CL 7th WEIGHT 50 lbs.
AURA moderate conjuration and transmutation
This iridescent +3 Hellknight plate is cold to the touch, and the fiendish features that swirl across the plates shed gouts of cold mist. The wearer of this armor gains cold resistance 10. Any creature that ends its movement within 5 feet of the wearer must succeed at a DC 16 Fortitude saving throw or be staggered for 1 round, numbed by the cold emitted by the armor. A creature that succeeds at its saving throw is immune to the effects of that gelugon plate for 24 hours. The wearer of a suit of gelugon plate can suppress or reactivate this effect as a standard action.
A Hellknight (or Hellknight signifer with heavy armor proficiency) wearing this armor can cast wall of ice three times per day.
Craft Magic Arms and Armor, slow, wall of ice

PRICE 10,305 GP
SLOT none CL 5th WEIGHT 2 lbs.
AURA faint conjuration and transmutation
This +1 light mace is forged of black iron and topped with what appears to be a clenched fist with spikes protruding from between the fingers. As a move action, the wielder can expend 1 point from his arcane pool (as per a magusUM), 1 point from his arcane reservoir (as per an arcanistACG), or one use of fervor (as per a warpriestACG) to make a single melee attack with the signifer’s fist. Characters without any of these options can instead activate a signifer’s fist in this way as a standard action once per day. If the attack deals damage to a creature, the signifer’s fist gains the bane weapon special ability against that creature’s type (or subtype if the creature is a humanoid or outsider) for 1 minute. This benefit doesn’t apply if the target is immune to bleed, though the attack still deals damage normally.
Craft Magic Arms and Armor, haste, summon monster I
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Re: 【AG】地狱骑士(Hellknights)
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地狱骑士之庇护(Hellknight Aegis)
先决条件:擅长重型盔甲(Heavy Armor Proficiency)、BAB+5、必须宣誓效忠单一一个地狱骑士团。
专长效果:每天一次,以一个整轮动作,你可以让你的地狱骑士盔甲进入破损状态(broken condition)。如果你这样做了,你会被以下列表中的一个法术影响(由你选择),使用你的角色等级做为施法者等级:破除结界(break enchantment)、中和毒性(neutralize poison)、移除疾病(remove disease)或着移除麻痹(remove paralysis)。一旦你使用了此能力,你的地狱骑士盔甲必须修复好,才会提供你原来的AC加值,因破损状态承受的减值才会回复正常。(译注:一般破损的盔甲,提供的AC会是原来的一半,并且向下取整,因为盔甲造成的防具减值会在进行相关技能检定时,以双倍计算)

地狱骑士的准则(Hellknight Obedience)


地狱骑士的狂热(Hellkngiht Obsession)

持节士护甲训练(Signifer Armor Training)

先决条件:奥术着甲大师(Arcane Armor Mastery),奥术着甲训练,擅长重甲,施法者等级7,必须宣誓效忠单一一个地狱骑士团。
剧透 -   :
Hellknight Aegis

Your Hellknight armor guards you against many threats.
Prerequisites: Heavy Armor Proficiency, base attack bonus +5, must swear allegiance to a single Hellknight order.
Benefit: Once per day as a full-round action, you can give your Hellknight armor the broken condition. Upon doing so, you are affected by one of the following spells (your choice), using your character level as your caster level: break enchantment, neutralize poison, remove disease, or remove paralysis. Once you have used this benefit, your Hellknight armor must be repaired as normal to restore its full bonus to your Armor Class and return its armor check penalty to normal.

You can use this ability even if paralyzed or otherwise restrained, but not if you are unconscious. For the purposes of this ability, “Hellknight armor” means any armor with the word “Hellknight” in its name. You cannot use this ability if your armor is already broken.
Hellknight Obedience
Performing daily Hellknight reckonings grants you special boons.

Prerequisites: Knowledge (planes) 3 ranks, must swear allegiance to a single Hellknight order.
Benefit: Upon taking this feat, you gain proficiency in all of your Hellknight order’s favored weapons. Additionally, by meditating and inflicting strenuous reckonings upon yourself, you unlock the power behind your order’s doctrine. Each Hellknight order has its own unique reckoning—a trial of obedience and pain (described in general on page 9 and in the Reckoning entries of the Hellknight order stat blocks throughout this book). When coupled with the necessary reflection and meditation, this reckoning takes 1 hour per day to perform. Once you have performed your order’s reckoning, you gain the benefit of a special ability as indicated in the Reckoning entry for the Hellknight order to which you’ve sworn allegiance. If you have at least 12 Hit Dice, you also gain the first boon granted by the Hellknight order. If you have at least 16 Hit Dice, you also gain the Hellknight order’s second
boon. If you have 20 Hit Dice or more, you also gain the Hellknight order’s third boon. Unless a specific duration or number of uses per day is listed in a boon’s description, the boon’s effects are constant. If you ever fail to perform a daily reckoning, you lose all access to the benefits and boons granted by this feat until you next perform the reckoning. You can take this feat only if you are associated with a Hellknight order, whether you’re in training to become a Hellknight, already a member, or otherwise aligned with the order—the specifics are left to you and the GM to determine. Once per year, you can change your Hellknight allegiance, but doing so requires the approval of the Hellknight order you wish to join. If you are ever cast out of the Hellknight order to which you’ve sworn allegiance, you lose the benefits of this feat until you restore yourself in the Hellknights’ esteem. The details of this are left to the GM’s discretion.

Hellknight Obsession
 You equate pain with discipline and can inflict damage upon yourself to unlock greater power.
Prerequisites: Hellknight Obedience, Knowledge (planes) 3 ranks, must swear allegiance to a single Hellknight order.
Benefit: During your hour-long Hellknight reckoning, if you choose to deal lethal damage to yourself (see page 9), you reach a state of fantastic focus. Once during the next 24 hours, you can draw upon this focus to gain the benefits of any one of the following effects. To activate the ability, you must deal 1 point of lethal damage to yourself as a swift action (unless otherwise noted). Members of the Order of the Nail often install a sharp barb within their armor that deals this damage when the wearer is subject to a critical hit (see page 28); if you’re struck by a critical hit while wearing such armor, using this ability doesn’t require a swift action. Fervor: The DCs to resist the effects of the boons granted by your Hellknight Obedience feat increase by 1 for 1 hour. Indomitability: You can reroll a single failed Will saving throw and must take the result of the second roll, even if it is worse. A swift action isn’t required to use this effect, but you must still take 1 point of damage. Menacing: You gain a +3 bonus on Intimidate and Sense Motive skill checks for 1 hour. Mercilessness: The critical threat range of your order’s favored weapon doubles for 1 hour (even if it is not a piercing or slashing weapon). This does not stack with any other effects that increase a weapon’s critical threat range.
Signifer Armor Training
 You have learned the art of spellcasting while wearing signifer armor. Prerequisites: Arcane Armor Mastery, Arcane Armor Training, Heavy Armor Proficiency, caster level 7th, must swear allegiance to a single Hellknight order.
Benefit: As a swift action, you can reduce the arcane spell failure chance due to the armor you are wearing by 30% for any spells you cast this round. This benefit applies only if you are wearing armor with “Hellknight” in its name. This bonus replaces, and does not stack with, the bonuses granted by Arcane Armor Mastery, Arcane Armor Training, and similar feats and effects.


服从(失语)烙印(brand of conformity)
学派 变化系(诅咒UM)
环位 审判者1
施法时间 1轮
成分 语言,姿势,法器
距离 接触
目标 接触到的生物
持续时间 1天/级
豁免 强韧,通过则无效


蹒跚烙印(brand of hobbling)
学派 变化系(诅咒UM)
环位 审判者2
施法时间 1轮
成分 语言,姿势,法器
距离 接触
目标 接触到的生物
持续时间 1天/级
豁免 强韧,通过则无效


追踪烙印(Brand of Tracking)
学派 变化系(诅咒UM)
环位 审判者4
施法时间 1轮
成分 语言,姿势,法器
距离 接触
目标 接触到的生物
持续时间 永久
豁免 强韧,通过则无效

这个法术会在目标身上铭下一个眼睛或是某个执法机构的徽记,并造成1d6点伤害。这个印记可以刻在目标生物任何裸露的位置,比如头部或是手臂。当目标被铭下烙印,每天两次,你可以通过一个标准动作知晓目标所在的方向和距离,作用范围为每施法者等级1英里。假如目标所在超出了范围或是去了别的位面,那么你便无法获得目标所处的位置信息。与之类似,如果目标获得了反侦测或是反占卜(如回避侦测(nondetection))的效果,比如法术作用或是进入了特殊区域(如反魔场(antimagic field)),那么你同样无法获得任何信息。这个探查效果被视为生物定位术(locate creature)并持续每施法者等级1分钟,可以被误导术(mislead)影响但无视变形术(polymorph)。
追踪烙印可以被遮盖或是被削除(造成1d6伤害并且会在被治疗后回归),但烙印效果会持续。追踪烙印无法被魔法消除,但可以被正义之印(mark of justice)抹去。

凯旋骑士的挽歌(dirge of the victorious knights)
学派 幻术系(幽影)
环位 吟游诗人6
施法时间 1轮
成分 语言,姿势,器材(100gp,以及一名死亡地狱骑士的勋章或是一份切利亚斯歌剧手稿复件(a copy of a Chelish opera script))
距离 120尺
区域 120尺长,10尺宽
持续时间 瞬间
豁免 反射,通过则减半;

通过表演切利亚斯歌剧-地狱骑士的挽歌(dirge of the Hellknights),你会呼唤出地狱骑士的幻象驾驭战马冲锋践踏你的敌人。这些幽影骑士会出现在你附近的一个10尺方形区域,向指定的方向冲锋,对轨迹上的所有生物造成每施法者等级1d6的伤害(最高20d6)。这些伤害一半属于寒冷伤害,一半属于不受寒冷抗性影响的魔法伤害。这批骑士无法通过力场范围,和由虚体生物或不死生物构成的障碍。

炼狱试炼(infernal challenger)
学派 咒法系(召唤)【秩序】
环位 牧师3,术士/法师3,召唤师3
施法时间 1轮
成分 语言,姿势,器材/法器(一个铁质徽章或奖章)
距离 近距(25尺+5尺/2级)
区域 一个被强征来的魔鬼出现在测试地点
持续时间 1分钟/级


学派 咒法系(创造)
环位 牧师2,审判者2,游侠2,术士/法师2,召唤师2
施法时间 1个标准动作
成分 语言,姿势
距离 接触
区域 一副缚链(如图)
持续时间 1小时/级
豁免 反射,通过则无效(如图)

你可以召唤一条小型或是中型的精制缚链。当你使用这个法术时,你可以决定这条缚链是脚镣还是手链(manacles or fetters)(manacles通常用来束缚住脚踝)。你会一同召唤出缚链的钥匙;打开这条缚链的开锁DC=15+施法者等级+施法主属性调整值。通常来说,缚链会出现在你的手上。但作为施法的一部分,你可以用一个近战接触攻击触碰一个生物,如果你成功命中且对方的反射检定小于你的法术DC,那么这条缚链在出现的同时会把你和目标生物铐在一起;你可以决定缚链是从什么方向铐住地方的。如果你使用一个整轮动作进行施法,那么你可以同时对两个生物进行近战接触攻击,如果你都成功命中并且目标的反射检定均失败,缚链会把这两个目标铐在一起。
当你等级提升时,缚链的能力也会更强,而你也能更好的控制它。当你拥有6级或更高,你可以召唤出一条秘银缚链,或者选择召唤超小型或是大型缚链。当你拥有12级或更高,可以召唤微型或是超大型缚链;假如你在施法时额外消耗至少价值1000gp的绿宝石,你可以通过一个标准动作为被缚链束缚住的目标们添加一个次元锚(dimensional anchor)效果,持续每施法者等级1分钟,每次召唤地狱缚链只能使用一次。如果你拥有18级或更高,你可以在施法时额外消耗至少价值1000gp的绿宝石,将缚链的坚硬度提高到30,拥有60点生命值,并且无法通过蛮力(力量检定)破坏。(如果你仍打算附加次元锚效果,那么需要至少价值2000gp的绿宝石)。

剧透 -   :
Hellknight signifers are the most common users of the following spells. Many of these spells are innovations of the Order of the Gate’s signifers, originating in the notes of the order’s magic-users.

School transmutation [curseUM]; Level inquisitor 1
Casting Time 1 round
Components V, S, DF
Range touch
Target creature touched
Duration 1 day/level
Saving Throw Fortitude negates; Spell Resistance yes
This spell etches the symbol of a nation, organization, or order on the target, dealing 1 point of damage. The mark can be placed on any exposed portion of the creature, typically the head or forearm. While branded in this way, the recipient loses the ability to speak or understand its racial language and the language of its homeland or primary culture (if these are different). For example, an elf raised among the Shoanti would lose Elven and Shoanti (if she knew both those languages), while a halfling raised among dwarves would lose both Halfling and Dwarven (if she knew both those languages). A gnome raised among gnomes would lose Gnome, but no other language. This spell never suppresses Common or Undercommon, nor does it prevent spellcasting, though it may prevent a target from speaking intelligibly if it suppresses all of the target’s languages. A brand of conformity can be hidden beneath clothing or removed by scraping it away (the latter deals 1d6 points of damage, though the brand returns if that damage is healed). In any event, the language-suppression element of a brand of conformity continues to function even when hidden or scraped away.
School transmutation [curseUM]; Level inquisitor 2
Casting Time 1 round
Components V, S, DF
Range touch
Target creature touched
Duration 1 day/level
Saving Throw Fortitude negates; Spell Resistance yes
This spell etches a symbol of chains, a particular prison, or a lawful institution on the target, dealing 1d6 points of damage. The mark can be placed on any exposed portion of the creature, typically on the head or forearm. While the recipient is branded in this way, all of its movement speeds are reduced by half (rounded down to the next 5-foot increment). A brand of hobbling can be hidden by clothing or removed by scraping the brand away (the latter deals 1d6 points of damage, though the brand returns if that damage is healed), but in either case the effects of a brand of hobbling continue to function.

transmutation [curseUM]; Level inquisitor 4
Casting Time 1 round
Components V, S, DF
Range touch
Target creature touched
Duration permanent
Saving Throw Fortitude negates; Spell Resistance yes
This spell etches the symbol of an eye or a lawful institution on the target, dealing 1d6 points of damage. The mark can be placed on any exposed portion of the creature, typically the head or forearm. While the target is branded in this way, twice per day as a standard action, you can instantly determine in what direction and how far away the target is, as long as it is within a range equal to 1 mile per your caster level. If the target travels beyond this range or to another plane, you cannot gain information about the recipient’s location. Similarly, if the target becomes warded by a spell or effect that thwarts divination spells (such as nondetection) or moves into such an area (such as one created by antimagic field), you cannot gain information about the target’s location. This effect otherwise works as a locate creature spell that lasts for 1 minute per caster level. It can be fooled by mislead but not by polymorph.
A brand of tracking can be hidden by clothing or temporarily removed by scraping it away (the latter deals 1d6 points of damage, though the brand returns if that damage is healed, or 1 day later otherwise). The effects of a brand of tracking continue to function even when hidden or scraped away. A brand of tracking cannot be dispelled, but it can be permanently removed by any means that removes a mark of justice (see page 312 of the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook).

School illusion (shadow); Level bard 6
Casting Time 1 round
Components V, S, F (a medal from a dead Hellknight or a copy of a Chelish opera script, either worth at least 100 gp)
Range 120 ft.
Effect 120-ft. line, 10 ft. wide
Duration instantaneous
Saving Throw Reflex half; Spell Resistance yes
By performing part of the Chelish opera Victory of the Hellknights, you call forth spectral illusions of mounted Hellknights to trample your foes under the hooves of their glorious steeds. The shadowy knights appear in an adjacent 10-foot square and ride forward in the direction you indicate, dealing 1d6 points of damage per caster level (maximum 20d6) to all creatures in their path. Half of this damage is cold damage, while half results directly from arcane power and is not subject to cold resistance or immunity. The knights cannot pass through force effects or barriers that block incorporeal creatures or undead.

School conjuration (calling) [lawful]; see text; Level cleric 3, sorcerer/wizard 3, summoner 3
Casting Time 1 round
Components V, S, F/DF (an iron badge or medallion)
Range close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
Effect one called bearded devil and testing ground; see text
Duration 1 minute/level
Saving Throw none; Spell Resistance no
This spell summons a bearded devil, causing it to appear where you designate. The area within a 50-foot radius of where the devil appears is ringed with a smoldering, red glow. This area is the testing ground. To successfully cast this spell, no creature other than the devil’s challenger (see below) can be within this area while the spell is being cast.
On the round it appears, the devil identifies itself (typically by name and with a brief recitation of honors) and states it is prepared to do battle with a sole mortal champion. In the same round, either you or a creature you designate while casting the spell must identify the devil’s challenger. For the duration of the spell, the devil does everything in its power to kill the challenger. You do not control the devil or have any influence over how it conducts itself in battle, but the devil cannot leave the testing ground. Unlike with summon monster and similar spells, you cannot dismiss the devil. Rather, the conjured devil remains until any one of the following criteria is met: it is reduced below 0 hit points or otherwise defeated, its challenger is slain, its challenger leaves the testing ground, or it takes damage from any source other than its challenger. Upon any of these occurrences, the devil vanishes.
Conjuring a devil is typically an evil act. If cast for any purpose besides the administering of
a Hellknight test, this spell has the evil descriptor.

School conjuration (creation); Level cleric 2, inquisitor 2, ranger 2, sorcerer/wizard 2, summoner 2
Casting Time 1 standard action
Components V, S
Range touch
Effect one set of restraints; see text
Duration 1 hour/level
Saving Throw Reflex negates; see text; Spell Resistance no
You summon a set of Small or Medium masterwork restraints into being. When you cast this spell, you can choose whether the restraints are manacles or fetters (manacles specifically designed to fit around the ankles). You also summon the restraints’ key to your person; the Disable Device DC to open the locked restraints is equal to 15 + your caster level + the modifier of your primary casting ability score. Typically, the restraints appear in your hands. However, as part of the spell’s casting, you can make a melee touch attack against a creature; if you succeed and the creature then fails a Reflex saving throw against the spell’s DC, the locked fetters appear clasped on the creature or locked manacles clasp you and the creature together. You can instead have manacles restrain the target’s limbs in front of or behind it. If you cast the spell as a full-round action, you can make melee touch attacks against two creatures you can reach. If you succeed at both attacks and both creatures fail their Reflex saving throws, you can cause the set of manacles to bind the targets together.
As you increase in level, the restraints become stronger and you gain more control over them. If you are 6th level or higher, you can make the restraints mithral, or you can summon Tiny or Large restraints. If you are 12th level or higher, you can summon Diminutive or Huge restraints. If you use an emerald worth at least 1,000 gp as a material
component while casting this spell, as a standard action once during its duration, you can affect any creature bound by these restraints as per dimensional anchor with a duration of 1 minute per caster level. If you are 18th level or higher and use an emerald worth at least 1,000 gp as a material component while casting this spell, the restraints’ hardness increases to 30, they have 60 hit points, and they can’t be broken with a successful Strength check. (The emerald must be worth at least 2,000 gp if you also wish to use the dimensional anchor effect described earlier.)
If you cast this spell before the duration of a previous casting has lapsed, you can create a new set of restraints or reset the previous spell’s duration. If you used an expensive material component during a previous casting, you must again use a component when creating new restraints or resetting the duration if you wish to maintain the special effect. You do not need to touch these previously created shackles to renew their duration, though you must be on the same plane as the shackles. When this spell ends, the restraints disappear, and any ongoing effects created by the spell end.
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对自己狠的人对别人才能更狠,果然放哪都是真理 ( ﹁ ﹁ )

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雅各之塔(Jacob's Tower) 个人翻译的Pathfinder RPG非官方长篇系列冒险模组,一系列13个模组共17万字,每个模组皆可独立抽出使用。(已出版,商品页面) 全彩地图素材包
Pathfinder v2.0Pathfinder RPG的规则资源合集电子书,绝赞好评废猫中。

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于是只要心控或者附身魔鬼,然后控制魔鬼出去,再被造成伤害前可以作为战力使用! :em021

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于是只要心控或者附身魔鬼,然后控制魔鬼出去,再被造成伤害前可以作为战力使用! :em021
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于是只要心控或者附身魔鬼,然后控制魔鬼出去,再被造成伤害前可以作为战力使用! :em021
这里是对施法者说的啊。说的是施法者本身不能像一般召唤怪物的法术一样实现控制,但是这不代表这个召唤来的魔鬼不吃正常的心控效果。。但是考虑到没说HD,也就是五级刚拿到就可以叫一些高级魔鬼。。。。 :em020

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于是只要心控或者附身魔鬼,然后控制魔鬼出去,再被造成伤害前可以作为战力使用! :em021
这里是对施法者说的啊。说的是施法者本身不能像一般召唤怪物的法术一样实现控制,但是这不代表这个召唤来的魔鬼不吃正常的心控效果。。但是考虑到没说HD,也就是五级刚拿到就可以叫一些高级魔鬼。。。。 :em020
但背后没大佬罩着可能反手就先痛击施法者,大概这也是为什么一定要在仪式用的原因Σ( ̄。 ̄ノ)ノ再加上这个法术其实挺好破的,倒算不上特别实用。
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比切尔|守序中立人类|战士 1| 生命值8/12|防御等级18(接触12,措手不及16)|战技防御16|强韧+4 反射+2 意志+2|先攻+2|察觉+1 察言观色+1 交涉+0 特技-3 隐匿-3|