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[PF]Vampire Hunter D(官方數據)
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This stranger seems cut from the night sky—his garb is as dark as the space between the stars, his skin pale as moonlight. A wide-brimmed hat partially hides his face, but even so it’s impossible to ignore such striking features.

Male dhampir (sacred ancestor) vampire hunter 20
NG Medium humanoid (dhampir)
XP 307200 CR 20

先攻 +14;感官 darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision察覺 +26


AC 32,接觸 23,措手不及 23(+9 armor, +4 deflection, +8 Dex,+1 dodge)
HP 173(20d8+80); regeneration 1
強韌 +16,反射 +33,意志+20; –1 vs. illusions
特殊防禦 resist level drain, undead resistance
弱點 negative energy affinity


速度 30尺
近戰 sun blade +36/+31/+26/+21(1d10+9/19–20/×3); (+2/+2 vs. evil creatures)
特殊攻擊 critical reflexes, improved quarry, master vampire hunter, quarry, stake, vampire bane (DC 38)
類法術能力 (CL 20th; concentration +20)
At will—detect undead
3/day—true strike
1/day—dispel magic
Vampire Hunter Spells Known (CL 20th; concentration +20)
4th—discern lies (DC 16), dismissal (DC 16), divination, holy smite (DC 16), neutralize poison
3rd—cure serious wounds, dimensional anchor, dispel magic, heroism, remove curse, searing light (DC 15)
2nd—aid, align weapon, detect thoughts (DC 14), knock, resist energy, tongues
1st—bless water, detect evil, expeditious retreat, hide from undead, remove fear, sanctuary


力量 23,敏捷 32,體質 18,智力 13,感知 15,魅力 16
BAB +15;CMB +21;CMD 46
專長 Ancestor’s Visage*, Blind-Fight, Combat Reflexes, Countenanced Carbuncle*, Death’s Nightmare*, Dodge, Extended Vampiric Focus*, Hand’s Autonomy*, Hand’s Hunger*, Hunger for Magic*, Improved Initiative, Improved Lightning Reflexes, Lightning Reflexes, Mobility, Vampire Scholar*, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus (bastard sword)
技能 Acrobatics +35 (+31 when jumping), Diplomacy +6, Disable Device +11, Intimidate +14, Knowledge (nobility) +17, Knowledge (religion) +25, Perception +26, Ride +33, Sleight of Hand +21, Spellcraft +15, Use Magic Device +24
語言 Common
特殊能力 ancestry of legend, relentless, relentless band, remove vampirism, swift tracker, track, vampire tracker, vampiric focus (22 minutes/day; vampiric agility, vampiric momentum, vampiric resolve)


Combat Gear:wand of cure serious wounds (50 charges)
Other Gear:celestial armor, sun blade, azure pendant, belt of physical might +6 (Str, Dex), boots of striding and springing, cloak of resistance +5, clockwork charger (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 4 33), pale green prism ioun stone, ring of regeneration, ring of protection +4, sun sensitivity outfit


Ancestry of Legend (Ex) D descends from a lineage of greatness. His ability scores were generated using a 25-point buy, and have been supplemented through the use of magic items that grant an inherent +5 bonus to his Constitution, Dexterity, Strength, and Wisdom scores. Additionally, D’s traits reflect his sacred ancestry dhampir heritage (detailed on page 5). Collectively, these benefits plus his PC-level wealth increase his total CR by 1.

Clockwork Charger D’s travels are hastened by his ominous, black cyborg steed. This creature has the same statistics as a clockwork charger (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 4 33).

出自Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: The World of Vampire Hunter D

Vampire Hunter為本書新增的滿BAB基礎職業,原書數據中先攻,BAB,CMB,CMD,專注皆有誤,*號為本書新增專長。

The adventures of Vampire Hunter D fill the pages of dozens of volumes of manga, numerous novels, two films, and various other tales. In these stories, D exhibits countless incredible abilities. Many of these are readily represented by existing options in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Some of his more remarkable talents are represented as new abilities in this accessory. But still, a character as legendarily versatile as D proves impossible to perfectly define within any suite of game rules. The presentation here represents D in the broadest terms, focusing on the skills he employs in the two Vampire Hunter D films and in Hideyuki Kikuchi’s early novels. To perfectly characterize D during specific adventures, though, GMs might want to swap out feats and gear for other choices. D has lived for untold years, so retraining or further advancement is absolutely possible for him. Additionally, GMs are encouraged to describe D as befits a peerless hero, highlighting his lethal grace and master swordsmanship, while playing down the ramifications of petty failures or minor hit point damage. Running D is more about engaging with a legend than it is about the realism of accounting for every scrape or cleaving to the most literal expression of every Pathfinder RPG rule. GMs should represent D as they’ve seen and imagined—as unnaturally stoic, relentless, and deadly. These statistics help with that, but ultimately the fun and challenge of representing D lies with the GM.
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Re: [PF]Vampire Hunter D(官方數據)
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From the VHD wiki:

D is immortal and over 10,000 years old

D has extreme regeneration even without the aid of his left hand
One shining example of this power is when he allowed himself to be devoured by a group of five true vampires who were former pseudo-nobles, being torn into five major pieces and those pieces then ripped into smaller pieces. He burst forth from the heads of those five separate beings and reformed effortlessly without the aid of Left Hand.
Superhuman Strength exceeding 100 tons.

Superhuman Speed. While not exact, his interactions with other enemies have him travelling above mach 1. He has also dodged attacks that traveled several times faster than the speed of light from reaction speed alone.

Ability to create thralls like a normal vampire

Superhuman Durability. Part of his regeneration. He has been engulfed by a sun and survived no worse for wear.

Has the ability to will his blade to stretch to an infinite length

Genius level intellect

He can destroy wormholes and create dimensional rifts with his sword.

The list goes on for a while, but the point is that a character sheet in Pathfinder for D should just have "I Do What I Want" written in big bold letters.
雅各之塔(Jacob's Tower) 個人翻譯的Pathfinder RPG非官方長篇系列冒險模組,一系列13個模組共17萬字,每個模組皆可獨立抽出使用。(已出版,商品頁面) 全彩地圖素材包
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Re: [PF]Vampire Hunter D(官方数据)
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