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The merging between a Sin-Eater and his geist is more than a spiritual bond. The presence of a geist in a human body forces changes on that body. Ectoplasm begins to flow through the bloodstream, the strength of death suffuses muscle, sinew tissue and bone, and the senses of the geist begin to overlap with that of the Sin-Eater. Geist and human become entwined during the bonding as the two come together to form one, body and soul. The Bound are unlike ordinary mortals in many ways, still alive but much changed by the presence of death.

This Mortal Coil
A Sin-Eater remains essentially human after the bonding, but the presence of the geist strengthens soft flesh, winding it with ghostly essence to make the Sin-Eater unnaturally resilient. Below are the physical effects gained as a result of the transformation.

The Agony of Life
Sin-Eaters are the absolute embodiment of Nietzsche’s statement, “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.” Following the Bargain and the intrusion of the geist into their bodies, Sin-Eaters find they are much tougher than they used to be. Given the often violent circumstances surrounding the Bargain, the first change most Bound recognize is that of resilience. The moment before the bond was forged, a Sin-Eater might be in terrible agony from wounds suffered in a car crash, the pain so intense he blacked out. His geist forces the Sin-Eater back to consciousness, urging him to move and fight for life. In an odd way, the geist celebrates in the feel of pain, in any sensation that separates it from the numb chill of the grave. This focus on sensation aids the geist in keeping its host from escaping to unconsciousness to alleviate pain.

No matter how much damage a Sin-Eater takes, or from what source, as long as he continues to live his geist will force him to remain conscious. A Sin-Eater can never be incapacitated as a result of damage, though he continues to suffer wound penalties if his Health is reduced to three or fewer unchecked Health boxes. Immunity to incapacitation doesn’t keep a Sin-Eater from bleeding out either, but it does give a Sin-Eater a fair chance at staunching his own wounds before succumbing to death.

Polluted Blood
A Sin-Eater’s blood is filled with more than just white and red blood cells, mixed with plain old salt water. Floating around inside that thick, rich soup are trace amounts of plasm, courtesy of the geist. As a Sin-Eater’s Psyche increases, indicating the growing tightness of the bond, so does the amount of plasm in his blood. Plasm is territorial about its place in the blood, viewing the presence of outside agents that are introduced into the body of a Sin-Eater as an enemy to be routed and quashed. Any time a Sin-Eater is required to roll to resist the effects of a disease or poison, he adds his Psyche rating to his pool. Only pathogens or substances that threaten the health of a Sin-Eater trigger this effect. Plasm is quite happy to roll along in alcohol, bask in the glory of recreational drugs, or nudge helpful medicines along to their intended destinations.
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