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2011年11月03日 07:37 AM   别来伦敦奥运   Welcome to London 2012: the apparatchiks’ games  作者:英国《金融时报》专栏作家 菲利普•斯蒂芬斯         
  Thinking of visiting London next summer? Here is some gentle advice. Think again. Britain’s capital city is playing host to the Olympics. Unless you have tickets to the 100m finals you would do well to stay away.  打算在明年夏季来伦敦旅游么?我给你一点小小的建议:请三思而行。届时,伦敦将举办奥运会。所以,除非你有100米决赛的门票,否则还是远离伦敦的好。
  London 2012 was billed as a celebration of the vitality, youth and diversity that have made the city a global hub. Multi-cultural London triumphed over provincial Paris. All trace of such romanticism is now being extinguished in the cause of cash and comfort for the games’ organisers.  伦敦2012奥运会曾被宣传为一场展现活力、青春和多样化的盛会——正是这些品质把伦敦塑造为全球中心城市。多文化的伦敦战胜了思想偏狭的巴黎。现在,为了奥运组织方的金钱和便利,所有这些罗曼蒂克的精神都消失殆尽了。
  London is promised an exercise in authoritarian elitism to rival Leonid Brezhnev’s Soviet Union. The people’s games have been turned into the apparatchiks’ Olympics. The stadiums and arenas will overflow with politicians, bureaucrats and corporate sponsors. More than a million ordinary families have failed to secure a single ticket even to the opening stages of the most obscure Olympic sports.  伦敦将出现可与列昂尼德•勃列日涅夫(Leonid Brezhnev)时期的苏联相比的精英专制。人民的奥运已经变为官僚的奥运。体育场馆将塞满政客、官僚和赞助商。有100多万普通家庭甚至未能抢到一张最冷门奥运项目的开场赛门票。
  Civil liberties are to be suspended for the duration of the games. David Cameron’s government is promising draconian penalties for anyone who dares jeopardise the exclusive rights of commercial partners such as McDonalds and Coca Cola.  奥运期间将暂停一切公民自由。戴维•卡梅伦(David Cameron)政府正做出承诺,将对任何胆敢损害麦当劳(McDonalds)和可口可乐(Coca-Cola)等商业合作伙伴专营权的人进行严惩。
  The long arm of Olympic law will reach well beyond running tracks, pools and velodromes. Advertising sponsors have been promised what is chillingly called a “clean city”, handing them ownership of everything within camera distance of the games. Wear a T-shirt expressing a preference for Burger King and Pepsi and you may be thrown into the Tower. The crackdown extends to what the Olympic Stasi call “advertising on the human body”. Freedom of expression can go hang.  奥林匹克法则的长长触角,将远远延伸到跑道、泳池和室内赛车场以外。广告赞助商得到承诺,他们将获得一座“崭新的城市”——这种叫法令人恐怖——即凡是相机可以拍摄得到比赛的地方,一切都归他们。穿一件显示你对汉堡王(Burger King)和百事可乐(Pepsi)更加偏爱的T恤,你就有可能被扔进伦敦塔(Tower of London)(伦敦塔曾为英国国家监狱——译者注)。镇压已经延伸到被奥运史塔西(Stasi,即秘密警察——译者注)称为“人体广告”的领域。让言论自由见鬼去吧。
  For those lucky enough to have secured tickets in the public draw, the air is thick with warnings that London’s creaking infrastructure will crack under the weight of visitors. Cars are banned for all but the privileged, but the mayor’s office concedes that public transport will struggle to meet the demands of the Olympics and daily life. Even during the August holiday season, trains are already packed to overflowing.  而那些足够幸运、公开抽到门票的人,则被浓浓的警告氛围所包围:伦敦破烂的基础设施将在游客的重压下崩溃。除了特权者以外,所有人都将禁止开车,而市长办公室承认,在满足奥运和日常生活需求方面,公共交通将捉襟见肘。在今年8月的度假季,英国的火车已经人满为患了。
  The system will work only if Londoners abandon their daily commute. Those who cannot rearrange holidays plans are being told to work from home. No one will miss the bankers who inhabit the gleaming towers of Canary Wharf, but it’s a bit tough if you are a doctor or a plumber.  只有伦敦人放弃日常通勤,公共交通系统才能正常运转。那些无法重新安排假期的人被告知留在家中工作。没人会想念住在金丝雀码头(Canary Wharf)那些光鲜亮丽的高楼大厦中的银行家,但如果你是医生或管道工的话,就比较麻烦了。
  Even then, travel will be at snail’s pace. The journey time from city centre to the Olympic stadium should be 35 minutes by underground rail. The authorities say that once crowd control and security measures are put in place, the trip will take more than two hours.  即便如此,交通仍将是龟速。乘地铁从市中心到奥运体育场的行程时间应该是35分钟。但当局称,一旦实施人流控制和安保措施,这一行程将需要2个多小时。
  All this is to one purpose: to make life comfortable for the privileged elite that goes by the name of the “Olympic family”. I am not talking about competitors. Most would agree the runners, riders and rowers should be cossetted. No, the “family” comprises the 40,000 – yes 40,000 – Olympic bigwigs, national bureaucrats, commercial sponsors, hangers on and politicians who are preparing to slip into all the best seats at all the best events.  所有这些只有一个目的:为冠以“奥运大家庭”之名的特权精英们提供便利。我指的不是运动员。大部分人都会同意,赛跑、自行车和赛船运动员应该获得优待。不,这个“大家庭”包括的是4万——没错,是4万——奥运界要人、国家官僚、企业赞助商、权贵依附者和政客,最佳赛事的最佳席位都被他们把持着。
  These oligarchs of sport have already grabbed every half-decent hotel room in the capital. They will whizz from their Park Lane suites to the Olympic venues along 100 miles of dedicated Zil lanes carved from an already congested road network.  伦敦每一间算得上体面的酒店房间,都已被这些体育寡头抢占。他们将从位于帕克巷(Park Lane)的酒店套间,沿着100英里的专用车道,飞驰到奥运场馆。而这些车道是从本已拥挤不堪的公路系统中强行分割出来的。
  Traffic lights will be programmed to turn green as the limousines approach and red again as they pass. Ordinary folk who inadvertently stray into the reserved lanes will face draconian fines. Penalties for parking in Olympic “exclusion zones” will rise tenfold.  红绿灯将被设置成,当这些豪华轿车驶近时,变为绿灯,在它们通过后变回红灯。普通人如果误入这些专用车道,将面临严厉的罚款。在奥运“专属区”停车的罚款将上升10倍。
  There is always, you could say, the legacy. The promise was that the billions in public money poured into the Olympics would provide a lasting bequest to regeneration, youth opportunity and sport in one of British capital’s most deprived areas.  你可能会说,奥运总会留下一些遗产。人们曾希望,投入奥运会的数以十亿计的公众资金,会为伦敦最贫困的地区之一带来新生、年轻人机会和体育方面的持久遗产。
  Ah, the legacy. The charitable Wellcome Trust came up with a glorious plan to turn the Olympic Park into a world-class centre for the life sciences and advanced technology. The powers-that-be had other ideas. The site is being sold off to property speculators.  啊,遗产。慈善机构惠康基金会(Wellcome Trust)曾提出一个光辉的计划,要把奥林匹克公园变成一个世界一流的生命科学和先进技术中心。但当权者另有打算。这个地方已经卖给了房地产投机商。
  The privileged 40,000 will not entirely escape the inconvenience inflicted on everyone else. Most will come through Heathrow, the dismal collection of overcrowded sheds that passes for London’s main airport. There they will experience the dinginess, congestion, queues and delays that Heathrow has made its trademark. On my last visit, the journey through immigration and baggage reclaim was taking two hours. Wait for the Olympics.  4万特权者不可能完全避开所有其他人不得不遭受的不便。大部分人都会经希思罗机场(Heathrow)抵达伦敦,其阴沉拥挤的候机“棚”让人误以为它是伦敦的主要机场。在那里,他们将领教希思罗机场标志性的阴暗、拥挤、长队和拖延。我上一次经过那里时,入境检查和行李提取花费了2个小时。让我们拭目以待奥运会时的景象。
  I hope I am wrong about all this. Perhaps everything will run smoothly. The roads will be empty, the trains on time, and the police will refuse to enforce ridiculous and repressive laws. The sporting spectacle will be memorable, and the world will see London at its best. Britain might even win a clutch of medals. Yes, it could just work. As long, that is, as everyone stays away.  我希望我的所有这些担忧都是错的。也许一切将运转顺利。道路空旷,列车准点,警察拒绝执行荒谬暴力的法律。体育盛况将令人难以忘怀,全世界将看到伦敦最好的一面。英国或许还会赢得几块奖牌。没错,情况有可能这样顺利。不过,那是在大家都避开的情况下。