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Re: Chaosium的邮件、BRP论坛与ysdc论坛回复汇总
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Re: Chaosium的邮件、BRP论坛与ysdc论坛回复汇总
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1. 信用评级 (Credit Rating)可不可以使用兴趣点加?

    规则书速查->第三章-创建调查员-3.3 第三步:决定技能并分配技能点
劇透 -   :
allot the points to any skills (which can include adding further points to occupation skills), except Cthulhu Mythos (unless otherwise agreed with the Keeper).”

As the rule says above (p36) - ‘any’ skill except Cthulhu Mythos, - and Credit Rating is included with your Occupation Skills (as you must spend Occupation skill points on Credit Rating).

Thus, you can spend Personal Interest skill points on Credit Rating. Each occupation has a Credit Rating range - you may go above or below this range with the Keeper’s permission.

2. 理智检定(San Check)大失败如何处理?
    理智检定大失败时, 自动受到最大理智损失.
    例如San Check 2/2D10+1, 则损失21点.

    规则书速查->第五章-游戏系统-5.5 大失败与大成功
劇透 -   :
A Sanity roll where the cost is 2/2D10+1 means a fumble failure (“100” rolled) would mean the loss of 21 Sanity points maximum (1D10 + 1D10 + 1 = 10 + 10 + 1 = 21). If the rolled was failed but not a fumble then the loss would be rolled as 1D10 + 1D10 + 1 (resulting in a loss between 3 to 21, depending on the outcomes of the two dice rolls). Basically, Sanity losses are written as "X / Y” - X = the loss for a successful roll, while the number or dice roll after the slash (”Y”) is the loss for a failed roll. See page 154 of the Rulebook:

"In published Call of Cthulhu scenarios, Sanity loss rolls are shown as two numbers or rolls separated by a slash, for instance: SAN 1/1D4+1. The number to the left of the slash is the number of Sanity points lost if the Sanity roll succeeds. The die roll to the right of the slash is the number of Sanity points lost if the Sanity roll is failed.

3. 人类学在规则书上的使用周期很长, 那跑团中应该如何使用?
    玩家可以将人类学用作知识回忆. 并且可以适当根据难度等级, 调整时间长短, 具体由KP决定.

    规则书速查->第四章-技能-4.4 技能列表-人类学
劇透 -   :
A player can use it to recall folklore for gain some information where it is connected to the culture being studied or one that has been studied, just like History and Occult do.
    The text on page 57 does not say it takes a week to use. It takes as long as necessary - if its just a few hours of observation, the Keeper ‘might’ call for a Hard roll - if its for a month or longer, the roll might get a bonus die. Skills are designed to be flexible - that’s what difficulty levels are for

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Re: Chaosium的邮件、BRP论坛与ysdc论坛回复汇总
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劇透 -   :
Any Sanity roll (during Self Help or otherwise) resulting in 01, allows for a new key connection to be formed.
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Re: Chaosium的邮件、BRP论坛与ysdc论坛回复汇总
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劇透 -   :
The rules on page 174 are correct. The summary rules on page 419 is not quite correct- however- in the main, CMI is usually half of the CMF value (there are a few exceptions where the CMI value is not quite half of the CMF value).

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Re: Chaosium的邮件、BRP论坛与ysdc论坛回复汇总
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劇透 -   :
Good Morning Oreoinhell

We do plan to release a 7th Edition version of Malleus Monstrorum. It may release next year!

Have a great weekend

Dustin Wright
Chaosium Inc. Founded 1975 http://www.chaosium.com
It Came from Chaosium! http://twitter.com/Chaosium_Inc.

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Re: Chaosium的邮件、BRP论坛与ysdc论坛回复汇总
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劇透 -   :
Very high or very low dice rolls are unusual and signify good or bad fortune for the players.
The impact of Fumbles should take effect immediately and may not be negated through pushing the roll.
As is written on Page 89 of the keeper book,
"impact of Fumbles cannot be negated", but not "Fumbles cannot be pushed".
So does that mean if I take the effect of the Fumble (such as HP loss) , I can still push that roll?

A pushed roll is a second attempt (p.84), it's "not a re-roll; time always passes between rolls" (p.85)
I don't see a rule that would disallow a 2nd attempt when the first attempt is a fumble (once you take the consequence of the fumble), but as always the Keeper determines if a push is allowed to begin with.

Technically, mvincent is correct - the result of the fumble stands, but a second pushed attempt may be tried - if that fails, even more woe!  But, it is perfectly fine if the Keeper rules that the fumble ends the attempt  - another PC might then try,  assuming they still have the ability to obtain the 'goal' desired from the roll.
劇透 -   :
1. Can I push a fumble? (if situation allow me to push the roll)
The ruldbook said "The impact of Fumbles should take effect immediately
and may not be negated through pushing the roll." So I wonder, for example, if I fumble in first aid, target lose 1 HP. Can I then push the roll and grants 1 HP when success, making his HP unchange? I think this example doesn't means fumble is negated, but my friends thinks this means.

2. Can I spending luck when fumble?
The ruldbook said "Criticals, fumbles, and frearm malfunctions always apply, and cannot be bought off with Luck points." So I wonder, for example, if I fumble in first aid, target lose 1 HP. Can I then spend luck to grants 1 HP, making his HP unchange?

3. I think that fumble shall not be worse than failing a pushed roll in same situation, is this reasonable?
Because I thinks what you try to do (pushing) should cause worse outcome than simply unfortunate (fumble), just like what commonly happen in common in Cthulhu Mythos. But some people think "fumble in first aid cause 1d3 damege, while failing a pushed roll cause 1 damage". Any suggestion about which shall be worse?
劇透 -   :
Usually, a fumble is a fumble and cannot be pushed - but it’s the Keeper’s decision. No you can’t push a fumbled First Aid, but another investigator  could not try to make a First aid roll - this would count as a pushed roll.

You cannot spend Luck points to alter a fumbled roll.

The result of a fumble and a failed push roll are about the same - its the Keeper’s choice as to what happens, so if you want to make a fumble worse then that’s fine.
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Hi Lengmoon

A garrotte is a chord used to strangle people - so, if the attacker makes a successful attack, they have the chord around the target’s neck. Thereafter, each round following, the target suffers 1D6 damage + damage bonus.

On the first round - the attacker makes an Fighting (Garrote) roll - the target chooses to fight back (Brawl or Fighting Maneuver) or to Dodge - the outcome determined like for any combat, except if the attacker wins, they are strangling the target with the garrotte.

Each round following, the target may try to escape on their DEX turn - they must make a Fighting Manoeuvre roll - (their Fighting (Brawl) roll versus the attacker’s Fighting (Garrote) in an opposed roll). If the target wins, they break free from being strangled. If the attacker wins, the target is held and continues to be strangled - suffering 1D6+DB damage that round. If the target does not break free, eventually the 1D6 damage per round will kill them.

Hope that helps

Cthulhu fhtagn!


Mike Mason
Line Editor, Call of Cthulhu
Chaosium Inc.

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