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the coast of Avalon Bay

The Thrushmoor


Briarstone Witch

Haserton Lowls I


Versex County


Briarstone Isle

Rozenport’s Sincomakti School of Sciences

Eliege Losandro

Henri Meirtmane

Ulver Zandalus


The Chain of Nights

the nightmare city of Carcosa

史瑞斯摩爾(Thrushmoor)的居民無一倖存的全部消失了。 在將近七百年前, 一個坐落於阿法隆海灣的岸邊隸屬於烏斯塔列夫的簡陋小村落,史瑞斯摩爾(Thrushmoor)全部的居民消失了。 沒有人知道為什麼城鎮裡的人如此簡單的就消失了。這數百年來,那些定居於此的人們因為看的太多而學會了懷疑。一個關於史瑞斯摩爾(Thrushmoor)的記憶與一個邪惡作祟的故事,以及人們所認知的棘石女巫。
在過去的一百年裡,棘石收容所是一個接受著精神病患的收容中心,即使在聖可瑪克學院的影響力下漸漸成為一個療養院,它仍然保持著作為一個收容所並且作一所為真正的醫學研究所。在4687AR這年,一名駐院醫師,利吉‧羅珊卓開始治療一位聖可瑪堤科學學院的學生,歐芬‧三德洛斯。三德洛斯曾經是亨利‧瑪堤敏底下很有前途的學生,但是隨著他與博士一起去垮迪拉創業回來之後,三德洛斯開始遭受到恐怖的噩夢。 在國外時,瑪堤敏曾經遭遇一群信仰黃衣之王的邪教徒從他們手中搶奪了一本名為暗夜連鎖的書籍,那是一本使用古老的Keleshite文字所撰寫的關於科學與奧祕以及夢境的書籍。三德洛斯在被邪教徒俘虜期間,在被實行邪教儀式之前就被瑪堤敏救了出來,他們一起逃了出去。 他們回到洛森港後,三德洛斯的記憶隨著那場事件轉變成恐怖的夢境,每當他入睡,他的夢境中就是陷入充滿著異樣符號與黃衣之王的誦文,三德洛斯陷入了噩夢之都卡爾克沙之中,再也找不會自我。
幾十年來,三德洛斯一直住在棘石收容所的羅珊卓醫生的監視之下。這段時間裡他作為一個沉默的病患,開始繪製一個巨大的繪圖,一個關於他的噩夢描繪的一座有著鉤狀雲的巨大死城。 Some of his art was even displayed in local galleries, whereupon Count Haserton Lowls IV took notice.
An impetuous pseudo-academic without the disposition for true scholarship, Lowls doggedly attempted to enter the Rozenport academic scene, resulting in public embarrassment. Despite this, Lowls’s interest in hidden histories and lurid tales of horror, as well as his considerable wealth, brought him into possession of several occult tomes and left him with some passing familiarity with forbidden topics. Upon visiting a gallery event featuring Zandalus’s dream art—among the works of other patients—Lowls recognized shapes and scenes common to descriptions of the Dreamlands, Carcosa, and, most shockingly, the Star Stelae of his home, 史瑞斯摩爾(Thrushmoor).
In the following months, Count Lowls immersed himself in study of the Dreamlands and began paying visits to Zandalus at Briarstone Asylum. In his observations of the mute’s artistry, Lowls became increasingly convinced that Zandalus explored the Dreamlands each night. Over time, he became certain that he might even follow Zandalus into the Dreamlands and learn what connection the Star Stelae held to realms beyond. The results were a success, revealing that the city infecting Zandalus’s mind was not only fabled Carcosa, but also the manifestation of the forgotten city of Neruzavin. With a new focus for his obsession, Lowls set forth to make the discovery he’d always lusted after. But Lowls didn’t simply abandon Zandalus. By way of a reward, he left Doctor Losandro, now administrator of Briarstone Asylum, with two gifts. The first was a copy of The Chain of Nights and directions on a rite that might excise the nightmares from Zandalus’s mind—a method that sounded like a cure for the man’s torment, but that also assured none could follow in Lowls’s path. The second were several of his former agents, minions whose minds’ he had sacrificed. Losandro enthusiastically accepted both the tome and the amnesiacs.
It didn’t take Losandro long to attempt the ritual Lowls directed her to in The Chain of Nights. She had expected the nightmares released by the rite to be something small and inanimate, like the excising of a brittle mental bezoar. The results were almost immediate: Zandalus spoke to Losandro for the first time in their long doctor-patient relationship. Encouraged by the breakthrough, Losandro eagerly prepared for more discussion with Zandalus, but didn’t seek to rush matters.

That night, though, Zandalus’s nightmares spread. Although the afflicted artist slept soundly for the first time in decades, something had indeed been released from Zandalus’s dreams. Another child of the Dreamlands, one that had latched onto Zandalus years ago, slipped through the dreamscapes of Briarstone’s patients. The Tatterman now hunted unrestrained. A native of the Dreamlands and an ancient servant of the King in Yellow, the Tatterman sought to peel away his victims’ living facades, revealing the beasts inside each dreamer. He stalked the asylum’s patients in nightmares. Those he killed before they awoke suffered terrifying transformations: any who restrained their desires were transformed into ghouls; any who sought to be something else became doppelgangers; others underwent even stranger changes. The plague of dreams and unpredictable emergence of monsters threw the asylum’s staff into a panic. In the midst of these events, Zandalus—encouraged by the Tatterman—turned the rites from The Chain of Nights back on Doctor Losandro, creating an unstable portal from which manifestations of her psyche escaped. While the staff was distracted, he gathered a flock of impressionable and dangerous patients, anointing them the Apostles in Orpiment. What should have been a typical evening’s routine turned into a violent uprising, led by a Tatterman-influenced Zandalus.
Briarstone Asylum fell quickly. If the creatures lurking in the sanitarium’s hidden places weren’t enough, the bhole that slumbers beneath the island shuddered in its dreams, causing a termor that collapsed much of the asylum’s upper levels, killing dozens and damaging the ground floor. Many of the survivors attempted to flee, but found the isle ringed by an unnatural yellow mist. This fog, a manner of ether seeping from the Dreamlands’ hinterlands, has been unleashed by Zandalus’s tampering with dreams and the power contained within The Chain of Nights. A veil of nightmares, the fog has made Briarstone Isle a cage from which none might escape.
The adventure begins in a dream, wherein the PCs— Lowls’s amnesiac agents marooned at Briarstone— encounter the Tatterman. However, their dream-slaughter doesn’t reveal the monsters they are. As they are blank slates, their brush with the Tatterman grants them a new start and hope for sanity.
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