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【HT】新法术 P191~192
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种类:P  范围:LOS
持续:I  耗竭:F-2

劇透 -   :
This is something like Fling, but in the other direction. This spell allows you to quickly yank one individual unattended object (up to Force in kilos) into your hand. The maximum range is your Magic in meters. It is exceptionally useful for retrieving a dropped gun or a thrown weapon. Or winning the egg toss.

种类:P  范围:T
持续:S  耗竭:F-3

劇透 -   :
This spell removes scent traces from an object and is a favorite of smugglers looking to fool man’s best friend or individuals trying to slip explosives past security checkpoints. Any scent-based Perception Tests take a dice pool penalty equal to the hits scored on this spell.

种类:P  范围:T
持续:S  耗竭:F-2

劇透 -   :
This spell coats your body with a bubble of cool air, concealing your body heat from detection by thermographic vision or sensors. Heat-based Perception Tests suffer a negative dice pool modifier equal to the hits scored on this spell.

种类:M  范围:T
持续:P  耗竭:F+1
这一法术允许法师为效力逐渐减低的炼金制剂重新充能。进行一次施法+魔法【强度】v. 制剂强度的检定。每个净成功都能让制剂恢复1点效力,最高为{原本效力-1}。这一法术无法在同一制剂上施放多次。

劇透 -   :
This spell allows a mage to recharge an alchemical preparation whose Potency is waning. Make a Spellcasting + Magic [Force] opposed by the Force at which the alchemical preparation was created. Each net hit is restores a point of Potency to the preparation, up to the original Potency – 1. This spell cannot be cast on any preparation more than once.


种类:M  范围:特殊
持续:S  耗竭:F-2

种类:P  范围:特殊
持续:S  耗竭:F-2


劇透 -   :
Spellblades are a product of a failed line of research by MCT. Attempts to create a sustained damaging connection of energy failed to yield the desired results, but they resulted in a maintained extension of a spell, based on the formulas for Manabolt and Powerbolt. These spells could yield a field of energy roughly the same space as a sword, maintained for as long as the caster could concentrate. The formula was altered to allow the caster to “hold” onto the spell at a point analogous to a grip, though the “blade” portion of the spell remained dangerous. It was found that these blades could parry one another and could cause repeated damage, strike after strike. As this did not meet the requirements for the project, it was abandoned, and the formulas sold through backchannels to recoup losses. One formula fell into the hands of wizgangs, where they quickly gained popularity for their showiness and the skill needed to maintain and wield one. Duels and motorcycle jousts with blazing energy have become the new fad among these Awakened youths. Shadowrunners and assassins with a talent for swordplay may appreciate the blades for their additional damage potential, as well as the ability to summon a blade anywhere without trying to smuggle it into a secure location. A Powerblade operates on the same principle as a Powerbolt or Powerball, affecting physical objects, capable of parrying and resisted by armor. A Manablade works like a Manabolt or Manaball, bypassing armor and capable of affecting spirits, but unable to parry physical attacks or damage objects. Note that weapon foci are able to parry Spellblades of either type due to their magically active nature. Spellblades can only be used by the person who casts them; they cannot be cast for anyone else to use. The range of the spell, then, is limited to the caster, though the spell can affect anything it touches once cast.
劇透 -   :
The damage for the weapons created by this spell equals to the Force plus the net hits rolled on the melee weapon skill of the wielder’s choice. (In spite of the name, the Clubs or Blades skill works equally well). The Accuracy of the Spellblade is equal to the Force of the spell, and the Reach is 1.