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【R&G】新特质 NEW QUALITIE p127
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剧透 -   :
It’s not always about how good of a shot that street sam is with his tricked out Crusader. Often it’s the variables, the intangibles, that make runners rise to the moment, demonstrating abilities that can turn the tide in a gunfight. Qualities are those intangibles.

剧透 -   :
Duck, dive, twist, and twirl, just put on a good enough floor show to keep whatever is coming your way from landing on your face. This quality allows the character to use their Gymnastics skill in place of their Willpower while using Full Defense. Including this skill in the Defense Test means that their Physical Limit also applies.

灵巧防御者(-3业力)AGILE DEFENDER (–3 KARMA)
剧透 -   :
Speed kills, but quickness and agility can be the key to avoiding a speedy death. This quality allows the character to use their Agility in place of their Willpower attribute while using Full Defense.

忠于品牌(-3业力)BRAND LOYALTY (–3 KARMA)
剧透 -   :
Brand loyalty is taken to extremes in the Sixth World with individuals brainwashed by their megacorporate masters, especially when it comes to firearms. But sometimes being loyal to a brand can be a good thing. Characters who are brand loyal know the products of their favorite brand inside and out. The quality has two levels; Manufacturer and Product. At the Manufacturer level, characters choose a corporate or manufacturer brand, i.e. Ares, Saeder-Krupp, Krime, H&K, Novatech, etc., and gain a +1 dice pool bonus on every roll involving gear made by their manufacturer. At the Product level the bonus is only conveyed on a single item, i.e. Predator IV, S-K-Bentley Concordat, Krime Kannon, HK227, Novatech Airware, etc.
剧透 -   :
On the downside, due to this narrow focus the character suffers a –1 dice pool penalty whenever working with a piece of gear not made by their preferred Manufacturer. At the Product level the –1 dice pool penalty is applied to all products of the same type, i.e., heavy pistols, cars, SMGs, assault cannons, commlinks, etc.

一招鲜(-7业力)ONE TRICK PONY (–7 KARMA)
剧透 -   :
You’ve watched the same action trid or chipped your way through the same simsense so many times you actually know how to do that really cool move the star always uses. This quality allows the character to choose one Martial Arts technique they can do without first learning the associated Martial Arts style.

剧透 -   :
Sometimes keeping yourself alive is about staying alert and keeping an eye out for incoming trouble, about knowing what’s coming before it’s time to duck or dive for cover. This quality allows the character to use their Perception skill in place of their Willpower attribute while using Full Defense. Including this skill in the Defense Test means that their Mental limit also applies.

通过集中训练,把射击技巧提高到精准的程度是可行的。这种训练意味着特殊的技巧被训练到完美的程度,但在那次动作的训练中,可以基本说是跳过了。具有这种特质的角色更擅长要害攻击的的射击,以其基本射击能力为代价。要害攻击的罚值减少2点,而其他远程攻击动作则受到- 1的骰池罚值。
剧透 -   :
Through focus and vigilance it’s possible to hone a shooting skill to the point of an excess of precision. This honing means that specific techniques are trained to the point of perfection, but in that training, other, more basic maneuvers are skipped over. Characters with this quality are more skilled at making Called Shots, but at the cost of their basic shooting skills. Penalties for Called Shots are decreased by 2, while all other Ranged Attack actions suffer a –1 dice pool penalty.

太可爱了,不能打啊!(-3业力)TOO PRETTY TO HIT (–3 KARMA)
剧透 -   :
It’s more about force of personality than actually being pretty—sometimes a character just has a presence about them that keeps people from shooting straight. The character can use their Charisma attribute instead of their Willpower attribute while using Full Defense.

战斗狂热者(+7业力)COMBAT JUNKIE (+7 KARMA)
剧透 -   :
The character just can’t keep from starting fights. His first solution is always fight, and so is his second, third, and fourth. If someone suggests more options than that to the character, they’ve probably been punched already. The point is, no matter what the actual plan is, this character will always look for a chance to get a little combat on.
剧透 -   :
This quality manifests in two different ways. If the character is in a stressful situation, they must make a Composure (4) Test in order to restrain themselves from just punching their way out of the situation. If they are following a plan and an unexpected event occurs, their first reaction will be to opt for violence unless they succeed in an Intuition + Logic (4) Test and remember to stop and think about whether there might be a better option. The character is always free to not make a test and just give into their violent instincts—and deal with whatever consequences follow.
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Re: 【R&G】新特质 NEW QUALITIE p127
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This honing means that specific techniques are trained to the point of perfection, but in that training, other, more basic maneuvers are skipped over