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Richar Villiers & Miles Lanier
Posted by: Mr. Bonds
发帖人:Mr. Bonds
剧透 -   :
Given that we all believe we should “shoot straight, conserve ammo, and never, ever deal with a dragon,” the next step would be coming to a proper understanding of the true definition of “dragon.” Not all dragons are big, scaly, fire-breathing reptiles— some of the most dangerous are the dragons that walk in the form of men. If you’ve been working in the business long, you’ve almost certainly dealt with Richard Villiers and Miles Lanier, even if you didn’t know it, and even if there were many removes in between you and them. As much as is made of this being the age of free spirits, otaku, cyborgs, great dragons, and AIs, the ambition and schemes of these two mundane, minimally augmented humans have shaped the world we live in as much as anyone or anything else. This is, however, more than just a rumination on their global impact. There are practical things to know about these two. If you aspire to doing business in any even semi-legitimate field and making any sort of real money, Richard Villiers is a man to study. And if you are a criminal regularly engaged in industrial espionage for hire, Miles Lanier, Villiers’ right hand man, is the sort of opponent you should fear the most.
The two words most commonly used to describe Richard Villiers are “ruthless” and “brilliant.”
Richard Villiers was born in Boston in 2007 and will turn 66 this year—he doesn’t look his age by any means, but he doesn’t seem to have gone for all-out Leonization either. His father was a stockbroker, and his mother was a childhood education professional.
> While we’re on the color-commentary part, did you know villiers is a yankees fan? Bizarre for having been born and raised in Boston .
> dr . spin


剧透 -   :
He graduated with honors from Boston-area prep schools, from Harvard, and then with an MBA in business from Harvard Business School in 2030 at the age of 23, un-delayed by the Crash of 2029. Focused, determined, and ambitious, Villiers was a young corporate shark who hit the water and didn’t stop swimming. For the first half of the 2030s, he worked as a corporate raider and cost-killer, buying companies, restructuring them, and selling them for a profit, an enterprise for which his well-to-do father and his rich HBS friends must have given him plenty of seed money.
In late 2033, Villiers attended a demonstration of the first desk-sized cyberterminal by Matrix Systems of Boston, and he began his ascent to the stage of financial history. Matrix Systems was owned by Ken Roper and Michael Eld, both veterans of Echo Mirage, who were showcasing their product to local venture capitalists who, like Villiers, were looking for investments. Villiers immediately recognized the opportunity he’d been given and attempted to buy Matrix
Systems. Roper and Eld refused, limiting him to a 49-percent stake. Matrix Systems released the Portal in 2034 to tremendous success and profits. Before the owners of Matrix Systems could buy out Villiers, however, both men were killed in “accidents,” and their data was erased. No doubt, this was the work of the very first generation of shadowrunners, hired by Villiers himself.

> seems a bit obvious . Wasn’t villiers brought up on charges?
> kane

> he was named as a person of interest, but never officially charged . At the time, the hot rumor in the shadows was that the ucAs government had sanctioned the hit to keep proprietary echo mirage tech out of the hands of foreign governments and businesses . As is so often the case, we’ll never know for sure who was truly responsible . But villiers certainly stood to benefit the most .
> kay st . Irregular
在2033年年末,维里斯在波士顿参加了矩阵系统(Matrix Systems)举办的首个桌面尺寸赛博终端的展示会,从而开始在金融史上占有一席之地。矩阵系统的所有者是肯·罗珀(Ken Roper)和麦克·艾德(Micheal Eld),都是回声蜃影的老兵,他们向包括维里斯在内、正在寻找投资方向的本地风险投资者展示了他们的产品。
>kay st . Irregular
剧透 -   :
Villiers was able to buy the rest of Matrix Systems for pennies on the dollar—it later became a Fuchi subsidiary, then part of Novatech, and is currently part of NeoNET’s holdings— and somehow mysteriously wound up in possession of working specs for the Portal, some next-generation prototypes, and the rest of the data that had mysteriously evaporated from the Matrix Systems mainframes. He contacted Fuchi Industrial Electronics and managed to trade his control of the nextgeneration cyberdeck technology, his own significant corporate portfolio, and JRJ International into one-third ownership of the growing consumer electronics giant, as well as control of their North American operations. That was how the name of an American businessman, Villiers, joined Yamana and Nakatomi on Fuchi’s board. The triumvirate-controlled corporation released the CTD-1000, the first commercial cyberdeck. The rest is history.

> What’s so important about jrj International?
> clockwork

> only that they were one of the original Big seven megacorps that controlled a seat on the corporate court .
> cosmo

> Few people remember it, since it’s overshadowed entirely by the explosive dissolution of Fuchi, but villiers’ entry into Fuchi’s higher echelons wasn’t entirely without incident either . korin yamana wanted villiers on board so that Fuchi could release the first mass-market cyberdeck and make a killing, but kiyoshi nakatomi, the other controlling interest in Fuchi at the time, had his reasons for wanting to block the deal . so he wound up getting whacked by his limousine driver, who conveniently got whacked himself before he could see trial . his son shikei nakatomi picked up his shares, and the deal went through . neither yamana nor villiers was accused of anything, although either one (or both) of them could have been behind it .
> rigger X
>Rigger X
剧透 -   :
Now we must take a moment to talk about Villiers’ partner in crime, Miles Lanier. Lanier, another Boston native, was born in 2013. Lanier’s mother, like Villiers, was an educator, but she was a public school teacher, and Lanier’s father was a mechanic. Lanier was born and raised in South Boston, a tough, blue-collar Irish neighborhood (some would go so far as to say a crimeridden ghetto), and although his test scores were in the top one percentile, even with financial aid and scholarships there were no Ivy League schools in his future. Not interested in the pitches thrown his way by various corporate talent scouts, he joined the UCAS Army as soon as he graduated high school in 2031. He subsequently distinguished himself as a sniper in the UCAS Army Rangers.

> For what it’s worth, mr . Bonds is understating the case here . open military records show that lanier had 21 confirmed kills, one of them at over 2,000 meters . those canuck sniper schools certainly knew how to train ‘em .
> Picador
卢内尔在南波士顿出生和长大,那是个艰难的蓝领爱尔兰社区(有些人甚至会说那是个犯罪猖獗的贫民区)。虽然他的测试成绩名列前百分之一,但即使有助学贷款和奖学金,他将来也上不了常春藤。他对公司猎头抛出的橄榄枝毫无兴趣,在2031年高中一毕业就加入了UCAS军队,随后在UCAS军方突击队(UCAS Army Rangers)以狙击成名。
>不论真假,Mr. Bond说得太简单了。公开的军事记录显示卢内尔有21次确认击杀,其中一次是在2000米之外。那些加拿大佬的狙击手学校确实知道怎么训练人。
剧透 -   :
Lanier was honorably discharged in 2036, after five years of service. Rumors conflict as to why—some say he was wounded or had a near-death experience, while others simply say he lost interest and no longer felt challenged—whatever the case, he moved on to the private sector. He was one of the first employees hired by Villiers after Villiers leveraged his way onto the board of Fuchi, and the two men became fast friends, although their personalities could not be more different. Villiers is flashy and suave, an accomplished showman and salesman, while Lanier is cold, quiet, and calculating, and speaks only rarely, concentrating instead on careful observation.
剧透 -   :
Although Lanier’s new position was more cerebral than physical, his natural intelligence and attention to detail—as well as the patience and precision required of a sniper—aided his fast ascent through Fuchi’s ranks. In the next ten years he became the company’s Director of Internal Security. As Villiers’ right-hand man, Lanier’s brilliant and complex security schemes not only foiled external threats (like shadowrunners) but also preserved the delicate balance between the three ambitious families vying for control of Fuchi at the time: Villiers, Yamana, and Nakatomi.
The death of President Dunkelzahn in 2057 changed everything for Miles Lanier—or at least, that’s how it must have seemed at the time. A bequest in Dunkelzahn’s will left four million of the wyrm’s shares in Renraku—along with the seat on the board of directors that they controlled—to Lanier. This created an obvious conflict of loyalties for Lanier, putting him in charge of internal security for one AAA while holding a seat on the board of another. Fuchi security managers ran around like headless chickens trying to prepare contingency plans, but there was greater chaos in store. The same will gave Villiers Fuchi shares amounting to control of another two percent of the company.
剧透 -   :
The very same day, Fuchi’s talented director of internal security turned in his letter of resignation, opting instead for the cushy life of a Renraku executive. The close friendship that
Villiers and Lanier shared during their time at Fuchi dissolved in a public, heated argument. Lanier began launching a series of economic and shadow attacks against his former employer, using insider knowledge to score several former Fuchi subsidiaries for his new masters at Renraku. Fuchi sanctioned deniable assets to make several attempts on Lanier’s life, though none of them were successful. To no one’s surprise, Lanier turned out to be a hard man to kill, particularly for operatives who had in many cases been trained by him or at least worked with him.

Lanier jumping ship to Renraku was huge for both corporations, including all of the factions in Fuchi. For Renraku, it meant the opportunity to penetrate Fuchi’s security using Lanier’s intel and do some major damage to the competition, but it also raised the possibility of Lanier being a Fuchi plant. Renraku management did all the due diligence they could, from round-the-clock surveillance to invasive background checks, and after two years of working with Lanier they came to trust him. For Yamana and Nakatomi, this meant that their rivals had gained a dangerous advantage, which caused them to work together for the first time in years. And for Villiers, Lanier’s apparent betrayal meant that the slim edge he had over his competitors was gone, and he had to act fast or risk losing it all.
> And for the rest of us, it meant that lots of shadowrunners got rich and stayed anonymous, while others became famous and dead .
> Fastjack
剧透 -   :
While the shadow war between Renraku and Fuchi was waging, with Lanier apparently helping his new chums at Renraku dismantle his former employers, Villiers was very busy. Management purges in the offices and subsidiaries he directly controlled ensured that the only remaining employees were ones loyal to him. Meanwhile, Villiers began quietly buying up his own companies through shell corporations like Cambridge Holdings, Northwest Assets, Blue Cap Limited, and Blaze PLC. He did not limit his acquisitions to Fuchi subsidiaries, but expanded his holdings.
Finally, in June 2059, Fuchi brought Lanier before the corporate court on charges of industrial espionage. The emergency meeting of the Corporate Court required all justices to convene in person on Zurich-Orbital, with all justices physically present and the deliberation taking place under Matrix silence.

> this incident is one of the times we’ve come closest to all-out corporate warfare . renraku chatter seemed to indicate that they were preparing a preemptive military strike against Fuchi, with both primary combatants and all of the other AAAs involved in an elaborate strategic dance to ensure that their significant military assets were optimally positioned in case all hell broke loose . An omega order, emP strikes, and even the literal nuclear option were all on the table . obviously (and thankfully) it never came to that, although there were a few “border skirmishes” that became close calls in and of themselves .
> kia
剧透 -   :
Eighteen hours of tense silence later, the court finally handed down its decision. Lanier was ordered to sell his four million shares of Renraku stock to the Z-O Gemeinschaft bank at slightly below market value (causing Renraku stock prices to plummet), resign from Renraku, and turn himself over to Fuchi internal security. The decision, which bought Fuchi some time against Renraku but left the battle lines within the corporation more clearly drawn than ever, caused many of the participants to blink in confusion, but not Villiers and Lanier. Of course, as we now know, the entire thing was possibly the greatest long con perpetrated in the entire 21st century, orchestrated by Villiers and Lanier working together to weaken Fuchi and Renraku and fund the birth of Novatech.
In September 2059, on White Monday during the Tokyo stock market crash, Richard Villiers finished his masterstroke. He formed Novatech Incorporated after dumping his Fuchi shares, sold the first half to make the stock price plummet, then he let go of the remaining half after Nakatomi and Yamana raised the price with a bidding war.

> What mr . Bonds is leaving out is that it was villiers who orchestrated the White monday crash in the first place .
> Plan 9

> A “fact” most likely omitted due to the complete lack of any kind of supporting evidence .
> snopes
>Mr. Bonds没说的是,一开始就是维里斯策划了圣灵降临节的崩盘。
>Plan 9
*译注:原文为White Monday。
剧透 -   :
The final twist of the knife was that Villiers had regained control of JRJ International and hence gained control of Fuchi’s seat on the Corporate Court, as well as the justice who controlled it (who was a Villiers loyalist). The remainder of Fuchi fell apart, with Yamana and Nakatomi fighting each other tooth and claw over what was left. The remnants of the company eventually fell to Renraku and Shiawase to pick over. In a single brilliant move, Villiers had weakened Renraku significantly and destroyed Fuchi. His first action after forming Novatech was to bring Lanier on board as his head of security, letting the entire world in on the deception. The tactic of sabotaging your own position/organization while secretly building something stronger and better became known as the Villiers Maneuver.

> everyone understands why this is important, right? People don’t crush corporations—corporations crush people . villiers, with lanier as his morethan-able accomplice, is the exception, proving the rule or not .
> Baka dabora
撒在伤口上的最后一把盐是维里斯重新获得了JRJ国际的控制权,进而控制了富池在公司法庭的席位,以及掌管法庭的法官(也是维里斯的忠实支持者)。富池剩下的部分分崩离析,山名和中臣彼此撕咬,争夺残羹。这家公司的残余最终落到了联络和幸福手中。仅凭一次绝妙的策划维里斯就重创了联络、摧毁了富池。他在成立超星科技后第一件事就是让卢内尔成为自己的安全主管,也让全世界知道了骗局的真相。这种破坏自己的地位/组织、暗中建立更强大力量的策略被称为维里斯动作(Villiers Maneuver)。
> Baka dabora
*译注:俗语Exception that proves the rule
剧透 -   :
The newly formed Novatech was lean and mean, but its initial success was short lived. Even with the billions he’d made from deft stock transactions, Villiers had borrowed a lot of money to execute the last phase of his plan, and he was under attack from multiple quarters as the other megas reacted to the newest threat. One unusual angle of attack was Art Dankwalther, a former Fuchi employee who blamed Villiers for the destruction of the corporation and of his life. Dankwalther intentionally styled himself as Villiers’ arch-nemesis. With all of his assets under attack, Villiers was forced to take Novatech public, offering twenty percent of its stock in an initial public offering in the hope of gaining enough liquidity to counterattack and keep Novatech afloat.

> dankwalther was only able to launch his attacks on villiers because of funds left to him by dunkelzahn’s will . that means the Big d was responsible for originating villiers’, lanier’s, and dankwalther’s parts in the sordid little corporate drama that unfolded . It’s a shame we’ll never know why .
> Frosty
剧透 -   :
It was during Novatech’s IPO that Crash 2.0 happened. As Villiers had been the first to react to the commercial release of the first generation cyberterminal, so too was he one of the first to realize the incredible marketability of WiFi Matrix technology, especially in a post-Crash society. Before the dust of Crash 2.0 had settled, Villiers had made arrangements with Anders Malmstein of Transys-Erika, a corporation pioneering the bleeding edge in communications technology with its WMI (Wireless Matrix Initiative). Their partnership resulted in NeoNET, a name that surely needs no introduction, rising from the ashes with Villiers at the helm yet again. Anders Malmstein retained a controlling interest, with Celedyr, the great dragon behind Transys-Erika partner Transys Neuronet, holding onto only a minority share. (Art Dankwalther, incidentally, didn’t survive Crash 2.0, courtesy of a Corporate Court Omega Order and subsequent Thor shot.)

> ouch .
> kane
剧透 -   :
At present, Richard Villiers is the chief executive officer of NeoNET, with Anders Malmstein the chairman of the board. Villiers holds the largest single share of the company by a narrow margin, with 22 percent. Malmstein holds 18 percent, the great dragon Celedyr holds 13.5 percent, Trans-Latvian enterprises holds 11 percent, and tens of thousands of other small stakeholders control another 24.5 percent. Miles Lanier holds a 4 percent stake—small potatoes (although small potatoes in this case means millions upon millions of nuyen), but exactly enough to tip the balance in favor of one of the other stakeholders. The remaining 7 percent of the corporation belongs to Samantha Villiers, Richard’s ex-wife.
Besides Miles Lanier, there are only a few people that Villiers trusts, and most of those people are immediate relatives. Samantha Villiers and her husband were divorced largely because they were too much alike, which speaks volumes about her. Like her ex-husband, she is charming, ambitious, and utterly ruthless. While they have maintained amiable relations for a divorced couple—even dating one another on and off, with a mutual attraction that continues to flare up from time to time, according to the tabloids—Samantha has been anything but a willing accomplice for her husband’s schemes. In addition to being the operational director of NeoNET Seattle, she has projects of her own to advance (when she is not thwarting his agenda for the hell of it). Recently, the “woman behind the man” has been making corporate acquisitions of her own outside of the NeoNET umbrella.
Richard and Samantha had a daughter, Caroline Tara Villiers—shortened to just Cara—and the apple did not fall far from the tree. Cara Villiers has outgrown her teenage rebellious streak and is currently being groomed as Richard’s successor.

> that’s not quite the full story on the little princess or her “rebellious streak .” Back in 2053, she actually tried to assassinate her mother while under the influence—magical, psychotropic, or otherwise—of a terrorist policlub . the assassination attempt failed, and cara lost the use of a hand in the process . After that she ran the shadows for a while under the street name of rouge before coming back into the fold .
> kat o’ nine tales

> the bitch took everything she learned from our side of the tracks back with her to neonet, and now she’s running neonet’s black operations in seattle . If you meet with a neonet johnson, there’s at least a fifty/fifty chance that he’s answering to her . she has also been known to handle certain sensitive matters personally .
> riser
>Kat o'Nine Tales
剧透 -   :
Villiers also had two siblings, Darren and Martin. Darren Villiers is a dwarf and an initiated adept, making him the only metahuman and the only Awakened individual in the Villiers family tree. He handled shadow ops first at Fuchi, then Novatech, and now NeoNET, acting as the sword to Lanier’s shield. Since then he has been promoted and transferred to NeoNET TransAsia. Darren’s recent decision to join the Knights of Rage, an organization that answers personally to Celedyr, has caused a significant strain in the relationship between the brothers, compounded by Darren’s assistance in Samantha’s plans for Asian expansion. Richard’s other sibling, Martin, is the only member of the family who is not a NeoNET employee. A wellknown philanthropist who has donated millions that he made during the Novatech IPO to various charitable organizations, he is rumored to have political aspirations and a good chance of realizing them. Richard and Martin are on amiable terms, but have little business interaction as Martin moves in entirely different spheres of influence.
So if those are Richard Villiers people, then who are Miles Lanier’s? No one. Lanier has several trusted employees, one friend (Villiers), and no family. He has never been a man who has formed personal relationships quickly, easily, or lightly.

> so is lanier gay then?
> kat o’ nine tales

> not according to any media speculation I’ve ever seen . And it’s not like we’re (generally speaking) living in the day and age where that kind of thing needs to be suppressed, either .
> sunshine

> I have it on good authority that miles lanier fathered an illegitimate child on a chiba prostitute in 2057 after his “defection” to renraku . he never publicly adopted or claimed the boy, or even lent him his name, but he did arrange for local shadow assets to protect the child when he was called before the corporate court in 2059 at the height of the Fuchi-renraku war, just before the dissolution of Fuchi . lanier kept tabs on his bastard until 2064, when crash 2 .0 permanently severed his channels of surveillance .
> Icarus

> how do you know this shit? I’m not even doubting it, just … what gives?
> slamm-0!

> damned if I know, omae, but I’d guess it’s not because he’s the mother .
> Pistons
>Kat o'Nine Tales
剧透 -   :
The fact that his boss is his only meaningful human relationship seems to have grated on Lanier over time. So has the reality that his entire life he has been defined by the media and the world as the sidekick and accomplice of a great man. He has not really been celebrated for his own accomplishments, even though Lanier was the one who orchestrated the ploy that weakened Renraku, eliminated Fuchi, and created Novatech from its bones. It’s hard to say what straw broke the camel’s back, but perhaps all of the chafing under the yoke finally amounted to something, because Miles Lanier has been AWOL from NeoNET for months. If Lanier’s disappearance is what it seems to be, it calls into question the fate of Lanier’s stock, which could decide the balance of power within the company. Additionally, Lanier’s absence has created a power vacuum at the point where the corporation’s interests meet the shadows, which Cara is slowly filling.

> I’m not sure that I buy the idea that simple jealousy was enough to undermine the dynamic duo’s friendship and cause lanier to jump ship . remember that these two have leveraged a public “falling out” to their advantage before .
> stone

> one other possibility is that lanier is aware of a danger to neonet’s security so fundamentally compromising that he must act on his own, without organizational support, to avoid tipping his hand . If that were true, it would raise the question of whether villiers even knew that lanier was still on his side .
> Fianchetto

> What could such a threat be?
> rigger X

> most likely internal . samantha’s ambitions, celedyr’s fringe projects, whoever the real owners of trans-latvian are . the possibilities are endless .
> Icarus

> Art dankwalther back from the dead, eliohann’s ghost …
> Plan 9

> oh would you shut up .
> snopes

> If we go with occam’s razor, a simpler explanation is that lanier simply wanted to go back to his roots, working in the field rather than behind a desk . call it the thirty-year itch . It happens .
> Picador

>Rigger X
>Plan 9
*译注:无故离职,Absent Without Official Leave

剧透 -   :
Regardless of the effects of Lanier’s continued absence on the corporation, it has had a significant deleterious effect on Villiers. The reality ironically parallels the charade that Villiers put on during Lanier’s “defection” to Renraku more than a decade ago. Villiers is isolated, his position is weakened, and he has no one to trust. While three of his family members are in
power within the corporation, all of them, like him, are serpents. Samantha and Darren have their own agenda of aggressive Asian expansion that conflicts with Richard’s desire to avoid a repeated war with the Japanacorps. The person Villiers can trust the most right now is his daughter Cara, but even that must be done warily, since Samantha may be trying to court her away from him. He certainly cannot trust Celedyr, Malmstein, Verghese, or any of the other shareholders.

> Alone and surrounded by enemies inside and out . It must feel like Fuchi all over again to villiers, a flashback to the bad old days when he didn’t know whether yamana or nakatomi would try to kill him first .
> Baka dabora
Nonetheless, Villiers continues to pursue his objectives to strengthen his control of the third megacorporation that he helped build. At present, from a strategic perspective and in no particular order, his priorities will probably be:
•   Monitor his ex-wife Samantha, particularly her involvement in Asia and her increasing interest in the same magical artifacts that Celedyr is after.
•   Monitor Celedyr to ensure that his frivolous and bizarre research projects don’t hemorrhage capital that could be better spent elsewhere, and that his Knights of Rage aren’t preparing to make a move against him for a greater stake in the corporation.
•   Punish small investment corporation Reality Inc. for their hostile acquisition of Cavalier Arms.
•   Block Swaraj Verghese’s expansion into Africa to prevent him from establishing an independent power base.
•   Maintain control of NeoNET’s financial structure through Novatech’s Boston HQ to make it more difficult for his enemies to disentangle his hands from the reins of the corporation.
•   Investigate Trans-Latvian Enterprises to discover its true owner and the threat that they represent. Popular theories include that they are a front for European Mafia, the secret society of vampires known as the Ordo Maximus, or the Roman Catholic Church.
•   Locate Miles Lanier.

>Baka Dabora
•惩罚小型投资公司现实Inc.(Reality Inc. )对骑将武器( Cavalier Arms)的恶意并购。
•调查泛拉脱维亚公司,发现它的真正所有者以及他们代表的威胁。流行理论包括欧洲黑手党的伪装、也被称作至高结社( Ordo Maximus)的吸血鬼团体,还有罗马天主教会。
剧透 -   :
It was most likely one of these agendas, especially the first, second, or sixth, that Miles Lanier was pursuing when  he vanished from the public’s radar. Lanier was supposedly investigating Trans-Latvian when he vanished, but he could just as easily have been really pursuing one of Villiers’ other interests. Whatever he was doing and whatever it means, it puts the power duo in the most dangerous position they’ve been in since the corporate war of 2059. Of course, we all know how they came out of that one—on top.

> I know that lanier was being followed through europe for weeks by the knights of rage, celedyr’s pet gang, who were in turn being tracked by operatives of hildebrandt-kleinfort-Bernal, celedyr’s old enemies . recently, however, the team of knights that was tailing him was wiped out to a man . there’s no telling if it was villiers, hkB, or someone else .
> Frosty

> Any chance that lanier just got geeked? I know we established he’s hard to kill, but hard’s not the same thing as impossible, and he is getting up in years .
> hard exit

> doubtful . A man with his skills, his inside knowledge of villiers’ (and neonet’s) business, and his voting stock would be worth infinitely more to the competition alive .
> Fianchetto

> If lanier really is still working with villiers in secret, they must have some means of communication, something secret and secure . But even a dead drop or a cut-out would be difficult to maintain with someone as high profile as villiers .
> thorn

> you know, more than once, in london, in Berlin, and in yokohama, I’ve acted as a middle man arranging these jobs to sneak random crap of miniscule value—a keg, a crate of whiskey, a box of fuckin’ cocktail umbrellas—onto shipments bound for Boston . specifically, this fairly anonymous bar downtown . It didn’t pay conspicuously well, just slightly better than it should have, going by standard smugglers’ rates . I know from weight and negotiations that it was never guns, drugs, or Btls . just sayin’ .
> 2Xl
>我知道卢内尔在欧洲被怒火骑士,塞勒迪尔的宠物帮派,跟踪了几个星期,后者又被希尔德布兰特-克莱福特-博纳( Hildebrandt-Kleinfort-Bernal)——塞勒迪尔的老敌人——的特工跟踪。但最近,跟踪他的骑士队伍被消灭至仅剩一人。不清楚是维里斯、HKB还是别人干的。
>Hard Exit
如果卢内尔实际上是在秘密地为维里斯工作,他们一定有某种联络手段,某种秘密又安全的手段。但对维里斯这种高曝光率的人物来说,哪怕是死信箱(dead drop)或匿名信道(cut-out)都很难维持。
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