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副标题: Ghost in the machine! The One with datajack! The multiple-personalitied! 翻译:薛猫

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以下内容来自三版Dragons of the Sixth World p162-164

Adult Western Dragoo

by Neurosis

剧透 -   :
The great dragon Celedyr does not carry as much name-tocompany recognition as Lofwyr and Saeder-Krupp; nevertheless
those who are even marginally interested in Transys Neuronet are
aware now that Celedyr is just as inextricably linked. Celeclyr isn't
the sole dragon involved, however. Keeping him company in the
trenches is a malachite-green dragon named Eliohann. In fact.
Ellohann may be the key that allows Transys to crad< the barrier to
developing Nlatrix connections for the selection of (par)animals
listed In Dunkelzahn's Will. And how is this, you might ask?
Because Eliohann ls the only known dragon to have a functioning datajack.
o Hold on a tic-If Eliohann has a working datajack. why hasn't
anyone announced ft before this? Doesn't he want to cash in on
Dunkelzahn's will? You have to admit that this Is pretty big news.
Whaf's the story behind ft?
○Lex Talionis
巨龙塞勒迪尔(Celedyr)的名字不像洛菲尔对应赛达尔-克虏伯一样有着等同于公司的认知度,但那些哪怕只是对超统神经网络公司(Transys Neuronet)有稍微了解的人都会知道塞勒迪尔和这家公司密不可分。但参与其中的龙不止塞勒迪尔,他的同伴还有一头全身孔雀石绿、名为伊里奥海恩的龙。事实上,伊里奥海恩或许是超统公司能够突破难关、为黑牙(Dunkelzahn)遗嘱上的(超)生物创造矩阵联络的关键。你可能会问,为什么是这样?
o Lex Tallonls
剧透 -   :
o It's o simple story. but It happened about ten years ago. It started with an R&D company called Emerging Futures. which was
under contract with Ares to try and hook animals upto the Matrix.
When that didn't work. they turned to paranlmals and managed
to catch Eliohann.Itwas Emerging Futures who Installed the dragon's datajack.
Ares. however,had not officially authorized this project; It was
one of their ambitious middle managers. After Ares found out
what was happening, Ellohann had already figured out the way
the world worked and bought the majority of Emerging Futures'
shares. putttng him In charge. He had Just jacked Into the Matrix
for the first ttme-an excruciattng experience which brought
obout a temporary case of amnesia afterword-when o professional hit team hired by Ares arrived. Eliohonn, maddened from
the pain. managed to escape. Those with cooler heads at Ares
prevailed and later negottated for buying Emerging Futures and
hiring Eliohann as o researcher. Instead.
o Cerberus
o故事很简单,发生在十年前,要从一家叫做浮现未来(Emerging Future)的研发公司讲起,这家公司和阿瑞斯签订了协议,目的是把动物连上矩阵。失败后,他们转向了超生物,还成功抓住了伊里奥海恩。是浮现未来给这头龙装上了数据插口。
剧透 -   :
o Speaking of yourself in the third person, Cerberus? Perhaps that
datajack Isn't working as well as it should be, or your time In the
Matrix hos affected you more than you believe.
o Grier
o I remember you. Ms. Grier; let's just say that you occupy o special place In my thoughts. While the original datajack Installed
years ago had been troublesome, the upgraded datajacks I now
bear courtesy of Transys Neuronet are a vast Improvement.You
have no Idea what I con accomplish here.
o Cerberus
剧透 -   :
Back in 2057, Celedyr and the people at Transys Neuronet
first learned of Eliohann's existence and capabilities. Since
Eliohann was an employee of Ares at the time, as well as the head
of Emerging Futures (the company which had Installed the datajack), convincing Eliohann to defect to Transys required series of
negotiations and shadowruns. I was involved in the most important run-E.liohann's extraction--and after what my team and I
went through. I've made it my personal duty to keep up with
events concerning both of them.
剧透 -   :
o Nice fiction, but It doesn't quite jive. Neurosis was the name of
the decker on that run. but he died; Ares black IC scorched his
brain.Ellohann picked up the Neurosis name and started using It.
just like Cerberus.The dragon's got multiple personality disorder and probably bigger problems-thanks to the chrome In his
head. Animals. dragons or not. were never meant to Jack In.
o Burning Chrome
o Let that become your mantra Delusion becomes you
o Tsongoro
oBurning Chrome
剧透 -   :
It's after the reading of Dunkelzahn's will that things truly get
interesting. Eliohann seems driven to give other creatures the
ability to jack In as he does. Not only that, but there's another,
related entry In the will that he's been given the green light to
pursue: communication between the very same species he wants
to plug jacks into. Some sources in Transys say that he views
communication as the logical next step after the installation of a
datajack or other Matrix connection. Should he be successful at
that, It will net him an Island of his choice in the Caymans.
剧透 -   :
o A good spot for a new Transys Neuronet facility.
o MesoStlm
o More likely that's where Emerging Futures will end up. Right now
It's settled uncomfortably among Transys Neuronet's holdings In
the London area.
o Shetonl
o There're also the four accounts with Zurich-Orbital to wonder
about. Notice how Dunkelzahn always mentioned specific
amounts of nuyen In the will? No such mention with the Z-0
accounts It could be money. but my bet is information.
o Consplr-1-see
剧透 -   :
Eliohann's fascination with technology and the Matrix has
led him to investigate the culture surrounding them, as well. His
Matrix Icon, a silver three-headed mastiff with glowing green
eyes, has been spotted wandering in Matrix dubs, partaking in
games and even taking in a Silicon Surfers concert.
伊里奥海恩沉迷技术和矩阵,这也让他调查起有关两种的文化。有人发现他的矩阵图标,一只眼放绿光的三头银犬,在矩阵俱乐部闲逛、赌博,甚至有一次还参加了硅基冲浪客(Silicon Surfers)的演唱会。
剧透 -   :
o He's not there just to see the sights; he's there checking out his
Investments. I hove It on good authority that he owns part of the
Silicon Surfers' management. Between cracking the management's Matrix node through on Aztechnology backdoor and
demonstrating some very shrewd business sense. they were quick
to bring Eilohann aboard.
o NeonWrallh
o I've heard that. Any truth to the rumor that he's setting up an
Independent record label? I know a few artists who'd be Interested. dragon or no dragon. Just because they'd like to travel In the
some circles as the Surfers.
o SonlC
o That's just noise. MCT Is puffing that out as a screen behind
which they can try to talk to Eliohann. They make it look like their
media divisions want to help him out. when It's really the bullyboys
from Parashield.The Big D's money still draws them.
o Slipstream
o他到那不只是为了观光,他在检查自己的资产。我有可靠来源证实他持有硅基冲浪客的部分管理权。在利用阿兹科技的后门骇掉管理矩阵节点(management's Martix node)和展现一点精明的商业头脑之间,他们选择了让伊里奥海恩加入。
oNeon Wraith

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Re: 【DoSW&SL】Eliohann
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以下内容来自四版 Street Legends P120-123


The normal vital statistics do not apply to Cerberus.
Post by: Plan 9
剧透 -   :
A little over a week ago, a file appeared on my commlink.
Just appeared there, slipped past my spam filter (and for that matter, my firewall) with nary a blip. After I got over the initial paranoia—you know, going over my commlink with a finetoothed comb three times, looking for what they took, what they changed—I was more than a little intrigued. So I read the thing. And I did some digging. And what I found out was, frankly, shocking. And yes, this is coming from me. The file was a jumbled mess of declassified and redacted
internal memoranda, dating from all the way back in 2050 right up until this year, concerning something called Project Cerberus. The notes included with it said that it had been put together by a hacker named Neurosis. When I realized what I was looking at, I got the chills immediately. If you don’t realize why yet, don’t worry, I’ll explain. Project Cerberus got its start with a Seattlebased R&D company called Emerging Futures, which back in the dog days of the ‘50s was under contract to Ares to try and hook animals up to the Matrix.
一个多星期以前,一份文件出现在我的通讯链里。它凭空出现,滑过我的垃圾邮件过滤(更重要的,我的防火墙),一点动静都没有。在我克服了最初的多疑之后——你知道的,用细毛刷筛了通讯链三次,检查他们拿走了什么、更改了什么——我感到不只一点好奇。所以我读了这东西。还搜索了一番。我发现的东西,老实说,让人震惊。是的,这是我说的。这份文件混乱不堪,充满被解密的、被删除过的内部纪要,从2050一直到今年,内容是关于一个叫刻尔柏洛斯计划(Project Cerberus)的东西。文件附带的留言称这是一个叫神经症的黑客整理的。当我意识到我在看着什么,我立马浑身发抖。如果你还没意识到,不要担心,我会解释。刻尔柏洛斯计划由西雅图一个叫浮现未来的研发公司启动,具体要追溯到糟糕的50年代,浮现未来与阿瑞斯签订合同研究将动物弄上矩阵。
剧透 -   :
> Why?
> snopes
> the thinking of the day—and ya gotta remember that this is back when smartFrames and sks were considered bleeding edge—was that they could create literal matrix watchdogs . leverage the processing power of an organic brain for matrix security . cheaper, more effective agents was theidea . As history makes it clear, it didn’t exactly work out .
> Bull
> smartFrames? sks? never mind . I don’t want to know .
> /dev/grrl
> Bull
>那个时代的思考方式——你们得记得那时智能计算机(smart frame)和SK*都被看作前沿科技——认为能够创造出字面意义上的矩阵看门狗,将生体大脑的运算能力用于矩阵安全,重点是更廉价、更有效的代理。**正如历史所阐明,这个想法并没有成功。
> /dev/grrl
(*译注:SK,Semi-Autonomous Knowbot,半自主知识机器人,一种能够学习、成长并做出随机决策的高级程序。)
剧透 -   :
Emerging Futures got bought out by Ares, and then it got
taken over by Transys Neuronet in 2057. Then, after the Second Crash, it became part of NeoNET along with Transys during the merger. According to the files I was leaked, the single largest budgetary draw of Emerging Futures has always been something called Project Cerberus, a codename that refers to none other than Eliohann, who from the 2050s until Crash 2.0 was both the CEO of Emerging Futures and the sole test subject of Project Cerberus.
剧透 -   :
Eliohann was the only dragon known to have a functioning datajack installed. Back in 2047, he was your ordinary, runof-the-mill western dragon, and he spent most of his time wandering around the Sinsearach Tribal lands near Tír Tairngire. He was just a kid—whatever that means by dragon standards, anyway—when he was abducted (by shadowrunners) and turned into a guinea pig in an Emerging Futures laboratory. The early-generation datajack they fitted him with was not without complications, which is a nice way of saying that the cognitive dissonance it caused him drove him insane.
伊里奥海恩是已知唯一一头安装了可用数据接口的龙。在2047年,他还是头普通、平凡的西方龙,大部分时间游荡在泰瑞盖尔精灵国(Tír Tairngire)附近的先祖部落(sinsearach  tribe)领土周围。他被(狂奔者)绑架是还是个孩子——不管以龙的标准是有多少岁,却成了浮现未来实验室的白老鼠。他们给他安装的早期数据接口并非没有并发症——对那种让他发狂的意识错乱,这还是好听的说法。
剧透 -   :
> I actually feel bad for him . Imagine being kidnapped and experimented on like that .
> sunshine
> Aw, lookit da poor cuddly widdle dwagon . give me a fucking break .
> jimmy no
Before, during, and after his freak-out, Eliohann was able
to learn quite a bit about the way the world worked through the live Matrix connection that Emerging Futures provided him with (or some might say forced upon him). Enough, apparently, to arrange—using a combination of the Matrix and astral projection—for intermediaries to purchase a majority share in the Emerging Futures corporation on his behalf. Eliohann was, quite literally, a self-made dragon.
> so he bought the company that he was a test subject of … while he was a test subject? Well color me impressed .
> kat o’ nine tales
>Jimmy No


> kat o’ nine tales
剧透 -   :
Ares, which had its eye on Emerging Futures and its hooks
in the company, was not pleased. They sent a professional kick squad to sanitize Project Cerberus—which they hadn’t authorized anyway—but Eliohann escaped death. Barely. The details, as I’ve been able to dig them up, get fuzzy here, but through the intervention of some runners who are no longer with us, Ares and Eliohann were able to come to an arrangement. Namely, Ares bought the company and brought Eliohann on board as the head researcher. The ambitious middle managers responsible for Project Cerberus didn’t fare so well.
剧透 -   :
That was the status quo until 2057. Eliohann became
completely immersed in Matrix research, with himself as the primary subject. In fact, he spent so much of his time in the Matrix that it wouldn’t be unfair to call him a junkie. The effects it had on him were severe, and surprisingly well documented. In fact, it’s those side effects that probably prevented Eliohann/ Emerging Futures from claiming the bequest in Dunkelzahn’s will. Chances are, he was still working out the kinks and biding his time when Crash 2.0 happened. Anyway, by 2057 Eliohann had already developed the beginnings of a severe dissociative
disorder, with symptoms of genuine dissociative personality disorder.
剧透 -   :
Ares kept Eliohann tightly
under wraps. It wasn’t until 2057 that the great dragon Celedyr first learned of Eliohann and Emerging Futures. Eliohann was a highly paid Ares employee at the time, so a lot of runners got work as Transys Neuronet campaigned and negotiated to arrange Eliohann’s defection. Apparently, my mysterious benefactor, Neurosis, was one of them, and was nearly flatlined by Ares IC during the extraction proper. In any case, for the last time in his life, Eliohann switched sides.
剧透 -   :
From 2057 to Crash 2.0, Eliohann
was a determined, driven dragon. An upgraded datajack courtesy of Transys Neuronet put most of his Matrix-related neuroses on the back burner. As a highly placed protégé of the great dragon Celedyr within Transys Neuronet, Eliohann was given nearly unlimited funds and total discretion to work on his pet project—creating a datajack safely compatible with the unique physiology of dragons and other Awakened creatures, as well as some highly intelligent mundane animals like dolphins and elephants. Celedyr also had him working on the problem of communication between dolphins and elephants and metahumanity, a separate bequest in Dunkelzahn’s will.
剧透 -   :
> As far as I know, both of these problems still exist . the advent of the wireless matrix and the era of nanopaste trodes did nothing to ameliorate the fundamental incompatibility between neural interfaces designed for humans and non-human neurophysiology .
> nephrine
> Which would mean that the forty million nuyen, the z-o accounts, and the island in the caymans from dunkelzahn’s will are still unclaimed .
> mr . Bonds
> mustn’t forget the personal visit from lofwyr, either .
> elijah
>mr. Bonds
剧透 -   :
Besides his work for Transys Neuronet, Eliohann, in true
dragon fashion, reached his claws into a few other pies. He invested in several Matrix clubs that he enjoyed and purchased a stake in the management of the Silicon Surfers. While 2057 to 2064 were good years for Eliohann, however, his story did not come to a happy ending.
剧透 -   :
Like everyone who was anyone, Eliohann was present on
the East Coast Stock Exchange host during the Novatech IPO that turned out to be the end of the Matrix as everyone knew it. He most likely had some financial stake in the IPO—he was certainly there to see and be seen, to participate in what was supposed to be one of the defining historical events of a generation (and boy, was it ever).
剧透 -   :
Like so many on the morning of November 2nd
, Eliohann flatlined, his mind     by the Jormungand virus, leaving
behind only a lifeless, comatose husk. Unlike most, however, Eliohann did not have his plug pulled. He was never buried or cremated. Instead, he was kept on life support indefinitely, with orders from Celedyr himself not to disconnect him from the Matrix under any circumstances. The file I received included a copy of those orders. I also have financial statements showing that Project Cerberus’ budgetary draws from Emerging Futures/ Transys spiked immediately after Crash 2.0 and then leveled out at the same numbers they had been while Eliohann was alive. But it gets better.
剧透 -   :
I have records showing that for the past decade or so the
“dead” dragon has continued to attend Emerging Futures and Transys Neuronet shareholder meetings, and has been casting the votes that his shares allow him. But I can do even better than that. As you’re reading this, think hard about the business you’ve done over the past ten years. Have you ever done any work for anyone on the Matrix calling themselves Cerberus?
剧透 -   :
> Are you kidding? I ran into half a dozen guys called cerberus last week . It’s kind of a popular name, you know? Along with hades, loki, Baal, and all the rest of that mythological crap . If it’s a character in a fairy tale by a dead culture, chances are some smooth operator or ten is calling himself that .
> slamm-0!
> look at you in your glass house, throwing stones .
> netcat
>看你也在自己的玻璃房子里,朝自己扔石头吧(look at you in your glass house, throwing stones )。

剧透 -   :
This Cerberus appears most often as a silver, three-headed
mastiff with glowing green eyes. However, he’s also appeared as a boring, literally faceless grey-clad corporate suit, a terribly dull icon that is usually perfectly rendered, sometimes with, sometimes without, a silver lapel pin of a three headed mastiff. My research has revealed that several runner teams—who will remain nameless—have been contacted by this entity to perform various errands. Their legwork, in turn, has indicated that these runs have generally served the interests of the great dragon Celedyr.
剧透 -   :
> I can confirm . I actually took one of these jobs a f2ew years back . the johnson—your cerberus, I guess, although he called himself n—wanted a file retrieved from a secure corporate lab . I won’t say whose or where . the file, when we recovered it, turned out to be an AI . chatty little bitch . the damn thing would not shut up on the entire way out . It seemed to be happy to see the johnson, and we were assured the entire thing was catch and release .
> rigger X
> I actually passed on such a job once . the johnson—whose icon matched your description to a tee—wanted a black-box system retrieved from one of the sealed-off upper layers of the scIre . I took a pass on that one . I don’t want to find out what deus left behind, not for that kind of money . never did learn what was supposed to be in the black box .
> ma’Fan
>rigger X
(*译注:Self-Contained Industrial-Residential Environment 自持式工业-居住环境,即联络生物圈Renraku Arcology ,AI“主”Deus的老家。)
剧透 -   :
As even the thickest of you must realize by now, the point
of this long history lesson is that Eliohann did not die at all. At least not on the Matrix. On the Matrix his life has continued, as a ghost-in-the-machine, a pure virtual gestalt. In this form, he seems to still be pursuing the same interests he had in life. He’s managing his corporate affairs at Emerging Futures, acting as a Johnson and general middleman for Celedyr, and leading research into non-metahuman Matrix interfaces, communication, and even researching the very phenomena that cause his own continued consciousness. Of course, it may not be fair to say that Eliohann is Cerberus or that Cerberus is Eliohann. As a matter of fact, from the stories I’ve heard, Eliohann/Cerberus seems to have sublimated his draconic nature entirely, embracing his nature as a creature purely of the Matrix.
剧透 -   :
> okay . I’ve gone long enough without interjecting . you do realize what you’re positing is strictly impossible, right? even if we can make the big leap to assume that the rumors about ghosts in the machine are the truth, a dragon could not become one . dragons are inherently magical creatures, and their existence, their soul, cannot be translated to the matrix . It would be like saying that a free spirit was a ghost in the machine . ridiculous . dragons just don’t work that way .
> Winterhawk
> they said outfitting a dragon with a datajack was impossible too .
> clockwork
> nice try, but a datajack and a ghost in the machine are not nearly on the same level .
> snopes
剧透 -   :
> By the standards of ten or even twenty years ago, how many “impossible” things have we each done before breakfast today? here in the sixth World, the idea of what is or is not possible isn’t a fixed constant that’s set in stone . It’s constantly changing, constantly evolving . It’s that rigid, dogmatic “that’s impossible” thinking that causes the great dragons, the tír honchos, and the rest of the grand high poobahs at the elf only table to laugh smugly down at the rest of us from their ivory towers .
> Frosty
> oh, is that what it is? good to know .
> Bull
> those ideas you’re espousing seem familiar, Frosty . have you been reading ehran the scribe?
> Icarus
> A possibility you’re ignoring is that it’s not necessary that the e-ghost cerberus actually be eliohann in any vague, metaphysical sense . What’s important is that cerberus certainly seems to believe that he is eliohann, or at least a copy of him, has been granted all the accorded privileges by celedyr, and has been acting accordingly .
> Plan 9
>以十年或二十年前的标准,我们吃早餐前做的事有多少是“不可能”的?在第六纪,可能和不可能的概念不像刻在石头上一样纹丝不变。事物总在变化、总在发展。正是这种顽固、死板的“这不可能”的思维方式让巨龙、精灵大佬(tír honchos)还有其他坐在“仅限精灵”的餐桌上的至高存在(grand high poobah)从他们的象牙塔上嘲笑我们。
>你拥护的观点有点眼熟,Frosty。你有读过“文书”埃兰*(Ehran the Scribe)的文章吗?
剧透 -   :
Lastly, the file I received included some tantalizing hints
as to what Cerberus might be up to in the future. We have the anecdotal evidence that Celedyr has been gathering AIs and other Matrix curiosities, so there’s that. I also have internal memoranda that along with a Dr. Gordon Browne, Cerberus is the manager of a top secret Transys Neuronet research think tank called Project Imago. The project goals and specifications were too well protected for me to dig up anything concrete, but it seems to have something to do with mind uploading.
剧透 -   :
But Cerberus seems to be handling Transys Neuronet, Celedyr, and NeoNET shadow assets across the board, popping
up in the oddest of places. The most recent rumors have an icon matching his description coordinating Knights of Rage and independent assets against Horizon’s Singularity subsidiary. As you might imagine, his status as an e-ghost makes it difficult for him to get his hands dirty, but as much as the Matrix is his home, I had at least one runner report seeing him “in the field.” Supposedly, he was piloting—although “possessing” might be a more apt word—an MCT Akiyama drone. If you’ve ever seen one, you know exactly how creepy that is. Whoever this Neurosis is, I wouldn’t want to be him right now, but he seemed fairly emphatic in his notes that I name him as my source if I publish this information, so I’ve honored his wishes.
(*译注:Knights of Rage,努比亚/凯尔特街头帮派,在英国活动,后被塞勒迪尔收编。)
剧透 -   :
> I don’t think you have to worry about neurosis, omae . neurosis—the real neurosis—didn’t “almost flatline” during eliohann’s extraction . he did flatline . I know a friend of a friend .
> Pistons
> then that would mean … > slamm-0!
> that cerberus is using the neurosis name, as well, yes . ever since he was really alive .
> the smiling Bandit
> If neurosis is cerberus, that means that cerberus himself wanted us to have this information . that he wanted me to announce all of this to the world . I can’t say I’m entirely surprised with everything I’ve learned about him . this infodump here is his coming-out party, just like he wanted (although ghost knows why) . It also means that all of the information that I just gave you has been fully vetted by him .
> Plan 9
>the smiling Bandit
剧透 -   :
> of course I want you all to know about my resurrection . the greeks and romans had the Phoenix, the egyptians had their osiris, the christians had lazarus, and the matrix has me .
> neurosis
> uh, ‘jack? Why is he here?
> glitch
> Because he asked nicely, because he has some very interesting insights to share about the wilder side of the matrix in general, and most importantly because he genuinely seems to be exactly what he claims to be, and my curiosity is piqued . If you have a problem with him, his rep button is right there . just like any member, AI, technomancer, or regular joe . I’m restricting neurosis’s access to this thread, for now, at least until we see how this pans out .
> Fastjack
> lazarus? Is that really how you think of yourself, neurosis?
> Fianchetto
> on the contrary . I’m not that special . I’m here for business, like the rest of you . my rebirth—my current state—changes little . I don’t claim to be the first, and I’m sure I won’t be the last . on a microcircuit board, we will all be born again .
> neurosis
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If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably an Andrik

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【Dragon Hunt】Eliohann p58
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剧透 -   :

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If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably an Andrik

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Re: 【Corporate Intrigue】CERBERUS p29
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剧透 -   :
Once upon a time, there was an adult Western Dragon
named Eliohann who became the only known dragon to have a
functioning datajack, and he was able to access the Matrix using
it. He often appeared on the Matrix as a silver three-headed
mastiff with glowing green eyes under the rather on-the-nose
name of “Cerberus.” It is also rumored that he masqueraded as
another icon known as “Neurosis,” and that he had a multiple
personality disorder from his experiences on the Matrix. Eliohann
eventually became the protégé of the great dragon Celedyr, and
together the two of them researched various emergent Matrix
and communications technologies, particularly ones relating to
non-metahuman sapience. During Crash 2.0, Eliohann flatlined.
His research, however, didn’t stop. Eliohann, or at least an e-ghost
claiming to be him, secretly reemerged.
Cerberus appears in the Matrix as a large humanoid in a dark
gray trench coat, heavy cloak, and fedora; his features are obscured
by a grey cloud, but the cloak is clasped together with a brooch
in the shape of a three-headed mastiff with glowing green eyes.
Cerberus is not entirely sure if he is alive or dead. He does not
know if his true consciousness exists in him or if he is merely a
false copy of the “real” Eliohann; on some level, he knows he is lost
from his body, his life, his soul, and his kind. He is mostly lucid,
these days, but even more detached from life and the living than
before. Te real world interests him less than it ever has; he barely
remembers what it was like to live in the flesh. Te only thing that
terrifes him is the idea that he might one day lose interest in the
Matrix as well, but he doesn’t see that day coming any time soon.
Besides his research director position at Project Imago,
Cerberus works for NeoNET, or more specifically Celedyr,
as a sort of combination shadowrunner and Johnson, albeit
one far stranger and more powerful than most. He will make
arrangements with runners just as ofen as he will handle matters
himself. Celedyr and NeoNET “pay” him with a permanent
“home” on the Matrix and access to cutting-edge research, as
well as all of the operational resources he requires. Cerberus has a
signifcant personal interest in Project Imago, because the nature
of e-ghosts is more than an academic concern to him: he is one.
One of his signifcant concerns is preserving e-ghosts against the
threat of power outages, hardware failures, and other issues that
might compromise the data that is key to their existence.
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If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably an Andrik

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【Streetpedia】Eliohann p53
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剧透 -   :
An adult western dragon most well-known (in history fles) for being the frst dragon with a functioning
datajack. Drek just went downhill for him since then.
Knocked into a coma when caught on the Matrix during
Crash 2.0 in 2064, Eliohann spent over a decade comatose before he was unpleasantly awakened by an experiment involving CFD-coded nanites that somebody
managed to sabotage. Yeah, not bright in the frst place,
we know, but blame Celedyr—damn dragon has more
curiosity than common sense. Eliohann erupted from
a lab under the MIT&T campus in Cambridge, spread
a terrible plague of fragged-to-ghost nanites across the
Hub, a.k.a. downtown Boston, and flew north, though
not until after he trashed the Green Monster at Fenway
(you’re welcome, Slamm-0!).
The latest and greatest rumors coming from the NEMAQZ cover the creepy tale of him living in a lake near
Salem and being worshipped as some kind of god by
the CFD-infected locals. It’s likely bulldrek according to
better sources who have him lairing in the region, working with local covens and legit Monads, while warning the world of a return of Deus (though he never uses the
name). This one is more believable, as other info has
pointed to Deus-code being the reason the nanites that
trashed Boston got fragged in the frst place.

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably an Andrik