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副标题: 所以催化剂什么时候出巨龙集换式卡牌 翻译:薛猫、百度

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【6E】你剩余的生活The Life You Have Left
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剧透 -   :
I still remember the day I saw a dragon fly over
Times Square. People don’t talk about that one.
They talk about Ryumyo appearing in the skies
above Mount Fuji on Christmas Eve, 2011. They
talk about January 12, 2012 when Dunkelzahn
appeared in Denver. Hell, that one is a national
holiday in the UCAS. By the time I came into this
world, it was common to see dragons. Ryumyo,
Dunkelzahn, Hestaby, Alamais, Nachtmeister,
Lowfyr, and so on. I grew up knowing the name
of every great dragon like they were celebrities or
athletes. I even bought the trading cards.
Today you hear Johnny Spinrad’s name spoken
in the same breath as Lowfyr. Even dragons became
ordinary as we looked for the next big thing. Want
to know the secret to the Sixth World? You’re special until something else comes along. Dragons remain a symbol of everything changed in the world.
Change in the Sixth World—the name we gave to
our reality when magic came into it—isn’t necessarily good. The old reality still mattered after the
change. We watched the old trid shows and ate the
same crap. The world evolved slowly—some say it
degraded. For the dragons, change meant exposure
to the ailments of this world. These once-mythical
creatures became wrapped up in the mundane human world. They showed up on TV, opened bars—
one even ran for president of the UCAS. And won.
Then the dragons began to die. Their deaths
were viewed as earthshaking events, on par with
the planet’s biggest celebrities, and those events
changed our feelings about these creatures. Suddenly they were mortal, like the rest of us. If something is mortal, then we can kill it. Half the dragons
I mentioned are dead or missing. Each death rattled the world like an earthquake, forcing the powers that be to scramble and realign. That’s where
we come in. That’s how we make our living day to
day. Wars aren’t always fought on the battlefeld
or even in the media anymore. They happen in the
shadows, where the public understand only the
outcome, not the process that led to it. And sometimes not even that. If you know where to look and
how, though, you can start to uncover the play-by-
play of a shadowrun, or even a shadow war. That
report about a warehouse in Renton that burned
down followed by a break-in at a Centurion secured storage facility and the accidental drowning
death of a noted Mitsuhama scientist days after?
All three were part of the same shadowrun to delete all traces of evidence of what Mitsuhama was
working on. You didn’t hear about the Matrix attack on a Mitsuhama datastore, because they controlled that information. You didn’t hear about the
security action in the Redmond Barrens to track
down the runners who did the job, because people
in the Barrens are too poor to get noticed by the
media. These are the lives we lead, defned by anonymity.
Trust me when I tell you it is better to be anonymous than to be special. Life in the Sixth World
is like the game King of the Hill, where everyone
wrestles to reach the top, and once you’re up there,
everyone else tries to knock you down. In the wake
of those battles, you start to fgure out who has
what position in the hierarchy. The biggest kids are
the hardest to move, and the little guys have to
work fast to fgure out how things work. You see,
our world even eats the dragons, so what chance to
do you and I really have to stay at the top? Here’s a
news flash, chummer. You’re the little guy, and you
don’t have much time to fgure it out. Start now.
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If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably an Andrik

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Re: 【6E】你剩余的生活The Life You Have Left
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Born this Way
剧透 -   :
There’s this idea that people end up where they
are in life because that is what they are suited for.
That part can be a crutch for those who deal in excuses. However, there are many factors in our life
besides ability. Birth and opportunity put us in a
starting position that is tough to shake. I was born
into a world of emerging races, shifting demographics, new rising magic, corporate overreach
and overrule. My world was defned by crowded
streets, food shortages, disease, poverty, and crime.
If you’re reading this, you were born into the aftermath of my world. As I look around, I’m starting
to think that my generation had it easy. There were
still choices in the beginning. People were fguring
out the rules and trying to fnd their way in all of
this. Trying to understand where they ft in. The
old-school guys from the ’40s and ’50s made their
own way. They cut themselves a slice of the pie
when there was still pie to be had. Some of them
even hung up the trenchcoat and put on a suit, selling out to corporate interests. Some went the other
direction—slipping away from corporate life and
into the shadows.
剧透 -   :
You have some choices left. What to wear, what
to eat, where to shop. These things are yours, so
long as your corporate overlords say they are. You
see, they built a system that was meant to keep
us separated, powerless, and ignorant. All that is
fne if you are a drone, but what happens if you
want more than the special ramen on Wednesdays?
What opportunities do you have to get more?
Play by the rules, and you fnd out really quickly that the world is built to put you in a box. That
same world needs you to pay bills and buy drek
you don’t actually need. You’re the fuel for the corporate machine. Where you are on the food chain
depends on where you started out. Despite what
the corps would have you believe, most people aren’t born into corporate servitude. The majority
of people come into the world with an unaligned
System Identifcation Number or SIN, which is issued to them in the hospital or administered by
sanctioned midwifes.
剧透 -   :
Being born into the system means that the frst
ffteen or so years of your life are already decided.
You go to school, get tested for magical aptitude
around middle school, and are tracked into career-feld classes just in time for high school. Things
are the same if you’re born a corporate citizen or
into a functioning government. The options narrow for the Awakened. They narrow even further
for those of us born metahuman. The best most
of us can hope for is to fnd work as a salaryman
slinging Arrogant Gargoyle at the corner Stuffer
Shack. The system works to support the corporations and criminalize any freedoms that threaten
the corps, such as workers voluntarily taking their
services to employers willing to pay. It became illegal to switch corporations without corporate approval. So, in order to better their lives, wageslaves
needed the complex series of movements carried
out by those of us who work in the shadows. Shadowrunners are problem solvers. Because we exist
outside of the system, we are not beholden to it.
出生在体系内意味着你前十五年往上的人生都已经决定了。你会去上学,在初中左右接受魔法能力测试,在高中按照职业规划进入对应班级。无论你是公司公民还是职能政府的公民都一样。觉醒者的选择面更窄。对我们这种泛人类,选择会进一步收缩。我们最多希望能在街角的杂货铺当个叫卖Arrogant Gargoyle的销售员。体系的目的是支撑公司,并将所有威胁到公司的自由归为犯罪,例如工人自发为愿意付工钱的雇主服务。未经公司同意换公司成为了非法行为。因此,为了提高生活水平,薪奴需要我们这些在暗影中工作的人进行一系列复杂的行动。狂奔者解决问题。我们存在于体系之外,因此我们不依赖体系。
剧透 -   :
I bluffed my way into a charter school with a
faked SIN and got enough of an education to become a decent hacker and get out of the system.
Others I grew up with weren’t so lucky—gangs
treat schools like a draft pool. It is rare to see a
city kid get out without aligning themselves to one
faction or another. Even corp kids have gangs to
worry about. After a while, it becomes a lifestyle.
剧透 -   :
Not everyone is lucky enough to be born with
those choices. Many people are born poor and cannot afford to go to a hospital and be properly registered. Like me, they don’t get formal education
unless they fnd a way to fake their paperwork.
Undocumented people are treated as a drain on society, overlooked and relegated to the poorest parts
of every urban sprawl. That’s right, your worth is
dependent on the whims of corporations and governments and who they decide to give paperwork
to. Awesome, right? Anyway, SINs became a way
of defning who was and who wasn’t a person. Not
everyone can even apply. The Corporate Court’s
2072 acknowledgment of metaspecies sapience
presently defnes which species can or can’t apply
for a SIN. Down here in the streets, we know the real qualifying test is money. In Dunkelzahn’s last
will and testament, he used his draconic wealth to
provide thousands of SINs to the disenfranchised.
He was helping people get into the system, but
nobody ever stopped to ask if being part of that
system was a good idea, or if we should continue
to survive, and in some cases thrive, outside of it.
剧透 -   :
Shadowrunning is a survival mechanism. It is
impossible to work at a Stuffer Shack, let alone
hold a desk job, without a SIN. But on our side of
the street, a SIN makes life more diffcult. You get
caught, and they know who you are. They know
your history and your address, if you’re not careful. That’s why we take on street names. It’s an alter ego, a way to do business without risking the
little bit of a life you’ve scraped together for yourself. Without some form of identity—your personal brand—you don’t have many choices. Sure,
you can still lift yourself out of the barrens on a
football or urban-brawl scholarship, but most of
us don’t make it ffteen blocks from where we grew
up. After a time, we stop looking for ways to make
it out. That’s the truth for most of us, but like I
said, things are different if you’re special.
剧透 -   :
So let’s look at the ways to be special.

The Awakened
剧透 -   :
There is still debate about what magic actually is. A magician channels magic in a different
way than a shaman or an adept. Both of these
are attached to concepts we call mana and Essence, which are simple labels for connections to
things and powers that we do not understand.
Back in ’22, this e-rag called Data coined the term
“Awakened.” To be born Awakened means having
the ability to manipulate mana. With this power,
you can summon spirits out of thin air, conjure a
freball and send it racing down an alley, or even
leave your own flesh behind and travel through the
shadowy realm known as astral space. Some people can channel mana through their own bodies,
giving them freakish abilities like outrunning a car
or punching through a brick wall.
剧透 -   :
Magic opened new doors. Suddenly, there was
another way out of the barrens outside of sports
and sex. Kids born with the ability had choices.
MIT added another T (for Thaumaturgy) and
became MIT&T, and it offered scholarships that
lifted kids out of poverty. It wasn’t all good news
and warm feelings. People don’t talk about what
happened in the high schools. Mages, shamans,
and adepts all faced ridicule and abuse until they
fgured out how they could use their powers effectively. The shadows are flled with stories like Rebecca, who’d been bullied her entire life, suddenly learning how to chuck a powerball. Once they
started hurting people, the law wasn’t on their side
anymore. The way things went bad was different
in every country. Many Awakened children were beaten to death by lynch mobs in the early days.
Some of the more religious countries branded magic users as demons and punished them accordingly.
剧透 -   :
This didn’t go on for long before they realized
folks were wasting a valuable commodity. The
arms race had changed. Eventually the corporations tried to seize control of every magical asset
they could, in order to have control of a commodity that everyone else coveted. Corps snapped
up the Awakened people and spirits to the point
where being born a normal human, though they
were still a vast majority, felt like a disadvantage.
Basic supply and demand. The Awakened live in a
different world than we do, one that is quite literally more magical. If you were born Awakened and
the tooth fairy showed up at the foot of your bed
after you lost that frst tooth, odds are it wasn’t
a dream. She was probably somebody’s spirit ally
who came by to check up on you and potentially
recruit you to their side.
剧透 -   :
Magic and technology don’t mix well. In fact,
they tend to operate like different ends of a spectrum. If you’re one of the Awakened, then any technology joined to your body disrupts the flow of
mana. The more ’ware you have, the weaker your
connection to magic. Before we really understood
or had access to other countermeasures, prison facilities used to perform invasive operations, installing monitoring cyberware in criminal magic users
as a way to deny them access to their abilities. Because the more powers the world invents, the more
creative the tortures and punishments are to stop
剧透 -   :
But while we’re talking about tech, let’s dive
into that a little more.

Jack in and Tune Out
剧透 -   :
Once the new smell of magic wore off, tech
scraped back into the spotlight. 2024 was the birth
of simsense. This was an evolution of virtual reality that allowed you to sink completely into a digitally realized reality indistinguishable from real
life. Simsense works off of Artifcial Sensory Induction System Technology (ASIST), which allows
a person to disconnect from their physical senses
and truly feel (and taste and smell) sensory impressions recorded on a chip. It presented an easy
enough way out of a world that couldn’t promise
anything. Unlike video games, simsense lets you
really feel the recorded experiences of individuals
as they lived. Instead of watching a movie, you experienced it down to the heart-pumping sensations
of fear, happiness, anger, even lust. You could dive
through the clouds in a fghter jet, experience the
rush of chasing down a criminal through Seattle
streets, or even be that criminal running for his life
as the jackboots of Lone Star offcers close in. Simsense can record everything a person experiences
and feed you that same experience. Naturally, the tech spawned a black market of better-than-life
chips (BTLs) that offered irregular, amped-up experiences, and even snuff chips.
魔法的新鲜感消失后,技术重回聚光灯下。2024年拟感诞生。这场虚拟现实革命让你能够彻底浸入与现实生活无异的数字现实。拟感基于人工感官诱发系统技术(Artifcial Sensory Induction System Technology  ASIST),让人能够隔绝物理感官,完全感受(包括味觉和嗅觉)记录在芯片上的感官体验。它给这个毫无指望的世界提供了一种足够简单的逃离方式。和视频游戏不同,拟感能够让你真实感受被记录的他人生活体验。不同于看电影,你能感受到的包括血脉偾张的恐惧、快乐、愤怒甚至欲望。你能驾驶战斗机直穿云层,你能追着罪犯穿过西雅图街道,甚至成为那个被孤星长靴步步紧逼、正夺命狂奔的罪犯。拟感记录一个人感受到的一切,再给你同样的感受。自然,这种技术催生了比特利(better-than-life,BTL)芯片黑市,供应异常、高强度的体验,甚至还有湮灭芯片。(译注:snuff chip,提供杀人/被杀体验的芯片)。
剧透 -   :
ASIST technology merged with Direct Neural
Interface to form the basic technological premise
of what we call the Matrix. You jack into a computer network and you’re in another world. Depending on the intricacy of the code, it can feel
like the real thing. Hackers take it one step further, running hot, without the safety parameters
engaged to have a faster response time. It comes
with risks. Run hot and biofeedback can be lethal.
ASIST kills. Between 2064 and 2075 ASIST killed
more than 21,000 Matrix users. Those are just the
deaths reported by the corporations and the government. We know the number is higher. ASIST led
to the development of vehicle control rigs (VCR).
That technology is the backbone of the transport
industry. It makes it possible for us to jack into
vehicles, drones, and even security networks and
control them with a thought.
ASIST技术与直接神经界面结合,构成了我们如今矩阵的基础。接入计算机网络,你就进入了另一个世界。根据不同的代码复杂性,这个世界可以和真的一样。黑客更进一步,采取热模接入,放弃安全措施换来了更快的反应时间。但有风险。热模和生物反馈可能会致命。ASIST能杀人。2064到2075年间,ASIST杀死了超过2万1千名矩阵用户。这还仅是公司和政府通告的死亡人数。我们知道实际数字会更高。AISIST带来了载具中控(vehicle control rigs, VCR)的发展。这项技术是运输工业的支柱,让我们能够接入载具、无人机甚至安保网络,仅凭思维控制它们。
剧透 -   :
Tech moves so fast these days that it is hard to
believe that the modern Matrix is barely over half
a century old. In that time, we’ve gone from linking into keyboard-sized cyberdecks to handheld
wireless commlinks that sync to the local grid. The
Matrix used to be a thing you had to jack into.
Now it impacts the physical world through augmented-reality objects. Twice, the Matrix crashed
and burned, rising from its digital ashes as a more
robust version of its former self. In the wake of the
last Crash, corporate organizations banded together in order to reshape the Matrix into Danielle de
la Mar’s vision of a global grid of networks regulated by a singular authority called GOD, or Grid
Overwatch Division. We live in the Orichalcum
Age of the Matrix, but we still don’t understand
the secrets it holds.

The Cyber Revolution
剧透 -   :
There are choices we make, and those that are
made for us. Your parents were wageslaves, or
maybe you were a sprawl baby. You are born a
particular race, with all of the discrimination that
comes with it. You are born Awakened or not. A
very small number of us are born technomancers
with the ability to slice through the Matrix with
your mind. The rest of us are left with choices.
Technology creates a lot of choices if you can barter or steal your way under the knife.
The simultaneous growth of technology and
magic meant that there was still a chance to be of
value without being born Awakened. Going under
the knife, already as commonplace as getting your
teeth cleaned, became a necessity to remain a part
of this world. It is near impossible to work an offce job without a datajack. “Fresh meat” is considered ineffcient. If the ’ware is too expensive to buy
outright, there are other options. Shadowrunners are the original high-tech lowlifes. Find secondhand ’ware. Cut a deal with a supplier or local doc
to provide muscle in exchange for the cyber. Offer
yourself up as a guinea pig for experimental ’ware
to an outft like the Grey Brothers.
有我们做出的选择,和替我们做出的选择。你的父母是薪奴,还是你是个蔓城婴儿。你出生就是某个种族,承受种族的所有歧视。你出生就是觉醒者,或者不是。非常少数人出生就是超链,拥有靠思想切开矩阵的能力。我们剩下的人还有选择。假如能在手术刀下谋生,技术为你创造了许多选择。科技与魔法同时进步,意味着即使不是觉醒者,你也有还有机会变得有价值。进行手术就和洗牙一样寻常,它是生存在这个世界的必需品。在办公室上班,没有数据插口几乎是不可能的。“新肉”即是无效率。如果全额购买殖装太过昂贵,还有其它选项。狂奔者是高科技-低生活的源头。找二手殖装。和供应商或本地医生交易,用安保服务换殖装。找灰兄弟(Grey Brothers)这种组织,自愿成为实验殖装的白老鼠。
剧透 -   :
Cyberware became the great equalizer. It also
became a way to stand out in the world if you
wanted to. You can choose to be a hacker and
buy implants that improve your abilities to interface with the Matrix. You can choose to be a rigger, swapping the precious meatspace along your
spine for a VCR. You can embed ballistic plates
below the skin, improving your odds of survival
as a shooter. You can mount spring-loaded weapons in your forearms, so you’re never outmatched
in hand-to-hand combat. Are you the type who
wants to blend in, with cyberware that is made
to appear human? Are you the type who wants
to stand out with oversized mechanical parts and
burning red eyes? Do you see your body as a piece
of art, sculpted from futuristic-looking cyberlimbs? Perhaps you’ve chosen to abandon human
form entirely for an arachnid base and arms reminiscent of a Hindu god. Cyberware and bioware
were meant to level the playing feld, but instead
they created entirely new avenues of expression
and opportunity.
剧透 -   :
Biology wasn’t standing still during all of this.
For every cybernetic advancement, scientists attempted to fnd a biological equivalent. Bioware
advances kept pace for a while, but in the end it
was clear that metal outperforms meat every time.
However, metal comes with a price tag beyond the
nuyen you lay on the table. Cyberware means a
life of constant surgical upkeep in order to remain
state of the art. For some, it can become an addiction. Rumors abound of shadowrunners who went
beyond what the body could tolerate. They became
more machine than man and the metal drove them
insane. We call them cyberzombies.
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If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably an Andrik

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Re: 【6E】你剩余的生活The Life You Have Left
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剧透 -   :
Daily life in the sprawl can be a grind. Everybody’s looking
for a chance to slip away and fnd some excitement or a life
more interesting than the 9 to 9 they spend behind a desk. The
majority of people don’t spend their leisure time in the physical world. The birth of ASIST technology meant that you no
longer had to be there to be there. Biological advancements in
drug tech alongside the mining of magical properties of plants
mean there are more avenues of escape, depending on how
much risk the user is willing to take on.
BTL chips

剧透 -   :
Better-than-life chips offer an experience beyond what
the average person can hope for. Jack in with your full ASIST
activated, and you can feel everything being cast through the
chip experience. This isn’t just a high, it is full sensory dive
into a life a lot better than yours. Or anyone’s. BTLs lack the
safety protocols built into standard simsense chips, so you feel
exactly what the original creator felt, regardless of whether
your body can handle it. BTL-related deaths are second only to
murders in global causes of death.
Powders and Pills

剧透 -   :
Drug use is rampant in the Sixth World, but biotech advancements have made it easier for users to hide their addiction. Traditional escapist drugs such as novacoke and the psychedelic
zen are joined on the market by newer drugs derived from magical substances. Wageslaves unable to keep up with the workload
fnd themselves needing to use short-term amphetamines like
cram just to make it through the day.Many corporations have
to drug-test their employees in accordance with the Corporate
Court ruling governing corporations seeking extraterritorial status. As a result, there is a thriving market of supplements and
other solutions to help you fool these tests.
Video Games

剧透 -   :
Gaming has been a way to slip out of your daily grind since
the days of the frst computers. We’ve come a long way from
Zork. MMORPGs offer a full range of experiences for everyone
from the casual gamer to hikikomori. Miracle Shooter remains the top online game due to an impressive competitive
balance of grind requirements and a free entry point. Horizon’s
2076 release V-World rates a close second and is the only top
ten game whose focus is not combat. Gaming addiction is on
the rise as is virtual trauma disorder, a condition similar to
PTSD resulting from stressful encounters in the gaming world.
自电脑诞生以来,游戏就是逃离日常折磨的一种方式。自《魔域大冒险》以来,游戏不断地发展,MMORPG能为从休闲玩家到茧居族提供各种体验。《奇迹射手》(Miracle Shooter)因其出色地平衡了重复性操作与精力耗费程度,长久居于在线游戏之首。地平线2076年发行的《V世界》(V-World)以微弱劣势紧随其后,它也是前十名游戏中唯一一个不以战斗为主的游戏。游戏成瘾以及虚拟创伤失调增都在增加,后者的情况类似PTSD,来源是游戏世界里的压力。
Drone Casting

剧透 -   :
From virtual vacations to deep-space or deep-sea explorations, hitch a ride on a drone. Services offer monthly fees to
explore the world through the eyes of a drone. There is a drone
feed for every taste. Evo’s Gagarin Prime lets you experience
the dust storms of Mars. The ever-popular Crimewatch allows
you to follow Lone Star police takedowns. Fly guy lets you voyeuristically observe city life in any major city you want to see.
Guided drone tours of landmarks and ruins have replaced feld
trips as part of the elementary school experience.
从虚拟度假到深空、深海探索,搭台无人机吧。这类服务按月付费,能让你通过一台无人机的眼睛探索世界。任何口味都有无人机提供数据。天演的加加林Prime让你体验火星尘暴。一直热门的犯罪观察(Crimewatch)让你跟随孤星探员抓捕罪犯。飞行小伙(Fly guy)让你窥视任何你想看的大城市。无人机引导的地标和遗迹之旅取代了小学野外考察。
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Re: 【6E】你剩余的生活The Life You Have Left
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Grease in the Gears
剧透 -   :
Through all that I’ve shared so far there is a
constant reminder that progress moves through
the dark. That idea is ever present in the name we
are given: shadowrunners. To borrow a phrase,
we are deniable assets. We take a lot of the language of what we are from the spy game, but unlike spies we don’t serve a specifc government or
agenda. Shadowrunners keep the wheels turning.
We do the off-the-books work that enables the system to keep running as if everything in the
world is okay.
剧透 -   :
Shadowrunning isn’t a way out. Nobody goes
into the life thinking they’ll be a millionaire and
move to a twenty-fve-meter yacht. That isn’t to
say it can’t happen. Success just looks different
this deep in the shadows. Success looks like staying
alive and keeping a roof over your head. For some,
success looks like doing real good in the world or
at least making a difference. Shadowrunning is not
noble work, but it can be. Those of us who call
ourselves street samurai adhere to a code of honor.
This doesn’t mean I won’t shoot you in the face
if I have to, but it means I’ll look you in the eyes
before I do it.
剧透 -   :
Choosing to live the life of a shadowrunner is
not an easy one. Once I made that choice doors
closed behind me, narrowing who I could be. You
still have choices to make and an impossible world
to navigate. You can still take the easy way out
and be a drone. Jack in every day and let them
guide you along the well-paved road. Or you could
step out into the world and look around. Just remember to look behind your back every so often,
because in this world, trouble never comes at you
from where you expected.
剧透 -   :
If you are going to run, there are a couple of
things you need to know before you get started.
The frst is employment. We are, after all, at-will
laborers working for the most dangerous forces
on the planet. The man doing the hiring almost always goes by the same name.
Meeting Mr. Johnson
剧透 -   :
A common misconception is that we only work
for the corps or the criminals. The nature of shadowrunners as off-the-book agents of change means
that we can work for practically anyone. Corps and
crooks may be the groups that get play on the trideo, but shadowrunners work for anyone willing
to pay. The thing is, we aren’t supposed to know
who we work for. That’s part of the appeal to our
employers. Most shadowruns happen through an
intermediary known collectively as Mr. Johnson.
Sexist, I know, but the gendered term helps reinforce anonymity. Not knowing who you work for
means deniability on both sides. The way it works
is, you or someone you know is contacted by Mr.
Johnson. You set up an initial meeting where terms
of the job are discussed. A small down payment is
generally offered up front to secure your services,
and then you go to work.
剧透 -   :
Shadowrunning isn’t all shoot-’em-ups and slicing through IC, though a lot of us wish it were.
Being good at what we do means doing research
and connecting with people. Once we get the job,
we have to do our due diligence.
Never assume that Mr. Johnson told you the entire story. You’ll only get as much information as
they think you need to know. Any runner who goes
into a run solely on Mr. Johnson’s info is likely
to be carried out by a DocWagon team—if you’re
lucky. Use your connections to fnd out what they
aren’t telling you. Any good runner is going to
make friends in the circles they can’t get into themselves. If you’re not a mage, meet one. Get to know
a smuggler. Find contacts in the corporations who
can give you information you’ll need to do your
Above all else, fnd a fxer. As the name suggests, they’ll have the answers you don’t. They
know what jobs need to be done, and they excel at
connecting teams to the jobs they can pull off. You
want to be one of the teams a fxer trusts.
On the Run
剧透 -   :
Runs aren’t necessarily one type of thing; therefore, you’ll need to put together a flexible team
that can respond to any situation that presents
itself. You need someone good with their hands
and/or a long gun. It is important to have someone
who can do the talking. You’ll need someone to do
the driving away when talking doesn’t work, or
just when you need to get from point A to point B fast. Break-in and recovery inevitably require Matrix support, so you’ll need a good hacker. Magic
users—spellcasters, summoners, enchanters, what
have you—are your ace in the hole, if you’re lucky
enough to fnd one.
What shadowrunners do is frequently illegal,
so conceal your identity, especially if you’re unlucky enough to have a SIN. Remember what Mr.
Johnson asked you to do, and more importantly
advised you not to do. Shadowruns are delicate
operations that rarely leave room for collateral
damage. Be professional. Every run is an audition
for the next one.
Getting Paid
剧透 -   :
All too often, the most dangerous part of any
run is getting paid for it. Mr. Johnson’s anonymity
means that nobody knows who they are if they decide to screw you over. You’re not going to be able
to take them to small-claims court or anything if
they don’t pay. How you’ve decided to get paid
shapes the interaction. Traditionally, runners are
paid in one of three ways: untraceable credsticks,
corp scrip, or equipment. The presumption is that
they wouldn’t pay you in their own scrip—that is,
if they pay you in Ares dollars, they’re likely from
anywhere but Ares. Running for gear may be the
only way to gain access to rare and illegal goods.
Some Johnsons like to deal in corp scrip as a way
to throw you off the employer’s scent, but the
downside is that you have to fnd a way to spend it
or locate a scrip exchange. If you’re given a choice,
credsticks are the way to go. Certifed credsticks
contain funds backed by the Zurich-Orbital Gemeinschaftsbank. Those funds are good anywhere.
I’d say they’re worth their weight in gold, but the
currency is nothing more than digital encryption.
It has no weight. But I digress.
Once terms have been established and a location for the payout decided, it can be a good idea
to treat the meet with the same level of caution you
would any other stage of the run. Make sure to
scout the location ahead of time, maintain security
where possible, and always be on your guard. Mr.
Johnson may be looking to clean up any loose ends
connected to the run, so don’t make it easy for him
to erase you.

剧透 -   :
So you got a job. You took all the right steps,
pulled it off, and got paid. What now?
We live our lives between shadowruns. That
means doing more than cleaning our weapons,
studying spells, and maintaining the contacts we
need to survive. In other words, the runs are a
means to an end. Each of your employers has their
agenda and reason for being, so between jobs you
ought to be asking yourself, what is yours?
Until you fgure it out, the Sixth World is flled
with distractions to occupy your time. There is a
sports league for every taste. Baseball, soccer, football, hockey, and basketball are popular draws, but
the modern sports connoisseur is more likely to be
drawn to combat biking or urban brawl. Thanks
to the trideo, you can follow your favorite team
or player from anywhere on the planet (or off).
Speaking of trideo, multi-sensory immersive viewing is about the most addictive thing you can do,
legally. There are channels for every taste and news
trids for every political flavor.
If staying in isn’t your passion, then it isn’t hard
to fnd a joygirl or boy eager to fnd out what is.
Sex is still the oldest and most popular pastime.
The Sixth World can bring it to you, virtually or
otherwise. Just be aware that everything that happens in the Matrix or outside of it can wind up as
someone else’s paydata. Some parts of the world
are pretty laid back about it, so you can do just
about anything with as many consenting individuals as you want, and no one will care if someone
tries to blackmail you about it. Other parts are still
dealing with taboos and restrictions, so be careful
about who might be watching when you cross certain lines.
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Re: 【6E】你剩余的生活The Life You Have Left
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Ten Ways to Make a Living in the Shadows


剧透 -   :
Once a valuable employee decides to make a move to
another corporation, they must fnd a way to get away from
their employer and to the other corporation. Extractions
are not necessarily friendly. Often a corporation will kidnap
a targeted employee. They haven’t agreed to the transfer.
They’ll have no idea you are coming, and they might well
resist the entire time. Furthermore, extraction orders don’t
always include the target’s family. It is common to show up
to extract a worker only to fnd them sitting down for family
dinner. The choice to extract additional targets is ultimately
yours, but in these situations you are operating without pay
and outside the parameters of what you were hired to do.
They might pay you in gratitude for getting them out, but be
sure you’re getting them to a better place.

剧透 -   :
Often confused with bodyguard work, in this job runners are tasked to protect a location or a person. The job is
straightforward—sit on the principal until a team arrives for
retrieval. Corporations and other employers tend to farm
this work out to gangs. This work is best suited for people
who don’t ask questions. They don’t know or care why they
were hired to sit on the principal, who hired you, or even
what they are protecting. The mission is to make sure the
only people who get to the principal are the ones that know
the password.
Protection Detail

剧透 -   :
Mr. Johnsons and other frontline employers need protection when they meet others to do their work. Corporate workers need protection when they are operating
outside the boundaries of their corporations or off the
books. This work differs from babysitting in that you are
generally protecting the employer, so injury to the employer means you don’t get paid. Beyond that, you are
expected to show a level of professionalism toward the
employer that you don’t have to worry about in a babysitting run. Often the hardest part of a protection detail is
dealing with the principal. Shadowrunners who develop
a talent for this kind of work often wind up up guarding
trid stars and occasionally become signed on to a private
security corp such as Wolverine or Centurion.


剧透 -   :
In some circumstances, a location’s security cannot be
breached unless that security is distracted or otherwise dispersed. Shadowrunners can make a name for themselves
getting hired by a corporation or even another runner team
to cause a diversion so the primary run can succeed. Often
this is high risk, because the goal of a diversion is to draw
the authorities away from the real attack. That means everyone will be looking at you—any heat from the job, any
gunfre, will come your way. Employers are not always so
direct about this kind of work, and runners may fnd them selves on a run they thought was real only to discover they were selves on a run they thought was real only to discover they were
the diversion.
Straight Thievery

剧透 -   :
We live in a world of increasingly rare and unique items.
From time to time, runners are hired to steal some of these
items. Occasionally they will be hired by the victim to steal the
item back. Theft is a large part of working with organized crime
syndicates. While bank robbery is rare, syndicates hire runners
to hijack automated cargo trucks, disappear shipments of goods
for the insurance, and rob stores who refuse to pay protection
money. Thievery is also a common part of Matrix shadowruns. A
hacker turned loose in a datastore to steal a specifc fle might
fnd several other fles they can sell on the black market. Taking
more than you were asked to steal is frowned on by employers,
but it’s incredibly hard to track or prove. Most runners view taking extra stuff as valuable side income.

剧透 -   :
Companies are always working on the next new prototype.
It is often easier and cheaper to hire shadowrunners to steal a
prototype and all related research data from a company than to
invent new things themselves. Corporate redundancy and compartmentalization mean that often, the data needs to be acquired
from more than one location. One team of researchers could be
working on part of a prototype at one location while a separate
research facility holds the rest of the device. Particularly sensitive
fles may be stored at yet another, air-gapped location. Occasionally this type of work is combined with extraction when an employer decides they need the scientists as well.

剧透 -   :
Wetwork is murder by a sweeter name. Often this kind of
work needs to be done discreetly. The job needs to be made to
look accidental. Runner teams like the Smoker’s Club specialize
in this sort of business. Wetwork is a highly specialized and competitive market. Once you start to make a name for yourself,
you are likely to fnd yourself the target of a rival wetwork team
trying to make a name for themselves or carrying out the orders
of a Johnson who previously hired you.
湿活即是好听点的谋杀。通常需要隐秘完成。需要让死亡看起来像是意外。吸烟者俱乐部(Smoker’s Club)这种狂奔者队伍专门擅长这种工作。湿活生意十分专业,竞争激烈。一旦你有了名气,你会发现自己成了某个竞争团队的目标,可能是想出名,也可能是执行之前雇你的某个约翰逊的任务。

剧透 -   :
Smuggling and goods transportation is the backbone of the
black market. Drugs, people, telesma, and tech all move across
borders. Though commonly associated with gangs and syndicates, NGOs and other private-sector interests frequently use
smugglers to move assets. Smugglers, like thieves and assassins, operate as part of a larger network that includes fences
and fxers. Smugglers, however, tend to be regionally based
and have expert knowledge in the geographical terrain of their
home territory.
Bounty Hunting

剧透 -   :
There will always be a market for the hides of rare animals.
In the Sixth World, there is also a market for sentient critters.
From the ghouls of Asamondo to Awakened storm dolphins off
the coast of Australia, there are standing bounties open to any
runner enterprising enough to claim them. Public and private
law-enforcement services like Lone Star and Knight Errant
maintain a less-exotic list of wanted criminals. Thankfully, these
law enforcement organizations tend to not look too closely at
who is picking up the nuyen in these situations.
White Hat

剧透 -   :
Runners are sometimes hired to test the capabilities of a
security system. This traditionally happens more in Matrix security than it does in physical security. White-hat runners are generally instructed to not cause lasting damage to the institution
they are breaking into. They aren’t supposed to harm security,
and most importantly, they’re ordered to not steal anything.
Unfortunately, these limitations do not apply to the security elements assigned to stop you. They don’t know your operation
is a test, and they will employ all available means to neutralize
the threat.
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Re: 【6E】你剩余的生活The Life You Have Left
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The Powers that Be
剧透 -   :
There’s far too much drek hanging over our
heads to be able to take the long view. Stare up
too long and you can guess what happens. So instead, we keep our heads down. Once in a while,
the clouds part and there is a glimpse of what is
going on in the larger world. Our reality exists in
an employer/employee dynamic that is generally fltered through a middle man. If you’re lucky, you
don’t have to know who you’re working for, but
sometimes it helps. The different types of employers can’t necessarily be stuffed into nice categories,
but I’ll do my best.


剧透 -   :
Here’s the thing about dragons: For as much as
they want to be left alone, they also want to be able
to control what you’re doing, watching, and seeing.
They’re like corps in that way. They fght like corps,
too. Not long after UGE (I’ll cover that in a minute—
see p. 26), the great dragon Aden frebombed Tehran,
killing the ayatollah and everyone else in a fve-mile
radius of his compound after the Muslim leader declared jihad on the Awakened, including metahumans. Aden was protecting assets, plain and simple.
Still, the similarities end there. Thousands of years of
tension, animosity, and planning defne draconian interactions. There’s a story that Alamais and Dunkelzahn used to hire runners to break into each other’s
compounds every year, costing drekloads in nuyen
and lives, all to deliver a fruitcake as a prank. Dragons have their hands in everything. Some control cities or nations, such as Ghostwalker in Denver and
Hualpa in Amazonia. Others have their claws deep
in the world’s fnancial systems. Two of the top ten
megas are at least partially run by great dragons. All
of the great dragons have amassed fortunes beyond
human comprehension, yet it is not clear what a single one of them actually wants or even cares about.
They play long games, their motives are inscrutable,
and it’s not clear if they care about you at all. I’ll tell
you what a runner told me when I got started: Never,
ever cut a deal with a dragon.

剧透 -   :
The great dragons don’t live alone at the top
of the food chain anymore. The day magic reemerged, governments took a backseat to more
powerful forces. Corporations became the architects of our awareness. Education, the news,
even social media is fltered through outlets they
control. Unlike dragons, the corporate agenda is
transparent. The goal of every existing corporate
structure is to make nuyen. They accomplish this
goal well, and as a result, corporations influence
the Sixth World more than any other type of employer you will encounter.
No matter how little they want to admit it, corporations need shadowrunners the way cars need
mechanics. Working for the corps represents the bedrock of what shadowrunners do. We are deniable assets. Our job is to carry out the work given to us, get
paid, and forget about everything we just did.
Each megacorporation has its own identity beyond the bottom line. That identity presents itself
in the kind of work they offer and more specifcally, the kind of security you can expect to encounter
when running against them.

Public Sector
剧透 -   :
Governments still matter. Sort of. Local and
federal agencies work to preserve the fragile peace
in the spaces between corporations. That means
plenty of business for shadowrunners willing to
get their hands dirty. As is the case with corporations, you might fnd yourself hired by one part
of the government to run against another in a private war to help someone move a bit further up
the chain of command. Government work rarely
comes from the very top. It is usually doled out
by double-blind mid-level staffers anxious to make
an impression on their bosses. The work you do
can be small potatoes, like kidnapping a local offcial so they can’t make call on a critical vote. You
might also fnd yourself caught up in a larger conflict as many runners did when Aztlan and Amazonia used runners in the run up to their war.

Non-Governmental Organizations
剧透 -   :
There are several other organizations that are
neither corporation nor government. Their global
reach and wealth make them relevant to the conversation. NGOs are interest-based organizations
often founded by wealthy donors or through money funneled through legitimate governments. The
Atlantean Foundation and the Black Lodge are two
organizations founded by magic users and whose
primary interests are magic and the recovery of
magical items, while the Draco Foundation and the
somewhat-related Dunkelzahn Institute of Magical
Research were born out of a dragon’s hoard and
exist to carry out his will beyond the grave.
Several popular NGOs known as policlubs exist to promote racial division. The Humanis Policlub is the most well-known. They see human and
meta as a black-and-white division, like good vs.
evil. One guess as to which side they think is good.
While Humanis is the pinnacle of rage, hatred
comes from both sides of the racial divide. That
work is based on shifting the perceptions of the
races they hate or improving the perceptions of
their own.
Universities can be just as dangerous as
megacorporations, because they are often locked
in a competition where name recognition directly
correlates to funding. Faculty extractions are commonplace, especially between the public and private universities.

Organized Crime
剧透 -   :
Syndicates might be the last bastion of cultural
exclusivity. Yakuza, Mafa, Triads, Native American Koshari, Vory v Zakone, elven Laesa, Seoulpa
Rings—there is no shortage of criminal syndicates
to get involved with. Syndicates are street-level performers heavily involved in traffcking and protection schemes. They operate in specifc geographical
turf, and getting involved with a syndicate tends
to mean doing work that protects their turf. There
is money to be made working for one syndicate
versus another, but be careful about forming allegiances, because once you do, you become the
enemy of everyone else in the cesspool.
The lowest level of organized crime is the street
gangs. These are local organizations usually anywhere from ten to one hundred members. Some
gangs reach beyond their sprawl, spreading their
wings and making a name for themselves. The Cutters come to mind, with chapters in multiple cities.

Private Individuals
剧透 -   :
Not all running jobs come from organizations.
Rich celebrities, so-called immortal elves, philanthropists, digital lifeforms, and free spirits all
might have their own agendas to advance in the
shadows. They aren’t as global as corporations,
but the problems that impact their lives and create work opportunities for us are no less dangerous. As expected, a bunch of the work you get is
bodyguard duty, settling old scores, and suppressing information they’d rather not have leak out.
However, private sector work can offer the illusion
of benefting the greater good. Many of the jobs I
come across are anti-corp or jobs that help out the
little guy. I’m sure these employers are playing an
angle, but taking a minute to do some good helps
offset the all the drek I do for the corps in order to
keep the ramen coming.
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Re: 【6E】你剩余的生活The Life You Have Left
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十  大

Mitsuhama Computer Technologies
三津滨庞大、高效,忠于日本帝国。最后一条不完全真实。没有哪家公司像三津滨一样把董事会内的事务藏得那么好。它团结和安静的行事方式是日式商业模式的榜样。然而升至首位后,这家公司开始出现成功倦怠,团结的模式逐渐断裂。每个大股东都开始私下将股份卖给未知对象。更不祥的是,一些旧领导班子的成员,例如主要持股人弘伦·山名(Korin Yamana)和荣誉董事会顾问大贺·三津滨(Taiga Mitsuhama),神秘死亡。通常来说,改变是好事。然而十大顶端的变化通常伴随混乱——和许多狂奔。
剧透 -   :
Mitsuhama Computer Technologies
Corporate Court Ranking (2080): 1
Corporate Slogan: “The Future, Brought to You by Mitsuhama”
Corporate Status: AAA, public corporation
World Headquarters: Kyoto, Japanese Imperial State
CEO/President: Toshiro Mitsuhama
Mitsuhama is massive, efcient, and faithful to the Japanese Imperial State. Except that
last one is not entirely true. No other company
has done such a good job of hiding the truth
of what goes on inside their boardrooms. It is
a credit to the Japanese way of business that
the company has stayed so steadfast and silent. However, since
their rise to number one, the company has suffered from success fatigue and the lines of solidarity are beginning to fracture. Each of the major shareholders has begun privately selling off stock holdings to unknown parties. Even more ominous,
members of the old leadership caste, such as key shareholder
Korin Yamana and honorary board advisor Taiga Mitsuhama,
have died under mysterious circumstances. Under normal circumstances, change is good. However, change at the top of the
Big Ten tends to come with chaos—and lots of shadowruns.

剧透 -   :
Corporate Court Ranking (2080): 2
Corporate Slogan: “One Step Beyond”
Corporate Status: AAA, private corporation
World Headquarters: Neu-Essen, Allied German States
CEO/President: Lofwyr
The great dragon Lofwyr harbors a
distaste toward fellow Big Ten CEO Johnny Spinrad, the roots of which are too
detailed to explain here. Despite a lack
of evidence, S-K holds SpinradGlobal at
least partially responsible for its recent troubles, which resulted in a fall from the top spot of the Corporate Court rankings.
Lofwyr’s corporation failed to claim the top spot due in part to
a series of shadowruns that impacted sales fgures in a number of key industrial areas. Even as the corporation is moving
to settle that score, Lofwyr is presently at odds with dragon
Loremaster Celedyr, presenting S-K with an entirely new set of
allies and enemies. S-K is the only corporation bold enough to
shun the Mr. Johnson moniker, instead calling their operatives
Herr Brackhaus, a strategy that has led runners to know when
they are working for S-K and to act accordingly.

联络的CEO是稻造·姉木,他用黑牙赠与的一件小礼物踏入了西藏周围不可穿过的迷雾。姉木没有归来,在65年被宣布法律上死亡。尽管如此,关于姉木以精魂形态生活甚至出现在董事会成员面前给予指导的传言一直经久不息。无论真假,姉木的位置和投票权仍然属于他。下津·佐佐木(Orito Sasaki)负责公司总裁一职,四家·中臣(Shikei Nakatomi)负责董事会主席一职。两人对联络的未来计划并不一致,导致的内部冲突为许多狂奔者提供了生意。
剧透 -   :
Corporate Court Ranking (2080): 3
Corporate Slogan: “Let Us Serve You”
Corporate Status: AAA, public corporation
World Headquarters: Chiba, Japanese Imperial State
CEO/President: Inazo Aneki (Honorary)
Renraku is known for two things: the massive worldwide
SIN database, which they maintain, and the Red Samurai. The
latter are the elite security forces of the corporation, known
by the red samurai (natch) armor they wear. Make no mistake,
this isn’t shogun cosplay. If you see a Red Samurai, you’ve wandered into someplace very important to
the corporation, and they likely don’t
want you to emerge alive.
Renraku’s CEO is Inazo Aneki, who
used a trinket gifted to him by Dunkelzahn to step through the impenetrable
veil that surrounds Tibet. Aneki never
returned and was legally declared dead in ’65. In spite of this,
rumors persist that Aneki lives on in spirit form and even appears to members of the board to offer instruction. True or
false, Aneki’s seat and vote remain his. Orito Sasaki operates
as president, and Shikei Nakatomi chairs the board. The two
don’t see eye to eye in terms of Renraku’s plans for the future. The resultant infghting has kept a lot of shadowrunners
in business.

有的公司管理城市。阿兹特科拥有一个国家。这家公司源于几个在家乡被当民族英雄的毒品卡尔特头目的联合。奶奶们过去为他们的安危祈祷。现在她们为弗莱维娅•德拉罗莎(Flavia de la Rosa)祈祷。阿兹特科是一种生活方式。公司的理念变更时,整个国家的理念也跟着改变。这种民族英雄神话让阿兹特科在他们的主场极其危险。在阿兹国之外,这家公司致力于达成与它相关的民众和城市之间的公共支持关系。但在假面之下,阿兹特科只关心两件事:拓展品牌,扩张国土。
剧透 -   :
Corporate Court Ranking (2080): 4
Corporate Slogan: “For a Better Tomorrow”
Corporate Status: AAA, private corporation
World Headquarters: Tenochtitlàn, Aztlan
CEO/President: Flavia de la Rosa
Some corporations run cities. Aztechnology owns a country. The corporation
evolved from a collaboration of drug cartel leaders who were treated like folk heroes in their hometowns. Grandmothers
prayed for their safety. Now they pray for
the life of Flavia de la Rosa. Aztechnology is a way of life. When
the company’s beliefs shift, the beliefs of a nation shift with
it. This folk-hero mythos makes Aztechnology extremely dangerous on their home turf. Outside of Azzie-land, the company
works to build that type of public support with the people and
cities with which it interacts. Yet, behind the façade, Aztechnology is dedicated to two things: growing its brand and expanding its land.

幸福或许是人们认知中最老的超企,但它正在承受恶名的后果。公司的能源产品和制造业部门家喻户晓。但它的其它知名部门若使用幸福商标,则通常会表现不佳。人们依然不希望负责电站的公司名也用在寿司供应商上。缺乏连贯性的商标让这家公司长年徘徊于十大末尾。在超企审查中,幸福的新领导团队开始收购小型但受欢迎的国家和A级企业,将它们重新包装变成幸福旗下。这一策略迅速提升了幸福的公司形象。随着策略的推行,其它大公司也注意到了幸福的举措。暗影中我们知道幸福是因为它的市场预测与情报部(Marketing Forecasting and Information Division, MFID),负责以收购、快速出清,当然还有狂奔行动等手段操纵股市的预测型智库。
剧透 -   :
Corporate Court Ranking (2080): 5
Corporate Slogan: “Advancing Life”
Corporate Status: AAA, public corporation
World Headquarters: Osaka, Japan
CEO/President: Tadashi Shiawase
Perhaps the oldest recognized
megacorp, Shiawase suffers from the
failure of notoriety. The company’s energy production and manufacturing divisions are household names. However,
the company’s other named divisions traditionally underperform when given the
Shiawase label. People still don’t expect the company running
the power plant to be named after the one serving them sushi. Disconnected branding led to the company lingering near
the bottom of the top ten for years. During the megacorporate
audit, Shiawese’s new leadership began to snap up small but
popular national and A-rated corporations, rebranding them
under the Shiawase name. This lifted the company’s image
immediately. As this strategy continues, other larger corporations are taking notice. In the shadows we know Shiawase
for its Marketing Forecasting and Information Division (MFID),
a predictive think tank that works to shape the stock market
through purchases, rapid sell-offs, and yes, shadowruns.

沙伦·陈吴(Sharon Chang-Wu)用中国传统的数字命理学唯灵论准则提升公司形象。这一信仰体系给公司带来了不寻常的习惯。事实上,五行曾经在升至第四位时背刺自己,好避免停留在四这个在命理学中与死亡相关的等级。这种神秘性影响了五行和狂奔者的关系。它的恶名来自雇佣狂奔者闯进设施只为了把一把椅子从房间一边移到另一边这种琐碎任务,目的则是破坏风水。付账的时候,你可以预料收到有命理学含义的古怪金额。只要当心你的钱不是以四结尾。
剧透 -   :
Corporate Court Ranking (2080): 6
Corporate Slogan: “We’re Behind Everything You Do”
Corporate Status: AAA, public corporation
World Headquarters: Hong Kong, Free Enterprise Enclave
CEO/President: Sharon Chang-Wu
Sharon Chang-Wu elevated her company on the spiritualist principles of Chinese numerology. That
belief system has led to unusual habits. In
fact, Wuxing is known to have sabotaged
itself once it gained the number-four
ranking in order to avoid staying at that
level and being closely associated with
the number of death in numerology. That
brand of mysticism impacts the relationship Wuxing has with
shadowrunners. The company is notorious for hiring runners
to break into a facility for mundane tasks like moving a chair
from one side of the room to the other, thus disrupting the
feng shui. When it comes time for payment, expect odd denominations whose meanings reflect numerology. Just be
careful your fee doesn’t end in a four.

剧透 -   :
Corporate Court Ranking (2080): 7
Corporate Slogan: “Evo is Acceptance”
Corporate Status: AAA, private corporation
World Headquarters: Vladivostok, Russia
CEO/President: Ysil
Evo was born out of the ashes of the Yamatetsu Corporation. After the eruption of the Ring of
Fire in 2061, the corporation named its
frst metahuman CEO. This move rankled
the Japanese rank and fle. While Japanese citizens could stomach the idea of
a manga-esque free spirit named Buttercup owning thirty percent of the company, an ork at the helm was just too much.
It led other Japanacorps to suggest that Yamatetsu appoint
someone more suitable to be the face of the corp.
They went the other way, ditching the lockstep philosophy
of the Japanacorps and physically moving the HQ to Russia.
Evo didn’t only embrace metahuman leadership, They took
hold of the idea of evolution itself. Sensing a potential for
proft, the company quickly adjusted to the expansion of racial
groups. Evo leaned into the change, ultimately leading them
down the road of becoming the premier metahuman employer.
It was a natural transition then for Evo to accept the Monad
culture into the fold. Corps like Evo recognize that the future is
posthuman. The rest of us haven’t decided that yet.

Spinrad Global
约翰尼·斯普兰德(Johnny Spinrad)的成果是十大俱乐部的新成员,在新网因认知碎片化障碍丑闻被公司法庭直接后将其赶出议事厅。这家公司代表着善与媒体打交道的斯普兰德工业和石油化工(以及其它领域)巨头的全球沙暴的合并。斯普全球把关注度当成货币。斯普兰德本人继续当一个公共秀场人物(他有自己的频道),他的能量感染了整家公司。同时,合并也给沙暴巴克拉瓦打扮的特殊安保部队,尼查里(Nizari),招来了关注的目光。
剧透 -   :
Corporate Court Ranking (2080): 8
Corporate Slogan: “For a Better Life”
Corporate Status: AAA, private corporation
World Headquarters: Lisbon, Portugal
CEO/President: Johnny Spinrad
Johnny Spinrad’s brainchild is the
newest edition to the club of ten, having
pushed NeoNET off the council once the
latter was dismembered by the Corporate
Court in the wake of the cognitive fragmentation disorder scandal. The company represents a merger between the media-savvy Spinrad Industries and petrochemical giant (along
with other activities) Global Sandstorm. SpinGlobal treats
attention like currency. Spinrad himself continues to live a
publicly cast existence (he has his own channel) whose energy
infects the entire company. Likewise, the merger brought attention to Sandstorm’s balaclava-clad special security forces,
the Nizari.

剧透 -   :
Corporate Court Ranking (2080): 9
Corporate Slogan: “Making the World a Safer Place”
Corporate Status: AAA, public corporation
World Headquarters: Detroit, UCAS
CEO/President: Damien Knight
Ares is the world leader in combat
applications. This shows in their own security forces, such as the elite Firewatch
Brigade, which came to notoriety during
the Chicago Containment. The rank-andfle of Ares security is Knight Errant, a subsidiary that is second
only to Lone Star as a worldwide police force. This is notable,
because if you’re wanted by KE in one part of the world, then
that warrant extends globally. The corporation is in the midst
of a massive PR campaign following the Excalibur rifle debacle,
where a much-hyped rifle line turned out to be a dud, injuring
and killing people who were trying to use it to injure and kill
others. In a rare move, they hired another megacorp, Horizon,
to help rebrand the corporation. There is plenty of work to go
around cleaning up their image. Rumors abound of other difculties behind the scenes, including their longstanding battle
with the hideous insect spirits, and the stories say they have
explored many paths to ending their troubles. Some of their
solutions may well be explosive.

剧透 -   :
Corporate Court Ranking (2080): 10
Corporate Slogan: “Moving Minds”
Corporate Status: AAA, private corporation
World Headquarters: Los Angeles, PCC
CEO/President: Gary Cline
Horizon is the corporation every
teenager wants to work for. Horizon
doesn’t sell trends, they create them.
You can bet that new trend has been
crowdsourced, vetted, deconstructed,
re-analyzed, and proofed before being
foisted on the public as a spontaneous emergence. The company can do this because they’re already in people’s heads. Horizon is the world leader in social media, so when the sheeple flip on the trid or slot a simsense chip, Horizon is there processing your habits to determine what they should convince
you to like next. Horizon expects to control what you think. It’s
in the slogan.
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Re: 【6E】你剩余的生活The Life You Have Left
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A Brief History of the Sixth World
剧透 -   :
I’m sure the history lessons from your corporate-funded primary school did a great job of sharing the version of history according to whatever
corp footed the bill. There is nothing wrong with
that. Everyone tells the same story about the big
moments. What is lost are the connective fbers
between those moments. History is the timeline
sprinting backward from where you are right now,
zigging and zagging between those huge datapoints. If you’re here reading this, then where you
are now is in the shadows. There is no corporation
shelling out cash to turn this into the history they want. In spite of the specifc circumstances that
led you here, there are certain inexorable occurrences that made it certain that you had no other choice than to become a runner. If you’re with
the church set you might think all of this is God’s
plan—whichever God you subscribe to, of course.
These aren’t necessarily in chronological order. In
our lifetimes, a lot of bad drek tends to happen all
at once, and only after we’ve sifted through the
wreckage do we start to approach the idea of what
came frst and how it all affects us. This world is
harsh and unfriendly, but it also makes a drekload
of sense. You pull on the right threads, you can
trace where your life is now all the way back to
the beginning.
It all started with a plague.
剧透 -   :
Virally induced toxic allergy syndrome (VI
TAS) hit the world in two waves. The frst emer
gence of the disease was in 2010 in a crowded
corner of New Delhi. The disease caught like dry
kindling and spread across the planet. By 2011,
one out of every four people on the planet was
dead or dying from the disease. The hardest hit
were the densest world populations of China,
Bahrain, and Bangladesh. Mexico was the frst
government to collapse under the weight of the
disease. Its citizens predictably fled north toward
the promise of medical care.
What happened next is still the subject of speculation. Unexplained genetic expression (UGE)
touched ten percent of the remaining population.
Children were being born with signifcant physi
ological differences from so-called normal kids.
The media quickly classifed these changes into
catchy categories with names borrowed from pop
ular fantasy: dwarf and elf. Soon after, the phe
nomenon called Goblinization introduced orks
and trolls. Like VITAS, there wasn’t a person on
the planet who didn’t know someone affected by
these changes. The new meta-racial emersion knew
no class. They try to make it seem otherwise now,
but the elves weren’t all born to wealthy parents,
and the trolls and orks weren’t all dumped into the
slums. My father was born to a wealthy Texas-oil
family, and they hid him from the public because
he was born an ork.
剧透 -   :
Goblinization sparked fears that this was a
side effect or even the next wave of VITAS, but
that wave was still to come. It hit in early 2022
and resulted in the death of another ten percent of
the remaining population. None of the emerging
metaraces were spared. However, VITAS helped
us metahumans because it allowed the research
to be done to prove that goblinization was not
a side effect or infection path of VITAS. Doctors
discovered that UGE was not even a disease in
and of itself. UGE was the genuine emergence of new races. We’d learn soon enough that those
myths and legends that inspired the names of
those races had a basis in reality. But before we
could set about to working together, the pope gave
a speech that stopped just short of justifying the
murder of metahuman children. What it did was
announce that it was okay to hate metas, and that
hate came fast and hot. Ayatollah Hamidullah of
Iran declared jihad against metahumanity, only to
have the great dragon Aden declare war on the
ayatollah, and win it forcefully. That didn’t stop
the spread of hate, and hate groups formed in
every nation. Some continued to blame VITAS on
metahumans even though they had zero evidence.
剧透 -   :
Sometimes people said that tensions between
metatypes overwhelmed tensions based on skin
color, but it’s not so simple. Those old tensions
didn’t flame out. The arrival of the new races was
more like throwing napalm on a forest fre. Suddenly everyone had an “other” to be mad at, and terrifyingly fewer of “their own” that they needed to protect. A second wave of UGE called SURGE
struck with the return of Halley’s Comet in 2061,
setting off a new wave of racism as more meta
variants poured into our world. It proved once and
for all that UGE was unrelated to VITAS—not that
the true deniers even cared.
Being so far removed from that plague, it’s hard
to think about what losing one out of four people
globally actually did to society. Above all else it
created a power vacuum that the corporate world
was in the best position to fll.
If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably an Andrik

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Dawn of the Megas
剧透 -   :
The bottom line about the corps is this: They run the world. It wasn’t always this way. It took the birth of extraterritoriality to push us kicking and screaming into this new reality. We have Shiawase to thank for that. The 2007 Shiawase decision opened the floodgates to corporate overreach. The U.S. Supreme Court ruling leaned heavily on the argument that corporations were beholden to customers, not governments. Government interference stood in the way of a company’s ability to serve its customers.
剧透 -   :
Corporate overreach was inevitable from that point. With many restraints falling by the wayside, owners and shareholders started demanding ever-more rapid growth, without ever stopping to ask whether their demands were realistic. They responded by exploring new avenues of growth, one of the quickest being acquisitions. They merged and acquisitioned their asses off, growing larger and larger until the system that ensured fair competition bent and finally broke. Eventually, the U.S. ratified the Business Recognition Accords (BRA), moving to treat specific corporations as sovereign entities, conferring to them the recognition and resulting powers of a nation. Other governments followed suit. Today, extraterritoriality is recognized by most standing governments. The ones that refuse face pressure to cave.
剧透 -   :
After the BRA, diversified conglomerates squeezed every market until the idea of mom-and-pop industries didn’t exist. That commlink you bought? Mitsuhama. Its cheaper off-brand competitor? Also Mitsuhama. The artisan-designed commlink with the bells and whistles from a small independent you’ve never heard of? You guessed it: Mitsuhama. Everything became a conglomerate, and the idea of choice breeding competition became a piece of history. Even the American dream shifted. Individuals no longer started businesses to run them, but instead to be bought out by larger corps and cash in.
剧透 -   :
That would be fine, maybe, if not for the loss of rights that came with this new reality. Empowered by their size, megacorporations argued that civil-rights laws worked to actively disadvantage the corporations in terms of hiring and promotion practices. They made it seem that the goal of civil rights was to hinder corporations by forcing them to hire employees according to a universal set of rules that did not reflect the culture or goals of the corporation. Laws once designed to criminalize race or poverty were re-legislated to actively work against worker rights. Wage slavery was born.
剧透 -   :
Today’s corporate world is a lot like the highschool lunchroom of your nightmares. Corps buy up other corps to protect their rating—their seat at the table, and everyone wants a seat at the table. The higher up you go, the smaller and more exclusive the table gets. There are ten kids at the head table. Together, they form the Corporate Court. When the Corporate Court first started, there were only seven members: Ares, BMW, JRJ, Keruba, Mistuhama, Shiawase, and ORO. If you hold the core ownership of one of these seven, you get a seat on the Corporate Court, guaranteed. These corps came together to form the rating system that determines extraterritoriality.
剧透 -   :
The corporate rating system is a complex series of checks and balances, but all that really matters are the three ratings at the top. A-ranked corporations are those that have amassed enough assets to extend across multiple nations, though they don’t have to be fully diversified in their business lines. It takes AA status to get you extraterritorial status, and the Court guards that entry like a watchdog. Being part of the exclusive AA group isn’t a permanent thing. Corporations are subject to random audits to determine if their assets still meet the requirements of AA status. AAA ratings are reserved for the corps that have a seat on the Corporate Court. The order of the ten changes from time to time, but it takes a catastrophic change to lose your seat entirely. This is what happened to NeoNET. The breaking up of the company came from a lot of sources, including Court edicts, but you cannot ignore the role of the shadows in bringing their role in cognitive fragmentation disorder to light and then helping some hostile takeovers of some of their assets. In the end, shadowrunners helped push NeoNET out of their seat. Who is the next Big Ten to tumble? You may find yourself in a position to play a role in that.
剧透 -   :
As a result of corporate sovereignty, the world went from having just shy of two hundred countries to having half as many AA-rated and AAA-rated corporations, each with its own extraterritoriality, right to print its own currency, and standing army. Corporations gained the power to challenge and even take over nations. Prior to VITAS, nations were the shells corporations gestated in. When the Mexican government collapsed in 2015, a new way of corporate thinking was born. A group of drug cartels quickly organized to form ORO, which would eventually come to be known as Aztechnology. ORO became the first corporation to seize control of a nation. Parts of the Native American Nations understood that the new world order wasn’t just a matter of power but of corporate leverage. A collection of tribes formed and incorporated the Pueblo Corporate Council. Because the corps were so influential in keeping the world running during the troubles, nobody spent much time worrying about the problems with extraterritoriality. By the time anyone did, it was too late.

剧透 -   :
The shadowrunner network called JackPoint was born out of a need to speak truth. After a time, it became more than a place to connect—it was also a way to navigate the truth of the Sixth World and remind you of the history the powers-that-be would rather you forgot. A place to check in and see what remains of the life you have left.
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If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably an Andrik

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Re: 【6E】你剩余的生活The Life You Have Left
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The Crash of ’29
剧透 -   :
You could argue that the history of the Sixth World can be traced along the transaction history of a company called Fuchi and its ugly roller coaster ride to become NeoNET. That story begins with the Matrix Crash of 2029. At that point, the network that had been called the internet was ubiquitous. It was also completely unprotected. The Crash virus overwhelmed the network instantly. Cars stopped dead on the road, the banks went dark, and the virus brought global chaos as it spread. Our world, barely recovering from the trauma of UGE, was code-deep in a new nightmare.
剧透 -   :
The American government commissioned a team called Echo Mirage to use elite hacking tools known as cyberdecks to enter the grid and confront the virus before it could destroy any more of the network infrastructure. Make no mistake, Echo Mirage was the birth of shadowrunning. The thirty-two people sent into the net to face nascent black IC were an expendable black ops team. They knew it. Seven people survived the run. Four of those seven immediately dropped off the grid and used the payday they scored to create new lives for themselves. Some remained in the shadows and are the reason JackPoint exists. Two others used their newly found expertise to form Fuchi Industrial Electronics.
剧透 -   :
The Crash broke the world. Governments, cash, resources, and data starved, and alliances and partnerships broke, shifted, and were newly built, further redrawing the global map of power. Beyond the physical repercussions, the Crash also revealed a truth we’d long feared: artificial intelligences (AIs) stalked the matrix. They would remain out of play for the moment, but not forever.
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If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably an Andrik

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Re: 【6E】你剩余的生活The Life You Have Left
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Bug City
剧透 -   :
Cockroaches are bad enough when they are three centimeters long and crawling along your baseboards. Now imagine them taking the form of spirits and manifesting on our plane of existence in bodies the size of a car. It sounds like a horror movie. It also sounds like a damn powerful military asset. Nobody really blames Ares for trying to militarize bugs. We just blame them for screwing it up.
剧透 -   :
The nightmare of Bug City can be traced back to an NGO called the Universal Brotherhood (UB). The organization billed itself as being “dedicated to bettering the quality of life for all people.” Predictably, they set themselves up in the inner cities where the people had no hope and no economic voice. The UB, as it turned out, was a front for the bugs. The organization was collecting people to use as hosts for bug spirits. They set up hives all over the world in preparation for a bug invasion. Ares had some knowledge of what was going on and had set up monitoring on one of these hives in Chicago. They allowed the UB operation to continue until they realized it was much larger than they could handle. Things escalated with mind-warping speed. The military joined the fight and Chicago was walled off, trapping thousands of citizens inside the Containment Zone. The area strangled Chicago’s economic development.
剧透 -   :
One thing we know about bugs is they don’t ever pop up where we want them to. Another thing we know is that once they’ve taken root, nothing short of a nuke will get them out. Ares tested that theory, setting off a tactical nuke inside the Chicago Containment Zone. It wasn’t enough. The blast destroyed a large population of the bugs, but enough remained to keep Chicago walled off for another decade while the UCAS military worked to cull the insects. The city has been open for a few years now, but the bug problem is not solved. Far from it, in fact. Try to get bugs out of one place, and they pop up somewhere else. The bug threat isn’t gone or even forgotten—far from it. Everyone holds Ares responsible for the situation as it is, and the corporation knows they need to do something in order to save face, and maybe deliver a decisive blow to the bugs.
剧透 -   :
Of course, in the Sixth World, no problem stays one thing for very long. I mean, why be one thing when you can be a whole clusterfrag of nightmares? The Containment Zone holds more than just bug spirits. Creatures infected with various strains of the human-metahuman vampiric virus (HMHVV) haunt the ruins, stalking the living and waiting for a chance to feed on them. There are parts of the Containment Zone like the Shattergraves, the ruins of the Sears Tower, where ghouls far outnumber the living, which means accidentally wandering into the wrong area means you quickly shift from living being to lunch. While the Infected make many people nervous—and for good reasons—many of them simply want to find a way to live in this world, just like everyone else, and some of them have found a home in the shadows.
If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably an Andrik

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Re: 【6E】你剩余的生活The Life You Have Left
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Crash 2.0
剧透 -   :
When Renraku’s flagship Seattle Arcology went completely offline in 2059, it marked the start of a five-year saga that would change the Matrix as we know it. We know now that the trouble began when a rogue AI named Deus seized control of the facility. The Renraku corporation kept this in the dark, first, sending in their own security and then shadowrunners to figure out what was happening inside. Over the next few years the AI worked its plan. Finally, in 2064 a series of well-timed and well placed EMP explosions, a dissonance worm, and Deus’ attempted ascension all colluded to crash the Matrix. The damage knocked everything offline.
剧透 -   :
As with VITAS before it, the corps were right there to pick up the pieces and turn a tidy profit. Remember when I said the Sixth World could be traced through Fuchi? Well, that company morphed into NeoNET. Guess who stepped in to pick up the pieces of itself and the Matrix? Infused with new money and technology from Transys Neuronet, they took the lead in instituting the Wireless Matrix Initiative, rebuilding the Matrix into the augmented reality wonderland that it is now. In the wake of the crash, the Grid Overwatch Division, GOD for short, was established to regulate the Matrix. They claimed it was a mechanism to prevent one corporation from controlling the network, but the reality is that it exists to police independents like myself and to track and capture Matrix anomalies that rise out of the Resonance pools.
就像之前的VITAS一样,公司收拾残局,赚得盆满钵满。还记得我说过第六纪历史可以通过富池追踪吗?这家公司变成了新网。猜猜看是谁来收拾自己和矩阵的碎片?他们从系通神经网络公司获得了新的资金和技术,率先发起了 "无线矩阵计划",将矩阵重建成为现在的增强现实仙境。崩溃后,为了规范矩阵,网域监察部门,简称GOD,成立了。他们声称这个机制能防止单一公司控制网络,但实际上,它的存在是为了监视像我这样的独立人士,并追踪和捕捉从共鸣池中出现的矩阵异常现象。
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Re: 【6E】你剩余的生活The Life You Have Left
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The CFD Crisis
剧透 -   :
Lessons learned from VITAS and the Chicago Containment were put to the test when cognitive fragmentation disorder (CFD) was uncovered in the early 2070s. CFD is a digitally transmitted condition that propagates from nanotech hives and geneware, making anyone wired with that type of tech vulnerable. Basically, infected nanites interact with a host brain, and the personality of the victim is overwritten with that of an AI. At the beginning of the crisis, we called the victims head cases. They walked and talked like the people we know and love, but it wasn’t them at the wheel. The infected called themselves Monads, a throwback to hacker coding language.
剧透 -   :
At the height of the crisis, the CFD-infected dragon Eliohann (long story) attacked NeoNET’s Boston HQ but was repelled by a combination of corporate and military forces. The dragon’s arrival marked the start of a CFD outbreak in the city. The Corporate Court Crisis Coordination Committee (C5) sprang into action, swiftly locking down Boston both physically and in the Matrix. Corp-operated clinics popped up everywhere the megas had a presence and offered free screening for CFD. On the surface, the corps worked to localize all instances of the outbreak. However, a secondary purpose was to gather all of the CFD-infected patients they could and attempt to control the virus. We hadn’t yet learned our lesson from Ares bug failures. Nearly every megacorporation took in Monads. AA-rated Mangadyne initiated Project Monad amidst a sweet-smelling PR cloud. Several different attempts at a cure have been made, with the best results coming when the Monad is willing to leave the host.
剧透 -   :
Evo’s Mars Base Gagarin hosts the largest remaining population of Monads. However, many of them loaded themselves into the Deep Space Exploration and Colonization I (DSECI) and departed for parts unknown. While Evo took on the public burden of the Monads crisis, behind the scenes all fingers pointed at NeoNET. The corporation took heavy losses in the form of lives and assets until it lost its AAA status.
If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably an Andrik

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Re: 【6E】你剩余的生活The Life You Have Left
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The Megacorporate Audit
剧透 -   :
Corporate conflicts happen behind closed boardroom doors. When the conflicts spill out onto the streets, the battles are waged by shadowrunners so that the businessmen don’t have to get their hands dirty. However, when something big enough to capture public attention happens, fallout is inevitable. The CFD crisis caused deep fissures within NeoNET, especially at the top where the Villiers family found themselves at odds with key shareholder (and dragon—they’re everywhere) Celedyr. That conflict created enough of an opening for Johnny Spinrad to leverage his personal fortune to merge with AA megacorp Global Sandstorm and turn Spinrad Industries into Spinrad Global. His corp fought for and won a seat on the Corporate Court. Spinrad’s gambit upset the balance at the top, reminding other members of the Corporate Court that their spot at the most exclusive club in the world is not permanent. Though to be fair, most of them were not upset to see NeoNET go and played a strong role in pushing them out the door.
剧透 -   :
There is this old saying, the more things change … the more we try to put everything back to normal. The new normal started with a vote. Evo’s representative pushed for a review of the ranking standards for A and AA corporations. All of the judges agreed, so the measure was backed by each member of the Big Ten. The new standards fundamentally shifted the requirements for what it meant to be a megacorporation while strengthening the requirements for admission to AA status.
剧透 -   :
If the goal was to convince A and AA corporations to cannibalize themselves, then mission accomplished. The court’s ruling sparked a war that continues to flame to this day. The shifting dynamics of AA admission meant that corps who survived by being just good enough in a lot of different markets no longer received the same ranking as corps that specialized in a specific field and pushed groundbreaking innovations. Information itself became a living thing, crowd-sourced, collated, and weaponized in order to determine who was and wasn’t worthy of extraterritoriality. Where there is corporate war, there is work for people like us.
If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably an Andrik

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Re: 【6E】你剩余的生活The Life You Have Left
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The World  We Have Left
剧透 -   :
A few things stuck from the world before. For starters, climate change still contributes to famine and starvation across the globe, sped by the effects of the Great Ghost Dance and later the Ring of Fire eruptions that marked the arrival of Halley’s Comet. Racism is an ongoing threat, and in the Sixth World the choices of who to hate are greatly expanded. Economic disparity is at an all-time high (take that, feudalism!), with those not beholden to a corporation constantly fighting to make ends meet. Of course, there is profit in poverty, so there are corporations actively working to maintain the imbalance.
剧透 -   :
Today’s world is a weird space of distributed cognition where everything and anything is possible, and the virtual self has as much value as the meat body. Where the meat body feels like the cage holding you back, whether it be from speeding through the Matrix or navigating the metaplanes. Still, the meat body must reside someplace. Where you live impacts everything from the brands of food you eat to the type of work you get in the shadows. Pay attention, because if you’re going to work the local streets, you ought to know what kind of drek you’re stepping in to.
North America
剧透 -   :
The United States of America, the land of the free, home of the brave doesn’t exist anymore. It ate itself. What remains are scattered clumps of nations parsed by city-states. Much of the north belongs to the United Canadian American States (UCAS), which came together in the wake of the treaty of Denver. The UCAS seat of government is still DeeCee, but the real power is spread among the cities of Boston (where what’s left of NeoNET makes its home) and Detroit (the world headquarters of Ares). Perhaps the most important city in the UCAS is Seattle, though, because it is the corporate equivalent of a demilitarized zone. Each of the Big Ten and several AAs maintain a serious corporate presence here. Their citizens live in close proximity, mingling in the streets and exchanging digital handshakes. When corporate conflicts start, they usually start on the streets of Seattle. The
size of the city, the wealth available, and the corporate and geopolitical conflicts that take place there have made it the capital of the shadowrunning world.
剧透 -   :
South of the UCAS is the Confederation of American States (CAS). This nation is the result of old alliances kept up through hundreds of years of American turmoil. The South rose again, and it gave us Lone Star, the world’s largest private police force. If you’ve done any serious time behind bars or plan to, you’ll find yourself in the CAS, where dried-up oil fields and seaside rigs have been repurposed as high-occupancy detention facilities.
The rest of North America is split between the Native American tribes and a growing nation of elves. Tír Tairngire covers much of what exists between Mt. Shasta and Mt. Hood. The elven lands are bordered by the California Free State, Salish-Shidhe Council, and the Pueblo Corporate Council. The Tsimshian Protectorate, Algonkian-Manitou Council, Québec, and the Sioux Nation cover most of the rest of the land that is part North America. Denver sits in the middle of everything, a lone independent city (no one would call it “free”) under the protection of Ghostwalker and filled to capacity with spies from every nation on the continent.
South America
剧透 -   :
The South American conversation is dominated by just one word: Amazonia. The nation emancipated itself from the world at the start of the Awakening. Three great dragons assumed control, but only Hualpa remains as a visible leader. Amazonia covers all of what was Brazil and is home of the largest rainforest in the world. It remains among a shrinking number of nations where corporations do not exercise extraterritoriality. Because of that, they come to blows with Aztlan on a nearly annual basis. Many other top corporations seek to gain a foothold down south and uncover whatever secrets the Awakened jungle holds.
Aztlan and  Central America
剧透 -   :
Aztlan rules the land, stretching from what was Mexico and parts of Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas down through Colombia. The rule is not unquestioned. Border skirmishes with Yucatan and Amazonia are a daily fact of life. The tensions with its neighbors offer shadowrunners a steady supply of opportunities as smugglers. At the heart of the nation, Aztlan is an ideological corporate society trying to recreate the majesty of the old Aztec empire. Aztlan never seems to be happy with the limitations of its borders. As the number of Aztechnology citizens rises, the drumbeats of war grow louder.
In the nearby Caribbean League, pirates roam the sea, spurred by a lack of viable work. International waters remain a hotbed of piracy and smuggling thanks to the high volume of ships moving from nation to nation and through the reconstructed Panama Canal.
剧透 -   :
The second-largest continent is a hotbed of political dividedness. The ghoul kingdom of Asamando is facing mounting pressures to illegalize the flesh trade. However, since ninety percent of the population is infected with HMHVV, coming in line with humanitarian wishes would decimate their food supply. A steady market for slavers and smugglers will remain until science comes up with another way for ghouls to feed. To the south, the Azanian Confederation is a major power, and Egypt, Kenya, the Ethiomalian Territories, and Algeria also hold considerable sway. The Kingdoms of Nigeria and Congo Tribal Lands are more loosely organized, which partly means people find more opportunities to live free of corporate control in these spots.
剧透 -   :
Europe is a patchwork of ancient kingdoms trying to gain a foothold in the modern age. There
are more kings and queens scattered across the continent than anywhere else in the world. From deep within Tír na nÓg, the Seelie Court grasps for control over the mystical elements of the land. The United Kingdom is still coming to grips with the reemergence of Lyonesse, an island that magically appeared at the intersection of powerful ley lines, and what that means for their future. In the midst of all of this old-world magic, Lofwyr has transformed Neu-Essen in the Allied German States into one of the world’s largest sprawls, while Lisbon in Portugal is the home of Spinrad Global, the newest AAA-rated corporation.
剧透 -   :
The key to this continent is a series of islands just off the mainland—the Japanese Imperial State. Neo-Tokyo rivals Seattle for its symbolic role as a runner’s haven. The city boasts the largest economy in the world, and each of the Big Ten and several AA corporations on the verge maintain a presence in the districts. The emperor’s government and the corps represent the In and Yo of the nation. It is a balance fraught with turmoil, leaving a lot of space for runners to scratch out an existence.
Just off the coast of Japan, Yomi Island is home to a number of malevolent spirits who feed off the pain and suffering of past racial atrocities. The astral space around the island is particularly strong, attracting many paranormal researchers and misery tourists who are always in need of security.
这个大陆的关键就是大陆边缘的一系列岛屿——日本帝国。新东京与西雅图竞争作为狂奔者港湾的象征。该市拥有世界上最大的经济体,十大和几家逐步逼近的 AA 公司都在该地区保持着影响力。天皇政府和公司代表了国家的阴和阳。这是一个充满混乱的平衡,为狂奔者留下展现自身存在的大块空间。
剧透 -   :
Russia is home to Evo, making the city of Vladivostok one of the most advanced cities in the world. However, just a few miles beyond the sprawl, conditions are practically medieval. The sharp contrasts between the haves and have-nots in Russia create an enormous market for the Vory.
The Indian Union is home to a huge chunk of the world’s populations and has hugely significant entertainment industries, financial powerhouses, and magical sites. Its growing wealth and power gives it an increasingly large role on the global stage.
Australasia and Oceania
剧透 -   :
Rule 41: If it exists, there is a way to hack a profit out of it. So, we expanded into the sea. Saotome Aquadomes litter the bottom of the sea near Australia and New Guinea. Corporations like Proteus AG and Evo started up a tech war over socalled blue technology designed to help humanity reach and survive at pressure depths that weren’t meant for us. If there is anything about sentient life you can count on, it’s that it is going to go where it isn’t supposed to.
The Atlantean Foundation has built an organization around going where you shouldn’t. The organization is in fierce competition with more economically minded corporate competitors to tap the secrets of the Australian Republic’s unusual geology. The vast red dust wasteland known as the Awakened Outback is practically inhospitable to metahumans. Roving mana storms mask the incredible wildlife and fauna that has come to populate the “Big Red” since the Awakening. A cottage industry of poachers has sprung up in Brisbane, hoping to strike it rich.
剧透 -   :
Since NASA first stepped foot on the moon, space has held the promise of commercial exploration. Today there are a handful of launch sites capable of getting you to low earth orbit (LEO). The Hong Kong Space Port and Space City in Alabama remain the only public gateways to life among the stars. With the departure of DSECI from Evo’s Gagarin Mars base and plans already underway for DSECII and III, space is open for business.
Closer to earth, vacationers can enjoy a stay at Shibanokuji Free Fall. The station is one of more than fifty manned facilities currently in LEO. Most notable among them is the Zurich Orbital Habitat, home to the Corporate Court. From LEO it is a short ride to the moon or any one of her lunar LaGrange points, where a number of top-secret research facilities are waiting to be discovered.
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Re: 【6E】你剩余的生活The Life You Have Left
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What’s Next
剧透 -   :
So that’s the world you have, and the ways you have to live within it. What will you make of it? That’s up to you. But it best be something good, because everything else gets buried. The life you have left starts now.
If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably an Andrik