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【Clutch of the Dragon】幽魂(行者)的故事 p21-28
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剧透 -   :
> What’s going on with Ghostwalker demands a little extra
treatment. I’ll assume you’re all familiar with GW’s rumored
disappearance when the Watergate Rift closed last year, and
event that made the secrecy and intrigue of Denver even thicker
than normal. The city was bustling with activity as various powers
fought to fi ll the void left by the White Wyrm’s absence. There
was a sense of urgency to their activities, as no one knew when
(or if) Ghostwalker would return, and people wanted to make hay
while the sun was shining.
It now appears that the sun has set.
We’ll start the report with a note from Frosty giving an
overview of the current situation, then we’ll turn it over to Kay St. Irregular talking about the re-emergence and issues tied to
it. Finally, Mr. Bonds will then take a look at the broader issues.
> FastJack
我们从Frosty的备注开始,她提供了当前状况的概览,随后我们再请Kay St. Irregular谈谈巨龙重现及其相关事件。最后,Mr.Bonds会稍微分析一下更广泛的议题。


Posted by: Frosty

剧透 -   :
Ghostwalker has been surrounded by mystery lately, which
is a challenge for anyone who is trying to assemble a collection
of facts. At least Ghostwalker had the good graces to make
his reappearance clear and dramatic (see below), but almost
everything else about him has been surrounded by fog. He has been
less than forthcoming about where he was and what his current
agenda is, leaving many to speculate what might be happening
with him. And while it seems his reappearance was engineered to
let the people who needed to know that he was back, there are a
few—because there always are—that doubt Ghostwalker returned
at all, and believe that any evidence of his return has been faked.
 e doubters include many on the Council of Denver. Public
sightings of Ghostwalker have been very few in number, and only
one took place in front of a group of any size. Most of the other
public sightings have occurred on the streets, from potentially
questionable sources (including people who say that Dunkelzahn
and Elvis were following close behind Ghostwalker). Despite
their doubts, though, my sources and experience both tell me that
Ghostwalker is indeed back. On top of that are the stories that say
Ghostwalker has been seen accompanied by a human woman of
extraordinary grace and beauty.
As one can imagine, the rumor mill is going full bore about
the identity of this woman is. From catching a glimpse of her hand
and noticing Ghostwalker’s obviously strong feelings toward her, I
am all but certain that the woman is the physical manifestation of
Zebulon, the Spirit of Denver. It would appear that Ghostwalker
was successful in his attempt to merge the various pieces of the
Spirit of Denver and reintegrate them all into one being. For
those that do not like Ghostwalker and those that would like to
see Ghostwalker gone, this should be seen as a troubling sign that
Ghostwalker is now even more powerful than before, and that his
position within Denver is now all but secure with the powerful
Zebulon at his side.
你可以想象,关于这位女性身份的谣言正全速增长。我瞥见过她的手,并且注意到幽魂行者对她显然抱有强烈情感,我十分确信这位女性是西布伦(Zebulon)的物理具现化,也就是丹佛的精魂(Spirit of Denver)。似乎幽魂行者成功融合和丹佛精魂的各个碎片,并将它们重构为一个个体。对那些不待见幽魂行者并希望幽魂行者滚蛋的人来说,这是个让人忧心地信号,这意味着幽魂行者比从前更强大,他在丹佛地地位因西布伦地存在更为稳固。
剧透 -   :
> The Draconic Information Virtual Exchange recently discovered
very interesting information about Zebulon. You remember how
two magicians, a Native American shaman (Robert Greene) and a
United States hermetic mage (Ursula Mahr) both tried to summon
Zebulon at the same time? At the time, people just assumed it
was an extraordinary coincidence that both sides were conjuring
the same spirit at the exact same moment using its true name.
Our members have dug through and scoured old tribal and US
records from that time period, and we were surprised to discover
that both sides had an “advisor” to those magicians. These
“advisors” seemed to counsel the magicians on how and where
to look for the true name in their astral quests, and they also
dropped subtle hints as to when it would be the most appropriate
to try and summon Zebulon. These advisors appear to have had
connections to another great dragon, perhaps even to Lofwyr
himself. Unfortunately, too much time has passed and too much
documentation has been lost, preventing us from confi rming that Lofwyr was indeed involved. But this is what DIVE knows:
someone did not want Zebulon around, and someone took steps
to make that happen. And if Ghostwalker believes that Lofwyr
was indeed behind the shattering of Zebulon, it goes a long way
to explain his seething anger toward the Loremaster.
> Wyrm Watcher
>龙类信息虚拟交换中心(Draconic Information Virtual Exchange)发现了西布伦十分有趣的信息。你记得两个法师,一个是美洲原住民萨满(罗伯特·格林Robert Greene),一个是合众国赫尔墨斯法师(厄休拉·马尔Ursula Mahr),同时试图召唤西布伦?那时人们以为只是个离奇的巧合,双方同时使用真名召唤了同一个精魂。我们的成员深入挖掘了老旧的部落记录和合众国记录,惊讶地发现法师都有一个“顾问”。这些“顾问”似乎为给两个法师提供了在星界探求时如何以及在哪找到西布伦真名的帮助,他们还暗示试图召唤西布伦再恰当不过。这些顾问似乎与另一头巨龙有关,甚是洛菲尔本人。不幸的是,时间太久,丢失的文件太多,我们无法确认洛菲尔真的牵涉其中。但DIVE知道的是:有人不想让西布伦存在。如果幽魂行者相信洛菲尔就是撕裂西布伦的幕后黑手,这就能解释他对现任博学之主(Loremaster)的怒火。
>Wyrm Watcher

剧透 -   :
For the most part, Ghostwalker has been a nonissue for this
con ict. Prior to his disappearance, it seemed as though Lofwyr was
succeeding in mending fences and building a temporary alliance with
Ghostwalker. Many believed the White Wyrm had weakened himself
trying to obtain the four artifacts, and an alliance with Lofwyr would
provide the protection he needed to regain his footing within his own
territory and would prove mutually bene cial in the short term. Once
Zebulon allegedly returned with Ghostwalker, though, it appears that
all communication between Denver and the Rhine-Ruhr megasprawl
has abruptly ceased. Some have even heard that the last Lofwyr envoy
sent to Denver to speak to Ghostwalker about the alliance ended up
being killed and sent back to Lofwyr as a message. It is very clear
that since Ghostwalker’s and Zebulon’s return, any potential for an
alliance has been destroyed.
剧透 -   :
> Don’t think for a moment that Ghostwalker simply terminated
the alliance with Lofwyr without getting something out of it fi rst.
From what I hear from various VPNs, Ghostwalker’s ongoing talks
with Lofwyr allowed him to get close to the golden dragon, and
allowed Matrix assets in his intelligence network to get a closer
look at Saeder-Krupp’s nodes. From what I hear, Ghostwalker’s
Matrix assets managed to make off with a number of signifi cant,
classifi ed fi les from some of Lofwyr’s most secure nodes. Some of
that paydata included information on the location of Dr. Antonio
Vieri, the decker and technological phenom that provided so many
wonderful innovations over at Renraku in the late fi fties, and at
Saeder-Krupp since then—and one of the most integral developers of
the post-Crash 2.0 Wireless Matrix. Other information likely includes
assets most people don’t know Saeder-Krupp possesses, along
with information on potential new enterprises that Saeder-Krupp
may be considering for future investments. These fi les are believed
signifi cant enough that Ghostwalker could burn Lofwyr and SaederKrupp pretty decently if those fi les were ever to be released. It would
seem that Ghostwalker has put himself in a much better position to
negotiate with Lofwyr, should the occasion ever arise.
> Glitch
>千万别以为幽魂行者只是终结了和洛菲尔的同盟而没有得到任何好处。根据我从给个VPN听到的消息,幽魂行者与洛菲尔的对话让他能够靠近这头金龙,让他的情报网中的矩阵人才能够近距离观察塞德-克虏伯的节点。就我所知,幽魂行者的矩阵人才成功从洛菲尔最安全的节点里弄到了一些重要的机密文件。有价数据包括安东尼奥·维耶里博士(Dr. Antonio Vieri),这位五十年代末在联络,随后一直待在塞德-克虏伯的碟客和技术天才的位置,他提供了如此多奇妙创新,还是后崩溃2.0无线矩阵最重要的发者。其它信息可能包括人们不知道塞德-克虏伯持有的一些资产,以及塞德-克虏伯考虑将来投资的新企业。相信这些文件十分重要,如果泄露,幽魂行者能把洛菲尔和塞德-克虏伯刮掉一层皮。看起来幽魂行者给自己取得了和洛菲尔交涉的优势,假如需要交涉。
剧透 -   :
Ghostwalker’s not stopping at breaking o the potential
alliance with Lofwyr—he seems prepared to go even further.
Although Ghostwalker hasn’t struck out directly against
Saeder-Krupp interests in the Denver area, there is someone in
the shadows of Denver that is most de nitely targeting SaederKrupp holdings in the city. And according to my sources, it is not
Hestaby.  ere have been multiple incidents of vandalism and
sabotage at Saeder-Krupp’s headquarters in downtown Denver.
 ese incidents have been blamed on the growing anti-dragon
movement, but most would tell you that Ghostwalker would
never tolerate any signi cant anti-dragon groups in his city.  ere
have been incidents of violence against S-K subsidiaries, though
these incidents do not seem as if they are meant to make a pro t
o of Saeder-Krupp or its research, or even harm Saeder-Krupp financially. The runs appear to be meant as a simple message:
Get out. Many of the wageslaves for S-K have found themselves
accosted by these shadow groups, and a half-dozen employees have
been killed in the last month along.
 ere is another troubling sign that Ghostwalker may be
changing his agenda due to his reunion with Zebulon. I have
heard from trusted sources that Ghostwallker’s watchers and his
other intelligence assets are reaching out to others in the dragon
community. Following his return, Ghostwalker reached out to
both Sirrurg and Ryumyo, in addition to other adult dragons.
 e message carried to these dragons is believed to test to see
what reactions the dragons would have to a change of leadership,
switching the Loremaster position from Lofwyr to Ghostwalker.
Because this type of ambition seems to be somewhat out of
character for Ghostwalker, one must wonder if it is Zebulon
herself who is whispering into Ghostwalker’s ear and urging
him to obtain more than just Denver.  ere is a possibility that
Zebulon wants Ghostwalker to take a larger and a more prominent
role in dragon culture, one that is be tting him given his size and
strength. And it is entirely possible that Zebulon feels that this is
the ideal time to present such a change to the other members of
the dragon community.
剧透 -   :
> It’s also possible that Ghostwalker’s main objective in holding
Denver was restoring Zebulon, and now that she’s back
together, he’s free to pursue other goals that might take him
outside of Denver.
> Traveler Jones
>Traveler Jones
剧透 -   :
Not enough is known about Zebulon or what her mind
might be like following the ritual that pieced her back together
to know what she wants or how she might be influencing
Ghostwalker. If Zebulon is responsible for this change in
Ghostwalker, it might indicate that she is having an impact on
Ghostwalker’s decision-making process. Zebulon has not spoken
publicly or announced herself to the world as of yet, so everything
sbout any possible agendas she might have is simple guesswork.
For all we know, she could very well be su ering from multiple
personality disorder from the various spirits that were born from
her essence and existed for decades, only to be blended back
together. But if Zebulon is in uencing Ghostwalker’s judgment,
it is likely that things will be quite di erent in Denver from this
point forward, quite possibly for other dragons as well as for magic
users, particularly those capable of summoning spirits. As of yet,
there is no telling how Ryumyo, Sirrurg, or the other dragons have
responded to Ghostwalker’s overtures.
What is interesting in all of this is that I have observed
that Ghostwalker has had very little, if any, communication
with Nicholas Whitebird since returning.  is may merely be
because Ghostwalker’s current plans require no contact with
Whitebird. Or this could be a sign that things are indeed changing
for the great dragon now that he is reunited with his paramour.
Whitebird may very well be an indicator of how Zebulon plans
on treating the magicians who are residents of Denver, and how
she might treat metahumans in general. And Whitebird may
be an indicator of how far Ghostwalker will allow Zebulon to
implement any new changes in his domain. With Zebulon now
in the mix, a new and more dangerous faction could be developing within this brewing dragon con ict, one that is not predictable
and can shi the balance of power in either way.  ere is no doubt
that this new development will need to be watched closely, and to
see how it impacts the tensions amongst the dragons, as well as to
see how Lofwyr reacts to it.
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Posted by: Kay St. Irregular
发帖人:Kay St. Irregular

剧透 -   :
It was supposed to be a moment no one would forget. The
Powers That Be wanted to remind the world just who exactly was
in charge.
They got their wish.
Heads of state or senior diplomatic envoys of all of the
nations of North America were in attendance. Yes, all. I’ll get to
that in a moment. The representatives on the Sovereign Tribal
Council were here. So were the global or North American
heads of the Big Ten and local AAs, perhaps to remind their
Euro-Mega-15 counterparts in the North Atlantic Economic
Organization that they are not special. Other dignitaries were also
in attendance, from Nadja Daviar to Johnny Spinrad and Akane
Ishino. Noticeably absent was Nicholas Whitebird. We should
have known better. The heads of states and corporations gathered
for the official portrait in front of the Denver Council building. It
was a brilliant day as they stood on the stage with a massive banner
proclaiming the summit motto of “Peace. Security. Prosperity.”
Out of nowhere, the sky darkened, and the air became
eerily still. It was as if Denver was suddenly in the eye of a massive
hurricane. Then he simply appeared out of the darkness, his
shimmering pale scales contrasting against the blackened sky. All of
the top-tier offcials, and all of the dignitaries and security personnel
surrounding us, reacted with awe and terror. The grounds between
the Council and old capitol building were the most secure piece of
property on Earth, but I suddenly regretted having a front row spot
to what felt like the end of the fucking world.
所有北美国家的政府首脑或是外交使节都参与了。是的,所有。我一会就谈这个问题。最高部落议会(Sovereign Tribal Council)在场。十大和本地AA的全球或北美首脑也在场——或许是为了提醒他们在北亚特兰大经济组织(North Atlantic Economic Organization)的十五个欧洲超企同行,他们并不特殊。其他代表也出席了,包括娜吉娅·戴威尔、强尼·斯普兰德还有茜·石野(Akane Ishino)。值得注意的是尼古拉斯·白鸟缺席。我们本该知道的。政府和超企的首脑齐聚丹佛议会大楼前等待官方声明。那是个极好的日子,他们站在台上,巨大的横幅写着本次峰会的口号“和平。安全。繁荣。”
剧透 -   :
> “Immediately I saw another horse appear, deathly pale, and its
rider was called Death, and Hades followed at its heels. They were
given authority over a quarter of the earth, to kill by the sword, by
famine, by plague and through wild beasts” Revelation 6:8.
> Beaker
> A bit dramatic, but these are not normal times.
> Thorn
> Ryumyo really did plan ahead, did he not?
> Baka Dabora
> Come again?
> Black Mamba
> Akane is Ryumyo’s “voice.” She represents Ryumyo’s interests.
The question is whether she was present in anticipation of the
dragon’s return.
> Kia
> She was not the least bit surprised when Ghostwalker appeared.
> Kay St. Irregular
>Baka Dabora
>Black Mamba
>Kay St.Irregular
剧透 -   :
So I’m just going to vamp on what happened next from my
seat in the audience. Ghostwalker hovered motionless above the
crowd—us—and it looked below like he was mentally communicating with many if not all of the heads of state present—except
for the Azzies. President Loreto of the PCC seemed to grow a sly
Cheshire grin. President Colloton, on the other hand, was visibly
furious. High Prince Zincan seemed incredibly uneasy. President
McMulkin once again proved that he is out of his element, trying
madly to keep a stoic face and sell the CAS on the idea that their
carpetbagger president was standing for the South in the face
in near-death. It’ll take some creative simsense editing, since he
insists on recording his experiences during these public events, but
if anyone can pull it off in their public communications it’s the
ex-movie star. President Silva of Aztlan and Aztechnology CEO
de la Rosa stood side by side with the strangest looks on their faces.
I don’t know if Ghostwalker was communicating with them or
not, but they certainly looked like they were smiling in the face of
death incarnate, even after the obvious magic around them seemed
to crackle and disperse. But then something weird happened.
Perianwyr emerged from the crowd, taking his rarely seen
draconic form and interjecting himself between Ghostwalker
and the others. And then Pobre also took a stand, which was
disturbing for any number of reasons. People have called him
crazed, and toxic, and his assumption of full size from among the
other heads of state made everyone else there seem so small and
impotent. Then in a snap the entire Azzie delegation—both the
corporate and national sides, along with their security details—
were gone, followed by a sonic boom. We later learned that they
reappeared in Las Cruces about a minute later. My guess is that
Perianwyr levitated them out of Denver.
我现在要说明我在观众席上看到发生了什么。幽魂行者一动不动悬人群——即我们——上方,从下方看他似乎在和许多甚至是全部政府首脑心灵交流——除了阿兹的。PCC的洛雷托(Loreto)总统露出狡猾的柴郡猫式微笑。而克洛敦总统(译注:UCAS总统,安吉拉·克洛敦Angela Colloton)则显得十分愤怒。高等亲王辛坎(Zincan)看起来十分不适。麦克玛金总统(译注:拉姆齐·麦克玛金Ramsay  McMulkin)又一次显得格格不入,疯狂地试图保持面部表情同时向CAS展示他们的投机政客总统在面度死亡时依然代表南方。需要一点创造性拟感编辑,毕竟他坚持记录他在这类公开活动时的体验,但如果有谁能在公共通讯里玩这一套,那一定是这位前电影明星。阿兹特兰的席尔瓦总统(译注:恩里科·席尔瓦Enrico Silva)和阿兹科技CEO德拉罗沙(译注:弗拉维亚·德拉罗沙Flavia de la Rosa)站在一起,脸上是最为古怪的表情。我不知道幽魂行者是否有与他们交流,但他们的确看起来像在对死亡微笑,哪怕周围明显的魔法已经消解。但随后奇怪的事情发生了。佩里安尼尔从人群中出现,变成罕见的龙形态,站到了幽魂行者和其他人之间。随后波普(译注:Pobre,羽蛇,尤坎塔自治区总督。)也站出来,从许多方面看来都让人忧心。人们说他疯了,说他被毒感染,他在其他政府首脑中显露真身让其他人显得渺小而无力。再随后弹指之间整个阿兹使节团——包括公司和国家的,以及他们的安保护卫——都消失了,只留下声波爆炸。我们随后了解到他们在一分钟后重新出现在了拉斯克鲁塞斯。我猜佩里安尼尔把他们悬浮出了丹佛。
剧透 -   :
> That’s quite a levitate spell that can move that many people at
Mach 6+, unharmed.
> /dev/grrl
> I once saw an elf doing Mach 5 over the South Pacifi c.
> Kane
> You gotta lay off the rum in the morning.
> Kat o’ Nine Tales
> This could not have been a simple levitation spell. An associate
from the Draco Foundation, not the DIMR, was on-site and
indicated that it was some sort of strange magic that he had
not witnessed any other dragon perform before. The DIMR sent
Ehran the Scribe to do a forensic analysis. After he met with my
associate, he and all of the DF data were shipped up to Boston.
> Winterhawk
>Kat o’ Nine Tales
剧透 -   :
And then he was gone. Everyone just bolted for their
security details and made a hasty retreat back to some sort
of home base, and eventually everyone leftDenver. Just like
that, the summit and the treaty were toast. Rumors have been
swirling ever since, especially about Larry Zincan. Some say that
he suffered a heart attack or stroke before he could be whisked
back to Cara’Sir. Charisma Associates spin docs are furiously
denying that anything happened, but it is definitely not helping
him or his allies in the Tír for the old and frail Zincan to be exhibiting any more signs of weaknesses or inability to do the
job. The conservative, pro-Peace Force faction—Princes Parris,
Gant, and Taylor—have actually rallied to his defense, which
is surprising considering their strongest constituencies are the
old-guard elves and conservative dwarves like Gant. With the
High Prince’s election less than a year away, however, they are
insistent on securing a proper, democratic transition.
然后他不见了。所有人都冲向各自的保镖、匆匆撤回基地,最后所有人离开了丹佛。就这样,峰会和协定完蛋了。之后各种流言纷飞,尤其是关于拉里·辛坎(译注:Larry Zincan,兽人)的。有人说他在溜回卡拉希尔(译注:Cara’Sir,即波特兰)前心脏病发作还是中风了。魅力协会(译注:Charisma Associates,地平线下属公关公司)的舆论专家疯狂否认,显然没帮到他和他在提尔的盟友,让又老又弱的Zincan表现出更多虚弱与无能的信号。保守的亲和平部队(译注:Peace Force。提尔坦盖的军队和警察力量)派系——帕里斯亲王(译注:埃文·帕里斯Evan Parris)、甘特(译注:乔纳森·甘特Jonathon Gant,)和泰勒(译注:康纳尔·泰勒Conall Taylor)——甚至聚集起来为其辩护,非常让人惊讶,毕竟他们最主要的选民是老派精灵和像甘特这样的保守派矮人。但随着高等亲王选举还有不到一年,他们坚持实现一次恰当且民主的更替。
剧透 -   :
> The period when the first post-authoritarian democratic head of
state must relinquish power is always the most dangerous times
in politics, especially in a country that is not as stable as the image
Charisma Associates is trying to project to the outside world. The
three Princes Kat St. mentions are the most physically dangerous
Princes, and the most connected and well regarded in the Tír
security apparatus. They benefit from taking this stand and keeping
the Peace Force’s hawks in line because it plays well with the rest
of voters. No member of the Council of Princes has confirmed or
denied if they will seek the High Princeship, but it’s expected a third
to half of them will, so it’s worth taking every advantage possible.
> FastJack
> zzzzzzzzz *snort* Huh? What? I must have been hit by Blackout
and ended up in Wonderland. When did FastJack turn into a
PoliSci professor?
> Slamm-0!
> I’m sure your parents have mentioned the stories about Parris
being involved in the death or disappearance of a western dragon
two decades ago, and he was allied with Aithne Oakforest.
Remember Oakforest’s conflict with Lofwyr in Europe and the
Reankas, including Ludmilla, who runs S-K North America from
Cara’Sir, because it helps to know who their friends and enemies
are because they hire from our ranks.
> Frosty
>后权威时代首位民主政府首脑放弃权力的时期总是最危险的,尤其是在这样一个全然不似魅力协会向外界展示那般稳定的国家。Kay St.提到的三位亲王的人身安全最为危险,他们也是在提尔安全机构中最有人脉、最被看重的三位。他们从这种姿态中获益,让和平部队的爪子收拢,有利于讨好剩余的投票人。亲王议会中还没有人确认或否认他们打算寻求高等亲王地位,但可以预料其中三分之一到一半人会,因此每个可能优势不容错过。
If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably an Andrik

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剧透 -   :
The Second Treaty of Denver expired on July 1, 2074. So
now everything is in a state of uncertainty, with everyone running on inertia. The borders stay the same; the STC remains; the
reservations remain; Seattle stands. However, there is no legal consequence to engaging in any number of actions that, before
July, could have served as casus belli.
剧透 -   :
> Casus what? Kay, I’m not good with this political nonsense. So
does this mean the Salish could try and claim Seattle? What
happens then?
> Nephrine
> Disaster.
> Cosmo
> I’d be more concerned with Brackhaven making a play to secede.
He’s been paving that road since he was elected. I’ve made it my
business to learn about politics because of Project Freedom, and
I’m sure he’s marshaling allies within the UCC and secessionist
policlubs as we speak. As insufferable as he is now, at least the
UCAS government keeps him in check.
> Bull
> I’ve been making several trips back home to Goodsprings. They’re gearing up for total war, and I’m afraid the SecForce is going to give them one. > Turbo Bunny
> The PSF will run over Goodsprings like the speed bump it is. > Mika
> Just because it doesn’t have skyrakers doesn’t mean it’s not an actual community. Then again, I’m not surprised someone whose family came from Pine Ridge would resent anything that wasn’t glass, ferrocrete, and neon-dazzled.
> Turbo Bunny
>我更关心布拉克哈文独立的打算。他被选上后就开始铺路。因为自由工程(Project Freedom),我把学习政治当成了我的事,我确信我们说话当口他就正在拉拢UCC(译注:United Corporate Council,企业联合会,西雅图超企利益联盟集团)和分离主义者。虽然他现在让人难以忍受,至少有UCAS政府盯着他。
>我回了清泉镇老家几次。他们在准备全面战争,我担心安全部队(译注:SecForce,全称Pueblo Security Force,普韦布洛安全部队)会让他们如愿。
>Turbo Bunny
>Turbo Bunny
剧透 -   :
Th is is the most dangerous time in North America I’ve seen in my lifetime. When Ghostwalker returned to Denver, he made his presence known beyond all doubt. He just reappeared as if out of thin air. While it was not the most complicated magic—he was most likely just dropping a powerful invisibility spell—it was still a sight to behold. Th e Azzies had played this game masterfully, and would have gotten away with their plan to re-enter Denver if it wasn’t for a furious great dragon. Now they have made a full-court press of showing that Ghostwalker and the other great dragons are a Th reat To Metahumanity (capitals intentional). Horizon may have been the fl avor of the month, but the Azzies have been masters of the media for decades and have pounded on the antidragon resentment hard and unrelentingly. Th ey’ve already used the Horizon actions in Bogotá to their benefi t, and now with Ghostwalker’s actions they’ve got three legs on which to make their appeal as being the bulwark on behalf of metahumanity: Fighting the dragon-ruled aggressors of Amazonia, the dracoterrorist Sirrurg in the north, and now Ghostwalker threatening their leaders and destabilizing the peace across the entire continent.
With the summit collapsing and the treaty expiring, politics across North America have become increasingly agitated from Athabaska to Aztlan. Th ere are dozens if not hundreds of tribes that still have members dotting the NAN, and a few that have tried to maintain a presence back east. Many of them, or their more aggressive elements, were involved to some degree in the combined insurrections a decade ago, but since then the Sovereign Tribal Council and individual nations have been trying to appease them or at least maintain a veneer of interest in the “lesser” tribes, generally meaning those that don’t have nations named for them.
剧透 -   :
> One thing that has been in negotiations for years still seems to be going ahead as planned, and that is CAS granting extraterritorial diplomatic status to the city of New Echota in Georgia. It was originally a Cherokee city, and for decades there have been subtle moves by the Cherokee and other tribes to buy up the area and take full control of it. It was even one of the provisions excised from the original Treaty of Denver that would have made it a NAN version of Seattle. The idea remains the same, but now it looks like it will actually happen in spite of this confl ict.
> Hard Exit
> That would make things interesting in the Sioux Nation. The Tsalagi are discriminated against in Cheyenne, but there are Anglos who still hold them in high regard and some who expatriated back to the CAS to further those reclamation efforts. The Pueblo-dominated STC seem content to appease them, especially in light of the Tsalagi involvement with the New Revolution movement. Not that it will matter if the STC ceases to exist. > Mika
> You’ve got to be kidding me.
> Turbo Bunny
> I’ve been “recovering” some interesting data and material from NAN capitals that suggests that the Congress of American Indians, which is dominated by “minority” tribes who would like nothing more than to fundamentally alter or eliminate the STC, have the support of people who could make their wish come true.
> Mika
>Hard Exit
>Turbo Bunny
>我从NAN各个首都“恢复”了一些有趣的数据和材料,显示美洲印第安人代表会(Congress of American Indians),这个由“少数派”部落控制、渴望变革甚至消灭STC的组织,获得了一些能够让他们愿望成真的人物支持。
剧透 -   :
The PCC Board of Directors apparently gave in under Ghostwalker’s insistence and has scheduled a nationwide vote of confidence, specifically regarding their decisions involving Aztechnology. It didn’t hurt to have the Hispano Circle endorse the board’s decision, which is currently polling in the board’s favor by a wide margin. Th e vote’s scheduled for late October’s annual shareholder meeting. Th e Pueblos have bent over backwards to appease Ghostwalker, hoping he can help resolve several issues now that he is back and clearly disposed to direct action over all he surveys from the Rockies. Aft er the Blood Rain and constant chaos in the Mojave, the time for action is at hand. If Santa Fe can get Ghostwalker to calm the spirits and broker some sort of peace, they will do almost anything in return. Word is already circulating of an autonomous zone around Ubehebe Crater. Th ey also continue to share a mutual enemy in Aztlan, and Sirrurg’s actions in Albuquerque have pushed them into having to make a pact with someone to prevent those attacks. Unlike the CAS, which is willing to make a deal with the lesser evil to stop Sirrurg, Pueblo is cozying up to Ghostwalker so much that Aztlan and Aztechnology are off  the table.
PCC董事会似乎屈服于幽魂行者的要求,已安排针对其与阿兹科技有关决策的信任投票。让西班牙人(Hispano Circle)给董事会决策背书没有坏处,前者目前正在董事会优势领先。投票安排在十月下旬的年度股东大会。普韦布洛低头安抚幽魂行者,希望他回来后能解决若干问题,并显然乐意依照他在洛基山脉的指示执行任何行动。血雨以及莫哈维持续的混乱之后,行动的时机近在眼前。假如圣达菲能让幽魂行者安抚那些精魂从而达成一定程度的和平,他们几乎什么都愿意。已经由传言说优比喜比火山口周围会建立一个自治区。他们在阿兹特兰还有共同的敌人,同时西鲁格在阿尔布开克的行动也迫使他们与一个能阻止这类袭击的角色结盟。和CAS不同,CAS愿意和弱一点的恶魔做交易以阻止西鲁格,但普韦布洛则屈从于幽魂行者好排除阿兹特兰和阿兹科技。
剧透 -   :
> The spirits around Albuquerque were not pleased with Sirrurg’s attacks, but word is that Celedyr and Ghostwalker are concerned enough to send “special assistance” to the Corporate Council. More on that as I check with my contacts.
> Axis Mundi
> Give Firebird a kiss for me.
> Fianchetto
> Old perv.
> /dev/grrl
>Axis Mundi
剧透 -   :
Something that has also become an issue is that while everyone was focused on the small but vocal Azzie-backed Ute agitators, no one has noticed what is happening with the Navajos. Th e old Navajo Nation is located in the heart of the PCC, but it ended up almost entirely inside the Ute Nation when the NAN states were carved up. The Utes were not eager to include the Navajos or anyone in the running of the nation, or even repatriating from the Sioux lands where they were resettled and still remain. PCC has no problem, in theory. Over the last several years the Navajos have seen the chance to get their land back, and it’s been a long series of clandestine negotiations between the Navajo and Sioux Nations and the Pueblo board to establish a recognized sub-state. It was also going to have to be considered and approved by the STC, and the majority of that group had been ranging from ambivalent to hostile to such action, along with w sense of antagonism to the cohesion of the NAN. With the future of the STC at stake, their doubts now carry virtually no weight with the Navajos.
There are definitely some interesting happenings in the UCAS Sector beyond all the UCAS military personnel being withdrawn from the Zone Defense Force while staying in Denver. President Colloton has found herself having to rely on Iain Lesker because the public and Capitol Hill are rife with people uttering, “Iain Was Right.” At this point, it’s become clear that Lesker played her like a piano. Th at’s the problem with career offi  cers like Colloton— they’re predictable. He made himself first implacable, then indispensable. Her attempts to marginalize him and keep him out of the negotiations gave him political cover with Ghostwalker and the public. Now that the treaty is dead he gets to say, “I told you so.”
More importantly to the aff airs in Denver was the news that Commissioner Mecina has been removed as Sector Administrator, leaving Iain Lesker in charge until a replacement can be found— assuming there is a Council to receive a successor by the time the appointment weaves through the Senate. Th ere is so much nonsense in DeeCee that has come of this that Pistons and I have decided to cover it in another section.
除了撤出了所有在区域防御部队里的军事人员但依然驻守丹佛外,UCAS区一定有趣事发生。克洛敦总统发现自己只能仰赖伊恩·莱斯科(Iain Lesker),原因是公众和国会山都在说,“伊恩是对的”。很明显,莱斯科把她玩弄于股掌之上。这就是克洛敦这类职业官员的问题,他们太好猜。他先让自己不可动摇,再让自己不可替代。她试图边缘化莱斯科、将他从交涉中移除的尝试给了他对幽魂行者和公众的政治掩护。现在协议完了,他可以说,“我跟你说过。”
剧透 -   :
> The discussion President Colloton and Commissioner Mecina had in the motorcade as Colloton left Denver boils down to, “You want to be a governor, but I need a general.” Then she fired her. It was brutal.
> Clockwork
> How’d you get that info?
> Pistons
> Some of us are still concerned about doing our job, and not playing games with children and fools.
> Clockwork
If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably an Andrik

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剧透 -   :
Th ings are unpleasant. Ghostwalker has demanded the ZDF step up their activity, and no one is safe—including those who thought they had the support of Ghostwalker. Th e atmosphere in the Front Range has changed—it feels like the spirit of the sprawl itself is no longer on our side, but at least we’re in this together. Yes, things have gotten that weird.
Perianwyr seems to have committed a major infraction during Ghostwalker’s appearance and is keeping a low profi le— some say he’s greatly reducing the time he is spending in Denver, and most of his time away is spent on the properties of his apparent new patron, Rhonabwy. This is even more interesting since Rhonabwy and Hestaby are reported to be allies with numerous overlapping interests. Given Ghostwalker’s penchant for acts of ultraviolence, however, I don’t think even Rhonabwy is going to keep him from pursuing vengeance against Peri. As it stands now, Weekday Eclipse and Peri’s other assets and activities in Denver are under the protection of the ZDF. No action is to be taken against Perianwyr, and transgressions are met with Ghostwalker’s direct response. My guess is that from how everyone has been reacting around Denver when Perianwyr is even mentioned, Ghostwalker is so furious he cannot even think straight enough to form a coherent response yet.
剧透 -   :
> Aden destroyed Tehran to deliver a fury-fi lled “message.” I shudder to think of what Ghostwalker has in mind for this transgression.
> Goat Foot
>Goat Foot
剧透 -   :
Most importantly for folks like us, whatever leeway the shadows may have gained during the White Wyrm’s absence has been lost. People are getting eaten, and Ghostwalker and his closest agents and allies in Denver are cracking down on spies, smugglers, organized crime, and anyone else that they don’t like. People are running scared, and the shadows are getting even busier because it’s the only way to accomplish a lot of the things that need to get done. Th ere had been some interesting activity in Th e Hub as some “unwanted” spirits or their agents were slipping through and causing trouble, and that’s now become a great deal harder. One other interesting side eff ect is that ZDF units have been operating beyond the FRFZ borders into Pueblo and Sioux. Neither seems inclined to oppose these violations, which I expect from the Pueblos. I don’t understand the Sioux response. To fi ll the hole left  by the absentee Americans, the ZDF (and PCC on Ghostwalker’s behalf) has been contracting services with Eagle Security, Centurion, SIS, and a number of smaller private military and security/intelligence corporations.
剧透 -   :
> There is an arm’s-length relationship between Ryumyo and SIS through MCT, and it’s worth noting that many fi eld offi cers have Pacifi c Rim accents, and not the southern drawl one expects of SIS contractors. I know for a fact that four of them are actually from MCT Internal Security, and six more come from MCT Intelligence. All are former JIA or Imperial Marines.
> Thorn
> I was approached by one of the dragon’s agents with a lucrative one-year contract for my unit. I seriously considered it, but there are too many unknown variables.
> Picador
>通过MCT,龙树和SIS保持着独立交易关系。值得注意的是许多实地工作人员有环太平洋口语,而不是人们估计SIS承包商会有的南部拖长音。我知道实际上其中有四人来自MCT内部安保,六人来自MCT情报部。都是前JIA(译注:Japanese Intelligence Agency,日本情报部 )或帝国海军。
剧透 -   :
Ghostwalker has decreed that spontaneous summoning of any spirits is forbidden and punishable by expulsion or imprisonment, and that anyone who wants to summon or banish a spirit must seek and be granted approval from one of Ghostwalker’s agents in the Liaison Offi  ce. Th is isn’t happening in a vacuum, or because the spirits are acting up. Th ere is a growing sense that metahumans have become second-class citizens right now, a step behind spirits, which is odd even for Ghostwalker. He has long held the reputation of being quite comfortable with spirits, but it seems his time in the metaplanes has led him to favor them over all other beings. At the moment, his people aren’t rebelling against the new strictures. Instead, they are increasingly developing a bunker mentality, acting as if it’s Denver against the world. And Ghostwalker is their leader in this fi ght, so they’re not resisting his new orders.
Spirits, for their part, are very much enjoying the climate Ghostwalker is creating, and free spirits have been fl ocking to the area. Some of them are mischievous enough in their ways that the authorities are considering approaching Ghostwalker’s people for strategies in handling them. One particular being, a spirit of man who takes on a hobo-esque appearance and calls himself Digger, has taken great enjoyment in messing with astral security across the city, contributing to at least two successful datasteals from members of the Big Ten. As you can guess, the corporations are working on ways to either neutralize this spirit or fi nd ways to use his tendencies and abilities to their own benefi t.
剧透 -   :
> This should be fun. The fi rst approach to crimes like datasteals is to respond with conventional law enforcement, and police offi cers will be entirely ill equipped to deal with someone like Digger. I’d like to have a front-row seat when some grunts try to arrest him.
> Haze
剧透 -   :
That also brings up the rumors Frosty mentioned that Zebulon, the famed Spirit of Denver, is back. I want everyone to take her words with a grain of salt. No one knows the real truth about Zebulon, except maybe for Ghostwalker. I know how confi dent she is that it’s Zebulon, but I’m not convinced. Th e spirits that were suspected of comprising Zebulon have been scattered to the winds for years, and it’s not as if their identities were ever known with full confi dence. Th e infl ux of free spirits since 2062 didn’t make anything easier. But there does seem to be a new swagger and sense of collaboration in the spirits, and that atmosphere of unity feels magical. Th e strange woman’s sudden appearance just adds fuel to the fi re, but for all anyone knows she is another great dragon that Ghostwalker brought back with him. Th ere is a sense that paracritters are becoming increasingly hostile or indiff erent to metahumans around the Front Range, and there has been an increase in attacks and direct action against magicians and anti-magical/metahuman groups throughout western North America.
剧透 -   :
> Many of those sub-spirits were believed to be aspected to the rather unpleasant aspects of metahumanity and spirits. It’s like Zebulon was split into different components and allowed to roam free and unchecked—pure id with the powers of a god. Given the perverse nature of how spiritual growth favors the most extreme, and often harmful, spirits one might assume that Zebulon came back mentally imbalanced. I for one cannot wait to work in a city controlled by a great dragon and a free spirit with borderline personality disorder.
> Ethernaut
> Even if that’s true, perhaps it is only temporary. Like how dragons have often been “crazed” upon their emergence. There’s no reason to throw in the towel on a spirit based on rumors and conjecture.
> Jimmy No
> Better safe than sorry, though in Denver’s case the populace might not live to regret it.
> Ethernaut
> Ethernaut
>Jimmy No
> Ethernaut

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably an Andrik

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Posted by: Mr. Bonds
剧透 -   :
While Ghostwalker has been asserting his domination over the Front Range, he also has plenty of infl uence beyond Denver. Th ere have been rumors of machinations and corporate intrigue tying back to Denver for a while, but it seems as if Ghostwalker’s return has led him to tighten the reins.
Case study number one is Steve Ridgemont, who is doubling down on his dream of a NAN megacorp. He’s been seen with known Ghostwalker Watchers such as Anton Gage and Ceri Gilbredes, and he has also developed a new source of capital to invest in tech startups across the NAN, poaching a number of Horizon specialists who are dismayed by the recent turn of events caused by the corporation’s actions. Th ese aren’t just Singularity programmers and technomancers, but Pueblo nationalists from shops that were pulled into Horizon when it became a PCC corporation legally allowed to buy other corps (before it later became extraterritorial and lost that competitive advantage). Ridgemont has also been reaching out to technomancers and technologists around the world, taking special advantage of those visiting the Santa Fe Institute. He’s even made trips to Geneva and Hong Kong to seek out unique technomancer communities.
头号案例是斯蒂芬·雷吉蒙德(Steve Ridgemont),他为他的NAN超企之梦下了双倍赌注。他被目击到与已证实的幽魂行者监视人有交往,例如安东·盖奇(Anton Gage)和切里·吉尔布里德斯(Ceri Gilbredes)。他还得到了新资本用于投资遍布NAN的技术初创公司,挖走一批因地平线最近举措而心灰意冷的地平线专家。不仅仅是奇点(译注:Singularity,地平线子公司)的程序员和超链,还包括普韦布洛国家主义者,他们来自地平线成为PCC公司后被允许购买的公司工作室(但地平线之后获得了治外法权并失去了竞争优势)。雷吉蒙德还与世界上的超链者和技术专家接触,从圣达菲研究院(Santa Fe Institute)的访客身上获得了特殊的好处。他甚至去了日内瓦和香港寻找那里独特的超链群体。
剧透 -   :
> Poaching technomancers from Horizon became a lot easier since the massacre in Las Vegas. A lot of TMs are reaching into the shadows to arrange their own extractions, and Ridgemont is happy to provide funding for them if they don’t have enough saved up.
> Netcat
剧透 -   :
Sherri Th omas, the CEO of SpiriTech, has also come to owe Ghostwalker. Aft er the attack on their headquarters last year, the corporation began hemorrhaging money and personnel as they worked to recover and rebuild. An infl ux of capital from Abraxas Industries and a major contract from Manadyne have settled their accounts, and Thomas has been on a global charm campaign, meeting with Schwarzkopf to appeal to his top students and personally recruiting talent from Georgia Tech and lesser-known schools and magical businesses in DeeCee, Madrid, Kiev, and Buenos Aires.
谢里·托马斯(Sherri Thomas),精魂科技(SpiriTech)的CEO,也得到了幽魂行者支持。去年他们总部被袭击后,这家公司因重建和恢复而流失资金和人力。来自阿布拉克萨斯工业的资金流和来自魔法力的一单大合同解决了他们的账户问题。托马斯正进行全球游说,和施瓦茨考夫会面,吸引他最好的学生,她个人还从佐治亚科技和DC、马德里、基辅、布宜诺斯艾利斯不太知名的学校和魔法企业招揽人才。
剧透 -   :
> T99 just lost two of its best researchers to SpiriTech. They didn’t leave Washington because there’s plenty of weirdness going on here, but they did move into a shiny new offi ce in Friendship Heights. Oh, and it’s across the street from the Draco Foundation.
> Pistons
剧透 -   :
But those are still in the NAN. Ghostwalker’s reach has extended to the San Francisco Bay Area, trying to intervene in splitting and capitalizing on the grey areas where Ares, MCT, and Renraku don’t have an iron grip. His agents have a special interest in reaching into Silicon Valley and breaking Ares’ monopoly from the inside, and they have been enjoying some measure of success.
剧透 -   :
> Ares is suspected of having an inside man from Gavilan inside their Silicon Valley operations who has been directing resources to the Draco Foundation’s interests. Only now those leaks are being diverted elsewhere, which seems to suit Damien Knight just fi ne so long as Daviar or the Aureliuses don’t benefi t.
> Sticks
> I knew it. Some of the Denver Matrix “tastes” like Mitsuhama’s output. I would be surprised that the technomancers at the Nexus haven’t acted, but that would require independence.
> Puck
> That’s a bold statement you’re making. The Denver Data Haven is still committed to the free exchange of information. It is one of the last bastions of data independence, and the claims that it is beholden to any master are scurrilous lies.
> FastJack
> I wouldn’t make that statement rashly, but you know I’m right. At least, a part of you does.
> Puck
剧透 -   :
Beyond that, Ghostwalker seems to have developed a taste for similar businesses as Hestaby: envirotech, biotech, agriculture, and media. He is keeping his claws well concealed, though, especially those that are invested in certain engineering projects. He has placed considerable resources in water management, engineering, and hydrological sciences. Many of these businesses are operating in hostile environments with depleted aquifers, contaminated groundwater, or those in need of massive irrigation projects. Interestingly, one of them—Martinez Water Resources— is deeply involved in an irrigation pipeline that will cross Aztlan from the Sea of Cortez to the Rio Grande, or what’s left  of it.
除此之外,幽魂行者似乎培养了一种和希丝塔比相似的商业口味:环境科技、生物科技、农业,还有传媒。但他把爪子藏得很好,尤其是某些工程项目的投资。他在水管理、工程和水文科学上投入了相当多资源。许多这类业务都在严酷的自然环境下进行,水资源衰竭、地下水污染,或其它需要大规模灌溉的项目。有趣的是,其中一个——马丁内斯水资源(Martinez Water Resources)——与从科特斯海横穿阿兹特兰抵达格兰德河的灌溉管道,或者是是管道剩余部分,牵涉颇深。
剧透 -   :
> Phoenix Biotechnologies reached out to him to help bail them out, but instead he seems content to let them fl ounder on their own. Meanwhile, he has had no problem investing in Yakashima or Genesis.
> Nephrine
> I should add something here. There has been plenty of discussion about his agents and activities, but with the two previously named exceptions, his agents are relatively unknown or unaffiliated with Ghostwalker. Gage and Gilbredes are known because they were original Dunkelzahn’s Watchers. When the network was exposed fi fteen years ago, and then divided upon Ghostwalker’s return into thirds—Draco Foundation, Ghostwalker, Independent—the players became known quantities among themselves and the spy community.
These agents are totally unknowns, and refl ect a reality that many, including myself, overlooked. Ghostwalker took that third of the Watchers as a concession of what he believed was due him of Dunkelzahn’s hoard. However, why wouldn’t he have his own network?
I discovered some apparent secrets to this group, which I have coined “Talons,” while I was investigating some business in Chicago following the public assassination of Friday. There was an inordinately large to-do made of the data she had on her, which also coincided with the fragments of data that was left from the attack on SpiriTech. There were ties to Anton Gage, but those grew deeper into the business dealings of a Santa Fe consultant named Wallace Thomas. Thomas is the brother of SpiriTech’s CEO, but he is also the fi rst Talon I discovered. Buried in his fi les was data on his cell, an all-sources network that can and does act independently. And one striking difference from the Watchers is that they have no apparent restriction or hesitation in performing wetwork and other direct action.
I also learned one other thing about Thomas and two of his fellow cell leaders—they are drakes.
> Fianchetto
> We need to take this offl ine, mate. Trust me. > Thorn
> Do you think this has anything to do with that brutish dwarf that has been more visible since Ghosty returned? > Kat o’ Nine Tales
> Later.
>凤凰生物科技与他联系,打算帮他们摆脱困境,但他看起来乐意让他们自己忙活。同时,他也毫不犹豫地投资了耶鹿岛和创世纪(译注:Genesis Consortium,创世纪财团,拉丁美洲一生物科技公司。)
> Nephrine
在芝加哥调查Friday的公开刺杀案时,我发现了这个组织里一些明显的秘密,我称之为“鹰爪”。她身上有多得不寻常的待办清单数据,和精魂科技袭击留下的数据碎片相符合。有和安东·盖奇的联系,但更加深入到了与一位叫做华莱士·托马斯(Wallace Thomas)的圣达菲咨询师的交易。托马斯是SpiriTech CEO的兄弟,但也是我发现的第一个鹰爪。文件里有关于他的小组的信息,一个全面、独立运作的网络。与监视者尤为不同的是,他们似乎并不被禁止也不会犹豫干湿活和其它直接行动。
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> Thorn
> Kat o’ Nine Tales
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