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主题: [Starfinder CRB]精灵 Elves(选自第十三章:Pathfinder Legacy)
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Lithe, long-lived humanoids, elves are easily recognized by their pointed ears and pupils so large that their eyes seem to be all one color. Possessed of an inherent bond with the natural world, they tend to subtly take on the coloration of their surroundings over the course of many years and have a deep spiritual regard for nature.

本行星系所有的种族中,精灵可能是被大断层the Gap伤得最重,适应和恢复得最慢的。短命种族很快就生下了从不知晓其他生活方式的孩子们,因此这些孩子们也不被历史的缺失所扰;而那一代生命可溯及大断层内的精灵们却被那人生与记忆的空白搞得身心俱疲又迷惑不已,又不得不在这种状态下继续生活。更糟的是,那些试图从碎片中拼凑精灵社会历史的领导者们很快得出了一个残酷的结论:在大断层期间,精灵种族被另一个种族背叛了——不过具体是哪个种族涉及此事仍然未知,答案的所有线索都被恶意,或是大断层本身,所掩盖。

Of all the races common to the solar system, elves were perhaps the hardest-hit by the Gap, and the slowest to adapt and recover. Where shorter-lived races quickly gave birth to children who had never known any other way of life, and thus were personally unaffected by the loss of history, the elven generation whose lives extended back into the Gap continued on, broken and confused by the blank centuries in their own lives and memories. What’s more, those leaders charged with trying to piece together their social history from scraps soon came to a grim conclusion: during the Gap, their race had been betrayed by another—yet exactly which race was involved remains unclear, all suggestions of the answer scrubbed by malicious intent or the Gap itself.

迷惑又愤怒,整个星系的精灵们撤回了他们祖居的故土——卡斯特罗维尔的索维瑞安Sovyrian on Castrovel——并固守其中,决心再也不会被灾难打个措手不及。但即使这样的努力也是使人焦虑的,因为许多已在卡斯特罗维尔扎根的精灵家族对突如其来的难民潮带来的混乱与剧变感到怨恨。

Reeling and angry, elves from across the system retreated to their ancestral homeland of Sovyrian on Castrovel and dug in, determined to never again be caught unprepared by disaster. Even this was a fraught endeavor, however, as many of the established elven families already on Castrovel resented the chaos and upheaval caused by the sudden flood of refugees.

今日,精灵成了个隐世又排外的种族,几乎不被邻舍所理解,也毫无改变此状态的意图。他们的星舰仍在虚空中穿梭,仍在与其他世界交易;但绝大多数此类星舰都只载运精灵船员,且绝大多数精灵都选择与其同类生活在一起——不论是在索维瑞安还是在其他世界占主导地位的精灵飞地。那些选择与其他种族共居的胆大妄为或桀骜不驯的家伙被称作独行客the Forlorn,半是因为他们失去了其他精灵的陪伴,半是因为他们多半会比异族朋友们活得更长。在他们的同族血亲眼中,这些独行客可惜又可疑。

Today, the elves are a reclusive, xenophobic race, little understood by their neighbors and uninclined to remedy that situation. Though their starships still travel the void, trading with other worlds, they largely carry allelven crews, and most elves choose to live among their own kind either in Sovyrian or in predominantly elven enclaves on other worlds. Those adventurous or rebellious individuals who choose to live among other races are called the Forlorn, due both to their loss of elven companionship and to their tendency to outlive friends of other races. Most are viewed with pity and suspicion by their kindred.


Within their borders, elves tend to be whimsical and passionate, yet when dealing with outsiders their laughter disappears quickly, replaced by a cold, unyielding wall. Elven warriors and diplomats operating outside of Sovyrian on government business sometimes even choose to go masked, hiding their identities around other races in order to better represent a united elven state.

精灵们虽已接受了科技与随之而来的安全性,但他们也仍维持着对魔法的强烈喜爱:在魔法的运用中,他们看到自己与祖先一脉相承。精灵通常是秘术师、特工与科技法师;如果他们出发冒险,那通常是为了寻回一点迷失在历史中的魔法知识,要不就是探寻在接下来几世纪内保证索维瑞安强大如昔的方法。所有这些倾向中最主要的例外就是卓尔——居住在阿珀斯忒Apostae的紫肤精灵,他们拒绝了同族的陪伴,选择在阿珀斯忒开掘那个世界内部的异族科技,这使得他们跻身本星系最令人畏之敬之的武器贩子之列。普通精灵与卓尔互相蔑视;虽说索维瑞安的政权在一般情况下试图远离政治纠葛,但所谓的流浪精灵舰队已经对阿珀斯忒发动了好几次突袭,试图“净化腐败”。尽管这些攻击招致了来自协约议会the Pact Council的制裁,但不知为何,精灵几乎不为所动。

While elves have embraced technology and the security it brings, they also maintain a deep affinity for magic, seeing in its practice a continuity with their ancestors. Elves are most often mystics, operatives, and technomancers, and when they go adventuring, it’s often to recover bits of magical lore lost to history, or else to find ways to ensure Sovyrian’s strength in the centuries to come. The primary exception to all of these tendencies are the drow—purple-skinned elves who reject the company of their brethren to live on Apostae and mine alien tech from that world’s interior, making them some of the most feared and respected arms dealers in the system. Ordinary elves and drow despise one another, and while Sovyrian’s leadership generally tries to distance itself from political entanglements, supposedly rogue elven fleets have launched several surprise assaults on Apostae in an effort to “cleanse the corruption.” The fact that these attacks have resulted in sanctions from the Pact Council has somehow done little to deter the elves.


Most elves stand 5-1/2 to 6-1/2 feet tall and weigh 100–150 pounds. They’re considered adults at 100 and naturally live up to 750 years.


Ability Adjustments: +2 Dex, +2 Int, –2 Con

Hit Points: 4

Size and Type: Elves are Medium humanoids with the elf subtype.

Elven Immunities: Elves are immune to magic sleep effects and receive a +2 racial bonus to saving throws against enchantment spells and effects.

Elven Magic: Elves receive a +2 racial bonus to caster level checks to overcome spell resistance. In addition, elves receive a +2 racial bonus to Mysticism skill checks.

Keen Senses: Elves receive a +2 racial bonus to Perception skill checks.

低光视觉:精灵在昏暗光照下视物与在正常光照下无异。见本书261页,视觉与光照Vision and Light部分。
Low-Light Vision: Elves can see in dim light as if it were normal light. See Vision and Light on page 261.

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讲道理,是紫皮! :em032
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