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劇透 -   :
Knowledge is power, and that power comes at a price. Info brokers scour the Matrix for paydata and compile it in vast databases of private information available to the highest bidder. Some types of data may be readily available, while others may take time to dig up if they can be found at all. Below is a listing of all the various types of data one can buy on the black market. Note that the GM has final say as to the availability of specific data.
密码(Access Codes):骇客们自然而然地收集这些。暗影之海(ShadowSea,4版时(65年后)代替50年代的Shadowland成为了西雅图最大的暗影界节点)以及其他犯罪网络都有大量供给管理员等级密码、数字钥匙、接通后门的地图的市场。这些通常都很快会被更换,所以市场随着它常常被更换的产品总是在变化着。你自己也完全可以使用他们的技术,从特洛伊木马钓鱼行动到矿工蠕虫以及那其中的所有东西。有时候甚至就是在对方键入密码来开始工作时在街对面的一副双筒望远镜那么简单。
劇透 -   :
Access Codes: Hackers gather these as a matter of course. ShadowSEA and other criminal networks have marketplaces with vast offerings of admin-level passcodes, digital keys, and maps to back doors. These are often changed quickly, so the market is always on the move with constantly shifting product. It’s just as possible to engage their own tactics yourself, from Trojan phishing expeditions to miner worms and everything in between. Sometimes it’s as simple as a pair of binoculars used from across the street while they punch in an alphanumeric to get to work.
劇透 -   :
Address: A cursory search can provide the most basic mailing lists and delivery metrics, but the right investigation can find the subtle networks that link a single individual to a series of safehouses, hangouts, and common associates.
勒索信息(Blackmail Info):每个人都有秘密。秘密越大,他们就越难以隐藏它。勒索信息本质上就很贵重,因为那些搜集它的人清楚这是值钱数据。它能通过比它的价值低的价格买到的唯一原因,就是准备使用它的购买者也要承受风险。有一个愿意认怂付钱的目标,就会有另一个更愿意杀人来保证秘密安全的目标。找到这种值钱数据很费工夫,而数据挖掘者总是在想方设法扩大他们的库存。这包括比其他类型的个人信息所需的更深层次的数据搜索和跑腿工作,而通常这不意味着穿着靴子拿着相机就能拿到那些不体面的细节。高风险,高收益。基本上当你购买时你是在雇佣另一个狂奔者来帮你搜集这些,而奇怪的是,你自己也会做一部分工作。
劇透 -   :
Blackmail Info: Everyone has secrets. The bigger the secret, the harder they try to hide it. Blackmail info is intrinsically valuable, because those who gather it know that it is paydata. The only reason it can be bought for less than it is worth is because the buyer who intends to use it also incurs risk. For every mark who rolls over and pays, there’s another who would sooner kill to see their secrets safe. Finding that paydata is hard work, and info miners are always looking to expand their inventory. This involves deeper data dives and footwork than any other kind of personal info, and more often than not means boots on the ground with camera in hand to get the unsavory details. High risk, high reward. You’re basically hiring another runner if you want them to gather it for you, and odds are, you’re going to do some of this work yourself.
笔迹分析(Handwriting Analysis):作为几乎不合时宜的东西,笔迹在社会最高和最低的阶层中都很常见。对于富人来说,手写是一种经典而有品位的方式,权力者们通过书面签署项目的形式联系在一起。对于穷人来说,把东西写在不会被骇入、不依赖破烂的本地供电网格的地方很有实际意义,仅此而已。很多中层人士更喜欢所有事情都数字化处理,而其它一些人属于在他们的AR生活中成长而被文字-语音转换器和图示指南惯坏了的、数量正不断增长的文盲群体。对特定人士的笔迹分析对于任何会留下笔迹的伪造工作都很关键,但对于受过相应训练的人而言,一些有趣的精神特点可以从人们手写的方式中被分析出来,尤其是从一个人的签名中。
劇透 -   :
Handwriting Analysis: Almost an anachronism, handwriting is most common among the highest and lowest echelons of society. For the rich, writing is classy in a classic way, with people in power ties literally signing off on projects. For the poor, it’s just practical to put things down where they can’t be hacked or they don’t depend on the shoddy local power grid. Many of the middle class tend to do things entirely digitally, while others belong to the growing number of illiterate who have grown spoiled on text-to-speech translators and iconographic guides through their AR life. Analysis of a person’s handwriting is essential in any forgery that might bear their mark, but for the people with the training, some interesting psychological insights can be gleaned from the way they write, especially their signature.
劇透 -   :
History: The bread and butter of any private eye or corporate headhunter, assembling the history of any individual comes down to following their digital footprint. Time-consuming, but not too hard to gain with the right skills. The level of detail is the real challenge. Finding out that someone lived in the UCAS and then moved to the California Free State is different from knowing the exact addresses and dates of moving, and both are different from determining their employment history, their romantic entanglements, or their family history. The more data, the more expensive it gets, as always.
劇透 -   :
Hobbies: Social networks are indispensable for the average SINner. From P2.0 to membership in online cliques to search history and buffered caches and cookies, people not only seek information about the things that interest them but also like minds to share them with. For a less technological approach, it can be as simple as asking about their known associates, taking a short stroll through their doss or workspace, or tailing them through a shopping mall.
市场扫描(Market Scan):为某件物品编辑一个所有供应商的列表,降低购买它的可获得性指数。
劇透 -   :
Market Scan: Compiles a list of all vendors of an item, reducing the availability index for that purchase.
医疗状况(Medical Conditions):知道某人身体上的强处和弱点可以为你提供有利可图的勒索数据,或者警醒你如果你对想要活捉的目标用了泰瑟枪他会心脏病发作,又或者是目标对于特定食物或药物的过敏信息。虽然这种信息通常在医疗马车(DocWagon)或者救护车(CrashCart)的医疗数据库中被严密保护着,简单地给医生一大笔贿赂,或是由一位友好的EMT(急救技术员,Emergency Medical Technician)用正确的授权快速提取文件,就可以得到它们。毕竟,如果医护人员不知道你的一切的话,医保合同又有什么用呢?
劇透 -   :
Medical Conditions: Knowing someone’s physical strengths and weaknesses can offer juicy blackmail data, or warn you that the mark you intend to bring in alive will have a heart attack if you use a taser, or an allergic reaction to certain foods or medications. While this info is often well-protected in medical databases such as DocWagon or CrashCart, getting it can also be as simple as a nice bribe to their physician or a quick file pull by a friendly EMT with the right authorizations. After all, what good is a DocWagon contract if the medics don’t know everything about you?
劇透 -   :
Name: Pretty simple to find—using modern social network searches, access to facial recognition software and the attached databases can speed up the results, as well as cross-referencing for other SINs and aliases.
模式识别(Pattern Recognition):作为一个很广阔的范畴,模式识别重点研究一个个体的习惯。许多泛人类都是习惯之生物,也就是说他们在给定计划或刺激时几乎一定会以特定方式作出反应。有的人总是会在橱窗前驻足,或从不缺席周日弥撒,或总是朝左闪避。因果检验是最重要的,但通常需要一个长期的、被动的观测,来建立起深刻到足以在目标行动前预言其行动的深层次理解。
劇透 -   :
Pattern Recognition: A broad school, pattern recognition focuses on the habits of an individual. Many metahumans are creatures of habit, meaning they can usually be counted on to act in certain ways given either a schedule or a stimulus. Some people will always stop to window shop, or never miss Sunday Mass, or always dodge to the left. Cause and effect examination is most important, but it often depends on long-term, passive observation to build an understanding deep enough to predict the mark’s move before they make it.
心理侧写(Psych Profile):一个细致的目标心理侧写需要透彻的行为模式分析,尤其是因果分析。最简单的办法就是去寻找大多数企业出于习惯而收集、用来更好地管理他们的员工的那些已有的记录。对于管理层及以上的人而言,去看心理医生在70年代普遍到被视为理所当然,而骇入心理医生的记录就可以把他们的分析拿到你的手上了。有时候也有必要建立你自己的分析结果。最简单的思路可以从目标的生活方式的整体情况入手,从购买历史到约会记录。更多信息可以从对其雇员、工作伙伴和家人的会见中收集。最好是能有他们行为过程的样本。他们与别人交谈的方式、生意中交易的方式,或是处理各种情况的方式,这些都可以帮助形成一个更完备的关于他们的思维和方法的整体图景。当然,这一切都需要一个懂得如何解读这些趋势与巧合的人。精神分析学家在第六纪生意兴隆,因为每个人都想把握他们的潜在雇员、工作伙伴和客户的内面。他们(精神分析学家)收费颇高,但他们的洞察力可以是无价的。很可能的一点是,你的高级掮客已经对你做过了一个这样的心理侧写。
劇透 -   :
Psych Profile: A detailed psychological profile of the mark demands intensive analysis of behavior patterns, especially cause and effect. The easiest way is to find existing profiles, which most corporations assemble out of habit to better manage their citizenry. For the manager class and above, seeing a shrink in the ’70s is so common as to be taken for granted, and hacking the psychologist’s records can put all of their analysis in your hands. Other times it is necessary to develop your own analysis. The simplest ideas can be formed from an overall picture of the mark’s lifestyle, from purchasing history to their dating profile. More can be gleaned from interviews with employers, associates, and family. The best will involve examples of them in action. The way they talk to others, deal in business, or approach various situations can all help to form a more complete picture of their mind and methods. Of course, all of this requires someone who knows how to read those trends and quirks. Psychoanalysts do a thriving business in the Sixth World, as everyone wants to get the inside line on their potential hires, coworkers, and clients. They charge a lot, but their insights can be invaluable. Odds are, your higher-end fixer has already had one made on you.

近期购物(Recent Purchases):金钱历史是这个电子交易的时代一件美好的东西。几乎没有人使用实体货币,除非他们想要将交易全部放在线下,而这常常是非法的那一类交易。那一类的话,一般都靠口头传述,但剩下的都可以由一位靠谱的骇客通过矩阵来收集,这可以使成本保持在较低的水平。
劇透 -   :
Recent Purchases: Credit history is a beautiful thing in the age of electronic transactions. Almost no one pays with hard currency unless they are trying to keep their purchases off the grid, and those tend to be of an illegal nature. For those, it all comes down to word of mouth, but the rest can be gleaned from the Matrix by a decent hacker, which keeps costs on the lower side.
社交媒体分析(Social Media Analysis):对目标的在线社交存在的集中分析与对他们的P2.0页面的一次快速浏览是截然不同的。回溯足够远,并搜寻他们的博客、长文、发帖、聊天和评论,就能描绘出一个更好的他们有关政见和个人品位的图景,并且洞察到他们交流的方式。从巨魔到调停人,从政治煽动者到娱乐新闻迷,总是有办法找到合适的破冰者来让接近他们变得容易很多。
劇透 -   :
Social Media Analysis: A focused examination of the mark’s online social presence is different from a quick scan of their P2.0 page. Going back far enough and searching through their blogs, screeds, posts, chats, and comments paints a better picture of the evolution of their politics and personal tastes as well as insights into how they communicate. From trolls to peacemakers, political firebrands to entertainment news junkies, it is possible to find the right ice breakers to make getting close to them much easier.
劇透 -   :
Safehouses: Buying trends, public service usage, Matrix bandwidth expenditure, and more can offer a percentage analytic, indicating likelihood of habitation of a potential safehouse. For greater accuracy, the runner in a rush can tap into real-time searching and possibly find spots they might be able to use—or ones that might already be in use.
劇透 -   :
Workplace: For the SINner, place of employment is almost laughably easy to determine, as any corporate SIN holds the immediate imprint at first glance. In the case of some corps, the logo is oftentimes much more visible than the citizen’s face or personal info. Locating the specific assignment is just a matter of accessing the databases of that corporation. For independently employed marks, or the SINless, it falls to footwork, word of mouth, and a much more diverse (and therefore expensive) array of databases. Street cams, police and medical records, money spread around at the bars, and shops in their area of operation can all offer clues.
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