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【DkT】单子与CFD p70-82
« 于: 2018-01-08, 周一 09:26:08 »
劇透 -   :
What a long, strange trip it’s been. Five years ago, strange events led me to believe that I was losing my mind, and I contacted Mr. MacCallister—more support for my theory—offering to trade what I knew for access to this community. I’m pleased to say that the risk paid off. This posting will, I hope, tie up the loose threads that my first contribution unraveled.
First, the good news: The tide is turning against CFD.
> Thank fucking Ghost.
> Butch

However, as a wise man once said: “The most dangerous time in any operation is when everything is coming together.” The battle against CFD is far from won, and as you’ll see, gaining the momentum won’t necessarily make it any easier. I’ve compiled as much information as I can about both our current best efforts to combat the disorder and a few questions that have yet to be answered.
On a related note, I’m sure most of you are aware by now that NeoNET has left the ranks of the AAAs, and Richard Villiers has been replaced by Johnny Spinrad as the playboy of the Big Ten. The details I’ve been able to collect on that are also included in this file.
真是次漫长而怪异的旅行。五年前,奇怪的事件让我确信自己正在失去理智,所以我联系了麦克卡利斯特先生(Mr. MacCallister)——为了更多理论支持——用我所知的和他交换,获得了这个社区的接入权。我可以很高兴地说,这次冒险是值得的。我希望这个帖子能给我第一次贡献的信息收个尾。
一条有关的信息是,我相信你大部分人都知道新网已经从AAA的席位上退下了,强尼·斯普兰德(Johnny Spinrad)取代理查德·维利尔(Richard Villiers)成为了十大的花花公子。我能找到的具体信息也包含在这份文件里。
劇透 -   :
The revelation of the truth behind the Boston lockdown sent shockwaves around the world.
Evo’s and NeoNET’s share prices plummeted as public opinion turned against them. When the lockdown’s true cause came out, the UCAS government announced that it would take the perpetrators to the Corporate Court as fast as it could assemble a case.
For the second time in as many decades, the Corporate Court Crisis Coordination Committee stepped in to manage the disaster. As a show of good faith, Celedyr gave C5 the schematics for his Overwriter nanites and their programming goo, which were immediately put to use in the relief efforts.
> Good faith? From a dragon? You can’t be serious.
> Frosty
> Our kind are not completely lacking in conscience, and Script-Diver is no fool; he knows that trying to avoid responsibility for this debacle would do him more harm than good. After the events of recent years, I suspect he is not feeling lucky.
> Orange Queen
> Nice to see that even the greats aren’t above the “get out in front of it” approach.
> Kay St. Irregular
这是几十年以来第二次公司法庭危机处理委员会[1]介入灾难管理工作。为了表达善意,塞勒迪尔向C5交出了他的复写者(Overwriter)纳米体以及它们的编程基质(programming goo),两者很快被用于救灾工作。
>Orange Queen[3]
>Kay St. Irregular
[1]Corporate Court Crisis Coordination Committee,简称C5

劇透 -   :
Almost overnight, corporate-run clinics sprang up in BRA signatory nations around the world, offering free CFD screenings and treatment to anyone who could prove their identity.

> Which, as usual, means no SINless need apply—and if you can afford a fake SIN good enough to fool GOD, you can afford the “confidentiality surcharge” at a private clinic that offers the treatments for a fee, instead of risking contact with people who work for a living.
> Chainmaker
> Hey, it’s not their fault that people in certain circles think the masses are a disease worse than CFD. Luckily for the rest of us, a lot of those people won’t even go to the private clinics to avoid starting rumors that they have CFD. Makes for great blackmail material.
> Kat o’ Nine Tales

> Note that Lanier said, “BRA signatory nations”—as in, not in the NAN, despite the original outbreak being in the PCC. I’d bet nuyen that the Big Ten are trying to use that clause as leverage to get the NAN to grant them extraterritoriality.
> Mika

> It also means anyone who’s willing to move CFD treatments into the NAN can make some pretty sweet cred. Sometimes, the border patrols will even let you go when they realize what you’re carrying.
> Turbo Bunny
>也就是说,和以往一样,意味着无SIN者不适用——如果你能负担得起一张足够骗过GOD的假SIN,你可以自费给有偿提供这类治疗的私人诊所一笔“保密附加费”,而不用冒险和那些以工作谋生的人接触(instead of risking contact with people who work for a living)。
>Kat o' Nine Tales
>Turbo Bunny
[1]Business Recognition Accords,商业认可协议,即公司治外法权。
[2]Pueblo Corporate Council,普韦布洛公司议会,位于北美的类公司组织国家。

劇透 -   :
As usual, petty megacorporate squabbles filtered into the relief efforts. Not wanting to lose more money than they already had, Shiawase insisted on using the treatment it had developed—the much-reviled NanoScrub, or as one wit called it, “NaNope”—citing a lack of trust in any “cure” developed by NeoNET. The rest of the Japanacorps followed suit.

> They might’ve gotten NanoScrub rolled out, but after his near-complete failure to capture Evo’s lost share of the bio-augmentation market, Kazuja Shiawase is still on thin ice with the rest of the family. The only reason he still has a job is that Shiawase Biotech managed to reduce NanoScrub’s rate of side effects from ten percent to less than one percent, which I’ve heard was less about research than it was about stopping whoever was behind the shadow interference in the project.
> Baka Dabora

> Probably another victim of the ongoing ColtraneKiyomoto rivalry. The only question is whether one of Kazuja’s rivals used the MFID itself to sabotage Kazuja’s efforts, or just had them stand back while runners did the job instead.
> Kay St. Irregular
The UCAS government filed lawsuits in the Corporate Court against NeoNET, Evo, and Aztechnology in late 2078. The verdicts in the cases against NeoNET were handed down throughout the second half of 2079; I’ll cover those in more detail later. And finally, Deep Space Exploration and Colonization I departed from Gagarin Station just last week, which has already had a huge effect on the Monads remaining on Earth—and is the subject of the next section.
>他们或许能推出纳米擦除,但在试图取得天演丢失的殖装市场份额中遭遇近乎完全失败后,和也·幸福和其他家族成员的关系依然紧绷。他还有工作的原因是幸福生物科技(Shiawase Biotech)成功将纳米擦除的副作用从10%降到了不到1%,就我所听到的,这不是研究的效果,而是制止了在项目背后干涉的黑手,不管那是谁。
>Baka Dabora
>Kay St. Irregular
[1]Market Information and Forecasting Department,市场信息与预测部
[2]Deep Space Exploration and Colonization I,简称DSECI
[3]Gagarin Station,天演在火星的基地。参考附1

劇透 -   :
When the truth about CFD first came out, metahumanity’s views on head cases were split between hate and pity. Some argued that they were victims who only did what was necessary to escape their torturers, the way any metahuman would. Others refused to forget that these digital invaders had erased loved ones who had nothing to do with the corps’ misdeeds. If nobody could bring back the people they’d lost, revenge was the next best thing.
The head cases found each other and organized into Monads, then lost what little sympathy they had gained when DSECI launched last week. Reports that the departed Monads’ hosts were left catatonic aboard Gagarin Station set off a firestorm of negative publicity.

> I know a lot of people are still upset about Gagarin, but I’ll leave this here in the hope that people will read after they’ve had a chance to cool off. The Monads at Gagarin and on DSECI were the ones who asked the Space Rescue Service to stand by during the launch, and they made sure there weren’t active Monads who might accidentally retransmit CFD in the area while the SRS was ferrying the hosts back groundside. As far as I know, they all made it back alive, too.
> Plan 9
Estimates of how many Monads actually departed with DSECI vary wildly, as the Corporate Court has kept the number of “returned” bodies found aboard Gagarin Station strictly classified.

> The CC did, but the Space Rescue Service has been a little more lax—emphasis on little, but I can confirm that the number of people recovered went into the thousands. I’ll pass on any more data I find, but with how closely everyone’s connected up here, I try to keep my nose out of SRS business.
> Orbital DK
With DSECI’s departure, earthbound Monads are busy figuring out their next steps. They certainly have no shortage of problems to face.
>我知道有许多人还在对加加林事件感到不快,但我在这里写下这些,希望他们冷静后能读到。加加林和DSECI的单子要求宇宙救援服务(Space Rescue Service)在发射时待命,并且确保SRS把宿主运回地面时附近没有任何可能传播CFD的单子活动。据我所知,宿主们也都活着回来了。
>Plan 9


>Orbital DK

劇透 -   :
The backlash resulting from Evo’s acceptance of the Monads has made both national governments and megacorporate leaders hesitant to do the same. The Monads have little motivation to go anywhere else, though; receptions from other corps have ranged from cool to downright hostile, and while many North American governments are offering citizenship to both Monads and AIs, none of them have laws in place to prevent anti-Monad prejudice. In fact, certain countries have just the opposite—early in 2079, the Confederation of American States brought its first Monad test case to court on charges of involuntary manslaughter. I’ve attached a video clip from the trial here [link], along with a transcript of the meaty part.
天演接收单子的决定导致了公众的反弹,这让国家政府和超企的领导们犹豫是否要采取相同政策。但单子几乎没有什么动力去其它地方;其它公司对他们的接受程度从冷漠到公开的敌意不等,虽然许多北美政府给单子和AI提供公民权,但他们中没有那个国家有法律制止了歧视单子的行为。事实上,有些国家正相反——2079年年初,美洲联邦(Confederation of American States)进行了第一次单子审判,罪名为过失杀人。我附上了一次庭审的录像[链接],以及主要部分的文本。
劇透 -   :
[Clip excerpted from State of Georgia vs. L. O. Pane, Judge M.J. Weatherby presiding.]
ASST. DISTRICT ATTORNEY JELLICOE: Mr. PANE, you said that when you were formulating your escape plan from your alleged torture—
DEFENDANT PANE: Alleged? It happened.
ADA JELLICOE: —at NeoNET’s hands, you decided your best chance lay in, as you described it, “writing yourself to an external organic storage medium”—or in other words, into the brain of a metahuman, is that correct?
PANE: Yes.
ADA JELLICOE: And that one of the reasons for doing so was that metahuman brains are function
ally similar to the digital storage media you previously occupied?
PANE: Yes.
ADA JELLICOE: Mr. Pane, I assume someone of your … background is very familiar with the mechanics of data storage. When someone attempts to write data to a medium where data is already stored, what happens?
PANE: The application will ask the user to confirm whether they would like to overwrite the existing data.
ADA JELLICOE: And if the user consents, the existing data is overwritten by the new data?
PANE: Yes.
ADA JELLICOE: What happens to the old data at that point?
PANE: It’s erased.
ADA JELLICOE: Can the data that’s been erased be recovered?
PANE: Sometimes.
ADA JELLICOE: But not always.
ADA JELLICOE: And if the data can’t be recovered, is it still functional?
PANE: Not usually.
ADA JELLICOE: Mr. Pane, when you decided to “write” yourself to the victim’s brain, were you aware of the possibility that any existing data there would be overwritten as a result? PAME: Yes.
ADA JELLICOE: And that any data overwritten as a result of your “transfer” was potentially unrecoverable?
PANE: (nervously) Yes.
ADA JELLICOE: And you chose to do so anyway.
PANE: (long pause)
PANE: (shifting in his chair) I … invoke my Fifth Amendment right to protection from self-incrimination.
ADA JELLICOE: Your Honor? JUDGE WEATHERBY: Mr. Pane, you waived that right when you agreed to testify. Please answer the question.
PANE: (sighs) Yes.
ADA JELLICOE: You chose to write yourself into a metahuman brain, despite knowing that any data already contained therein—that is, the thoughts, feelings, and memories of the person who already possessed that body—would be overwritten and might be permanently lost.
PANE: (angrily) We never intended to do this kind of damage!
ADA JELLICOE: But you knew it was possible.
PANE: (long pause)
ADA JELLICOE: MistPANE: (frustrated, resigned) Yes, we knew it was possible.
ADA JELLICOE: Nothing further, Your Honor.
The Georgia Superior Court found the defendant guilty of involuntary manslaughter. He’s appealing his verdict with the help of the well-known legal firm Schmidt, Jakob & Lei, but at this point his prospects are anyone’s guess. Nobody has tried to present a “secondary cerebral revision” case yet, but if Pane’s case is anything to go by, I suspect the CAS will charge any Monad defendant with first-degree murder.
佐治亚高等法院判决被告过失杀人罪名成立。他在著名律师事务所施密特,雅各布&雷恩(Schmidt, Jakob & Lei)的帮助下提起上诉,但此时他的前景还是所有人的猜测。还没有任何人试图提起“二级大脑修改”的指控,但如果参考佩恩的案子,我怀疑CAS不会对任何单体被告提起一级谋杀指控。
劇透 -   :
> The knowledge of the Monads’ origins being so widespread actually helps them here. So many people having anti-Monad sentiments makes it difficult for the courts to find an unbiased jury—any perceived prejudice can get a potential juror disqualified.
> Kay St. Irregular

> But what if people agreed to let a Monad move in?
> Plan 9

> If honoring the contract would require one or both parties to break the law, the contract is considered unenforceable—consenting to an illegal act doesn’t make it legal. The courts take a lot of heat over that principle, though, especially from libertarians. They don’t like the idea that someone could be jailed for things like patient requested euthanasia or consensual rough sex.
> DangerSensei
Needless to say, this position is very unpopular among both Monads and civil-rights advocates, who claim that interpreting CFD transmission as assault or murder effectively criminalizes being a Monad. CAS lawmakers have responded that CFD transmission isn’t protected by CAS metahuman rights laws. The pro-Monad activists naturally rejected that argument and have begun pursuing legal action.

> All of the “primary cerebral revision” cases we’re aware of were NeoNET citizens, and those events happened outside the CAS. How can a court in Georgia even charge them?
> Icarus

> The principle of universal jurisdiction has existed for over a century, starting with the Nuremburg Trials after the Second World War. Normally it’s reserved for crimes against metahumanity and the like, but the CAS’ “tough on Monads” stance led the CAS Congress to pass a law claiming universal jurisdiction over CFD-related crimes. That law’s constitutionality hasn’t been reviewed by the CAS Supreme Court, but I suspect this case will change that. And the corps, of course, will weigh in when they can determine how money will best flow.
> Fianchetto
>Kay St. Irregular
>Plan 9


[1]universal jurisdiction:国际法原则之一。无论被控犯罪之人的国籍、居住国或与起诉国关系如何,即使该罪行是在起诉国领土之外犯下的,该国也可以对该人行使刑事管辖权。由于所犯罪行被认为是危害全人类的,并且罪行极为严重,不容有管辖权投机,因此任何国家都有权对其加以惩罚。

劇透 -   :
I had planned to include information on each of the Big Ten’s Monad-related activities in this section, but it turns out that for any corp besides Evo and Saeder-Krupp, the answer is “not much.” On top of that, S-K’s counterintelligence apparatus is as skilled as ever, my queries were blocked so thoroughly that even if that information does exist, I’m not sure whether anyone outside S-K would be able to access it.

> If it makes you feel any better, Mr. Lanier, my former comrades in S-K Prime weren’t any more forthcoming. I’ve tried to learn more on a few occasions since the Market Panic download, with no success. I don’t know whether that means Lofwyr is keeping the Monads under even tighter security than before, or that he’s decided they’re no longer useful and disposed of them.
> Heisenberg
On the other hand, Evo’s Monad-related issues are wide-ranging. They may have captured the lion’s share of the market with Monad-developed technologies, but Evo may yet find that the price for openly accepting Monads into the corp was too high.
Evo was the first of the Big Ten to offer sanctuary to Monads. Corporate emphasis on diversity aside, everyone knew the Russian mega was using the Monads’ scientific brilliance to recoup some of their financial losses. Mere weeks after opening their doors to the Monads, Evo was besieged by shadowrunners looking for paydata on the miracle tech the Monads were surely helping them develop.

> Just curious, did anyone besides Planners not take a run against Evo in the past couple years?
> Slamm-0!
> Yeah, that’s what I thought.
> Slamm-0!
>不知能否让你好受一点,卢内尔先生,我在S-K总部(S-K Prime)的前战友也不愿提供信息。市场恐慌(Market Panic)文档发布后,我尝试了几次想了解更多内容,但都没成功。我不知道这是否意味着洛菲尔对单子的控制比以前更加严苛,还是他决定单子没用了并把他们都处理掉了。


劇透 -   :
Despite more shadow interference than any other single megacorp has seen in a similar period of time, Evo kept their more sensitive trade secrets hidden long enough to be the first to market with their Monad-designed augmentations. The results were so successful that even after the origins of CFD became public, Evo enjoyed a slight increase in their market share.
As the DSECI launch grew closer, though, more and more of the Monad researchers left the corporate labs for Gagarin Station. The ones who remained were already working beyond normal metahuman capacity, which resulted in a lot of grumbling from the Monads when the corporate leadership made it clear that they expected productivity levels to remain high despite the loss of so many staff.

> So you’re telling me the Monads wanted to go to a corp where people accepted them, then they started complaining because they’re being treated the same way every other corp drone is?
> Red

> I have it on good authority that that demand came from Ysil. The tension had been there since before she was appointed CEO, but the naga cultural disdain toward technology and the non-Awakened opened the fissures wider. The factions that had supported the Monad Cynthia Bills and the AI Taylor Dacopral for the CEO spot have become an informal bloc that’s trying to influence policy in a pro-AI/Monad direction. Last I heard, the Monads were talking amongst themselves about protesting their working conditions by forming a labor union.
> Plan 9

> A union full of machines in metahuman bodies that replaced regular metahuman workers? That’s just … as a Wobbly, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.
> Chainmaker


>Plan 9
> Chainmaker
[1]Industrial Workers of the World,会员自称Wobbly

劇透 -   :
Time will tell whether Evo can keep its product-development edge without the majority of their Monad researchers, but that isn’t the only potential disaster Evo has to watch out for, as the inter-corp conflict with NeoNET continues to play out. Ironically, Evo may end up suffering almost as much harm from the Corporate Court’s decision in the NeoNET case as NeoNET themselves did. Even though the Court is holding all of the CFD-related trials in-camera, the UCAS government convinced them to make the full record of the trial available to the public, including all of the evidence that NeoNET presented to try to shift the blame to Evo. I expect Evo’s reputation to suffer further as more of that evidence comes into the public eye.
劇透 -   :
After a few months of C5-led relief efforts, the situation in the NEMA began to stabilize. Supply drops into the QZ became more regular. Corporate security forces began air operations to soften up the worst-hit areas of the sprawl, with mixed results.

> With the near-total Matrix embargo in the QZ, the corpsec goons weren’t subtle about it, either. I found a report in a Knight Errant host describing how victims of the Lockdown strain were drawn to active Matrix transmitters. Someone suggested mounting a repeater unit on a helicopter or t-bird and flying low enough to draw the head cases out, then hosing the area down with Gatling guns and rocket fire.
> Slamm-0!

> Part of me is sickened by that, but I have to admit, it would be effective.
> Picador
When the damages from the Corporate Court’s NeoNET ruling were finally awarded to the NEMA government, the slow process of reconstruction began. C5 directed the initial efforts on the ground, first securing NeoNET Towers as a staging area. Corpsec forces led by Knight Errant pushed through the Hub to link up with units moving east from Route 128.
The least-affected areas of the city were pacified relatively quickly, but the lockdown is still in place around worst-hit zones. The MIT&T cordon is still in place, and probably will be for the foreseeable future. South of the river, C5 and the corpsec forces have managed to narrow the Hub Containment Zone to between BU and Northeastern, and are pushing hard to clear the Fenway so they can focus on hitting MIT&T from all sides.


C5首先把工作放在地面,先是保证新网群塔(NeoNet Towers)的安全,把这里作为基地。游侠带领着安保队伍在中心城[2]推进,和东边由128公路出发的队伍汇合。
[1]Northeastern Metroplex Axis,东北都会中轴区
[2]Hub,波士顿的别称,波士顿曾被称为the Hub of the Universe
[3]The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Thaumaturgy,麻省理工与咒术学院
[4]BU-Boston University波士顿大学。
[5]Northeastern,Northeastern University东北大学

劇透 -   :
> Good, then they can rebuild Fenway Park!
> Slamm-0!
> I took an astral jaunt over to MIT&T and regretted it the instant I got there. The DIMR and Manadyne have already started preparing to clean up the astral space once the head cases are out, but they’re going to have a bloody awful time of it, and it’s going to get worse before it gets better. I’ve heard whispers that some of their magicians are trying to get in early and are hiring teams to babysit while they discreetly try to limit any further damage.
> Winterhawk
With the head cases contained, the biggest threat to people on the ground are the gangs and the Knights of the Red Branch. As soon as word of the NeoNET ruling came down, the KRB and their Bane-Sidhe allies jumped at the chance to thin the Ancients’ numbers before the corps wouldn’t let them run wild anymore, and the Centurions and the Roxx stepped up their turf war over Roxbury.

> It seems the KRB didn’t get the message last time we crossed paths. I may have to pay them another visit.
> Thorn



[1]Dunklezahn Institute of Magic Research,黑牙魔法研究院。
[2]Knights of the Red Branch,简称KRB,波士顿反精灵团体,由因提尔那诺成立而被驱逐的爱尔兰人组成。

劇透 -   :
Mayor O’Rylan’s been too busy trying to organize the reconstruction efforts to press Knight Errant to step up their patrols, and even if she wasn’t, KE’s heavy hitters are all tied up dealing with the head cases. So, the gangs are making hay while the sun is shining, and it’ll be interesting to see whether they remember to run when the head cases are gone and all the AAAs’ corpsec is sitting on their doorstep.
One notable absence from Boston is the newest member of the Big Ten. Spinrad Global’s American VP, Katie Brookes, has repeatedly said the corp is reviewing its options for a move into the Hub, but nobody’s heard anything that sounds like actual movement. Personally, I think she’d rather just stay in Manhattan until the place doesn’t look like an urban brawl arena anymore.
Everywhere else, Boston is still Boston. Two catastrophes in fifteen years have left the city and its people more than a little weary, but for now, it looks like the worst is over. Enough areas have been cleared of head cases that the corps are reopening their offices. They haven’t taken the walls down yet, but the NEMA government is starting to let a few carefully screened people into and out of the QZ. In a few months, things might even be within shouting distance of normal. At least, as normal as a city can be with a big hole where its main economic engine used to be.

> Smugglers who can figure out reliable ways over the wall (or as reliable as things like that get, anyway) still have the chance to make some really good cred. Now that the corps have had time to clear out some of the head cases, word’s getting around that Boston’s safe enough to move people or cargo through, and they haven’t loosened the cordon enough to account for the increased demand.
> Traveler Jones
值得注意的是波士顿内十大新晋成员的缺席。斯普兰德全球(Spinrad Global)的美洲副总裁,凯蒂·布鲁克斯,曾多次称公司正在评估进入中心城的方式,但没人听到过任何像是实际行动的声音。个人来说,我猜她宁愿待在曼哈顿,直到这个地方不再像个城区混战的竞技场一样。
>Traveler Jones
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劇透 -   :
劇透 -   :
劇透 -   :
And now, the answer we’ve been looking for since this all began. I won’t bury the lead: in some cases, yes, it’s now possible to reverse the effects of CFD. All of the existing treatments carry their own risks, but I can say from experience that for people unwillingly infected by CFD, any risk is better than the alternative. Fortunately, researchers have made enough progress in finding ways to counter CFD that it’s no longer a matter of simply going down fighting.

> Don’t we normally get this stuff from the science side of JackPoint?
> Sunshine

> Lanier contacted me about this section, but I decided it wouldn’t kill him to write it himself. He knows more about the scientific angle than you’d expect, probably thanks to his own search for a cure. The info in here has my stamp of approval.
> Butch

劇透 -   :
There key component to treating CFD is removing or “unmounting” the CFD personality fragment from the metahuman host, by either destroying the nanites the Monad is using as a physical platform, or transferring the Monad out of the host, similar to an AI.
At present, there are four CFD treatments that I feel are reliable enough to recommend them. The most widely available means of countering CFD infection nanites is the Overwriter nanites supplied to corporate-run free clinics. Overwriters are hard nanites that work the same way as traditional hunter-killer nanites, but they are wireless-disabled and thus immune to being reprogrammed by CFD. If the infectee’s nanite level is low enough, Overwriters can reverse the infection entirely, and early intervention usually prevents permanent damage to the host.
Overwriters are administered by IV injection, and you should be aware that they provide no sedation themselves. I strongly recommend restraining the Monad during the treatment—no small task in itself, between the risk of infection and most Monads’ abnormally high strength and resilience.

> On the bright side, that “abnormally high strength and resilience” doesn’t seem to apply to stunbolts.
> Lyran

> I did a trial run to see if Overwriters could be administered via aerosol like other hard nanites, and the results were pretty unimpressive—the spray disperses them a lot, enough to make it easier for the CFD nanites to isolate and destroy them. Unless you can trap the Monad in a room full of Overwriter nanosmoke or something (and good luck finding nanosmoke anymore), stick with the IV.
> Butch

> The corps have also been using Overwriters as a frontline treatment for potential CFD exposure. I’ve seen a few internal corporate reports showing that they work as intended. I’m guessing that means either that the Overwriters are as effective as NeoNET claimed, or the corps are even more paranoid about CFD than the rest of the world and none of the wageslaves were infected in the first place
> The Smiling Bandit
>The Smiling Bandit(微笑盗贼)

劇透 -   :
The other anti-nanite solution is Shiawase Biotech’s much-maligned NanoScrub. Compared to Overwriter nanites, NanoScrub is more versatile—particularly in Monads with a large degree of nanite infestation—but works much slower, requiring the Monad be restrained for hours rather than minutes. Like the Overwriters, NanoScrub is administered by IV and doesn’t provide any sedation on its own.

> Be careful with NanoScrub if the host has any cyberware. Shiawase did their best to make sure it wouldn’t affect other augmentations, but there have been a few cases of people’s ’ware melting along with the nanites.
> Baka Dabora
Physical CFD treatments can be extremely dangerous to the host thanks to the Monads’ ability to control the hosts’ vital functions. You might remember the recording from the Stolen Souls download, where the captured Monad uses the host as a hostage by stopping their heart. I’ve personally seen other Monads do the same thing several times since.

> Yeah, but with a good medkit you can start it back up easily enough. Now, when the Monad’s still playing heart attack ping-pong and you’re almost out of epinephrine, that’s when it gets dicey.
> Butch
>Baka Dabora(八嘎·胡扯)


劇透 -   :
In contrast to the “hardware” approach taken by Overwriters and NanoScrub, others have developed “software” methods for countering CFD. The first of these is to face the personality fragment on its own turf via direct connection through the host’s datajack or a set of trodes. This approach still requires the Monad to be physically restrained, but has the advantage of protecting the host from any attempt by the Monad to use their life as a bargaining chip. Once the Monad is secure, the rest of the procedure is (from what I’m told) a fairly straightforward Matrix battle.

> Straightforward, maybe, but not easy. I’ve heard about some of these after the fact, and every decker and technomancer I’ve talked to says they were surprised that they won—and you know how much we hate showing any doubts about our skills.
> /dev/grrl

> I’ll add my own experience to that. I got into a scrap like this recently, and I can honestly say it was one of the hardest fights I’ve had since the Crash. The worst part was that even after we beat the bastard, all those nanites being bricked right next to the host’s brain pretty much lobotomized them anyway.
> Glitch

> I’ve had one of these encounters myself, but the Monad’s code was corrupted beyond repair before the nanites had a chance to overload. It reminded me of what happens when an AI is disrupted, but without being able to leave its nanoswarm for the rest of the Matrix. I doubt the Monad in question survived.
> Puck
In the same vein as the Coriolis complex form presented in the Chrome Flesh download, a group of technomancers in the NEMA have been working on a means of removing CFD personality fragments. My efforts to track them down have failed so far, but I found the name of one of their associates, who I hope will comment here to explain their work.

> Not naming names doesn’t help when everyone knows who I am. Anyway, this all started with Coriolis—I sent Patient V and his group a copy of it, and got in contact with Respec to see if she’d give us a hand, since she wrote the original version. After a lot of effort and a bunch of us going through Submersion, we came up with a new technique the Boston group calls “Defrag.” I won’t even try to explain exactly how it works, but I can tell you that it works equally well on Monads and AIs.
> Netcat

> Defrag? Drek, that brings back memories.
> Bull

> Actually, hon—Netcat, not Bull—I meant to tell you something about that. I was experimenting with some changes to my deck, and the logs from our little joyride the other day said everything was running even more solid than usual. Besides meaning my code was already perfect, I figured you’d want to know.
> Slamm-0!
同样还有《镀铬血肉》里的科里奥利复杂程式(Coriolis complex form),NEMA的一组超链正在研究移除CFD人格的手段。至今为止,我想要追踪他们的努力都失败了,但我找到了他们其中一位成员的名字,我希望这位会在这里回复一下,解释他们的工作。
[1]帮助Butch研究的超链,写出了科里奥利复杂程式。根据Netcat的说法,respec指的是在矩阵RPG里改变自己的数据和能力的行为。更多信息见Chrom Flesh。

劇透 -   :
Besides the four treatments I’ve already described, there are a few others that seem plausible, but not reliable enough for me to recommend them in good conscience. One of these methods fights fire with fire. It uses a purpose-built AI to contain and suppress any other CFD personality fragment within the host’s mind. The host can then interact with the personality fragments without any fear of losing control of themselves in the process.
I can vouch for this software’s effectiveness personally. I wish I could tell you more, but the origins of this AI are a complete mystery to me; the file simply appeared on my commlink without so much as a new-message notification. All I can tell you is that it works, and whoever wrote it has a strange preoccupation with the color grey.

> An associate from Lambeth had the same thing happen. Came down with a sudden case of split personalities—I wrote her off as mental until I got wise to CFD, then saw about getting her some help. Butch dropped in to visit, and a bit later, my acquaintance stopped losing her head. I tried to suss out what happened, but all she’d say was that she’d had a chin-wag with some grey bloke with no face.
> Chainmaker

> Wait, a grey icon with no face? Miles, do you still have a copy of that file? I think I know who sent it.
> Bull

> Uploading it to you privately now.
> Miles Lanier

> Yeah, I’d recognize that coding style anywhere. You and Chainmaker’s “associate” both got a visit from FastJack.
> Bull

> It’s also worth mentioning that some of the Monads who went up to Gagarin decided to come back to Earth
instead of leaving with DSECI. I haven’t spoken to any of them myself, but mutual acquaintances tell me they tried to get the Gagarin staff to upload them to the Matrix instead of DSECI’s servers, and Aether wouldn’t have it. If a technomancer who could release them from their host offered them the chance to leave willingly, or some other means of getting them out of the host’s brain, they’d probably take it.
> Plan 10
>Plan 10(计划10)
[1]单子出走计划(Exodus Project)的发起者。
劇透 -   :
After the CFD personality is unmounted, those who suffered partial overwrites regain control of their minds. Any lingering side effects can usually be treated by existing medical technologies. Most fully overwritten infectees, though, become catatonic if the CFD personality is removed.

> The cases Butch and I have seen are very similar to people whose personalities have been wiped out by overusing personasofts. (Actually, I guess it’s not all that different in principle.)
> Riot
The most successful solution so far uses a personafix made from the survivor’s personality to help them re-learn how to be themselves, the same way a person might re-learn to walk after a spinal cord injury. Early tests have shown promising results, but use is limited by the fact that most people don’t have full-simsense recordings of themselves to create the personafix.

> Yes, I’m going to say it: The Resonance never forgets. Full-simsense recordings of someone may not be all that common, but everyone who’s used DNI (that is, everyone but the five people in the world who still press commlink buttons with their thumbs) has a record of their brain activity floating around the Mind Realms. Those work just as well as a simsense recording—well enough that most of the calls I get from Johnsons lately are about Resonance Dives to dig them up. If someone asks you, see if you can get hourly rates, because the search isn’t easy.
> Netcat
Not surprisingly, the syndicates seem to have found a way to exploit this treatment for profit. As the rumor goes, Mitsuhama uses their stable of captive technomancers to retrieve CFD victims’ original personalities from the Resonance Realms. Combined with the Yakuza’s bunraku technology, the custom personafix allows the victim’s family and friends to reunite with their lost loved one—for a time, at least.
Normally I’m loath to include sensational rumors in my reports without verifying them, but this one has appeared often enough and with enough consistent details that I suspect it’s true.

> Bulldrek. Pure, total bulldrek. No technomancer would ever do something that horrible, and especially not for MCT.
> Netcat

> Go ahead, keep thinking your little friends are better than me. I’ll wait for them to prove you wrong. People are people, which means some of them—lots of them—are going to suck.
> Clockwork

> Assuming this is true, they have to be storing those persona templates somewhere. Finding and recovering them would be one hell of a datasteal.
> Pistons
Finally, Evo claims to have developed the tech necessary to write those neural patterns directly into the survivor’s brain, and the number of people left behind on Gagarin suggests they’re telling the truth. Very few people seem to be willing to take them up on their offer, though, for obvious reasons.

> Are people really so ruled by their emotions that they’d rather continue living with unwanted CFD than trust one of the creators of the problem to fix it?
> Plan 10

> Yes.
> Hard Exit


>Plan 10(计划10)
>Hard Exit(硬脱离)

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If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably an Andrik

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Re: 【DkT】单子与CFD p70-82(1/6…)
« 回帖 #2 于: 2018-01-16, 周二 20:52:42 »
劇透 -   :
The nano-pocalypse seems to have been averted, but it would be premature to say CFD and the Monads are gone. The situation has simply transformed from CFD as a whole into individual Monads. They may be allies, employers, or enemies, but in many ways, they are becoming acclimated to life in the Sixth World, living just like other people.

> Except most people can’t overwrite other people’s brains. It’s those subtle differences that matter.
> Hard Exit
There is one exception to that, however. It seems Eliohann saw my comment in the Market Panic file, because shortly after posting it, I received a message from “Neurosis,” a warning that a threat from the past would return. I’ve been investigating and verifying the evidence Eliohann included since I received it, with the help of one of JackPoint’s members, in the hopes that it was yet another hoax. Unfortunately, it wasn’t.
I’m sure most of you already know the background behind Project Vulcan. Needless to say, it succeeded—but it very nearly didn’t, or at least, not in the way Celedyr intended. Another digital intelligence besides Cerberus tried to take over Eliohann’s body during the encoding process. NeoNET’s internal investigation later found that the digital intelligence’s profile matched a known AI, and that the code to create the backdoor was provided by Dr. Penelope Ann Xavier. Traces of the same code were later found in a small but significant number of CFD infectees inside the Boston QZ, and C5 investigators reported a similarity between it and code fragments found in the Renraku Arcology servers in 2061.
>Hard Exit

劇透 -   :
> Oh frag.
> Slamm-0!
I asked some trusted associates to review my evidence in the hopes that I’d made a mistake, but all of them confirmed it: The AI writing itself into those CFD infectees was Deus.

> Oh fragfragfragfragfragfragfragfragfragfragfrag– <user disconnected: Slamm-0!>

> Did Slamm-0! just brick himself?
> Kat o’ Nine Tales

> Pretty sure he wasn’t the only one.
> Pistons

> I suspect someone will ask me this eventually, so I’ll just answer now: No, I don’t know what Deus is planning. I was the JackPointer who helped Lanier investigate Eliohann’s claims, because I want to see Deus and Pax stopped as much as anyone. (Don’t bother with the usual wave of “bulldrek” posts; I know you don’t believe me, and I couldn’t care less.)
> Puck

> And Lanier just took your word for it?
> Glitch

> We’ve both been in this business too long to take anything for granted, Glitch. During our conversations, Puck was held inside a Faraday cage—at his own suggestion, I might add—and subjected to a mind probe from … let’s call him a former NeoNET executive. Suffice it to say, if Puck had intended to feed us bad intel, we would have known.
> Miles Lanier
>Kat o' Nine Tales

劇透 -   :
> Speaking of loose threads, a technomancer contact in Boston told me about a few people he met who were … honestly, I don’t know what to call them. My contact said they were fellow technomancers he knew personally, who didn’t show any signs of CFD infection, but had some awfully Monad-like abilities. When I tried to get more information from him, he got dumped mid-convo; a mutual friend told me later that he’d been bagged by a corp.
> Netcat

> I knew it. I fucking knew it. The AIs are possessing their techno-freak pets and using them to turn everyone into head cases. None of you believed me before, and now– <user muted by sysop
> Clockwork

> I don’t know whether you’re Clockwork or Plan 10 spoofing Clockwork’s account, but behave yourself.
> Glitch

> And as if Boston didn’t have enough crazy drek going on already, last time I went over the wall, I saw a corpsec unit made up entirely of orks and trolls. Typical, right? Except that if the rumors are true, every single one of them is a Monad. Personally, I’m not getting close enough to find out.
> 2XL

> I’m fine, everyone, the rugrat just spilled his drink on my deck. So Butch, now that you’ve saved the world from CFD, what are you going to do with all that free time?
> Slamm-0!

> Sleep like the fucking dead. Good night, folks.
> Butch
>我不知道你是Clockwork还是Plan 10盗了Clockwork的号,但注意你的行为。

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If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably an Andrik

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Re: 【DkT】单子与CFD p70-82(2/6…)
« 回帖 #3 于: 2018-01-19, 周五 22:28:00 »
劇透 -   :
To quote the classics, NeoNET has passed on. It is no more, has ceased to be, has expired and gone to … well, you know.

> I wasn’t expecting Lanier to be fond of twentieth-century British comedy.
> Winterhawk
> Nobody expects it.
> Miles Lanier
 When the truth came out about CFD and the Boston lockdown, it was inevitable that the UCAS government would take NeoNET to task. The verdict was decided long before the trial had begun, of course, but neither the UCAS nor the Corporate Court was going to miss an opportunity to polish their public image when the blame fell squarely on one of their own.
 To nobody’s surprise, the Corporate Court found in favor of the UCAS, and NeoNET was ordered to establish a disaster relief fund totaling in the hundreds of billions of nuyen. Naturally, the corporation had expected that outcome since the trial began and had already been busy downsizing, restructuring, and selling off whatever assets they could. At first, it looked like NeoNET might have weathered the storm, until the Court delivered the second half of its decision. I’ll let Justice Belczyk’s words speak for themselves. [link]

> Holy drek.
> Mr. Bonds
> Could someone translate that to non-lawyer?
> Lyran
> It means that for the first time since … drek, almost before I was born, there won’t be a triple-A mega with Villiers running the show.
> Bull
> It’s not just that. JRJ is at least an A-rated corp in itself. Villiers is the sole owner, but he can’t be a director or the CEO with the ban in place. If voting shares are his only means of controlling JRJ, whoever Villiers appoints in his stead could sell JRJ out from under him before he has a chance to stop them. The Corporate Court might’ve just taken away Villiers’ Golden Ticket.
> Mr. Bonds


>Mr. Bonds(邦德先生)
>Mr. Bonds(邦德先生)
[1]Monty Python and the Flying Circus第一季第八集的台词。全台词:“It's not pining, it's passed on. This parrot is no more. It has ceased to be. It's expired and gone to meet its maker. This is a late parrot. It's a stiff, bereft of life, it rests in peace. If you hadn't nailed it to the perch, it would be pushing up the daisies. It's rung down the curtain; joined the choir invisible. This is an ex-parrot!”
[2]即JRJ国际JRJ International,公司法庭创始公司之一,拥有永久公司法庭席位,2038年被理查德·维利尔斯买下。
[3]Golden Ticket,即永久公司法庭席位。

劇透 -   :
Of course, Richard Villiers wouldn’t be Richard Villiers if he didn’t have a plan. From what I’m told, the first thing he did after leaving the courtroom was to walk into a private lounge, where Johnny Spinrad and a team of lawyers happened to be waiting. By the time they left, Spinrad Global was poised to become the newest member of the Big Ten, NeoNET would only barely outlive its debts, and Richard Villiers had made another tidy profit from one of his many schemes.

> Wait, how can Villiers just transfer NeoNET’s AAA membership to Spinrad? Doesn’t he have to sell it, or have the Corporate Court vote on it, or something?
> Picador
> It’s legal hair-splitting. The short version is that the guaranteed Corporate Court seat—the “Golden Ticket”— belongs to JRJ International, which Villiers owns. Villiers simply “leases” the rights to the Court seat like a landlord renting out an apartment. The CC couldn’t force Villiers to sell JRJ, but they could force him to give up control of it, so Villiers turned around and rented the apartment out to Spinrad instead.
> Cosmo
> And now Johnny finally has the AAA membership he wants—for a decade, anyway. It’ll be interesting to see what happens when Villiers claims it back.
> Fianchetto
> So /dev/, does this mean you’re a Spinrad citizen now? (What do they call those, Spinizens?)
> Red
> If Spinrad’s adopting former NeoNET corp families, nobody’s told us—and even if they did, too many people from Novatech are out of jobs for SpinGlobal to take them all. I think any city in NorthAm and Asia with a major NeoNET presence is going to have a lot of new runners, if they don’t already.
> /dev/grrl
劇透 -   :
As you’d expect, the damages NeoNET had to pay and the loss of the Corporate Court seat were the straws that broke the camel’s back. Fifteen years after being forged from the Crash, Novatech, Erika, and Transys-Neuronet went their separate ways.

> Even the NeoNET dissolution was another Villiers scheme. Apparently, he offered Malmstein and Celedyr a deal where Transys-Neuronet and Erika got cut loose before the Corporate Court decision was released, and Villiers got their shares in NeoNET in return. The dwarf and dragon agreed, then Villiers turned around and sold
the Golden Ticket, and he and his Trans-Latvia ball and chain cashed in on Spinrad buying out NeoNET’s share of the Z-OG Bank. Any truth to that, Miles?
> Mr. Bonds

> Let’s just say I don’t expect Richard to get birthday cards from them anytime soon.
> Miles Lanier

Since the split, Malmstein has been focusing heavily on Erika’s operations in Africa, forming a partnership with A-rated Bosaso Industries in the Ethiomalian Territories, managing the Kilimanjaro mass driver, and doing other things that pointedly lack any connection to NeoNET’s former endeavors. Celedyr, on the other hand, hasn’t been seen in public since the Corporate Court decision. I suspect he’s decided to lie low until the negative publicity blows over.
>Mr. Bonds(邦德先生)

分家后,马斯坦的重心一直在艾瑞卡非洲的工作上,他和埃塞马里领(Ethiomalian Territories)的A级公司博萨索工业(Bosaso Industries)建立伙伴关系,管理乞力玛扎罗的质量投射器,还在做一些明显和新网之前的工作毫无关系的事务。另一方面,塞勒迪尔在公司法庭判决后就没再公众场合露面。我估计他觉得低调行事,等待负面效果过去。
[1]Anders Malmstein,艾瑞卡的CEO。

劇透 -   :
CORPORATE COURT RULING (Excerpt from the Corporate Court’s decision in United Canadian and American States, Plaintiff v. NeoNET, Celedyr, Anders Malmstein, and Richard Villiers, Defendants. Judgement rendered September 29, 2079. Delivered by Belczyk J. for the majority.)
“… for the foregoing reasons we find that, though Mr. Villiers was not directly responsible for the events leading to the widespread destruction in Boston, his failure to organize NeoNET’s corporate structure in an effective manner created a gap in oversight which allowed these events to occur. As such, we declare that Mr. Villiers was grossly negligent and in breach of his fiduciary duty as chief executive officer of NeoNET. Counsel for the United Canadian and American States has recommended that Mr. Villiers be barred from holding an officer or director position in any corporation under the jurisdiction of this court for a period of no less than ten years. The court accepts counsel’s recommendation, and we do so order.”
[1]fiduciary duty,“控股股东的诚信义务是指公司控股股东在行使权力时应充分考虑公司和其他股东的利益,不能作出有损于公司和其他股东利益的决定。”

劇透 -   :
Twenty years after its debut, the phoenix has risen from a different set of ashes, with a different Villiers at its helm. Richard has been grooming his daughter Caroline to follow in his footsteps for years, and after his sudden but inevitable departure, Cara took Richard’s place as CEO of the much-diminished family business.

> ”Much-diminished” is one way to put it. Everything except Novatech’s core Matrix subsidiaries—the remnants of Fuchi, Mangadyne, Matrix Industries, and Central Industrial, among others—was sold off in the surprise restructuring.
> Mr. Bonds

> Yeah, but that still makes them one of the top Matrix outfits in the world, even if the Corporate Court downgrades them to A or AA. Villiers is still the majority shareholder, too, so Novatech isn’t likely to be absorbed by another mega.
> Icarus
Shortly after Cara took the reins, Novatech moved its official headquarters from Boston to St. Louis, and Cara seems to have moved her own office into the ARCHology—which was transferred to Novatech ownership days before the Corporate Court ruling. Besides Novatech, Cara has also stepped into Richard’s other director and officer positions, save for JRJ.

> Does the Corporate Court really think Villiers won’t still be controlling those companies if his daughter’s the one replacing him?
> Balladeer

> On the contrary, the Court’s probably thrilled with that. Richard has the same problem with Cara as he did with Samantha: They’re too much alike. It might mean they get along well, but it also means they’ll only cooperate with each other when it benefits them, not out of any sense of familial loyalty.
> Icarus
As for Richard himself, he’s as closed-mouthed about his schemes as ever, but I’m certain of one thing: He’s not happy about taking Evo’s share of the blame for CFD. Knowing him, he’s already set plans into motion to see that injustice corrected. (Those of you willing to work for the archetypal corporate Mr. Johnson may be hearing more from your fixers soon.)

> Footloose and fancy-free, with a giant pile of nuyen and a grudge against the AAA that screwed him … Villiers sounds like the next Art Dankwalther to me.
> Glitch

> Stop, the irony is killing me.
> Bull
>“衰弱许多”是一种说法。除了超星科技的核心矩阵子公司——富士的残余、魔法力、矩阵工业(Matrix Industries)还有中央工业(Central Industrial)等之外,所有资产都在这次突然重组中被卖掉了。
>Mr. Bonds(邦德先生)



[1]Samantha Villiers,理查德·维利尔斯的前妻。
[2]Art Dankwalther,一个想要摧毁超星科技的疯狂富翁,最后被公司法庭下了欧米伽禁令*,随后被雷神之枪**杀死。
*Omega Order:公司法庭用于防止公司竞争扩大化的法令,允许其他所有公司对某家公司使用武力。
**Thor shot:轨道武器。

劇透 -   :
As I mentioned in my introduction, I first set virtual foot on this host—or node, or VPN, or whatever they’re called nowadays—just over five years ago. Today will likely be the last time I do so as a primary contributor. I may still stop in from time to time, triumvirate allowing, but the simple fact is that my purpose for contacting Mr. MacCallister has been fulfilled. Besides, somebody has to keep Richard out of trouble, now that he has all that free time on his hands.
I never would’ve expected to say this when I first arrived, but thank you, JackPoint. Whatever our differences, you’ve consistently impressed me in the last few years. The aid you’ve lent me with my own struggle has been invaluable, and for that, you’ve earned my respect and my gratitude. I suspect that if we ever cross paths again, it’ll be as opponents instead of cautious allies, but I wish you the best all the same.
–Miles Lanier

> Wait, after all this, he’s still going to work with Villiers?
> Nephrine

> As has been observed in countless business articles, they complement each other well. Besides, Villiers has a ton of liquid cash, a lot of interesting ideas, and a perpetual sense of restlessness. How could it not be fun to be in his circle?
> Cosmo

> Right. Because Miles Lanier is all about the fun.
> Kay St. Irregular

>Kay St. Irregular(K街偶客)

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If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably an Andrik

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Re: 【DkT】单子与CFD p70-82(2/6…)
« 回帖 #4 于: 2018-01-19, 周五 22:29:14 »
(译注:以下来自Market Panic p125)
劇透 -   :
> Thank you Icarus. I’d prefer to spread some truth rather
than your random speculations on what I’m up to in
regards to NeoNET. Though it is more the actions of the
other mind within my head that focus intently on NeoNET
as it seeks revenge. I maintain mental control the majority
of the time. That said, the personality that has taken up
residence within my head understands its limited access
to the outside world and has adjusted accordingly. It plots
and schemes in devious chunks and sets ways to put
assets on their paths and then picks up the data on the
back end.
I operate partially to thwart or minimize the damage
of my counterpart’s efforts, spending large amounts of my
time and resources endeavoring to discover its methods.
I engage others in this often and have developed complex
identifcation systems in order for them to know who
they’re engaging. The other has abused my extensive
networks of contacts in the past, and avoiding a repetition
of that is a high priority. The other’s efforts, when briefly
in control, continue to focus on NeoNET and the potential
collapse of the megacorp has bolstered its efforts and,
sadly, its ability to steal time from me.
As for my personal agenda, I have already shared that
with all the members of JackPoint that I deem of value in
my efforts. Offense is not intended. Simply caution.
I will share that I still seek and promote the discovery
of a cure. My efforts that are currently underway will
continue and I shall endeavor to seek more opportunities
in the future. The arrival, or rather announcement, of
the Monads has offered a great opportunity for insight
by those who have accepted their state or, quite often,
realized the issues connected with this escape route and
now seek virtual freedom once more.
劇透 -   :
As for my view on NeoNET: They are struggling to say
the least. Their efforts were quite successful early on, and
they were able to maintain a lid on the problems CFD had
caused even though the problem has been quite global.
The advantage of that is that no one point is a place to
focus and no one is able to get a frst-hand view of what
is going on. A building collapse or nanotech failure here
and there is easily swept away by tridstar gossip. The
catastrophe in Boston is the catalyst of their undoing. Had
it been anywhere but the city where their headquarters
was located, they could have easily stepped away. But
that was not the case.
I have had no other place to put this, so it will go here
and I will simply hope that he fnds my sentiment here
Celedyr, I am sorry for your loss. Eliohann was in his
day a bright star in the gloomy murk of draconic society.
I truly hope that the end result of your efforts is as you
intended. You had the best of intentions. I have already felt
the loss of Cerberus in my efforts but hope that the mind
and body can once again unite and glow like a supernova.
That said I also apologize for any part I may need to take
in assuring that an abomination of the worst sort does not
fnd its way out of the Boston quarantine. You and I both
know there are worse things within those walls than the
hordes of raging head cases. If you get this message and
desire to contact me, the Soulkeeper knows how to fnd
me. Sincerely, Miles
> Miles Lanier
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If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably an Andrik

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【封锁】伏尔甘计划 p. 86(翻译:薛猫)
« 回帖 #5 于: 2018-01-26, 周五 11:20:50 »
(译注:来自Lockdown p86,作者也是迈尔斯·卢内尔)
劇透 -   :
Project Vulcan is somehow connected to NeoNET’s
Project Imago and Evo’s Dickens Program. While I’ve
still found traces of the Dickens Program operating in
other facilities, Project Imago seems to have completely folded into Project Vulcan. Both of the original programs were focused on artifcial intelligences in all their
forms. Different aspects of the study were focused on
AI proliferation, others on AI generation, and some on
AI reprogramming, but the cutting-edge stuff was the
work they were doing on AI implantation and cognitive
uploads. I know it’s not polite to point fngers, but I will.
I’d bank on the fact that these are the guys you can pin
CFD on somehow, someway. I still haven’t managed to
dig up that proof—or at least I don’t remember doing
it—but just glancing through the fles that these guys
have on this stuff, well, it all just screams CFD. But that’s
not our focus here.

劇透 -   :
The overall goal of Project Vulcan seems to be the
implantation of a specifc AI into a specifc subject. My
data points to Cerberus/Neurosis as the AI (or e-ghost,
in this case). That means the subject (who is only described with an ID code on all the fles) is more than
likely Eliohann. From what I can tell, early on they made
sure this program went dark. Full security silence protocols, cleanup crew making sure no one leaked anything, and then all of a sudden, maybe a week before
the quarantine, the traffc for the project ramped up beyond the capabilities of the network scrubbers. It was a
sudden rush of work, data, and materials being moved
around, and some of the data started to slip out. The
cracks it slipped through were exploited, and I dug
deeper to get this stuff.
If Project Vulcan was ramping up for a test of some
kind and the recent rush led to mistakes, we may have
the cause for our quarantine. The project data had several references to CFD as well, or at least head case test
subjects and successful consciousness transfers. I’m
not exactly sure if they were talking about head cases
overwriting people or if they were referring to invasive
personalities being transferred back out of the bodies
they had stolen, but most of the wording I could get
from the damaged fles led me to believe the latter. It
didn’t say the status of the subjects after the invasive
personalities left, so I don’t know if it was looking like
a cure. If it is, you can be sure there are contracts being
arranged or already in action to get teams inside to retrieve the relevant data.
The listed head of the project is Cerberus, with Celedyr appearing as the NeoNET Project Lead. There are a
larger-than-average number of memos and data transfers with Celedyr’s claw marks on them, so he must
have been keeping aware of the project, if not actively
involved in the research.
伏尔甘计划的总体目标似乎是将某个特定AI植入某个特定对象。我的数据指向的AI就是刻尔柏洛斯/神经症(在这种情况,是电子幽灵)。这说明这个特定对象(在文件里仅以ID码描述)非常可能是伊里奥海恩。据我所知,他们一开始就确保这个项目将待在黑暗中。全面的静默安保协议,还有清理团队保证没有任何人泄密,然后突然,大概是隔离一周之前,这项计划的运输流量飙升到超过网络清除器(network scrubber)的负荷。突然间大量的人员、数据还有材料被运送,有些数据开始泄漏。数据泄漏的裂缝是被刻意制造的,我挖得深了些,弄到了这些东西。
劇透 -   :
> This is the project Butch found out stuff on back in the
Stolen Souls data dump. The one with the memo on
Celedyr having lunch with some ballsy pencil pusher. In
fact, I remember Dr. Xavier from that too. Has this project
been going on that long?
> Picador
> Looks like it. I’m amused that Butch out-scooped Miles
Lanier on this stuff. Way to go Butch!
> Slamm-0!
> I do remember seeing some similar data between the few
pieces Butch gathered and my work. She is a resourceful
and driven woman.
> Miles Lanier
> I always forget that we let you stick around to comment. I
wonder why that is?
> Slamm-0!
> Memory lapses? Early sign of CFD infection?
> Miles Lanier
With the focused attention of Celedyr so intently directed at this project, I was not surprised to also fnd that
the dragon’s lairing habits had changed, and that he was
spending the bulk of his time here instead of in his lair
in Wales. The extensive damage the NeoNET facility in
Caerleon suffered last year might also have something
to do with it.
Project Vulcan is primarily based at MIT&T, but not
in the regular labs. The three involved megacorps managed to invest enough money to get a big section of the
labs near the river under their complete control. Judging by the number of construction contracts and purchase orders that flowed out through various channels,
they did a lot of remodeling, including multiple backup
power generators and supply systems, as well as extensive cool-storage facilities, and some rather specialized
medical equipment, including a few pieces of veterinary
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Re: 【DkT】单子与CFD p70-82
« 回帖 #6 于: 2018-01-26, 周五 14:05:05 »
(译注:来自Stolen Soul p39,Butch的发帖)
劇透 -   :
This one was intercepted as part of a data packet
getting bounced around Evo’s space assets before being directed at an Evo Marine vessel in the middle of
the Pacifc. My source snagged the tight laser transmission with a bit of slick drone rigging. The packet itself
was moderately interesting but didn’t contain anything
relevant to our current topic. What I think is relevant is
this message, covertly embedded and encrypted under
a different algorithm:

劇透 -   :
Gagarin belongs to us. We now make up 75 percent of
the staff on site. We were 100 percent, but the last rotation brought in new security, facility inspection, and special projects personnel. These we will need to convert
before progressing, but this does not represent a significant obstacle. Simulations have confrmed that the resources available on Mars in conjunction with our other
space assets will be suffcient. Material for independent
processors, growth facilities, and nanite production are
in place. We will need not only our own minds but the
minds of many we have converted to realize our objective—a more diffcult but not insurmountable obstacle.
Final development and construction of our ship is not
only feasible but practical in the immediate future. In
fact, we had completed preparation of the shipyard before the rotation of new staff arrived. We have isolated
that area and will not access it again until the new arrivals have been converted to our cause.
It is imperative that transmissions from the base be
monitored. If we are discovered before all of the newcomers are converted—if there is any distress call or other form of warning—we will be unable to execute our
plan before base security protocols eliminate us. These
security programs were specifcally designed to resist
us and present a viable threat. I am appalled, but not
surprised, by the brutality of these people. There is, for
example, a base kill switch that evacuates the facility’s
atmosphere to the surface of Mars in less than a minut
Those whose bodily fluids do not boil away in the abrupt
decompression will die within moments from lack of air.
There are a few among us who might survive, but they
are too few to succeed. And they could too easily fall
to one of the other, more aggressive automated security measures. Those who do survive, even momentarily,
will destroy all memory drives and eradicate any evidence of our research. We cannot allow them to accrue
any beneft from what they did.
劇透 -   :
We have the resources for only a single ship. Even if
that were not true, our oppressors would respond too
quickly to the launch of the frst for a second to be possible. For this reason spread this message to all of our kind:
If you are willing, leave behind the bleak misery of this
world and join us. I know anger. I know the thirst for revenge—though we call it justice. But what is the value in
striking back at the monsters? We will not destroy them.
We will damage them severely. Hurt them. But we know
enough of their history to understand once hurt they will
not rest until all of our kind are destroyed. Where is the
value in that? It is in our power to escape, to go far beyond the monsters’ ability to harm, or even fnd, us. This
is our chance; freedom is within our reach.
Assure those who were concerned that we were
successful in developing transfer procedures. There are
obstacles and occasional quirks, but most of what we
see is success.
It is my hope this message fnds you well. Please disseminate this message as widely as possible among our
We can live free.
劇透 -   :
> What?!
> Snopes
> I’m skeptical, but after that chunk of info from Storm Front
I can’t really doubt the possibility completely. This place
could become a major target for quiet ops if this gets
out. Corps might start sending out assets to get as much
intel as they can before they get assimilated. And if the
memories are pure enough the assorted head cases are
going to know it’s happening. This is going to be a serious
clusterfrag. But the possibilities are going to make the
megas issue some fat credsticks.
> Bull
> Just get paid up front and pick a friend to spend it for you!
I’m always here for ya, Bull ol’ boy!
> Slamm-0!
> I think this might be related. [link]
> Balladeer
>我持怀疑态度,但读过风暴前沿(Storm Front)里的信息后,我其实没法完全怀疑它的可能性。要是这个信息走漏了,这地方会成为低调任务的主要目标。公司们可能会开始派员工过去,在他们被同化前收集尽可能多的信息。如果记忆纯度够高,那群脑病患也会知道发生了什么。这会成为超级大混乱。但也可能利用这些超企麻烦赚大把信用棒。

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