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DID dissociative identity disorder 分离性身份识别障碍
MPD multiple personality disorder 多重人格障碍
CBT cognitive behavioral therapy 认知行为疗法
DBT dialectical behavioral therapy 辩证行为疗法
IDID induced dissociative identity disorder 诱发分离性身份识别障碍
DI dissociative identity 解离人格
IOS Identitätsverdrängungssyndroms 身份识别失调症*
EGG Electrocardiograph and Electroencephalograph 心脑电图

劇透 -   :
> As I’m sure most of you are aware, ever since FastJack announced what was happening to him, Butch has been working around the clock to fgure out how to understand this thing and, more importantly, how tofght back. The following sections outline several different methods that have been used to try combating the CFD virus’ subversion of metahumanity’s last refuge of the self—the brain. For those of you who are a little squeamish, I’ll warn some of you that the following cases are not for the faint of heart. Butch, I think all of us owe you a beer or three for your tireless dedication.
> Glitch
> Screw beer. I’d kill for a solid eight hours of sleep.
> Butch



劇透 -   :
Folks, I’ve been at this for a long time. I’ve sewn up more wounds, replaced more organs, installed more ’ware, and brought back more patients from the brink of death than I could ever hope to count. I’ve watched the spark of life vanish from the eyes of friends, loved ones, and complete strangers. I’ve witnessed medical miracles that not even my Awakened colleagues can explain. But nothing—nothing—compares to watching someone’s soul get stolen away while you’re looking them right in the face.

劇透 -   :
The CFD virus is a nasty piece of shit. It might not physically harm its host or change his physiology in any truly harmful way, but it steals the one thing that defines our metahumanity. Observing a victim succumb to CFD is like watching an Alzheimer’s or dementia patient slowly have their memories taken from them one day at a time. It’s heartbreaking, even for an old sawbones like myself who I thought had been inured to this kind of suffering over the years.
劇透 -   :
The virus is a parasite, and a bad one, but it’s also unlike any other parasite I have ever seen. In a symbiotic or mutualistic relationship, both host and symbiote receive somebeneft to the arrangement. In a commensalistic relationship, one organism gains benefts but the other is not harmed. In a parasitic relationship, one organism thrives to the detriment of the other. However, most parasites either live off the other organism or end up killing it. For example, there are several species of wasps, both mundane and Awakened, that lay eggs in the brains of spiders and caterpillars. These larvae are capable of exerting a primitive form of mind control on their hosts, effectively turning them into zombies. When a larva gets large enough, it kills the host. The CFD virus, on the other hand, doesn’t want to kill its host. It wants to scoop out his insides and replace them with the personality (or personalities) it’s carrying. By harming its host, though, it harms its own well being.
这种病毒是一种寄生体,还是很糟糕的那种,但它也不像我见过的其它任何一种寄生体。在共栖或共生关系中 ,宿主和寄生体都能从中获得某种益处。在偏利共生关系中,只有一方有机体得益,但另一方不受伤害。在寄生关系中,一方的生长会损害另一方。但大部分寄生体要么离开寄生 的生物体,要么最终将其杀死。例如,有几种黄蜂,包括非觉醒和觉醒种类,会将卵产在蜘蛛和毛虫的大脑。黄蜂的幼虫有一种原始的控制宿主意识的能力,实际上是将宿主变成了僵尸。幼虫长得足够大之后会杀死宿主。而CFD病毒并不希望杀死宿主。它想要挖空宿主内部,将宿主替换为自己携带的一个或多个人格。伤害宿主即是伤害它自身。

劇透 -   :
Some parasites are easier to get rid of than others. Some, like mistletoe or creeping vines, come right off with a little tug. Others require more invasive measures to remove. Removing the CFD virus, though, is a deeply invasive process. Even after decades of research and advancement into psychology, psychiatry, simsense technology, and other cyberware, the human brain remains largely a mystery. What works for Patient A won’t necessarily work for Patient B. Remember when you frst got measured for a datajack or some otherheadware? All the EEGs and other readings that thecyberdoc needed to take? Nowadays datajacks are considered one of the most routine headware surgeries available, but one still needs to be installed in the right way, with neural connections going to the right places—and in a mature adult brain, no less—or else even adatajack can fry your wetware. In many cases, kicking the CFD virus out of the brainpan is like conducting hundreds of thousands of datajack assessment tests, and by the time you’re fnished with the frst few hundred, you have to run a few thousand more since the virus has already progressed further while you were running tests. It’s damn near impossible to keep up with, and a race like this will usually end with the virus several thousand kilometers in the lead.

劇透 -   :
Because of this inherent time limit, medical professionals (and medical amateurs) have been forced to start getting creative. As all you creative types are no doubt aware, creativity sometimes makes for messy results, but sometimes something truly brilliant and miraculous arises from those messes. The following records cover as many of these methods as I could gather, either from my own research or from colleagues or sources I trust. Remember, kids, don’t try any of this shit at home. I mean it. I don’t do lawsuits.

劇透 -   :
This frst group of case studies involves attempts to combat the CFD virus the old-fashioned way, using known medical science.

劇透 -   :
Subject: Adult female H. sapiens pumillonis, age 25, affected by dissociative identity disorder (DID). Patient exhibited no symptoms until two weeks before being admitted for this case study. Subject’s primary personality is being slowly replaced by new, dominant identity that calls itself “Xor.” Primary personality wakes after fugue states spent as “Xor.” Fugue states have arrived in longer intervals with increasingly shorter lapses between intervals. Attempts made to determine the root that caused secondary personality to surface. Psychoanalysis performed both on primary and secondary personalities. Primary personality seems ignorant of secondary personality, but secondary personality acknowledges and makes threats toward primary personality during fugue states. It makes no attempts, though, to harm subject’s body. Subject kept on close surveillance during fugue states to prevent self-inflicted bodily injury. Keywords: DID, MPD, multiple personalities, fugues
对象:成年女性矮人(H. sapiens pumillonis),年龄25,感染分离性身份识别障碍(DID)。病人在被收入该案例研究前两周出现病症。对象的主人格正缓慢地被另一个新的、支配人格替代,该人格自称“索尔”(“Xor”)*。主人格在心因性神游**(Fugue state)后苏醒,神游期间身份为“索尔”。神游时间不断增加,并且间隔逐渐缩短。尝试确定导致次人格出现的根源。对主人格和次人格均进行精神分析。主人格似乎并不知道次人格的存在,但次人格知道主人格,并且在神游期间威胁主人格。但它没有尝试伤害对象的身体。神游期间,密切监视对象以防止自残行为。
(**译注:Fugue state,一种解离性障碍,表现为可逆失忆,包括暂时失去记忆、人格以及其它个人特征,可持续数日、数月或更长时间。)
劇透 -   :
Patient was subjected to a battery of psych evaluations for each personality. Data from evaluations informed psychotherapy treatments. Root cause of DID was investigated via psychoanalysis.

To form a baseline psych profle from before the subject exhibited symptoms, statements from persons close to the subject were taken. The primary personality’s psych profle taken onsite lined up with the baseline, so the primary personality remains intact. Subject’s primary identity displays a mixture melancholic/phlegmatic personality. The psych profle taken from the secondary personality (“Xor”) reveals a cold and calculating individual capable of acts of unspeakable cruelty. “Xor” displays a dominant, choleric personality completely opposite of the primary identity.



劇透 -   :
Subject was interviewed over several sessions. Primary personality did not know why she was being seen. Subject was only aware that she had started experiencing fugue states and waking up in foreign places. No childhood trauma was discovered. Subject has not recently been exposed to any stress. Family life is normal. Work habits are normal. Bloodwork corroborated subject’s testimony that she does not abuse mind-altering substances. “Xor” will not talk about her childhood, family life, work habits, or any personal issues. Instead, “Xor” continues to speak only in veiled threats, without revealing any personal information.

劇透 -   :
Subject was put through rigorous cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) sessions. Primary identity was receptive to these therapies, but “Xor” violently opposed them, often prematurely ending sessions with violent outbursts requiring the subject to be sedated and/or restrained. Other psychotherapeutic techniques, such as hypnotherapy and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), produced the same results.

劇透 -   :
Subject did not respond well to psychoanalysis, CBT, or DBT. Fugue states grew longer and more pronounced. The subject’s primary personality has not resurfaced in the past three days. Unless further sessions can push “Xor” back below the surface, it is possible the primary personality has been permanently subsumed.
> A hundred nuyen says this researcher had no clue the patient was infected with the CFD virus.
> Puck
> I kept this case here to demonstrate that even triedand-true methods for counteracting your everyday dissociative identity disorder don’t work. Plus, education is probably our best weapon against head crashes at the moment. Since the author of this study didn’t know what he was dealing with, he ended up with his throat crushed when “Xor” pulled a David Copperfeld and escaped from the asylum where she was being held. Last I heard, “Xor” is still at large.
> Butch
> Butch

劇透 -   :
Subject: Adult male H. sapiens sapiens, age 36, affected
by induced dissociative identity disorder (IDID). Dissociative identity (DI) suffers from episodes of increased anger and aggression toward all external stimuli. Condition had progressed to Stage II before applying treatment. Subject was treated via pharmaceutical means. Advancement of condition closely monitored.
Keywords: IDID, DI, atropine, SeroBlock, ValiAnt
成年男性人类(H. sapiens sapiens),年龄36,患诱导解离性人格认知障碍(IDID)。在某些时段,解离人格对所有外部刺激表现出愤怒和敌意。进行治疗前病情已发展至阶段2。目标接受药物治疗。密切监视病情发展。

劇透 -   :
As different patients react differently to various dissociative identity disorder treatments, a number of pharmaceutical trials were administered to the subject to see which, if any, would prove most effective.

劇透 -   :
Patient was administered a small dosage of the depressant atropine to calm aggressive outbursts. Episodes decreased in frequency for three days, at which point the frequency returned to previous levels. Increased dosage produced no appreciable effects. Did not pursue further dosage increases due to toxicity risk. Other depressants (specifcally barbiturates, alpha/beta blockers, and opioids) produced similar effects in similar timeframes. While the different drugs involved suppressed the DI for a short time, the benefcial difference between each individual treatment proved negligible.

劇透 -   :
Patient was administered anti-depressant serotonin re-uptake inhibitor SeroBlock. DI emerged at the same level of frequency, but DI was profoundly calmer and more amenable than in previous treatments. This condition lasted for two days until DI returned to previous levels of combativeness. An increased dosage of SeroBlock reduced DI aggression for another two days. Increased dosage to safe levels produced the same effect.
(*译注:SeroBlock,Serotonin Block,血清素阻断)

劇透 -   :
Patient was administered anti-anxiety drug ValiAnt. Subject grew lethargic and slept for at least 12 hours per day. DI surfaced more often during periods of wakefulness than before drug was administered. Increased dosage; DI appeared with even more frequency. DI appeared to deduce what was being done to its host. Increased dosage a second time; DI suppressed subject’s primary identity during periods of wakefulness. Weaned subject off ValiAnt; frequency and duration of DI appearances returned to previous levels.
劇透 -   :
Pharmaceutical trials proved unsuccessful in prolonged suppression of DI. After cessation of all medication, patient’s IDID progressed on to Stage III. Further dosages of medication after the onset of Stage III produced negligible effects. Pharmaceutical treatment option no longer feasible. Pursuing other courses of study.
劇透 -   :
> So drugs clearly don’t work. I didn’t think we needed a medical researcher to tell us that.
> Puck
> Even though drugs aren’t the answer, these sorts of studies tell us something far more important. The CFD virus is rewiring hosts’ brains, which means it is still forced to rely on the wetware it was given. If you fuck around with its available wetware by introducing a manufactured chemical imbalance into the host’s brain, that can affect the cognitive abilities of the host and the viral personalities. Of course, the danger seems to be that a head case can pick up on this imbalance and fght its way around it, if given enough time.

劇透 -   :
> At least it offers up a short-term solution to getting a CFD victim to cooperate, which I’ll bet would come in handy in an extraction. I certainly wouldn’t want a CFD personality to trigger a building-wide alarm and scream bloody murder when my team is trying to kidnap her host, but pop a SeroBlock in her, and I’m betting she’ll be a little quieter on the way out of the building.
> Pistons
> That’s assuming she hasn’t already progressed to “Stage III,” whatever the hell that means.
> Puck
> I don’t personally know the researcher who did this, but I believe the classifcation is a ranking of how deeply the dissociative identity has supplanted the base personality. As I understand, these researchers use a scale of Stage I—minor intrusion—to Stage IV—complete takeover.
> Butch
> Is there a Stage V, I wonder?
> Kane
> Yeah, I think they call that “death.”
> Slamm-0!

劇透 -   :
Subject: Juvenile female H. sapiens sapiens, age 6, affected by cognitive fragmentation disorder (CFD).
Presence of hostile nanites in prefrontal cortex. Subject has displayed signs of extreme moods swings, and secondary personality shows a level of maturation and a vocabulary inconsistent with subject’s age, development, and learning experience. Hypothesis: Nanite activity in subject’s brain is responsible for CFD. Hypothesis tested and verifed against similar cases. Patient recommended for psychosurgery.
Keywords: CFD, nanites, nanite removal, NanoFlush, juvenile neurology, prefrontal cortex, lobotomy
> Good God.
> Pistons
> Not cool, mystery virus thing. Not cool.
> Slamm-0!
对象:未成年女性人类(H. sapiens sapiens),年龄6,感染认知碎片化障碍(CFD)。

劇透 -   :
Patient’s condition was positively identifed using a battery of psychiatric and medical tests. Subject was treated for rogue nanites and prepared for psychosurgery. Routine surgery was then performed.
Subject’s condition was frstidentifed by the patient’s teacher. Being a juvenile in corporate-run kindergarten, the patient would lapse into periods where she would employ adult-level language amongst her peers, using words, sentence structure, and subject matter a juvenile of her age group would not normally use. Since the patient was not previously noted as a prodigy, this behavior raised concern within the school’s faculty. Psychological tests. Patient was given several intelligence tests, during which the symptoms for dissociative identity disorder (DID) surfaced: irritability, inconsistency, change in demeanor, etc. Some tests showed the patient possessed remarkable skill for her age group (albeit not at prodigious levels), but tests during which her dissociative identity (DI) appeared, those administering the tests believed they spoke to not a juvenile but a full-grown adult with normal cognitive faculties. Further testing revealed the DI was quickly taking over the subject’s personality in a manner consistent with other CFD cases.

Medical imaging. EEG, CT scan, and aura reading revealed the presence of active nanites in the patient’s prefrontal cortex. Nanites were result of transgenic therapy performed in 2074 to address patient’s congenital suppressed immune system. Although the nanites should have gone dormant once the transgenic therapy was complete, they have instead remained active and have restructured part of the subject’s prefrontal cortex.
使用全套精神学和医学测试确定病人为阳性。对象接受针对失控纳米体(rogue nanite)的治疗,做好接受精神外科手术的准备。随后进行常规手术。
医学成像。EGG、CT扫描和灵光读取显示病人的前额叶皮质区存在活跃纳米体。这些纳米体是 2074年为提高先天免疫系统病人接受了转基因疗法时引入的。纳米体本应在转基因疗法结束后进入休眠,但它们依然保持活跃,并且重建了目标的部分前额叶皮质区。

劇透 -   :
Hard nanite treatment. First treatment attempted to controlnanite population. NanoFlush was introduced into patient’s bloodstream. No noticeable effect observed within 24 hour period. Second dosage of NanoFlush administered at higher concentration. No noticeable effect. Follow-up CT scan reveals nanite population has effectively doubled within 48 hours of frstNanoFlush application. Hypothesis: Subject’s cortex nanites are subverting theNanoFlushnanites to their own purposes.

Soft nanite treatment. Second treatment attempted to control nanite population with “soft machine” nanites programmed to act as antibodies to any hard machine nanites they encountered. The patient’s hard nanite infestation destroyed these soft nanites immediately upon them circulating through the subject’s brain. Isotope treatment. Third treatment attempt employed radioactive isotopes intended to confuse or sterilize the nanites. This resulted in the subject experiencing acute migraine headaches for a period of three days, but the nanite population persisted and continued to grow until it had subsumed approximately 75 percent of the subject’s prefrontal cortex.

劇透 -   :
Due to nanite treatment attempts failing, the subject was recommended for psychosurgery after an extensive neurological consultation. A panel of consultants determined the only way to defnitively preserve the patient’s still-developing neurological faculties was to perform a prefrontal lobotomy. The panel believed that if the prefrontal cortex was denied access to the rest of the patient’s brain, the nanite infestation would have nowhere to progress. Also, given the subject’s young age, it is hypothesized that the subject’s still-developing brain might be able to rewire itself in the absence of a prefrontal cortex.

Transorbital lobotomy. Transorbital procedure was performed immediately using dual orbitoclast method. Great care was taken to ensure no nanites migrated from the prefrontal cortex to the frontal cortex during the procedure. Procedure was successful in severing neural pathways between the prefrontal cortex and the rest of the subject’s brain. Subject recuperated and regained consciousness.
眶穿脑额叶切除(Transorbital lobotomy)。立刻使用双锥法*(dual orbitoclast method)进行眶穿脑额叶切除。手术期间尽力确保没有纳米体从前额叶皮质迁移至额叶皮质。手术成功切断了前额叶皮质区与大脑其它部分的神经通路。目标康复并苏醒。

劇透 -   :
Despite prefrontal lobotomy being a success, the patient has gravitated toward a vegetative state after recuperation period. Symptoms of IOS and the DI have ceased; however, the subject’s original personality remains absent. Patient displays no aptitude for speech or other normal neurological behavior, but involuntary brain functions remain at baseline levels. Thus far, the subject’s brain has not created new neurological connections to replace those the lobotomy removed, but further observation will determine whether or not these pathways will regrow.

The nanite population within the disconnected prefrontal cortex remains at a high level of activity. Since the procedure’s completion, the subject has begun exhibiting low-signal-strength radio activity, which leads observers to believe the nanite population is attempting to reach out from its isolation. Subject has been confned to a Faraday cage to prevent any potential incidents from occurring. If this effect worsens, it is recommended the subject undergo a partial lobectomy to physically remove the prefrontal cortex from the cranium.
尽管前脑额叶 切除手术取得成功,但病人在术后恢复期之后陷入类似植物人状态。IOS和DI症状消失,但目标原有人格依然没有出现。病人没有语言能力,也没有其它普通的神经学行为,但无意识的大脑功能还保持在最低水平。截至至今,病人的大脑没有产生新的神经连接以取代被切除的部分,但还需要进一步观察才能确认这些通路是否会重新长成。

劇透 -   :
> That is just … I can’t even …
> Pistons
> Come on, you damn virus. Not even little girls get a getout-of-jail-free card?
> Hard Exit
> Butch, anything to say on this one?
> Bull
> Other than mentioning I knew this girl personally? No.
> Butch
> Who was she? A niece? A friend’s daughter?
> Puck
> I’m not going to talk about it. Don’t ask again.
> Butch
> Considering the keyword is “knew,” I’m guessing it didn’t
end well.
> Slamm-0!
> Nice to know that a fucking lobotomy is an acceptable
alternative to CFD.
> Kane
> In case you weren’t paying attention, that probably won’t work on adults. Their brains are already fully formed and pretty set in their ways. Severing neurological connections in an adult is like playing Russian roulette with your brain. A lobectomy would be even worse.
> I though docs stopped performing lobotomies around the turn of the century or so.
> Hard Exit
> They did, mostly. Lobotomies are exceptionally rare nowadays, but under the right circumstances, they can actually be benefcial.
> The “right” circumstances in this instance being an innocent six-year-old girl?
> Hard Exit
> In this case? Yes. I’d … probably have done the same
> Butch
>Hard Exit
>Hard Exit
>Hard Exit
劇透 -   :
Subject: Adult female H. sapiens robustus, age 52, affected by cognitive fragmentation disorder (CFD). Presence of hostile nanites in prefrontal cortex contributing to CFD at an advanced rate. Subject began at a Stage II level of CFD before referral to this case study. Transition from Stage I to Stage II occurred within one week. Age of subject discourages standard psychosurgical practices. Attempts made to remove nanites from brain tissue.
Keywords: IOS, nanites, nanite removal, auxons, neurosurgery, craniotomy
对象:成年女性兽人(H. sapiens robustus),年龄52,感染认知碎片化障碍。移交本案例研究前,脑前额叶皮质层内导致CFD的恶性纳米体密度已较高。移交本研究前目标已处于CFD阶段2。从阶段1转变至阶段2用了一周时间。目标的年龄不适合进行普通精神外科手术。尝试从脑组织中去除纳米体。

劇透 -   :
After assessing patient’s condition, several attempts were made to remove hostile nanites from the subject.
劇透 -   :
Other cases linking this condition and hostile nanite activity in the brain (see Howell and Rowan, 2075), have outlined unsatisfactory results when using targeted nanite-removal serums (such as NanoFlush, Nanofree, andMachineBGone), soft nanites, radiological isotopes, or similar removal methods. Neurological consultants suggested the subject undergo an experimental procedure involving the mechanical removal of the nanites.

Mechanical nanite removal. Frontotemporal craniotomy was performed to allow surgeon access to subject’s affected brain tissue. Exposed brain tissue beneath the meningeal layers appeared slightly discolored, exhibiting a light grey mold-like texture on the surface. The discoloration possesses the consistency of arterial plaque, and when it is examined beneath an electron microscope is revealed to be large colonies of nanites that have formed atop and between folds of brain tissue. Using the electron microscope, the surgeon identifed the largest concentrations of nanites and scraped them away from affected brain tissue. This time-consuming procedure required four hours to remove only a three cm2 area of nanite plaque. At the end of the four-hour procedure, areas that had already been cleaned of nanites began to suffer encroachment. Auxons—self-replicating nanites—started
Full craniotomy. At this point it was deemed the only way to successfully clean the nanites using this method was to perform a complete craniotomy, remove the nanites as quickly as possible, and ft the patient with acyberskull. Under normal circumstances, this sort of procedure would be too cost-ineffective and time-consuming to attempt; however, the subject is of some importance and has a benefactor who stated no cost was too great. Procedure went forward. Full craniotomy performed. Nanite plaque also discovered on subject’s temporal and occipital lobes. A rotating team of twelve neurosurgeons worked twenty-four hours a day for a total of six days in order to complete the cleaning procedure. Another twelve hours was spent ftting the patient with anEvo Adroit cyberskull.
其它与此种情况以及大脑内的活跃恶性纳米体相关的案例(见Howell and Rowan, 2075)指出,靶向纳米去除药物(如纳米净NanoFlush、纳米清Nanofree和机械退散MachineBGone)、软纳米体、放射性同位素以及类似去除方法的效果并不令人满意。神经学专家建议目标进行实验性的机械式纳米去除手术。
开颅手术。此时唯一能够成功清除纳米体的方法是进行全开颅手术,尽快清除纳米体,并给病人换上赛博头骨。通常情况下不会尝试这类手术——相对于实用性它的花费过高且耗时。但手术对象地位重要,她的出资人声明不惜任何花费。手术继续进行。进行全开颅手术。在目标的颞叶和枕叶也发现了纳米体入侵。十二名精神外科医生的轮换手术小组日夜不休连续进行了六天的手术才完成了清理。随后花了十二个小时给病人装上天演·巧脑(Evo Adroit)赛博头骨。

劇透 -   :
Nanite removal attempt was successful. Following recovery, subject remained listless and uncommunicative but seemed aware of surroundings. First successful post-operative communication came in the form of aphasic word-salad. Subject seems to be on the mend but has diffculty remembering names and faces. Surgeon team hesitates to call the procedure a complete success, as the patient’s level of function and awareness has not returned to even 20 percent of her pre-operative capacity. Current prognosis from follow-up EEG and CT scans indicate patient will likely recover no more that 35 percent of her cognitive functions.
成功去除纳米体。随后的术后修复中,目标保持倦怠、寡言,但似乎能感知周围环境。术后第一次成功的交流像个失语者的词汇(in the form of aphasic word)——沙拉。看起来目标的病情正在好转,但在记忆名字和人脸方面有困难。手术小组不愿称这是一次完全成功的手术,病人的机能和意识并未回复到术前的20%。根据随后的EEG和CT扫描结果做出的诊断,病人可能最多恢复35%的认知能力。

劇透 -   :
> Okay, this sounds promising. Assuming you have incredibly deep pockets and don’t mind getting an entirely new skull as part of the deal. And you’re okay with being mostly brain dead afterwards.
> Slamm-0!
> Hey, at least it’s a step up from a lobotomy.
> Kane
> At this rate, anything’s a step up from a lobotomy.
> Hard Exit
> Well, it’s the most success we’ve seen thus far.
> Kane
> So, any ideas who this patient was? Some young corp exec’s mother or something?
> Bull
> My source was not allowed to ID the subject. I got the impression that if someone found out he’d told me, they’d have had him killed. He only shared the case with me for medicaledifcation and left it at that.
> Butch
> Maybe it’s just me, but I’m not really liking the sound of any of these treatments. Surely medical advancement has come a bit further along than cutting open someone’s melon and scraping infected areas off with a butter knife.
> Slamm-0!
> I just hope to Ghost ’Jack hasn’t tried any of these
methods. If he has, he’s probably already dead or
wishing he was.
> Pistons
>Hard Exit
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Re: 【StS】再次重写p79-93(翻译中……
« 回帖 #1 于: 2017-12-27, 周三 20:17:56 »
BP Blood Pressure血压
TOD Time of death 死亡时间
BPMbeats per minute 每分钟跳动次数

劇透 -   :
Although mundane medical technology has come along way since the days when lobotomies were commonplace, magical medicine has made leaps andbounds since the Awakening. However, the CFD virusstill presents quite a challenge, one a simple spell cannot easily counteract. This next group of case studiesexamines some of the occult methods that have beenused to combat CFD.

劇透 -   :
<heart monitor beeping softly>
Thaumaturge: <dictating>This is [REDACTED]. Patient is an adult male Homo sapiens nobilis, age
29, and is showing signs of identity overwriting syndrome. My assensing of the subject has confrmed thepresence of nanite activity in the patient’s brain, alongwith other headware. Medical practitioners have alreadyattempted treating the patient with pharmaceutical and
therapeutic techniques, but to no avail. In this phase Iwill attempt to remove the patient’s nanites using a verycomplex and carefully crafted version of the pulse spellformula.
Patient: Stop!
Thaumaturge: Are we ready to begin the procedure?
Patient: Get your hands off me!
Assistant: Yes, ma’am.
Patient: You cannot do this to me!
Thaumaturge: <dictating> Note that the patient
has been restrained and is combative regarding treatment.
Patient: I am the son of [REDACTED]! So help me, I
Thaumaturge: Go ahead and sedate the patient.
Patient: You do not know what you are—ngh!
<sounds of struggle>
Assistant: Applying sedative.
Patient: You are …
Thaumaturge: How’s he doing?
Patient: You … are …
<rustling of examination table paper>
<heart monitor slows>
咒术师:<口述>这里是[已编辑]。病人为一名成年男性精灵(Homo sapiens nobilis),年龄29,出现身份重写症状。我对病人使用灵视,证实了病人大脑内有纳米体活动,此外还有其它脑部殖装。医疗业者已经尝试过用药物和其它疗法治疗病人,但没有效果。在这一阶段,我将尝试用一种非常复杂的、经过仔细编写的脉冲法术(pulse spell)公式移除病人体内的纳米体。
劇透 -   :
Assistant: Pulse is normalizing. BP is one-twenty
over eighty.
Thaumaturge: <dictating> Patient has been sedatedfor the procedure.
Patient: … upsetting … the …
Thaumaturge: Secure the patient’s head to the skullclamp. If his head is not completely still, the sterilization
attempt could very well kill him.
Patient: … natural order of things …
<metallic sounds>
Assistant: Doctor, shouldn’t we put him all the wayunder?
Thaumaturge: No. I need to see normal brain activityin order for this work. Just keep him still.
Patient: <groaning>
Thaumaturge: Bring up the brain map. Okay, good.
Thank you, [REDACTED]. I am now assensing the patientand comparing the aura with the brain map. Just as I expected, both match up perfectly.
Assistant: Pulse has slowed to ffty BPM. BP is oneten over seventy.
Thaumaturge: I am now ready to prepare the spell.Boulderdash, if you would be so kind as to assist me inmy sorcery?
<no audio>
Thaumaturge: As I said before, this is a modifed spellformula I created specifcally for this purpose. While onthe surface the spell does not appear to expend verymuch magical energy, the precision with which I mustcraft its execution will require the utmost care. Is the patient’s head secure?
Assistant: Yes, ma’am. Vitals are stable.
Thaumaturge: Good. <dictating> I am casting the spell now.
<soft, arcane chanting>
<gurgling sounds>
<burst of audio static>
<sound of body collapsing to the floor>
<metal clattering>
<heart monitor stutters, then flatlines>
咒术师:将病人的头部固定在颅夹(skull clamp)上。如果头部没有完全固定,杀灭纳米体的尝试很可能杀了他。
劇透 -   :
Assistant: Doctor, are you all right?
Thaumaturge: Ugh … I … What … what happened?
Assistant: I don’t know. [REDACTED] started havinga seizure during the casting. Next thing I knew, you wereon the floor.
Thaumaturge: My … my spirit’s gone. Drain must’veknocked me out.
Assistant: It was a complex spell, ma’am. I should’veseen this coming.
Thaumaturge: It’s not your fault. I … I knew the risks.So did whatever is in [REDACTED]’s head. It must’vefound some way to make the spell backfre.
Assistant: Impossible. A Matrix entity can’t have anypractical knowledge of spellcraft.
Thaumaturge: That may be true, but enough magicaltheory papers exist on the Matrix for anyone to peruse.Perhaps the nanites changed position at the very lastmoment, just enough to throw off the spell.
Assistant: I’d rather not think nanites are smartenough to do such a thing, ma’am.
Thaumaturge: Those little buggers might surpriseyou, [REDACTED].
<grunting, exhalation>
Thaumaturge: <dictating> Patient did not survivespell attempt. Blood issuing from all cranial orifces. Assensing of patient’s corpse indicates deep burns andscarring on brain tissue as a result of spellcasting. Otheravenues of research must be—
Assistant: Uh, ma’am … I hate to interrupt, but I’mgetting some really weird static on my commlink …
<heart monitor beeps, slowly>
Thaumaturge: What in Ghost’s na—
<sounds of struggle>
劇透 -   :
> Huh. A mage who’s actually polite to her spirits? That’s something you don’t see every day.
> Not all of us are jerks to ethereal denizens.
> So what went wrong here? Any spellslingers care to take a guess? And could this even work, if done right?
> Bull
> A very precisely targeted physical manipulation spell of the complexity this doctor is talking about is defnitely
able to knock the caster out if it goes wrong.
> Elijah
> But it’s just a single spell. What’s the big deal?
> /dev/grrl
> There are approximately one trillion neurons in the metahuman brain. Even if Ms. Thaumaturge here was trying to destroy nanites from even a small fraction of the patient’s neurons, she’d need more than the sorcery help of a single spirit to make sure the drain doesn’t kill her on the spot.
> Still, it’s just a single spell.
> /dev/grrl
> Unless I’m mistaken, the doctor was trying to cast the equivalent of thousands of “micro-effect” spells all at
once. Doesn’t matter how big the spell effect is; a spell is a spell. With that kind of drain, however, I’m amazed the
doctor even managed to walk away. She must’ve been a high-level initiate to have survived that.
> Elijah
> Of course, that still doesn’t explain why a brain-fried patient could suddenly recover from flatlining.
> There’s so little we truly understand about this virus and just what it does once it’s in the brain. My professional
guess without access to all the data? Maybe in certain circumstances CFD is capable of creating its own neural
connections to replace those that have been damaged and would kill the host. I may be wrong, but I’ll bet the
virus jumpstarted the patient’s involuntary pulmonary functions—heartbeat, breathing, etc.—in the interest of
self-preservation. Granted, the guy’s probably a vegetable now, but at least his PF kept itself alive, on the off chance
it could jump to another host.
> Butch
> So, how many parasites actively fght to keep its host alive and kicking?
> /dev/grrl
> As is always the case with nature, it depends on what they get out of it.
>Ethernaut (校:以太漫游者)
> /dev/grrl

劇透 -   :
SPIRITUAL NEUROSURGERYSubjects in this study are afflicted with hostile brainnanites causing cognitive fragmentation disorder(CFD). Prognosis for each subject is complete personality loss and thus will result in the legal brain deathof the host (as authorized by [REDACTED] laws) unless
some actions are taken to prevent this from occurring.Due to the failure or outright catastrophe of mundanepharmaceutical, psychiatric, and surgical methods, Ihave been approved to undertake researched but experimental measures of occult nature in dealing withCFD patients. Documentation of procedure and outcome of medical trials follows.
劇透 -   :
Background and Research. In patients experiencingneurological or psychological dysfunction, the application of spirit therapy techniques has provided neurologists and psychiatrists with a larger range of treatmentoptions. These treatments have been successfully applied to such conditions as schizophrenia, dissociativeidentity disorder, aneurysms, embolisms, lobotomies,brain tumors, and so on (see Smythe and Westin, 2070).
Depending on which sources are consulted, the successrate of such therapies lies in the range of 70 to 85 percent. Because of these success ratings, I remain confdent that spirit therapy can also be applied to nanite-induced CFD. Considering other methods of treatment,including some magical approaches, have thus far yielded unacceptable results, I have concluded that spirittherapy remains our most viable treatment option, evenif it produces a lower success rate than it would for otherneurological conditions.
背景与研究。针对神经层面或心理层面机能障碍的病人,精魂治疗技术为神经病学家和精神病学家提供了更大范围的治疗手段。这些治疗方法被成功用于精神分裂、分离性人格认知障碍、动脉瘤、栓塞症、脑叶切除、脑部肿瘤等病症(见Smythe and Westin, 2070)。
劇透 -   :
Summoning. Spirit therapy for treating nanite-induced CFD involves the attending theurgist summoningan elemental spirit. The more powerful the spirit, themore effective the treatment—an important consideration when an arcane physician attempts the procedure. A summoning focus is recommended in all casesto help acquire the most powerful spirit possible for theprocedure. Additionally, the use of a binding focus isstrongly recommended: Bound spirits have been shown
to perform at higher success rates in these types of procedures than do temporary summons. However, due totheir persistent nature and obedience, ally spirits are themost preferable spirit type to use in this procedure andhave evidenced the highest success rate in related treatments. If an ally is not readily available to the theurgist, abound spirit will suffce.
召唤。治疗纳米体诱发CFD的精魂疗法需要参与治疗的咒术师召唤一只元素精魂。精魂越强大,治疗越有效——这是奥术医师尝试本疗法时必学考虑的重要条件。在所有条件下,都建议使用召唤法器以便获得尽可能强大的精魂以用于治疗。同时强烈建议使用束缚法器:经验显示在这类治疗过程中,被束缚精魂的成功率比临时召唤更高。但是鉴于盟友精魂*(ally spirite)的持续性和服从性,它们是最适合用在本治疗过程的,同时类似治疗也证明它们有着最高的成功率。如果咒术师无法获得盟友精魂,则被束缚精魂也堪用。
劇透 -   :
Assensing the Subject. While assensing the subject,the theurgist identifes the part of the subject’s aurawhere the nanites create an altered spot within the subject’s brain. This practice is similar to the detection of abrain tumor or aneurysm but requires a much smallersense of scale. The assensing allows the theurgist to create a map of the infection, which will allow the spirit toact accordingly.
Directing the Spirit. Once the subject has been assensed and the aura map has been created, the theurgistcommands the spirit to link to his own senses, so that itwill see what the theurgist sees when astrally perceiving.Use of a sustaining focus is recommended for the spiritso that it can concentrate as much of its energies as possible on the procedure. Using the aura map, the theurgist
directs the spirit to reach out to the affected areas of thesubject. What the spirit needs to do is physically manifesta microscopic (or smaller) part of its essence inside thepatient’s brain. The theurgist then commands the spirit touse one of its powers to destroy the nanites in that location. Due to the size of nanites and the delicateness ofthe human brain, this procedure must be undertaken withthe utmost care and attention to detail. In failure casesfor spiritual neurosurgery, 5 percent of the cases failed orwere aborted due to an uncooperative spirit botching theprocedure, either purposefully or accidentally.
劇透 -   :
Patient: Adult male, age 32, H. sapiens sapiens
Bound spirit: Fire elemental, medium power, summoned with summoning focus, bound using bindingfocus
Procedure start: 0900 hours
Assensing time: 15 minutes
Procedure end: 0917 hours
Result: 112 seconds into directing the spirit through
nanite removal process, patient’s cranium exploded.
Procedure halted. Autopsy revealed burn traces on brain
Reason: Spirit manifested too much of itself inside
patient’s brain and employed elemental effects, creating
unsustainable levels of intracranial pressure. Catastrophic pressure relieved itself by forcing its way through patient’s skull.
Recommendations for further trials: Higher force
spirit, different spirit type, increased assensing time, different patient phenotype.
病人:成年男性,年龄32,人类(H. sapiens sapiens)
劇透 -   :
Patient: Adult female, age 30, H. sapiens robustus
Bound spirit: Earth elemental, medium-high power,
summoned with summoning focus, bound using binding focus
Procedure start: 0900 hours
Assensing time: 30 minutes
Procedure end: 0943 hours
Result: After 13 minutes into directing spirit through
nanite removal process, patient’s cranium violently fractured. Procedure halted. Autopsy revealed blunt-force
trauma to brain tissue.
Reason: Despite hardy robustus skull, the spirit manifested too much of itself inside patient’s brain, creating
unsustainable levels of intracranial pressure. Pressure relieved itself by forcing open patient’s skull along cranial
bone joints.
Recommendations for further trials: Higher force
spirit, different spirit type, increased assensing time, different patient phenotype.
病人:成年女性,年龄30,兽人(H. sapiens robustus)
劇透 -   :
Patient: Adult male, age 40, H. sapiens ingentis
Bound spirit: Water elemental, high power, summoned with summoning focus, bound using binding focus
Procedure start: 0900 hours
Assensing time: 90 minutes
Procedure end: 1215 hours
Result: Procedure began with promising results. No intracranial pressure registered. 103 minutes into spirit direction, patient’s vitals dropped. 2 minutes later, blood began
seeping from cranial orifces. Procedure halted. TOD: 1217
hours. Autopsy revealed trauma to anterior cerebral artery,
which caused excessive bleeding and brain death.
Reason: Despite hardy ingentis skull, high-Force spirit, increased assensing time, and meticulous spirit direction, the spirit manifested too much of itself inside
patient’s brain, putting unacceptable levels on pressure
on the anterior cerebral artery.
Recommendations for further trials: Future trials
placed on hold to determine in more detail why procedure consistently fails.
病人:成年男性,年龄40,巨魔(H. sapiens ingentis)
劇透 -   :
> So the moral of this story is, “Don’t let a spirit muck about
in your head.”
> Kane
> Well, if spirits can excise brain tumors and the like, why
arenanites such a problem?
> Hard Exit
> I’m not much of a spirit person, but I’ll take a stab at what I think the problem is. Imagine you’re working a drone with a scalpel using a control rig. You’ve got all kinds of fne motor control—the better handling and response your drone has, the better control you’ll have over the scalpel.
However, no matter what kind of drone or rig you have, the drone is ultimately wielding the scalpel, not you. So even if you make all the right moves, a servo jitter, some noise over the line, or even the wrong gust of wind can mean the difference between a successful surgery and fatally nicking an artery.
Now, think about controlling a scalpel drone with a microscopic, monomolecular blade. A subtle jitter from a standard scalpel may be no more than a few millimeters, but the smaller the blade and the smaller the target, a few millimeters of jitter might as well put you kilometers off the mark at that scale. It’s easy enough for a spirit to remove a brain tumor because it’s a large target and that means plenty of room for error. But nanites? Not a chance.
> Rigger X
> He makes a valid point. Even an overly obedient ally spirit would have trouble doing this. The theory behind the treatment makes sense, but it’s the scale that’s the problem.
> Elijah

> Kane
> Hard Exit
> Rigger X
> Elijah
劇透 -   :
<wooden door closing>
<bones rattling>
Hi. Thank you for coming to see me, <static>. I understand you have been looking to solutions for your …
problem and have come seeking help?
Well, you’ve come to just the right place. I’ll have you
fxed up in two shakes of a pony’s tail! Er, maybe not that
quick, you see? Magic can be such a touchy thing if you
rush it and don’t treat it right. But still, it was more of a fgurative expression than anything else. Can I offer you some
soykaf? Some tea, perhaps? Or would you rather a smoke
of some sort to help yourself relax while we get started?
劇透 -   :
All righty, then. Just come this way and step into mymedicine lodge. It’s not that type of “medicine,” I assureyou. Just a term that’s been around for ages. After all, realmedicine already failed you, didn’t it, which is why youcame to me, right? <laughs> But still, a little levity willgo a long way in this procedure.
Why, yes, I assure you, I am fully accredited, withcountless satisfed customers among my clientele.
Would you like to see my graduation certifcate from the<static> Center for Shamanic Studies?
Okay, then. Are you certain you wish to undergothe procedure we spoke about over the phone? For theagreed-upon fee?
劇透 -   :
Then let’s get started. Go ahead and situate yourself“Indian style” in the middle of the circle. Careful not todislodge any of the horse bones. Heh, if you dislodgea bone, dis lodge won’t work right anymore, and you’llhave to come back later after I fx it, okay? <laughs> Butseriously. Don’t. Touch. The. Bones. Don’t.
那么我们开始吧。去用“印度坐姿”坐在那个圆环的中心。小心不要碰散任何这些马骨头。嘿,如果你碰歪了一根,这个帐篷(校:这里萨满用了个双关,“碰散-dislodge”,“这个帐篷-dis lodge”)就不能用了,你就得在我理好之后再回来,好吧?<笑声>但我是认真的。不要,碰,那些,骨头。不要碰。

劇透 -   :
> Uh, this guy’s got issues.
> Hard Exit
> Don’t we all?
> Man-of-Many-Names
> Hey, I think he sounds like fun. Give him a break.
> /dev/grrl
>Hard Exit

劇透 -   :
All right. What I am about to do is perform a complex, experimental spell that Horse showed me to helppeople with your condition. Here, as you can see is thespell formula. <clattering bones and rustling leather> Now, there’s this spell that’s s’posed to heal you when you’re feeling poorly—gunshot wound, bandersnatch took a chunk outta you, stuff like that. There’s this other spell that’s s’posed to make you purge toxins from your system. You accidentally swallow a cyanide capsule—hey, it can happen, boyo; don’t look at me like that—and this spell’s s’posed to make you throw it up or work it through your system—depending on whose spell formula you use. Then there’s this third spell, see? It sloughs off all the dead things on your body—dead skin cells, bacteria, dirt and so on—and it makes you look brand new as a baby’s ass, it does.
This spell formula here, <clattering bones and rustling leather> it combines all three so that it forces your body to expel any foreign objects that don’t belong there. <silence> You, uh, don’t have any cyberware you’d miss if it was gone, do ya?
劇透 -   :
What do you mean, “Have I tried this spell before?” What kind of question is that? Would you ask a surgeon if he’s ever operated before? Sheesh. Of course I’ve tried it. Why would Horse have led me to this spell if it didn’t work—I mean, if I hadn’t tried it before? Do I need to go grab my certifcate? Remember, you came to me, okay? So let me help you, a’right?
Okay, let’s begin. I’m going to start chanting and singing. If you start feeling a bit weird or dizzy, that’s just natural. Just close your eyes and don’t worry about anything you might feel starting to, er, fall off of you. It’s just the bad, evil stuff being driven out. Ready?
All right. Here we go.
<chanting in Salish language>
<singing in Salish language>
<gurgling sound>
Oh, for Horse’s sake! You’re having a seizure!
<tortured scream muted through a closed mouth>
Oh my Ghost, you’re gonna bite your tongue in half!
<scream continues>
<scream stops>
劇透 -   :
You stupid, stupid man! Why didn’t you tell me about theheadware? I told you this would expel anything that doesn’t belong there. Did I fucking stutter? And now your friends are all going to come after me because they’ll think I killed you!
<boot striking flesh>
You stupid, stupid son of a bitch!
<boot striking flesh>
I was only trying to help you!
<boot striking flesh>
<boot striking flesh>
<boot striking flesh>
<wooden door slamming>
Can … can I <gulp> help you gentlefolk?
Now, good sirs, I don’t need to show you my certifcate to
<static> Center for Shamanic Studies, do I?
<burst of flames>
<spirit roaring>
劇透 -   :
> What a fucking loon.
> Kane
> Okay, I’ll bite. Is it even possible to make a spell that will cause someone’s body to reject all foreign objects, including cyberware? I’ve been in this game a long fragging time, but even that just sounds a little beyond ridiculous to me.
> Bull
> I’ve seen magic do some strange stuff. I’m not going to say it’s impossible, but unless this recording is some kind of cheat or we’re just misinterpreting it, then it sounds legitimate. What concerns me more is—when this theoretical spell forces viral nanites out, what avenue of egress would they use? Because every scenario I’ve come up with after frstfnding this recording does not ends well.
> Butch
> I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m imagining someone with all kinds of headware standing in the same room as an MRI machine. There’s a reason MRI techs ask you if you have any kind of metallic jewelry, tattoos, or whatnot. When that machine turns on, everything with even a remote amount of iron content is going to get torn right out by a giant electromagnet. Only with nanites, they’ll create millions of tiny holes when they get ripped out, and I’m betting they’ll take brain tissue along with ’em.
If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably an Andrik

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Re: 【StS】再次重写p79-93(翻译中……
« 回帖 #2 于: 2017-12-30, 周六 21:51:14 »

劇透 -   :
Some people erroneously assume the CFD virus transmits via
the Matrix. While this is false, the virus is driven by Matrix-related technologies. As such, a few attempts have been made
to attempt to combat CFD in the digital realm.
劇透 -   :
//Matrix Log 12716-050475//
Doc diagnosed [REDACTED] as a head case, so she doesn’t
have a good outlook. This is probably a bad idea, but I’ve got
to try something …
Using my cyberdeck as a buffer, I am connected directly to the subject’s datajack via hardline cable. Whether this
new fragging personality has direct control over the datajack
remains to be seen. If it does, I’ll fnd out soon enough. All
right—I’m going in.
//Establishing direct connection …//
//Working …//
//Connection established//
Okay, I’m in. So far so good. It’s a little dark in here, since
her datajack doesn’t have any active sculpting software running …
//Activating Reality Filter: “Deadwood”//
Much better—although I could do without the tumbleweed.
Place is creepy enough as it is. Now, let’s see what we’ve got
//矩阵日志 12716-050475//
劇透 -   :
//Checking active connections …//
//197,346,567,200 connections found:
1 hardline connection, Matrix address: 0b15f-
197,346,567,199 Unknown connections, Matrix addresses: OUT OF BUFFER ERROR//
Daaaaaamn. Well, looks like I’ve found our virus. Now to
see if I can fgure out what it’s up to.
//Increasing frewall//
//Activating Sleaze program//
//Accessing Unknown connection 1 …//
//Working …//
//Connection to Unknown 1 refused//
//WARNING: 1 intrusion attempt(s) detected//
So, you maggot, that’s how you want to play?
//Activating Attack program: “Colt 1851 Navy Revolver”//
How about a six-shooter to the face? Blam!
//Cybercombat successful//
//Crash node (Y/N)?//
//Crashing node via hostile connection …//
//Host crashed. Hostile connection closed//
//WARNING: 1 intrusion attempt(s) detected//
Another one?
//Cybercombat successful//
//Crash node (Y/N)?//
//Crashing node via hostile connection …//
//Node crashed. Hostile connection closed//
Only a few billion more of these to go …
//WARNING: 1 intrusion attempt(s) detected//
//WARNING: 1 intrusion attempt(s) detected//
//WARNING: 12 intrusion attempt(s) detected//
//WARNING: 24 intrusion attempt(s) detected//
//WARNING: 48 intrusion attempt(s) detected//
//WARNING: 1024 intrusion attempt(s) detected//
//WARNING: 2048 intrusion attempt(s) detected//
//WARNING: 4096 intrusion attempt(s) detected//
//BUFFER OVERRUsdfjlj4iir230hlvndf ln/afdb wrkgyp240efg]2f
//缓存溢sdfjlj4iir230hlvndf ln/afdb wrkgyp240efg]2f

劇透 -   :
> This log was sent to me by a friend a few weeks ago. I’m not
a computer gal, but the idea seems sound. Unfortunately, I
gather it would take a team of deckers the size and skill of Echo
Mirage to even contemplate pulling this sort of thing off. I don’t
personally know the guy who recorded this log, but apparently
he’s been in a coma ever since the attempt. Nanites can’t travel
over data connections, so the poor guy obviously didn’t get
head crashed, but this has defnitely proven the virus has a very
keen digital defense mechanism.
> Butch
> Assuming someone can get this tactic to work without becoming
a vegetable, what would we do for someone who doesn’t have a
datajack or some other direct-neural-interface headware to allow
direct access to the nanites?
> Glitch
> One could always install a datajack. I think even an Awakened
individual would agree the minor loss of essence is well worth
the tradeoff.
> Clockwork
(*译注:Echo Mirage,美国政府雇佣训练的秘密“赛博突击队”,最早的碟客,击退了导致第一次矩阵崩溃的病毒,AI蜃影正是他们使用的AI程序,没错,就是崩溃2.0帮忙干掉DEUS的那位)

劇透 -   :
<Camera’s point of view is through a two-way mirror looking out into a nondescript room. A young ork man is restrained
to a chair in the middle of the room, and the chair is enclosed
by a Faraday cage. Several people observe the man through
the one-way mirror.>
Voice 1 (male): <over speaker into interrogation room>
To whom am I speaking?
<Prisoner’s eyes are darting around the room. A monitor
with vital signs beeps softly in the control room. Prisoner tries
rattling the bonds on his chair.>
Prisoner: <voice fltered into control room via speaker>
Please, I’m innocent! I didn’t do nuthin’, I swear! Lemme go!
Voice 2 (male): Vital signs are starting to spike.
Voice 3 (female): Please, go easy on him. He’s … in a bad
way. He just needs help.
Voice 1: I’ll do what I can. Just stay quiet and let me do my
job. <to prisoner> I’m not going to ask you again. To whom am
I speaking?
Prisoner: You gotta believe me! I ain’t done anything!
Voice 1: So the corporate node you were trying to force your
way into yesterday—that wasn’t a violation of your parole?
Prisoner: Break into a—? No no no no no … Someone’s …
Someone’s set me up! Why would I need to break into some
node? I don’t even know how to use a computer!
Voice 3: He’s right. His poor simsense player is always
flashing 1200 hours. He barely even knows how to work a
Voice 2: Heart rate is up. Blood pressure is rising. Pupils dilating.
Voice 1: Fine. If you won’t answer my questions, then we’ll
do this the hard way. Do you know what a Faraday cage is?
声音3:他说的是真的。他那可怜的拟感播放器总是一连12小时都在闪(His poor simsense player is always flashing 1200 hours.)他连通讯链都不怎么会用。
劇透 -   :
<In frustration, the prisoner rocks the chair back and forth inside the cage but can’t get any leverage due to the small space.>
Prisoner: C’mon, maaan! I was just trying to do right by my
family and stay outta the clink. I got a wife and fve kids to
feed! I can’t go back to the slammer, not now! They’re all gonna starve to death without me!
Voice 1: That cage you’re sitting in, it’s cutting you off from
the Matrix connections in this room. The rest of this facility is
also shielded, which means the only means of accessing any
local Matrix grids is via a hardline. I’m guessing that cut off
from the Matrix for this long, you’re probably starting to feel
like a frefly trapped in a glass jar. Am I right?
<Prisoner is growing physically agitated. Arms and legs
start trembling as though he is a junkie going through withdrawal.>
Prisoner: I don’t know what you’re talking about. Don’tcha
need a commlink or something to access the Matrix? Last I
checked, you didn’t give me one of those, and I sure as hell
ain’t one o’ them technomancer freaks.
Voice 1: Listen to me very carefully, because I won’t repeat this. At this moment I have a group of deckers and technomancers ready to send an army of agents and sprites into
your head. If you don’t cooperate, the moment we open the
door to that Faraday cage, you’re going to learn the meaning
of fear. They will destroy you right down to the last line of
code running through your thieving nanite processors. Do
you understand me?
Prisoner: I … I …
劇透 -   :
<Prisoner’s eyes dart around the cage, ostensibly searching
for an escape route. Prisoner’s body suddenly goes slack.>
Voice 2: What’s he doing?
<Prisoner’s demeanor changes into one of rage.>
Prisoner: You care for this host? Do exactly as I say or I will
kill him.
<Heart monitor beeps slower.>
Voice 3: What? No!
Voice 2: Vital signs dropping!
Voice 1: <to Voice 2> What the hell?
Prisoner: I have complete control over this body’s involuntary brain functions. If you do not let me go, I will destroy this
body, and my counterparts will hunt you down and destroy you.
Voice 2: BP falling!
<Prisoner’s demeanor changes. His face is slack with terror
and quickly beginning to pale.>
Prisoner: What’s … what’s going on? Why do I feel so …
<Prisoner faints. His chest stops moving. Heart monitor flatlines.>
Voice 3: Oh my God! You have to help him!
Voice 1: Quiet! <into radio> Get that cage open! Now!
Voice 2: We’re losing him!
Voice 3: Please! Do something!
Voice 1: Someone shut her up and get her out of here!
Voice 2: Yes, sir!
<Heart monitor continues to flatline. Armed, uniformed
men spill into the room and throw open the Faraday cage.>
Voice 1: Captain, hit him with everything you’ve got!
Voice 4: <via radio> Roger! Initiating attacks … now!
<Prisoner convulses. Heart monitor continues to flatline.>
Voice 2: It’s not working, sir!
Voice 1: Just a little longer …
<Klaxon sounds. Video goes black.>
Voice 1: Oh, what now?
Voice 4: Sir, we have a breach on level two!
<Red emergency lights click on. Dead patient is standing
at the mirror, face pressed against the glass. Heart monitor
beeps, once. Twice. Thrice.>
Prisoner: <muffled through the glass> Peekaboo, Doc.
<Prisoner snaps his fngers. Video goes black.>
声音1:队长,全力进行心脏复苏!(hit him with everything you’ve got)
劇透 -   :
> So the army of deckers didn’t seem to work. Can anything defeat
this miserable bitch?
> Kane
> If the prisoner didn’t have an extraction team waiting to nab him,
I wonder whether or not the army of deckers approach might’ve
worked. Did you see how nervous he got when the head guy
started outlining his plan?
> /dev/grrl
> “Army of Deckers” is totally the name of my next band.
> Slamm-0!
> You need to have a frst band before you can have a next band.
> Kat o’ Nine Tales
> This is the frst time I’ve heard of a PF purposely placing its host
at risk. I thought these entities wanted to survive?
> Nephrine
> Perhaps, like metahumanity, they have begun to evolve a
sense of self-sacrifce in order to protect others of their kind.
> Icarus
> This was the frst time I’ve encountered a CFD infection
manipulating its host’s involuntary brain functions. Given my
experience with the virus, I’m more inclined to think this one was
an aberrant suicidal mutation rather than our standard case.
> Glitch
> Great. The CFD virus is already fragging mutating. What else
does it have up its sleeve?
> Bull
>Kat o' Nine Tales
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劇透 -   :
I kept this one separate from the Magical Methods section
because I felt it deserved its own special mention. Read on
and you’ll see what I mean.
Many of you who read this will probably recognize my name
from the headlines. My name is Michiko Tanaka. I am an adept, a follower of the Physical Way, and I am a professional athlete by trade. At the ’72 Denver Olympics, I won eight
medals in magically augmented events. I have a husband and
three children, all of whom I am proud. I enjoy outdoor activities. I create large marble sculptures to hone my abilities.
My favorite movie is the original Neil the Ork Barbarian (call it
a guilty pleasure). My favorite color is purple. Despite a magically augmented lung capacity, I have a fear of drowning. I
am afraid of the dark.
This, dear readers, is who I am.
This is who I will remain.
You see, I have a confession. I was recently diagnosed with
induced dissociative identity disorder. This condition slowly
eats away at the sufferer until his or her personality has been
completely wiped clean. It’s like Alzheimer’s, only instead of
memories being stolen away, those memories are replaced by
someone—something—else’s. Many different things have been
tried to treat this disorder—and few have met with success—
but I plan to beat this thing with my secret weapon: mind over
matter, augmented by magic.
As an adept, I don’t use magic the same way a mage or
shaman does. I use my intrinsic mana to augment my own
physical capabilities. The reason I can run so fast and hold my
breath for so long is because, through magic, I will my body to
do what I want it to, beyond ordinary metahuman limits. My
condition affects the brain, and when you get right down to
it, the metahuman brain is just another part of the body, one I
hope to master with my own magic.
Recording this journal is my way to show the world how I
will beat this. And I will beat this.
I will remain me or die trying.

很多读着这个的人可能会从头条上认出我的名字。我叫美智子·田中(Michiko Tanaka),我是个修士,躯体道途(Physical way)的追随者,我还是个职业运动员。我在72年丹佛奥运会魔法增强赛区赢得了8枚金牌。我有个丈夫和3个孩子,他们全都让我自豪。我喜欢户外运动。我通过雕刻巨大的大理石雕像来打磨我的技艺。
劇透 -   :
To prevent myself from harming others, I have confned
myself to an isolated dojo out in the mountains. The
groundskeepers have specifc instructions to prevent me
from leaving the premises, even if I ask them to. Here, in this
austere environment, connected to the natural manasphere,
I am content and at peace. The birds chirp. The cicadas are
beginning to buzz in the trees. The sun feels good on my
skin. I can meditate without interruption, which means I can
better focus my magic.
I am whole.
I will remain whole.
This is my mantra.
It is probably just my imagination, but I am feeling better
already. I feel … complete. I feel like me.
> I’m going to step in and fast forward for a bit: For the next several
days, Michiko goes on about pretty much the same stuff—
contemplating the flowers, the serenity, some haikus that I’ll
spare you all from—and there’s not much change. Believe me: it’s
all very pretty, the stuff she wrote, but in the interest of science,
I’m doing everyone the favor of skipping it.
> Butch
DAY 25
I had a short blackout after breakfast. I’m not sure what my
dissociative identity did during my lapse, but the compound
guards won’t speak to me. One of them appears to be new.
Surely I didn’t attack one of them …
I am whole.
I will remain whole.


劇透 -   :
DAY 27
The blackouts are becoming more frequent. It’s clear that my
current level of mana is not enough. I must open myself up to
greater energies if I am to remain whole.
DAY 29
Today I self-initiated. I am … exhausted, to say the least, but
the process was exhilarating. I feel as though I understand the
world in ways I never dreamed possible. My body feels like a
beacon of magical energy. I cannot wait to see how I can beat
back the blackouts with this new magic. But I feel like I could
sleep for a solid week.
I am whole.
I will remain whole.
DAY 30
My hair was longer when I woke up. I don’t remember combing it that way. It wasn’t until lunch that I realized my hair was
shorter than yesterday. How did I do that? I’ve never exerted
control over my hair length before!
Deep breaths, Michiko. Deep breaths.
I am whole.
I will remain whole.
DAY 31
Today I woke up with a different face. I am literally turning into
someone else.
I don’t know how this happened. I’ve never used magic to
change my facial structure. And the magic from my initiation is
gone somehow. I never even used it.
This other person inside me has somehow learned how I
control my magic. I cannot let that happen.
I must initiate again.
I am whole, damn it.
I will remain whole, even if it kills me.
DAY 32
I’ve fnally fgured out what I’ve been doing wrong. Instead
of fghting this person inside of me, we need to understand
each other.
DAY 33
I am now me.
It is fnally time to return to the world.






劇透 -   :
> Here’s where things start to get really interesting. A person
matching Michiko’s description surfaced in Nagano shortly after
this journal hit my inbox. I hired a guy to track her down and
speak with her on my behalf, and as best he could tell, she’s not
showing any signs of a dissociative identity. But, on the other
hand, she seems far less … Japanese than she did before. No
more meditation or serenity or haikus, and she’s far less polite
than she used to be. But you can ask her anything about her
childhood or something only she would know, and it’s all there.
I don’t know how she did it—probably something to do
with her magic and a healthy dose of willpower—but I’ve
come to the conclusion that Michiko and her head-crash entity
somehow came to terms with each other and fused into a
single, composite identity. I’d wager this sort of thing isn’t easily
repeatable—if at all—but assuming I’m correct, her case sets at
least some kind of precedent.
> Butch
> Seeing as how the CFD virus comes from technology, I wouldn’t
think a Matrix entity would be able to make magic work.
> /dev/grrl
> A magician controls his magic the same way a mundane
controls any of his skills: by using his brain. If the PF can control
a magician’s brain, what’s to prevent her from utilizing her
host’s magical skills to, say, cast a spell or trigger an adept’s
ability? Assensing and spellcasting require three things: a link
to the manasphere, innate magical ability—both of which are
provided by the magician host—and magical skills, which are
learned abilities. Add in a brain hijacker, and you’ve got a Matrix
entity capable of casting spells.
> Elijah
> Great. I guess we should just go ahead and start bowing to our
robot overlords now?
> Slamm-0!
If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably an Andrik