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【FS】专业护甲 P46~50


> 既然我们已经介绍过可以用来对付同类的一些武器,现在是时候检查战斗的另一面,看看能(应该)保护你活下来的东西:护甲。除了(希望)成为你和突然死亡之间的屏障,护甲也有其他功能,它以其他方式协助现代战斗者在任何战斗区域或者危险情况中求生。
> Rifleman

剧透 -   : > Now that we’ve waded through some of the weapons one can employ to take out their fellow metahumans, it’s time to examine the other side of the combat coin and look at something that (should) work to keep you alive: armor. But aside from (hopefully) being that which comes between you and an untimely demise, armor also serves other functions and assists the modern combatant in other ways while trying to survive whatever combat zone or fragged-up situation you find yourself in.
> Rifleman

阿瑞斯“除虫者”MK II护甲
Ares “Bug Stomper” MK II Armor

有些人认为阿瑞斯的“除虫者”战术护甲系统是现代护甲设计的巅峰之作,它的设计目的只有一个,就是让 看火人干员能够和各种“虫”肉搏并有合理的生存机会。直到最近的事件前,关于这种护甲系统的知识非常有限,因为阿瑞斯将规格保密。但在最近的事件之后,关于除虫者 系统的更多信息已经曝光。除虫者护甲由极其耐用且轻质的材料制成,大约相当于中型军规护甲的大小,但重量只有其四分之三。特殊的关节系统也允许无限制的、平稳的运动。一些变体可以部署一个微型和一个小型无人机。在底特律的灾难发生时,阿瑞斯已经将 Mark II 特别部署在选择的单位进行测试,它有可以应用于腿部、躯干和手臂的特殊“反应”护甲板。尽管阿瑞斯仍然没有计划将除虫者护甲投放到公开市场,但许多护甲套装(或其部分部件)已经在黑市上出现,并且价格非常高;如果你能找到的话。

剧透 -   : Considered by some to be the pinnacle of modern armor designs, Ares’ “Bug Stomper” tactical armor system was designed with the sole purpose of allowing Firewatch operators to go mano-a-mano with bugs of all kinds and have a reasonable chance of survival. Until recently, very little was known about the armor system, as Ares kept the specs a closely guarded secret. But after recent events, more information about the Bug Stomper system has come to light. Made of extremely durable and lightweight materials, Bug Stomper armor is approximately the size of medium milspec but only three quarters the weight. Special joint systems also allow for unrestricted, smooth movement. Some variants can deploy one micro and one small drone. But by the time the debacle in Detroit went down, Ares was already on the Mark II. Deployed for testing in select units, this model features special “reactive” armor plates that can be applied to the legs, torso, and arms. While Ares still has no plans to put the Bug Stomper on the open market, many suits (or pieces of) have been popping up on the black markets and have been fetching extremely high prices; IF one can even find them.

> 购买者请注意;目前能搞到的大多数成套护甲及其零部件都是直接从底特律的战场上收集来的。谁知道它们真正的功能性如何,或者它们是否还能用于作战。最好的建议是,如果你偶然发现一个或者其零部件;把它卖掉,买些更可靠的东西。
> Rifleman

剧透 -   : > Buyer beware; most of the suits currently available and their components were scavenged directly from the battlefieldsin Detroit. Who knows how functional they truly are or if they’re still even combat-worthy. Best advice is that if you happen across one or its components; sell it and buy something more reliable.
> Rifleman

--- 引用 ---阿瑞斯“除虫者”

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Ballistic Mask


剧透 -   : “Protect the face” is more than just street talk for keeping your front man alive and kicking. Scars may look tough on the street, but everywhere else they raise questions and draw attention. Not to mention all the squishy and
important stuff located behind that face. Not being identified is a great bonus, too, especially for people whose job is not being noticed. The basic design is simple, but the mask comes in a wide array of styles, including an entire line of “masquerade” styles that provide protection during those strange events where the rich want anonymity.

> 防弹面具在几个街头帮派中非常受欢迎,他们不仅使用它们来隐藏自己的脸,而且还用它们来作为自己的“代表”。万圣帮只是一群废物,但是其中有有一些街上最好的艺术家。
> Bull

剧透 -   : > These have become very popular with several street gangs, who use them not just to hide their faces, but also to “represent.” They’re drekheads, but the Halloweeners have some of the best art on the streets.
> Bull

--- 引用 ---防弹面具

--- 引用结尾 ---

Basic Duty Utilities (BDUs)

也被称为“战斗疲劳”,BDUs 是一对相配的裤子和长袖衬衫或连身衣。BDUs 已经成为军队和准军事单位的主要装备已经有一百五十多年(或多或少),它们由耐用、透气和(相对)舒适的材料制成,设计用于一般的日常使用。虽然以凯夫拉 织物制成,可以提供一些基本的对小口径武器的保护,但BDUs常常被用作更高级别护甲系统的基础内衣。作为一种实用服装,大多数 BDUs 在手臂和腿上有几个口袋和袋子用于存放设备。由于其耐用性、实用性和军事风格,它们在平民中也非常受欢迎。

剧透 -   : Also known as “combat fatigues,” BDUs are either a pair of matching pants and a long-sleeved shirt or a jumpsuit. BDUs have been a staple of military and paramilitary units for over one hundred and fifty years (give or take), are made of durable, breathable, and (relatively) comfortable materials, and are designed for general everyday use. Although made with Kevlar-weave to provide some basic protection against smaller caliber weapons, BDUs are often used as the basic undergarment for higher-rated armor systems. As a utility garment, most BDUs feature several pockets and pouches on the arms and legs for equipment storage. They are also extremely popular with civilians because of their durability, utility, and military styling.

> 还有各种与战斗无关的风格和版型的BDU,因为战术时尚和“城市战斗风格”正在重新流行。
> Kat o’ Nine Tales

剧透 -   : > They also come in a variety of styles and patterns that have nothing to do with combat because tactical chic and “urban combat style” are coming back into fashion.
> Kat o’ Nine Tales

--- 引用 ---基本职务工具

--- 引用结尾 ---

Mil-Spec Armor


剧透 -   : “Top of the line,” “state of the art,” and “bleeding edge” have all been used to describe mil-spec armor types. Mil-spec armor is the stuff one sees slugging it out in open combat and is typically only issued to elite units. Everything about mil-spec armor is designed to give as much protection as possible. Mil-spec armor comes in three basic types: light, medium, and heavy. Light is typically used by operators who need more mobility, medium is the standard issue that balances mobility with protection, while heavy suits tell the concept of mobility to go straight to hell. Exact specs vary, but all milspec armors utilize some kind of lightweight metal in various configurations and thickness as the primary layer of protection. Mil-spec suits are purpose built and cannot be combined with any other armor systems except personal augmented or magical enhancements. Standard armor modifications can be added as well. Every set of mil-spec armor is custom-fit specifically to the user and features powered micro-servo joints that allow for maximum ergonomics. Mil-spec armor comes in a variety of styles and colors depending on the military and unit that deploys it. Custom helmets packed with the latest in sensor and communications gear are often employed as well.


剧透 -   : There are three major downsides to using milspec armor. The first is cost; most mil-spec armor is out of the price range of most shadowrunners and even most mercenary units. Second, it’s highly restricted and regulated; if you’re not part of a military, have the proper (and up-to-date) security credentials, or a private military contractor in good standing (key words there) with the International Mercenary Association, expect to have a giant bullseye on your back every time you wear your precious suit. And three, the medium and heavy armors trade at least some mobility for protection.

> 军规护甲对于其预期的用途来说是非常好的,但仍然让我惊讶的是有多少狂奔者一直试图在暗影狂奔中使用它。是的,它提供了超强的保护…一小段时间,直到有人恐慌并拿出重火力。成为弹药磁铁绝不是一件令人羡慕的事。
> Picador

剧透 -   : > Mil-spec armor is great for what it’s intended for, but it still surprises me how many runners keep trying to get hold of it for shadowrunning. Yes, it provides superior protection … for a while, until someone panics and brings out the heavy artillery. Being an ammo-magnet is never an enviable position to be in.
> Picador

> 是否使用军规甲取决于工作。但大多数时候,这万一属于“安保可能对你用的什么”的类别。
> Hard Exit

剧透 -   : > Depends on the job. But most of the time, this goes in the “what the opposition may throw at you” category.
> Hard Exit

--- 引用 ---军规护甲

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模块化设备安装系统 (MEMS)
Modular Equipment Mounting System (MEMS)

MEMS 本身不是一个护甲系统——它是一个基本的背带和一系列的次级附件,用于重型护甲(安全等级及以上)。基本上,MEMS 的目的是在不需要进一步修改护甲的情况下,帮助存储和携带护甲系统外部的所有东西。MEMS 系统允许用户根据自己的特定需求和偏好,将武器枪套、弹药袋和各种设备袋放置在他们希望的位置。这使得更方便地访问和使用。在毫秒能决定生死的战斗世界中,这绝对是一个优势。

剧透 -   : MEMS isn’t an armor system in itself—it’s a basic harness and a series of secondary add-on attachments to heavier armors (security rated and above). Basically, MEMS is meant to help store and carry all the stuff on the armor system’s outside without having to modify the armor further. The MEMS system allows users to place weapon holsters, ammo pouches, and various equipment pouches in whatever location they desire based on their specific needs and preferences. This allows for greater ease of access and use. In a world of combat where milliseconds make the difference between life and death, it is a definite advantage.

MEMS 附件包括:标准或快拔枪套(最大支持重型手枪),弹药袋(按武器类型分开),可以装填单个霰弹枪弹药的子弹套,医疗包袋,战术吊带附件,或设备袋(按类型)。

剧透 -   : MEMS attachments include: standard or quickdraw holster (up to heavy pistol), ammo pouches (by weapon type), an individual shotgun shell loop holster, medkit pouch, tactical sling attachment, or equipment pouch (by type).

> 你会看到 MEMS 被许多战术反应队伍结合他们的安保等级护甲系统使用,这基本上已经完全取代了大多数紧急应对单位的定制“SWAT”式护甲。有趣的是,大多数这样的团队通常不会携带过多的弹药或武器,而是使用 MEMS 携带额外的医疗包。
> Hard Exit

剧透 -   : > You see MEMS used a lot by tactical response teams in conjunction with their security-rated armor systems, which has essentially all but replaced the purpose-built “SWAT”-style armors in most emergency response units. Funny thing, though, most of these teams tend not to carry excess ammo or weapons but rather use MEMS to carry extra medkits.
> Hard Exit

--- 引用 ---模块化设备安装系统

--- 引用结尾 ---

MEMS Tactical Armor Vest

填补了显眼的定制战术护甲和隐秘护甲系统之间的空白,MEMS 战术背心适用于你可能需要以微妙的方式开始,但随后需要迅速转变为提供更实质性的防护力、机动性和战术灵活性的情况。作为MEMS 系统的护甲版,战术护甲背心(或简称战术背心)由现代凯夫拉编织板组成,装载在一个类似背心的平台中,复盖在身体前面和后面。即使装满配件,战术背心也可以轻松地存储在车辆或小手提箱中,然后在需要时迅速使用。

剧透 -   : Filling a niche between purpose-built obvious tactical armors and concealed armor systems, the MEMS tactical vest is for when you may need to start out with subtlety, but then have to quickly transition to something that provides more substantial protection, mobility, and tactical flexibility. An armored version of the MEMS system, the tactical armor vest (or simply tac-vest) comprises modern Kevlar-weave plates encased in a vest-like carrier that goes over the front and back. Even when fully loaded, the tac-vest can be easily stored in a vehicle or small suitcase and then quickly employed when needed.
> 这种背心是护卫和保护专家的最爱,当他们不一定要关心隐蔽性,但又不想过度武装,同时确实关心诸如弹药容量和在潜在的危险区域的保护等事情的时候就会使用这个。战术背心也比这一类别中的大多数其他护甲更舒适、更易于使用,这在你在狭窄的车辆或飞机中长时间旅行时是一个巨大的优势。
> 0rkCE0

剧透 -   : > These are a favorite with escort and protection specialists for when they don’t necessarily care about subtlety, don’t want to go overboard, but do care about things such as ammo capacity and protection in potential hot zones. They’re also more comfortable and easier to use than most other armors in their class, which is a big bonus when you’ve been traveling for hours on end in a cramped vehicle or aircraft.
> 0rkCE0

--- 引用 ---MEMS战术护甲背心

--- 引用结尾 ---

Murder Armor

这玩意以前只是一个俗气的噱头,直到 Corinne Potter,当时的西雅图州长候选人,在被刺杀时,胸部受到了几发枪击,然后在现场三维影像直播中站起来,拍拍自己,感谢地平线提供了这个精彩的防护装备。她避免用其品牌名称称呼它,但每个人都知道她的意思。很少有人在乎这个有点粗俗的名字;他们只在乎他们能否承受一轮攻击,假装受伤,然后让他们的安保措施处理剩下的问题。

剧透 -   : This stuff was a kitschy gimmick right up until Corinne Potter, a Seattle gubernatorial candidate at the time, took some shots right in the chest as part of an ambush, and then stood up on live trid, dusted herself off, and thanked Horizon for the fantastic protective wear. She avoided calling it by its brand name, but everyone knew what she meant. Few people care that the name’s a little vulgar; they just care that they can take a round, feign injury, and let their security detail deal with the rest.

> 这玩意是政治舞台上爱用来作为广告的道具。这种护甲并不是被设计用来防止大口径自动射击的。 这是用来参加Barnum & Bailey 那种东西的。
> Snopes

剧透 -   : > Love when the political stage is used for advertising. This stuff is not designed to take high-caliber rounds. This was a show of Barnum & Bailey proportions.
> Snopes

--- 引用 ---谋杀护甲
DR社交等级容量可获得性价格+4+244(L)5000注:穿着谋杀护甲的角色可以使用一个次要动作来装死,对抗检定为影响 + 魅力 vs. 侦查 + 直觉,并在攻击者的骰池中减少4个骰子。成功意味着攻击者忽视了角色,认为他们已经倒下,有效地给予他们 隐形4(参见核心P52)的状态。如果用户对他们之前的攻击者进行攻击,攻击后 隐形 状态将丢失。谋杀护甲使用内置的 血包 模拟伤害,每次使用后必须更换。这需要花费 200¥ 并需要进行一个 工程学 + 逻辑 (4, 1小时) 的延续检定。血包 费用为 200¥。

--- 引用结尾 ---

Parashield “Mystic Tough” Body Armor


剧透 -   : The Sixth World is certainly a place of mayhem and magic. Technology has long tried to take theedge away from its mortal foe, especially in the arena of defenses for the mundane. Parashield has taken their expertise in paranormal critter training and physiology and merged this data with the basics of ballistic protection to create materials that stop bullets as well as they stop blasts of mana.

> 如果你是一个施法者,那这玩意并不适合你。护甲里的粘液是一种FAB衍生物。坏消息。
> Lyran

剧透 -   : > This stuff is not so good to wear if you’re a spellslinger. The goop in the threading is a FAB derivative. Bad news.
> Lyran

--- 引用 ---伞兵盾“神秘坚韧”身体护甲

--- 引用结尾 ---

Securetech Armor Augmentation System (AAS)


剧透 -   : While they struggle in other areas, several Ares execs have found ways to keep the nuyen flowing toward lost causes. The “acquisition” of the “Securetech” brand (notice the lack of a capital T) is allowing them to bolster their armor line even further, thanks to some serious rip-offs. The AAS resembles the PPP system and includes additional padding and armor for gaps in some standard armor or key points to protect. They are still quality, but the real SecureTech is making it rain in the shadows to frag Ares on this, and the runners enjoying the windfall don’t care one way or the other. Ego is great for the bank account!

> 安保科技无疑在放血出钱来破坏这种产品的生产。只要你愿意牺牲他人的安全就能赚这个钱。
> Glitch

剧透 -   : > There is definite blood money coming from SecureTech in order to sabotage manufacturing. You just have to be willing to sacrifice the protection of others in order to earn it.
> Glitch

--- 引用 ---安保技术护甲增强系统

--- 引用结尾 ---

Securetech SkinShield

显然阿瑞斯从安保科技(大写 T)那里获得的不仅仅是 PPP 数据。他们还搞到了一些关于钌聚合物增强的第二皮肤产品线的资料,在合并了所有这些之后使护肤盾成了下一代的秘密保护系统。钌聚合物系统已经升级,不仅几乎不可见,而且还能改变肤色,达到完美的晒黑或者苍白,在边缘添加一点点纹身,或者,如果你有一个合适的黑客,使你近乎透明。

剧透 -   : Obviously Ares got more from SecureTech (capital T) than just the PPP data. They also snagged some data on the ruthenium-enhanced SecondSkin line and have merged it all to make the SkinShield system, the next level of clandestine protection. The ruthenium system is upgraded to not just appear nearly invisible but also to alter skin tone for the perfect tan or ghostly pallor, add tattoos for that bit of edge, or, if you have a decent hacker, make you mostly transparent.

> 他们正在进行大量的研究和现场测试。如果你愿意提供所有的狂奔数据给企业,这是一份相当有利可图的工作。哪里会出什么问题呢?
> Plan 9

剧透 -   : > They are doing a lot of research and field testing with this set. It’s quite a lucrative set of gigs if you’re willing to offer up all your run data to the corp. What could go wrong?
> Plan 9

--- 引用 ---安保技术护肤盾

--- 引用结尾 ---

Security Armor


剧透 -   : Built on the merger of civilian and military needs, this stuff is a fair middle ground for those who want the protection of military-grade tech, but without all the additional bells and whistles. Thus far, this stuff is mainly seen on private security forces working convoys for rich corporate clients, but those security forces aren’t always corp employees and sometimes runners don’t mind taking their payment in the form of premium gear.

> 这对真正的阴影中人来说还是太显眼了。如果你能弄到一些安保护甲,联系我。我会帮你安排一个雇佣兵单位,你可以去那些不需要低调的地方。
> Picador

剧透 -   : > It’s still way too conspicuous for the real shadows. If you get your hands on some, reach out to me. I’ll set you up with a merc unit, and you can go places where subtlety isn’t necessary.
> Picador

--- 引用 ---安保护甲

--- 引用结尾 ---

SecureTech Invisi-Shield Armor


剧透 -   : Built as the successor of the ever-popular form-fitting body armor, SecureTech has revolutionized the concealable armor market with this line, which was something they needed desperately with Ares’ theft of their PPP market share. While corpsec and military forces might want their armor to have some intimidation factor, executives and their protection specialists want no sign of their own personal fear while still being protected from whatever may come.

> 这玩意质量很好。提供保护而不带来累赘和引起注意。
> Plan 10

剧透 -   : > This is quality stuff. Protection without the guff and sideways glances.
> Plan 10

--- 引用 ---安保科技无形盾护甲

--- 引用结尾 ---


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