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      在过去的一个世纪里,人们最终接受了酒水价格的飙升,但却没能理解这些飙升是由工业的污染,都市的扩张和农业的问题所导致的。从美国的啤酒到苏联的伏特加,所有酒类饮品的价格在二十一世纪的前八年内平均上涨了三倍——这还是把通货膨胀也计算在内的情况。随着多次蜂群崩溃综合征(colony collapse sydrome①)几乎将养蜂产业扼杀,蜂蜜酒的价格首先受到了最大的冲击——自然授粉植物的收获减少随即也导致了其他酒类饮料的产出减少,涨价就此波及了整个酒类产业。
剧透 -   : Back almost a century, people accepted the price hikes in their drinks, but they didn’t understand how industrial pollution, urban sprawl, and agricultural problems caused those hikes. From American beer to Soviet vodka, the cost of alcoholic beverages tripled on average in the first eight years of the 21st century, even if you take general inflation into account. Mead was the hardest hit when cycles of colony collapse syndrome killed off honeybee farms. ¬That had a ripple effect, as the yield of other beverages was reduced by the loss of naturally pollinated plants.
剧透 -   : For wine, this wasn’t the first time that production faced signify cant trouble; in the 1800s, an aphid from the Americas came to Europe and almost wiped out the continent’s vineyards. It also wasn’t the first time that genetic solutions were challenged by the industry as a whole. Genetic modifications were strictly monitored, as many feared the
alterations would change the taste of the wine, cross-pollinate treasured grapes with other vines of a lesser quality, or mutate the virus that they were trying to resist. ¬The industry broke along several lines. Traditionalists stuck it out with Meridonal’s phytohormone therapies to allow for multiple harvests and large agri-domes to simulate weather and yet keep the terraire. Another group, which included AGC, went with hydroponic towers and genetic modifications to enzymatically recreate the chemical flavors of wine with a variety of strains of grapes that were more tolerant of the new environmental conditions. A third group decided to abandon grapes altogether. Using a variety of modified algae, they reproduced the polyphenols, terpenes, and acids in the production of must. ¬ is combined with fructose, glucose, sulfur dioxide, and yeast, which then fermented and formed the “wine” called pelago. ¬ is technology led to micro-wineries out numbering microbreweries in the North American West.
      (在新欧共体(NEEC)的监察之下,)法国政府很快成立了一个专门的食品饮料质量监察部门以阻止这一新兴产业中试图以任何形式“借鉴”法国红酒品牌的小作坊。在一系列的专利法实施之后,法国和欧洲其他地区的很多佩拉戈酒私酿者都在迟疑是否还要继续酿造和出售这种酒。一部分人把自己的品牌和技术租借给了企业让他们去生产,另一些则勉勉强强的继续酿造着他们自己的新品牌海藻酒,仅仅为了是为了将他们前代酿造出的“风土”传承下去。作为一种易于生产和运输的材料,藻类也同样得以登上太空:零重力条件下生产出的佩拉戈品牌中较为受欢迎的三种分别是盖亚湛蓝(Gaian Blue),火星深红(Martian Crimson)和金星苍白(Venusians Pale)。
剧透 -   : A French government agency in charge of quality labels for iconic food and drink products (with oversight from the NEEC) stepped in to the budding industry to crack down on these businesses using any reference to French wines. ¬ The French and many European wine makers were reluctant to manufacture and market pelago now that they enforced the patent. Some leased the brand name and technology to corporations to produce, while others reluctantly began their own algae brews, if only to preserve the terroir of their predecessor’s work. With these drinks, only the small double helix printed on the label distinguishes them. Algae, being an easy medium to produce and ship, has also made its way to space. ¬ Three of the more popular pelagos produced in zero gravity are: Gaian Blue, Martian Crimson, and Venusians Pale.
     大多数大企业下属的酿酒厂则制作一种使用人工啤酒花的大豆发酵酒。由于大豆本来就需要发酵才能变得适于人体吸收,这种酒的生产成本十分低廉。有趣的是,这种酿酒过程连设备都是现成的:只需直接使用酱油的生产设备即可。这一工业的产物就是所谓的“豆奶啤(soymilk beer)”,尽管没有真啤酒的香味,这种饮料还是靠着它在营养水平上的更胜一筹而日渐流行,企业往往给它们贴上“豆酸奶酒(soy kefir)”和“豆马奶酒(soy kumiss)”的标签大肆进行销售。另一种廉价代用品则是“化合酒(sythohols)”——纯粹的化学产物:首先往作为石油产业副产品的酒精里加入水和人造香精,再打入二氧化碳使之产生气泡就完成了。化合酒不论是外观还是味道都与一般水平的啤酒相近,但小作坊就只有开辟一片植物园才能维持传统的酿酒方法:每个小酿酒厂的仓库附近都至少会有一个种植着小麦、啤酒花和其他植物的温室。
剧透 -   : Most of the big corporate breweries make soy-based alcoholic beverages with a touch of artificial hops. It is cheap to produce since soy beans have to be fermented in order to befit for human consumption. Interestingly enough, there was already an existing infrastructure that could be used: soy sauce production equipment. The end product is soymilk beer. While it doesn’t have the same taste as real beer, it has gained popularity by being more nutritious. Soy kefir and soy kumiss are how corporations are labeling this beer. ¬The next cheap alternative has been synthohols, which are pure chemistry. Alcohol removed from petroleum or as a byproduct of industrial manufacturing is diluted in water with artificial flavors, which is then carbonated to produce synthohol. Synthohol has similar look and taste comparable to mass produced beer products. ¬That being said, microbreweries have had to become botanical gardens to be able to grow what they need in order to keep the tradition alive. For every micro brewing warehouse, there’s a greenhouse growing wheat, hops, and other plants nearby.


>Orbital DK

剧透 -   : > Glad that corporations had their priorities straight. The world can’t operate
without beer!
> Kane
> Pelagos are better than the hooch they used to make up here; it doesn’t smell
like diesel and it doesn’t cause paralysis or blindness.
> Orbital DK
> Kids these days. They can’t drink anything unless it has bubbles in it. Even
the iconic Tír wines are less popular than the Näch or Cetheral carbonated
fruity drinks.
> Snopes



酒名价格(新円/瓶)描述翠谷霞多丽(Valley Green Chardonnay)100霞多丽葡萄于2045年成为了第一种被用基因工程在藻类上复刻出口味的葡萄。使用这种藻类酿造出的佩拉戈酒呈深绿色,口味浓厚,有坚果和泥土味。其配方是基于一种传统霞多丽。纳帕澄黄(Napa Yellow)80一种基于“爱人”葡萄的转基因藻类酿造而成的酒,最初生产于2048年。这种佩拉戈呈黄色,酒体较轻。太平洋湛蓝(Pacific Blue)702050年,几个北美企业为了改善一种作为食物原料使用的蓝绿色海藻而将其基因与霞多丽葡萄结合。其结果就是这种海蓝色的佩拉戈,其口味为一种柠檬-青柠-矿物质的复合。西班牙黄金(Spanish Gold)70阿兹特科下属的的农业生产(Producto Cultivatos)公司自然不会容许没有自己的佩拉戈品牌。通过将维奥娜葡萄的基因与藻类相结合,他们于2052年生产出了这种佩拉戈:它有着从金色到浅绿色的多种颜色,酒体轻,口味精细。地中海(Mediterranean)75另一种基于威士莲葡萄基因的欧洲佩拉戈。这种钴蓝色的海藻酒酒味清淡,后味有蜜瓜味。赤潮(Red Tide)60北美地区生产出的第二种佩拉戈。这种加利福尼亚生产的佩拉戈所使用的贝露葡萄风味海藻据说是从一个阿扎尼亚公司窃取来的。它有从酒红到鲜红的多种不同颜色,口味较重,后味微苦。盖亚湛蓝(Gaia Blue)120自2060年起,佩拉戈开始在外太空进行生产。太空中的第一瓶佩拉戈使用的是格兰雷卡基因的藻类,瓶子则是一位苏黎世轨道空间站职员的私人制品。该员工现已被天演雇佣,于一个小空间站上专职生产此种佩拉戈。该佩拉戈呈现一种目前为止尚未在自然界中发现的奇特绿松石色,口味清新,有香草香气。火星深红(Martian Crimson)120基于他们的一些其他实验成果,阿瑞斯在2062年成功的在进行一些改动之后将爱人葡萄的基因结合到了藻类上。酿造出的佩拉戈呈泥红色,风味尖锐但浓厚。它的广告称之为“火星唯一指定酒精饮料”。金星苍白(Venusians Pale)120在火星猩红面市的同时,传统的翠谷霞多丽被带入太空,进行了适应零重力的改造,并运用了十五年来的研究进行了改进。最终得到的佩拉戈有着从淡黄到淡绿色的多种颜色,酒体带着一种朦胧的透明感,口味有泥土味,有木香。
剧透 -   : Valley Green Chardonnay 100¥
The Chardonnay grape was the fi rst to be gene-mapped to algae in 2045. The pelagos from these algae have a dark green color and a robust, nutty, earthy flavor; this is base off a traditional Chardonnay.
Napa Yellow 80¥
An Airen grape gene-mapped algae, first introduced in 2048, this pelago is yellow in color with a light flavor.
Pacifi c Blue 70¥
In 2050, the Chardonnay gene sequence was combined with blue-green oceanic algae. This was done for North American corporate competitors who were already using these algae for foodstuffs. The result was a pelago with an aquamarine color and with crisp lemon-lime-mineral flavors.
Spanish Gold 70¥
Not to be without their own pelago, Productos Cultivatos mapped the Viura grape gene and produced their one in 2052. It is gold to light green in color with a light, fine
Mediterranean 75¥
Another European pelago using the Riesling gene, this has Cobalt-blue coloring with a dry, melony taste.
Red Tide 60¥
The second pelago in North America, grown in CFS, this was created from the Pinotage gene-mapped algae, which was supposedly stolen from an Azanian corporation. Its colors range from dark burgundy to red, and it has a strong bitter taste.
Gaia Blue 120¥
By 2060, pelagos were being produced in outer space. The first was Grenache gene-mapped algae, and the first bottles were made by an independent individual on Z-O.
He has since then been compensated by Evo and now manufactured on a small station. It has an odd turquoise color that hasn’t been replicated naturally, and it has a fresh vanilla flavor.
Martian Crimson 120¥
Ares had mapped the Airen gene in 2062 with some modifications based on their other experiments. It has a muddy red look and a sharp, robust flavor. It is advertised as the official alcoholic beverage of Mars.
Venusians Pale 120¥
At the same time that Martian crimson was introduced, the original Valley Green Chardonnay was brought into space and modified for a zero-g environment, then improved upon with fifteen years of research. The resulting pelago has a cloudy clarity and is pale yellow to pale green in color with earthy, wood flavors.


剧透 -   : Alamestra 15,000¥ (per bottle) 20
Alamestra is a very rare and potent liquor that takes alchemical talents to distill. It changes color, refracting light depending on the angle and speed at which the drink is moving. It also must be served very cold, usually on the cusp of freezing point so that the only thing keeping it from being solid is the warmth of the consumer’s hand. If it becomes much warmer, it immediately assumes gaseous form and evaporates away.
Cara’Sir Kirsch 6,000¥ (per bottle) 12
Distilled water and forced ripened fruit makes this Cara’Sir-produced beverage the most common year-round Tír brandywine. It is also the cheapest.
Cetheral 50¥ (per six pack) 10
A carbonated and alcoholic fruity drink made with laésal fruit juice
Näch 30¥ (per six pack) 10
Carbonated, alcoholic, and caffeinated fruity drink made with laésal fruit juice
KéValan Frunte 10,000¥ (per bottle) 12
A brandy made from a mix of fruits grown in the Tír, including laésal fruit.
Sil Oineäm 10¥ (per 12 oz. drink) 15
Tea made from salinated laésal blossoms.
Sérentaneyo Laésate 8,000¥ 12R
A brandywine made with dried overripe laésal fruit. It is sometimes made with almonds or herbal touches.
Taéngelé (Falan) 600¥ (per bottle) 10
A distilled hard liquor made of honey and anise that is very strong and full bodied. The Falan (Black) brand uses a darker honey made from laésal tree nectar.
Taéngelé (Gheal) 125¥ (per bottle) 10
A distilled hard liquor made of honey and anise that is very strong and full bodied. The Gheal (White) brand uses honey produced from other Tír agricultural products.
Tir Lacrima White 30¥ (per bottle)
Tír Lacrima White is one of a handful of wines exported from the Tír.
Tir Lacrima Rosé 50¥ (per bottle)
Tir Lacrima Rose is one of a handful of wines exported from the Tir.
Tolanestéa Kirsch 12,000¥ (per bottle) 15R
The rarest of the Tír brandywines due to government restrictions around the Klamath Basin.
Tolanestéa Gewürztraminer 500¥ (per bottle) 10
A special wine grown around the Klamath Basin, it’s nutty and smooth with an aroma of rose petals.


剧透 -   : Klamath Basin, home to Tolanestéa brand of wine, had been until recently a little-recognized parcel of farmland. Up until 2020, government restrictions of water use left most of the land fallow. Corporations had damaged the land eradicating the suckerfish species, which had previously restricted farmer’s use of water. Not until the formation of the Tír had technology advanced enough to change this. Desalination plants and a better ecological design allowed for shared use of the water. The geothermal capabilities of the Klamath Basin are also ideal for a variety of plants, especially the laésal tree, which needs the mineral content generated by the thermal springs.
Willamette Valley has broad fluvial terraces where ancient glacial run off created a fertile valley, and this is where the majority of the Tír’s crops are grown. Restoration of the Willamette River to its natural state was mostly completed by 2035, though industrial and agricultural pollutants still leach into the river. The region once known as William L Finley Wildlife Reserve had been restored, and corporations occupying the area have been evicted. As far downstream as Sérentaneyo, the river can be used for irrigation directly without any clean up.


名称价格描述豆酸奶酒/豆马奶酒7¥/瓶以大豆为原料的酒精饮料,其外形和材质都较为接近奶酒或酸奶酒。真正使用牛奶的酸奶酒/马奶酒价格为此类代用品的10倍。豆咖4¥/12盎司杯一种有趣的以干大豆为原料的产品,通过加入咖啡因和咖啡香精以代替一般的咖啡。市面上的豆咖粉大多以提前混合好了豆奶粉和甜味剂的形式出售,饮用时只需倒入热水即可。真正的咖啡价格为此类代用品的十倍。化合酒10¥/六罐装从传统风味的阿瑞斯.40口径牌和日耳曼同盟国的贾比弗牌,到派对爱好者的选择诸如天演的“溶液"牌和SK的”机车“牌,化合酒能够轻松制造,麻痹感官,并且有效提高公司的午餐会议质量。汽水8¥/六罐装经典的电击可乐!™,欧米伽汽水和芬达-扎客都是加入了甜味剂,咖啡因和不同种类香精的发泡水。它们是第二常见的饮料,销量高于瓶装水而低于果汁。诸如“雨果自然”一类使用了蔗糖、玉米糖浆或是其他天然甜味剂的汽水则价格更贵,一般为普通汽水的四倍左右。呼尔格5¥/一次性瓶一种浓稠程度接近浓汤的深色苦艾酒,里面往往悬浮着肉豆蔻和啤酒花,度数高达80度。常见的品牌包括奥克斯塔夫的XXX牌(常见于北美地区)和奥格威士忌牌(常见于提尔纳诺)苏格兰威士忌4¥/小酒杯,40¥每瓶有各种各样的品牌,包括麦克德维特高地威士忌,莫农加希拉黑麦威士忌和雷鸟燃料威士忌等。剧透 -   : Soy Kefir and Soy Kumiss 7¥ (per bottle)
Soy-based alcoholic drinks with the appearance and texture of milk-based kefir/kumiss. True kef r or kumiss cost ten times the soy equivalent.
Soykaf 4¥ (per 12oz)
An interesting product of dried soy, infused with caffeine and coffee flavors that eplaces ground coffee. Soykaf packs are old premixed with or without soymilk reamer and sweeteners that only require hot water. Real coffee products cost ten times as much per cup.
Synthohol 10¥ (per six pack)
From the conservative Ares 40 caliber and AGS’ Jabifu to the partying choice EVOlution Solution and S-K’s Vorglüher, synthohol is cheap to make, dulls the senses, and substantially improves corporate lunch meetings.
Soda 8¥ (per six pack)
Iconic Buzz Cola!, Omega Fizz, and Fanta- Zack are all carbonated water, artifi cially sweetened, caffeinated, and fl avored. They are the second-most common beverage drink, ahead of bottled water, behind juices/punch. More expensive soda like Hugo Natural costs four times as much as soda and is made with cane sugar, corn syrup or
some other natural sweetener.
Hurlg 5¥ (single serving bottle)
A dark, thick ale the consistency of soup, swimming with hops and nutmeg, and fortified with 160+ proof alcohol. Common brands are Orkstaff’s XXX (popular in North America) and Ogg’s Usquebaugh (popular in Tír’nanOg.
Scotch 4¥ (shot)/40¥(bottle)
Various brands include McDevitt Highlands, Monongahela Rye, and T-bird Fuel

>旅行者琼斯(Traveler Jones)

剧透 -   : > Even cheaper if you’re in Europe is the KreuzbockPlörrator. It comes mostly in twenty-four packs at the low, low price of 20 nuyen a pack. It’s water with factory-extracted alcohol and maybe a little carbonation.
> Traveler Jones








剧透 -   : Most “real” beers are made by microbreweries. Keeping things local and eliminating costs of shipping and importing ingredients makes beer relatively affordable to the common man. Prices can vary from 5¥ to 15¥ a bottle depending on the quality. There are some corporate breweries producing alternatives to synthohol, but their prices are two to three times that of a microbrew. The tradeoff is that these corporate products have a greater distribution.
Anarchobier (an alternative brewery with heavy anarchistic infl uence)
Falkenbräu-Freibier (literally means “free/gratis beer”)
Ganja-Bock (beermix, beer+marijuana essence)
Schwarzer Stern (neoanarchistic brewery)
X-X-X-BierZille-Export (can be found outside AGS)
Philadelphia Lager
Philadelphia Stout
Arrogant Gargoyle
Corporate Bastard Ale
Shiawase Bärengold
Horizon Bottled Sunshine
Gertie’s Kraken
Broken Autopilot
Dunkelzahn’s Familiar


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