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【FS】厉兵秣马 Sharp Combat,p. 92-96


厉兵秣马 Sharp Combat
作为一个狂奔者生存于这个世上意味着你总要做的更好。并没有所谓的“足够好了”——你要么正在进步的路上,要么就要被危险干掉。身为执法者和枪斗士的杰克·赫尔姆(Jack Helm)被约翰·卫斯理·哈丁(John Wesley Hardin)所射杀,后者被快枪手老约翰·塞尔曼(Old John Selman)所干掉,这个人又被US执法官乔治·斯卡伯勒(George Scarborough)作倒了,而最后此人则死于与法外之徒的枪战中。他们都曾经是站立在尸堆上的人,直到有谁将他们拉进坟墓为止。下一颗子弹总是在等着你——有人将它推进了枪膛内,并且正谋划着该如何将它洞穿过你以为你有的防御。
劇透 -   : Surviving as a shadowrunner means always getting better. There is no such thing as “good enough”—you’re either improving or in danger of being taken out. Lawman and gunfighter Jack Helm gets shot and killed by John Wesley Hardin, who gets ambushed by gunslinger Old John Selman, who gets killed by US Marshal George Scarborough, who dies in a gunfight with outlaws. They all thought they were on the top of the heap, right until someone pulled them down to the grave. The next bullet is waiting for you—someone out there is loading it into their gun and planning how to get it past whatever defenses you think you have.
劇透 -   : There are no guaranteed ways to stay alive, but there are ways to push the odds to be slightly more in your favor. Whether it’s exploiting the advantage you’ve built up in the course of an encounter or studying and employing new combat techniques, here are some ways to stay sharp in the shadows and keep one step ahead of the opposition.
新的极限动作 New Edge Actions
这些动作作为极限动作的补充,见p. 47,SR6。
劇透 -   : These actions supplement the Edge Actions on p. 47, SR6.
致盲打击 Blinding strike
劇透 -   : (Any Attack, Blind)
This special attack goes after the eyes of opponents. This can be as direct as an eye gouge or indirect, like cutting the face near the eyes so that blood impedes vision. If net hits on an attack roll are higher than the Agility of the opponent, the opponent gains the Blind I status. This status adds more levels of Blind if the opponent already had that status. Duration of the inflicted status is a number of combat rounds equal the net hits on the attack. No other damage occurs from the attack. Cost: 4 Edge
攻击弱点:破坏武器Called Shot: Break Weapon
如果你不能卸下你对手的武器,又或者你只是想要修一下,你可以选择攻击你对手的武器以破坏它。这次攻击检定类似于摧毁屏障(p. 111,SR6)。如果调整过的DV超过了武器的结构等级的一半(见武器的结构等级表),那么武器的攻击等级就会永久性的在全射程类别中-1。如果DV超过了结构等级,那么减值为{DV-结构}。如果攻击等级在某一射程类别总降低至零,那么武器就无法再对应射程范围中使用了(见p. 109,SR6)。如果全部射程类别中都没有攻击等级,那么就该去买新的了,这把武器已经被毁坏了。
劇透 -   : If you can’t disarm your opponent, or you just want to show off, you can direct your attack against your opponent’s weapon to disable it. The Attack roll is the similar to breaking through barriers (p. 111, SR6). If the modified DV exceeds half of the Structure rating for the weapon (see Weapon Structure Ratings table) corresponding to the weapon, the Attack Rating of the weapon is reduced by 1 permanently in all range categories. If the DV exceeds the Structure rating, reduce the Attack Rating by the difference between DV and the Structure rating. If the Attack Rating is reduced to 0 in a range category, the weapon cannot be used at that distance (p. 109, SR6). If there is no Attack Rating available in any range category, it’s time to buy a new one, as this one’s busted. Cost: 5 Edge
攻击弱点:无力化 Called Shot: Incapacitate
劇透 -   : If you can’t take your opponent in a fair fight, try inflicting a concussion first. With this called shot, if the number of net hits exceeds the Reaction attribute of the target, that character receives the Dazed status with a duration of a number of combat rounds equal to the net hits. Cost: 5 Edge
冲锋 Charge
劇透 -   : You throw yourself body and soul into the attack, hoping to bring both the pain and some staggering power. After moving at least 5 meters, you make the attack against your opponent. Net hits can be transferred from damage to movement; for each point transferred, the damage is reduced by one, and the opponent is moved one meter. The attacker can transfer damage in an amount equal to or less than their Body rating. If the attack damages the opponent, calculate the possibility of knocking the opponent prone as if the damage value was 2 higher than it was after the transfer. Cost: 4 Edge
掩护射击 Cover Fire
劇透 -   : To put it simply, you spray a whole lot of bullets in the direction of your opponent to put them in an inconvenient position that your allies take advantage of as a kind of Cover. Your firearm must be firing in Burst Fire or Full Auto mode. When using Burst Fire, instead of increasing the DV of the weapon by 1 against the two opponents, you give two allies a +2 to Cover (up to Cover IV) if the targeted opponents retaliate. With Full Auto, reduce the DV of the weapon by 2 and your allies receive Cover IV in relation to opponents that are targeted. Cost: 3 Edge
缠绕 Entanglement
异种武器如鞭、链、飞石索、套索能够用来缠绕住它们的对手。当作为擒抱的一部分使用时,进行检定,武器技能+敏捷 v. 敏捷+反应。如果净成功超过了对手的敏捷属性,那么武器就会缠绕住对手,他们会因此而[跋足]{净成功}轮。
劇透 -   : Exotic weapons such as whips, chains, bolos, and lariats have the capabilities of entangling an opponent. When used as part of grapple, roll Exotic Weapon + Agility vs. Agility + Reaction. If net hits of the attack exceed the opponent’s Agility, the weapon has entangled the opponent, and they gain the Hobbled status for a number of combat rounds equal to the number of net hits. Cost: 3 Edge
虚招 Fake Out
劇透 -   : Your strategy in this attack is not to kill or maim, but to distract, putting your opponent off balance or giving them a false feeling of success that puts them at a disadvantage when they take the bait. Roll an attack against the opponent. Instead of doing damage, net hits lower the opponent’s Defense Rating for the next combat round on a one-to-one basis (the weapon’s DV has no effect). This new Defense Rating is used by any attacker targeting this individual. Cost: 2 Edge
劇透 -   : Through a series of gymnastic maneuvers, the character can move quickly through and up terrain obstacles. This Edge Action allows both horizontal and vertical movement in one Major Action (instead of multiple Minor Actions). While sprinting, the character can remove hits from the Sprint action and use them to gain vertical distance (climbing both up and down), up to their Agility in meters. Movement with Parkour must end on a horizontal surface (or foothold/handhold), otherwise you fall down. The gamemaster determines if there is enough terrain to ascend or descend vertically and if there’s a foothold or handhold. An adept with Wall Running ability who uses the Freeruning Action increases their base Sprint distance to 18 meters. Cost: 2 Edge
挑腿筋 Hamstring
劇透 -   : This action covers any attack aimed at the hamstring, knee, or other parts of the leg with the express purpose of slowing down an opponent. With the attack roll, if net successes exceed the agility of the opponent, the opponent gains the Hobbled status with a duration of combat rounds equal to the number of net hits. No damage occurs from the attack. Cost: 3 Edge
稳如磐石 Imposing Stone
劇透 -   : Imposing Stone allows the character not only to intercept the opponent, but to prevent them from moving past them. Each success reduces the opponent’s movement by 1 meter. If the attack exceeds the opponent’s Agility, then the opponent stops next to the character. Cost: 2 Edge
威慑力 Intimidating Presence
有时候,你只是想站得直一点,秀秀肌肉,并且用上一种命令式的语气说话,而不是将刀子捅进另一个混混的肚子里。你的威慑力会让那些混混知道你没有那么好惹。要如此做,角色需要进行检定,影响+力量 v. 意志+力量;对方的攻击等级承受{净成功}的减值,在一对一的基础上,持续一个战斗回合。如果净成功超过对手的攻击等级值,那么对方在下一个战斗回合中将无法获得或使用极限。
劇透 -   : Sometimes, you just want to stand tall, flex some muscles, and speak in a commanding voice instead of having to shiv another round of gangers in the gut. Intimidating Presence can let punks know that you’re not to be messed with. To use it, a character rolls Influence + Strength vs. Willpower + Strength; net hits reduce opponents’ Attack Rating for that combat round on a one-to-one basis. If net hits exceed the opponent’s Attack Rating value, then the opponent cannot gain or spend Edge for the entire subsequent combat round. Cost: 2 Edge
逃过一劫 Karmic Escape
劇透 -   : It’s not the incoming damage that’s worrying. It’s what it can do to your DocWagon premium. To use this action, characters must have attempted to dodge or block an attack that could inflict a status (Blind, Deafened, etc.) and failed. The character can then spend Edge and a Minor Action to attempt to avoid the status they would have received, at the cost of taking damage. Resolve the attack as if the net hits did damage rather than inflicting the status. Cost: 2 Edge
关节破坏 Knuckle Breaker
顾名思义,这类攻击时为了降低对方的战斗力,或者防止对手逃跑。角色锁定一个特定肢体进行攻击(左腿,右臂等)。该要害攻击承受-4骰池罚值。如果攻击成功了,那么对应肢体就会因此而“失能”(见p. 106)。如果净成果超过了对手的体质等级,那么对应肢体就会因此而陷入“失能II”的状态。该状态持续{净成功}个战斗回合。该攻击可以对同一个肢体反复进行以提升失能状态等级(最高为失能III),每次攻击会叠加持续时间。
劇透 -   : As the name suggests, the attack is designed to neutralize the opponent’s effectiveness in combat or ability to escape. Character targets a specific limb (left leg, right arm, etc.). This called shot has a –4 dice pool penalty. If the attack is successful, that limb takes on Disabled status (see p. 106). If the net hits exceed the Body of the opponent, the limb takes on Disabled II status. The status lasts for a number of combat rounds equal to net hits. This attack can be repeated on the same limb to increase the Disabled status level (up to Disabled III). With every attack, the duration is cumulative. Cost: 4 Edge
轻叶随风转 Leaf on the Wind
劇透 -   : Through a series of gymnastic maneuvers, the character takes advantage of the surrounding terrain, doing things like moving to give a smaller or obscured profile to attack, sliding through railings, flipping over benches, getting hang time off a room corner, or whatever other creative move they can come up with. While sprinting, the character can remove successes from the Sprint action and use them as cover, up to a status of Cover IV, lasting one combat round. Treat additional actions as if they performed in Cover, including gaining and using Edge. The gamemaster determines if there is enough terrain to gain the Cover status. The Wall Running adept ability gives Cover I status automatically when using this action, as no one expects you to run up the freaking wall to escape. Cost: 3 Edge
猿攀 Monkey Climb
劇透 -   : You are not one to keep your feet on the ground. There’s a missing bit of fear as you cross empty air, going from handhold to handhold, barely looking to see if you’re arriving anywhere safe. Change climb distance to 1.2 meters per hit (characters with Long Reach increase the distance to 1.3 meters). Cost: 2 Edge
钉住 Pin
劇透 -   : You’ve probably seen an action scene where a target is pinned to the wall with an arrow or knife or something to immobilize an opponent. This isn’t easy, in part because it’s more instinctive to aim for vital areas. With this attack, if the number of hits exceeded the Defense Rating of the target, regardless if whether attack inflicted actual any damage or not, then the opponent has been pinned to the wall or floor, giving them the Immobilized status. The opponent must spend a Pick Up/Put Down Object action to remove the Immobilized status. Cost: 3 Edge
装死 Playing Possum
你还没死透,但是你想要唬住你的对手,让他认为你挂了或者你受到的伤势更严重。角色进行检定,影响+魅力 vs. 意志+直觉。GM可以基于特定环境的可信度而提供骰池调整值。如果成功,那么角色可以将这次检定获得的净成功加入到下次对该对手的攻击中。如果角色没有成功唬住对手,对手的防御检定将获得净成功作为奖励。GM可以等到后续攻击结算时才揭晓装死是否成功。
劇透 -   : You are not quite dead yet, but you want to bluff your opponent into thinking you are done for or are more injured than you actually are. The character rolls Influence + Charisma vs. Willpower + Intuition. The gamemaster may include a dice pool adjustment for the believability of the particular circumstances. If successful, the character gains a dice pool bonus equal to net hits for the next attack against the opponent. If the character fails to bluff their opponent, the opponent gains a dice pool bonus equal to their net hits on their defense test. The gamemaster can wait to reveal whether the Playing Possum action succeeded or failed until the subsequent attack is made. Cost: 3 Edge
保护要人 Protect the Principal
劇透 -   : Self-sacrifice is sometimes necessary in getting the job done. If you can move to an ally in 1 Minor Action, then you take the damage from the opponent instead of the ally. There is no option to block or dodge this attack. Cost: 2 Edge
还回给你!Right Back At Ya!
劇透 -   : In an almost insane attempt at survival, this action has you grabbing a live grenade and trying to throwing it away. Avoid Incoming puts you at ground zero of the grenade attack. You then spend a Pickup action and roll Athletics + Reaction (2) to attempt to knock the grenade away. Net hits are subtracted from scatter distance of the original throw as you attempt to send it back where it came from. The gamemaster then re-rolls the scatter direction. Cost: 3 Edge
挡后还击 Riposte
劇透 -   : This action allows the character to not only attempt to block an attack but possibly give a little damage back. First, the expenditure of Edge allows the character to decrease the base damage by 2P. If their Defense test is successful, the attacker is hit with damage equal to the net hits on the Defense test. Cost: 4 Edge
卷云 Rolling Clouds
劇透 -   : If you’re lucky enough (relatively speaking) to fall next to terrain such as a wall, cliff, or trees that you can reach, you may attempt to leverage kinetic forces to slow down your fall to something less than terminal. With an Athletics + Agility test, each success extends the number of meters that you can fall without suffering damage. For example, if you fall 15 meters and roll 3 hits, you get the base 3 meters of safe falling plus 3 more safe meters from Rolling Clouds, meaning the damaging part of your fall is 9 meters, making the damage 4P instead of 6P. Cost: 2 Edge
老树盘根 Rooted
劇透 -   : When someone tries to knock you down, you have the quick sense to adjust your center of gravity to cancel out the force that’s knocking you to the ground. The character rolls Agility + Athletics and adds their hits to their Body rating for purposes of checking if they are knocked down (p. 110, SR6) or against a Trip or Tumble (p. 43, SR6). Cost: 2 Edge
烂仔拳 Sucker Punch
劇透 -   : This is all about playing outside Queensbury rules, unleashing a sucker punch to get that first hit in before the opponent is ready, or some other form of dirty fighting. With the attack roll, if net hits exceed the Willpower of the opponent, the opponent gains the Fatigued status with a duration of a number of combat rounds equal to net hits. No damage occurs from the attack. Cost: 2 Edge
嘲讽 Taunt
有些人总是会先打法师,甚至还有这么一句口号。不过如果被打的是你们的法师,那么你就需要将压力从他们身上分走一些。一个可能的选项是建议敌人找个势均力敌的对手。一次成功的嘲讽会让敌人的头脑不得安宁,好让他们无法全神贯注的攻击法师(比如说),刺激他们采取其他行动。一个角色可以进行检定,影响+魅力 v. 意志+直觉,来嘲讽一个敌人。净成功会增加那个敌人所攻击的队友的防御等级,持续1个战斗轮。
劇透 -   : Someone is always going to pick on the mage first. There are even slogans about it. If it’s your mage, then you need to get the pressure off them. One option is to suggest that the opponent to pick on someone their own size. A successful taunt will get into the opponent’s head and distract them from beating said mage, or goad them into some other action. A character can taunt an opponent with Influence + Charisma vs. Willpower + Intuition test. Net hits increase the Defense Rating of the ally against that opponent for one combat round. Cost: 1 Edge
锋芒逼人 Threatening Edge
劇透 -   : The fast-spinning whirl of a staff, the flash of a half-meter of shiny metal, even the sound of a massive object moving through the air, knowing that it can easily crush bones, can be psychologically intimidating even for those not close by or holding a gun. No one wants to be the next target. The character includes a weapon performance as part of combat, giving opponents something to think about. For the duration of the encounter, while wielding a melee weapon, the character’s Defense Rating is replaced by the Close Attack Rating of the weapon. Cost: 1 Edge
喉部打击 Throat Strike
当你只是想要对手闭上他叫骂的嘴,好让他专心战斗时,这就是一个很好的招式了。进行攻击检定时,如果净成功高于对手的敏捷,那么对手会因此而[哑巴]{净成功}轮(p. 106)。这次攻击不会造成伤害。
劇透 -   : A good strike when you just want your opponent to shut the hell up with the descriptive expletives and just fight. With the attack roll, if net successes exceed the agility of the opponent, the opponent gains the Muted status (p. 106). Duration of the inflicted status is equal the number of net hits in combat rounds. No damage occurs from the attack. Cost: 2 Edge
摔技 Throw Person
一旦对手被擒抱,攻击方就可以为所欲为了。攻击方进行对抗检定,近身战斗+力量 v. 力量+反应。使用攻击方的徒手攻击等级,防御方由于被钳制而需要承受-4骰池罚值。如果攻击成功,攻击者造成他们的徒手战斗伤害(力量/2,向上取整)加上净成功。这次检定的净成功可以不用于造成伤害,而是用于结算将防御方摔出去的距离,最远为{力量/2}米。摔过敌人以后,对手就不再被擒抱了,而是获得匍匐状态。GM可以基于被摔方落地的位置(比如说落在钉子上,高楼的落地窗外,落在电梯井里,让其承受额外伤害。
劇透 -   : Once the opponent has been grappled, the attacker may pick up the opponent. The attacker makes a Close Combat + Strength vs. Strength + Reaction test. The attacker’s unarmed Attack Rating is used, and the defender suffers the –4 dice pool penalty for being restrained. If the attack is successful, the attacker inflicts their unarmed combat damage (Strength/2, rounded up) plus net hits. The character can remove successes from the combat damage and use them for distance thrown, up to Strength/2 meters. After the throw, the opponent is out of the grapple and gains the Prone status. The gamemaster can impose additional damage to the thrown character based on where they land (onto a bed of nails, out a window of a skyscraper, down an elevator shaft, etc.). Cost: 4 Edge
雷鸣掌 Thunder Palm
一次对耳朵的快速击打,敌人就没办法听到你刚刚想出来的那句精妙回嘴了。进行攻击检定时,如果净成功高于对手的意志,那么对手会因此而[耳聋]{净成功}轮(p. 106)。本次动作中不造成任何伤害。
劇透 -   : A quick strike to the ears, and the opponent will be left unable to hear that awesome retort you just came up with. If net hits exceed the Willpower of the opponent, the opponent gains the Deafened status with a duration of a number of Combat Rounds equal the number of net hits. No damage occurs from the attack. Cost: 2 Edge
落地翻滚 Tuck and Roll
劇透 -   : You’re already going down from some attack (any attack that ended with the character prone), so you might as well hit the ground on your own terms. You may move up to 1 meter from the original location where you were going to be lying (which may put you at a different range category from the opponent or closer to cover). You are still prone, and the Prone status still applies. Cost: 1 Edge
兵一闪 Weapon Flash
劇透 -   : This Edge Action allows the Quick Draw Action to be applied to any melee weapon. The Attack Action must be used in conjunction with this action. Cost: 2 Edge
武器延展 Weapon Spread
劇透 -   : For the duration of the encounter, while wielding two melee weapons, Close range is extended by 2 meters. Cost: 1 Edge
借力打力 Yielding Force
劇透 -   : Instead of using force to counter force, you attempt to leverage the force and momentum of the attacker and knock them off balance. Instead of blocking the attack, the defender bends out of the way, throwing the opponent off balance—and hopefully on the ground. Character rolls Athletics + Agility as the defense test against the attack. If net hits exceed the Agility of the opponent, then the character takes no damage, and the opponent receives the Prone status. Otherwise, resolve as if the character was dodging. Cost: 3 Edge
新极限增幅 New Edge Boosts
劇透 -   : This new use of Edge helps deal with the different statuses a character receives that may slow them down as they run the shadows.
我在三维剧里看过(I)I Saw It in a Trid Once
劇透 -   : A character may use any martial arts technique they haven’t spent Karma to learn as part of their next action. This use of Edge may not have its cost reduced by martial arts techniques the user has already spent Karma to learn.
劇透 -   : You spend a Major Action to recover from one debilitating status effect during this encounter or reduce the effect by 1 if it has multiple levels.


--- 引用 ---攻击弱点(Called Shots)的备注 a note on called shots
澄清:本书p. 47-48中所记载的攻击弱点动作,能以骰池-4为代价使用,如果花费极限那么就无需承受骰池罚值。
劇透 -   : a note on called shots
Clarification: The Called Shots listed on pp. 47-48 of that book may be made either by taking a –4 penalty to your roll, or spending Edge to attempt the Called Shot without a dice pool penalty.

--- 引用结尾 ---



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