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特质历程:重操旧业Quality Path: Back in the Game
起点Starting Point
剧透 -   : To start on this path, a character must have actively been running the shadows for a decade or more and have the scars to show for it. This is typically reflected by the character having the any of the following qualities: Addiction, Bad Luck, Bad Rep, Impaired (Body, Agility, Reaction, or Strength), or any other negative quality agreed upon by the gamemaster that reflects physical or psychological scars left from the character’s previous years as a shadowrunner. The character has been running the shadows for a very long time and paid the price for their time on the other side, but they managed to survive and retire—or so they thought.第一步:重整旗鼓Step One: Back on the Horse
剧透 -   : Even though the character has managed to get out of the life of a runner, their time in the shadows left them bitter and more than a bit broken. Still, they swore years ago they’d never go back. The first step to taking this quality path is for the runner to successfully reach out to their contacts and begin rebuilding their presence in the world of shadowrunners. They’re effectively starting over from scratch but at more than a bit of a disadvantage because they’re not as capable as they were in their youth. This means finding work and being taken seriously is difficult to begin with. Moreover, they’ll need to confront the trauma that likely drove them from that life in their past if they ever truly want to be embraced by the world of the SINless again.在这一步中,由于角色的年龄和衰弱,角色不能在与杰克逊先生,中间人或其他雇主的社交互动中获得或花费极限。但是,他们有着足够的经验和知识允许他们在对应的情景中为其他人提供建议和花招,因此在那些社交场合中,角色的协助检定可以获得1点极限。
剧透 -   : While in this step, the character cannot gain or spend Edge on social interactions with Mr. Johnsons, fixers, or other employers, as their age and rust inhibits them. However, they have enough experience and knowledge that they can provide tips and tricks to others in those situations, so they get a bonus point of Edge for teamwork tests in those same social settings.
如何重返狂奔者的世界How to Re-enter the World of the Shadowrunner
剧透 -   : No one builds a rep from just one job, let alone rebuilds an old and tarnished rep by getting it right for the first time in years. The character will need to spend at least six months taking and successfully completing runs at the request of at least three separate employers. If these jobs are completed to the employer’s satisfaction, the runner has re-established themselves successfully in the world of shadowrunners and will be given the same basic respect and recognition as any other runner—for whatever that’s worth.在很多情况下,狂奔者之所以会回到这样的生活状态是因为某个老朋友或某个不情愿的原因(reluctant cause)引起了角色的注意,如果角色不采取行动,那么对角色或他们所关系的人而言,后果都是可怕的。在不幸的情况下,昔日的威胁或危险的往事重新出现,似乎从死亡中归来,将角色拉回到那段生命中。旧债必将偿还,通常是血债血偿。
剧透 -   : In many cases, the runner is drawn back into this life because an old friend or reluctant cause has been brought to their attention, and if they do not take action, the consequences for them or someone they care about will be dire. In less fortunate circumstances, old threats or dangerous ghosts from the past have risen, seemingly from the dead, to draw the character back into that life. Old debts must be paid, often in blood.工具人(Corporate Tool):狂奔者可能被一个代表着特定企业的杰克逊先生雇佣了,如果狂奔者能证明自己有用,那么就可能会成为该公司的可复用资产。虽然这实际上使他们成为了非正式的薪奴,但这是重返暗影的捷径,尽管角色可能会被那些经验更为丰富的狂奔者视为一个的确在走捷径的家伙。
剧透 -   : Corporate Tool: The runner may get hired by a Mr. Johnson who represents the interests of a specific corporation, and if they prove useful, may become a repeatedly tapped asset for them. Though this effectively makes them an off-the-books wage slave, it’s a quick path back into the shadows, though the runner runs the risk of being seen as exactly that by runners with a more diverse portfolio of experience.往日幽灵(Ghost from the Past):一个依然生活在暗影中的朋友或重要盟友向狂奔者求助,让他们不情不愿的重回这个已经离开了的世界。这应该是角色重返平静生活或真正退休前的“最后一单活”,但随着越来越多的秘密被揭开,狂奔者会发现被卷入了一连串越来越大、越来越危险的错综复杂的任务当中。虽然狂奔者理论上可以随时离开,但他们下到这个黑长螺旋的底部之前,这么做都是一场危险的赌博。
剧透 -   : Ghost from the Past: A friend or valued ally who still lives in the shadows calls on the runner for aid, drawing them reluctantly back into the world they once left behind. It was meant to be “one last job” before returning to their quiet life or retiring forever, but the runner finds themselves drawn into a web of jobs that gets larger and more dangerous as more and more secrets are uncovered. While the runner could in theory walk away at any time, doing so is a dangerous gamble until they reach the bottom of this long, dark spiral.兜帽客(Hooding):有些时候,无论狂奔者是如何的欺骗自己,告诉自己已经不在乎了,告诉自己应该先管好自己的事,不要再多管闲事,但他们在路见不平的时候,还是会拔刀相助。在他们所见的范围内,残暴的执法部门、冷漠的当地政府、无数超企在万能新円的名义对泛人类猖獗的非人化都是摧毁社区的罪魁祸首,这样的事情发生得太多太多了。是时候要一点一点的夺回属于自己的东西了。
剧透 -   : Hooding: Sometimes, in spite of all the lies the runner tells themselves about how they don’t care anymore, that they’re better off minding their own business, and that if they want to keep their neck they’d best not stick it out for anyone, enough is enough. The runner has seen communities destroyed by the brutality of law enforcement, the apathy of local government, and rampant dehumanization of metahumanity in the name of the almighty nuyen by countless megacorps, and it’s just become too much. It’s time to take it back, one piece at a time.当地英雄(Local Hero):有时候能最快重建声誉的方式就是聚焦在一个小的地区,比如说一个城市,甚至城市里的一个街区。当然,如此做不会有很多人能耳闻狂奔者的名字,但是他们的名字会被同样的人一而再,再而三的听到,并且牢牢记住,因此他们会知道想要某些事情得到解决的时候该去找谁。这在短期里是有好处的,因为能很快让你重回沙场,但若如你要扩张市场或让社区外的人瞧得起你就变得有点困难了,他们很有可能会觉得你只是一个干不了什么“真”活的乡巴佬。
剧透 -   : Local Hero: Sometimes the fastest way to rebuild your rep is to stay focused in a small area, such as a single city or even single neighborhood within that city. Sure, not as many people will hear the runner’s name, but their name will be heard by the same people over and over and stick in their mind as the goto person when things need to get done. This can be beneficial in the short term as a fast track back in the game, but it can make expansion into a larger market or being taken seriously by those outside their chosen community a bit more difficult, as they are often painted as nothing more than a smalltown rube not worth hiring to do “real” work.
第二步:广而告之Step Two: Getting the Word Out
剧透 -   : Once the returning runner has established themselves as a viable and competent agent for hire to those who employ shadowrunners, they can start to rebuild their network of contacts and reputation to the point where it is as strong or stronger than it was before they left the life the first time. But in order to do this, word has got to get out.在第一步完成带来20业力的狂奔后,狂奔者就进入这个阶段,并失去第一个阶段的效果。在第二阶段,他们可以让雇主将他们作为一个可靠能干的狂奔者的名声散布出去。如果狂奔者成功通过检定,影响+魅力(3),来提出这个请求,那么约翰逊先生就会将他们推荐给其他潜在雇主。如果这个检定失败了,那么狂奔者可以在成功完成一个任务后,再次提出请求,但是阈值会提高1(最高去到8)直到对应检定获得成功。一旦检定成功了,阈值会降低会3。
剧透 -   : After completing 20 Karma worth of runs in Step One: Back on the Horse, the runner moves to this step, losing the effects described in Step One. In Step Two, they can ask employers to put the word out that they are a skilled and reliable runner looking for work. If the runner succeeds in an Influence + Charisma (3) test when making this request, that Mr. Johnson will recommend them to other potential employers. If this test fails, the runner can attempt it again upon completing another successful job, though the threshold is increased by one, to a maximum of 8, until the Influence + Charisma Test is successful. Once the test is made successfully, the threshold decreases back to 3.狂奔者无法控制他们之前的雇主会向谁吹嘘他们的可用性与能力——仅知道对方会了解到狂奔者是具备干活的能力的。这意味着下一单活很有可能来自于一个不那么受欢迎的雇主。如果狂奔者在扩散消息的这个月内拒绝任何任务,那么扩散消息的检定阈值将会永久性+1,最高去到8。虽然有能力,但跑步者会因难以与潜在雇主共事而出名。
剧透 -   : The runner has no control over whom their previous employer talks to regarding their availability and performance—only that they are skilled at getting the job done. This means it is quite possible that job offers may come from undesirable employers. If the runner refuses any jobs they are offered from this growing word of mouth, the threshold to get the word out is increased by 1 permanently, to a maximum of 8. Though capable, the runner gets a reputation for being difficult to work with by potential employers.当狂奔者成功说服三个不同的雇主为他们扩散消息,他们实际上就完全回归到狂奔者的社群里了,他们会因此获得{魅力/2}个新人脉,至少获得一个。新人脉的联系等级为1-3,并且几乎总是能力帮助狂奔者找到新的潜在雇主。范例可以包括约翰逊先生,公司安保人员,和中间人。
剧透 -   : Once the runner has successfully convinced three separate employers to put the word out on their behalf, they are effectively fully integrated back into the general community of shadowrunners, and they gain a number of new contacts equal to one-half of their Charisma attribute, with a minimum of one new contact. These new contacts have a Connection rating from 1 to 3 and are almost always the type of contact capable of either directing the character to those who employ shadowrunners or those who regularly employ shadowrunners themselves. Examples include Mr. Johnsons, corporate security personnel, and fixers.不幸的是,狂奔者花了大量的时间让人知道他们在犯罪地下世界里活跃。当GM进行在每节游戏结束后进行热度检定时(p. 236, SR6),狂奔者的热度会在出值7(而非9)的情况就+1。
剧透 -   : Unfortunately, the runner has spent a lot of time making it known that they are active in the criminal underworld. When the gamemaster rolls to determine whether the runner’s Heat increases at the end of each game session (p. 236, SR6), their Heat is increased by 1 on a result of 7 or higher instead of 9.
Sure, they’re back, but everyone knows it. Everyone.第三步:故作潇洒(可选)Step Three: Playing It Cool (Optional)
剧透 -   : The final step in this quality path is not required, but wise runners returning to the life are smart to take it. Now that the runner has rebuilt a reputation and asked their employers to scream their praises to the sky, it’s possible (read: highly likely) that they’ve drawn a fair amount of unwanted attention down on themselves. The time has come to balance the scales.在过去的几个月里,跑步者一直在证明自己是一个热心且能干的特工,能够承担无数的工作,并以专业和高效的方式完成它们。他们做得很好,甚至可能太好了。现在他们已经站稳了脚跟,是时候把聚光灯从他们身上移开,老老实实隐藏在阴影中了。
剧透 -   : The runner has spent the past several months proving themselves to be an eager, highly skilled agent capable of taking myriad jobs and completing them with professionalism and efficiency. They’re good. Probably too good. Now that they’re firmly established, it’s time to take the spotlight off them and just focus on staying in the shadows.要这么做,狂奔者在做手上的活时需要保持低调或冷静。最简单的方法就是暂时不工作。如果狂奔者可以避免三个月的工作,那么他们的热度就会下降 2,如果他们可以连续六个月避免工作,那么它就会下降 5。然而,不幸的是,绝大部分狂奔者手头都没有现钱,所以他们往往也没办法就这样长时间不挣钱的躲风头。他们可以试着换一个新环境狂奔,并且不联系他们的人脉。如果这么做持续3个月,那么他们的热度会-1;如果这么做6个月,那么热度-2。注意,即使在新的环境他们依然可能会获得热度,因此会抵消热度的减扣。但至少是不同的执法人员在找他们!
剧透 -   : In order to do this, the runner needs to lie low or play it cool when carrying out the job at hand. The easiest way to do this is to simply not work for a while. If the runner can avoid taking a job for three months, their Heat drops by 2, and if they can avoid taking a job for six consecutive months, it drops by 5. Unfortunately, though, most runners don’t have the cash on hand to simply lie low and not earn a wage for such a long period of time. They can change their circumstances during their period by working in a new location and not reaching out to any of their contacts. If they can do this for three months, they get a smaller Heat reduction of 1 point; doing it for six months reduces their Heat by 2. Note, though, that they might gain Heat in their new circumstances, which could conceivably erase their deductions. But at least it will be different law enforcement officers looking for them!

特质历程:骗子精魂 Quality Path: Trickster Spirit
如果你成功完成了鬼屋(Haunted House)或长线骗局(Long Con)冒险引子,购买该历程上正面特质的业力售价将不会被翻倍。

犯罪同伙Partners in Crime
剧透 -   : Conjured spirits seem eager to participate in your elaborate hijinks.
•    Cost: 10 Karma
•    Game Effect: Your conjured spirits never misinterpret your orders. If you spend at least one service providing initial orders and some overarching directives to a spirit that you have conjured, you may then commit additional available services to your spirit to use at its discretion. You spirit may then choose to use these services without additional orders from you in order to fulfill any directives you gave them.郊狼精魂 Coyote Spirit
剧透 -   : Your kindred and beast spirits are uniquely talented.
•    Cost: 10 Karma
•    Game Effect: Spirits of beasts that you conjure gain the Stealth skill. Kindred spirits that you conjure gain the Con and Influence skills.
特质历程:萨满兜帽客Quality Path: Shamanic Hooder
本地英雄Local Hero
游戏效果:如果你还没有兜帽客特质(p. 137,SWC),你必须获得1级的兜帽客特质。兜帽客特质的奖励业力可以与该特质的奖励业力相抵消。指定模组所在城市的一个较为混乱的城区作为你从小到大生活的地方。当你处于这个地方的时候,与当地人的任何社交检定都会使你获得1点极限。此外,你可以依靠当地人获得免费获得一个躲风头的地方,当地酒吧的便宜酒水也会免费提供给你。即使你买除了兜帽客特质,你依然可以保留当地英雄特质直到这个社区发生了什么与你有关的糟糕事情,这个时候,你要么重新拿取兜帽客特质做出补偿,要么失去当地英雄特质,并且以后也无法再获得。
剧透 -   : You’ve done some good deeds, and you’ve become a hero to some of the people living in a small town or neighborhood.
•    Cost: 5 Karma
•    Game Effect: If you do not already have the Hooder quality (p. 137, Sixth World Companion), you must take it at level 1 along with this quality. The bonus Karma gained from Hooder reduces the cost of this quality. Specify a neighborhood in one of the roughest parts of town in the city your campaign takes place, which should represent the streets you grew up on. When you are in this area, gain a point of Edge on any social skill tests with any locals. Additionally, you can rely on the assistance of the people living there to provide you a safe place to lie low at no cost, and the local bar doesn’t charge you for cheap drinks. If you ever buy off the Hooder quality, you may keep the Local Hero quality until the neighborhood suffers a negative consequence related to you, at which point you must either make amends by picking up the Hooder quality again or lose the Local Hero quality. If you are ever known to willfully bring harm to the people in the neighborhood, you automatically lose the Local Hero quality, and you may never regain it.我的地盘 My Neighborhood
剧透 -   : Most runners don’t settle down and call a place their own, but you do.
•    Cost: 10 Karma (5 Karma if you already have the Home Ground quality for this area)
•    Game Effect: You must have the Local Hero quality and maintain a Low lifestyle within the neighborhood in order to take this quality. You gain the benefits of the Home Ground quality, but due to your Awakened nature, you are especially attuned to the natural background count and astral environment in your neighborhood. While within your neighborhood, reduce the drain value of any source of drain by 1 (spells, alchemical preparations, conjuring and binding, etc.). Additionally, you may buy hits on any assensing test within your neighborhood at a ratio of one hit for every two dice (rounded up) in your dice pool (instead of one for every four dice).追悔莫及 Tragic Regrets
剧透 -   : If your neighborhood suffers a significant tragedy that your character feels responsible for, you may take this negative quality.
•    Bonus: 5 Karma
•    Game Effect: Whether or not you were actually responsible, you blame yourself for not preventing the tragedy that occurred. Whenever you visit the neighborhood, you experience painful emotions. Every Edge boost or action within your neighborhood costs an additional point of Edge. You may spend the bonus Karma gained from this quality however you choose.鬼镇Ghost Town
游戏效果:如果某些糟糕的事情发生了导致你生活的街区被遗弃,你可以获得该特质。你会失去“当地英雄”和“我的地盘”特质。你可以免费使你的兜帽客特质(p. 137,SWC)降低1级。
剧透 -   : Things went wrong in your neighborhood. It’s just not the same, and no one even tries to live there anymore—except maybe you.
•    Cost: Special
•    Game Effect: If something terrible happens that leads to the desertion of your neighborhood, take this quality. You lose the Local Hero and My Neighborhood qualities. You may reduce your Hooder quality (p. 137, Sixth World Companion) by 1 level for free.繁荣昌盛 Healthy Community
剧透 -   : The people in your neighborhood are amazing. Sure, you’ve helped them out a bunch, but they pulled together and made their chunk of urban wasteland into a nice place to live—relatively speaking.
•    Cost: 5 Karma/level (max level 5)
•    Game Effect: If you wish to purchase this quality or increase its level, you must first do something significant to bolster your community. This could mean doing a run that directly benefits your neighborhood, but more likely represents spending time and nuyen between runs. If you don’t go the route of doing run pro bono, you must sacrifice one month of your downtime, 10,000 nuyen, or two weeks of downtime and 5,000 nuyen. You and your gamemaster are welcome to come up with alternate deeds. The key point is that you are doing significant things that benefit the people in your neighborhood.
During any downtime period, you gain a pool of Edge equal to this quality’s level, which may be used on any tests made during your downtime: extended tests, enchanting, learning new spells, anything. This represents the support of the healthy community that you have helped to cultivate within your neighborhood. Any Edge unspent before the beginning of the next session is lost.
特质历程:炼金装备师Alchemical Gadgeteer
如果你成功完成了奇物伪造(Artifact Forgery)冒险引子,购买该历程上正面特质的业力售价将不会被翻倍。

魔法伪造术Magical Forgery
剧透 -   : You have learned how to create subtle forgeries that can even pass the scrutiny of astral perception.
•    Cost: 5 Karma
•    Game Effect: You have learned a special technique of alchemy, which allows you to either create a false impression of a magical aura on a mundane object or hide the aura of a magical object so that it appears mundane. This can make an object appear to be enchanted, or it can appear to have the aura of a specific artifact if the alchemist has the original available to assense. The forgery process is a special alchemical preparation with a DV equal to the Force of the artifact (or some equivalent measure, per the gamemaster’s discretion). The lynchpin of the preparation is the object being disguised. When triggered, the number of hits rolled on the Potency + Magic test sets the threshold for any Astral or Perception tests made to recognize the false aura. The false aura will begin to fade at the rate of losing one point of its threshold per hour after being activated. This can only replicate the aura of an inactive focus. It will not make the object appear to be currently active. It’s also worth noting that this preparation conceals itself along with the aura it is designated to affect.隐秘炼金术 Subtle Alchemy
剧透 -   : You have learned how to create alchemical preparations that are difficult to notice, even to the alert astral observer.
•    Cost: 5 Karma
•    Game Effect: You must possess Magical Forgery before you may take this quality. This technique allows the alchemist to conceal their preparations from being observed from astral space before they are activated. This is achieved during the preparation process. Add 1 to the drain value of your preparation for every 1-point increase to the threshold of any Astral or Perception tests made to notice or analyze the preparation. This only works until the preparation is triggered.
长引线Long Fuse
剧透 -   : You have learned to create timed alchemical preparations that remain fresh until they go off.
•    Cost: 5 Karma
•    Game Effect: In order to take this quality, you must successfully use a timed alchemical preparation on a run. When you create an alchemical preparation using the time trigger, you may set the time to any length of time up to the preparation’s Potency in days. The Potency does not diminish during this time.
遥控装置 Remote Control
剧透 -   : You have learned how to design a small object that anyone can use to trigger your preparations with the command trigger.
•    Cost: 10 Karma
•    Game Effect: When you create an alchemical preparation with the command trigger, you may also choose to make a remote control for it. The remote control is a separate object that, if touched by any living aura (astrally or physically), will trigger the preparation. As long as the remote control is within (Potency) meters of the preparation, it will work just as if the alchemist had issued a command, targeting the nearest possible target to the preparation—or functioning as ground zero for an area effect spell. The remote control is created with the preparation, adds no time to the process, and increases the preparation’s drain value by 1. The alchemist can still use the command trigger, even without the remote control.
复杂制剂Complex Preparation
剧透 -   : You may combine multiple spell effects into a single preparation.
•    Cost: 10 Karma
•    Game Effect: You may create an alchemical preparation with multiple spell effects. The trigger must be the same for all spells in the preparation, and the spells will all affect the same target. When the preparation goes off, all of the spells trigger at once. Only one Potency + Magic test is made for the preparation, which then applies to all spells. The drain value of the preparation is the total drain value of all spells, boosts, triggers, and any other alchemical techniques used in its creation. Add it all up into one big drain value, so try not to kill yourself making one of these!

人性化The Human Touch
剧透 -   : In this path, the cyber ninja battles with concerns about what their extensive augmentations are doing to their soul, only to find their mind is stronger than they thought.第一步:失衡Step One: Losing Balance
游戏效果:当这一步生效时,角色获得社会压力特质(p. 78,SR6),该特质会在有人评论他们的殖装时生效。
剧透 -   : The cyber ninja can enter this quality path when their Essence is below 1 and they glitch or critically glitch on an Influence test (including one where they are defending against someone else’s attempted influence). The negative reaction they get sends them into a spiral of self doubt, where they worry that a key part of their humanity is gone.
•    Cost: None
•    Game Effect: While this step is in effect, the character receives the Social Stress quality (p. 78, SR6) that pops up in any situation where someone comments on their augmentations. They move on to the next step when they gain or raise a contact to Loyalty 4 who was not at that level when they started this path.第二步:评估人性Step Two: Evaluating Humanity
剧透 -   : Once the cyber ninja has a more Loyal contact, they start having heartfelt conversations with the contact, sharing their self-doubt. The contact resolves to help them get back in touch with their humanity. The contact sends them on a series of jobs to do little favors for others—fixing up a dilapidated home, finding someone’s lost cat, that sort of thing. The tasks will be especially meaningful if the cyber ninja has the chance to see how it affects the life of someone who could really use a break.
•    Cost: None
•    Game Effect: The effects of Step One: Losing Balance are removed. The cyber ninja must perform six small tasks for their contact, and they cannot go more than three in-game months between tasks or they have to re-start their task count at zero. Once they have completed six tasks, they should have had multiple opportunities to build connections to people and have them thank them for their work. This will help them realize that their humanity is very much intact, and they can move to the final step once they spend 4 Karma.第三步:再平衡Step Three: Re-balanced
剧透 -   : After dealing with self-doubt, the cyber ninja understands that their ’ware has not made them less human, so they feel more balanced and grounded.
•    Cost: 6 Karma
•    Game Effect: The sense of calm the character feels gives them +2 dice on all Composure tests.

疗愈之旅The Healing Journey
剧透 -   : This path is intended to deal with a fighter in the early stages of learning decking skills, as they gain a passion for it. Characters entering this path can have the Cracking and Electronics skills, but at this point neither should be above 3.疗愈蓝调 Rehab Blues
剧透 -   : The PC has taken a beating or been otherwise hurt. Now, they need a way to pass the time.
Game effect: This quality path begins right after the OC has experienced some sort of major injury. While they have this quality, every physical attribute of the PC must be reduced by 1, and two (player’s choice) should be reduced by 2. As they work to rehab and find ways to kill time, they gain interest in the Matrix. While the player has this quality, they can buy increases in Logic, Intuition, Willpower, Electronics, and Cracking for 5 less Karma than normal. They can gain that benefit three times, and they must wait at least a month of game time between uses. They also must perform at least one run in that month—the gamemaster should not just let them rest for three months and gain the benefit of this quality.
At the end of the three months or three uses of the benefit, the PC is healed, and their physical attributes return to where they were.学太快 Learning Too Fast
剧透 -   : The PCs’ hacking skills are improving—perhaps too quickly. The PC gets a little cocky, and while their skills are good, the journey becomes a little rocky for them.
Game Effect: At this stage in the path, the PC has improved rapidly and will continue to do so, but it has a price. Increases in Logic, Intuition, Willpower, and Electronics can be purchased for 5 less Karma than normal, but the PC must use the wild die on all Cracking and Electronics tests. This Karma reduction can be used three times, and the PC must wait at least a month of game time between uses. They also must perform at least one run in that month—the gamemaster should not just let them rest for three months and gain the benefit of this quality.
At the end of the three months or three uses of the benefit, the characters’ skills have stabilized, and they are eligible to move to the next step.同步 Synchronicity
剧透 -   : This step requires a Karma expenditure, unlike the previous steps. In this step, the decker fighter has their two tendencies working together so that anytime they’re in a fight, their hacking improves.
•    Karma Cost: 8 Karma
•    Game Effect: If the decker ever makes a defensive test or an attack test, they gain a bonus point of Edge to use on Cracking or Electronics tests. They have to use it in 10 combat rounds or it goes away. They cannot earn another point of Edge this way until the previous point has expired or been spent.
训练蒙太奇 Training Montage
剧透 -   : In this quality path, the decker starts to gain fighting skills, diversifying their abilities to become a strong hybrid. Assuming they survive long enough.
以小击大 Punching Above Your Weight
剧透 -   : To be eligible for this path, the character must have either Close Combat or Firearms at 2 or higher. With this quality, you begin fighting in earnest, only to find out that other combatants aren’t going to take it easy on you. You refuse, however, to back down.
•    Karma Cost: 4 Karma
•    Game Effect: When you use Close Combat or Firearms against a character who has a higher level in that skill than you do, you gain a bonus point of Edge—until they do damage. After that, you cannot gain or spend Edge against that opponent. You move on from this quality once you have Close Combat or Firearms at 4.有限专精 Limited Specialization
该特质在三个月游戏时间或使用该专精十次后消失,以时间更长者为准(whichever comes last)。
剧透 -   : Once you have moved on from Punching Above Your Weight, you may purchase this quality as long as you do not have a specialization in Close Combat or Firearms. You gain a specific skill, but you’re sometimes erratic when using it.
•    Karma Cost: 2 Karma (this is the cost for purchase during character advancement; this quality cannot be purchased during character creation)
•    Game effect: You receive the specialization of your choice in either Close Combat or Firearms. Whenever you use this specialization, replace on normal die with the wild die. This quality goes away after three months of in-game time or ten uses of the specialization, whichever comes last.同步 Synchronicity
剧透 -   : This is the same as the Synchronicity quality inThe Healing Journey quality path above.
•    Karma Cost: 8 Karma

熊妈妈Mama Bear
你不止对你羽翼之下的图标充满保护欲,你也会由于它们被任何东西或人威胁而变得充满攻击性。如果你成功完成了目视王座(Watch the Throne)或公路监狱(Highway Prison)冒险引子,购买该历程上正面特质的业力售价将不会被翻倍。
剧透 -   : Not only are you protective of the icons you choose to watch over, you tend to be very aggressive when they’re threatened by anything or anyone. If you completed the Watch the Throne or Highway Prison Break hook, the Karma costs for positive qualities in this path are not doubled.
熊妈妈Mama Bear
剧透 -   : When a device or persona is connected to your network, it’s under your protection.
•    Cost: 5 Karma
•    Game Effect: You must also take the Overprotective quality at the same time you take Mama Bear. You may use the Full Defense anytime action to provide bonus dice to any defense test, even other personas, when they are connected to your network. When you use Full Defense in this way, gain a point of Edge.
 过度保护 Overprotective
剧透 -   : You have a tendency to see threats where none are present.
•    Bonus: 5 Karma
•    Game Effect: Whenever you make a Matrix Perception test, add a wild die that cannot be affected by Edge boosts. If the wild die result is a 1, ignore all hits rolled and count this roll as a critical glitch. The effect of this critical glitch is that you misidentify an icon as a Matrix threat. Until you have chased off or dealt with the threat, you may not gain or spend Edge except on actions that target the perceived threat.
灰熊的复仇 Grizzly Revenge
剧透 -   : Anyone who comes at your team is going to regret it.
•    Cost: 10 Karma
•    Game Effect: Whenever you are aware of a hostile Matrix action or physical attack against anyone on your team or connected to your network, gain a point of Edge. This Edge goes to a separate pool, called your Revenge Pool, and doesn’t count towards the maximum number of points of Edge you can gain per round. Your Revenge Pool can gain many points of Edge per round, up to a maximum of 7 total Edge. If your Revenge Pool has 7 Edge, it can’t gain any more until you spend it. You can only spend Edge from your Revenge Pool for Edge Boosts and Actions against targets that have caused it to gain a point of Edge with their previous actions—defense tests made against their further attacks and Matrix actions are eligible. At the end of the scene or after an hour (whichever comes first), your Revenge Pool goes away.

我即要塞I am the fortress
没有人能通过你的防火墙!注意:如果你成功完成了网精要塞(sprite fortress)冒险引子,购买该历程上正面特质的业力售价将不会被翻倍。

防火墙要塞Firewall Fortress
剧透 -   : You are able to boost your defenses at the expense of stealth.
•    Cost: 5 Karma
•    Game Effect: When you use the reconfigure Matrix attributes action, you may sacrifice your Sleaze attribute to increase your Firewall attribute. For every 2 points that you reduce your Sleaze attribute by, add 1 to your Firewall. This counts as your Firewall’s unaugmented value and is compatible with other improvements. While you have this mode active, you cannot run silent on the Matrix—and neither can any persona or device that is connected to your network.
无敌综合征 Invincibility Complex
剧透 -   : Your Matrix defenses are so good that overconfidence has made you complacent.
•    Bonus: 5 Karma
•    Game Effect: Whenever you must make a defense test against a Matrix action, you may only use Edge boosts and actions that cost 3 or fewer points of Edge.
加固防火墙 Reinforced Firewall
剧透 -   : Reinforced Firewall You’ve reinforced your Firewall with a few special tricks you’ve learned.
• Cost: 7 Karma/Level (max level 3)
• Game Effect: Whenever you use Firewall Fortress to increase your Firewall attribute, anything connected to your network is protected against Matrix damage. The DV of any Matrix damage taken by anything under the protection of your Firewall is reduced by 1 for each level of this quality. This even applies to Resonance Spike and other effects that do not normally allow the damage to be reduced.
环形监狱 Panopticon
如果你成功完成了袭击13号主机(the Assault on Host 13)冒险引子,购买该历程上正面特质的业力售价将不会被翻倍。
剧透 -   : You have recognized that the key to defending against any danger is noticing and analyzing it before it can cause trouble. This requires a supreme level of vigilance. You are constantly watching for signs of danger from the Matrix, but that’s not enough. You also try to have access to as many sensors as possible at any time, as well as hack into the devices of those who draw your suspicion so that you can watch them for signs of betrayal. Some say paranoia is a disorder, others say it is a survival trait. To you, paranoia is an art form. Trust is not likely to ever be one of your core values. Yet you depend on others in order to get things done. Your true potential is only realized when you’re defending others. If you complete the Assault on Host 13 plot hook, the Karma cost for positive qualities in this path is not doubled.
全域知觉 Panopticon Awareness
剧透 -   : You have learned to take in and process multiple sources of data and stimuli without being overwhelmed.
•    Cost: 3 Karma
•    Game Effect: When you spend an Observe in Detail Major Action, you may observe via number of different sensors, files, or perspectives at once equal to your Logic attribute. You pick up details just as well as someone who is focused on only one thing at a time. In addition, whenever you take a Major Action on a Perception test of any kind (including Matrix, or even astral perception, if applicable), gain an additional Minor Action.
黑料抽屉 Dirt Locker
剧透 -   : Over time, you gather and collect various rumors and data that might come in handy as leverage against this person or that. It doesn’t come in handy very often, but when it does, it’s an ace in the hole.
•    Cost: 5 Karma/Level (max level 3)
•    Game Effect: You must have panopticon awareness in order to take this quality. The first time you take this quality, you must also the Big Bad Brother quality. If you ever buy off Big Bad Brother, reduce this quality’s level by 1. You spend so much time looking into people for anything that might be a threat to you that you now have a massive library of dirt and gossip. If you use a Major Action to reference your files, add this quality’s level in bonus dice to a Con, Influence, or Judge Intentions test against a single target. You may use this to provide a bonus to other people on your team, not just for your own test. If no relevant action is initiated in the same round that Dirt Locker is used, the bonus goes away.
老大哥 Big Bad Brother
剧透 -   : You have also developed a reputation for spying on people, even those you claim to trust. Almost everyone you know seems to take offense at this.
•    Bonus: 5 Karma
•    Game Effect: Whenever your personal heat increases, one of your contacts realizes you’ve been spying on them and takes offense. You must either placate them by owing them a favor (or giving up a favor they owe you), or else lose 2 Loyalty with them.
预先防御者 Prescient Defender
剧透 -   : Your vigilance pays off sometimes. Timely warnings are better than armor.
•    Cost: 11 Karma
•    Game Effect: If you are aware of an attack or hostile Matrix action against anyone who you can perceive through your senses or sensors, you may spend an anytime Minor Action to provide them with a +2 bonus to Defense Rating. You may spend as many Minor Actions as you have available in this manner, and the bonus to Defense Rating stacks.


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