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特质历程:竞速家族The Racing Family
剧透 -   : In this quality path, a racing rigger builds a connection with other racers, and they look out for each other. Of course, family comes with obligations …
To start this path, the racing rigger needs to have engaged in three separate drag races with the same individual.

速度社群 The Society of Speed
游戏效果:机师获得2个人脉,都是2联系和2忠诚。一个是机师(用p. 86, SR6的数据);一个是机械师(用p. 214, SR6的数据)。当机师为这两个人脉分别获得10人情点(p. 172, SWC)时,进入该特质历程的下一阶段。
剧透 -   : The racing rigger has been through some difficult races with other riggers, and that has built a mutual respect. They now know some people who are skilled drivers and mechanics they can call on when needed.
•    Karma Cost: 5 Karma
•    Game Effect: The rigger gains two contacts, both at Loyalty 2 and Connection 2. One is a rigger (use stats on p. 86, SR6); the other is a mechanic (use stats on p. 214, SR6). They move on to the next step of this quality path when these contacts and the rigger have earned 10 Favor Points from each other (see p. 172, Sixth World Companion).

更亲密的人脉 Closer Contacts
游戏效果:将速度社群带来的机师和机械师人脉的联系和忠诚等级+1。此外,当PC或那些人脉用给予盟友1极限(p. 46, SR6)极限增益时,它只会花费1点极限而非常态的2极限,每次遭遇一次。但是这同样也意味着责任;每度过一个月的游戏时间,PC欠那些人脉1人清点。当机师为这两个人脉分别支付20人情点时,进入该特质历程的下一阶段。
剧透 -   : The rigger is developing a deeper bond with their racing friends.
•    Karma Cost: 6 points
•    Game Effect: Increase the Connection and Loyalty of the rigger and mechanic contacts from The Society of Speed by 1 apiece. Additionally, when the PC and these contacts use the Give ally 1 Edge (p. 46, SR6) Edge Boost, once per encounter it costs only 1 Edge instead of the normal 2. This comes with responsibility, though; for every month of in-game time that passes, the PC owes 1 Favor Point to each contact. The character takes the next step in the quality path when they have paid off a total of 20 Favor Points between the two contacts.

没什么能比家人更重要 Nothing Is Bigger than Family
剧透 -   : The rigger and mechanic contacts are close to the PC now, and they act in unified fashion. When help is needed, the PC is there to deliver it.
•    Karma Cost: 6 Karma
•    Game Effect: Increase the Connection and Loyalty of the rigger and mechanic contacts from The Society of Speed by 1 apiece. The Give Ally 1 Edge boost always costs 1 Karma when used between the PC, rigger contact, and mechanic contact. The price is that the PC prioritizes the rigger and mechanic over anyone else. If they ask for help, the PC needs to drop anything else and go help them. For every hour they do not go off to help them, they must make a Composure (5) test. If they fail, they cannot gain or spend Edge that hour.
The gamemaster can determine how frequently these requests come in; it should be about once a month in game terms, but this can be adjusted as the gamemaster sees fit, especially if it helps a plot move forward.

坏了又好了 Wreck and Recovery
剧透 -   : In this quality path, the racing rigger forms a bond with one special vehicle and then loses it in spectacular fashion. They then must try to recover from their loss.

标志性载具 Signature Vehicle
剧透 -   : This quality path starts when the rigger has some good fortune with a particular vehicle that makes it one that they trust above all others. Characters can buy this quality when they get 8 or more hits on a Piloting test with a threshold or a number of opposed hits of 5 or more. The fact that the rigger succeeded with relative ease tells them that this is the vehicle for them.
•    Karma Cost: 12 Karma
•    Game Effect: Edge Actions and Boosts cost 1 less when the PC is driving their signature vehicle.

毁灭性撞击 Devastating Crash
剧透 -   : This quality comes into play when the rigger critically glitches on a Piloting test while in their signature vehicle. This causes the vehicle to crash, totaling it and likely injuring the rigger. The effects of the Signature Vehicle quality go away. The physical injuries can be determined by game mechanics; this quality deals with the emotional wreckage.
•    Karma Bonus: 4 Karma
•    Game Effect: The racing rigger feels a lack of confidence without their signature vehicle. Whenever they start piloting a vehicle, they must make a Composure (3) test. If they fail, they cannot gain or spend Edge for the duration of their trip. And no, stopping the vehicle, getting out for a few minutes, and then getting back in does not count as starting a new trip. They must reach whatever destination they intended when they first made the Composure test in order to complete that trip and then start a new one. This quality ends when two conditions are met. First, the PC recovers fully from all wounds incurred in the initial crash. Second, they must meet a mission goal during a trip where they failed their Composure test. A “mission goal” is the thing they wanted to achieve when a particular trip was begun. This could include transporting goods, outrunning the cops, bringing a passenger to a specific place, or something similar. This helps them rebuild their confidence, so they can move to the next step (when they spend enough Karma).

机师均沾 Rigger Equilibrium
剧透 -   : Whereas the PC once had a vehicle that was like a lucky charm to them, they have reached a greater sense of equilibrium, where they know success does not depend on the vehicle they drive—it depends on them.
•    Karma Cost: 8 Karma
•    Game Effect: The PC no longer needs to deal with the effects of the Devastating Crash quality. Their equilibrium means they don’t panic, and they rise to challenges with a certain sense of calm and lack of panic. On any Piloting test with a threshold of 5 or more (or an Opposed test that got 5 or more hits), the PC gains 1 extra die for their test.

特质历程:枪手的猎人(HOG) Hunter of Gunmen
起点 Starting Point
剧透 -   : To start on this path, the runner must be a trained sniper, whether self-taught or having had prior professional service. Mechanically, this requires at least 4 ranks in the Perception skill, as well as a Rifles specialization or expertise in Firearms. Furthermore, the character must have at least 2 knowledge skills appropriate to the archetype, such as Ballistics, Mathematics, Small Unit Tactics, Surveillance Techniques, etc. Lastly, the character must own or at least regularly operate a rifle with an Extreme range AR value of 8 or more.

 剧透 -   : During any step on this path, a runner may substitute Logic for Agility when making Firearms (Rifles) tests when all of the following conditions apply: the sniper is attacking a target at Far or Extreme range, the sniper is prone, and the sniper is benefitting from a Take Aim bonus.

第一步:专业受训枪手(PIG)Step One: Professionally Instructed Gunman
剧透 -   : No one acquires a sniper’s skill set without a lot of experience or training. It usually takes both! Complicating matters, everyone who employs a rifle tends to self-identify as a sniper, particularly the less capable, less disciplined shooters. The latter phenomenon cheapens the title and can result in a self-professed sniper’s capabilities being questioned by experienced professionals. Since many trained snipers come from the law-abiding side of Sixth World society, they are often met with suspicion by lifelong-SINless on that basis—even if the sniper never worked for the Man themselves.

尽管如此,无论是新人狙击手还是那些依然在受训的,他们往往都从战友身上得到不少的尊重。但为了将他们与下一级真正的猎人区分开来,军队和准军事部队的士兵亲切地称他们为 PIG:受过专业训练的枪手。这些狙击手精通于精准射击,所以他们提高的主要动力是成为战术机器的完美组件。PIG这一称谓甚至在暗影社群中也有被使用,这个名字最先被雇佣兵和前军事成员所使用,用于描述遁入暗影的前特警狙击手。即使是那些没有穿过军装的狂奔狙击手,只要他们待在同一支队伍足够久,他们也可以发现自己正在成为PIG的路途上。这种完善团队合作的动力对他们独自行动或在没有事先协调的情况下执行计划的倾向产生了对立的负面影响。
剧透 -   : Despite all this, even novice snipers or those still in training tend to receive much respect from those they work with and fight alongside. But to differentiate them from the true hunters on the next level, troopers in military and paramilitary service affectionately refer to them as PIGs: professionally instructed gunmen. These snipers already have proficiency in marksmanship, so their primary drive to improve is in becoming the perfect component of a tactical machine. The “PIG” appellation is even used in the shadow community, the name first brought there either by the numerous mercs and former military members or used to describe former police SWAT snipers turned to the shadows. Even shadowrunning snipers who never woreany uniform can find themselves on the PIG’s path when they become part of a recurring team. This drive to perfect their teamwork has an opposite, negative effect on their inclination to operate solo or to execute plans without prior coordination.

在这一步,角色承受“也许我错过了什么”负面特质的影响(p. 130,FS),由于他们痴迷于确保自己能搞清楚与自己任务相关的所有因素,以及对其他队友在计划中的角色的彻底理解。虽然这样的行为对整支队伍而言很烦人,但是也有它的好处:PIG能在任何协作检定(p. 36, SR6)上获得一点极限,无论他们是带领者还是协助者。
剧透 -   : While in this step, the character suffers the Maybe I Missed Something negative quality (p. 130, Firing Squad) because they obsess about ensuring that they recognize all relevant factors for their mission and that they thoroughly understand other teammates’ roles in the plan. However annoying this behavior may be for the rest of the team, it does come with an upside: PIGs gain a free point of edge on any teamwork test (p. 36, SR6) whether they are leading or participating.

第二步:夺得猪牙 Step Two: Earn a Hog’s Tooth
剧透 -   : Among snipers, a respected honorific is the Hunter of Gunmen, or HOG. A PIG who has become a HOG is as reliable an ally as any shadowrunner will ever have, and as deadly an adversary as they will ever face. A maxim holds that the only countermeasure to a sniper is another sniper, and the HOGs have mastered their tradecraft. A sniper of this level of experience has worked alongside or against most of what the Sixth World has to offer and accordingly is rarely surprised by what a friend or foe is capable of.
剧透 -   : A superstition that originated among soldiers of the Fifth World continues today: that somewhere a bullet exists with your name on it, and it will end your life. The ironic upside of this bleak fatalistic view is that one cannot die UNTIL that bullet is fired. From this legend is born the superstition of a Hog’s Tooth: the bullet with your name on it that was snatched from the gun of an enemy sniper you slew! This bullet, once physically inscribed with one’s name and fashioned into a pendant, is known by snipers as a Hog’s tooth.

剧透 -   : After earning 20 Karma performing missions in Step One: Professionally Instructed Gunman, the runner advances to this step and loses the mechanical effects described therein. In this step, they have achieved mastery of their craft and are recognized as reliable professionals. Unfortunately, their status as a master sniper running the shadows also inevitably leads to rumors about being a remorseless killer, so their reputations often don’t benefit from their consummate professionalism.

安妮镜影(Annie Mirrorshade):狂奔者和他们枪的关系,正如机师和他的无人机。狂奔者具有让旁人感到难以置信的精准射击能力。当狂奔者射击一个近或中距的目标时,攻击弱点(Called Shots)的极限花费减少2(最低为1)。
冷血(Ice in the veins):狂奔者擅长另一种精确:在非常远的距离上预判子弹落点。当以逻辑进行步枪射击(见上)时,第一次瞄准动作之后的每一次瞄准提供+2骰池加值。当用到瞄具时,即使第一次瞄准动作也会获得这个增益。
眼皮子底下(Right under their nose):很多狙击手更看重潜行以及侦察技巧而非动能的破坏力。他们之中最好的一批被怀疑在用魔法,但不是所有人都有觉醒能力。这些人知晓如何让伪装技术或魔法的好处最大化,劣势最小化。当他们静止不动时,察觉到他们的阈值+1。如果狂奔者自己制作了一套为他们所躲藏的特定区域而设计的吉利服,那么阈值的增加提升到+2。
乌龟对王八(It takes one to know one):有些狂奔者精进他们的隐匿技能以让人难以发现,而有些则懂得了如何更好的去反制这样的技能。这些狂奔者十分清楚眼睛该看向哪里,他们训练有素的头脑可以记住周围环境中看似随机的景象,因此他们可以更好地注意到那些看似属于环境的一部分但之前并不在那里的东西。当试图发现伪装或隐形目标时,阈值-1。但是这不会对隐匿vs.侦察的对抗检定生效。
肚里蛔虫(Know them better than they know themselves):HOG是天生的领袖,也是对细节出众的观察者。他们不会过于关注精准射击或潜行,而是更加关注对情报的收集,以及将它最大化利用的战术敏锐。每当狂奔者花八小时监视目标并且还没有被发现,狂奔者可以确定一个可以利用的安保漏洞,需要GM同意。一些例子包括一个有点坏的摄像头有一部分区域没有复盖到,一个理应紧闭的安保门被经常出入的员工半掩着,没有紧闭,之类的。
剧透 -   : In this step, a runner is indeed a capable, if not necessarily bloodthirsty, killer. But as every hunter knows, making the shot is only a small part of a successful hunt. In this step, runners may pick one of the following benefits:
•    Annie Mirrorshade: What a rigger is to their drone, this runner is to their rifle. The runner is capable of feats of marksmanship that seem impossible to onlookers. While the runner is shooting with a rifle at a target in Near or Medium range, the Edge cost of Called Shots is reduced by 2 (to a minimum of 1).
•    Ice in the veins: This runner specializes in a different kind of precision: lead on target over very long ranges. When using Logic to attack with a rifle (see above), each Take Aim action spent after the first such action generates +2 dice. When employing a scope, even the first Take Aim action gives this benefit.
•    Right under their nose: Many snipers prioritize stealth and the tricks of observation over kinetic destruction. The best of them are suspected of using magic, but not all of them have Awakened powers. These runners know how to maximize the benefit and minimize the vulnerabilities of camouflage-granting technology or magic, such as invisibility or a ruthenium cloak. The threshold to detect the runner while they are motionless increases by +1. This bonus is doubled to +2 if the runner has personally customized a ghillie suit for the specific area they are hiding within.
•    It takes one to know one: While some snipers develop their sneaking skills to avoid being seen, others develop it to understand how to counter the skill. These runners know particularly well how to maintain eye discipline and have welltrained minds that memorize apparently random patterns in their environment so they can better notice something that looks an awful lot like it belongs but in fact wasn’t there a few moments ago. Reduce any thresholds to perceive a camouflaged or invisible target by –1. This does not apply to Stealth vs. Perception Opposed tests, however.
•    Know them better than they know themselves: These HOGs are natural leaders and peerless observers of detail. Rather than focusing overmuch on marksmanship or stealth, these runners dedicate themselves to gathering intelligence, and having the tactical acumen to capitalize upon it. For every eight consecutive hours spent observing a target without being detected, the runner may establish one exploitable security flaw subject to gamemaster approval. Appropriate examples include a faulty camera leaving an area unmonitored, a doorway that’s supposed to be secured which employees habitually leave propped open, etc.

第三步:带上猪牙 Step Three: Wear a Hog’s Tooth
剧透 -   : The final step in the Hunter of Gunmen’s path is not achieved by every sniper. Those who make it here command the deepest respect among those who understand the snipers’ credo. The only way to enter this step is to kill an opposing sniper who was trying to kill you and then claim an unfired bullet from their rifle’s chamber. After this bullet is fashioned into a pendant, it is a Hog’s Tooth, and is commonly believed to hold mystical importance to its claimant even when they are not magically Awakened.

剧透 -   : The bearer of a Hog’s Tooth is a formidable and self-confident force—a force who quite possibly truly believes they have cheated death through their skills. This runner retains the ability chosen in Step Two: Earn a Hog’s Tooth, and may also choose a second one from that list. They only gain that benefit, though, when they are in possession of their Hog’s Tooth. In addition, snipers of this caliber are the true avatars of sudden death. When this sniper attacks a target at Medium or longer range with a rifle, the target is always considered surprised against these attacks (no Edge can be spent on defense or soak tests) unless they can discern the sniper’s exact location in some way.
剧透 -   : If the runner ever loses the Hog’s Tooth or has it stolen, all benefits of this path are lost until it is recovered. If the pendant cannot be recovered, the runner may begin the path all over again from scratch as they re-build their shaken confidence and slowly work off their sense of bad luck.

起点Starting Point
剧透 -   : The social adept isn’t just a pretty face. They know how to hack, fight, drive, and do any number of other tasks. The most obvious scenario is where the social adept is also a hacker or is the team hacker, and they are performing an Extended test to burrow into a system and find or create a backdoor and focus on other exploits to eventually Run Silent as much as possible when pulling off the final hack. The social adept’s contribution is both in the Matrix and in meatspace through social engineering. By identifying and exploiting the most vulnerable element of the Matrix—metahumans—they are able to steal passwords, implant spyware and malware, find weak elements in the system and the target entity, identify and neutralize spiders, and sow disinformation and confusion for when the alarms go off.
To start on this path, the social adept must have Con 5+, Electronics 5+, Cracking 4+, and a rating 4 or higher commlink. They must spend 10 Karma, and they move to step 1.

剧透 -   : The social adept has developed a rapport with some or all of their teammates. When the teammates make Extended tests, the social adept can support them through Teamwork tests. If the social adept has the Instruction skill, this could also apply to Training tests and the like where the social adept is able to provide morale and support as their teammates improve skills or even some Initiation (this does not, and cannot, work on Submersion). As the social adept invests time as a facilitator for their teammates’ activities, they can perform Extended tests using skills that are not an exact match for the test but could still benefit their teammates. Using the social engineering example, the social adept can perform an Extended Con test to phish targets to gain access into the hosts to place spyware or malware, or to re-arrange passwords. Once completed, the hacker can add the social adept’s net hits to their own Extended test for setting up backdoors and lowering defenses.

剧透 -   : As the social adept moves through step 1, they integrate themselves with their teammates into a well-ordered machine that can get ninety percent of the run completed without risking the gunfights, cybercombat, and violence that comes when the team doesn’t mesh and the battle plan is “Walk in the front door spraying machine-gun fire.” The social adept must have Improved Ability (Influence) to move on to step 2. They can perform Teamwork tests with all of their teammates so long as two or more team members have the same or similar skills. These net hits go toward Extended tests to circumvent combat by tactics such as silently infiltrating and exploiting Matrix, magical, and physical vulnerabilities; or using the team’s skills to create exploits by influencing or otherwise engaging spiders, security, and other essential personnel associated with the target.
This may end up resulting in mini-runs to reach and exploit those individuals or systems, but the net result is that when the actual run goes off, the threat level and potential for violence has been reduced significantly, and the gamemaster will take that into account when conflicts and unexpected situations arise.

行动专家Operations Ace
社交修士是一个大师级的操纵者,也擅长于识别自身与他人(包括队友)身上的线索与行为,他们能够利用自己的技能使团队在战斗中更加致命,并更有效地开展工作,减少复杂因素与矛盾。社交修士必须有提升能力(影响)与战斗感应修士能力,以及小队战术知识技能(p. 86,FS)。
剧透 -   : The social adept is such a master manipulator and expert at recognizing cues and behaviors in themselves and others, including their teammates, that they are able to use their skills to make the team deadlier in combat and more effective in carrying out jobs with fewer complications or conflicts. The social adept has to have points in the Improved Ability (Influence), and Combat Sense adept powers, and the Small Unit Tactics knowledge skill (p. 86, Firing Squad).

剧透 -   : By investing 10 Karma, the character has become so competent and confident in their combat prowess that they are able to use the Combat Sense power offensively because they walk into these situations not only tactically aware, but they also project their martial power through their social skills (projecting auras of confidence, competence, and steel will). This puts their targets at a disadvantage through intimidation and deception, and it gives the social adept +2 Attack Rating on any attack, provided the weapon they are using has a positive rating at the relevant range.

剧透 -   : The social adept can coordinate more effectively with the rest of their team through their Influence (Leadership) skill and other abilities to communicate quickly, clearly, and broadly. With direct experience in running tactics (meaning they have done it in at least three jobs) and an expenditure of 15 Karma, the social adept has two options:
1) Allocate Situational Edge to multiple team members for every two hits over the threshold when making a Small Unit Tactics test. For example, the social adept is designated the leader and scores 5 hits on the test. They can allocate Edge to two team members during the combat maneuver instead of just one.
2) For every two hits over the threshold when making a Small Unit Tactics test, the combat maneuver can be performed on the initiative pass of a player one step higher in initiative order than normal. For example, the social adept is designated the leader and scores 5 hits on the test (2 net hits). They allocate Edge, and the combat maneuver occurs on the third-lowest member’s initiative instead of the lowest member’s.

剧透 -   : The social adept is so familiar with the team’s capabilities and has honed their analytical and planning skills so well that they can recognize and circumvent flaws in the initial run plan, and they are able to refocus on the fly when the run inevitably goes sideways, with less chance of the team ending up in even more drek than before. Over time and with a 15 Karma expenditure, the team can run a Teamwork test against a general Run Difficulty threshold with the social adept as the leader. For every two hits on the leader’s test above the threshold, the team earns one floating point of Edge to use during the mission. If a serious complication occurs during the run where the team is able to communicate and make a Teamwork test, then they may earn 1 point of Edge for anyone on the team to use to account for the team being able to successfully pivot and survive when things go awry.

剧透 -   : This quality path traces a street doc’s journey as they establish work in a new community and become an asset.

第一步:主场 Step One: Home Ground
角色一开始就是被邀请来帮助本地人的。他们可能是被雇来安装赛博改造,治病疗伤,或者发挥一些缺乏专业人员的社区所需的功能。当他们开展工作时,他们会开始接触当地人,了解这个社区。这会慢慢建立起他们对这个地区的归属感,并且也踏上了该历程。当角色花50天并且每天至少4小时服务于这个街区后,他们可以获得无需翻倍业力的获得自家地盘特质。队伍也可以购买或者租借附近的安全屋(如,甜头Sweet Treats)。
剧透 -   : The character initially comes in to help out the locals. They may be hired to install cyberware, treat illnesses and wounds, or perform any other function an underserved community needs. As they work, they begin to meet the locals and get to know the neighborhood. This slowly builds their attachment to the area, and they start along the quality path. After serving the community for at least four hours a day for a total of fifty days, they gain the Home Ground quality for half the normal Karma cost. The team can also negotiate to buy or renta nearby safe house (e.g., Sweet Treats).

第二步:日常工作 Step Two: Day Job
剧透 -   : If the medic accepts the clinic and operates it for at least ten consecutive days, they become a community fixture, and they gain 2 Karma along with 1,000 nuyen per month for any month where they work at least one hundred hours in the clinic.

第三步:敌人 Step Three: Enemy
剧透 -   : Continued work in the clinic will bring problems. The street doc will earn the ire of Daniel Braidwood, the CrashCart manager who had been operating in this neighborhood. He does not appreciate the runners taking away his business, so he puts a 2,500 nuyen bounty on the street doc’s head. That’s not enough to attract any real heavy hitters, but the occasional appearance (once every few weeks) of a would-be assassin is enough to keep the street doc a little jumpy.

特质历程:精英中的精英 Best of The Best
起点Starting Point
剧透 -   : This is a path that any blade street samurai player can take at the beginning of or shortly into their career. The player can have any background, personality, or proficiency with any kind of bladed weapon. However, for this path they must show devotion to the blade by having the Close Combat skill with Blade specialization and select one specific blade as their primary weapon. Additionally, for this path they must also have a code of honor of some kind as reflected by the Honor Bound quality. This can either be a generic code such as adherence to Bushido, or something more specific to the player character but discussed and authorized by the gamemaster. Any other positive or negative qualities the player may have should also be discussed with the gamemaster so they do not cause any significant conflict or can be properly integrated into the overall quality path as it plays out within the greater game narrative.

第一步:留下你的印记Making One’s Mark
剧透 -   : Every story has a beginning, and for the blade street samurai, that beginning is first deciding to adopt and follow the path of the blade. But training, practice, and even the acquisition of sufficient chrome are nothing unless they prove themselves. To earn their name, a samurai must accomplish deeds worthy of being talked about. From such things reputations, both good and bad, are created. Through deeds and reputation, blade street samurai demonstrate their worth within the shadow community.
剧透 -   : Because they are so hyper-focused on their particular code and combat philosophy, blade street samurai who start this path cannot gain any additional Edge during combat unless they use their bladed weaponry. Those who use their preferred weapon in combat, however, get one additional point of Edge when their Attack rating is at least 4 more than the defender’s Defense Rating.

如何建立你的声誉并且(尽可能)不被集火How to Build Your Reputation and (Hopefully) Not Get Geeked
剧透 -   : Like warriors of old—to whom they feel a close kinship—modern blade samurai know that actions speak louder than words. So in addition to their constant training, blade samurai seek out every opportunity to enhance their reputations within the shadow community.
虽然这可以通过几种不同的方式完成,但刀锋武士必须小心不要获得错误的声誉或背叛自己的荣誉准则。例如,一名以过度暴力和残忍着称的刀锋武士作为一名战斗人员可能会令人由畏生敬,但当约翰逊先生不再希望雇用他们时,就对他们的整体声誉和生存毫无帮助。 同样,对敌人表现出太多怜悯或被认为软弱的刀锋武士可能会让潜在的盟友怀疑他们是否有战斗的勇气。对声誉的平衡宛如走钢丝,而且通常需要在瞬息间做决定。
剧透 -   : While this can be done in several different ways, the blade samurai must be careful to not gain the wrong kind of reputation or betray their own code of honor. For example, a blade samurai who is known for excessive violence and brutality may be feared and even respected as a combatant, but that does little to help their overall reputation and survival when Mr. Johnsons no longer wish to employ them. Likewise, a blade samurai who shows too much mercy or is perceived as weak toward an enemy could cause potential allies to wonder if they really do have the stomach for the fight. It is a delicate balancing act, often teetering on the edge of a razor where decisions must be made in a split second.
No pressure.
Still, there are some tried and true ways a blade street samurai can gain both reputation and honor.
在战斗中击败对手(Defeat Enemies in Combat):这个显而易见,但依然有必要说一下。本质上,刀锋武士就是在新时代用老法子(但是有科技加成)的战士。他们想要证明的是,旧方法不仅在现代技术面前仍然有价值,而且他们就是这些方法的合格继承者。正如那句话所言,要用新円证明你的所言。而击败敌人就是刀锋武士做到这点的最快手段。但是以荣誉的方式击败敌人和就那么把他们杀死是有区别的。一个真正可敬的武士不会通过杀死那些比自己弱的人而获得任何真正的荣誉或声誉。只有恶霸和动物才会无缘无故的杀人。同样,为流血而流血并不能证明一个人的技能或荣誉——只有击败一个可敬的对手或构成足够威胁的敌人才能证明这一点。
剧透 -   : Defeat Enemies in Combat: This one is obvious, but still needs to be said. At their core, blade street samurai are warriors who use older methods (with technological twists) in a modern time. They are focused on proving that not only do the old ways still have merit in the face of modern technology, but that they are worthy successors to those ways. And as the saying goes, one must eventually put their nuyen where their mouth is. Defeating enemies is one of the fastest ways for a blade samurai to do just that. But there is a difference in defeating an opponent with honor and simply killing them. A truly worthy samurai does not gain any real honor or reputation by killing those weaker than themselves. Bullies and animals kill for little reason. Likewise, bloodshed for the sake of bloodshed does not prove one’s skill or honor—only the defeat of a worthy foe or one that poses a sufficient threat can do that.
手下留情(Showing Mercy):如上所述,刀锋武士在击败明显更弱的对手或没有表现出重大威胁的对手时,并不会因此而获得荣誉。但在合适的时候展现自己的仁慈,刀锋武士就能展现出,在一个对大多数泛人类苦难漠不关心的世界,他们对荣誉的理解。击败对手并不一定要杀了他,如果刀锋武士能做到,也说明了他能够随机应变,可以在形势需要的时候收手,死亡不是他们武器库中唯一的武器。因此,刀锋武士并不仅仅是一台杀人机器——他们是战士,而不是屠夫。
剧透 -   : As said before, a blade samurai gains no honor by defeating a significantly weaker opponent or one who shows no significant threat. By showing mercy at the proper time, the blade samurai demonstrates that they understand the meaning of honor in a world that is indifferent to most metahuman suffering. Defeating an opponent without necessarily killing them also shows that the blade samurai can adapt to their situation, that death is not the only weapon in their arsenal, and that they can stay their hand when the situation calls for it. A blade samurai is not simply a killing machine—they are warriors, not butchers.
完成任务(Finishing the Job):如果武士同意执行一项任务或工作或实现一个目标,他们有义务尽其最大能力履行该协议的条款。如果其中一部分意味着零战斗,那就这样吧。以后会有很多机会。
剧透 -   : If the samurai agrees to perform a task or job or achieve an objective, they are honor bound to meet the terms of that agreement to the best of their abilities. If part of that means zero combat, then so be it. There will be plenty of opportunities for that later.
迎接挑战(Meeting All Challenges and Challengers):
第六世界总以某种方式考验每个人,但大多数人选择逃避这些挑战。但刀锋武士并非大多数人。他们不仅知晓还接纳这一点,而且乐于见到他们遇到的任何挑战。 通常,这些挑战来自其他战斗人员,他们可能也在寻求证明自己或正在探研如何更好更新颖的将武器与铬结合使用。刀锋武士永远不知道他们可能会遇到什么,因此必须为任何事情做好准备。一个刀锋武士绝不能让对未知的恐惧阻止他们为荣誉和准则挺身而出。
剧透 -   : Meeting All Challenges and Challengers: The Sixth World tests everyone in some way, but most choose to run away from such challenges. But not the blade street samurai. They not only know and accept this, but they welcome any challenge that comes their way. Often, these challenges come from other combatants who may also be looking to prove themselves or are seeking newer, innovative methods or combinations of weapons and chrome. The blade street samurai never knows what they may be going up against and must be ready for anything. A blade samurai must never let fear of the unknown prevent them from standing up for honor and their code.
改日再战(Knowing When to Fight Another Day):这似乎与战士所代表的一切背道而驰,但事实恰恰相反。由于刀锋武士不是没有头脑的动物,他们也应该认识到,有时他们的个人荣耀/胜利可能需要为了更大的利益或其他人而搁置一旁。 以牺牲你的朋友、盟友、同胞,甚至是手头的任务/工作为代价来击败敌人是一件自私和不光彩的事情。
剧透 -   : Knowing When to Fight Another Day: This may seem to run counter to everything a warrior would stand for, but it is quite the opposite. As the blade samurai is not a mindless animal, they should also recognize that sometimes their personal glory/victory may need to be put aside for the greater good or for others. Defeating an enemy at the cost of your friends, allies, compatriots, or even the mission/job at hand is a selfish and dishonorable thing.
接受死亡的命运(Accepting That They Will Eventually Die):一个真正的战士,无论哪种,都会知道,尽管他们可以拥有高超的个人技艺和力量,但总有一天他们会面对一个比他们更好的对手。在这场对抗中,刀锋武士知道他们终将走到尽头。 刀锋武士比大多数人都清楚这一点。他们知道,无论他们做什么,他们的身体终将都会变弱,他们的增强终将会变得过时。 所以,就像他们之前的战士一样,刀锋街头的武士接受了这一点,并希望至少在那个时刻到来时能有一个光荣的结局。然而,知道他们最终会倒下并不意味着他们会安静地离开。真正的战士会竭尽全力战斗,尤其是当他们知道这将会是是最后一次的时候。
剧透 -   : Accepting That They Will Eventually Die: A true warrior, no matter what kind, knows that, for all their individual skill and strength, they will one day face an opponent who is simply better than they are. During this confrontation, the warrior knows they will finally meet their end. Blade street samurai know this better than most. They know that eventually their body will weaken and their augmentations will become obsolete, no matter what they do. So, like the warriors that came before them, blade street samurai accept this and hope at the very least for an honorable end when the time comes. Knowing they will eventually fall does not mean they will go quietly, however. True warriors fight with everything they have, especially when they know it’s the last time.

第二步(可选):接受指导 Step two (optional): Under the Guidance Of ...
刀路是漫长而艰难的,对于没有任何知识或第一次接触刀刃的人来说更是如此。 因此,通常最好找到那些掌握知识的人并接受他们的指导。 学生不仅可以更快地获得知识,而且还可以培养一个终生的盟友。当然,这首先要看准导师是否同意这个安排。
剧透 -   : The path of the blade is a long and difficult one, even more so for one who has no previous knowledge or has first adopted the blade. So it is often best to seek out someone who has the knowledge and train under them. Not only can the student gain knowledge faster, but they may also develop an ally for life. Of course, this all depends on whether the mentor-to-be agrees to the arrangement in the first place.
以获得一个导师,PC的声誉必须为5或以上。他们必须从一个近战技能等级至少为7且专精利刃的NPC身上获得5人脉点(见p. 173,SWC)。他们必须花费5人脉点以让这位NPC同意做他们的导师。
剧透 -   : To gain a mentor, the PC must have a Reputation of 5 or more. They must gain 5 Favor Points (see p. 173, Sixth World Companion) with an NPC who has Close Combat 7 or better, as well as expertise in Blades. They must spend all 5 Favor Points so that the NPC agrees to be their mentor.
剧透 -   : A blade samurai under the tutelage of a mentor will have their advancement costs for Close Combat (Blades) reduced by three Karma (per skill level). However, the player character will have to give up two Karma to the mentor as payment for their teaching. This arrangement will only last until the player reaches skill rank 7. At this point the mentor will no longer have anything more to teach and will instead become a contact with Loyalty rating 6; their Connection rating will be set by the gamemaster based on the mentor’s current relationship with the PC.

第三步:不可避免的挑战与挑战者 Step Three: Inevitable Challenges and Challengers
剧透 -   : As the blade samurai character gains more honor and reputation among the shadows (possibly through some of the ways outlined in Step One: Making One’s Mark), the blade street samurai will find their lives becoming a bit of a doubleedged sword. On one hand, their reputation will open more opportunities among Mr. Johnsons as the player is seen as capable and dependable. Likewise, the player’s reputation among other shadowrunners (especially other street samurai) will also increase. The downside is that the player character becomes a target for those who are looking to enhance their reputation by taking down or defeating a well-known runner. They may also face challenges to their code, which they will also have to answer for.
剧透 -   : If the player completes twenty-five Karma points worth of jobs in the Step 1, then they move to this step. As a result, they are considered something of a prime runner in the local runner community. Players who accomplish this will gain a bonus point of Edge on all social tests with potential Mr. Johnsons. If during this time the player is also able to defeat ten opponents singlehandedly (either during a job or direct challenges) with their primary blade, then the samurai gets a +1 dice pool bonus to accompany the previous Edge boost, which reflects the player’s new status as a samurai legend.
剧透 -   : The only exception to this is if another samurai or other combatant directly challenges the PC to a duel, contest, or fight. If the player is defeated by any of these challengers, then they lose the Edge bonus described above until they can defeat the same individual in another contest. The other downside to being a shadow legend is that now they will constantly be a target by other samurai/ combatants and that they have become somewhat known to local authorities. They gain a +1 Heat modifier for any Heat test they have to make.


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