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特质历程 Quality Paths
剧透 -   : Quality paths are an option that players may choose in order to explore a particular story arc, which is expressed through losing, gaining, and altering qualities. Most quality paths require a specific event or set of circumstances to occur in order to begin them. Quality paths are both a narrative storytelling device and a game mechanic for developing a character through the acquisition and sometimes transformation of qualities.一些特质历程允许你无需翻倍业力花销的买除负面特质。另一些特质会随着玩家的选择与行动消失,往往会被其他特质替代。
剧透 -   : Some quality paths allow you to buy off negative qualities, in which case the Karma costs are not doubled. Other times qualities go away through a character’s choices and actions, often replaced by another one.特质历程在这里只是给出了几个可能的点子。如果你想要为你的角色创造出一条特质历程的话,我们鼓励你与你的GM一同建构。
剧透 -   : The quality paths presented here are just a few possible ideas. We encourage you to work with your gamemaster if you would like to invent a quality path for your character.

创造特质历程 Quality Path Creation(p. 88, H&S)
剧透 -   : Quality paths are a collection of qualities arranged to help explore a character’s narrative arc. Sometimes they have multiple branches, but with the cyberadept example above, they can also represent a linear progression. There are so many useful qualities in SR6 and more stories to tell than we could ever imagine, so why not hack a quality path to help tell the story you want to tell?它的运作机制是这样的:Here’s how it works:
剧透 -   : First, come up with a theme for your quality path. This might be a special title that your character aspires to, like “white hat decker,” or “gunslinger technomancer.” Or it might represent narrative themes or events, like “Dissonance redemption arc” or “death of a data haven.” Give your quality path a name that represents this collection of ideas in some way.然后,选择一个起点。什么让你踏上了这个特质历程?通常来说,这会需要满足一个叙事前提,比如在狂奔中的某一个任务获得成功,不过某些游戏机制上的前提条件也可以满足——比如说成为赛博修士需要失去一些精华。这意味着需要和你的GM共同讨论。和他们分享你的主题和点子,得到他们的协助与允许,设置特质路程的前提条件。这做起来不应该太困难,但也许不应该是你的角色已经有的东西。理想状态下,你的GM应该给你在接下来的几次狂奔中满足这些前提条件的需求。
剧透 -   : Next, pick a starting point. What begins the path? Normally, there is a narrative requirement, like succeeding at a particular task during a run, but game mechanics requirements work, too—such as the Essence loss requirement for cyberadept. This requires collaboration with your gamemaster. Share the themes and ideas with them, and with their assistance and approval, set the prerequisite for the quality path. It shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve, but probably shouldn’t be something your character already has covered. Ideally, your gamemaster will provide you with an opportunity to satisfy the prerequisite within the next few game sessions.游戏机制上,最显著的优势是,当你通过特质历程获得正面特质,他通常不会翻倍业力消耗。如果GM对某个特质的选择有平衡性的顾虑,他们可以让业力花费维持在翻倍的水平。
剧透 -   : The most significant advantage in terms of game mechanics is that when you acquire a positive quality through a quality path, it normally doesn’t cost double its Karma cost. If the gamemaster has concerns about game balance issues with a particular quality choice, they can leave the Karma cost doubled.现在,选出匹配这个特质历程的特质。依据你的主题曲设置它们的获得顺序。每一个都代表着在该特质历程上踏出的一步。与你的GM分享你的想法,他们也可能会提出他们的建议。你的GM可以选择调整其中一些,甚至为契合他们模组的主题而禁止掉其中一些特质。但是大部分GM的建议应该都是可行的,只要你不是单纯的将一些好的特质塞到一块而罔顾故事的发展。
剧透 -   : Now pick out the qualities that match the quality path. Put them in an order of progression that fits your theme. Each one represents another step on the quality path. Share these ideas with your gamemaster, and they may suggest some as well. Your gamemaster may also choose to suggest alternates, or even disallow some qualities for this purpose, to fit their campaign. However, most gamemaster suggestions should work, as long as it’s clear that you aren’t just trying to throw together some good qualities with little care for the story.本质上,特质历程是一个给予特质因由与更大意义的叙事结构,让它们在更大的叙事中也有一席之地。它们不应该只是作为你想要的特质的业力折扣券。
剧透 -   : At their core, quality paths are storytelling structures that set up the reasons and assign greater meaning to qualities, justifying them within the greater narrative. They shouldn’t be used just to get a Karma discount on the qualities you want.如果你的特质历程中包括一个或多个负面特质,那么奖励业力应该仅局限于购买特质历程中的正面特质。不过,一条特质历程并非必然是积极弧光——它也可以代表一系列的挫败和悲剧,以及角色是如何应对的。这种情况下,负面特质的奖励业力会被留存下来直到某些剧情事件得到化解,之后角色能以折扣价买除负面特质,或者自由花费特质所奖励的业力。
剧透 -   : If you include one or more negative qualities within a quality path, the bonus Karma should be limited to being used to purchase positive qualities within the path. Alternatively, a quality path need not be a positive arc—it might represent a series of setbacks or tragic events, and how the character copes (or fails to cope) with them. In this case, the bonus Karma for the negative qualities is held in reserve until some narrative events are resolved, after which the character has the opportunity to buy off the negative qualities at a discount or spend the bonus Karma gained from them freely.创造特质历程范例:碟板大师Example Quality Path Creation: The Deckmeister
剧透 -   : Let’s design a quality path for characters who build and customize their own hacking hardware. The narrative theme is clear, and the title “The Deckmeister” fits nicely.作为起点,一个比较符合直觉的选项是,角色将需要通过他们的技能,作坊,花费业力而非新円来搭建出一个碟板的元件。
剧透 -   : For the starting point, it makes sense that the character will need to construct a cyberdeck component using their skills, a tool shop, and paying with Karma instead of nuyen.现在到特质了:分析性思维和应急机师看起来也许可以,但是我们要更具体点。碟板组装手(Deck Builder),金起子(Golden Screwdriver),快速配置(Quick Config),保证无效(Voider of Warranties)看起来都很合适(译注:都是H&S里的特质)。对于可能的负面特质,装备滥购综合征(p. 137, SRC)看起来就很完美了。
剧透 -   : Now for the qualities: Analytical Mind and Juryrigger seem like they might fit, but let’s get more specific. Deck Builder, Golden Screwdriver, Quick Config, and Voider of Warranties all seem like a good fit. As for potential negative qualities, Gear Acquisition Syndrome from the Sixth World Companion (p. 137) seems perfect.那么接下来要做的就只是将他们按顺序放了。碟板组装手和1级的装备滥购综合征可以放在一起作为本特质历程的第一步,他们合计需要0业力。下一步可能可以是金起子,不过需要你花费至少5业力在搭建碟板组件上,并且需要获得之前的特质才能走到这一步。如此再花5业力,你就可以踏上下一步了:快速配置。最后一步允许你不翻倍业力的情况下,购得保证无效,但是你同样需要拿多两级的装备滥购综合征(这为你带来了10点奖励业力以支付这个正面特质)。
剧透 -   : Now it’s just a matter of putting them in order. Deck Builder and one level of Gear Acquisition Syndrome can come together for the first step, for a net Karma cost of zero. Perhaps the next step is Golden Screwdriver, which requires you to spend at least 5 Karma on building cyberdeck components after you received the previous quality in the path. After another 5 Karma spent in this way, you can take the next step: Quick Config. The final step allows you to take Voider of Warranties without paying double its cost, but you also have to take two more levels of Gear Acquisition Syndrome (which provides 10 bonus Karma to pay for the positive quality).

特质历程:动物伙伴 Quality Path: Critter Bond
剧透 -   : This path is about forming a relationship with a critter, looking at how that relationship can affect a shadowrunner and their emotions.
动物伙伴:羁绊的开始 Critter Bond: Initial Bond
游戏效果:你必须有动物训练师(p. 133)特质以开始这条特质历程。当你成功让你的动物学会它能学的最大数量的命令后,你可以选择与它建立羁绊。花费一个星期的时间与动物建立羁绊,并进行一个驯兽检定。当这个羁绊建立后,生物能学习的指令的最大数量增加{你的影响技能等级}个。当你花次要动作去命令你的羁绊动物时,你可以同时发出两个命令。当你的动物在你的命令下执行了一个动作,它都将获得一点必须在本次检定中使用的极限,否则它将会消失。只要你的动物是在你命令下行动的,你都可以将你的极限用它的检定上。
作为这个特质的一部分,你将获得至爱亲朋特质(p. 75,SR6),对于草食性或杂食性动物为1级,对于肉食性动物为2级,对于觉醒或浮现动物为3级。
剧透 -   : The path starts when you form a close bond with a single critter. Maybe it’s a stray dog you started to feed and then didn’t go away. Or maybe it’s your trusty horse. Or a devil rat who would hang out in the same sewers you would, and eventually you just kind of accepted each other and got used to being in the same space. Whatever the case, there is a critter that you view as yours, and you have grown to care about it.
•    Cost: 10 Karma
•    Game Effect: You must have the Critter Trainer (p. 133) quality in order to start this quality path. Once you have taught one of your critters its maximum number of commands, you may choose to form a bond with it. Spend one week bonding with the critter and make a training test. Once the bond is formed, the maximum number of commands the critter may learn is increased by your ranks in Influence. When you spend a Minor Action to command your bonded critter, you may issue up to two commands at once. Whenever your critter takes an action at your command, gain a point of Edge that must be used on the critter’s test, or it is lost. You may also spend your own Edge on the critter’s tests, but only when they are acting on your commands.
As part of this quality, you gain the Dependents quality (p. 75, SR6) at level 1 for a mundane herbivore or omnivore, level 2 for a mundane carnivore, or level 3 for an Awakened or emerged critter.
动物伙伴:更深的羁绊Critter Bond: Greater Bond
剧透 -   : Bonds tend to deepen over time, and Greater Bond shows a closer relationship between the runner and their animal friend.
•    Cost: 10 Karma
•    Game Effect: Once your bonded critter has learned its maximum number of commands (counting the extra ones from your Influence ranks), your bond deepens. You become eligible to spend the Karma cost to deepen the critter bond. Once the Greater Bond has been formed, you are no longer required to use pre-defined commands. You may spend a Minor Action to give your critter any instructions you choose, and it will understand and obey to the best of its abilities. Any Edge actions or boosts you use on behalf of your bonded critter cost fifty percent less Edge (rounded up).
动物伙伴:永久提升 Critter Bond: Permanent Improvement[/b][/color][/size]
剧透 -   : The training of a critter can improve what the critter can do, building their skills and capabilities.
•    Cost: Attribute or skill: 5 x new rating; new or upgraded quality: 2 x Karma cost.
•    Game Effect: To gain this quality, spend a month training your critter, followed by a training test. If you succeed, you may spend your own Karma to improve one of the critter’s attributes or skills, or purchase a quality. Any skill or quality must fit the critter’s nature and capabilities. There’s just no teaching barghests to play the saxophone.
动物伙伴:失去 Critter Bond: Lost
剧透 -   : Your critter is lost! At some point, the character and their critter might become separated. The critter may wander away, or be taken, or otherwise be separated from the player. The good news is, there’s a chance that they’re still alive, and that you might be able to find them.
Game Effect: This quality takes effect when twenty-four hours have passed since the last time the PC saw the critter, and they don’t know where the critter currently is. The separation takes a toll—you are in a bad state and will do whatever you can to recover your best friend. During the time of separation, gain a point of Edge on any direct action that you take in an effort to locate and recover your bonded critter. However, any Edge boosts or actions that aren’t directly part of that effort cost 1 more Edge.
The quality is removed when the critter is reunited with the character.
动物伙伴:信任破裂Critter Bond: Broken Trust
有时一段关系会走进死胡同,尤其是当一方将另一方逼得太紧而忽略了重要边界的时候。如果 PC 做了一些非常苛待/虐待他们生物的事情,那么这个特质就生效了(GM自行决定边界在哪里)。
不过,如果你再次触发了这个特质,你就不可以尝试修复羁绊了——它会彻底断开。你将获得动物支配者(p. 132)特质,而且无需花费业力,但该历程上的所有特质将会被移除。如果你再次选择与其他动物建立羁绊,所有的业力花费将会被翻倍。
剧透 -   : Sometimes a relationship goes awry, especially when one party pushes the other too hard and ignores important boundaries. This quality takes effect if the PC does something to horribly mistreat their critter (gamemaster discretion as to where that boundary lies).
Game Effect: When the relationship with a critter moves to this quality, your critter will no longer respond to your commands. At the gamemaster’s discretion, it may even attack you or run away.
It’s possible that this broken trust will lead to a permanent severing of the relationship; if you and your critter stay away from each other for more than a month, move on to the Saying Goodbye quality.
If you wish to restore your bond, you must spend at least one week training with your critter and succeed at a training test.
However, you may not gain or spend Edge on the training test, and you only get one chance. If you succeed, the bond is restored, and this quality is eliminated.
If you ever trigger this quality again, though, you may not attempt to restore the bond—it is broken forever. You gain the Critter Dominator quality (p. 132) with no expenditure of Karma, but all qualities associated with this path are lost. If you choose to bond another critter, all Karma costs are doubled.
动物伙伴:说再见 Critter Bond: Saying Goodbye
剧透 -   : At some point, the bond between character and critter ends. Whether it’s death, distance, or some other factor that causes the separation, the connection between the two is permanently severed.
•    Game Effect: If your bonded critter has been lost for at least a month, you may give up hope and move on. Or, if your bonded critter dies, at least one month must pass before you may attempt to form a new bond with another critter. During this month, you may not gain or spend Edge on Composure tests. The Karma costs for your next critter’s Initial Bond and Greater Bond are reduced by fifty percent (rounded up). Any qualities you had in this path are removed, with no Karma expenditures or rewards.

特质历程:执念 Quality Path: Obsession
剧透 -   : Shadowrunners, like any other people, may become overly invested in a particular goal or concept. This quality path charts a path through their obsession.
执念:消耗Obsession: Consumed
剧透 -   : One personal goal is the most important thing in the world to you. You can’t stop thinking about it, and every moment spent not working toward that goal is a torment.
•    Bonus: 15 Karma
•    Game Effect: Choose a specific goal with your gamemaster’s input and approval. This should be a difficult, costly, or dangerous goal, but it must also be achievable. The goal should generally require three or more sessions to accomplish. You do not receive any bonus Karma for this quality until you accomplish this goal.
Whenever you aren’t actively pursuing your goal, you may not gain or spend Edge on any tests.
If you achieve your goal, move on to Obsession: Fulfilled. If your goal becomes unachievable, or if you choose to give up on it, move on to Obsession: Failed. No additional Karma for the player should be rewarded for activities related to completing the ob session, though other characters who are assisting them may gain Karma.
执念:满足Obsession: Fulfilled
剧透 -   : You achieved the focus of your obsession, but was it satisfying? Do you feel better now? What are you going to do with the rest of your life, now that you have obtained what you wanted so badly?
•    Game Effect: Once you achieve the goal of your obsession, you gain the 15 bonus Karma from the Consumed quality. You can stop there and step off the Obsession quality path. Alternately, you may choose to move on to Obsessive Tendencies or Goal-Oriented.
执念:执着倾向Obsession: Obsessive Tendencies
剧透 -   : Either you got what you wanted and it didn’t make things right, or you failed and don’t know what to do next. Either way, you’re desperate to find a new focus that will bring meaning back to your life.
•    Game Effect: If this is your first time through this path, you may freely save or spend the bonus Karma from the Compulsion quality. Until you choose a new goal to become obsessed with, you may not gain or spend Edge. Once you have chosen your next goal, you may gain and spend Edge again, but only while you are actively pursuing that goal. The cycle continues, but you gain no further Karma from this quality path. You may gain Karma achieving objectives as your gamemaster sees fit.
执念:重大不幸Obsession: Momentous Misfortune
剧透 -   : This quality replaces others on this path at a point when your goal has become unattainable. Whether due to cruel fate or your own failings, you have given up all hope of obtaining that with which you were so obsessed. You do not collect any bonus Karma from the Consumed quality. Your self-confidence is crushed. This quality replaces any others on the path you may have had. Your dissatisfaction affects your mindset, so the threshold of any Composure tests you take is increased by 1. You may buy it off for 25 Karma at any time. The path ends here.
执念:目标导向Obsession: Goal-Oriented
剧透 -   : You completed your goal, and have developed healthier ways to channel your ambitions. You may purchase the Focused Ambition quality at the discounted cost of 8 Karma (normally it would be twice its normal cost, or 12 Karma), which may come from the bonus Karma for fulfilling your compulsion. The path then ends here.

特质历程:心爱的武器Quality Path: Favored Weapon
剧透 -   : Note: The Karma costs for this quality path are not doubled, as none of these qualities can be taken at character creation.
心爱的武器:自我的延伸Favored Weapon: An Extension of Yourself
剧透 -   : You have become accustomed to using one special weapon, and it is now a core part of your identity.
•    Cost: 10 Karma
•    Game Effect: Choose a specific weapon for which you have a related expertise. You must have earned at least 10 Karma in missions where you have had this weapon. Gain +1 die on all skill tests made with the weapon, and all of its Attack Ratings increase by +2 when it is wielded by you.
心爱的武器:独特定制Favored Weapon: Unique Customization

剧透 -   : Your weapon is special, but it could become more special. In this step, you make it even more your own.
•    Cost: 5 Karma per customization
•    Game Effect: With access to an Armorer tool shop, you may improve your favored weapon with an Engineering (Armorer) + Logic (6, 1 week) Extended test. You may customize your weapon up to three times, but the threshold for the Extended test increases to 12 for the second customization, and 18 for the third. The customizations are more related to your own mindset and familiarity with your favored weapon rather than purely technical modifications. They only apply when you are wielding the weapon, and may not be changed once selected. Anyone else using your customized weapon don’t receive the bonuses, and may not gain or spend Edge on attacks made with it.
Each time you customize your unique weapon, choose one of the following options:
•    Kill Streak: Gain one point of Edge whenever you defeat a target with this weapon.
•    Sighted In: Add +2 to this weapon’s Attack Rating at a range category of your choice.
•    Deadly: This weapon’s DV is increased by 1.
•    Extra Modifications (melee): This weapon may accept up to three modifications.
•    Extra Accessories (ranged): Choose a weapon mount location (top, barrel, underbarrel). That mount may support two accessories.
•    Defensive Balance (melee): Gain a point of Edge when you use this weapon for a Block action. •    Offensive Balance (melee): Whenever you attack with this weapon, you gain an additional Minor Action.
•    Wicked Appearance: Gain a point of Edge when making an Influence (Intimidation) test while openly brandishing your weapon.
Note: Unless the customization clearly states otherwise, each customization may only be taken once.
心爱的武器:病态依恋Favored Weapon: Unhealthy Attachment
剧透 -   : If you choose, you may take one level of Unique Customization at no Karma cost if you also select the Unhealthy Attachment quality for that weapon.
•    Game Effect: When using any weapon that requires the same skill as your favored weapon, you may not gain or spend Edge on attacks.
心爱的武器:失去!Favored Weapon: Lost!
剧透 -   : If your favored weapon is lost, you may not replace it for at least one month. If you choose to not favor another weapon, your Unhealthy Attachment quality penalty will apply until you buy it off for 10 Karma. If you choose a new favored weapon, you must transfer your Unhealthy Attachment to it. If you do not have an Unhealthy Attachment, you must take it at this time. There is no Karma cost for choosing a new favored weapon, though all Unique Customizations must be purchased individually.


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