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剧透 -   : If you’re a mage, you’re rare. Powerful. Desired. Hunted.
You can do things no one else can do, but you may not fully know how to control your power. You have abilities other people dream about, but compared to what the most powerful people in the world wield, it’s a pittance. It is enough to make you a target, but it may not be enough to save you. Unless you can make it enough.
在权威机构的殿堂中(像是麻省理工和奇术学院;the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
and Thaumaturgy),魔法的科学性可以被——也在被——无止境的讨论,但只有少数的觉醒个体是从那样的途径习得它的。绝大部分人,尤其是狂奔者,的学习途径只有反复试错,通过陷入困境并观察他们的能力能否助其脱出。
剧透 -   : The science of magic can be—and has been—discussed endlessly in the halls of august institutions such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Thaumaturgy, but only a few Awakened individuals learn about it that way. More of them, especially shadowrunners, learn by trial and error, by getting into scrapes and seeing if their powers can get them out of it.
The alleys of the Sixth World are littered with the corpses of those who didn’t learn fast enough.
剧透 -   : Mana can be channeled in a number of different ways, and the students of magic—whether they learn in university labs or on the streets—are regularly coming up with new ways to use it. The boundaries between the different schools and categories are not always clear, and understanding why an individual can do some things with mana but not others has driven more than one thaumaturgical professor quite mad. Still, despite the uncertainties and blurred lines, the metahuman mind craves organization, so here are the most common ways mana is used by the Awakened.
剧透 -   : Spells: The classic. The frst thing you think about when you think about magic. You wave your hands, you say a phrase, and hey presto, something impossible happens. Though in the Sixth World, you don’t need gestures, you don’t need words, you don’t need magical ingredients—you just need the will, the knowledge, and the ability to make it happen. Though many a spellslinger becomes enamored of the dramatic word or gesture, because who doesn’t like lightning darting out from their pointing fnger, or opening your mouth to suddenly spew a stream of acid? And if you’ve met enough spellslingers, then you should be well acquainted with their flair for the dramatic.
星界现实(Astral Reality):在大觉醒(the Awakening)之后,一些施法者——但不是全部——发现法力的使用仅仅是冰山一角。如果你恰当的与你自己同调,你就可以看到它了,法力的束丝和卷须卷须在全世界漫布着。当然,如果你那么做了,视野中其余的世界有极大部分将会褪去,而现在,生命比以往任何时候都更只是交易。那些有权力命名的专家将这种现象的存在命名为星界位面,因为它与一个长期推断存在的界域极其相似。习得如何通过仔细研究该位面来获得信息,明白如何将你的全意识投影到星界上,变成重要的魔法技能。
剧透 -   : Astral Reality: One thing some—but not all— spellslingers fgured out after the Awakening was that you could do more than use mana. If you attuned yourself properly, you could see it, wisps and tendrils of mana drifting through the world. Of course, if you did so, the rest of the world faded mostly from view, but now more than ever, life is about trade-offs. The type of experts who get to name things were quick to name this phase of existence the astral plane, since it closely resembled a long-hypothesized realm. Learning how to gain information by carefully studying this plane, and fnding out how to project your full consciousness into the astral, became crucial magical skills.
咒术(Conjuring):第六纪的探索发现,几乎必然的,有那么一个转折或三个。首先,他们发现了法力的存在,然后他们发现它可以通过感知的轻微偏移来觉察到,接着他们发现泛人类并不是唯一能去到那里的存在。世界——主要是泛宇宙(the metaverse)——满是能捕抓我们现实中某种要素的精华的存在。我们的世界满是动物,所以就有种野性存在被称之为兽精魂。有这么一些存在能引导那些远古的基本元素,所以他们被称之为气精魂,水精魂,火精魂,和地精魂。有这么一些精魂采用了人类的外表和气质,因为科学道理,天文地理,蜘蛛蚂蚁,没法告你(because argle bargle, foofaraw, hey diddy hoe diddy no one knows)。不但如此,那些精魂常常有他们自己的家园位面,它们组成了一个广阔的泛宇宙,让我们所居住的无垠的物理宇宙显得很小。
剧透 -   : Conjuring: Sixth World discoveries, almost inevitably, come with a twist or three. First they found out mana existed, then they found out it could be perceived with a slight shift of your senses, and then they discovered that metahumans weren’t the only beings who traveled there. The world—or more properly, the metaverse—is full of beings that capture the essence of certain elements of our reality. Our world is full of animals, so there are wild creatures that have been dubbed spirits of beasts. There are creatures that channel the ancient key elements, so they now are called spirits of air, water, fre, and earth. Then there are spirits that adopt metahuman appearances and demeanors, because argle bargle, foofaraw, hey diddy hoe diddy no one knows. What’s more, these spirits often have their own home planes, making a vast metaverse that somehow makes the infnite physical universe in which people live seem tiny.关于那些泛位面的信息已经收集不少了,但是觉醒者们应该知道的首要事项很简单:它们满是可以被召唤和被控制的精魂。对于很多狂奔者而言,那些精魂变得十分有用,对于要面对它们的人而言,那些精魂就十分危险了。当然,公司们早就跳上了星界安保的游行花车,这意味着任何还行的设施会有精魂躲在里面等着让你的日子过得更麻烦。或者更短。
剧透 -   : A lot of information about these metaplanes has been collected, but the frst thing Awakened people need to know about them is simple: They are full of spirits that can be summoned and controlled. These spirits have become incredibly useful for many shadowrunners, and incredibly dangerous for those who face them. The corps, of course, have jumped on to the astral security bandwagon, meaning any decent facility will have spirits waiting in hiding to make your life diffcult. Or short.
剧透 -   : Enchanting: This area of magic has been chased by humanity for perhaps longer than any other. In ancient Greece, Perseus carried a magic sword and shield, and Ajax and Achilles carried magic shields in the Trojan War. In Sumerian mythology, Marduk raised Imhullu, the wind weapon, against Tiamat during the creation of the world. And you have protective amulets, warding glyphs, mojo bags, lucky stones, nazars to protect from the evil eye, and more. These days, we have telesma, foci, and spell preparations to hold magic and sometimes unleash it at opportune moments.
修士能力(Adept powers):对于一些觉醒者而言,魔法不会流通向法术或者精魂。它会注入到他们的身体,并在他们的肌肉,神经,骨骼,或者无论什么上缠绕,将他们的能力增强到超越普通人类的范畴。他们可以提升力量,速度,智慧,甚至魅力。他们可以将他们的感知增强到超越我们其他人能用赛博改造所达到的地步。他们是超人,这意味着他们是我们梦想的一切——也是我们畏惧的一切。
剧透 -   : Adept powers: For some Awakened, magic doesn’t flow through spells or spirits. It pours into their body and twists around their muscles, their nerves, their bones, or whatever, enhancing their abilities beyond normal human ranges. They may gain strength, speed, smarts, or even charm. They may enhance their senses even beyond what the rest of us do with cyber. They are superhuman, which means they are everything we have dreamed about—and everything we fear.
剧透 -   : That’s what magic does. How? That’s what the rest of the chapter is about.


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