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剧透 -   : The Sweet Taste
of Triumph..
… still lin gers on the lips of the Queen’s subjects!
Even though two decades have passed since Korinthia Nightbane’s
victory over the Dark Lords, its memory lives on through plays
and parades, through statues and mosaics, through songs and
conversations heard in castles, huts and ragged tents. But the
sweetness is not all that has survived the ravages of time. The
bitterness is just as evident, especially among those who paid
the highest price for the hard-earned victory – those who were
worse off even before the enemy came.

To an outsi de observer, the constant reminders of
the olden day’s collective success could easily seem
like an attempt by the prosperous and the powerful
to gloss over the injustices of today. One rarely
hears dignitaries or celebrities speak about the
present; their focus is always aimed at the glorious
past, or an even more glorious future – one where
the still festering wounds from the Dark Lords'
betrayal have been healed, by the Grace of Prios
and the Queen’s resolve. Meanwhile, common folk
wail, growl, and roar over an almost unbearable
present, and many wonder how long it will be
before their lamentations grow into a vengeful
chorus frothing with fury.胜利的甜蜜……
剧透 -   : This book expands on the short description of
Ambria’s capital featured in the Core Rulebook, and
also offers a glimpse of its surrounding countryside.
But the bulk of the text comprises the adventure
The Darkest Star, part three in the Chronicle of the
Throne of Thorns. As with previous episodes, the
book is divided into three sections, beginning with
a general introduction to the city, followed by a
more in-depth description intended for the Game
Master, after which the rest of the book is devoted
to the adventure itself.
The opening section is meant for players whose
characters have spent at least a week, possibly
several years, in Yndaros. What is described will already be known to most people, and is meant to
help the players and their characters solve problems
and deal with social challenges without having to
rely on the Game Master’s guidance. And of course,
it does not hurt for the players to know in advance
which tavern is their favorite, where they usually
buy their armor, and in which parts of town their
characters feel most at home.本书拓展了《核心规则书》中对安珀利亚首都的简短描述,并介绍了它周围的乡村。单大部分文字是《至暗之星》,《荆棘王座编年史》的第三部。和前两部一样,本书也分为三个章节,首先是城市介绍,接着是提供给GM的深入介绍,最后是模组。

剧透 -   : The heart
 of Ambria

Yndaros has everything. Everything! In Taubio’s acclaimed
poem Bane of the Night he refers to the city as “every rainbow’s
cradle and tomb” and surely none could have said it better. No
matter what desire burns in your flesh, what goals you have in
life, what dreamlike visions float before your inner eye – Yndaros
is often where the dream is born, where the quest begins, and
where it ends. But the analogy fails to capture that this rainbow
is not always sparkling with color; its nuances are often matte,
and sometimes it is colored in shades of black. In reality, the only
thing one can be sure of is that the treasure chest at the end of
the rainbow contains nothing but a corpse. 安珀利亚的心脏云达洛斯应有尽有。应有尽有!Taubio的著名诗歌《碎夜》将这座城市称作“所有彩虹的摇篮和坟墓”,没人能说得更好了。无论你的皮肤下烧灼怎样的欲望、你的生命追求怎样的目标、你的心灵之眼浮现怎样的梦幻景象——云达洛斯都是梦想诞生之地、探求开始之点,但也是终结。但这个比喻没能抓住一点:彩虹并非一直闪耀七彩光芒,细微之处通常已经失去光彩,有时还被染上黑灰色。在现实中,只有一件事是确定的:彩虹尽头的宝箱里,除了尸体别无他物。
剧透 -   : Yndaros is a fantastic, vibrant and immensely
diverse city with room for anything and anyone. Its
hundred thousand residents have little in common,
at least in terms of how they live their lives. In the
capital of Ambria the obscenely rich can be seen
just across the street from destitute children and
elders; the spiritually inclined only a room away
from the morally indifferent; public officials next
door to (and often on friendly terms with) leaders
of the city's criminal element.云达洛斯是个美妙、生机勃勃又极其多样化的城市,能够接纳任何事物、任何人。几十万居民之间很少有共同点,至少在生活方式上。在安珀利亚的首都,罪恶的有钱人与穷苦的孩子老人隔街相望,拥有精神寄托的人和不在乎道德的人只有一墙之隔,政府官员的邻居就是城市里的犯罪活动首领(他们常常还关系友好)。
剧透 -   : Newcomers may ask themselves, quite rightly,
why the city has not exploded, why the disadvantaged masses do not throw themselves at their lords’
throats. Every day, the anger manifests itself in
insults and ridicule aimed at the local authorities,
and sometimes in large protests and riots. But it
never takes long for order to be restored, with or
without involving the City Watch and the Pansars –
the agitator who in the morning shouts out his anger
from a makeshift podium on the Monger’s Square
may in the afternoon be clinging to some scaffold
at the Temple District. Anyone who has lived in the
Queen’s city for some time can understand why.
After all, the despised leadership did defeat the
Dark Lords. And when the enemy’s evil turned
Alberetor to ashes, they conquered a new land for
their people. Apart from the angry minority who
will not be persuaded, everything suggests that
Korinthia, the dukes, and the powers that be are
doing everything they can to give the Ambrian
people a brilliant future. It will be a long and
perilous journey, with many lost along the way,
but all are welcome and all are needed – Yndaros
is the Queen’s new battleship with which she will
bring safety, peace, and prosperity; something
that can only be achieved if her diverse crew row
as one, no matter how badly their backs hurt and
their palms bleed.新来者很有理由问自己,为什么这座城市没有炸开,为什么被不公对待的民众没有撕碎他们主子的喉咙。每天,愤怒都以对当局的辱骂和嘲弄的形式出现,有时甚至有大型抗议和暴动。但恢复秩序从来不需要太久,无论有没有巡城卫和女王之盾——早上还站在商人广场的临时讲台上愤怒大喊的煽动者,下午就被架在了神殿区的脚手架上。只要是在女王之城生活过一段时间的人都能理解为什么。毕竟,这些可憎的统治者确实击败了黑魔王。当敌人的邪恶将安布利托化为了灰烬时,是他们为人民征服了新的土地。只有少数愤怒的人无法被说服,其他人都同意葛琳缇亚、公爵们还有所有手握权力的人都在尽一切努力给安珀利亚人带来光明的未来。这是漫长而危险的旅程,许多人将在这个过程中死去,但一切都是必要的一切都是可接受的——云达洛斯是女王崭新的战舰,她将开着它航向安全、和平与繁荣。但只有她那些分裂的船员团结一心,这个目的方能实现,哪怕他们腰酸背痛、手掌流血。
剧透 -   : This chapter describes Yndaros as viewed by
its residents and frequent visitors. Players whose
characters come from the capital, or have lived
there for long periods of time, may find the material both useful and entertaining – they will feel
more at home in the city and certainly be more
self-reliant in situations involving social challenges and general problem-solving. And they will
probably need this help, not least when playing the
adventure The Darkest Star, in which it becomes
essential that they are able to understand and
navigate Yndaros, the city of contrasts. 本章以居民和常来访的旅客的视角描述云达洛斯。来自首都,或者在此长期居住过的玩家,或许会认为这些材料既有用又有趣——对他们来说,这座更加像家,并他们在涉及社交挑战和解决问题的场合也更加得心应手。他们很可能需要这章的帮助,尤其是进行《至暗之星》模组时,他们需要理解并且穿梭于云达洛斯,这座差异之城。
剧透 -   : First Impressions
The things guaranteed to overwhelm newly
arrived visitors are the crowds and the noise.
Thistle Hold comes close in terms of the former,
at least periodically, but the loudness of Yndaros
is truly in a league of its own. The clatter of construction sites is mixed with tramping hooves and
boots, the luring calls of vendors, and a cacophony
of general chatter. 第一印象

--- 引用 ---——————————
剧透 -   : “You do know that the
First Father has moved
here, to Yndaros? The
sun knights drove him
from Templewall; made
him flee for his life.
They’ve lost their minds,
the templars, no better
than the elves, I tell
--- 引用结尾 ---

剧透 -   : As soon as the shock wears off and the visitors
can make sense of their new experiences, the contrasts become apparent; between new and old, stylish and simple, luxurious and cheap, Ambrian and
barbarian. The contrasts can be seen in everything
from people and how they dress, to buildings and
monuments, to commodities and the songs played
on street corners and in taverns. Compared to the
human-dominated realm of Alberetor, the diversity
is greater still, thanks to the ogres, goblins, elves,
and dwarves residing in the capital. Individuals
accustomed to other Ambrian cities need days to
acclimatize; those who have never known anything
but the villages of the countryside may find the
impressions downright unbearable. 最初的震惊消散、来访者能够体会这种崭新的经历后,差异就变得明显了。新与旧、时尚与简洁、奢华与廉价、安珀利亚人和蛮族。差异无处不在,从这里的人到他们的衣着,从建筑和纪念碑,到日常用品和街角与酒馆的歌曲。由于大鬼、地精、精灵还有矮人的存在,这里比人类主导的安布利托王国更加多样化。习惯了其它安珀利亚城市的人需要花上几天才能习惯,而只知道乡村生活的人或许会感到无法忍受。
剧透 -   : Another clear difference from the realm’s
other settlements is the high level of security. The
spear-wielding patrols of the City Watch are ever
present, often accompanied by one or two younger
Pansars; almost all taverns, shops, temples and inns
have armed guards posted at the entrance, and it is
not at all uncommon for people to move through the
city with a bodyguard or two. One soon learns that
many of the city’s various establishments will not
accept customers without memberships, personal
recommendations or invitations. These places are
usually for the rich and powerful, but not always
– there are also bars and taverns for other social
classes wishing to maintain an exclusive clientele.
Moreover, the watchful mindset reveals itself in
the remarkably distrustful atmosphere. A visiting
wizard seeking access to the library of the Triplet
Towers, or an aristocrat hoping to visit the House of
Nobles at the Palace District, may have to navigate a
maze of bureaucracy before being allowed to do so.
Spies are very much a tangible reality in Yndaros,
sent by enemy factions, the local thieves’ guild, or
foreign powers (usually the City States, the Realm
of the Order, or the northern barbarian alliance
now known as the Sovereign’s Oath).另一个和王国里其他定居点不同的是,这里有严格的安保。手持长矛的巡城卫一直巡逻,经常还有一两个年轻的女王之盾同行。几乎所有酒馆、商店、神殿和旅馆入口都有拿着武器的守卫,也常常看见有人在城里活动时带着一到两个保镖。很快你就会知道城里许多地方不接受不是会员、也没有私人推荐或邀请的顾客。这些地方多被有钱有势的人光顾,但也不一定——也有为其他社会阶层开设的酒吧和酒馆只希望接受限定的顾客。此外,这种警惕也体现在缺乏信任的气氛中。一位来访的法师若想进入三塔的图书馆,或是一位贵族想要拜访宫殿区的贵族厅(House of Nobles),可能需要经过迷宫般的官僚流程才能达成目的。在云达洛斯,间谍的威胁是触手可及的,可能来自敌对派系、本地盗贼工会,或者是外国势力(通常是城邦(City States)、教团国(Realm of the Order),或被称作君主誓言(Sovereign’s Oath)北方蛮族联盟)。
剧透 -   : Furthermore, the people of Yndaros differ from
those in other towns in their relation to Prios and
the Sun Church. There is at least one temple in each
district, and priests are often seen on the street
outside, speaking to passersby and administering blessings. Even the common folk tend to wear
tokens of their faith and loyalty, usually the symbol
of the Setting Sun, as necklaces, cloak-buckles, or
ornamental brooches. To defy the church as Father
Sarvola does in Thistle Hold would be unthinkable
in Queen Korinthia’s city, but this may be about
to change, and perhaps that is why its priests and
theurgs are spending more and more time meeting
and speaking to the people.此外,云达洛斯人与普里奥斯和太阳教会的关系也和其它城市的人不同。每个区都至少有一座神殿,经常可以看到神职人员站在街上与路人说话、赠与祝福。就连普通人也习惯佩戴表示信仰与忠诚的标志,通常是落日的符号,包括项链、斗篷搭扣或胸针。像蓟花要塞的萨弗拉教长一样公然挑战教会在葛林提亚女王的城市里是难以想象的,但这点可能将发生变化,或许这就是为什们神职人员和神术师花越来越多的事件与人见面交谈。
剧透 -   : A couple of months ago, the church instituted an
event called the Sun Parade: a radiant celebration
of the Sun God’s glory, taking place every seventh
evening. The march begins at the Cathedral of
Martyrs with Father Peonio leading the way, followed by a dozen lantern-carrying younglings, then
by the city’s theurgs, liturgs, and initiates, as well
as the Black Cloaks who are able to participate. The
procession grows on its way to the harbor, continues through Old Kadizar, and reaches its full size
below the palace gates on the way back – always
with thousands of marchers carrying torches and
lanterns, the streets lined with spectators. Most
welcome the parade as proof of Prios’ greatness;
a few shake their heads, echoing the rumors currently circulating – rumors of a growing schism
within the church, which has already resulted
in the Templars’ secession and now threatens to
subvert the Curia.几个月前,教会开始了所谓的太阳游行:赞颂太阳神荣光的庆典,每七个晚上举行一次。游行从殉道者大教堂开始,由Peonio教长领头,其后是十多名提灯儿童,接着是城里的神术师、布道师、入门者,以及能够参与庆典的黑袍。游行一路延伸到港口,接着穿过旧卡德赞,返程时穿过宫殿大门——此时队伍最为壮大,有几千名手持火把和提灯的游行者,街旁站满了围观民众。大多数人欢迎这样的游行,他们认为这证明了普里奥斯的伟大,但有少数人摇摇头,重复那些最近流传的说法——教廷内部的分裂日益加深,已经导致了神殿骑士脱离,现在还有可能颠复教廷。
剧透 -   : But regardless of hostilities, spies and ecclesiastical conflicts, the Queen’s battleship stays on
course. There may be tears in its sails, cracks in
its tiller, and some filth below deck, but nothing
Korinthia Nightbane and her capable subjects
cannot patch, mend and scrub clean if need be.
Yndaros stands firm, literally on the ruins of
Lindaros, figuratively on the fallen civilization of
Alberetor, and whatever is being whispered, there
is no doubt that the ship’s captain is steering her
people towards a brilliant future.无惧这些敌意、间谍和教内纷争,女王的战船依然保持航向。或许船帆有了破口、船舵有了裂缝、甲板下滋生污秽,但葛琳缇娅·碎夜和她有能的臣子一定能缝好、补好、擦干净。云达洛斯屹立于林达洛斯的废墟之上,这废墟既是林达洛斯的残骸,也是逝去的安珀利托人民,无论有什么流言,毫无疑问,船长正带领她的人民航向美好的未来。

剧透 -   : Memorable Events
It is quite obvious that the area where Yndaros
now stands has been inhabited for centuries.
Exactly how long is impossible to say, but no one
disputes that there are ruins as old as those from
the glory days of Symbaroum. The most obvious
example would be the tower-ruin in Old Kadizar,
but the remains of other ancient structures were
also incorporated into those built by the Lindarians.大事记
剧透 -   : Based on what little is left from the time before
the rise and fall of Lindaros, one can only speculate about the people who preceded it. Symbarian legends found in Davokar suggest that a master/mistress by the name of Sanator established “a southern
realm, in the shade of the wild mountains,” but any
connection between such a person and the ruins
in the area has yet to be confirmed. It is possible
that Ordo Magica has unearthed new information
during the excavation currently underway below
Old Kadizar, but if so, it has not spread to anyone
outside the Triplet Towers. 林达洛斯兴起又衰落前的岁月几乎没有留下记录,人们只能猜测之前的居民是怎样的人。达沃卡找到的辛柏隆传说称一位名叫Sanator的人建立了一个“群山阴影下的南方王国”,但这位人物与此地的遗迹之间的关系还未被确认。或许秘法学会在清理旧卡德赞地下通道时发掘出了新的信息,但即使这些信息存在,它们也未能传出三塔之外。
剧透 -   : Thus, the songs and legends heard throughout
the capital all focus on the period from the fall of
Lindaros to the present, which has certainly been
eventful enough to offer everything from tragedy
and drama to epic tales of glorious triumphs.因此在首都流传的歌谣与传说全都仅限于林达洛斯衰亡后至今的这段时期,但也自然有许多重要时间,从悲剧与惊奇剧,到光荣胜利的传奇故事,应有尽有。
剧透 -   : The mass death of Lindaros
Much of today’s Yndaros consists of restored and
expanded structures from Lindarian times. This
is particularly true of the city’s largest buildings:
the Palace, the Cathedral of Martyrs, the Dome,
the Triplet Towers, and the towers at the harbor
basin. By analyzing these structures along with
finds from various excavations, combined with
the clans’ stories and a few surviving fragments of
text, the scholars of Ordo Magica have gained what
they believe is a decent understanding of who the
Lindarians were and how they lived.
They worshipped a deity called the Guardian, who
gave them the power to influence nature – to control
the weather, enrich both water and soil, fatten their
cattle, and thereby live in great abundance. It is clear
that, eventually, they all perished due to a terrible
bleeding disease. Most of today’s scholars link the
epidemic to the decadent lifestyle, but there are those
who disagree. The most widespread interpretation is
that the Lindarians’ downfall was their punishment
for worshipping false gods. While they did cultivate
Prios’ gifts, they did so by “planting crops in blackened
soil, growing them in darkness, watering them from the
spring of the Eternal Night.”林达洛斯群体死亡事件
剧透 -   : It is said that Ordo Magica has a completely different view on the matter, and according to some of the
Sun God’s most zealous servants, the Queen shares
the Order’s belief that the Lindarians merely went a
step too far; that they became arrogant and careless.
This, in the church’s eyes heretical, stance scares a
lot of people senseless – not just due to the prospect
of another epidemic, but because the revival of old
Lindarian practices could mean the finishing blow
to the already battered, dying Lawgiver.据说秘法学会对此有完全不同的看法,而根据一些最狂热的太阳神仆从的说法,女王也同意学会的观点,也就是林达洛斯人只是走得太远,他们太过傲慢、太过不谨慎。这种在教会眼中属于异端的观点吓坏了很多人——它不仅意味着另一次疫病流行的可能性,更说明重现曾经林达洛斯人的手段会成为对奄奄一息、濒死的执法者的最后一击。
剧透 -   : Kadizar surrenders
The surrender of clan Kadizar does not make a
very exciting story around the campfire – it was
a brief, relatively bloodless, and in most respects
unremarkable affair. Sure, there is some talk of
the (according to many Ambrians) unreasonably
large reward received by Clan Chieftain Manvar
for the arrangement, and tales are certainly told
about the heroes who died in the Ambrians’ initial
charge – a defeat, to be sure, but also a decisive
display of strength that sent a clear message. But
the detail people usually find most interesting is
the breakup of the chieftain’s family.卡德赞部落投降
剧透 -   : Manvar’s oldest child, his daughter Maridja,
refused to see her father trade away her future
position as head of the clan. It is said that, in
the heat of the family conflict, she took up arms
and crushed her father’s nose, causing the disfiguring scar which now runs across his face.
Legend also has it that Manvar should have
died that day, had his beloved third wife – the
beautiful Unraga – not leapt between him and
the axe, so that both of their hearts were split
in two; literally in Unraga’s case, figuratively in
Manvar’s. Allegedly, the furious daughter then
fled the oncoming guard warriors with the bitter
words: “Father, your heart may bleed, but mine you
have turned to solid ice; it shall not beat again until
yours has shed its final drop.”曼瓦尔最大的孩子,女儿玛丽迪亚,拒绝父亲把自己未来的酋长位置交易掉。据说在家庭冲突中她武力反抗,打断了她父亲的鼻子,就是现在酋长脸上难看的伤疤。
剧透 -   : What role the chieftain’s son, Lothar, played in
this drama remains unclear – some stories suggest
that he led the warriors whom Maridja escaped, others that he took his sister’s side, but was captured
and persuaded to bow to the chieftain’s will. In any
case, there is no doubt that the family relations
nowadays are quite frosty: Maridja, better known
as the Ice Witch, hides in the Titans with the rest of
her robber scum; Lothar makes a sorry figure as the
Queen’s representative on Karvosti; and the Baron
of Grendel keeps a large and well-trained guard,
probably to protect himself against his daughter’s
(and possibly his son’s) wrath.不清楚酋长的儿子洛萨在这场闹剧中扮演了什么角色,有的故事说赶来的守卫由他带队,有的说他站在了姐姐一边,但被抓获并且被迫屈服。无论实际情况如何,如今他们的家庭关系笼罩在迷雾之中:玛丽迪亚得到了冰女巫的称号,和她的强盗帮一起躲在泰坦山脉,洛萨在卡勒弗斯提当蹩脚的女王代表,如今的格仑戴尔男爵维持着一支庞大且训练有素的守卫队伍,也许是为了避开自己女儿(可能还有儿子)的怒火。
剧透 -   : The Queen arrives
Few ever speak of the seven years that passed before
Queen Korinthia arrived at her new promised land.
Everyone knows it was a dark time – a time of
poverty, danger and endless exhaustion; a time of
slavers; a time of death. The suffering was of course
necessary, inevitable even, and the blame for the
misery lies entirely on the moldering shoulders
of the Dark Lords. But the Queen’s people prefer
to remember the victories and triumphs, rather
than the necessary evil that occured in between.女王到来
剧透 -   : It was a beautiful late summer day when
Korinthia and her entourage passed the posting
at Prios’ Pass. After a three-day journey across
the rolling gold of the plains, they finally halted
their horses just south of today’s Temple District.
Before riding on to receive the people’s ovations,
the Queen raised her voice and proclaimed: “You,
fair new home and fortress, shall carry the name of the
true hero; your name shall be Yndaros!”
They say that every cobblestone, facade, and
face was impeccably clean that day, and those who
were there can attest to the euphoric celebrations
which lasted for seven days and seven nights. If it
is true that during these days the Queen’s agents quelled a handful of assassination attempts (two
of them orchestrated by her own subjects), those
enjoying the party did not notice it. 那是个美丽的夏末,葛林提亚与她的随从通过了普里奥斯隘口。三天穿过金黄色的平原后,他们终于在如今的神殿区南边停下。在继续骑马迎接人民的欢呼前,女王提高音量高呼:“你,美丽的新家园与堡垒,当以真正的英雄命名,汝名为云达洛斯!”

--- 引用 ---————
剧透 -   : “From what I’ve heard, it
would not surprise me if
Baron Manvar Grendel
is actually in league with
his daughter, that Ice
Witch woman. I mean,
how else could he survive with no one willing to
do business with him?“就我听到的,假如曼瓦尔·格仑戴尔男爵和他的女儿,那个冰女巫,是一伙的,我也不会惊讶。否则都没人愿意和他交往,他怎么还能活下来?”
--- 引用结尾 ---

剧透 -   : The Bloodbath
Most of those who leave the dying Alberetor, cross
the mountains and gain the Queen’s blessing to
enter the Promised Land, believe this to be the end
of their hardship. That is not always the case. Far
from it. Gratitude and subservience usually go a
long way in keeping the refugees’ frustration in
check; sometimes particularly enraged voices must
be silenced with alms and a heavy hand. But on a
few occasions in the city’s twenty-year history,
even this was not enough.血浴
剧透 -   : It is a well-known fact that enemies of the realm
are hiding among the refugees, and that they are the
reason why the discontent of the masses sometimes
escalates into violence. Whether it was some barbarian scoundrel or an agent of a foreign power who
caused the Bloodbath of year 14 is a much debated
topic, the most popular suspect being the Realm of
the Order, followed by a theory that the refugees
were under the spell of a surviving Dark Lord.大家都知道王国的敌人藏在难民之中,是他们让民众的不满演变成了暴力。到底是蛮族无赖还是外国的探子导致了14年的血浴事件,至今仍有很多争议,最被认可的怀疑指向了教团王国,接着是认为难民们受到了一位幸存黑魔王的咒语控制。
剧透 -   : It began early one cold winter’s morning when a
group of disgruntled refugees waited in vain for the
breakfast soup they had been promised. In retrospect, it turned out that the cook Varga had overslept
and, realizing she was already too late, decided to stay
in bed – but her misconduct does not excuse what
happened next. The protests grew into a deafening
chorus, and when a troop of young Pansars arrived
to defuse the situation, some foolish ingrates threw
stones at them. Naturally, the victims had no choice
but to draw their swords in self-defense. That was
the spark that ignited the breaching pot!事件始于一个寒冬的早晨,一群不满的难民徒劳地等待着被许诺给他们地早餐粥。事后得知,厨子Varga只是睡过了,并且当她意识到自己已经迟到后,决定继续躺着。人群的抗议声震耳欲聋,一队年轻的女王之盾出现,打算平息事态,而此时一些愚蠢的不知感恩的狂徒对他们投掷了石块。自然被扔石块的士兵只有拔剑自卫。破裂的大锅就此被点燃!
剧透 -   : By nightfall, the Pansars, supported by the City
Watch and a troop of rangers, had been forced to
consign almost three thousand refugees to the
final rest. But they, too, suffered many casualties,
with dozens seriously wounded. In the days that
followed, blood was scrubbed off the streets all
over East Yndaros, as the Queen vowed both to
increase alms for the rest of the winter, and punish
the person responsible.
Three days after the Bloodbath, Varga was hanged
from a temporary gallows in the middle of the refugee camp. They say the hangman, the guards, and
some children were the only ones watching. 到夜幕降临为止,女王之盾在巡城卫和一队巡林卫的协助下,被迫让将近三千米难民永远沉睡。但他们也有许多伤亡,还有几十名受到重伤。随后的几天,血迹被从东云达洛斯的街道上擦去,而女王起誓将将为剩下的冬天增加福利费用,并且严惩责任人。
剧透 -   : The Apostles of Supremacy
Although neither the City Watch, the Key Master,
nor any other authority, has confirmed the story, a
persistent rumor is circulating in the city regarding
a darkness-worshipping death cult, based in an attic
in the Temple District, supposedly uncovered in the
spring of year 17. It is not uncommon for members
of various factions to be exposed as cultists and
face imprisonment or execution, but of course, the
situation becomes particularly delicate when it
concerns local dignitaries. 至高使徒
剧透 -   : In this case, the cult in question was a large
group calling itself the Apostles of Supremacy,
headed by five prominent nobles. Two of the names
most frequently mentioned are Armangai Brigo
(Iasogoi’s less successful younger brother) and
Aldol Attio (the Key Master’s oldest son). None of
them have been seen in the city since that infamous
spring day, and the rumor mill pays little mind to
their families’ hollow excuses (a trip to Alberetor
and a secret mission in a faraway land). 这起案件里的邪教一个自称至高使徒的大型团体,由五名重要贵族领导。其中两个被经常提到的是 Armangai·勃利格(伊萨盖不那么成功的弟弟)和Aldol·艾提奥(掌钥官的长子)。臭名昭著的那个春日后,城里再没有人见过他们,而城里的流言也完全不在乎他们家族那些空洞的借口(去安布里托旅行以及去远方执行秘密任务)。
剧透 -   : The many stories of the Apostles’ deeds are
blood-curdling indeed. Among other things, they
were said to worship a daemon whose worldly existence was maintained through monthly human sacrifices. The victims were all female, and in return
the Apostles gained knowledge which helped them
oppose women in positions of power, hopefully
restricting their influence. They believed that all
women were essentially witches, filled with dark
desires and therefore dangerous. If these tales are
correct, the Apostles apparently considered the
threat so grave that pacts, murder and idolatry
seemed like justifiable means…有许多关于使徒行径的故事,大部分都让人毛骨悚然。例如,据说他们崇拜一个魔鬼(daemon),只有每个月献祭人类才能让她存在于这个世界。受害者全都是女性,而作为回报,使徒们会得到能够帮助他们对抗女性当权者的知识,并且限制她们的影响。使徒认为所有女性本质上都是充满黑暗欲望的女巫,十分危险。如果传说是真的,那么使徒认为这种威胁已经严重到结盟、谋杀和偶像崇拜都是正当的手段……
剧透 -   : Aloéna’s visit
Elves live dangerously in Yndaros. Not that many
of its citizens have personally experienced the
cruelty and evil attributed to the elves, but virtually everyone agrees that the “pointy-ears”
consider humanity their mortal enemy. Sure,
some elves present themselves as peaceful,
diplomatically inclined individuals, but the
overwhelming majority of people believe they
can see through that charade – the elves are no
more than spies intent on sabotaging the city and
gathering information!艾洛娜来访
剧透 -   : Until the summer of year 20, the people of Yndaros
felt distanced and relatively safe from the elven
menace; it was something that mainly concerned
the realm’s northern provinces. But then, one sunny
summer day, Aloéna arrived in the city. They say that
she walked across the surging surface of the river,
near Fortress Doudram, without even getting her
feet wet, and made her way through the streets and
alleys until reaching Envoy Elori’s residence down
the hill from the palace. The news of a creature of
Davokar moving through the city spread like wildfire; its presence sparked fear in the populace, but
none could resist the urge to catch a glimpse of the
she-giant as she continued unfazed and unhindered
through the crowds, who immediately parted before
her and closed behind her.直到20年夏,云达洛斯的居民都还远离精灵的威胁,他们觉得相对安全,精灵主要困扰王国的北部省份。但在夏日的一天,艾洛娜来到了这座城市。据说她走过了杜拉兰要塞边的河面,脚都没被沾湿。她穿过街道和小巷,最后来到了位于宫殿山脚下,特使艾洛理的住宅。一个达沃卡的生物经过城市,这个消息像野火一般蔓延开来,引发人们的恐惧,但没人能抵得住去看一眼的欲望,女巨人旁若无人地穿过人群,而人群在她身前散开,又在她身后聚合。
剧透 -   : No one knows what was said between Aloéna and
Elori, but as the fascination (or “enchantment”, as
some called it) waned, the suspicion began to grow.
The predominant view is that Aloéna is the dark
queen of Davokar, that Elori is one of her captains,
and that their meeting concerned some sort of scheme
against humanity – an attack on Yndaros, perhaps,
or even full-scale war. Naturally, no one dares lay a
hand on Elori and his aides, as he is clearly on good
terms with the Queen of Ambria. But other elves
(and changelings who in the haze of intoxication are
mistaken for elves) have since become a greater target
for Yndarian suspicion, loathing and aggression. The
expression “a dead elf is a good elf ” can be heard in
public spaces throughout the city. 没人知道艾洛娜和艾洛理说了什么,但随着惊奇(也有人说是“着魔”)消散,怀疑开始滋长。主流观点认为艾洛娜是达沃卡的黑暗女王,艾洛理是她的一名队长,他们会面是为了谋划针对人类的阴谋——也许是攻击云达洛斯,甚至是全面战争。自然,没人敢对艾洛理和他的助手下手,毕竟他与安珀利亚的女王关系良好。但其他精灵(以及在迷糊中被认作精灵的替换儿)随后成为了安珀利亚人怀疑、鄙视和针对的对象。“死精灵才是好精灵”的说法在城里各个公共场所都可以听到。
剧透 -   : The betrothal
The kingdom of Ambria grows more secure, powerful and beautiful by the day. On the other hand,
no one can have failed to notice that recent times
have seen a number of distressing incidents – raging
abominations in the middle of Thistle Hold; a belligerent barbarian alliance in the north that threatens
even the High Chieftain; the Templars’ secession
from the Curia and rumors of deep schisms within
the Sun Church; the deepening conflict between the
Queen and the barbarians, which culminated in the
siege of Karvosti. Indeed, the region’s inhabitants
need all the good news they can get.订婚
剧透 -   : Lately, a new announcement put smiles on many
peoples’ faces: the upcoming wedding between
Duchess Esmerelda Kohinoor and Thabor of Yedesa,
son of High Chieftain Tharaban. Needless to say, not
everyone approves of this; there are still many who
see barbarians as no better than witches, elves and
other agents of the Eternal Night. But the masses
trust their Queen; that she knows what it takes to
build a safer and stronger Ambria. Besides, the idea
of a royal wedding, with all the pomp and pageantry
and festivities it entails, is enough to lift the spirits
of even the most desperate!随后,一条新闻让许多人脸上露出了笑容:女公爵爱丝梅拉达·柯希诺与大酋长哈剌班之子,耶德萨的塔博尔的婚礼即将举行。不必说,不是所有人都认同这场婚姻,还有许多人觉得蛮族不比女巫、精灵以及其他永夜的施行者好不了多少。但群众相信他们的女王,她知道怎么建立一个更安全更强大的安珀利亚。此外,王家婚礼带来的盛景、典礼以及庆祝活动,本身就足够让哪怕最绝望的人打起精神!
剧透 -   : It will be a winter wedding, and preparations
have long been underway. Every craftsman in the
city is busy making furniture, outfits, princely
gifts, or trying out new recipes for everything
from Princess Cake and Esmerelda Pie to Thabor’s
Blackbrew and Tharaban’s Party Sausage. And of
course the facades along the Queen’s Boulevard
will need to be refurbished. That many of the
capital’s liturgs preach about unholy alliances, the
inherent darkness of barbarians, and the witches’
iron grip on the High Chieftain’s soul causes more
annoyance than fear. 婚礼将在冬天举行,准备活动已经进行和很长时间了。城里的每个手艺人都在忙着制作家具、服装、高价的礼物,或是在尝试新的食谱,从公主蛋糕和爱丝梅拉达派到塔博尔黑酿和哈剌班派对香肠。当然女王大道两旁的墙面也需要重新粉刷。首都的许多布道师宣称这是邪恶的联盟,蛮族天生就带着黑暗,女巫攥住了大酋长的灵魂,但他们引发的更多是厌恶而不是恐惧。

--- 引用 ---————————
剧透 -   : “There is so much nonsense being said about
the wedding; according
to what I’ve heard, from
a very reliable witness,
Esmerelda fell headover-heels for Thabor the
very first time they met,
on Karvosti. They really
love each other, truly and
--- 引用结尾 ---

剧透 -   : People & Places
a Book of thIS limited size could not possibly cover all establishments and
noteworthy characters in Yndaros. And the rapid changes always taking place
in the city do not make it any easier – a tavern packed with customers could next
month have been turned into a smithy; the temporarily famous captain of the
City Watch who wrestled a highly inebriated ogre to the ground is forgotten as
soon as the next bar fght begins.

NEvErthElESS, dESCrIBEd BElow are a number of people and places which most citizens of
Yndaros know and have opinions about. Note
that in many cases, these have characteristics
that make them stand out in one way or another;
the reader should not expect the entire city to be
equally remarkable – there are plenty of perfectly
ordinary shops, taverns, inns and people in the
Queen’s city.人物与地点
剧透 -   : However, visitors and residents alike are
naturally more interested in the extraordinary,
and the business owners know it, as do other
fame-seeking individuals. Though it does not
always succeed, each establishment does its best to
carve out a niche that will attract customers and
keep them coming back. At the moment, the most popular niche is to specialize in “high quality,” be
it food, belt buckles or copper cauldrons. But since
people have different tastes, these establishments
are ofen precisely the ones which deserve to be
described as ordinary. 但旅行者和居民自然会对不寻常的东西感兴趣,商人们,还有其他追逐名利的家伙都很清楚。每家店都会努力凸显自己,好吸引顾客还有回头客,虽然不一定成功。当前最受欢迎的方式是“高质量”,无论是食物、腰带扣还是铜锅。但由于人们口味不同,这些商家通常正是那些会被描述为“普通”的类型。

--- 引用 ---——————
剧透 -   : You know, my son in
Thistle Hold, he wrote
that Father Sarvola has
gone missing. Perhaps
he decided to leave, or
maybe the Templars got
to him. In any case, he's
gone and the Mission
House is deserted.”“跟你说,我儿子在蓟花要塞,他写信给我说萨弗拉教长不见了。可能他打算离开,也可能神殿骑士逮着他了。不管什么原因,他失踪了,传教所没人了。”
--- 引用结尾 ---
剧透 -   : Food & Drink
pErhapS It IS their memories and stories of wartime and post-war austerity in Alberetor; perhaps
it is their hard labor, or their wish to praise the Sun
God by relishing his gifs – whatever the reason, the
Yndarians are a voracious, not to say gluttonous,
people. Food is constantly being consumed, enjoyed
and discussed as passionately as treasure grounds
are in Thistle Hold.
Throughout the year there are food vendors on
every square and street corner, with their wagons
and vending trays full of simple fare such as pies,
sausages, kebrogs and bread. The competition is
brutal, and those whose reputation exceeds that
of their rivals can make a good living from it (like
Madame Elinora, who afer three years as a street
vendor had saved up enough to open a tavern, the
Victory Vault, in the Bohemian Quarter).食物与饮品
剧透 -   : As for taverns, bars and other establishments,
there is something for everyone, regardless of
wealth or taste. Classical Ambrian cuisine, rooted
in the traditions of Alberetor and inspired by the
culinary habits of the nobility, is of course the most
prevalent, but many have also developed a taste
for the more rustic dishes served among the clans.
As night begins to fall, the city is flled with a rich
mix of mouthwatering scents, which, if the wind
is coming in from the west, makes the people at the
refugee camp weep with hunger. 至于酒馆、酒吧和其它商铺,每个人都能找到适合自己的,无论有多少钱、有什么口味。来源于安布里托传统、受贵族的饮食习惯影响的安珀利亚美食自然是最常见的,但有许多人也爱上了蛮族那些更加质朴的菜肴。当夜幕降临,城市充满了让人垂涎的浓郁香气,要是吹起西风,会让难民营地里饥饿的人们哭泣。
剧透 -   : towN hall’S loft
On the top floor of the building which is said to
have been the town hall of Lindaros lies the tavern
known as the Town Hall’s Lof. Below the sloping
ceiling, the atmosphere is as cozy as it is elegant.
The staff serves exclusive food at exclusive prices,
allegedly based on recipes by the legendary Royal
Chef Eberto. The clientele consists mainly of
wealthy merchants and successful artists or artisans; the salon is nice and quiet, as is the balcony,
where customers ofen end up having a drink, to
wash down the last of four to twelve courses.市政厅阁楼
剧透 -   : The fact that the owner, Jalio, has trouble
attracting nobles to his tavern may seem strange.
But there is an explanation – among the highest of
the highborn, the Town Hall’s Lof has a reputation
for encouraging the view that the rightful privileges
of the noble blood should be restricted in favor of
the populace; that credentials and effort should be
valued as highly as lineage. When confronted with
such claims, Jalio usually responds with a dismissive snort, followed by silence. Of course, many
of his regulars may have controversial opinions
on the matter, but that does not necessarily mean
that he agrees.店主贾里奥没能吸引贵族来到自己的酒店似乎有些奇怪。但有一个解释——在最高贵的贵族中,市政厅阁楼的名声不好,赞同为了大众,贵族血脉的合法特权应当被限制、金钱和劳力与血脉同样有价值。被问及这些指控时,贾里奥通常只是不屑地哼一声,接着沉默不语。当然,他的许多常客对这些观点有引起争议的看法,但并不是说他同意他们。

--- 引用 ---剧透 -   : Pork & bean pie 3 shillings
Crayfsh pâté 6 shillings
Glass of table ale 5 ortegs
Cup of Argona 2 shillings猪肉和豆子馅饼 3先令
小龙虾肉泥馅饼 6先令
一杯餐桌啤酒 5沃特
一杯阿格纳 2先令
--- 引用结尾 ---

剧透 -   : thE davokar fEaStEry
The Davokar Feastery is a tavern located in the
city’s most afuent district, which is also where
most of its customers are based. The menu offers
classic Alberian dishes, but all ingredients come
directly from either the great forest in the north,
or from the Titans. The brawns, pies, pastries and
soufés all have a distinctly wild flavor – familiar
and at the same time exotic.
Like Zoltar’s Inn, the Feastery is ofen accused
of deceiving customers by serving food that is not
what they say it is. And there may actually be more
grounds for suspicion in this case. The Feastery’s
owner, Madelia, is said to have made her fortune by
seducing wealthy old men and then blackmailing
them for information, dubious favors and money.
The origin of this rumor has yet to be determined,
as none of the presumed victims have come forth
to confrm it. But if it is true, surely it would not be
unreasonable to suspect other forms of foul play
on her part.达沃卡大餐

--- 引用 ---剧透 -   : Wild boar stew with beets 1 shilling
Piglet collops 2 shillings
Can of Vesa 5 ortegs
Cup of Blackbrew 2 ortegs 甜菜根炖野猪 1先令
乳猪肉片 2先令
一罐Vesa 5沃特
一杯黑酿 2沃特
--- 引用结尾 ---
剧透 -   : thE Croft
If the Town Hall’s Lof and the Davokar Feastery
are described as upscale taverns, the Crof must be
placed at the other end of the scale. Located in Old
Kadizar, near the gate to the Monger’s Square, it is
the favorite hangout of Nobleman Dastan. The thief
king even has his own table in the dining hall, on a
platform one meter above the floor, from which he
holds court and addresses “his subjects,” spurring
them into offering various forms of entertainment
(his favorites being Naval Battle and Drunken Peons).小农场
市政厅阁楼和达沃卡大餐可以算是高档的酒馆,而小农场则完全相反。小农场位于旧卡德赞,靠近商贩广场的大门,是贵人达斯坦最喜欢出没的地方。这位盗贼王在餐厅里甚至有自己的桌子,在一个高出地面一米的平台上,这就是他的王庭,他在这里接见“臣民”,让他们表演各种娱乐(他最喜欢的是Naval Battle和Drunken Peons)。
剧透 -   : Some say the City Watch always has a number of
undercover agents stationed at the tavern, hoping
to obtain information regarding impending criminal activity. Other rumors claim that the Royal
Sekretorium also has infltrators hiding among
the customers. The supposed reason for this is that
Nobleman Dastan is suspected of colluding with
agents from the City States and/or the Realm of
the Order, or harboring wanted criminals (thieves,
murderers, rebels and even surviving Dark Lords)
at the tavern – for a price, of course. Regardless of
whether these claims are true or not, guests at the
Crof would probably be wise to keep their voices
down when discussing matters best kept hidden
from the authorities.有人说巡城卫长期在这里布有一批便衣密探,希望能获取犯罪行为的信息。其它传言称皇家Sekretorium也在顾客中安排了渗透者。原因可能是贵人达斯坦被怀疑和城邦或者/以及教团国的密探勾结,或者是在酒馆里窝藏了通缉犯(盗贼、杀人犯、叛徒甚至幸存的黑魔王)——当然是为了钱。无论这些说法是不是真的,小农场的客人在讨论不希望被当局知晓的事情时,最好压低声音。

--- 引用 ---剧透 -   : Porridge of the day 2 ortegs
Today’s stew with turnips 5 ortegs
Tankard of Brutebrew 1 orteg
Tankard of Blackbrew 2 ortegs 本日粥 2沃特
本日萝卜炖菜 5沃特
一杯粗酿(Brutebrew) 1沃特
一杯黑酿 2沃特
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剧透 -   : thE SCratCh & rodENt
One of the shabbiest, filthiest, most decrepit
buildings in the Laborers’ District holds the only
goblin-run tavern in Ambria. It is owned by three
Karabbadokks named Unkh, Dudo, and Pulsuk,
but does not in any way discriminate against other
races – all are welcome, and all may eat as much as
they like. However, humans are ofen too blinded
by prejudice to even give it a chance, despite the
fact that those who do usually contend that the
Scratch & Rodent offers better value for money
than any other establishment in town. Sure, their
ingredients (leeches, insects, mice, moss, fr sprouts
and the like) can be a challenge for both stomach
and mind, but once accustomed to it, many people
attest that they have never felt better than they do
afer a bit of goblin grub.尖爪利齿
剧透 -   : Lately, the owners and their establishment have
been subjected to continual acts of sabotage. It all
started quite harmlessly with someone smearing butter on the outside walls, and then on the
benches and other furniture inside, without ever
being detected. But more recently this elusive
shadow (or shadows) has nailed dead animals to
the well-buttered facade, and even tried to set
the building on fre. The City Watch shows no
interest in the matter, especially as Unkh, Dudo,
and Pulsuk keep pretending that nothing has
happened. Fortunately, local goblins have formed
a small guard and assumed the task of keeping
watch outside the Scratch & Rodent, which is why
it still attracts customers.最近店主和店都受到了持续的破坏行动。最开始比较无害,只是有人把黄油涂在外墙上,接着是里面的板凳和其它家具遭殃,没人发现是谁干的。但最近这个藏起来的家伙开始把死掉的动物钉在涂满黄油的外墙上,甚至还尝试点着整个建筑。巡城卫对此毫不关心,特别是Unkh、Dudo和Pulsuk还坚持假装无事发生。幸运的是,当地的地精们组成了一小支护卫队,在外面看守尖爪利齿,才让顾客继续光顾这里。

--- 引用 ---剧透 -   : Field mouse on bark bread 2 ortegs
Fish offal soup 4 ortegs
Can of fne water 1 orteg
Mug of Hubble 2 ortegs田鼠配树皮面包 2沃特
鱼内脏汤 1沃特
一杯咕噜咕噜 2沃特
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剧透 -   : Hubble
Hubble is a goblin delicacy made almost entirely from fermented hops. It is
horribly bitter, but also said to have miraculous effects on one’s mind, hair
growth and virility. Few humans would want more than one glass (or maybe
just a half), while goblins can happily consume many liters of it – provided
they do not plunge into the Hubble Abyss, of course.咕噜咕噜
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剧透 -   : Housing
Compared to Thistle Hold, there are not that  many inns and guest houses in the capital. People  usually have specific reasons for visiting, often  summoned by a certain person or organization  who can also provide accommodation. Besides, one  can always pitch a tent at the refugee camp; it does  come with certain risks, but on the other hand it is  completely free and may also include a daily meal  of soup and bread.
Another option is to lodge with locals who happen to have a spare bed or two. Those willing to do so  need only ask around in taverns, squares or on the  street – there is always someone who knows someone who would not mind having guests sleep on the  kitchen couch, at a fair price. This also has its risks,  especially inside the walls of Old Kadizar, where  the thieves guilds are systematically breaking up  groups of travelling companions by scattering them  across different lodgings, before giving them an  unpleasant awakening in the middle of the night.住宿
剧透 -   : The Tower
The Tower is the largest inn in Yndaros. The  building, whose outer walls date from the time of  Lindaros, is located in the city center and is almost  as tall as the Cathedral of Martyrs, though not as  beautiful. The rooms on its nine floors vary greatly  in size and quality – from the two dormitories sharing space with the kitchen and dining room on the  bottom floor, to the top floor’s two luxurious suites.
The latter is reached by an elevator which runs up  the southern facade; thanks to the wizard Elarea’s  ingenious design, the power source (an ogre named  Bauta) is able to hoist up (or down) one whole family  at a time, luggage included.
The Tower is owned and run by the elderly  couple Dunia and Safia, who acquired the building  in year 9 when Ordo Magica moved its Yndaros  chapter into the restored Triplet Towers. The cleaning, cooking, and customer services are managed  impeccably by the women’s fifteen children, all  adopted from penniless families at the refugee  camp. The only thing that makes some people  consider other housing options are the rumors  of items left behind (perhaps deliberately) by the  building’s previous occupants. Everyone knows  that Ordo Magica studies and experiments with  hazardous powers, and supposedly, the evil of the  Eternal Night can cling to corrupted objects and  buildings for a very long time. 高塔

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剧透 -   : “There are several Iron  Pact warbands hiding  here in Yndaros. Ten, I  bet. Maybe more. I’m  sure it was they who  set those beasts loose  on the Dome last Feast  Day! The victims’ blood  is on their conscience,  if they even have such  a thing between those  pointy ears.” “有几个铁盟的战团藏在云达洛斯这里。我猜有十个。可能不止。我确定就是他们在上个欢宴日放出了弧穹角斗场里的野兽!受害者的鲜血该让他们良心不安,要是他们的尖耳朵之间有这玩意的话。”
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剧透 -   : Kohinoor’s
While visiting nobles will sometimes choose one  of the Tower’s upscale rooms, most prefer the inn known as Kohinoor’s. As its name suggests, the  inn was established on the Queen’s initiative, after  she came to Yndaros and discovered there was no  appropriate housing for guests of lesser nobility (the  kind which did not own property in the city and  could not be accommodated at the palace). Very few  can afford to stay at Kohinoor’s, and it is unlikely  that anyone but a noble would feel at home there.
Apparently, Manager Ribaio wants his customers  to feel as though they were the personal guests of  Queen Korinthia – with all that entails in terms of  etiquette, formalities and customs.
Everything that involves the rich and the  powerful is subject to gossip and speculation,  and Kohinoor’s is no exception. It has been called  the headquarters of the Apostles of Supremacy,  portrayed as a den of fornication and unbridled  gluttony, and some say the staff consists almost  entirely of spies, paid by various factions or powers.
But more than anything, witness accounts from  inside the establishment have furthered the rumors  of division within, and between, Ambria’s noble  houses. For even though Kohinoor’s can sometimes  be a place for more or less secret, romantic fraternization between the realm’s most powerful, angry  arguments and bloody confrontations seem to be  more common.柯希诺旅馆
剧透 -   : The Depth of the Titans
Right next to one of the city’s smallest sun temples stands the inn called the Depth of the Titans.
Previously known as the Crown and Scepter, it used  to be one of the most popular inns in Yndaros, at least  among those with limited means. But since the change  of name and owners, at least half of its beds are usually unoccupied – even though the food and service  are the same, and the staff is entirely human, many  customers are put off when they learn that the place  is now owned by the dwarven family of Valotzar.
The dining hall, however, remains as wellattended as ever. It is one of the Bohemian Quarter’s  liveliest, most boisterous venues for food, drink,  music and song. Its modest stage is graced by  hopeful newcomers as well as renowned greats like  the bard Taubio and the vocalist Elia Silkensong.
Festivities often last into the early morning hours,  to the great annoyance of the liturgs next door,  who would prefer to greet the radiant face of Prios  without having their chants drowned out by “disgraceful bellowing.” The owners are never seen at the inn; the only  signs of their involvement are the establishment’s  name, and the Valotzar family rune which can  be seen all over the place: on the engraved silver  plaque mounted above the entrance, burned into  the furniture, and embroidered onto aprons, bed  linen and napkins. However, many are convinced  that dwarves are hiding in the building, or rather  under it – in excavated tunnels and caves, whose  entrances have been well-concealed. The wildest  rumor speaks of a tunnel system stretching all  the way to Küam Zamok; of countless dwarves  dwelling beneath the Bohemian Quarter, and the  Depth of the Titans being a central location in their  invasion plan.泰坦深山
但餐厅则依然座无虚席。这里是波西米亚区最有活力、最热闹的场所,有食物、饮料、音乐还有歌曲。简朴的舞台既有满怀希望的新人也有出名的大人物,例如吟游诗人Taubio和歌手Elia Silkensong。

剧透 -   : Zoltar’s Inn
Several of the city’s inns are run by barbarians, and  specialize in making the people of Davokar feel at  home. Down by the harbor is the Bear Trap, by the  Monger’s Square stands the Axe & Cauldron, and  those who would rather experience a more Ambrian  conception of barbarian living may check into the  Howling Wolf in the district called New Town – a  place packed with furs, antlers, hunting trophies,  low-priced Brutebrew, and crude wooden furniture.
The place generally considered most genuine  is Zoltar’s Inn. Housed in a Lindarian ruin, the establishment has no ties to the chieftain of clan  Vajvod, other than its decor, which was supposedly  made to resemble his windowless residence – the  stone fortress of Vojvodar. It is simple and robust,  expertly crafted from wood, stone and linen. Cook  Aztri’s skill is widely recognized, especially when  she gets her hands on some delicious aboar or  kanaran. This only happens in winter, however,  when the meat can be kept cold on the journey  along the River Doudram. But whenever a shipment  is on its way, the owner, Hadrak, makes sure to  spread the word. A day or two later, when there is  Aboar Stew or Snake Pie on the menu, long lines  form outside the door. A fool’s bargain, many say,  grunting that said dishes are made from ordinary  pigs or eels. But barbarians from Davokar reject  these claims; they can definitely taste the difference  between real aboar and Ambrian pork!佐塔旅馆

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剧透 -   : Table 1: The cost of lodging in Yndaros

NaME   typE   1 NIght   1 wEEk   1 MoNth   owNErShIp
The Tower   Dorm/Simple room   0,5/1 shilling   2/4 shillings   2 thaler   —
Depth of the Titans   Two or four bed room   1 shillings   3 shillings   15 shillings   —
Zoltar’s Inn   Double room   2 shillings   9 shillings   3 thaler   —
The Tower   Suite   1 thaler   4 thaler   —   —
Kohinoor’s   Room/Suite   3/5 thaler   12/20 thaler   —   —
Homestay   Local host   0,3–3 shillings   2–15 shillings   1–4 thaler   —
Buy nice   Three rooms by the Cathedral   —   —   —   2 000 thaler
Buy ordinary   Three rooms in New Town   —   —   —   600 thaler
Buy simple   One room by Monger’s Square   —   —   —   150 thaler表1:云达洛斯住宿价格
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