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Style armor


剧透 -   : Image is everything. At least, that’s what the corps and the media want us to believe. The thing is, most of the average people on the street out there buy it hook, line, and sinker. Weaving kevlar, spidersilk, and nano-polymers together into well-tailored fabrics is a pivotal area of success for megacorps wanting to intertwine protection and fashion. That said, between stopping bullets and turning heads, the former is the easier.

Armanté Suit/Dress

剧透 -   : The Armanté name has long been synonymous with wealth. Only the most affluent (or those wanting to look rich) spend the kind of nuyen it takes to buy Armanté.

--- 引用 ---阿玛特礼服/礼服裙
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--- 引用 ---边栏:护甲的社交等级
Social Rating from Armor


剧透 -   : Armor now offers a bonus Edge in social encounters when comparing a Social Rating created by the Charisma + Social Rating modifier of the armors worn by the participants. If the Social Rating of one participant is 4 or more greater than their opponent, they gain an Edge. The modifiers on the armors are used as written for most Influence-based tests, with the exception of Intimidation. Intimidation tests use the opposite value (i.e. –10 becomes +10) for determining Social Rating.


剧透 -   : As usual, all Edge distribution is the realm of the gamemaster, and exceptions can be made for situations where the social disparity of two parties doesn’t really affect their interactions. To avoid too much number-crunching, Social Rating and Defense Rating should not be used in the same situation; basically, once the guns start firing, your appearance is no longer consequential to the way events are unfolding.

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Ares Victory Lines

剧透 -   : This series has shifted from fashion to faux pas, but that wasn’t really Ares’ fault. And with the nuyen rolling in like it is, they don’t care. The “styles” have basically become armored uniforms for certain trades and market sectors.

Big Game Hunter


剧透 -   : Added to the lineup a few years back, the Big Game Hunter became popular with shadowrunners who cared very little about living in the shadows. The camo patterns were never very urban-friendly, and most wore it because it was the best armor around for its price. Advances have taken some of its edge away, but Ares now has a bestseller with the “tactical black” and “urban camouflage” options that fit much better on the streets. They’re still a little socially maligned, as the bulk and cut aren’t fashion-friendly, but those who buy this line are more likely to shoot first and never ask questions.

--- 引用 ---王牌猎人

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剧透 -   : This line started the overall Ares Victory change when fashionable uniforms gained built-in armor. The line has shifted slightly to focus more heavily on this uniform angle, including Ares’ major deal with the McHugh’s fast-food chain. Yes, those stylish new uniforms are armored, and the employees who work in the rougher part of town are certainly appreciative.

--- 引用 ---环球旅行

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Rapid Transit


剧透 -   : Take those globetrotter uniforms and strip off the corporate logos, and you get the Rapid Transit line. This is everyday armor for those who want to feel safe and a half-step fashion forward at the same time. The RT line comes in Basic, Elite, Platinum, and Diamond editions, offering a little variety for your plain fashion.

--- 引用 ---高速交通系列

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Wild Hunt


剧透 -   : The Wild Hunt line is not a single pattern but a series of styles set up for different environments and climates. Along with the well-crafted armor, each suit has features to better protect against the hazards of nature.

--- 引用 ---[b荒野猎人[/b]

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剧透 -   : Seeing the success of designing armor for a group with money to spend and not much sense, Ares threw together a marketing campaign and managed to slap enough different brand tags onto very similar garb to practically corner the market on go-ganger armor. RacerWear, SpeedWear, CycleSafe, and MotoArmor are just four of the two-dozen lines of bike-racing armor Ares has got out there. Every line offers custom logos, light striping, and feedback ’ware among their myriad of features that let the gangs customize to their hearts’ desires while sending all the nuyen to the same place. The popularity of this armor with combat biking and urban brawl fans and teams is also high.

--- 引用 ---车轮套装
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Mortimer of London Greatcoats


剧透 -   : Classic longcoat styles are available across the new Greatcoat line. The American drover, classic trenchcoat, stylish Loden, Havelock, Ulster, signature Ulysses, and fashion-forward Argentum styles are just a few. The important thing is the Mortimer logo crafted into semi-hidden points that owners and aficionados alike can spot.

--- 引用 ---伦敦莫蒂默大衣系列
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Mortimer of London Suits


剧透 -   : Nothing says money like a perfectly tailored British suit, and Mortimer fits that bill perfectly across all of their lines. The classic styling of the Berwick is updated yearly but rarely is any line changed by more than a few millimeters. The Crimson Sky style has skyrocketed in popularity, while the Summit line pairs a suit/dress combo that makes any couple look like a million bucks—while only spending half that!

--- 引用 ---伦敦莫蒂默正装系列
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NightShade/Moonsilver Line


剧透 -   : While the Moonsilver line is limited to dresses with electroluminescent threading, the NightShade line offers style and class in a bullet-resistant package that wraps up even the homeliest troll and makes them fit in on the Horizon runways. The “For a killer night, wear NightShade!” slogan has kept this line from leaping into the ranks of Armanté, but for an Ares product, its militant manufacturer is often overlooked.

--- 引用 ---夜影/月银系列
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ReaLeather Armor

剧透 -   : Made from actual leather, this status symbol is not as much about stopping bullets as it is about showing the thickness of your wallet. It has a little extra protection slipped in, but not much.

--- 引用 ---真皮护甲
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Vashon Island


剧透 -   : The fashion masters at Vashon Island continue to maintain their perch atop the mid-level fashion armor market. A few of their creations are even pushing the limits and brushing elbows with some of the world’s most well-known high-end names.


剧透 -   : The Aces lineup continues to wow with unique designs. The Ace of Spades is a World War II U.S. fighter pilot style. The Ace of Clubs kept the WWII motif but jumped the Atlantic to feature a British bomber pilot style. The Ace of Hearts jumped a century plus forward to a modern military pilot style. The Ace of Diamonds took designs based on the Spitfire Resurrection trid series and is looking at making an entire spinoff line after the next installment is released in 2082. The Ace of Cups is a high-collar, floor-length longcoat with back shoulder flaring and flowing-but-layered lower half. The Ace of Swords is a WWII Japanese pilot style jacket, complete with wakizashi scabbard built into the back. The Ace of Wands features some new-age wizard styling with lots of little pockets for reagents. The Ace of Coins pushes the limits with black juggernaut hide, platinum thread stitching, and solid gold accents.

--- 引用 ---梵尚岛 王牌系列
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剧透 -   : The Steampunk line is still going strong with a number of electronic security specialists fitting their new decks into the accoutrements of the suits and dresses. That is usually in addition to the custom link that comes built in.


剧透 -   : The Synergist and Actioneer lines are still strong sellers with a touch of priciness, but nothing putting them off the charts in social circles. That was left to the Sleeping Tiger, which came back on the scene just a few years back and now dominates the Vashon Island runways with its color-shifting abilities. Patterns for colors and styles sell for a premium, and several artists are making names for themselves designing one-of-akind patterns for wealthy clients.

--- 引用 ---梵尚岛 其他系列
型号DR社交等级容量可获得性价格特性蒸汽朋克+4+41044500无协作商务系列+2+3441900无行动派商务服装+2+2621500隐蔽枪套(见核心说明)睡虎+3+5644500电致变色衣料*注:根据FS FAQ,睡虎的变身能力视作不占改造容量的电致变色衣料(It counts as electrochromic features (p. 265, SR6) that consume no capacity.)

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