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Shadowrun, Sixth World FAQs

你剩余的生活 The Life You Have Left

如何念提尔坦盖(Tir Tairngire)?How do you pronounce Tir Tairngire?
从字面上来说,提尔坦盖(Tír Tairngire)该念作“Teer Tahrn-GEE-rah” , 不过对于精灵语(Sperethiel)的非母语使用者来说也有替用的念法,即使在提尔内部也是这样。

那么UCAS呢?What about UCAS?
剧透 -   : How do you pronounce Tir Tairngire?
Tír Tairngire is ostensibly pronounced “Teer Tahrn-GEE-rah,” although there are alternate pronunciations used by non-native Sperethiel speakers, even inside the Tír.

What about UCAS?
Both “You-KASS” and “You-See-Ay-Ess” are used-in universe.

游戏概念 Game Concepts

如果我的魔法/共鸣属性降低到0会发生什么?What happens while my Magic or Resonance attribute is at 0?
剧透 -   : You lose the ability to perform any and all activities related to that attribute. Magic 0 means no spellcasting, no summoning, no adept powers, no access to the astral plane, and so on. Resonance 0 means no complex forms, no living persona, no compiling, etc. While your Magic or Resonance is at 0, you’re in effect temporarily mundane until such time that you restore your attribute to at least 1.
额外主动性骰可以叠加吗?Do bonus Initiative Dice stack?
剧透 -   : Unless the effect says otherwise, bonus Initiative Dice only apply to the physical world (i.e., not in astral projection, and not in VR) and they do not stack with any other bonus Initiative Dice. If you have multiple sources of bonus Initiative Dice, you only count the highest. The additional dice received for being in astral projection or either VR user mode are considered to be modifying the base number of Initiative Dice for that “world” rather than being a bonus in of itself. Ergo, a hacker in hot sim VR has +4D6 Initiative Dice before any potential bonus dice are added. That hacker can only benefit from one more Initiative Die in VR, as +5D6 is the hard cap.
如果我的主动性骰数量在战斗中被改变会发生什么?What happens if the number of my Initiative Dice changes mid-combat?
在遭遇开始就决定好的主动性值不会发生变化,除非你用极限去将主动性骰数上调(p. 46, SR6)。但是,如果你进出VR或星界,你的主动性骰就可能会改变了。因此,你可用的次要动作也会发生改变。如果你因为这种方式失去动作,你会失去尚未使用的动作。
剧透 -   : The initiative value determined at the beginning of the encounter remains unchanged unless you spend Edge to modify it upward (p. 46, SR6). However, if you shift into or out of VR or astral space, your Initiative Dice will probably change. Therefore the number of available Minor Actions will also change. If you lose actions in this way, any unspent actions you have remaining are lost first.
轮(rounds)和回合(turns)有什么区别?What’s the difference between rounds and turns?
剧透 -   : The two terms are not interchangeable. A round encompasses each acting character’s turn within it. Once every character has had their turn, a new round begins.
This distinction matters because some effects last until the end of the round, and some last until the end of a turn.
什么能算作一个“攻击(attack)”?什么能算作一个“防御检定(defense test)”?What counts as an “attack”? What counts as a “defense test”?
剧透 -   : Most actions and Edge Actions state in an unambiguous manner when they can be used. For example, Take Aim must be used in conjunction with the Attack Major Action, so that means it cannot be used to modify an attack made via spell or any Matrix Actions. However, actions that can be used on “defense tests” are less clear-cut. As a rule of thumb, any references to “defense tests” should be assumed to be referring solely to non-magical attacks made in the physical world, unless the text explicitly says otherwise. This means that Block, Dodge, and Full Defense do not work against spells or cybercombat.此外,当一个动作提及“攻击”但是没有进一步说明时(如远程攻击或近战攻击),那么这些动作可以适用于任何GM认为属于攻击的情况。比如说,要害攻击(Call A Shot)次要动作需要与攻击主要动作结合使用,因此它无法与法术或赛博战斗结合使用。但是,致命打击(Called Shot: Vitals)极限动作可以被用于任何GM认为属于是攻击的情况,包括战斗法术以及进行赛博战斗。
剧透 -   : Furthermore, when an action references “attacks” but does not further specify (such as ranged attack or melee attack), then those actions can apply to anything the gamemaster deems to be an attack. For example, the Call A Shot Minor Action may only be used with the Attack Major Action, and therefore cannot be used with spells or cybercombat. However, the Called Shot: Vitals Edge Action can be used on anything the gamemaster agrees counts as an “attack,” including casting combat spells and using cybercombat.
如果我的攻击或者防御等级真的很高,我能获得多点极限吗?Can I gain multiple Edge for really high Attack or Defense Ratings?
剧透 -   : No matter how much more than 4 your advantage may be, that differential still only grants 1 Edge.
我对极限到底该怎么拿而感到困惑。I’m confused about how Edge is awarded.
剧透 -   : Edge is meant to be a flexible and fast-resolving mechanic. Essentially, any test should be evaluated for potential Edge gain, and it can potentially come from three avenues:1.   比较攻击等级与防御等级。这通常是在战斗或者骇入时才这么做,不过如果用了火力小队(FS,Firing Squad)带来的社交调整值的话,社交遭遇也能用上。不用多言,在这样的一个对抗中只有一边能获得极限。
剧透 -   : Evaluating Attack Rating vs Defense Rating. This usually only gets checked in combat and hacking, but it is also used in social encounters if Social Modifiers from Firing Squad are used. Naturally, only one side in an attack gets Edge.2.   装备与特质。这个一般来说是最容易记得的,因为你可以指望你的玩家提醒你他们有可能因为什么样的装备或者特质而获得极限。如果是对抗检定,两边都可以获得这种类型的极限。
剧透 -   : Gear and qualities. This one is probably the easiest to remember, because you can usually count on the player to remind you of any Edge awards they’re due from their own gear and qualities. If the test is Opposed, both sides can earn this type of Edge.3.   情况因素。这可以是最难搞明白的概念,但是理念上是很简单的。如果行动队伍(以及/或对抗检定中的对手队伍)因环境,战术,或者其他在上述两条中没有复盖到的原因而具备某种有意义的优势,那么就需要给予一点极限。一般来说,对抗检定中只有一边能如此获得极限,如果权衡过后双方情况差不多,就意味着没有哪边拿极限。
剧透 -   : Circumstantial factors. This can be the hardest concept to use, but ultimately the idea is simple. If the acting party (and/or the opposing party, in opposed tests) has some kind of meaningful advantage due to environmental, tactical, or other factors not already covered by items 1 or 2, then an Edge award is due. Typically only one side of an Opposed test can get Edge in this way, as different factors that are ruled to more or less balance out should mean neither side gets Edge.

我的极限是可以花在每个检定上,还是每个动作上? Can I spend Edge once per test or once per action?
剧透 -   : To quote the Shadowrun Sixth World Edition core rulebook:
“Characters can only have one expenditure of Edge per action. That expenditure cannot include multiple boosts or actions, or a combination of the two, but the same boost can be multiplied if the player wishes (e.g., spending one Edge allows the player to reroll one die; they could spend two to reroll two dice). In those cases, the expenditure of Edge must apply to the same roll—you cannot, for example, buy a reroll on your test and also on your opponent’s test.”注意,多个动作包括多个检定。如果你已经在你的防御检定或者你敌人的攻击检定上花费了极限,你就不能在伤害抵抗时花费极限。延续检定被视为是一个动作,无论这个过程中有多少间隔。
剧透 -   : Note that many actions involve multiple tests. If you spend Edge on your defense test or on your attacker’s roll, then you cannot spend Edge to soak the damage. If you spend Edge on your spellcasting test, then you cannot spend Edge while resisting drain. Extended tests are also considered one action no matter how many intervals they encompass.
没有极限的存在可以获得或者使用极限吗?Can entities that lack the Edge attribute gain and spend Edge?
这些存在一般都会有一个职业等级(见p. 203,SR6),这基本上就是它们的极限属性。如果他们两个属性都没有(比如说,怪物和主机),那么将他们的极限池设置为0。不过和其他人一样,他们可以如常获得和使用极限。
剧透 -   : These entities typically are given a Professional Rating (see p. 203, SR6) which sets their effective Edge rating. If they lack both (e.g, critters and hosts), then by default their Edge pools begin an encounter at 0. But like anyone else, they can gain and spend Edge as it is accumulated.有另外一些存在是作为某种形式的仆役被控制着的,比如说被机师控制的无人机,被超链控制的网精,被主机控制的IC。这些仆役获得的极限会进入它们控制者的极限池,而非单独计算。但是记住了,精魂是写明不能为他们的召唤者带来极限的(见精魂与极限,p.147,SR6)。
剧透 -   : Certain other kinds of entities serve as a form of minion controlled by another, such as drones controlled by a rigger, sprites controlled by a technomancer, or IC controlled by a host. Any Edge earned by these minions goes to their controller’s pool rather than being tracked individually. However, remember that spirits are explicitly exempted from gaining any Edge for their summoner (see Spirits and Edge, p. 147, SR6).
所以我到底能有多少个次要动作?What exactly is the limit on the number of Minor Actions I can have?
如同p. 40,SR6所述,一个角色能有{1+主动性骰}个次要动作*。所以如果你能拿满5个主动性骰,你就有6个次要动作。但是,正如战斗规则p. 107,SR6所述,在一个角色开始他们回合时,他们最多能有5个次要动作。如果说战斗轮开始时,角色有超过五个次要动作,那么他就必须在回合开始前将次要动作花到五个或以下,否则超出的部分就会被浪费掉了。
剧透 -   : As specified on p. 40, SR6, a character has 1 Minor Action plus 1 Minor Action per Initiative Die. Since you can have up to 5 Initiative Dice, this sets a potential for 6 Minor Actions. However, as the combat round rules on p. 107, SR6 state, the maximum number of Minor Actions a character may begin their turn with is 5. In the event of starting a round with more than 5 Minor Actions, that character must spend down to 5 or less Minor Actions before their turn begins or the excess is lost.
在我回合开始前,我就可以将四个次要动作转化为一个主要动作吗?Can I convert 4 Minor Actions into a Major Action before my turn begins?
剧透 -   : You may spend 4 Minor Actions in place of spending an Anytime Major Action (e.g., Full Defense, Counterspell, etc.) before your turn begins. This is not the same thing as converting 4 Minor Actions into a Major Action that you then hold onto until your turn begins. That is something you may not do.
我获得了“不用就丢失”的极限,但是我并不需要在我的检定中用到它。我可以舍弃掉这一点极限以避免去到每轮获得极限的上限吗? I earned “Use or Lose” Edge, but I don’t need it for my roll. Can I forfeit the point to avoid hitting the cap on gaining Edge?
剧透 -   : Yes. If you don’t need an Edge point that will expire anyway if not used, you can forfeit that point. It was never gained, and so you’re still able to earn a potentially bankable Edge points later in the round.
什么样的行为会被视为“极限滥用”以至于需要应用“防止滥用极限”规则的? What counts as “Edge abuse” that rises to the level of being stopped by the “preventing Edge abuse” rule?
剧透 -   : “Edge abuse” can be hard to codify but it tends to be easy to identify. A basic rule of thumb: if you wouldn’t be doing the action if not for the potential Edge gain, then it’s probably “Edge Abuse.”
If there is any question about what constitutes “Edge Abuse,” the ultimate rule is this: if the gamemaster says it counts, then it does.
我可以用极限去重骰狂野骰吗? Can I use Edge to reroll a Wild Die?
剧透 -   : You can, but the rerolled Wild Die only counts as a regular die. A hit on a rerolled Wild Die only counts as 1 hit rather than 3 hits. Furthermore, if the Wild Die originally showed “1,” then a “5” no longer counts as a hit for the test even after the Wild Die is rerolled.
一个状态会持续多久? How long do statuses last?
如果没有给出结束时间或结束条件,那么状态会持续到GM觉得合适的时候结束。基本原则:在战斗中收到的状态影响,会持续到那场战斗的结束。由于受伤或者失误效果所造成的状态,也可以通过一个成功的生物技术鉴定移除,阈值由GM指定(见阈值参考表,p. 36,SR6)。最后GM要记住减缓因素的存在。比如说,一个有闪光补偿的角色虽然依然会被闪光致盲,但是闪光对他们的影响会比其他角色持续时间更短。
剧透 -   : When no duration or condition for expiration is given, then the status lasts as long as the gamemaster deems appropriate. As a rule of thumb: many statuses inflicted in combat should probably expire after the end of that combat. Statuses gained from injury or glitch effect can also be removed after a successful Biotech test against a threshold of the gamemaster’s devising (see Threshold Guidelines, p. 36, SR6). Lastly, the gamemaster should remember mitigating factors. For example: A character with flare compensation who still gets blinded by a bright light should suffer the status for a shorter amount of time than another character that lacks the advantage.
状态会影响星界投影和矩阵VR吗? Do statuses also apply to astral projection and Matrix VR?
在绝大部分情况下,状态都会明显适用或者不适用于角色处于星界投影或者VR的情况。比如说晕眩(Dazed)和害怕(Frightened)状态就是一些能同样适用于暗影狂奔三个“世界”的好范例。如果一个物理躯体着火#(Burning #)了,那么即使思想在星界或VR“游荡”,躯体依然会承受着伤害。另一方面,假若你被弄湿(Wet)了,那么这个和你在星界或VR中要做的事情也就没什么关系了。
剧透 -   : In most cases statuses are either clearly applicable or clearly not applicable while a character is astrally projecting or using VR. For example, Dazed and Frightened are good examples of statuses that apply equally across all three of Shadowrun’s “worlds.” If a physical body is suffering Burning #, that body is still suffering damage even while the mind is “out and about” in astral or VR. On the other hand, being subjected to the Wet status will not have any relevance to activities in astral space or VR.当没有那么清晰的时候,是否会有影响就取决于GM的判断了。比如说,一个GM可能认为一个星界投影的魔法师能依靠某个法力高涨点而获得获得匍匐(Prone)状态或者甚至掩蔽#(Cover #)状态,甚至通过窜入附近的一个数据流,一个碟客的虚拟化身也能获得这些状态。虽然视觉感知并不会再星界空间中使用,而且它也会在VR中被拟感输入复盖,但是GM可以用失明#(Blinded #)状态来代表星界或VR中的某些罚值。
剧透 -   : When it is not so clearcut, the potential for relevancy is reserved to gamemaster discretion. For example, a gamemaster might rule that an astrally projecting magician can gain the Prone status or even some Cover # by diving into a bright spot of mana, or a hacker’s virtual persona could gain them by ducking into a nearby datastream. The visual sense is not used in astral space and is overridden by simsense input in VR, but the gamemaster might use the Blinded # status to represent some other penalty while on the astral plane or in VR.
腐蚀#和着火#状态是怎么算的来着? How do the Corrosive # and Burning # statuses work?
剧透 -   : Unless they specify otherwise: damage-causing statuses inflict physical damage and they do so at the end of the combat round. When an attack that inflicts a Burning # or Corrosive # status does not state the exact level, then assume it increases the status level by 1. If two or more effects apply to the same attack (for example, a spirit of fire with Elemental Aura and Engulf) then the level is increased by 1 for each such effect.
有很多数值都会有除法计算,需要小数取整啥的。那么这些地方有什么默认的处理方式吗? Lots of things divide some value without giving rounding instructions. Is there a default guidance?
剧透 -   : When a rule does not specify to round up or round down, then by default you should round normally, meaning that any value that ends in X.5 or higher rounds up and anything lower rounds down.

角色创建 Character Creation

我可以先花业力,然后再花属性/技能/特殊点吗? Can I spend Karma and then spend attribute/skill/special points?
剧透 -   : No. Per the step order given in this chapter, all points gained from the priority table must be spent before any Karma is spent.
种族特性带来的特质会计入6个可用特质的限制吗? Do qualities gained from racial traits count against the six allowed qualities?
剧透 -   : Usually not. However, any qualities that are gained as racial traits and are available in levels count as one of your six selected qualities if you increase that level. For example, a troll gets Built Tough 2 for free, but if that quality is increased to level 3 or 4, then it does count as one of your six selected qualities.
泛形态可以获得其他范形态种族特性的特质吗? Can metatypes select qualities that are racial traits for other metatypes?
剧透 -   : Yes. While trolls automatically get Thermographic Vision and Dermal Deposits for free, nothing prohibits humans or elves from purchasing those qualities.
我的法师必须分别学施法法术和附魔法术吗? Does my magician have to pick spellcasting and enchanting spells separately?
剧透 -   : So long as a magician can use both spellcasting and enchanting, then they can use every spell they know in either way. Rituals still have to be picked separately, out of the same allowance of known spells.
专精附魔师(aspect enchanter)可以知道多少个法术? How many spells does an aspected enchanter know?
剧透 -   : Aspected enchanters know 2 spells per point of Magic gained by the priority pick.
神秘修士每次提升魔法属性都会奖励异能点吗? Does a mystic adept gain a Power Point every time their Magic increases?
剧透 -   : No. Despite the similarity in name, mystic adepts are not a subtype of adept. Only adepts gain a Power Point every time their Magic increases.具体来说,一个神秘修士在建卡的时候可以获得0-4异能点,这取决于他们选择了哪一栏的优先级,以及他们在初始法术以及初始异能点上所分配的魔法属性。对于神秘修士而言,只有通过异能点启蒙超魔才能获得额外的异能点。
剧透 -   : To go into more detail: mystic adept characters are created with 0-4 Power Points, as determined by their magic priority pick and how their unmodified Magic value is split between starting spells and Power Points. Additional Power Points are only gained by picking the Power Point initiation metamagic (p. 168, SR6).
真的要花数月那么久的时间来提升技能和属性吗? Does it really take months to improve skills and attributes?
剧透 -   : The gamemaster is not only empowered but encouraged to alter the amount of in-world training time to suit the needs of their specific campaign.
如果我移除了我的殖装,那么我的精华会补回来吗? Does my Essence go back up if I remove an augmentation?
剧透 -   : No, your Essence remains at its current value. What happens instead is an Essence hole is established at the same value of the removed augmentations’ Essence cost. Removing additional augmentations expands the size of an existing Essence hole by their own Essence costs. If you have an existing Essence hole when you implant augmentations, its Essence cost is first paid out of the Essence hole value. If the hole is consumed, then any remaining cost is paid out of your Essence attribute.比如说:一个有着4点精华的街头武士装了一个标准品级跳线反射2(译注:该殖装的占据精华为2),但是会希望升级到阿尔法品级的跳线反射3。当这个阿尔法品级的跳线反射3被殖入时,它所需要的占据精华2.4会首先填入到精华空洞中(译注:卸下原有殖装后,会留存精华空洞2)。剩余的部分(0.4)会消耗精华属性,因此让街头武士的精华从4.0降低到了3.6。
剧透 -   : Example: A street samurai with 4.0 Essence has standard-grade wired reflexes 2 but would like to upgrade to alpha-grade wired reflexes 3. When the existing cyberware is removed, the character’s Essence remains 4.0, but an Essence hole of 2.0 is established. When the alpha-grade wired reflexes 3 is implanted, its 2.4 Essence cost is paid out of the essence hole first. The remaining Essence cost is then paid via the Essence attribute, going from 4.0 to 3.6.
我可以用业力去提升我的精华属性吗? Can I spend Karma to increase my Essence attribute?
剧透 -   : No.
范例角色 Archetypes

机师自动软件的等级是多少? What are the rigger’s autosoft ratings?
剧透 -   : All the autosofts are rating 4.

Can you use attributes other than those explicitly linked with skills? E.g. Can I roll Strength when attacking with Close Combat?
剧透 -   : Yes!
The gamemaster can invoke potentially any attribute for a given skill test when they judge it makes contextual sense. For example, examining a bullet hole to identify what kind of gun produced it could be a Firearms skill test where Logic is used rather than Agility. Likewise, an attack with mass-reliant weapons might be better represented by Close Combat + Strength rather than Agility. However, in the case of melee attacks if Strength is substituted for Agility, then Agility should also be substituted for Strength when calculating Attack Rating.

我只能使用列出的专精,还是可以编写自己的?Do I have to use the listed specializations or can I make up my own?
剧透 -   : To quote the core rulebook, p. 92:
“The listings of specializations with each skill are not exhaustive—if players develop a specialization within a skill that they would like to have, and their gamemaster approves it, they can have it.”
跳跃规则是啥样的?What are the rules for jumping?
剧透 -   : In almost all cases, it doesn’t really matter exactly how high or how far a character jumped. Rather than knowing the exact number of centimeters leapt, all you normally need to know is whether the jump was high or far enough. Did they clear the gap? Did they reach high enough? These yes/no questions are best resolved by a Success test.在《暗影狂奔,第六纪》中,GM需要考虑要跳跃的整体距离,以及其他变量,比如说,他们能有多少助跑距离,他们负载的东西重不重,水平跳跃的落点是在一个更高的平面还是更低,垂直跳跃的高度是手够到就好了还是需要整个身体都能通过,诸如此类。使用SR6核心书第36页的阈值指引表来整体裁定运动+力量检定的阈值。
 剧透 -   : In Shadowrun, Sixth World a gamemaster considers the context of the distance and any other variables such as how much of a running start can be used, how heavy the carried load, whether the horizontal jump is landing on a higher or lower plane, whether a vertical jump needs to only reach a rung with fingers or completely clear a height with the entire body, and etc. Use the Threshold guide lines on p. 36, SR6 to establish a threshold based on the total assessed difficulty for an Athletics + Strength test.
用撬棍等强行破门的规则是什么? What are the rules for forcing open a door, such as with a crowbar?
剧透 -   : This sort of activity is best determined by a lift/carry test (p. 67, SR6) against a gamemaster-determined threshold based on difficulty and mitigating and complicating circumstances (p. 36, SR6), just as the mechanics for jumping do.
异种武器专精仍然能拿到+2骰池奖励吗?Do Exotic Weapon specializations still gain the +2 dice bonus?
剧透 -   : Exotic Weapons skill breaks the usual rules about specializations. On the upside, you can have any number of them. On the downside, you cannot use the skill without using a specialization, and so you do not gain the +2 dice bonus.
破解和电子学的专精都复盖了什么?What do the specializations for Cracking and Electronics cover?
剧透 -   : Shadowrun Missions’ breakdown is a recommended starting point for your own game.
Cybercombat: Brute Force, Crash Program, Data Spike, Disarm Data Bomb, Resonance Spike, Tar Pit
Electronic Warfare: Check OS, Hide, Jam Signals, Snoop
Hacking: Backdoor Entry, Crack File, Probe, Spoof Command
Computer: Edit File, Encrypt File, Erase Matrix Signature, Hash Check, Matrix Perception, Matrix Search
Hardware: Turning off Wireless, removing headjammer, using keycard copier, using tag eraser, using bug scanner
Software: Control Device, Format Device, Jack Out, Jump into Rigged Device, Reboot Device, Set Data Bomb, Trace Icon
Complex Forms: Any complex form that rolls Electronics


盲射规则是怎样的? What are the rules for blind fire?
剧透 -   : There is no predefined penalty. This is because there are so many different factors involved that make it impossible to fairly cover the topic with a universal modifier. 比较好的经验法则是给予一定等级的失明状态(p. 51, SR6)。如果GM认为攻击者没有足够信息来攻击正确的方位,是否击中也只能听天由命时,那么便是Ⅲ级失明,并且攻击是不可能成功的。另一方面,如果攻击者有着足够的间接线索来知晓目标的准确位置,那么对攻击方的惩罚可能就只是让防御方获得一点状况性的奖励极限。如果攻击者知道一个隐身目标的准确位置并且用火焰发射器攻击,那么这次攻击甚至可能不受任何惩罚!
剧透 -   : A good rule of thumb is to use some level of the Blinded status (p. 51, SR6). If the gamemaster deems that the attacker simply does not have enough information to even direct an attack in the right area and hope for the best, then call it Blinded III and the attack is impossible. On the other hand, if the attacker has sufficient contextual clues to know exactly where the target is, then the penalty might be nothing more than a bonus point of circumstantial Edge going to the defender. If the attacker knows exactly where an invisible target is and is attacking with a flamethrower, there might be no penalty whatsoever on the attack! 最后,如果是因为障碍物而没法看到目标时,请记得应用透过屏障射击的规则(p. 111-112, SR6)。
剧透 -   : Lastly, remember to apply the rules for shooting through a barrier (pp. 111-112, SR6) if an obstruction is the reason for not being able to see the target.

如果一次攻击有着多个目标,其中哪个目标可以使用极限来阻碍攻击者的检定结果? If multiple targets are targeted by one attack, which of them are allowed to spend their Edge to hinder the attacker’s dice results?
剧透 -   : Any or all of them. But they each must spend independently, without pooling together for a group purchase.
当我的攻击等级为0甚至更低时我还能攻击吗?Can I still attack if my Attack Rating is modified to 0 or less?
剧透 -   : You may only attack in a given range category (p. 108, SR6) if your modified Attack Rating for that range is greater than 0. Remember that AR bonuses do not apply to ranges that have a base AR of “—”.
我该如何同时使用不同的射击模式以及多重攻击? How do I use Firing Modes and Multiple Attacks at the same time?
剧透 -   : There has been significant errata regarding Multiple Attacks, Firing Modes, and Anticipation. For those without access to an up-to-date copy of Shadowrun, Sixth World:
 Firing Modes do not require the Multiple Attack Minor Action. You cannot even use Multiple Attacks on BF Wide Bursts or FA Bursts.
•  Post-errata Anticipation now doubles the dice pool, rather than multiplying the dice pool by the number of targets. It is unusable with FA bursts.
•  FA Bursts now generate an AoE attack that has one attack roll, defended individually by each target in that area, much like AoE combat spells.
•  Multiple Attacks is only for attacking multiple targets.
如何解决用多个武器攻击同一目标的问题? How is an attack with multiple weapons on one target resolved?
除非有来自核心规则书以外的其他解法,否则解决“双持武器”攻击的最佳方法是让角色自身成为喽啰团体(p. 114, SR6),并在主要武器的攻击等级上获得一点儿奖励,以体现使用第二把武器的优势。
剧透 -   : Barring any other options presented in other sources beyond the core rulebook, the best way to resolve a “dual wielding” attack is to have the character act as a grunt group with themselves (p. 114, SR6), gaining a small bonus to the Attack Rating of the primary weapon to represent the advantage of employing a second weapon. 双脚离合(Double Clutch)扩展书提供了一种更有机制优势的规则,称之为联合开火(Link-Firing),可以用它代替上述的建议。(校注:联合开火是一个需要和攻击结合使用的次要动作,只能针对同样的目标进行。每多一把武器,就让主开火的武器AR+1和DV+1。如非主开火的武器DV为5或更高,那么额外让DV+1。如果开火的武器为连射武器,那么只有连射武器能一同联合开火。)
剧透 -   : Double Clutch offers a more mechanically advantageous variant on this rule, called Link-Firing, and that may be used in place of this suggestion.
我该如何判定气体攻击? How do you resolve a gas attack?
烟雾以及气体榴弹的伤害计算方式与爆炸不同。如果气体或烟雾释放类武器没有定义射程属性,则假定榴弹大小的武器具有范围5,而火箭大小的系统(rocket-sized systems)具有范围10(见“瓦斯范围,效果,与持续时间”表,p. 116, SR6)。当气体受到周围屏障的限制时,比如被泵入封闭的房间,浓度就会增加。当一个点位于多次攻击的范围内时,浓度也会增加。烟雾系统的工作方式和这相同,但DV/强度与浓度无关。气体攻击会立即填满整个(射程x 4)区域,根据气体范围、效果和持续时间图表,每个阶段会相继消散。
剧透 -   : Smoke and gas grenades have their damage resolved differently than blasts. If a gas- or smoke-delivering weapon does not have a Range attribute defined, then assume grenade-sized weapons have Range 5 and rocket-sized systems have Range 10 (see the Gas Ranges, Effect, and Duration chart on p. 116, SR6). Concentration increases when the gas is confined by surrounding barriers, such as being pumped into an enclosed room. Additional doses will also accrue when one point is inside the area of multiple attacks. Smoke systems work the same way, but the DV/Power and concentration is irrelevant. A gas attack immediately fills the entire (Range x 4) area, with each band successively dissipating as per the Gas Ranges, Effect, and Duration chart. 请注意,第六世界的昏迷性气体不仅有效,而且令人惊讶的安全。他们的伤害不会转化为物理伤害,即使受害者失去意识并持续暴露在药剂下。然而,致命毒素仍将继续累积伤害,它们的目的就是杀人!
剧透 -   : Note that stun gasses in the Sixth World are not just effective but also surprisingly safe. Their damage does not carry over into Physical damage, even when the victim is unconscious and suffering additional exposures. Lethal toxins will still keep accruing damage, however. Killing is what they do! 示例:一名不幸的狂奔者在渗透入一家公司设施的过程中,被困在在一个作为陷阱的5米x 5米的房间内。神经眩晕剂IX气体开始淹没房间。这个公司手是真的黑,4剂毒素同时泵入房间。作为“类榴弹”递送系统,4个通风口分别具有范围5。
剧透 -   : Example: An unlucky shadowrunner infiltrating a corp facility is caught inside a 5m x 5m room serving as a trap. Neuro-Stun IX gas begins flooding the room. Since the corp is sadistic, there are 4 doses being pumped simultaneously into the room. As a “grenade-like” delivery system, each of the 4 vents has Range 5. 在第1轮中,狂奔者暴露在药剂的基础强度为12,由于额外剂量的输入,毒素的强度+3,至15(见“浓度”,p. 122, SR6)。更糟糕的是,密闭空间将药剂保存在一个集中区域,而不是让它扩散出去。每级无法扩散的范围增量,强度+1。如果过了10轮后,狂奔者还找不到出去的办法,那么他将再次暴露到毒素中,强度19。
剧透 -   : On round 1, the shadowrunner suffers exposure to the toxin’s base Power of 12, modified upward by +3 to Power 15 due to the additional doses (see Concentration, p. 122, SR6). Even worse, the confined space holds the toxin in a more concentrated space rather than letting it spread out, gaining +1 dose for each range multiplier it cannot expand into. In this case, it cannot grow to Range x 2, Range x 3, or Range x 4, so the power increases by another +3 to Power 18. Worse still, if the runner cannot find a way out of the room before 10 rounds elapse, they will suffer another exposure at Power 19.

如何依照精华值计算治疗阈值? How do you round Essence when calculating healing threshold?
剧透 -   : Round up. Mundanes have it rough enough, chummer.
当目标是6精华时,所有治疗检定自动+1净成功吗? Does all healing get +1 net hit when the target is 6 Essence?
剧透 -   : When a threshold is (–1), that means even 0 hits is one net hit. Giving +1 net hit for (5 – 6 Essence) is just another way of presenting the arithmetic.
当吸入式毒素也有接触媒介时,吸入式毒素免疫该如何判定? How does immunity to inhalation vectors work when an inhalation toxin also has the contact vector?
虽然对吸入毒素的免疫并不是对接触毒素的免疫能力,但你最好还是不要吸入这些玩意。在对抗同时具有吸入与接触媒介的毒素时,从防毒面具或内置气罐殖装等来源获得的吸入式毒素免疫可以作为6级呼吸罩(p. 280, SR6)生效。(校注:也就是无法完全免疫了)
剧透 -   : While immunity to inhalation toxins is not also an immunity to contact toxins, you’re still better off not inhaling such drek. Inhalation immunity gained from sources such as a gas mask or internal air tank augmentation grants the same benefit as a rating 6 respirator (p. 280, SR6) against toxins that combine the inhalation and contact vectors. 尽管CS催泪瓦斯和胡椒喷雾被归类为接触式毒素,但它们必须接触面部潮湿部位,才能造成伤害。防毒面具可以保护整个面部,因此可以对这些毒素产生免疫力,就好像它们缺乏接触媒介一样。当使用气罐呼吸时,如果GM确信眼睛、鼻子和嘴都得到了足够的保护,那么也能如此判定。
剧透 -   : Despite being typed as contact vector toxins, CSTear Gas and Pepper Punch must reach the wet parts of the face to inflict their damage via contact. Gas masks protect the entire face and therefore grant immunity to these toxins as if they lacked the contact vector. This is also true for breathing off an air tank when the gamemaster is satisfied that the eyes, nose, and mouth are all sufficiently protected from contacting the irritants.
用毒素给刀剑淬毒的规则是怎样的? What are the rules for envenoming a blade with a toxin?
注射媒介的毒素可通过能造成物理伤害的利刃武器(p. 121, SR6)进行下毒。花费一个主要动作进行检定,生物科技+敏捷(2),若成功则可以将毒素涂在合适的武器上。这样用的话,毒素的效力可以维持1分钟,每个净成功可以让持续时间增加一分钟。如果第一次攻击成功了并且具有至少2个净成功(如果对方无护甲,那么就只需要1个净成功),那么即使对方完全抵挡住了伤害,也要承受毒素的影响。如果攻击成功了,但没有足够的净成功,那么毒素会被无害地消耗掉,但武器造成的任何伤害仍然适用。
剧透 -   : Injection vector toxins may be administered by a bladed weapon (p. 121, SR6) that deals physical damage. Expending a Major Action and succeeding on a Biotech + Agility (2) test applies a toxin to a suitable weapon in such a way that it retains its potency for 1 minute, with an additional minute per net hit. The first attack that succeeds with at least two net hits (or one net hit if the target has no armor) will deliver the toxin even if the weapon’s damage is fully resisted. If an attack is successful but lacks these required net hits, then the toxin is wiped off harmlessly but any damage from the weapon will still apply.
解毒剂对摄入物有效吗? Do antidotes work on drugs?
如果摄入物在服用后但起效前被中和(见起效速度,p. 121, SR6),那么就不会有后劲。
剧透 -   : Yes, because drugs are a type of toxin. If an effect reduces a drug’s Power to 0, then any ongoing effects immediately end and any associated crash begins. Remember that crashes typically are based on how long the drug was in effect, so short period of being drugged means short crash durations.
If a drug is neutralized in the time between being administered and taking effect (see Speed, p. 121, SR6) then the crash never occurs.
所以,如果摄入物也算毒素,那么你需要对摄入物进行毒素抵抗检定吗? So if drugs are toxins, do you make Toxin Resistance tests against drugs?
剧透 -   : Technically yes. But since it’s a test you generally don’t want to succeed on, and you only succeed if you resist the power all the way down to 0, it’s a test that the gamemaster is encouraged to forgo.
Still, it can be entertaining to roll to see how many drinks it takes to make your dwarf buddy get drunk. Remember to apply +1 Power for each successive dose!
如果我服用额外剂量的摄入物会怎样? What happens if I take additional doses of a drug?
任何基于数值或状态的增益都不会提升,但会算从再次服药的时刻起重新计算持续时间。最终的后劲效果将基于总的持续时长。例如:拥有3体质的狂奔者磕了新星可乐(p. 125, SR6)。大约4小时后,狂奔者意识到在剩下的3小时内这活干不完,所以他又磕了一次药。除了持续时间从那一刻起再延长7小时,他没有获得任何额外的好处。当后劲到来时,它将持续4+7=11小时。
剧透 -   : Any numerical or status-based benefits do not increase, but the drug otherwise establishes a new duration from that successive dosing point. The eventual crash is based on the entire length of time being drugged, across all doses. For example: a shadowrunner with 3 Body takes novacoke (p. 125, SR6). Some 4 hours later, the runner realizes the job is going to last longer than the 3 hours they have remaining, so they dose again. They do not gain any additional benefits other than adding another 7 hours to the duration from that point. When the crash occurs, it will last for 4+7=11 hours. 大多数情况下,再服用一次相同的药物可以暂时缓解后劲。然而,这只是一个暂时的解决办法,因为你最终还是要直面后劲,并且新磕的药还会增加持续时间。如果前面那个例子中的狂奔者在后劲持续6小时后,又磕了一剂新星可乐,那么他剩余的5小时将和这次的后劲时间一起叠加计算。
剧透 -   : Most crashes can be temporarily alleviated by taking another dose of that drug. This is only a temporary fix, however, as the rest of the crash must still eventually be suffered, along with the additional time the new high will add to it. If the runner in the previous example takes another dose of novacoke 6 hours into their crash, the remaining 5 hours they owe is added on to the time they spend crashed after this newest high.
药物成瘾规则是怎样的? What are the rules for drug addictions?
当GM决定根据游戏内事件而需要给角色增加成瘾特质或提高成瘾等级时,角色的特质就会发生相应的改变(见获得特质,p. 68, SR6)。当玩家通过业力买除成瘾特质时,上瘾的成瘾程度会降低甚至完全消除(参考“角色提升”,核心书第68页)。
剧透 -   : Characters gain or increase the severity of their addictions when the gamemaster decides that in-game events warrant adding the Addiction quality or increasing its level (see Earned Qualities, pg. 68, SR6). Addictions are lessened in severity or removed entirely when players buy them off via Karma expenditure (see Advancement costs, p. 68, SR6).


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