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剧透 -   : The Palace Park
On one Feast Day every  month, Queen Korinthia  opens the gates to her  magnificent park. Its  sculptures, songbirds  and caged beasts  attract people from all  walks of life, but the  most eminent ones  always wait until nightfall, when only those  with special invitations  are welcome.王宫公园
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剧透 -   : Entertainment
thE SEvENth day of the week is called Sun Day, but in Yndaros it has become better known as Feast Day. Shortly afer Korinthia arrived at her new capital, she declared all work prohibited from lunchtime until Earth Day morning. Feast Day afernoon, evening and night is a time for everyone to remember and pay tribute to the victorious dead – with parades, plays, singing and dancing, gladiatorial games at the Dome, and general festivities.
In between Feast Days, most Yndarians have neither spare time nor energy for much more than eating and sleeping; at most, they might stop to enjoy a group of jesters or actors performing on the streets of the capital or fnd time for a glass of blackbrew at a tavern, to the tales and tunes of some bard. But there are also those who do have plenty of both time and energy, and who love to boast about their privileged position. Besides, there must be things for visitors to occupy themselves with afer dark.娱乐
剧透 -   : thE ISlEt
Every evening, a small armada of boats are rowed, lanterns glowing, toward the Islet and Madam Elindra Aroma’s immensely popular establishment. Except in cases of sudden illness or injury, the house is full night afer night, and those who make reservations may have to wait a month, if not more, to enjoy the excellent food and high quality entertainment.
A table on the salon floor, in front of the stage, costs three thaler per person. For twice that amount you get a place on the meter-high platform surrounding the floor, complete with your own personal waitress and free access to Ambrian wines.
Should that not be enough, a seat in one of the twelve balconies protruding from the walls can be yours for ffeen thaler, but in that case the wait might be even longer as fve of them are always reserved for (and prepaid by) special customers – House Kohinoor, Ordo Magica and the dwarves of the Valotzar family, among others.
It is said that many of the decisions affecting everyday life in Ambria are made on the balconies of the Islet’s entertainment palace. Furthermore, the Royal Sekretorium is allegedly helping Madam Aroma recruit new staff – to ward off spies, perhaps, or simply because of her distinguished clientele.
Whatever the reason may be, one can be quite sure that events on the Islet are crawling with agents of various factions and interests – most sent to gather information, the rest in pursuit of good food and a bit of recreation.小岛

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剧透 -   : Today’s three course menu 1–2 thaler
Pâté tray 5 shillings
Bottle of Southern Slopes (newly made) 4 thaler
Tankard of Kurun’s Honor 1 thaler
Tankard of Zarekian Blackbrew 3 shillings本日三道菜 1-2泰勒
肉酱馅饼拼盘 5先令
一瓶南坡酒(新酿) 4泰勒
一杯库伦荣耀 1泰勒
一杯撒利黑酿 3先令
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剧透 -   : thE doME
No one knows exactly why the huge arena currently known as the Dome was built – whether the Lindarians used it for spectacles, mass meetings or idolatrous worship is a hot topic among local history enthusiasts. The two colossal statues on each side of the main entrance are assumed to represent different aspects of the Guardian – one looking much like an abomination in its manyarmed splendor, the other sweet and childlike. It is of course possible that the people of Lindaros gathered there for the same, varied reasons as the Ambrians now do.
As with many other entertainment facilities, tickets are offered at different prices, in the Dome’s case ranging from a few shillings to tens of thaler.
Gladiatorial prizefghts are arranged every night; the seats are rarely sold out unless one of Ambria’s most celebrated fghters happens to need some extra money. Normally, Feast Day is when the biggest events are held, along with reenactments of famous battles or duels. And sometimes the gladiators must give room to other forms of entertainment. The arena is never more popular than when one of the royal art companies appears outside the palace walls – the Ambrian Court Dancers, the Korinthia Choir or the Palace Dramatists.
The notion that visiting the Dome would be dangerous is rejected by almost everyone. Only sixteen times in twenty years has one or more of the wild animals kept below the arena managed to escape and run amok on the bleachers. One could therefore argue that the streets outside the arena are in fact much more dangerous. 弧穹角斗场

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剧透 -   : Cone of roasted almonds 2 ortegs
Salty-sweet needles 4 ortegs
Cup of Stut (unspecifed) 2 ortegs
Cup of the Duke’s Relief 3 ortegs一杯烤杏仁 2沃特
咸甜针 4沃特
一杯世涛(无品牌) 2沃特
一杯公爵欢欣 3沃特
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剧透 -   : thE luCky CharM
In Ambria there are a number of ways in which people may put themselves at risk in the hope of securing a better future. Those with the conviction and ability to pursue the treasures of Symbaroum head for Kastor or Thistle Hold; the rest must settle for other hazardous ventures.
Besides betting on fghts at the Dome, one can play dice, cards or board games like Prios’ Sun.
The most daring (or desperate) people engage in prizefghts themselves at places like the Steel Glove, where even losers are paid a small sum as consolation for their broken bones.
The Lucky Charm is known as the top players’ favorite venue, but there is also room for ordinary, hardworking gambling enthusiasts who bet parts of their salary hoping to see it multiplied. The lowborn noble Beramei Elderra took over management three years ago, and has since transformed its previously violent atmosphere into an oasis of concentrated stillness, largely thanks to the bouncers Ugla and Bruta. Guests may still disrupt the peace from time to time, but when they do, the ogres are quick to react.
The high rollers occupy the upper floor, while everyone else must stick to the smoke-flled, dimly lit rooms below. Many dream of achieving the same success as young lady Merlinda. The story goes that she walked into the Lucky Charm two years ago with four shillings and sixteen ortegs in her pocket; in six weeks she had won enough money on Prios’ Sun to be invited to the high-stakes games upstairs, and only six months later Beramei declared that one of the rooms was at her sole disposal. Even though they are more or less guaranteed to lose, lots of people hope to one day be invited into Lady Sun’s private chambers.幸运符
幸运符是顶级好手最喜欢的场所,但这里也可以让普通人和辛苦工作的赌博爱好者拿出部分工资赌能翻倍。出生低微的贵族Beramei Elderra三年前接手了这里,将原本暴力的氛围变成了静谧的绿洲。这要多亏了打手Ugla和Bruta。时不时还是有顾客破坏这里的和平,但两位大鬼反应很快。

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剧透 -   : Pie of the day 2 shillings
Can of Brutebrew 5 ortegs
Can of Blackbrew (unspecifed) 1 shilling
Cup of Urtal 3 shillings本日馅饼 2先令
一罐世涛 5沃特
一罐黑酿(无品牌) 1先令
一杯Urtal 3先令
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剧透 -   : Exemptions
In addition to the City Watch and other professionals the city cannot do without, many people are exempted from the Feast Day work prohibition. Employers may apply for such an exemption, and if the business they are operating can somehow contribute to the festivities, their application will of course be accepted – whether it be taverns, theater companies, dance troupes, or something of that nature. These regulations are often discussed in Yndaros’ eastern districts, especially the arbitrariness regarding which requests are being granted. How Lord Manselm managed to have his claystone workers exempted from the festivities is as mysterious as it is infuriating.豁免
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剧透 -   : Death Matches
The fghts at the Dome usually end at frst blood or when one of the gladiators admits defeat, but exceptions are sometimes made. Wild animals such as jakaars, fey beasts, or kotkas rarely leave the arena alive; the same goes for captive barbarians, goblins and ogres who through hostile actions have forfeited their right to live.
Another example is prisoners awaiting the death penalty, who under certain circumstances may try to win their freedom by defeating Ripe, the city’s legendary executioner, in single combat (none have yet succeeded). And fnally, the gladiators may challenge each other to the death – something that is always arranged and announced far in advance so that prices can be adjusted according to the popularity of the event.死亡对决
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剧透 -   : thE StEaM Bath
The pools at the old Lindarian steam bath were originally used to prevent terrible diseases from breaking out among prisoners of war – they were regularly forced, fully clothed, into the lye-laden water. In year 8 Glorea Garal acquired the building in exchange for the piece of mountainous land the Queen had awarded her family, of which she was the only member to survive the war.
The transaction also included enough money to renovate the bath house and purchase a lof in the Temple District.
Today the old building is one of the most beautiful in Yndaros, with brilliant white facades, shining domes, and interior walls, f loors and ceilings decorated with tasteful mosaics. Men and women bathe in separate areas with hot and cold pools and a number of steam saunas. No goblins or ogres are allowed inside, due to what Glorea calls their “inherent flthiness,” but otherwise the bath is open to all. The price depends on what time it is – visits are most expensive in the middle of the day, and cheapest afer sundown.
Just over a year ago the owner appointed the changeling Grimorio Abramelin to the position of bath house manager. Many were concerned about whether the well-known former street performer was the right man for the job, but their skepticism appears to be unfounded. Sure, there are still people who whisper rumors that Master Abramelin was once involved in some rather shady business dealings, but overall the establishment seems to run as smoothly as ever. 蒸汽浴馆
蒸汽浴馆里的旧林达洛斯水池原本是用来防止俘虏中爆发可怕疾病的——他们会定期被强迫穿着衣服进入加了碱液的水中。战后8年,Glorea Garal用一块山地换来了这座建筑,那块山地原本是女王赐给她的家族的,但只有她活到了战后。
一年多前店主人指派替换儿Grimorio Abramelin管理浴馆。许多人担心这位著名的前街头演员是否是合适人员,但他们的怀疑被证明是毫无根据的。当然,还是有人低语Abramelin大师曾经参与了一些相当灰暗的生意,但整个场所看起来和以往一样顺利运作。

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剧透 -   : Bowl of frozen fruit 5 ortegs
Oil-cooked cinnamon bread 2 ortegs
Oil-cooked cinnamon bread (sugar sprinkled) 4 ortegs
Can of wine (unspecifed) 15 shillings
Spring water Free一碗冰水果 5沃特
油炸肉桂面包 2沃特
油炸肉桂面包(带糖霜) 4沃特
一罐葡萄酒(无品牌) 15先令
泉水 免费
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剧透 -   : “I know why so many people rise again as undead these days. It’s because of the First Father being here; they are simply part of the hordes of the Eternal Night, sent to test him and all of us righteous folk.”“我知道为什么最近那么多死人变成不死者。因为首席教长在这里。他们是永夜军团的一部分,被派来考验他还有我们这些正直的人。”
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剧透 -   : Trade
Keen consumers can find just about anything  they want in Yndaros. The only things which may  not be sold openly are blight-stricken objects or  ones that may have corruptive powers – but even  those are said to be available for buyers with the  right connections and sufficient knowledge of the  city. Cons and scams are quite common, mainly  aimed at newcomers and visitors; victims reporting  such trickery to the City Watch are often met with  derisive laughter, unless he or she is of noble birth  or has friends in high places.
Most of the city’s commerce takes place on  the public squares; there people buy and sell  everything from raw material, food, and used  and refined objects, to elixirs and clothes.
Alternatively, Yndarians go directly to the  producers and manufacturers, where the risk  of being cheated is not as high, and the goods,  quantities and sellers can be chosen according to  one’s budget. There are also shops whose products  are made by other people, but these often have  a reputation for offering lower-quality goods.
The latest example is the jewelry shop called  Baldan’s Gems which, since being taken over  by the dwarven family of Statzak, mostly sells  jewelry manufactured by barbarians or amateurs  in the countryside – admittedly both beautiful  and low-priced, but dismissed as knickknacks  by wealthier individuals.商业
剧透 -   : The Chance
Just east of Triumph Plaza lies a shop called the  Chance. Its owners, spouses Lyssa and Davido,  purchase objects that people have brought with  them from Alberetor, and resell them at a substantial profit. Their customers are mainly affluent  Ambrians who can afford to pay good money to  satisfy their nostalgia and revel in old memories,  but even those who go there just to browse, wonder  and remember often end up buying something small  before they leave – a piece of jewelry, trinkets or  perhaps a stone allegedly carved from the wall  surrounding House Kohinoor’s palace in Kandoria.
Business is so good, in fact, that Davido and  Lyssa can afford to employ three scroungers:  former army officers whose job is to scour abandoned properties south of the Titans and send  whatever they find north with the caravans  along the mountain routes. It can be anything  from clothes and shoes, to furniture and linen,  to jewelry and artworks. The owners then pay  Ordo Magica to examine the objects before they  are offered for sale, to make sure that they are  free from contagions and shadows. The rumor  that a set of embroidered bed linens sold at the  Chance caused the outbreak of Pale Death last  year is therefore, in all likelihood, false. 机遇
剧透 -   : Master Alinard
Ever since Queen Korinthia’s decree to establish a  guild system was enacted in year 19, all craftsmen  in Yndaros have worked within a strict hierarchy.  Each guild has its Grand Master, elected by and  from a variable number of Masters, who in turn  may promote diligent Novices to Adepts. The  Grand Master of every guild – from masons and  molders, to blacksmiths and brewers, to tailors,  potters and so on – can be found in the capital, while  most Masters reside in other towns and villages.
After a turbulent beginning, the system is finally  starting to work as intended.
However, things are being complicated by a phenomenon best exemplified within the Blacksmiths’  Guild: additional masters arriving from other  regions. For the last four years Ambrian smiths have  had to compete with Master Alinard, who came to  Yndaros from the city state of Koral. Additionally,  many nobles order their fencing swords from the  barbarian blacksmith Master Ranomar of clan  Vajvod. The Blacksmiths' Guild’s Grand Master,  Petrona Steelwife, has not yet found a lawful way of  prohibiting either Alinard or Ranomar from using  the title of Master; nor has the guild been able to  prove that these “outsiders” are spying on behalf  of their respective motherlands.
Despite the ongoing smear campaigns (both  literal and figurative), it appears that common  folk have little interest in Master Alinard’s place  of birth or Ranomar’s barbarian ancestry – they  craft first-rate products at relatively low prices, and  the week of extra waiting caused by overbooking  is something most people can accept. The question  is how long Petrona and the Ambrian blacksmiths  will put up with the unwanted competition.阿林纳德大师
剧透 -   : Iskandro’s
Healing elixirs and other drugs can be found  anywhere in Yndaros. Prices vary depending on  what part of town one is in, even though the products themselves are the same. Still, they say that  pricing is the clearest indicator of a charlatan – a  relatively low price in the Temple District should  raise suspicion, and a relatively high price in the  eastern parts of town could mean that someone is  trying to sell you a bottle of dyed syrup or a pound  of ground sunflower seeds. No, where alchemical  substances are concerned, it is always wise to buy  directly from members of the Alchemists’ Guild.Iskandro商店
剧透 -   : With mystical artifacts the situation is different.
Ordo Magica has so far kept the secrets of artifact  crafting to themselves; those who are not connected  to the witches, elves and trolls of Davokar must go  to the Southern Tower to purchase lesser artifacts.
But there is one exception: the newly opened shop  Iskandro’s in New Town, which specializes in ritual  codices, spell scrolls, and seals for mystical powers  as well as rituals.
However, there are speculations that Master  Iskandro, once active at Ordo Magica’s chapter in  Ravenia, is running the shop on secret orders from  Grand Master Seldonio, as a test to see how such  a business should be managed. After all, how else  could Iskandro offer artifacts with the properties  of all the mystical powers and rituals included in  the Wizardy tradition?而对于秘术奇物,则是另一种情况。
剧透 -   : Grondel’s Masks
Have you been invited to some country estate for  a masquerade party? Do you desire some of the  powers wielded by the barbarian witches? Or do  you simply wish to scare a loved one into an early  grave? Whatever the reason, Grondel’s Masks is  the place for you!
The enormous Grondel of clan Godinja is a  proficient manufacturer of masks. Moreover, he  has a vast network of contacts within Davokar –  people who are making masks themselves as well  as those peddling the works of others. Sometimes  he also purchases objects from adventurers and  explorers, only to sell them on at a higher price.
His primary interests are authentic witches’ masks  or facial ornaments infused with mystical powers,  but ordinary masks can also be of value, provided  that they come with an interesting story. Among  other things, he prides himself in having sold the  mask of stained glass – a relic from the glory days  of Lindaros – which Arch Duchess Esmerelda wore  at the New Year’s Ball in year 21.格罗德面具店
剧透 -   : Less flattering is that one of the city’s thug  gangs, the Brew Vandals, has started wearing  masks during their raids. Rumor has it that these  were all sold by Grondel and, more disturbingly,  “infused with darkness” which contributes to the  gang’s increasingly violent behavior.不那么让人高兴的是城里一个混混帮派“酿造狂徒”也开始在劫掠时佩戴面具。传说都是格罗德卖的面具。还有更让人不安的传言说,这些面具“蕴含黑暗”,因此导致了这个帮派的行为越发暴力。


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剧透 -   : “Ever heard of the Suns, the Templar vengeance squads? They’ve struck again, massacred an en tire village of free settlers in Davokar, on Vajvod territory. Apparently they were worshipping the Wildling, openly.”“听过太阳小队吗?就是神殿骑士的复仇部队?他们又出击了,屠杀了维沃德领地上的一整个自由定居者村庄。看起来他们在公开崇拜Wildling。”
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剧透 -   : Knowledge & Information
It has been said before and bears repeating: the  Queen’s capital is where one finds the strongest  muscles and sharpest minds in Ambria. It may  not always be easy to gain access to the great bastions of learning and wisdom, but with the right  contacts (or plenty of well-spent thaler) anyone  can tap into the knowledge stored in the Triplet  Towers, the Royal Archives and the Convent  School of the Last Light.
This is not to say that all information is easily  accessible. Each scholarly institution has its  restricted sections, or secrets most of their own staff are unaware of. That goes for previously  mentioned examples as well as the archives of  the City Watch, the Army, the Royal Sekretorium,  and the Anchorage Asylum, to name a few. In order  to obtain such classified information, one must  resort to much more unscrupulous measures –  burglary, infiltration, or gaining some kind of  leverage over (and blackmailing) people with the  proper clearance. In other words, it cannot be  done overnight.知识与信息
剧透 -   : The Legacy Gallery
Down by the harbor stands the five-story building  which houses the Legacy Gallery. Connected by  a spiral staircase, each floor is filled with objects  salvaged from the withered lands of Alberetor.
One is dedicated to furniture, another to crafted  metal, and the top floor is crammed with screen  walls displaying carpets, paintings, and tapestries. On the ground floor is a room with relics  relating to the Young Gods, now regarded as  heretical idols in the shadow of the Lawgiver.
There is also a small stage where skalds and  minstrels take turns performing works which  were popular in the old homeland.传承美术馆
剧透 -   : The largest crowds are usually found on the  second floor, engrossed by the exhibition commemorating important events from the Great War. On  display are, among other things, the white dress  worn by Korinthia as she was rescued by First  Father Jeseebegai, and an alleged replica of the Dark  Lord’s crown. Those with time on their hands may  read about other noteworthy happenings – such as  the death of King Ynedar, the Battle of Haaras (now  known as Black Haaras), and the significance of  the so called Exaltation, when Prios was officially  recognized as the One god and the Giver of Laws.人群通常最喜欢二层的展品,他们沉迷于那些纪念大战事件的展览。其中一件展品是葛林提亚被首席教长耶契贝该解救时穿的白色长裙,还有一件据说是黑魔王王冠的复制品。有时间的参观者还可以阅读其它重要事件——例如瑛达尔王之死、哈拉斯之战(如今被称作黑色哈拉斯),还有国教化,即普里奥斯被官方认定为唯一神以及执法者。
剧透 -   : The Torch
While the Legacy Gallery may be glorifying history,  many believe the Torch is wrongfully dragging  both the past and the present through the mud  of the gutters. The first criers arrived ten years  ago – children of modest backgrounds who got up  on their distinctive crimson stools and shouted  out “news” in East Yndaros. The message remains  the same: the rulers are corrupt, the City Watch  discriminates against people, other news outlets  are spewing false propaganda, and the time has  come for people to stand up against injustice!
The Royal Sekretorium is no doubt doing their  very best to locate the financier and source of the  Torch’s lies, but so far without success. And perhaps  it does not matter; so long as the target audience  struggles to get by and hopes for alms from the  larders of the slandered elite, it will take a lot for  such a rebellious call to take root. Nevertheless,  many cannot help but wonder about the founder  of the Torch – what motives such a person might  have; how he or she obtains what is clearly secret  information, and the means by which he or she  manages to avoid getting caught.火炬
剧透 -   : Whatever the truth may be, a lot of people still  regard the Torch’s criers as an indispensable source  of knowledge, since they seem to have direct access  to otherwise classified information – assuming,  of course, that there is some degree of truth in the  organization’s anti-Ambrian outcries. 无论真相是什么,还是有许多人将火炬的报童视作不可替代的信息来源,毕竟他们看起来能直接接触到机密信息——当然,需要假定这个组织的反安珀利亚新闻有那么些可信度。

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剧透 -   : “The entire city of Yndaros is undermined by  tunnels and caves, that’s  a fact. Some are ancient,  as old as the ruins above  ground; others were dug  more recently, by dwarves and other criminals.
Smuggling tunnels…”“整个云达洛斯城地下都是地道和洞穴,是真的。有的很古老,和地上的遗迹一样古老。剩下的是最近挖的,矮人还有其他犯罪挖的。
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剧透 -   : Odbolg
Allegedly even the Queen fears getting on the wrong  side of Odbolg. The aged goblin was the right-hand  man of Nobleman Dastan, until a couple of years  ago when he, for no apparent reason, parted ways  with the thief king, and has since become one of  the most feared people in Yndaros. They say his  network of homeless children and infiltrators have  dirt on every person (literally!) in the city, and  that he now makes good money selling delicate  information to the highest bidder. The expression  “Odbolg sees you!” is used at all levels of society, as  a warning whenever someone is planning to do  something dubious or illegal.奥得博格
剧透 -   : Odbolg lives in a loft in Old Kadizar, and has  clearly remained on good terms with Nobleman  Dastan – due to some kind of leverage, according to  some; out of long and faithful friendship, according to others. His home is guarded by a group of  well-paid war veterans, and the few occasions  when the goblin has been in danger clearly demonstrated that he may also call upon Dastan’s people  for help. The question is how long this will be  enough to protect the old rumormonger. If nothing  else, many people would probably be willing to  risk their lives to obtain his legendary register  of personal information… 奥得博格住在旧卡德赞的一处阁楼里,明显和贵人达斯坦关系良好——根据一些人的说法,是用了一些把柄,但其他人说是靠长久以来忠诚的友情。他的家被待遇优渥的战争老兵把守着,而在少数情况下,当这位地精面临明显的危险时,他也可以向达斯坦的人求助。问题是这些措施能保护这位老流言传播者多久。撇开别的,许多人会愿意冒生命危险取得他那堪称传奇的个人信息记录……
剧透 -   : The Library of Anearia
The institution known as the Library of Anearia  was founded more than two centuries ago in  Berendoria, Alberetor. Its objective, which was  stipulated by the original curator Anearia, is  still the same av ever: to create “a comprehensive  archive of everything worth knowing.” It is funded  by nobles who would like to boast about their sizable donations to the library. But its main patron,  and the manager of its finances, is House Karnak,  currently represented by Duke Sesario – the new  husband of Queen Mother Abesina and father of  Arch Duchess Esmerelda. 阿尼里娅图书馆
剧透 -   : One might ask how the library managed to  move its clearly enormous collection across the  Titans. But in all likelihood, the secretive group of  librarians who manage the vast stores of knowledge will not answer. Then again, if rumors are  true, the transportation would have been quite  easy, since almost the entire archive is kept in the  Yonderworld, the Spirit World, or some other reality  beyond that of humans. If so, the impressive tomes  occupying the library’s modest three-story building  in the Temple District would merely be the snowy  tip of a mountain of knowledge.
Becoming a member of the Library of Anearia,  and thereby entitled to the librarians’ help in  seeking answers to one’s questions, is something  many people are reluctant to do. For it requires  more than just a signature in some ledger; a  small chunk of one’s hair must be submitted for  archiving. Once this is done, one is free to pay the  nine thaler required to gain insight into things  that are, things that were, or things that will be.
Whether or not the answers are always accurate  is difficult to say, as members are not allowed to  pass on their knowledge to others. 或许有人会问图书馆如何将巨量的藏书搬过泰塔山脉。但无论如何,管理巨大知识宝库的秘密图书管理员们都不会回答。但话又说回来,假如传言是真的,运输过程应该十分轻松,因为所有的藏书都被保管在彼界、精神世界或是其它超越人类的现实中。如果这样,图书馆简朴的三层楼里数量可观的典籍就仅仅是知识高山被雪复盖的峰顶而已。

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剧透 -   : “The saying ‘Odbolg sees  you!’, it’s true! Odbolg is  a changeling who used to  work for Nobleman Dastan, but is now his own  master. Commit even the  slightest misdemeanor  and he’ll know, and then,  sure as the wind blows,  the blackmail begins!”“他们说‘奥得博格看见你了!’,是是真的!奥得博格是个替换儿,曾经给贵人达斯坦干活,但现在他是自己的主人了。最轻微的不端他都会知道,然后,就像风一定会吹过,他就开始敲诈了!”
--- 引用结尾 ---

剧透 -   : Authorities
With few exceptions, the most powerful people in  Ambria are all gathered in Yndaros – the Queen, the  Field Marshal, the Grand Master of Ordo Magica,  the Grand Masters of the craftsmen’s guilds, and  the owners of prominent establishments, to name a  few of the most famous ones. In addition, there are  numerous informal, yet highly influential individuals in the form of advisers, assistants and agents,  not to mention the secretive leaders of various cults  and crime syndicates.
Relations between these powerful figures are  riddled with conflict; they represent organizations  with different interests – often opposing ones,  which collide when they are finally acted upon.
Just like in Thistle Hold and other Ambrian cities,  the arguments are held behind closed doors, sealed  so tightly that nothing but vague rumors ever seeps  out to the common folk. There are exceptions, but  mostly such that concern controversies about  the city itself or its surrounding area, and rarely  between the top representatives of the groups  involved; the people of Yndaros will never witness  a public conflict between Korinthia Nightbane and  First Father Jeseebegai, but must settle for watching  the Key Master quarrel with First Theurg Peonio.官方机构与人物
剧透 -   : The Key Master Seat
Though Yndaros is formally run from the Key  Master Seat, it is common knowledge that Herakleo  Attio and his colleagues are working in the Queen’s  shadow – at the end of the day, everything they do  requires Korinthia’s implicit or explicit approval. It  would therefore be unfair to blame the Key Master  for the increasingly harsh rhetoric and measures  used against displeasing elements.首席掌钥官
剧透 -   : Herakleo oversees and coordinates the administration at the Key Master Seat, but all major decisions are made in consultation with the leaders of its  other branches, or at the top – by the Queen and her  council. As First Justice, Father Matheo Brigo has  a place on both the city’s and the Queen’s council;  they say that he often sends one of his subordinate  Judges to attend the Seat’s meetings, but the honorable sun priest must still be described as one of  Yndaros’ most powerful individuals – especially  since he is the one who records and communicates  the laws of Prios.
The other council members are Tax Commissioner  Eudora Garlaka and Construction Commissioner  Jurlio Berakka, both of whom run vast organizations  with many branches and sub-departments. The  Tax Commissioner is personally responsible for  the city’s finances, while her underlings manage  day-to-day activities such as payments, disbursements, debt collection, audits and so on. Master  Jurlio’s subordinates are in turn responsible for sanitation, construction, renovation, roads and  parks (including monuments and such).赫拉克里奥作为掌钥官负责监督和协调城市的运作,但所有重要决定都需要和其它部门的领导者协商,或者是接收上级的命令,也就是女王和她的议会。首席法官Matheo·布利格教长在城市议会和女王议会都有一席之地,据说他经常派一名下属法官去参加掌钥官的会议,但这位可敬的太阳牧师依然被称作云达洛斯最有权势的人之一——尤其是,是他负责记录和传达普利奥斯的律法。
其它议会成员包括税务官Eudora Garlaka和城建官Jurlio Berakka,二者都负责了拥有许多分支和下属单位的庞大组织。税务官本人要负责城市的经济,而她的下属则管理日常活动,例如报酬、订单款、债务回收、审计等。Jurlio大师的下属则负责卫生、建筑、翻新、道路和公园(包括纪念碑等)。
剧透 -   : Persistent rumors suggest that the seasoned  Construction Commissioner, Duke Junio’s father,  who by the end of the war held an equivalent position in Kandoria, is often at odds with the much  younger, lowborn, yet completely disrespectful  Eudora. Naturally, the issue causing the arguments  is whether the Tax Commissioner allocates enough  funds for construction and maintenance, which  – as Master Jurlio sees it – she does not. And the general population are equally divided. On the Construction Commissioner’s side are the people living in the city’s eastern districts, with rugged streets, unreliable wells, inadequate drainage systems, and no barrier between them and the diseased  and desperate wretches at the refugee camp. Most  other citizens would like to stay on the current path, with more money being spent on the City Watch, the prisons, and other security measures.
Some astute observers are sometimes heard  wondering whether the need for guards and prisons would not decrease drastically if only the lives  of refugees, daythalers and common laborers were  made a little bit easier. 城建官是朱里奥公爵的父亲,于战争末期在康多利亚有重要地位。一直有传言说老道的城建官经常与较为年轻且出身低微、但无礼的Eudora意见相左。引起争吵的原因自然是税务官分配给建设和维护的资金是否足够,在Jurlio看来,是不够的。大众的意见也同样分裂。站在城建官一边的是住在东部城区的人们,那里街道崎岖,水井缺水,排水系统不完善,并且没有高墙隔绝满是疾病和绝望废物的难民营。其他市民大多数希望维持现状,也就是把更多的钱花在巡城卫、监狱和其它保安措施上。有些敏锐的观察者有时会听到有人在思考,假如难民、日工和普通劳工的生活能得到稍微改善,那么对守卫和监狱的需求是否会大幅降低。

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剧透 -   : Crime & Punishment
Keeping people in prison is both expensive and unsafe, which is why  various forms of corporal punishment and humiliation are much more  common than incarceration. Disturbers of the peace must often spend  a period of time in one of the pillories found on many of the city’s squares; repeated offenses will cost you an ear or two, as a permanent sign  of shame and guilt. Property crimes or fornication result in a number  of lashes, followed by the loss of fingers or a hand, but could ultimately  send the inveterate sinner to the gallows. More serious crimes such  as murder, treason, heresy and rebellious activities are almost always  punished with death.
In Yndaros, incarceration is reserved for three kinds of criminals.
High-ranking nobles may be allowed to live out their lives behind bars;  the same goes for spies and other agents of foreign powers, as they can  be pumped for information and used for diplomatic purposes. The third  kind is of course those who, in one way or another, have been tainted by  corruption, and may therefore be valuable as objects of study for black  cloaks and wizards. 犯罪与惩罚
--- 引用结尾 ---
剧透 -   : The City Watch
The proud City Watch of Yndaros is led by  Commander Alvo Steelneck, a fifty-year-old army  veteran who earned his nickname on the exodus  across the Titans – he was captured by a group of  plunderers who despite repeated attempts failed  to decapitate him; a story which many find hard  to believe, even though he has the scars to prove it.
Steelneck answers directly to First Justice Matheo  Brigo, and has in recent years seen an increase in  both budget and personnel. The headquarters lies  just downhill from the palace; there are also smaller  guard stations in every district, manned by two to  seven captains, each commanding between five and  fifteen watchmen. The largest station is the one by the  Monger’s Square, as it is also responsible for patrolling,  and answering distress calls from, the refugee camp.巡城卫
云达洛斯骄傲的巡城卫们由Alvo Steelneck司令领导,他是一名五十岁的老兵,在翻越泰坦山脉的时赢得了现在这个外号——他被一群强盗逮住,他们多次想要砍掉他的头却都失败了。许多人觉得难以置信,尽管他有伤疤为证。
铁脖直接听令于首席法官Matheo  Brigo,最近几年预算和人手都有所增加。巡城卫总部位于王宫脚下,每个街区还有更小的警卫站,每个警卫站有两到七名队长,每个队长都指挥着五到十五名巡城卫。最大的警卫站在商贩广场边,需要负责巡逻以及处理来自难民营的呼救。
剧透 -   : Each guard station can hold a handful of prisoners for short periods of time, either in simple cells or  chained to the walls. The headquarters’ two-story  dungeon has room for a larger number of people,  who may be detained for months before they are  sentenced (some in the isolation cells on the bottom  level, where the blight-stricken and blight-marked  are kept). After their sentence has been passed the  prisoners are usually taken to the Triumph Plaza for  some kind of corporal punishment or public humiliation; less often to the Prison Tower in the Palace  District, or to Anchorage Asylum – a sanatorium  run by Ordo Magica on an islet an hour or so west  of the city, where slightly blight-marked patients  are held, cared for, and studied.每个警卫站都可以短时间关押一定数量的囚犯,要么关在隔间里,要么栓在墙上。总部有两层的地下室,可以容纳更多人,这里的犯人可能会被关押几个月之后被判刑(有的被关在底层的单人隔间里,那里还关着秽蚀者和秽印者。)被判刑后,囚犯通常会被带往胜利广场执行躯体刑罚或者公开羞辱,很少有人会被带去宫殿区的囚塔或者是安奇雷克疗养院——由秘法学会管理的疗养院,位于城西边、有一小时路程的小岛上,轻微秽印的病人被收容、照料,以及研究。
剧透 -   : Serious cases of stigmatization are rarely seen  in Yndaros, either in jail, on the Triumph Plaza,  or at Anchorage Asylum. Instead they are most  likely taken to the Twilight Monastery up in the  Titans, though some say that they, too, are kept  in the city – in secret levels below the City Watch  headquarters, the Triplet Towers, the Cathedral of  Martyrs, or even the Palace itself. 很少能在云达洛斯见到严重的腐化者,无论是监狱、胜利广场还是安奇雷克疗养院。他们大都会被带去泰坦山脉上的暮光修道院,但有人说也有部分被关押在城里——在巡城卫的秘密地下室、在三塔、在殉道者大教堂,甚至在王宫。
剧透 -   : The Cathedral of Martyrs
The year after Korinthia’s arrival to the Promised  Land, it was finally ready for inauguration – the  Cathedral of the Hallowed Martyrs, better known  simply as the Cathedral of Martyrs. It was built on  foundations from the time of Lindaros, fitted with  the hemispherical copper dome of Prios, and with  new exterior ornaments and interior paintings. The  atrium, with its balconies, can accommodate more  than a thousand worshippers turning their collective  gaze to the golden podium where First Theurg Peonio  conducts his sermons, in the light which streams  through the temple window portraying a triumphant  Queen Korinthia on her prancing steed. Along the  edges of the hall are towering statues of martyrs  and lightbringers, and incense burners emitting  the same scent as in the temples of old Alberetor.殉道者大教堂
剧透 -   : In Yndaros, Prios is ever present. His spirit  watches over family dinners, court proceedings,  business transactions, solemn ceremonies, births  and deaths, and the people must all praise “Prios, the  One” in good times and in bad. The city’s residents  still live as much in the shadow of war as they do in the radiance of triumph, and none are allowed  to forget who brought victory to the Ambrians  during the Great War. Guilt, gratitude and duty  are recurring themes, preached by the First Theurg  as well as his eminent liturgs – the Ambrian people  have a long way to go before Prios has regained his  strength; darkness must be vanquished, the wilds  must be cleansed, and the gifts of the One must be  harvested and cultivated. And these themes are  undoubtedly being given a more prominent role  with each passing year.普里奥斯永远存在于云达洛斯。他的精神守护着家庭晚餐、宫廷议程、商业交易、庄严仪式、出生死亡,无论苦难还是幸福,人们都必须赞美“普里奥斯,唯一的神”。这座城市的居民即使生活在胜利的光辉中,也如同生活在战争阴影时那样崇拜普里奥斯,没有人被允许遗忘是谁为安珀利亚人带来了大战的胜利。愧疚、感激与责任是循环的主题,由首席神术师以及他非凡的步道师宣讲的,是安珀利亚人还需要经过漫长的努力才能等来普利奥斯重获力量;是黑暗必须被击败、野性必须被净化、普里奥斯的赠礼必须被守护与培育。这些主题每年无疑都在被赋予更加重要的地位。
剧透 -   : For the past two months this development has  accelerated even further, due to the First Father’s  relocation from Templewall to Yndaros. The sun  priests’ stricter emphasis on duty and guilt, as well  as their increased presence on the city’s streets and  squares, is probably linked to Jeseebegai’s arrival  and the increased resources and activity of the City  Watch. In turn, this development is most likely a  reaction to rebellious, or even heretical, tendencies  within the church and the realm in general. Citizens  are discouraged from placing too much importance  on divisions within the church, conflicts between the  First Father and the Queen, and a growing, tacit support for the likes of Father Sarvola. But perhaps there  is some truth to the claim that the absence of external  threats has allowed for potentially serious internal  conflicts to grow more and more threatening.过去两个月,由于首席教长从圣墙城来到云达洛斯,这一进展越发加速。太阳牧师更加严苛地强调指责与愧疚,他们也更经常出现在城市的街道和广场上,这或许与耶契贝该的到来以及巡城卫的资源和活动增加有关。相对应的,这种状况最有可能是对教会内部以及整个王国的反叛甚至是异端倾向的应对。民众被阻止去过多关注教会内部的分裂、首席教长与女王的冲突,以及不断增加的对萨弗拉教长之流默认支持。但或许这个说法是真的:缺乏外部危机会让内部可能的严重分歧越发有威胁。

--- 引用 ---——————
剧透 -   : “Stay away from the wagons picking up daythalers in East Yndaros. At  least half of them are kidnapping people, selling  them to the barbarians  as slaves, or to cultists  as human sacrifices. Get  up on one of them and  you’re dead!”“远离那些在东云达洛斯接日工的马车。至少有一半是在绑架,把人卖给蛮族当奴隶,或者是卖给邪教徒当祭品。上了一辆你就死定了!”
--- 引用结尾 ---
剧透 -   : The Triplet Towers
Like the nearby Cathedral of Martyrs, Ordo Magica’s  residence is built on Lindarian foundations – three tall  and narrow towers which supposedly served a similar  purpose back when they were first constructed. The  northern tower is shared by the three schools of the  wizardry tradition – the pyromancers at the bottom,  the illusionists in the middle, and the mentalists  near the top, below the two floors reserved for Grand  Master Seldonio and his staff of novices and adepts.
The southern tower is dedicated to alchemy,  medicine and, more recently, artifact crafting,  while the eastern one houses magistrates and  students of the learned disciplines – linguistics, history, culture, art, philosophy and so on. People who  once studied or worked at the Triplet Towers claim  that Ordo Magica’s headquarters is a boiling cauldron of conflict, where infighting over resources,  recognition and authority is fierce. One of the most  widespread stories is thought to have come from  a notary named Tera, and describes the literally  murderous planning of a party at the Southern  Tower. The story seems to indicate that, within  Ordo Magica, friends are always temporary, and  only meant to be mobilized in the struggle against  a (for the time being) common enemy.三塔
剧透 -   : But no matter how bad things might be, many  are still attracted by the security which Ordo  Magica can provide for its students and members.
Admittance does not rely as heavily on contacts,  wealth and family as in other organization, but  rather on proven skill and diligence. There are  countless stories about people of modest background winning great riches and influence thanks  to Ordo Magica. But perhaps this is also the very  thing which triggers the conflicts – those who  achieve success are afraid of losing what they  have gained, and will use all their newly acquired  power and influence to avoid falling back into the  wretchedness from whence they came.但无论事情可能有多糟糕,许多人还是被秘法学会为它的学生和成员提供的安全吸引。
剧透 -   : Nobleman Dastan
The underworld of Yndaros has its kings and  queens, just like the ordinary world. And the soon  to be sixty-year-old Nobleman Dastan is without  doubt the top dog in the unwashed and violent pack.
They say that he started his career as an orphan  pickpocket in Berendoria, and that, before crossing the mountains, he had dethroned his adoptive  father and taken over his growing organization  of thieves, charlatans and extortionists. Having  arrived in Yndaros, he kept a low profile, while his  competitors acted too soon and were weeded out.贵人达斯坦
剧透 -   : Once the city had grown large enough to tolerate  a certain amount of organized crime (and even  appreciate the help in keeping some form of order in  the underworld), Dastan emerged from the shadows  to conquer Old Kadizar.
But the city continued to grow, and its population is now too large for Dastan to control. Several  small-time gangs are supposedly fighting to remain  independent from the Thief King – for instance  the Band of Brothers which hides among the refugees, and a gang based in the Bohemian Quarter  whose members claim to serve someone called the  Warlock. And then there are the dwarves.
These well-dressed and courteous individuals  may appear to be respectable merchants, but there  are many indications (some stronger than others)  that they have a lot in common with the thief king  of Old Kadizar. One thing that raises suspicion is the  brutal gang fighting that occasionally breaks out  in the western parts of town; another is that many  of the previous owners of dwarven establishments  have vanished without a trace, as if swallowed by  the earth – living off their riches somewhere far  away, say the dwarves; buried or dumped in the  River Doudram, say the skeptics. Either way, it is  obvious to everyone that at least the families of  Valotzar, Alzerek and Baldysik are becoming major  players in the city’s shadier circles!当城市扩大到能够容忍一定的有组织犯罪(甚至会感谢他们维护地下世界的秩序)之后,达斯坦从黑暗中出现征服了旧卡德赞。





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