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主题: [恢复与更新]旧日王国志:烈焰启示和黄金城
作者: lichess2017-03-01, 周三 14:16:32

       The Flame Revelation is nearly a branch of Fire Cult, it has similar believes, worshiping Lux, building the burning altars in followers' settlements. But the Flame Revelation has been treated a heresy since the followers worship a woman as an avatar of the First Fire who has an unknown source but has lived at least ten centuries.

        Thousands of years ago, some fishermen from the Iscania who were reverent fire cult followers that built a hidden shelter on a cliffy rock by the Smog Sea for evading the rising Tyrant's force. It was a small haven that had nothing but simple a dock, a couple of huts, and a tiny sanctum according to the tradition for their endless flames. It was normal and it would have the same end as the hundreds of other shelters along the coast: Abandoning or Wiping away by the bandits or pirates.

        However, the destiny of the poor shelter was changed permanently by a visiting of a young wizard who came from Broken Spires. He was an apprentice who had self-banished from the House Watched. Nobody knew why did the young man come to the remote rock and what he sought, but he was sick and dying when his boat made the dock. Then he died here one week later. The occupants cremated his body to the flames in the sanctum at midnight as their fire cult tradition. In the meantime, a crew of pirates raided this shelter. The brutes killed the people, fired the huts and drove the frightened women to the sanctum.  The pirates raped them near the burning funeral fire in the sacred place. Several outraged girls drove themselves into the fire when they managed to rid away the brutes. At the sad and wicked time, a young woman appeared in the burning fire.  She was naked but wore the fire, and her eyes were two fires that shining as the sun. She killed the pirates, killed them all one by one with the blazes which spraying from her fingers, eyes, and mouth. When the slaughter finished, the rising sun was shining upon the whole fired but survived shelter.

        The survivors gathered around to their savior, Kneeling to her reverently when the wearing fire had faded. They believed that she must be the Avatar of Lux, and they would be the first followers of a new region which bore in that day and would be the first founders of Gold City.
        Nowadays the followers call that day Flame Revelation that it has become the name of their new religion. And call the savior who saved the former shelter The Nightless, or, Gold Lady, reverently. She is a living goddess that is aways a young woman who wears an ornate gold crown, golden translucent silk long skirt, and bronze bracelets and bronze bangles, and her long straight hair that as the darkness of the midnight.  She also lives in the largest magnificent Golden Sanctum with her following flamen at the top of the Gold City. There is a huge altar at the center of the sanctum which burns endless flame to illuminate even the night of the entire city. The followers call it The Final Altar, or, The True Altar that shows the difference to the old Fire Cult.

        To visit Gold Lady is possible to even a newcomer in the city. They all say it is a cure for any disease that Gold Lady's touching. She heals men and women whether they are rich or poor, highborn of lowborn and requires nothing. Many people are here to beg for their recoveries who come from the entire realms.  But only twelve people are allowed into the Golden Sanctum for their treatments a day.
        The High Flamen of the Golden Sanctum run this city that started when the new religion had established. They manage the asylum, the soldiers, the city guards, the trade guilds, and anything in the city. But the flamen and the followers of Gold Lady are unfrequent out the Gold City. The typical impression of a flaman to an outlander is that a bald-headed man in a golden robe who hands a flaming glassum blade. And the glassum is a kind of rare minerals that they said it was one of the sacred stones which forged by Gold Lady she herself.

        烈焰启示(Flame Revelation)可以算得上是拜火祭仪的一个分支。它们有着相似的教义,同样敬拜“卢克斯”,同样在信众的居住区中建起燃烧的圣坛。然而拜火祭仪却将其视作某种异端邪教,只因为烈焰启示的信徒将某个来路不明的女人当作初始之火的某种化身,虽然她确实长生不老,至少已经在世整整一千年。


        然而,这座连名字都没有的避难据点的命运却因为一场意外的造访而彻底改变。一个来自残塔城(Broken Spires)的年轻巫师不期而至,他是一名踏上自我放逐之路的监视者(House Watched)学徒。无人知晓他为何会孤身来到这一偏僻的蛮荒之地,但是当他的船只抵达靠岸的时候,他已经病入膏肓、行将就木。避难据点的居民无力医治他,一周之后这位年轻的学徒便去世了。按照拜火祭仪的传统,避难据点的居民们在午夜来临的时刻在简陋的圣所中为他举行例葬礼,将他的遗体奉献给熊熊燃烧的圣火。然而与此同时,一群极有可能是循着巫师学徒的踪迹而来的海盗对这座毫不起眼的据点发动了袭击。暴徒们放火焚烧房屋,杀死居民,将惊恐万分的女人们驱赶到火焰圣所中。就在燃烧的葬礼火焰旁,这群暴徒强暴了她们,就像他们对其曾经遭到他们残害的据点那样。一些不堪受辱的女人在设法挣脱海盗的掌控后悲愤地跳入烈火当中。就在这一悲伤而邪恶的时刻,一个年轻女人的身影从燃烧的火焰中现身。她身无寸缕,却以火焰为衣裳,双眼燃烧着火焰如同闪耀的太阳。从她的指尖、双眼,以及口中迸射出火焰将所有海盗一个接一个的全部杀死。当这场屠杀结束的时候,晨曦初现的阳光刚好照亮这座在火中焚毁却又在火中幸存的据点。