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【DC】 Double Clutch 无人机 (p91-118)


Force Multipilers的直译“力量倍增器”我本人完全不想使用。实际上,军事(当然还有狂奔)领域中的Force Multipilers我们非常熟悉——一台比手掌大不了太多的飞行摄像无人机。现在你知道你手中的苍蝇间谍有多重要了。

发帖人:Rigger X

>额,在我们开始之前,我们痛苦地注意到Rigger X的坏名声和他干的那些王八蛋事。我们知道你们有些人跟他有过节,但是他依旧是接入点的一员,因为他拥有从我们的专业角度上来说很有用知识和洞见。就这次而言是他在无人机领域的专家意见。他同意分享他的知识,只要没人把个人恩怨带进来,试图掀起一起舌战或者直接线下约架。所以这是一个也是唯一一个对所有人(包括Rigger X)的预警以确保这次讨论的专业性。禁言权限大锤的按钮就在我手指头下面,各位。




剧透 -   : Posted by: Rigger X
> Okay—before anyone starts in, yes, we are painfully aware of Rigger X’s reputation and some of the drek he’s pulled in the past. And we know the bad blood a few of you have with him. But he’s still part of JackPoint because he has knowledge and insight that’s useful to us in a professional capacity. In this case, it’s his expertise in drones. He agreed to do this as long as no one brings personal biz into it, tries to start a flame-war, or goes after him personally. So this is the one and only warning to everyone (including Rigger X) to keep it professional. The Ban-Hammer is on a hair trigger here, people.
> Glitch

Drones are everywhere and can do just about everything. While that statement may seem simplistic because of its obviousness, its implications and effects on life in the Sixth World are more far-reaching than most people realize or contemplate in any meaningful way. Early drone designs were simplistic in their function and capability.But then the first ASIST systems came into being for Matrix use and were quickly applied to drone technology, which caused a paradigm shift in their possible applications and use. Then, wireless technology was created, which represented yet another milestone of advancement in capability. Over the last thirty years, these advances, along with the latest generation autosoft operating systems, have accumulated in what is a near quantum leap in drone capability, form, and function. Current drones are no longer clunky or inelegant unless they are meant to be. But modern materials, combined with SOTA systems, have made others into sleek machines… or in some cases nearly indistinguishable from nature itself.

Yet the world at large hardly seems to have noticed.

That’s because the average person (erroneously) sees them as nothing but another tool, something to do a specific task and then be forgotten about. This idea has become so prevalent that most don’t even think twice when they see a drone. They have become so ingrained in our cultural zeitgeist that we simply assume that said drone is doing what it is supposed to be doing and never questioning what the “it” really is, let alone if the drone should even be doing it. They have become yet another part of the landscape, and often quickly ignored, which is certainly beneficial to us. Most people don’t realize exactly how pervasive drones have become and how much we have become dependent on them. This is where drones, at least from our perspective, do their greatest work—and cause the greatest damage.


阿兹特科 GCR-68A

阿兹特科 GCR-68A
操控性    加速    初始速度    最高速度    机体    护甲    自驾系统    传感器    座位    可获得性    价格    3/31020602021-    22000¥标准改造:变色图层1,重发射单元,智能轮胎

天演 “滚动炸弹”


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