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改装系统规则 Modification System Rules

剧透 -   : One thing all riggers tend to have in common is
that they have their favorite modifications to make
on their stock vehicles and drones. The bigger and
roomier the chassis, the more open it is to customization!改装件(简称改装)有着不同的分类。底盘改装被认为是载具的基础结构。动力改装包括燃料,发电,传动和推进。电子改装影响着载具的基本AI和输入输出界面,这包括伪装,通讯,防盗和隐身系统。
剧透 -   : Modifications (mods, for short) come in different
categories. Chassis modifications are concerned
with the base structure of the vehicle. Powerplant
mods include fuel, power generation, transmission,
and propulsion. Electronics mods affect the basic
AI and the input/output interface of a vehicle, including
the systems for camouflage, communications,
anti-theft, and stealth.一架载具或无人机有一定数量的底盘,动力和电子改造槽,其每个的数量等同于未改造前载具的机体属性。任何底盘,动力和电子改造槽都可以以2:1的比例永久转换为另一个类别。除非另外说明,否则更高级的部件只需花费与当前安装部件的差价来替换。
剧透 -   : A vehicle or drone has a number of Chassis,
Powertrain, and Electronic mod slots equal to its
unmodified Body in each of these three categories.
Any available Chassis, Powertrain, and Electronic
mod slots can permanently be shifted to another
category at a 2:1 ratio. Unless stated otherwise,
matching components that have a higher rating
cost the difference in Mod slots to replace.下面列出的改装的可获得性和价格适用于你在本地装备店中购买并让他们帮你安装。当你想要自己安装改装,改装所占槽位被用于决定制造这个改装件的难度和对应的工具。除非另外说明,否则安装一个改装的检定为:工程学(合适的种类)+逻辑[(改装槽位*8), (改装槽位 x 小时)]。没有改装槽位数的改装件在阈值和间隔的系数上被视为1。一个工具箱足够安装任何改装槽位小于2的改装,工坊能安装槽位数为2至5之间的改装,安装大于6个改装槽位或更多槽位的改装则需要一个设施。
剧透 -   : The listed availability and cost apply when you
purchase the modification from your local gearhead
and let them do the work. When installing
the modification yourself, the mod slot cost is used
for determining difficulty of making the modification
and the tools that are required to do so. Unless
specified otherwise, the test for installing a mod is
Engineering (Appropriate type) + Logic [(mod slots
x 8), (mod slots x hours)]. Modifications that are
not measured in mod slots have a mod slot multiplier
of 1 for the threshold and interval. A toolkit is
sufficient to perform any mod that costs less than
two slots, while a shop is necessary for any job that
consumes two to five slots. A facility is required for
modifications that consume six or more slots.自己安装改装可以为你节省50%列出的新円花费,但是这个自己动手的花销节省并不适用于配件。除非另外说明,否则价格更高的部件只需花费与当前安装部件的差价来替换。
剧透 -   : Installing the mod yourself saves you fifty percent
of the listed nuyen cost, but this do-it-yourself
saving does not apply to accessories. Unless stated
otherwise, matching components that have a higher
price will only cost the difference in price to replace.
改装就是改装 A Mod is a Mod
为什么一个改装可以适用于各种载具 Why One Mod Applies to Multiple Types of Vehicles
剧透 -   : Many mods have contextual names that might
seem to preclude certain vehicle types. For example,
a Racing Suspension might be implemented for improved
flight controls on a VTOL or fixed wing aircraft.
Rules are inherently an abstraction, and regardless
of what a mod name might imply, it is usable by
any vehicle or drone type unless specified otherwise.

配件设备 Accessory Equipment
剧透 -   : Accessories are items added to a vehicle that do
not have a major impact on the vehicle primary
systems and do not need or consume any mod slots
to install.
紧急灯条/警笛 Emergency Light Bars/Siren

--- 引用 ---可获得性价格4(L)6000¥
--- 引用结尾 ---
剧透 -   : What do government-issued black SUVs, ambulances,
and police cruisers all have in common?
Lights and sirens. Well, that and the AR broadcast
with GridGuide overrides that go with them. If
you want all the civilians to get out of your way,
or if you need to impersonate DocWagon or Lone
Star, or if you just really need to get your pizza
delivered on time, this is the mod you need. Just
don’t get caught without a convincing fake license,
as law enforcement tends to take a dim view on
impersonating emergency vehicles. This mod includes
pop-up (and/or pop-down) light bars, a
hidden siren, an AR ’caster, and a spoof chip to
fool the GridGuide system into thinking you’re a
legitimate emergency vehicle.
显著特征 Distinctive Features

--- 引用 ---可获得性价格24000¥
--- 引用结尾 ---
剧透 -   : This is the ultimate expression in accessory modification.
Owners often customize their vehicles for
purely cosmetic reasons, incorporating radical modifications
that serve no practical purpose. Examples
of this include a chassis that makes the car bounce,
extensive chrome manifolds that only exist to belch
balls of flame, and of course the imagination is the
only limit on AROs. Distinctive features adds Edge
and an additional Wild Die to Social tests. Distinctive
features also grants Edge to any observer attempting
to remember having seen it previously.
润滑油喷嘴 Oil Slick Sprayer

--- 引用 ---可获得性价格4 (I)1000¥
--- 引用结尾 ---
剧透 -   : A few nozzles and a reservoir of slick fluid make
the ground immediately behind the vehicle extremely
hazardous to pursuing ground-based vehicles.
Activating the oil slick sprayer is a Minor Action;
following activation, any ground vehicles in pursuit
suffer +3 to their Handling, unless they avoid the
slick. The slick may be avoided by making a Crash
test. The oil slick sprayer has six charges and can be
completely refilled for 50 nuyen.
道带喷射器 Road Strip Ejector

--- 引用 ---可获得性价格4 (I)1000¥
--- 引用结尾 ---
剧透 -   : Road strips are a myomeric ribbon that, when
deployed, stretch out over a length of about four
lanes of traffic and, depending on the type, cause
some effect on the vehicles that drive over it.
The road strip ejector uses a simple powered release
mechanism that is triggered with a Minor Action.
It can be equipped with any one type of road
strip and has a capacity of six individual strips.
Single road strips can also be deployed manually
and triggered wirelessly with a minor action.
道带 Strips
尖刺道带 Spike Strip
剧透 -   : The most common type of strip consists of sharp,
penetrating spikes that damage the tires of any vehicle
that drives over it. The vehicle’s tires immediately
blow out unless they use run-flat technology (see
run flat tires below), forcing the driver to make an
immediate Handling test to avoid crashing. Even if
the crash is avoided, flat tires increase the Handling
rating of a ground vehicle by 3.跟踪带 Tracking Strip
剧透 -   : The tracking strip is a clear, difficult-to-notice
strip with a row of small explosive blisters containing
stealth tags (p. 269, SR6). Whenever a vehicle
passes over a tracking strip, a blister detonates,
hitting the bottom of the vehicle with a glob of adhesive
containing a tag. A tracking strip contains
enough blisters and tracking strips to tag the first
ten vehicles that pass over it.电击带 Zapper Strip
剧透 -   : The zapper strip is equipped with hundreds of
tiny wires extending up, which brush against the
chassis of any vehicle that passes over. When this
happens, the strip sends a powerful electric pulse
into the chassis of the vehicle. A vehicle that drives
over a zapper strip suffers 8S electrical damage. A
zapper strip has enough power for ten discharges
before needing to be recharged.

--- 引用 ---尖刺道带
可获得性价格3 (I)250¥
可获得性价格3 (L)1000¥
--- 引用结尾 ---

探照灯 Searchlight

--- 引用 ---可获得性价格2800¥
--- 引用结尾 ---
剧透 -   : The searchlight modification installs a high-powered
light mounted somewhere on the exterior of
the vehicle, capable of all-around movement from
wherever it happens to be mounted. It can be operated
remotely or manually if it’s physically accessible.
Its illumination goes three times as far as a
standard flashlight and can be bought in low-light
or thermographic versions for the same price.
发烟器 Smoke Projector
一个或练个装有气溶胶的罐子被装在载具上。以一个次要动作来启动它们,并放出一团浓烟。浓烟云阻挡视线,为任何在烟云穿行的人附加致盲 I状态,任何在其中行动的人附加致盲 II。当载具是静止的或缓慢移动时,云具有范围5。当载具在以公路速度行驶时,烟云则被延展至5米宽但长度可以长达100米的跟随载具行迹的烟轨。当烟云在车后延展时,烟云不会使用范围机制来扩大其体积。这个系统可以额外花一点钱来安装热烟。

--- 引用 ---可获得性价格3 (L)600¥ (+100¥热烟)
--- 引用结尾 ---
剧透 -   : One or two canisters with aerosol nozzles are
attached to the vehicle. A Minor Action activates
them, releasing a huge cloud of dense smoke.
The cloud obscures vision, inflicting the Blinded I
status for anyone acting through the smoke and
Blinded II for anyone trying to act from within the
smoke. While the vehicle is stationary or moving
slowly, the cloud has Range 5 (see Gas Attacks, p.
116, SR6). While the vehicle is at roadway speeds,
the cloud is stretched out so that it is only five
meters wide, but extends as much as 100 meters
long in a trail following the vehicle’s path. When
stretched behind a moving vehicle, the cloud does
not use the Range mechanic to expand beyond this
volume. The system can be loaded with thermal
smoke for a nominal extra cost.
气体散布系统 Gas Dispersal System

--- 引用 ---可获得性价格5 (L)2000¥ + 至多5剂毒气
--- 引用结尾 ---
剧透 -   : Sometimes you want to gas an area with something
that has a little more kick than smoke. Toxins
require more specialized storage and dispersal
mechanics than what smoke projectors use. This
system has Range 2, and a Concentration equal to
the number of doses of the toxin released. The reservoir
can hold up to five doses of a toxin and can
release any number of doses in one attack. It takes
a Minor Action to trigger the system. A rating 3
anti-theft system may also be set to trigger this system
in the event of an alarm.
特殊轮胎 Specialty Tires
剧透 -   : This mod is only available for wheeled ground
vehicles, and the tires are bought as a set regardless
of the actual number of tires on a vehicle (or
drone). Tire sets are priced with two numbers separated
by a slash representing the cost of drone and
motorcycle tire sets/car and truck tire sets. Changing
all of a vehicle’s tires from one style to another
is an Engineering + Logic (2, 10 minutes) Extended
test when it’s done in a shop. Of course, when you
try to do the same job out on the street with just
a tool kit, it’s a lot more work and becomes an
Engineering + Logic (2, 20 minutes) Extended test.
越野轮胎 Off-Road Tires
剧透 -   : When equipped and used off-road, these tires
improve Acceleration by +5 and Speed Interval by
+10. The downside is that when driving on pavement,
those bonuses become penalties (–5 Acceleration
and –10 Speed Interval). Off-road tires may have run-flat technology that allows them to continue
after a puncture as an option for a 50 percent
increase in the base price.
赛车轮胎 Racing Tires
剧透 -   : The flip side of off-road tires, racing tires are
designed to maximize vehicle performance on the
street. When equipped and used on-road, these
tires give a +5 Acceleration and +10 Speed Interval.
When off-road, this changes to –5 Acceleration
and a –10 to the Speed Interval. Racing tires
may have run-flat technology that allows them to
continue after a puncture as an option for a 50
percent increase in the base price.
续跑轮胎 Run-Flat Tires
剧透 -   : A common upgrade for vehicles owned by shadowrunners,
these are a general-duty tire design
that perform equally well on or off the road. They
are an upgrade to standard tires and are designed
to continue operating even when their air pressure
is released due to a puncture. Run-flat technology
may also be bought as an upgrade to racing and
off-road tires.
智能轮胎 Smart Tires
剧透 -   : Made popular on the Thundercloud Mustang
cross-country bike, smart tires use a nanotech
material that reshapes the tire to suit the current
driving conditions. Off-road mode deepens
the tread and widens the tire to function like an
off-road tire (with the same modifiers), while on
pavement the smart tire becomes smoother and
stiffer for high-speed performance just like a racing
tire (again with the same modifiers). Smart
tires are wireless-enabled and can transmit their
current status and condition. They switch modes
when they receive a wireless command or when
the tire’s internal sensors detect a change in surface
(after one combat round of driving). The
change between modes can happen while driving,
taking a single combat round for the tires to
switch between modes. All smart tires also have
self-repairing capabilities that allow them to continue
operating after a puncture just like standard
run-flat tires.
粉碎机 Shredders
剧透 -   : These may earn some style points out in the
barrens, but they’re illegal everywhere else. Why?
Mainly because shredders are named after the ring
of sharp metal blades or spikes built into their outer
edge. These tires add the vehicle’s Body to the
Attack Rating when ramming non-vehicular targets,
one-half Body if it’s an attack made against
another vehicle.
--- 引用 ---越野轮胎
可获得性价格4 (I)600¥/1200¥
--- 引用结尾 ---

欺骗套件 Spoof Kit

--- 引用 ---可获得性价格4 (I)1500¥
--- 引用结尾 ---
剧透 -   : All vehicles and drones that use GridGuide,
SkyGuide, or the new xGuide are required to have
an identification transponder as well as a physical
badge or license plate. This allows law enforcement
to quickly identify and track a vehicle. In other
words, it’s the last thing a criminal wants. The spoof
kit, with its morphing license plate, plug-in chip,
and ID-mimicking algorithms are just as important
to a runner as a good fake SIN. This mod mimics a
standard vehicle ID transmission signal with a random
value designed to appear authentic while the
plate changes shape to display a matching ID tag. It
will not pass any active scrutiny, but it beats leaving
a registry tied to your SIN (real or fake) on traffic
sensors. You can change the kit’s identifier code to a
new pattern anytime with a Minor Action or just set
it to change at regular intervals. Only one vehicle or
drone can benefit from a given spoof kit at a time.

底盘改装 Chasis Mods
剧透 -   : The terms people use for the core structure
of a vehicle range from “body” to “skeleton” or
“frame,” but “chassis” covers a lot more than just
the bare bones of the vehicle. The chassis defines a
vehicle’s basic systems; it starts with the body or
core, adds the outer armor or skin that gives the
vehicle its shape, defines the shape and size of the
seating (if any), and builds in the steering and suspension
systems that allow for smooth handling.
It doesn’t matter whether the vehicle is designed
for ground, air, or water, the chassis is still built
around the same elements.受到底盘影响的游戏数据是机体(核心),操纵性,装甲(外观)和座位。其余被分类为底盘的则有出入口,挂载位和货物空间。
剧透 -   : The game stat lines influenced by the chassis are
Body (Core), Handling, Armor (Skins), and Seating.
Other items under chassis are entry/exit, hardpoints,
and cargo space.
核心改装 Core Mods
剧透 -   : Core represents the innermost system of a vehicle;
it is what gives a vehicle its Body rating in the
vehicle’s profile. The Body rating is a measure of
how rugged and adaptable the vehicle is.
快速安装/拆卸 Easy Assembly/Disassembly



--- 引用 ---改装槽等级1/3机体(向上取整)-可获得性价格32000¥
--- 引用结尾 ---
剧透 -   : When you need to get a vehicle to (or into) a location
but can’t get it there whole, this is the modification
for you. While you could use this mod on
your GMC Bulldog, you would need several other
Bulldogs to carry the pieces. It’s far more useful
on drones and small vehicles—maybe something
like carrying a disassembled Nightwing into a skyscraper
and re-assembling it on the roof.
Vehicles can be folded into an easily handled
package or broken up into several smaller, lighter
packages to be carried along and assembled at
a remote location. When secure facilities scan for
unwanted devices such as small surveillance bugs,
you can get past this by breaking a minidrone
down into several unidentifiable parts and smuggling
those in separately.
The easy assembly/disassembly mod allows
a vehicle to be broken down into several smaller
pieces, or into a single compact form, and then reassembled
for operation. Disassembly or re-assembly
of a vehicle takes an Extended Engineering (Body,
1 min) test. When microdrones or minidrones are
broken down, the parts are extremely difficult to
identify without an appropriate Knowledge skill
额外出/入口 Extra Entry/Exit Points


--- 引用 ---改装槽等级1-可获得性价格44000¥
--- 引用结尾 ---
剧透 -   : Wherever you happen to need that door, it’ll
be there. It may be gun doors on the side of a
rotorcraft, a well-placed escape hatch on a submarine,
a sunroof in a limo that you can stand
out of so you can shoot at your pursuers, or a
removable panel in the floor of your Roadmaster
that lets you drop down into an open manhole
cover undetected.
This mod is only available for passenger vehicles,
not drones (obviously). With this mod,
any occupant of the vehicle is assumed to have a
convenient entry or exit point accessible to them
whenever they need it, no matter what state the
vehicle is in (including upside down), or from what
position they are attempting to access the vehicle
(such as from underneath or on the roof).
极端环境改装(类型)Extreme Environmental Mods (Type)


--- 引用 ---改装槽等级1-可获得性价格33000¥
--- 引用结尾 ---
剧透 -   : Driving across Antarctica in winter, taking a
plane into the stratosphere, a sub to the bottom
of an ocean trench, or walking your anthro-drone
around in a volcano all require very specific modifications
to a vehicle, but they all need about the
same level of modification.
Extreme environmental mods are a set of separate
mods that protect a vehicle from one specific type of
environmental threat such as extreme cold, heat, high
altitude, or water pressure. Each type of protection is
a specific chassis modification. If you want your vehicle
to operate in a second extreme environment, you
will need to install a second extreme environmental
mod that protects in parallel to the first.
射击孔 Gun Ports

--- 引用 ---等级可获得性价格0.53 (L)1000¥
--- 引用结尾 ---
剧透 -   : Sometimes you want to be able to shoot out of
a vehicle in a safer manner than rolling down the
window or standing up through the sunroof. A gun
port provides a firing position from inside a vehicle
for a hand-held weapon fired by a passenger while
they are still fully protected by the vehicle’s armor.
This modification allows a single passenger to fire
out of the vehicle in the direction the gun port is
facing. If you want more than one passenger to fire
in the same direction at the same time, you need
more than one gun port installed.
设备挂载位 Hardpoints for Device Attachment

载客载具和大多数无人机起始会有每三点机体(机体/3向下取整)一免费标准挂载位。具有3机体以上的小型无人机会有一个免费的小型挂载位来作为替代。标准挂载位可以被拆分或组合成不同的尺寸:一个标准 挂载位可以被拆分成两个小型挂载位,两个标准挂载位可以合并成一个大型挂载位,而三个标准挂载位则可以合成一个巨型挂载位。

剧透 -   : Hardpoints are the reinforced structural areas
of the chassis that a device can be securely mounted
to. For shadowrunners, a hardpoint usually
means a place for a weapon to be attached, but for
civilian vehicles it’s most likely a place for a trailer
hitch or other tool like a winch or hoist.
Passenger vehicles and most drones start with
one free standard hardpoint per three full points
of Body (Body/3 rounded down). Small drones
with a Body over three get one free small hardpoint
instead. Standard hardpoints can be split or
combined into different sizes: one standard hardpoint
can be split into two small hardpoints, two
standard hardpoints can combine into one large
hardpoint, and three standard hardpoints can be
merged into one huge hardpoint.
Extra hardpoints can be installed using a base
cost of one chassis mod slot for a standard hardpoint.
Small drones and mini-drones may only
add a small hardpoint, Micro-drones can never
add any hardpoint. Since devices attached to
hardpoints do not normally cost any mod slot
points beyond the hardpoint, they are detailed
later in this chapter (see Hardpoint Attached Devices,
p. 142).小型挂载位:小型武器座,微型/迷你无人机架,小型机械臂(力量最高2)或是其他最多2000立方厘米(也就是2升或者约5x5x5英寸的方块)的小型机械设备设备。
剧透 -   : Small Hardpoint: Small weapon mount, micro/
mini-drone rack, small mechanical arm (up to
Strength 2), or other small mechanical device up to
about 2,000 cubic centimeters (that’s two liters or
about a 5x5x5-inch cube).标准挂载位:标准武器座,小型无人机架,小型炮台武器座,中型机械臂(力量最高5),侧车附件,拖车附件,冲撞板,绞盘或是其他最多占25立方分米(25升或1立方英尺不到)的机械设备.
剧透 -   : Standard Hardpoint: Standard weapon mount,
small drone rack, turreted small weapon mount,
medium mechanical arm (up to Strength 5), sidecar
attachment, trailer attachment, ram plate,
winch, or other mechanical device up to about 25
cubic decimeters (that’s 25 liters or just under a
one cubic foot).大型挂载位:大型武器座,标准炮台武器座,中型无人机架,大型机械臂(力量最高10),第五轮(半挂车吊架),梯子,升降机,或是其他最多占约1/4立方米(250升或9立方英尺不到)的大型机械设备。
剧透 -   : Large Hardpoint: Large weapon mount, turreted
standard weapon mount, medium drone
rack, large mechanical arm (up to Strength 10),
fifth wheel (semi-trailer hitch), ladder, manlift, or
other large mechanical device up to about one
quarter of a cubic meter (250 liters or just under
9 cubic feet).巨型挂载位:大型炮台武器座,大型无人机架,巨型机械臂(力量最高20),或其他重型建筑设备(挖掘机斗,推土机刀片,起重机等等),或是最多占2.5立方米(2500升或约90立方英尺)的超大型机械设备。

剧透 -   : Huge Hardpoint: Turreted large weapon mount,
large drone rack, huge mechanical arm (up to
Strength 20) or other heavy construction equipment
(backhoe, bulldozer blade, material crane, etc.), or
other very large mechanical device up to about 2.5
cubic meters (2,500 liters or about 90 cubic feet).
Larger hardpoints exist, but these are outside
the scope of this book. There are also some devices
used in mining and construction that are so
gigantic that instead of attaching to a vehicle to be
moved, a custom vehicle (or several separate vehicles)
is attached to them.额外挂载位:核心改装槽可以被用于增加超过机体/3免费挂载位的挂载位数量。
剧透 -   : Additional Hardpoints: Core mod slots may
be used to increase the number of available hardpoints
past the free Body/3 already included.
--- 引用 ---小型挂载位
--- 引用结尾 ---
增强结构完整性 Increased Structural Integrity


--- 引用 ---改装槽等级1*等级最高1/2机体可获得性价格45000¥*等级
--- 引用结尾 ---
剧透 -   : Structural integrity (measured as Body) is the
property that defines how well a vehicle resists
damage. Advanced materials and construction
technologies can reinforce the basic frame, allowing
it to better resist damage. Each rating of this
mod adds a point to the vehicle’s Body. Note that
these extra rating points do not increase mod slots.
The upper limit of this mod’s rating is 1.5 times
the original factory Body rating of the vehicle. For
example, a bike with a Body of four may only have
an increased structural integrity rating of two,
making a new effective Body of six.
医疗改装 Medevac Modifications

--- 引用 ---改装槽等级1-可获得性价格53500¥*等级
--- 引用结尾 ---
剧透 -   : This is a mod for medium drones and larger
only. A few specialty drones are designed to carry
passengers (specifically a mortally wounded
passenger held in a Valkyrie module being taken
to the nearest medical facility). Medevac modifications
add a roster of safety devices and chassis
adjustments that allow a drone to carry a metahuman
occupant in safety and relative comfort.
With these systems activated, plus the weight of
an occupant, the operational time of the drone is
drastically reduced. When carrying a passenger, a
drone uses four times the energy, cutting the operation
time of a full charge from six hours to one
and one-half hours, and proportionally less with a
partial charge. This also cuts any extra time from
improved economy/capacity down to one quarter
as well.
动力分解 Powered Breakdown

--- 引用 ---改装槽等级1/2机体1-4可获得性价格6 (L)1500¥*等级
--- 引用结尾 ---
剧透 -   : This modification is only available on medium
drones and smaller. A variation of easy assembly/
disassembly, this mod adds specially shaped exterior
surfaces to the drone and numerous extra powered
joints that allow it to fold up into a single, compact,
innocuous shape—typically a small rectangle
or a block with a carrying handle. The folded drone
can also be disguised as some common shape like
a commlink, briefcase, or toolkit; the rating determines
the quality of the disguise. Remember that the
drone’s mass does not change and the drone itself is
inert while it’s in the folded form. Breakdown or
assembly can be initiated with a wireless command
and takes two combat rounds. Identifying what a
folded vehicle actually is by looking at it requires
a visual Perception test with a threshold of (rating
+ 1) as well as having an appropriate Knowledge
skill to recognize that the object could be a drone.
A disguised, folded drone will not pass an actual
examination, since its true nature will be obvious.
操纵性改装 Handling Mods
剧透 -   : Handling is a measure of how easy a vehicle is
to maneuver. It’s a combination of a smooth ride,
effective turning radius, responsiveness of the controls,
and the ability to handle the effects of rough
roads or turbulent air. The total modified Handling
value on any vehicle may not be below one.
提升操纵性 Improved Handling

--- 引用 ---改装槽等级2*等级1-2可获得性价格518000¥*等级
--- 引用结尾 ---
剧透 -   : By improving the suspension and stabilization of
the vehicle along with adjusting the control systems,
a vehicle can be made more responsive to the pilot’s
directions. The basic rating 1 version includes
optimizing the control system response times and
upgrading the existing systems. The rating 2 version
includes more dramatic changes like adding gyroscopic
stabilizers or destabilizing the airflow across
the hull. Improved handling subtracts its rating directly
from the base Handling stat of the vehicle and
stacks with any other Handling reduction except
pilot-by-wire (since the two systems use many of
the same modifications). Improved handling applies
线控驾驶 Pilot-By-Wire

--- 引用 ---改装槽等级3*等级1-2可获得性价格6 (L)24000¥*等级
--- 引用结尾 ---
剧透 -   : This system originated in fighter aircraft in the
days before vehicle control rigs were available
as fly-by-wire, and the concept has since been
adapted to a wide variety of vehicles. The pilotby-
wire system is available in two versions, and
both upgrade the suspension and stability of the
vehicle. This modification requires the vehicle’s
Pilot attribute to be at least two times higher than
the rating of the pilot-by-wire system to operate.
Both versions of the pilot-by-wire system reduce
the Handling of the vehicle by the system’s rating.
An additional benefit of the rating 1 pilot-by-wire
system is that it grants the driver a gear bonus
of +2 dice to vehicle tests. Rating 2 pilot-by-wire
is more advanced, which means it also awards a
point of Edge for vehicle tests along with the rating
1 bonus. These bonuses do not stack with a
control rig. This mod stacks with any other handling
reduction except improved handling (since
the two systems use many of the same modifications).
The final modified Handling on any vehicle
may never drop below one. In ground vehicles,
the pilot-by-wire applies to both on-road and offroad
移除手动控制 Removed Manual Controls

--- 引用 ---改装槽等级-1-可获得性价格2800¥
--- 引用结尾 ---
剧透 -   : Almost all modern passenger vehicles are capable
of being piloted by either AR or manual controls.
With this modification, the owner simply
removes the manual controls, leaving behind only
AR analogues. This mod is used by people who
want to free up some interior space or who don’t
like using anything but AR. This mod frees up one
Chassis mod slot and removes the unadapted gear
penalty for dwarfs and trolls, since AR controls are
equally convenient for everyone.
多地形悬挂(静态)Multi-Terrain Suspension (Static)



--- 引用 ---改装槽等级0.5*等级1-3可获得性价格42500¥*等级
--- 引用结尾 ---
剧透 -   : Most modern ground vehicles are designed to
operate on smooth roads and do not respond well
off-road. A multi-terrain suspension improves
the vehicle’s off-road Handling at the expense
of its on-road performance. Each rating point of
multi-terrain suspension permanently moves one
point of the off-road Handling to the on-road
Handling number. The off-road handling number
cannot be improved past the original on-road
Handling number, and the on-road Handling can
never be improved at the expense of off-road
As an example, adding a rating 1 multi-terrain
suspension to an GMC Bulldog with 5/7 handling
permanently changes the Handling to 6/6. A rating
2 active multi-terrain suspension could change the
Handling to 7/5, but that would be the limit of the
modification—a higher-rating system would not
have any further effect on the Bulldog’s Handling.
Vehicles that have equal on-road and off-road
Handling numbers already have a factory-installed
version of multi-terrain suspension and will not
benefit from this mod.

多地形悬挂(动态)Multi-Terrain Suspension (Active)

--- 引用 ---改装槽等级1*等级1-3可获得性价格44500¥*等级
--- 引用结尾 ---
剧透 -   : This works in exactly the same way as the
multi-terrain suspension (static) system except that
the devices changing the undercarriage consist of
active elements. The change in Handling is temporary
and can be initiated or reversed with a wireless
command (requiring a Minor Action). It takes two
combat rounds to move handling points between onroad
to off-road, or vice versa. Any number of points
available, from 1 up to the rating to the system, can
be moved at the same time, according to the rules
outlined in the multi-terrain suspension (static).
座位和货仓改装 Seating and Cargo Mods
剧透 -   : Cargo Factor (CF) is an abstract unit used to
measure the cargo capacity of a vehicle. One CF
equals ½ of a cubic meter of volume and up to 200
kilograms of mass. All passenger vehicles have a CF
equal to 150 percent of the Seating attribute (125
percent for motorcycles). Trucks have an additional
cargo space of 4 CF, usually in the form of an exterior
cargo box or open bed, but not always. When
a vehicle has two seating values listed, calculate CF
using the higher Seating value.暂时将座位变成货仓空间通常可以通过折叠椅子来轻易达到。每个被折起来的椅子会额外提供一点CF的货仓空间,当展开座位时,空间也会被换回座位。任何具有中等质量或更高等级的设施的载具可以通过无线指令来折叠椅子。
剧透 -   : Temporarily converting Seating into cargo space
is generally easy via fold-down seating. Each seat
that is folded away provides one CF of extra cargo
space; when folded back out, the space turns back
to seating. Any vehicle with middle quality amenities
or better will also fold its own seats away with
a wireless command.
--- 引用 ---拖车表
--- 引用结尾 ---

无人机和座位的说明 A Note on Drones and Seating
剧透 -   : All drones are vehicles, but not all vehicles
are drones. One difference is Seating, but it’s
more than just the actual seat. Drones, even large
drones, have a minimal suspension that’s nothing
like the suspension that goes into passenger vehicles.
Drones also do not move with any regard for
metahuman comfort or G-force tolerances. Seating
may never be added to a drone of any size. The
only exception to this is inside a Valkyrie Module
on a drone with medevac modifications.
拖车和侧车 Trailers and Sidecars
剧透 -   : If you don’t have enough cargo space from
moving the seating around and you don’t want
to start permanently modifying the chassis, you
may have to think outside of the box to add more
cargo space. Sidecars can be added to a bike with
the right hardpoint and can add seating and cargo
equally well. Pull-behind trailers range from a
wheeled box that attaches to the Dodge Scoot all
the way to massive armored semi-trailers linked
together in enormous land trains. Small trailers
attach with a trailer hitch using a standard hardpoint.
Semi-trailers use a fifth wheel attached to a
large hardpoint.
使用拖车和侧车 Using Trailers and Sidecars
剧透 -   : Passenger vehicles have a standard hauling capacity
of one size class smaller than the vehicle’s
own size class (see Build Your Dream, p. 147). For
reference: a motorcycle is size class 4, a standard
car is 6, an SUV is 7, and a full-sized truck is 8 (or
9 for a Roadmaster). Trying to pull a vehicle with
an equal size class will increase the vehicle’s Handling
by 1 and drop acceleration by ten percent.
Pulling one size class above the vehicle’s class negatively
affect all aspects of performance (+2 Handling
and a fifty percent reduction of Acceleration,
Speed Interval, and Top Speed). Any vehicle that
attempts to pull two class sizes higher will not be
able to move.让我们用大小为6的福特.美利车举个例子。美利车可以拉动大小级别为5的东西,拉小型拖车毫无问题,拉大小为6的中型拖车会造成一点轻微的操作性和加速度影响,而大小为8的大型拖车则完全拉不动。如果你与一辆大小为7的道奇.路虎而不是美利车,它就以巨大的性能损耗为影响拉动大小为8的拖车。
剧透 -   : Let’s use the size class 6 Ford Americar for
an example. The Americar can pull a size class 5
small trailer without any problems, a size class 6
medium trailer with a minor Handling and Acceleration
penalty, and couldn’t move a size class
8 large trailer at all. If you had a larger size class
7 Range Rover instead of the Americar, it could
pull the size class 8 trailer with some major performance
剧透 -   : Trailers and sidecars are defined by their size
class and available space (in CF capacity); they
have a profile similar to a vehicle but with no
Handling, Powertrain, or Pilot ratings. Trailers
and sidecars must always be attached to another
vehicle to move. The Armor rating is for a totally
enclosed trailer or a standard construction sidecar;
open construction versions of both are available at
half the listed cost.如果你想要知道一辆载具是否能塞进拖车里或被拖拽,只要比一下大小级别就行。一个拖车能容纳至少比它自己小一个级别的载具。
剧透 -   : If you want to know if a vehicle can fit in a
trailer or be towed, just compare the size class. A
trailer can contain a vehicle that is at least one size
class lower than its own.
内部装饰/设施 Interior Finish/Amenities
剧透 -   : The amenities modification for passenger vehicles
is cosmetic and does not require any mod slots.
It upgrades the interior conditions of a vehicle to
provide a more pleasant experience. A standard vehicle
provides accommodations equivalent to low
lifestyle by default, but amenities can be improved
to middle, high, or luxury equivalents. With middle
amenities, the vehicle is equipped with comfortable
fabric seats, pleasant ergonomics, and a
few basic entertainment options. High amenities
have seating made from fine materials with refreshment
options and a full suite of entertainment
to keep anyone occupied for hours. With luxury
amenities, every aspect of the vehicle interior is
upgraded with the most luxurious options available.
In the other direction, a vehicle can have its
amenities downgraded to squatter (equal to public
transit), in which the smaller seats and cramped
quarters double the Seating capacity without using
any CF (and these tiny seats are only worth ½ a CF
each). Gamemasters can apply bonuses to Social
tests for situations where a display of wealth or
comfort would be advantageous.如果一个角色决定全天住在自己载具里,得记住这些设施只有短期效益。载具本身不是该用于居住,其住所等级等于其安装设施等级往下两级。在其中度过两天后,设施降级为最低级的生活方式但是仍然会每个月花费载具生活方式等级的价格来涵盖维护和替换消耗品。如果你想要将住过人的载具复原,这需要花费原设施改装一半的价格来打扫并替换一切。
剧透 -   : If a character plans to live in their vehicle full
time, point out that amenities are only a short term
benefit. Living in a vehicle that is not meant
for occupation will equal a lifestyle two ratings
lower than the installed amenities. After two days,
the amenities degrade to the lower lifestyle level
but will still require the full monthly cost of the
vehicle’s lifestyle level to cover maintenance and
to replenish expendables. If you want to restore a
vehicle that has been lived in to the original condition,
it costs one-half of the original installed amenities
mod cost to clean and replace everything.
--- 引用 ---街头可获得性价格010¥寄居可获得性价格121000¥低端可获得性价格211500¥(通常涵盖在载具价格内)中端可获得性价格322000¥高端可获得性价格444000¥豪华可获得性价格5620000¥
--- 引用结尾 ---

泛人类调整 Metahuman Adjustments

--- 引用 ---改装槽等级--可获得性价格2500¥/250¥
--- 引用结尾 ---

剧透 -   : Most vehicles are still designed and built with
human sizes and proportions in mind. As a result,
any metahuman who wants to comfortably pilot
a vehicle must install seating that takes their distinct
physiology into account. Most metahumans
attempting to pilot a vehicle that has not been adjusted
can make do with the slight discomfort, but
dwarfs and trolls suffer a –2 penalty. Note that the
adjusted seating for trolls also takes the place of
two regular seats. The full cost listed is only for the
pilot seat; if you want to change any of the other
seating, they can be swapped out at half cost. If
you have the removed manual controls mod, the
cost of the pilot seat adjustments are halved, as if
it were any other seat.
CF改装 CF Mods
所有使用CF 的改装被整合在这里。它们必须使用可用的货仓空间或者用额外货仓空间改装来提供更多CF。它们同时具备CF花费和改装槽花费,改造槽花费代表着使用多少额外货仓空间改装来提供CF。其他修改座位或者货仓空间的系统只有改装槽位花费被列出-或者,就像配件一样,不消耗任何改装槽位。
剧透 -   : All of the mods that use available CF are grouped
together here. They must either use the available cargo
space or use the extra cargo space mod to generate
more CF. They have both the CF cost and a cost
in mod slot points listed; the mod slot cost represents
the CF generated with the extra cargo space mod.
Other systems that are modifications of seating or
cargo space only have a mod slot cost listed—or, like
accessories, they may not cost any mod slots at all.
增加/减少货仓空间(CF改装) Increasing/Reducing Cargo Space (CF Mod)
剧透 -   : This option modifies from one to four CF of cargo
space, creating a hidden storage compartment
space beyond what was set by the class and type of
vehicle. This space can be cargo (making room for
other CF mods), or it can be used with increased
seating. Typical applications that add to space
would be a box van conversion making the rear
area of a Bulldog longer and taller or a stretch limo
conversion of a standard vehicle, adding additional
seating along with increased amenities.
剧透 -   : The usable space of a vehicle can also be reduced
to make more room for other types of modifications.
Examples include converting the rear
seats into an electronics bay or using the trunk
space for extra drone storage (that second Steel
Lynx can’t ride in the front seat, you know).
--- 引用 ---改装槽等级1每CF1可获得性价格2800¥每增加2CF
--- 引用结尾 ---

增加座位(CF改装)Increased Seating (CF Mod)

--- 引用 ---改装槽等级每个0.5或每个1CF1可获得性价格21200¥每个座位
--- 引用结尾 ---
剧透 -   : With increased seating, a vehicle can comfortably
carry more passengers. The modification includes
all features for carrying people, incorporating
the seating into the vehicle’s safety systems and
matching the current amenity grade. With each
point of this mod taken, the passenger capacity of
the vehicle is increased by one seat and the cargo
capacity is reduced by one CF. For most vehicles,
there is enough cargo capacity to increase the seating
by 50 percent. If a vehicle does not have enough
cargo space to convert, it can be added with the
extra cargo space mod (or by adding a sidecar to a
bike) then converting the CF to seating.
居住空间(CF改装)Living Space (CF Mod)

--- 引用 ---改装槽等级1*等级*居住人数或2CF*等级*居住人数1-5可获得性价格等级+11个月的对应生活方式花费*居住人数
--- 引用结尾 ---
剧透 -   : Unlike simply having amenities, this mod converts
CF into actual full-time living quarters. This
mod can range from a bare squatter-level sleeping
bunk on a cargo freighter to a middle class over the
road RV to the finest amenities in the most
luxurious yacht. The interior space needed and
the cost of the conversion depends on the lifestyle
represented in the quarters. By the way, if you’re
sleeping in your unmodified car seat, with a pile
of McHugh’s wrappers for a pillow, that’s a Street
lifestyle. The CF needed for this mod is equal to
[2 CF x number of people x Lifestyle (1=Squatter,
2=Low, 3=Middle, 4=High, 5=Luxury)]. The
cost is equal to one month of living expenses at
the desired Lifestyle per occupant. If this space is
used in conjunction with an actual lifestyle, the
monthly cost is still the normal lifestyle expenses
for that lifestyle—it functions just like an apartment
on wheels. The rating for this CF mod is the
Lifestyle rating.
移动设施(CF改装)Portable Facility (CF Mod)
剧透 -   : A vehicle with enough interior space can be made
into a mobile facility. A vehicle modified in this way
counts as being a Facility (p. 273, SR6), but because
of the limited space available in a vehicle, it must
be focused on one specialization of an active skill,
like Medicine, Hardware, Armorer, or Automotive
Mechanic. This specialization must be chosen at the
time the mod is installed and cannot be changed.5000新円是设施的价格且这是固定价格,如果你想自己做转换,你只会节省剩下的25000或12500中的50%。
剧透 -   : 50,000¥ of this price is the cost of the Facility,
and that’s a fixed cost; if you do this conversion
yourself, you only save 50 percent of the remaining
25,000¥, or 12,500¥.
--- 引用 ---改装槽等级25或50CF-可获得性价格875000¥
--- 引用结尾 ---

机师茧(CF改装) Rigger Cocoon (CF Mod)

--- 引用 ---改装槽等级0.5或1CF-可获得性价格43000¥
--- 引用结尾 ---
剧透 -   : Typically replacing the driver’s seat of a vehicle,
the Rigger Cocoon can actually use a CF of space
anywhere in the vehicle. Its sole purpose is the safety
and comfort of someone whose consciousness is
somewhere other than their body. The cocoon is
designed for protection during the most extreme
vehicle maneuvers or even in the event of a collision.
It is fire resistant, has its own oxygen supply,
and carries a host of biomed sensors to monitor
the occupant’s condition. Getting into a rigger cocoon
takes two combat rounds, but it can be exited
quickly with a Minor Action with a quick-release
system. The rigger cocoon counts as a rating 6 passenger
protection system with Fire Resistance 2,
an integrated biomonitor, and a rating 2 life safety
system with four hours of oxygen (though all of
this counts only for the occupant of the cocoon).
A rigger cocoon may not be installed on a drone.
走私仓(CF改装)Smuggling Compartment (CF Mod)

--- 引用 ---改装槽等级0.5-2或1-4CF-可获得性价格4(I)1000¥*CF
--- 引用结尾 ---
剧透 -   : This option modifies from one to four CF of cargo
space, creating a hidden storage compartment
within the vehicle. A smuggling compartment cannot
be detected unless a person is specifically looking
for hidden compartments or doing a thorough
search of the vehicle. Even in that case, a Perception
test to notice the compartment has a threshold of (8
– CF of the compartment). Searching with sensors
reduces the threshold by 1 for each method used beyond
visual (audio, chemical, thermographic, etc.)
to a minimum of 1. Compartments may have the
electromagnetic shielding mod added as well as other
types of general shielding. Each type of shielding
installed offsets the threshold adjustment for that
type of sensor. General shielding on a smuggling
compartment may be taken multiple times, each
time specifying a different sensory type (auditory,
chemical, thermographic, etc.).走私仓上的通用屏蔽(可以多次选择)。

--- 引用 ---改装槽等级--可获得性价格4(I)250¥*走私仓CF
--- 引用结尾 ---
剧透 -   : General shielding on a smuggling compartment
(may be taken multiple times).
瓦尔基里模块(CF改装)Valkyrie Module (CF Mod)

--- 引用 ---改装槽等级1或2CF-可获得性价格43000¥
--- 引用结尾 ---
剧透 -   : More than just a high-rating medkit, the Valkyrie
module is a small-scale, portable, automated emergency
room. The module takes up the space of two
seats and includes a bed with a transparent lid and a
host of sophisticated medical equipment. The builtin
software of the auto-doc system is equal to a rating
4 Biotech autosoft. The systems on the Valkyrie
module are equivalent to a rating 6 medkit, with all
of the same functionality. When the two systems are
used together, they provide 10 dice for First Aid and
Medkit healing (see p. 119, SR6). The Valkyrie can
be used as a remote operating bed. When employed
in this way, it participates in a teamwork Biotetch
test to assist the medic. When assisting, on top of
the normal benefits (see p. 36 SR6), it also grants
one point of Edge to the leader. When the Valkyrie
module is employed on a drone, it automatically sedates
the patient to keep them from moving so that
the drone can safely transport a metahuman without
unnecessary risk. A Valkyrie module can only be
mounted in a passenger vehicle or on a large drone
with the medevac modification, regardless of any
available mod slots that a smaller drone may have
弹射座椅 Ejection Seat

--- 引用 ---改装槽等级1-可获得性价格6(L)2000¥
--- 引用结尾 ---
剧透 -   : Available without extra modifications on open
construction form vehicles. Other vehicle forms
need the extra entry/exit points mod or triggering
the ejection seat will blow out a section of the skin
with it. This device was originally designed to get
pilots out of critically damaged aircraft, but thanks
to mid-twentieth-century spy vids, ejection seats
have found a few other applications. Using a wirelessly
activated expanding gas propulsion system,
any seat in the vehicle, including a rigger cocoon
or Valkyrie module, can be ejected from the vehicle,
taking the occupant of that seat with it. Seats
can be equipped with parachutes or retro-rockets
if the system is being used for safe egress of someone
that you want to be whole when they land, or
without if not.
极端内部安保 Extreme Interior Security
剧透 -   : This rather dangerous set of mods incorporates
a security system normally seen on the exterior of
the vehicle and moves it to the interior. Typically,
this is either a gas dispersal system or a zapper
(but nothing is stopping you from taking this twice
and adding both). The countermeasure can be activated
with a remote command from the owner,
or triggered by a rating 3 anti-theft system in the
event of an alarm.气体扩散系统:这个型号可以装载任何一种毒气(另行购买)且浓度等于释放毒液的剂数。毒气库可以装载至多5剂毒气并可以在一次攻击中释放任何数量。它被调整成在内部隔间释放而不是再外面。只是能让小孩在里面安顿下来的手段!
剧透 -   : Gas dispersal system: This version can be loaded
with a toxin of choice (purchased separately)
and has a Concentration equal to the number of
doses of the toxin released. The reservoir can hold
up to five doses of a toxin and can release any
number of doses in one attack. It is configured to
release the gas in the interior compartment rather
than the environment outside. Just the thing to
make the kids settle down back there!电击器:这个型号将电子脉冲通过车内部的特殊导电表面引导,旨在于击晕乘客。电击系统对任何接触表面者造成6S(e)的伤害,那些没能抵抗伤害的要承受等同于未能抵抗的伤害值战斗轮的电击状态。这个系统在清空前具有4发充能。当载具在运行或者连接到电源时,系统每5分钟恢复一发充能。
剧透 -   : Zapper: This version directs an electrical discharge
through special conductive surfaces inside
the vehicle with the intent of knocking out the
occupants. The zapper system does 6S(e) damage
to everyone in contact with the interior, and those
who do not resist the damage suffer the zapped
status (p. 53, SR6) for a number of rounds equal
to the unresisted damage value. This system has
enough charges to be activated four times before it
is depleted; it recovers one charge every five minutes
while the veicle is running or connected to a
power source.
--- 引用 ---型号1(气体扩散安保系统)
--- 引用结尾 ---

集成赛博臂 Integrated Cyberarm
剧透 -   : This allows a rigger to interact with the world
directly while in VR. Unlike the larger mechanical
arm, this mod mounts a (obvious style) cyberware-
grade mechanical arm on a drone or passenger
vehicle. It has fine motor abilities and can
grasp and use tools. A rigger jumped into a vehicle
with an integrated cyberarm can use any of their
technical skills through the arm, but penalties may
apply if the vehicle is only equipped with one arm
and the task regularly requires two. The arm’s base
Strength and Agility are both 2, it has a capacity of
15, and it can be upgraded at the same price as a
regular cyberarm. The arm can be mounted at any
location, inside or outside of the vehicle, and does
not require a Hardpoint.这种机械臂可以在远程操纵或者载具具有[近战战斗]瞄准自动软件的情况下,近战攻击任何范围内的目标。基础伤害为2S。
剧透 -   : This type of mechanical arm can make a melee
attack against any target within range if it is
remotely operated or if the vehicle has a [Close
Combat] Targeting Autosoft. Base Damage is 2S.
--- 引用 ---改装槽等级1-可获得性价格415000¥
--- 引用结尾 ---

--- 引用 ---拟人形态机械臂和腿
剧透 -   : Anthroform Arms and Legs
Certain drones (and vehicles) employ limbs that are designed
to mimic metahuman functionality. These limbs are
considered cyberlimbs, and use all the rules for them in the
Shadowrun, Sixth World rulebook except for the following:
The Agility of a cyberlimb cannot be more than four points
higher than the Sensor attribute, and the Strength of the cyberlimb
cannot be more than four points higher than the Body
attribute. Drone cyberlimbs do not add to Condition Monitors.
Their base cost is assumed to be included in the base price
of the drone, but further customization incurs normal costs.
--- 引用结尾 ---

生命安全系统 Life Safety System
剧透 -   : In order to protect vehicle occupants from
airborne toxins and chemicals, a life safety system
may be installed. This system comes in two
levels, depending on the need, and can only be
added to standard and totally enclosed construction
剧透 -   : In a level 1 system, all normal leak points in
a vehicle, such as door and window frames, have
been made air- and water-tight; air only circulates
through the vehicle’s ventilation system. The system
also includes a variety of filters and purifiers
to help prevent airborne toxins and diseases from
harming those inside a vehicle. The level 1 system
counts as rating 6 chemical protection (p. 266,
SR6), adding 6 dice to the occupants’ Toxin Resistance
test against any airborne drug, toxin, or
disease that’s in the air around the vehicle.等级2的系统包括所有等级1的系统并且也能是切断任何外部气体的进入,使得载具完全密封。此外,载具装备有自己的独立空气补给,能持续1小时。等级2的系统在游戏场景需要时被视为6级化学密封。
剧透 -   : A level 2 system includes everything from the
level 1 system while also allowing all external air
intakes to be shut off, making the vehicle completely
air and water tight. Additionally, the vehicle
is equipped with its own independent air supply,
lasting for one hour. The level 2 system counts as a
rating 6 chemical seal (p. 266, SR6) for any game
situations where that applies.
--- 引用 ---等级1
--- 引用结尾 ---

乘客保护系统 Passenger Protection Systems

--- 引用 ---改装槽等级0.5*等级1-6可获得性价格3等级*2500¥
--- 引用结尾 ---
剧透 -   : The passenger protection system (PPS) is designed
to keep the vehicle’s occupants safe in the
event of a crash. PPS components include four-point
harnesses, padded surfaces, quick-deploying airbags,
and fast-expanding motion-inhibiting foam.
A PPS has a rating of 1 to 6, with the rating added
to Body in any Damage Resistance tests taken by
passengers from damage due to a crash or any other
vehicular impact that is not an attack by a weapon.[/td][/tr][/table]

车皮改装 Skin Mods
剧透 -   : You may call it a cover, shell, panel, or exoframe,
but just like your own personal exterior,
everything on the outside of a vehicle is covered by
Skin. This can be as simple as the mass-produced
polymer panels installed at the factory to the exotic
(and illegal-to-own) nanoforge-created densiplast/
ferro-ceramic/dura-tungsten milspec composite.皮肤由三种决定性特征。形态是载具拥有多少皮肤-它的外观,形状,和它保护乘客的效果如何(如果有的话)。基底是实际上决定载具装甲数值的保护性材料。最后,元素是基本功能以外具有特殊功效的神奇附属层。
剧透 -   : Skin has three defining characteristics. Forms
are how much skin a vehicle has—its appearance,
shape, and how well it protects the passengers (if
any). Foundations are the actual protective material
that defines the Armor value of the vehicle.
Finally, elements are the wiz accessory layers that
have some specialty function beyond the basics.
形态 Forms
剧透 -   : The form is basically just the shape of the outer
skin on a vehicle. Sometimes the appearance of the
skin is the only real difference between two makes
of vehicles.
开放式结构 Open Construction
(等级1) level 1
剧透 -   : The vehicle either has no skin, such as an open
chassis dune buggy, or the riders sit outside the
skin like on a motorcycle. Occupants have very little
protection unless there is enough armor for a
windshield or a fairing.对于开放式载具来说,当骑手在使用载具当做盾牌来抵御来袭的攻击时,一个找掩体主要动作会提供掩体I。如果整流罩或者挡风玻璃有实际提供一点防护的话,这变成掩体II(如果装甲等级至少是机体等级的一半的话)或者III(如果载具装甲属性等于或超过载具机体属性)。
剧透 -   : With an open vehicle, a Take Cover major action
will provide Cover I when the rider uses the
vehicle as a shield from incoming fire. If there’s actually
a little protection provided by a windshield
or fairing, this becomes Cover II (if the Armor rating
is at least half the Body rating) or III (if the vehicle’s
Armor value equals or exceeds the vehicle’s
Body rating).通过拆掉一些车皮并支付开放式形态的改变费用,任何载具都能变成这种形态。如从标准形态改过来,这种改变会解放出一格底盘改装槽,从全封闭式改过来则是解放出两个底盘改装槽。注意由于形态不同,这不仅仅是拔下装甲。但移除装甲会减少载具重量从而提高性能。
剧透 -   : By stripping some of the Skin and paying for the
change to an open construction form, any vehicle
can be changed to this form. This change in form
frees up one Chassis mod slot for standard forms
and two for totally enclosed forms. Note that this
is due to the different form, not just stripping the
Armor. Removing armor will, however, increase
vehicle performance by reducing its weight.一辆开放式载具可以通过支付升级所需价格和花费一点改装槽,转换成标准形态。要这么做的话,装甲必须至少等于机体。在装甲是机体至少1.5倍时,可以进一步通过消耗两点改装槽改为全封闭式构造。增加任何额外装甲的费用和形态升级的费用是分开的。如果载具已经是一个标准形态的载具时,那么这个改装只需要一个改装槽和1.5*机体的装甲。记住计入在做任何改变后的性能影响。
剧透 -   : An open form vehicle can be converted to a
standard form by paying for the upgrade and
spending one Mod slot. To do this, the Armor
must be at least equal to Body. This can be continued
to a totally enclosed construction style for
2 mod slots when the Armor is at least 1.5 times
Body. Adding any extra armor is a separate cost
from the form upgrade. If the vehicle is already
a standard form vehicle, then this modification
only requires one mod slot and 1.5 x Body in
armor. Remember to include the performance effects
after any change.
标准结构 Standard Construction
(等级2) level 2
剧透 -   : This is the typical passenger-vehicle-style construction
and is the default for most vehicles. A
standard construction vehicle can be stripped
down to open construction or upgraded to a totally
enclosed construction by the method described
under the Open Construction section.在火并中处于标准结构的载具中会给予类似于在在屏障之后的保护效果。如果车窗为了开火反击而被打开,乘客可以使用一个寻找掩体主要同坐来获得掩体II,III,或IV(掩体的状态取决于GM的判断,载具和狂奔者在其中的位置)。如果载具时封闭着的,乘客则不能攻击(除非有射击孔)且所有载具内的人被视为躲在屏障后。载具使用其装甲等级当做结构等级,所以来袭的火力要从未调整过的伤害中减去该值的一半(向上取整),就如同其他种类的屏障一样。
剧透 -   : Being inside a standard construction vehicle in a
firefight provides protection similar to being behind
a barrier. If the windows or doors are open to return
fire, the occupants can use a Take Cover major action
providing Cover II, III, or IV (Cover status level is up
to the GM’s discretion, depending on the vehicle and
the runner’s position in it). If the vehicle is closed, the
occupants may not attack (unless it has gun ports)
and everyone inside the vehicle counts as being behind
a barrier. Vehicles use their Armor rating as the
Structure rating, so incoming fire subtracts half of
this value (rounded up) from the incoming unmodified
damage, same as any other type of barrier.
全封闭式结构 Totally Enclosed Construction
(等级3) level 3
剧透 -   : This style of construction has long been the
standard on military vehicles and is relatively uncommon
on civilian vehicles. Drones normally
use this form also, but do not gain any advantage
or disadvantage from it (but it does make waterproofing
them easier).标准形态的载人载具可以在它的装甲等级是机体的至少1.5倍并花费一点改装槽,以升级成这种形态。全封闭式机构为装甲等级提供两点有效DR,因为他延伸到了通常是用作窗户的区域,但弊端(除了因为获得更多重量而降低性能外)则是乘客必须用传感器来探查外部的所有信息。通过开放式机构章节描述的那样,一辆全封闭式结构载具可以被拆成标准结构或者更进一步,开放式结构。
剧透 -   : Standard form passenger vehicles can be upgraded
to this form by spending one mod slot and
if their Armor rating is at least 1.5 x Body. Totally
enclosed construction adds two to the effective DR
provided by the Armor rating since it extends over
the areas normally used for windows; the drawback
(other than decreased performance from
more weight) is that occupants must use sensors
for all outside information. A totally enclosed construction
vehicle can be stripped down to standard
construction or even open construction by the
method outlined in the open construction section.在战斗中,全封闭形态给予所有标准结构载具在门窗关闭时的防护。此外,因为攻击者无法看亲防御者在载具内的具体位置,所有的防御者自动获得一点极限(在每回合仅能获得两点极限的限制内)。
剧透 -   : In combat, a totally enclosed form provides all
of the protection of a standard construction vehicle
with the doors or windows closed. Also, since
attackers cannot see where the defenders actually
are inside the vehicle, all of the defenders automatically
gain an Edge point (within the two Edge per
combat round limit).
--- 引用 ---拆一个形态
--- 引用结尾 ---

--- 引用 ---在载具内部或上面的防御者规则
剧透 -   : rules
for defending
while on or inside a vehicle
If the pilot is actively trying to avoid incoming fire, everyone
inside (or on) the vehicle may use the driver’s Pilot
skill rating instead of their Body (whichever number is
greater) when determining the Defense Rating. This applies
equally for all vehicle forms.
--- 引用结尾 ---

拟真外观 Realistic Features
剧透 -   : This is more of a form mod than an actual form.
Any vehicle (but most often a drone), can have its
Skin foundation sculpted and covered in a synthetic
material to mimic fur, feathers, or even human
skin. The intricacy of the disguise can vary depending
on how much time and resources are put into
it. This can range from a simple coating of realistic-
looking skin made from a synthetic material, to
a full covering of living tissue fed by an artificial
circulation system with devices to simulate organs.
The realistic features mod has a rating from 1 to 4.
The rating sets the threshold of the Perception test
to recognize the machine as artificial. The true nature
of the vehicle is always instantly recognizable
by checking its aura with the Astral skill, which
quickly shows it to be an inanimate object.
--- 引用 ---改装槽等级1每级1-4可获得性价格等级*2等级*机体*1000¥
--- 引用结尾 ---

基底 Foundations
剧透 -   : Commercial vehicles (almost all the vehicles in
SR6) use a polymer plate foundation; this type of
Skin is also called standard or softshell. Some security
vehicles incorporate ceramic plate into the
Skin creating a hardshell-style of armor. Vehicles
designed exclusively for military use will have one
of the three grades of milspec plate worked into
their vehicle Skins.在原厂安装的车皮以上添加基底层会为载具性能带来负面影响,就如去除它会提升某些性能一样。陶瓷板层的整合通常不会对性能有所影响,但是重型军规保护会改变载具的配重从而降低其速度区间。
剧透 -   : Adding layers of Foundation beyond what’s provided
by the factory-installed Skin will negatively
affect the vehicle’s performance, just as removing it
will improve some performance. Integrating layers
of ceramic plate generally has no effect on performance,
but using layers of heavy milspec protection
changes the distribution of mass in the vehicle
and lowers its Speed Interval.
装甲性能影响 Armor’s Effect on Performance
剧透 -   : Acceleration
Every two points of standard armor added over
the original armor rating reduces the vehicle’s Acceleration
by one meter per combat round; removing
two points of standard armor from the original
armor rating increases the Acceleration by one meter
per combat round.最高速度
剧透 -   : Top Speed
Every 1 point of standard armor added over
the original armor rating reduces the vehicle’s top
speed by ten meters per combat round; removing
one point of standard armor from the original
armor rating increases the vehicle’s top speed
by ten meters per combat round. If the top speed
of ground vehicles is lowered to zero, they can’t
move. Aircraft cannot get off the ground after their
top speed is cut by 50 percent.
标准装甲 Standard Armor
剧透 -   : (Softshell)
Cheap, durable, easy to find, and easy to work
with, polymer plate is the standard Skin found on
almost all commercially produced vehicles. Increasing
(or reducing) the thickness of a polymer plate
foundation directly modifies the Armor attribute
of the vehicle at a 1:1 ratio. Adding extra layers of
standard armor does not cost any mod slot points,
so there is no advantage to removing it except to
reduce weight (or to change the construction Form).
Additional layers of foundation material can be installed
without reworking the existing armor, so the
cost of the additional armor added is the only expense.
The maximum thickness of standard armor
that can be added to a vehicle is twice the original
Body rating or when the extra armor plating would
reduce the vehicle’s top speed to zero (or half of the
original top speed for aircraft).
--- 引用 ---改装槽等级-最高机体*2可获得性价格3800¥*等级
--- 引用结尾 ---

陶瓷板 Ceramic Plate
剧透 -   : (Hardshell)
Light and tough but expensive, restricted, and
difficult to work with, micro-layer ferro-ceramic
armor can be found in some security and military
vehicles. Incorporating ceramic plate into a vehicle’s
Skin provides much better protection than standard
armor’s polymer plate. If ceramic plate is added to
a vehicle, every 4 rating points of Armor on the vehicle
(rounded down) add one die to Body for any
Damage Resistance tests the vehicle takes.陶瓷板是整合进聚合物板中的一层额外层,并不是一套独立的装甲系统。虽然比起军用板来要不那么明显,但当你知道你要找什么的时候还是很容易被注意到。陶瓷板没有等级,所以价格和改装槽花费总会是载具的装甲属性。如果额外的标准聚合物板装甲在之后被添加,陶瓷板的改装槽和新円花费必须被包含进升级内。如果改装槽不够包括陶瓷板,额外装甲的升级就不能被应用。
剧透 -   : Ceramic plate is an accessory layer integrated
into polymer plate, not an actual standalone armor
system. While less obvious than milspec plate,
it can still be easily spotted if you know what to
look for. Ceramic plate does not have a rating, so
pricing and mod slot cost will always be the rating
of the vehicle’s Armor attribute. If additional
standard polymer plate armor is later added, the
mod slot and nuyen cost of ceramic plate must be
included in the upgrade. If mod slots are not available
to include the ceramic plate, the upgrade of
additional armor cannot be made.
--- 引用 ---改装槽等级0.25*装甲-可获得性价格5(I)1500¥*装甲等级
--- 引用结尾 ---

军规板 Milspec Plate
剧透 -   : This foundation type covers a wide assortment
of heavy composite armors that combine
integrated layers of exotic metal alloys, specialty
ceramics, and hyper-dense polymers. Extremely
hard to acquire and even harder to work with,
milspec plate vehicle armor is illegal to possess
outside of corporate and government militaries.
It still, however, manages to find its way into the
剧透 -   : Similar in use to ceramic plate, milspec plate is
actually additional layers of foundation material
integrated into standard armor—not an independent
armor system. Milspec plate is only available
in heavy plates, and it gives skins the boxy hard-angled
look that’s associated with military hardware.
It cannot be concealed, and its use is obvious to
anyone looking at it. It’s also hyper-dense and alters
the distribution of mass in negative ways when
it’s used on commercial vehicles. Milspec plate only
has three rating grades, regardless of the thickness
of the armor it’s integrated into.这种基底材料每一级减少任何受到的伤害1点,且每有一级会减少速度区间5。
剧透 -   : This Foundation material reduces the Damage
Value of any attack by 1 per rating point, and each
rating point applied reduces the Speed Interval by 5.
--- 引用 ---等级1
--- 引用结尾 ---

元素 Elements
剧透 -   : Layers of specialized material installed over,
under, or inside the Foundation provide a wide
spectrum of passive benefits. This may be extra
protection against specific energy types, including
arcane energy, or even protection against astral
元素强化 Elemental Hardening
剧透 -   : This is a group of similar skin modifications that
can provide protection from specific energies or
specific conditions. Elemental hardening is equivalent
to the armor mods (p. 266, SR6). Chemical,
cold, fire, and electricity resistance can be installed
on passenger vehicles and drones.
--- 引用 ---改装槽等级0.5*等级1-6可获得性价格-1000¥*装甲等级
--- 引用结尾 ---

电子隐形板 RAM Plating
剧透 -   : This installs layers of radio-absorbing material
that increase the noise modifier when avoiding
sensor lock actions and radar detection systems.
This system also grants a point of Edge when performing
Stealth tests. See p. 140 for more information
on Sensor Locks.
--- 引用 ---改装槽等级0.5*等级1-6可获得性价格4(I)1500¥*等级
--- 引用结尾 ---

灰法力集成 Grey Mana Integration
剧透 -   : The Grey Brothers and a number of other entrepreneurs
provide this material as arcane protection
for vehicles. This modification grants one extra die
per rating to resist any magical effect affecting the
vehicle or its occupants. The downside is that any
Magic test except drain originating from within
the vehicle subtracts one die per rating point.对全封闭的载具,这改装会升级成灰法力结界,一种科技版的魔法屏障,除了上述的效果外还阻止任何星界旅行。载具的灰法力结界是2*灰法力魔力集成每级的花费并会创造一个永久双重性质,具有改装等级的屏障等级的魔力屏障。这个屏障不能被驱散也没有主人,所以它会同时影响任何人,任何事物。
剧透 -   : For totally enclosed vehicles, this can be upgraded
to grey mana warding, a tech analog of a
mana barrier, stopping astral travel in addition to
the effects noted above. Grey mana warding of a
vehicle is 2 x the cost per level of Gray Mana Integration
and generates a permanent dual-natured
mana barrier with the same barrier rating as the
mod’s rating. This barrier cannot be dispelled and
has no owner, so it affects everyone and everything
--- 引用 ---改装槽等级1每等级1-6可获得性价格4(I)等级*2500¥/4000¥
--- 引用结尾 ---

--- 引用 ---载具和魔法
剧透 -   : When a spell or power grants a Defense test but invokes
attributes that a vehicle or drone does not have, there can
be confusion about what, if anything, to roll in their place.
Rest assured that just because a drone doesn’t have Reaction
or Intuition, they don’t roll zeroes on that defense test.记住法力能力和咒语对载具和无人机是无效的,同时,GM有权判定某些物理系法术效果对非活物,非生物目标是无效的。
剧透 -   : Remember that mana-based powers and spells have no
effect on vehicles and drones. Additionally, the gamemaster
is empowered to rule that certain Physical magical effects
might have no effect at all on a non-living, non-biological
target (e.g. Paralyzing Touch, Heal, etc.).当咒语或能力需要...使用...来防御体质机体敏捷传感器反应驾驶力量机体意志免疫且忽视任何其他影响逻辑驾驶直觉传感器魅力驾驶运动或近战躲避自动软件
--- 引用结尾 ---

动力改装 Powertrain Mods
剧透 -   : The powertrain includes everything involved
in making a vehicle move. Starting with the energy
storage medium (fuel or batteries), the motor,
the transmission, and the propulsion system right
down to the wheels or wings (or whatever else
makes it go). Statlines that fall under Powertrain
are Acceleration, Speed Interval, and Top Speed.
Other non-statline items included are operational
duration and alternate propulsion methods.
加速度改装 Acceleration Mods
剧透 -   : The Acceleration attribute of a stock vehicle applies
equally to increasing speed and decreasing it
提高加速度 Improved Acceleration
增加扭矩,提高制动能力对于任何在追逐中的载具或是简单地想要赢得四分之一英里街道拉力赛都是有利增强。每一级提高加速度为载具加速度提高其基本属性的30%(将小数部分向上取整)。举个例子,将一级提高加速度装到一个哈利-戴森天蠍上会将加速度从16提升到26(21)(16*0.3=4.8,向上取整到5 ),这项属性提高对于加速和减速同时适用。
剧透 -   : Adding torque and improving braking power
are advantageous enhancements for any vehicle in
a pursuit or simply looking to win the quarter-mile
street drag. Each rank of improved acceleration
added increases the Acceleration of the vehicle by
30 percent of the base value (rounding fractions
up). For example, adding one rank of Improved
Acceleration to a Harley-Davidson Scorpion takes
the Acceleration from 16 to 26 (16 x 0.3 = 4.8
rounds up to 5); this improved attribute applies
equally to both stopping and accelerating.
--- 引用 ---改装槽等级1每级1-2可获得性价格3等级*15000¥
--- 引用结尾 ---

氮气加速 Nitro Boost
剧透 -   : Few modern vehicles still employ internal combustion,
but “nitrous oxide” still carries a colloquial
understanding among gearheads as a temporary
acceleration booster, even if it’s actually a custom
industrial capacitor. These mods are invariably installed
along with drag chutes or similar drastic
braking options, meaning this temporary attribute
increase can be applied to both stopping and accelerating.
When triggered via Minor Action, nitro
boost doubles the Acceleration of a vehicle for
1D6 rounds. Vehicle tests made during this time
convert one die to a Wild Die.
--- 引用 ---改装槽等级2-可获得性价格3(I)5000¥
--- 引用结尾 ---

运行效率和燃料改装(提升运行时长) Efficiency and Fuel Mods (Increasing Operational Time)
剧透 -   : The baseline operating time of a vehicle is six
hours—that’s for everything from crawling microdrones
to cargo airplanes. It doesn’t matter if it’s
batteries powering electric motors, a biodiesel ICM
turning a generator, or straight-up antique carbureted
liquid fuel internal combustion (although it’s
probably modified to burn a synthetic fuel blend). Increasing
operational time means adding more energy
storage or increasing the efficiency of the motor.
网域链 GridLink
剧透 -   : When a standard electric powered vehicle is
connected to the GridGuide system, the operational
time is effectively infinite. GridLink is a standard
feature on all modern vehicles that use GridGuide.
In the event that a vehicle does not have a factory
GridLink unit, one can be easily installed with an
aftermarket kit.
--- 引用 ---改装槽等级--可获得性价格2500¥
--- 引用结尾 ---

碳氢化合物燃料转换器 Hydrocarbon Fuel Converter
剧透 -   : This mod doesn’t really give any extended operating
time, but it does let you run your vehicle
off of just about anything organic that you can
find around—the more energy dense, the better. A
small plasma furnace is installed in the fuel system
to render any hydrocarbons down to their
constituent parts—mostly methane and ethane.
Then, the vehicle’s internal combustion engine is
modified to be able to run off the raw material
output of the plasma torch. This allows nearly
anything to be fed into the vehicle as fuel. A vehicle
with an HFC engine can always be refueled
as long as there is raw material around to be processed.
For vehicles with a straight electric propulsion,
a small ICE (internal combustion engine)
is installed with this system and paired to a small
--- 引用 ---改装槽等级2-可获得性价格5机体*1500¥
--- 引用结尾 ---

提高经济性/容量 Improved Economy/Capacity
剧透 -   : These are actually two different ways to achieve
the exact same result: extending the operational
time of a vehicle. With this modification, the fuel
consumption of a vehicle is optimized to use less,
or the fuel capacity has been expanded with a
larger tank of higher capacity batteries (or maybe
both). Either way, each rank of this mod added to
a vehicle increases the operational time of the vehicle
by an additional 33 percent of the base value
(normally, that’s an extra two hours). Mods that
use extra power also reduce this extra capacity at
the same rate.
--- 引用 ---改装槽等级1-31-3可获得性价格26000¥*等级
--- 引用结尾 ---

太阳能电池 Suncell
剧透 -   : This allows the vehicle to generate all the power
it needs when it’s out in the sun under a clear sky.
It can produce either electric or liquid fuel. If the
vehicle has an internal combustion engine, the suncell
powers a converter that pulls CO2 and water
vapor out of the air and converts it to a synthetic
hydrocarbon liquid fuel. Vehicles with a suncell system
do not count any time operating under a bright
sun against their operating time; only nighttime and
cloudy conditions drain the fuel reserve. (This mod
may use either Powertrain or Electronic mod slots)
--- 引用 ---改装槽等级1-可获得性价格29500¥
--- 引用结尾 ---

推进系统 Propulsion Systems
剧透 -   : The base method of propulsion is determined
by the class of the chassis. Ground vehicles, boats,
subs, choppers, LAVs and airplanes all start with
different types of chassis. Of course, nothing says
that a creative mechanic can’t take some liberties
with the factory specs and make a vehicle move in
ways it was never meant to.
壁虎吸盘 Gecko Tips
剧透 -   : By adding a system similar to gecko tape pads
(see p. 280, SR6) on the motive portion of a vehicle, it can be made to literally climb walls. The
larger and heavier the vehicle is, the more extensive
the modifications become to make the system
work, and it quickly reaches a point where it’s no
longer effective. A wheeled, tracked, or walking vehicle
with gecko tips can move on surfaces at angles
that would otherwise be impossible, including
vertically or upside-down. Flying vehicles can use
the mod to land on a vertical or an upside-down
surface, but not to move across it.
--- 引用 ---尺寸1
--- 引用结尾 ---

辅助推进系统 Secondary Propulsion Systems
剧透 -   : Unless otherwise noted, a secondary propulsion
system takes two combat turns to deploy
and start the vehicle moving. Most systems also
take the same amount of time to disengage and
return a vehicle to its primary propulsion system.
As these are secondary systems, they only have
a fraction of the power and control of a primary
propulsion system. Alternate vehicle stats for
Handling, Acceleration, Speed Interval, and Top
Speed are listed for each entry. These apply while
the secondary propulsion system is deployed regardless
of the base stats of the vehicle. Any mods
that improve the base performance of the vehicle
do not improve the secondary propulsion system
unless they have been specifically added to it instead
of the primary system.两栖,潜艇:使用具有内部氧气供给的密封加压舱,防水供电系统,和压载舱来控制深度,这种改装会是载具能潜入并在水面下工作一小段时间。水下工作时间最大为30分钟。
剧透 -   : Amphibious, Submarine: Using sealed pressurized
cabins with an internal air supply, waterproofed
power plants, and ballast tanks to control
its depth, this modification enables a vehicle
to submerge and operate beneath the waves for a
short period of time. Maximum operation time underwater
is 30 minutes.两栖,水面:使用防水结构和内置浮力室,这个改装会把你的载具变成一艘船,只不过不是一艘非常好的。海上飞机和其他飞行器也能用浮筒来防止水接触空气表面。
剧透 -   : Amphibious, Surface: Using waterproof construction
and built-in buoyant chambers, this
mod turns your vehicle into a boat, just not a
very good one. Seaplanes and other aircraft also
use pontoons to keep the air surfaces out of the
剧透 -   : Glide Package: The gliding system deploys several
parachutes and uses a series of small thrusters
to provide limited maneuverability while descending.
The vehicle may move three meters forward
for every one meter down. Better than a freefall
to the ground, but not by a whole lot: “landing”
counts as a crash at a speed of 20 meters per combat
round. The glide package only takes one combat
round to deploy.气垫船:将围绕在底盘的自展开气幕与用作矢量转向的螺旋桨推进相结合,这个改装将你的载具变成一个可以在水面上或松软地面,如沼泽地上移动的气垫船。
剧透 -   : Hovercraft: Combining self-expanding air curtains
around the chassis and ducted thrust vectoring
for maneuvering, this mod turns your vehicle
into a hovercraft able to cross water or a soft
ground like a marsh.火箭助推器:这种极端的改装将高动力的火箭推进系统安装在载具上,使它能跳过中间地形或障碍。一个火箭助推器不会在部署和未激活下影响载具的主要推进系统。在部署后,它只需要一个次要动作激活。火箭的运行时间是在燃料见底前三个战斗轮。
剧透 -   : Rocket Booster: This extreme modification installs
a high-powered rocket propulsion system to
allow the vehicle to make short jumps over intervening
terrain or obstacles. A rocket booster does
not affect the primary propulsion system while
deployed and inactive. After deployment, it only
takes a Minor Action to activate. Operation time
for a rocket booster is three combat rounds before
the fuel is depleted.旋翼:一个旋翼辅助推进系统包括在载具顶端安装可折叠和部分回收的旋翼。此外,一个具有稳定旋翼,能回收到载具的里面,后面,或下面的尾翼也被同时安装。虽然系统是工作的-载具之前不能飞,现在可以飞起来-但它飞起来就像带旋翼的谷仓一样。
剧透 -   : Rotor: A rotary secondary propulsion system
includes installing rotors on the top of the vehicle
that can fold and partially retract themselves.
Additionally, a tail fin with stabilizing rotor is
constructed to also retract either into, beside, or
underneath the vehicle. Although the system is
functional—the vehicle can fly when it didn’t before—
it handles like a barn with rotors.履带式:履带模式是通过不平整路面的终极解决方案。
剧透 -   : Tracked: The tracked mode is the ultimate in
conquering rough terrain.矢量推进:拥有足够的推进,就是块砖也能飞起来!通过结合最好的现代陀螺仪稳定器和最大化地面效益,你终于能拥有一辆能飞的车了!只是不能飞得离地面太高而已。
剧透 -   : Vector Thrust (LAV): With enough thrust, even
bricks can fly! With the best in modern gyro stabilization
and maximizing ground effect, you can
finally have a car that flies! It just won’t get very
far off the ground.步行式:对于非常意外或者特殊地形,一些机师将步行系统安装在他们的载具上。几条可回收的机械腿(四到八)可以根据需求添加。
剧透 -   : Walker: For truly exceptional or demanding
terrain, some riggers install a walker system on
their vehicles. A variable number of retractable
mechanical legs (four to eight) can be added as
剧透 -   : Wheeled: Actually, this system is already on almost
every aircraft you have ever seen. It’s so common
it’s considered standard. It’s less common on
other things that don’t have wheels to start with,
like a watercraft used for short land operations.翼式:你的载具可以长出翅膀!可回收机翼折叠在顶部,推进用涡轮风扇来提供。
剧透 -   : Winged: Your vehicle can literally sprout wings!
Retractable wings fold up into the roof, and thrust
is provided by ducted turbofans
--- 引用 ---辅助推进系统表
--- 引用结尾 ---

速度区间改装 Speed Interval Mods
提高稳定性 Improved Stability
剧透 -   : The Speed Interval represents how vehicle handling
degrades as speed increases. This instability can
be improved with a wide array of techniques, such
as improving the suspension on a ground vehicle or
adding control surfaces on aircraft. Improved stability
improves the control of a vehicle as it accelerates,
counteracting the negative effects of high speed. Each
rank of improved stability reduces a vehicle’s Speed
Interval penalty by one, allowing it to reach a higher
speed before it begins to incur negative modifiers.
Improved stability only offsets the negative modifiers
created by increasing speed. It does not add any positive
modifiers on its own.
--- 引用 ---改装槽等级2*等级1-3可获得性价格3等级*7000¥
--- 引用结尾 ---

赛车悬挂 Racing Suspension
剧透 -   : Developed in professional motor racing circles,
racing suspensions have trickled down into
high-performance sports cars and some luxury vehicles.
Much of the chassis must be customized to
allow for the adaptive and sensitive system, but the
end result is well worth the price. Racing suspension
limits the number of Speed Interval penalty
dice that can be accrued to the vehicle’s Handling.
Racing suspension is not compatible with improved
stability or tuned suspension.
--- 引用 ---改装槽等级3-可获得性价格6(L)20000¥
--- 引用结尾 ---

调整悬挂 Tuned Suspension
剧透 -   : Most modern ground vehicles are designed to
operate on smooth-surfaced roads while a few are
designed to work well in any terrain. With a tuned
suspension, a vehicle’s under chassis is modified,
setting the suspension for a specific terrain, increasing
the vehicle’s performance in that terrain
and worsening the performance in other environments.
A tuned suspension halves Speed Interval
modifiers (rounding up) in either on-road or offroad
environments, depending on the setup. While
driving in the environment the vehicle was not
tuned for, the pilot may not gain Edge.
--- 引用 ---改装槽等级1-可获得性价格412000¥
--- 引用结尾 ---

最高速度改装 Top Speed Mods
最高速度提升 Top Speed Increase
剧透 -   : Increasing top speed is not just a matter of increasing
raw power (but that helps). It has more
to do with how that power is applied. This mod
may be high-ratio transmission gears in a ground
vehicle, afterburners on an aircraft, or a variable
pitch prop and a low friction hull coating on watercraft.
The end result is the same in all cases: a
higher top speed. Each rating point of top speed
increase adds 20 percent to the base Top Speed
number. This means a Harley-Davidson Scorpion
with a Top Speed of 200 becomes 280 after two
ranks of top speed increase.
--- 引用 ---改装槽等级1每级1-3可获得性价格38000¥*等级
--- 引用结尾 ---

--- 引用 ---引擎超速 redlining the engine
剧透 -   : Any vehicle can be pushed beyond its normal limits
for a short amount of time. If the operator is willing to
risk disaster, the engine can be redlined to unsafe speeds.
Redlining the engine grants a temporary 50 percent increase
to Top Speed. However, any vehicle test performed
while redlining the engine must convert one die to a Wild
Die. In addition to any other effects, if this die comes up a
1, the engine suffers immediate damage: Acceleration and
Top Speed are both immediately and permanently halved.
--- 引用结尾 ---


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