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冲锋枪(SMG) Submachine Guns

柯尔特·眼镜蛇TZ系列 Colt Cobra TZ Series
剧透 -   : Colt loves variety, and the Cobra TZ series highlights the options they offer with this line. The 100 is the base model with an integral folding stock, the 110 adds a top-mounted laser sight, the 120 features the folding stock, top-mounted laser sight, and a barrel-mounted gas-vent system, making it a hit with security forces all over the world and with trid shows that love all the fancy features.
FN P93掠食者 FN P93 Praetor
采用了一种绝对不会被认错的犊牛式设计,也因此能使那些人在看到手持此枪的企业特种部队(corpsec forces)时马上产生本能的恐惧反应。这把掠食者配备了一个[一体化]刚性枪托,一个激光瞄准器,还有一个有三档调节的手电,可以给低光,热感或者常规视觉带来增益。
剧透 -   : An unmistakable bullpup design offers a builtin fear response from anyone who sees these guns in the hand of corpsec forces. The Praetor offers an integrated rigid stock, a laser sight, and a flashlight with three settings to benefit low-light, thermographic, or regular vision.
剧透 -   : Heckler & Koch know how to design an SMG, since the 227 has been built off the same frame (the venerable MP5) for over a century. A top choice for corporate and military security forces, the HK–227 offers a retractable stock, integrated smartgun system, and an integral barrel-mounted silencer.
英格拉姆·智能枪XI Ingram Smartgun XI
剧透 -   : Street samurai create legendary reputations that they don’t always deserve, but the Smartgun has maintained its street rep as a grade-A bang bang for decades. Famous as the weapon of choice for many legendary street samurai since the 2050s, the Ingram Smartgun comes tricked out with a gasvent system, a smartgun system, and an integral silencer.
SCK-100型 SCK Model 100
在精英赤红武士的帮助下,新町亨梧(Shin Chou Kyogo)使SCK-100型成为了企业西装们的智能枪XI。全部日本企业的安保都配备了SCK-100型。SCK-100型提供了一个[内置]智能枪系统以及一个折叠枪托。
剧透 -   : Shin Chou Kyogo has made the Model 100 the corp-suit equivalent of the Smartgun with the help of the elite Red Samurai. Across the Japanacorps, their security forces are issued the SCK 100. The Model 100 features an internal smartgun system and a folding stock.
乌兹V  Uzi V
剧透 -   : A new design for a new world. The latest model Uzi is a big market entry for Spinrad Global. The V model features an integral folding stock and builtin top-mounted laser sight.

霰弹枪 Shotguns
剧透 -   : The stats for these shotguns are for normal slug rounds. Shotguns can take top, barrel, and underbarrel accessories.
蔑视T-250 Defiance T–250
剧透 -   : A solid street howitzer, this semi-automatic shotgun is available in either a normal-length or short-barreled version. It is gas operated and features a secondary pump action for situations where preventing jams is more important than quickly firing a second shot (clear glitch jams with a Minor Action). The short-barreled version has a Concealability threshold of 3, DV 3, Attack Ratings 8/8/4/—/—.
莫斯伯格CMDT Mossberg CMDT
剧透 -   : This assault shotgun provides classic bang for the buck. It can either be loaded with ten-round ammo clips or a big boy twenty-four-round drum. The best features are burst fire mode and a top-mounted laser sight.
PJSS-55型 PJSS Model 55
剧透 -   : Rich people own shotguns too. Small production runs, usually purchased by rich European hunters and trap shooters, make this a status symbol made for killing. The Model 55 comes with a rigid stock equipped with an integrated shock pad. Both barrels can be shot at once as a short burst (see Not Enough Rounds, p. 109).
雷明顿·室内清扫者 Remington Roomsweeper
剧透 -   : Double-barreled and pistol gripped makes this little beast bad news when it slips out of a pocket. If you’re not a fan of flechette shooters, load some Heavy Pistol rounds into a Roomsweeper and she shoots like a really inaccurate hand cannon.


雷明顿950(Remington 950)
剧透 -   : A high-powered bolt-action hunting rifle with a classic wooden body. The base model is sold with a top-mounted imaging scope, but it cannot mount underbarrel accessories. 鲁格100(Ruger 100)
剧透 -   : Like futuretech in a hunting-rifle format, this gas-operated favorite sits in the hands of many professional hunters and hobbyists. It features a builtin imaging scope and a rigid stock with shock pad. AK-97
剧透 -   : The AK-97 will never go out of style, especially since it still looks like its mid-twentieth-century predecessor. Built for reliability and endurance, it’s not the prettiest girl at the dance, but it can sure shake a tailfeather. 阿瑞斯·阿尔法(Ares Alpha)
剧透 -   : Made famous in the hands of Ares Firewatch teams, the Alpha quickly became a worldwide success with UCAS and CAS special operators along with a myriad of Desert Wars teams. The integrated underbarrel grenade launcher, smartgun system, and an innovative design for superior handling make it special. 柯尔特·M23(Colt M23)
剧透 -   : Cheap, mass-produced, and infinitely adaptable, the M23 finds its ways to the hands of everyone from gangbangers to pirates to delta-level government operators. The M23 can accept two additional underbarrel accessories for a total of three. FN HAR
当面对世界各地的私人安保力量和公司高威胁反应部队时,国营埃斯塔勒(Fabrique Nationale)是一个值得害怕的名字。他们制造了这把武器,后者配备了一个激光瞄准器以及排气系统。
剧透 -   : Fabrique Nationale is the name to fear when facing private security forces and corporate highthreat-response teams around the world. They made this weapon, which features a laser sight and a gas-vent system. 雅马哈·雷电(Yamaha Raiden)
剧透 -   : While Ares made the Alpha, the Japanacorps, through Yamaha, developed the Raiden. Electronic firing and exceptional accuracy are integral to the design. Japanacorp security forces and the Japanese Imperial Marines now swear by the Raiden. It features an integral silencer, smartgun system, and underbarrel shotgun/grenade launcher. 阿瑞斯·沙漠打击(Ares Desert Strike)
剧透 -   : “The Desert Strike for the Desert Wars” is the ta-gline today. Built to fight in the harshest conditions, the Desert Strike comes equipped with a rigid stock with shock pad and a detachable imaging scope.骑将武器·克罗凯特EBR(Cavalier Arms Crockett EBR)
剧透 -   : Cavalier played a dangerous game by offering a sniper rifle capable of burst fire. The Crockett EBR can stay accurate at long range, but those bursts don’t allow repeated accuracy. The Crockett comes standard with a rigid stock with shock pad and a detachable imaging scope.游侠武器SM-6(Ranger Arms SM-6)
剧透 -   : Ranger Arms knows what the SM line has al-ways been about—silently neutralizing targets. This sniper rifle features a silencer, an imaging scope, a smartgun system, and a rigid stock with shock pad. The SM–6 carries on the line’s ability to quickly get into the action and then get out just as fast. It can fit into a standard briefcase; setting it up or break-ing it down takes a Firearms + Logic (6, Major Ac-tion) Extended test. The SM-6 has dealt with the line’s fragility issues, and once put together it has no problem operating in any capacity.巴雷特122型(Barret Model 122)
剧透 -   : Barret Model 122Sometimes you need to shoot an enemy; some-times you need to shoot an enemy through the side of an APC. The Barret Model 122 excels at tearing through metal and getting to the things it attempts to protect, ripping apart machines and vehicles with horrible tearing sounds that are music to the ears of the shooter. It has a sound suppressor, smartgun system, and folding bipod.


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