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剧透 -   : Shadowrunners need some kind of opposition or else there is no challenge to running the shadows. Non-player characters and critters make up the bulk of that opposition, as they represent the cast of characters the gamemaster controls. They’re strategically placed between the runners and their goals. Some are there to be defeated, others negotiated with, and sometimes they even assist the runners in their shadowy endeavors.暗影狂奔者不是世界上唯一存在的人,尽管他们偶尔会持相反看法。玩家扮演玩家的角色(PCs),同时GM负责扮演世界上剩下的人的角色,也就是非玩家角色(NPCs)。GM也要扮演所有的动物,凡俗和觉醒者,因为他们有很多方法使得狂奔者的生活保持有趣。
剧透 -   : Shadowrunners are not the only people in the world, despite their occasional views to the contrary. The players take on the role of the player characters (PCs), while the gamemaster handles the rest of the world, all considered non-player characters (NPCs). The gamemaster also handles all the critters, mundane and Awakened alike, so they have lots of options to keep runners’ lives interesting.

Non-Player Characters (NPCs)
剧透 -   : NPCs come in two main varieties: grunts and named characters. Details on each are in their section, but let’s first chat a little on what NPCs are and what they can do in a game. NPCs are a gamemaster’s gateway into the game. They’re the people the PCs get to interact with in order to get things done, get away with things, or get things they want. They cover everything from the dwarf squatter on the corner to the dragon CEO in the boardroom. They vary in power level, but most aren’t on par with a runner in a toe-to-toe contest. The thing to remember about NPCs is the fact that they aren’t isolated (unless they choose or are forced to be). NPCs know other NPCs and sometimes have the kinds of connections that can make a runner’s life hell. They all have their own motivations and backstories, even if the gamemaster sometimes makes those up on the fly.以下是范例:比如说,在离开秘密研发基地的路上,角色射杀了一名守卫。这名守卫情况危急,碰巧他兄弟是安全总管,也是城里的暗影狂奔承包者,他就会去调查是谁搞了他兄弟。当他摸清这些后,他就会用多种方式来报复。或许他会选择开门见山的方式,组织一次针对狂奔者的攻击,或许他会派出他在暗影中的人脉,让这些狂奔者没活可接。一次看上去很常规的狂奔行动可以成为一次大型战役的伏笔,而且故事往往不会在你以为已经结束的时候结束。
剧透 -   : Here’s how this can work: Say the characters shot a guard on the way out of the secret R&D facility. That guard is now in critical care. His brother happens to be the head of corporate security and a regular con-tractor for shadow assets in town. He starts digging to find who ganked his brother, and when he finds out, he can look at multiple paths for revenge. Maybe he can go direct, hiring out an attack on the runners, or maybe he reaches out to his connections in the shad-ows and makes all the runners’ work opportunities dry up. What was an almost routine part of a run be-comes a hook for a much longer campaign. The story doesn’t always end where you think it will.本章包括各种NPC,但也鼓励GM去创造和定制他们独特的NPC,来适合故事的基调以及挑战。建立NPC并没有像建立PC一样的固定公式,GM可以自由地添加符合他们设计概念的任意技能以及属性。
剧透 -   : A variety of NPCs are included in this chapter, but gamemasters are encouraged to build and customize their own in order to best fit the tone and challenge in their story. There’s no formula for building NPCs like there is for PCs. Gamemasters are free to provide whatever skills and attributes they want to fit the concept they design

剧透 -   : Halloweeners, corporate security guards, Lone Star patrolmen, and UCAS Navy SEALs—these are just a few of the NPC templates we’ve included within the section called Grunts. Grunts aren’t necessarily pushovers, but they are intended to cover a broad group of individuals. Each group has a lieutenant level, which covers a slightly more specialized area of the Sixth World opposition. These members are still intended to be grunts, but they offer some specialized ability, be it technomancy, hacking skills, magic, or heavy augmentations. They can be used as units just like the regular grunts; they’ll just offer a very specialized challenge. Every grunt is listed with basic human baseline stats. Adjusting them for any of the metatypes is as easy as looking to the Meta-human Adjustment Chart (p. 211) and making a few quick changes.战斗章节对处于冲突中的喽啰有着特殊规则(114页)。记住,这些规则不仅可以用来砸出拳头或是铅弹,也可以用于,比如当三到四个保安站在同一个哨所,仔细检查那些试图蒙混过关的人的场合。同一模板的喽啰应该有相同的主动性,从而便于记录。并且所有的喽啰应该只有一条CM,在同一个位置记录物理和眩晕伤害。而计算CM值时,使用8+体质或意志(选更高的)的一半,四舍五入。副官将他们的职业等级添加到CM值中。喽啰每收到2格伤害就会承受伤害调整。因为他们只有一条CM,所以他们的生死由最后受到的伤害判断。如果他们受到物理伤害,他们会出血或是死亡。如果他们受到晕眩伤害,他们仅仅会失去意识并且可以被审问。如果这些简单处理还不够,或者你想弄出电影式的场景,请查阅“死神降临”侧栏中的可选规则。
剧透 -   : The Combat chapter has special rules for grunts in altercations (p. 114). Keep in mind that these rules can be used not only for laying down the hurt with fists or lead, but also when three or four security guards are all at the same guard station and scrutinizing those trying to Con their way past. Initiative for all grunts of the same template should be the same to make record-keeping easy, and all grunts only have a single Condition Monitor, tracking both Physical and Stun damage all in one place. To calculate that Condition Monitor, use 8 + half of either Body or Willpower (whichever is higher), rounded up. Lieutenants add their Professional Rating to their Condition Monitor. Grunts suffer wound modifiers for every 2 full boxes of damage. Since they only have one track, life and death is determined by whatever hit them last. If they were hit by Physical Damage last, they’re bleeding out or dead. If they were hit by Stun Damage last, they’re just unconscious and could be available for questioning. If all these simplifications aren’t enough, or you really want to roll out cinematic actions scenes for the runners to plow through, check out the optional rules in the Here Comes the Reapersidebar.

专业等级Professional Rating
剧透 -   : You ever listen to a coworker complain about a splinter like it’s some kind of debilitating injury, while you hear about Sioux Wildcats that keep fighting after losing a limb? That’s the difference between a Professional Rating of 0 and a Professional Rating of 10. Professional Rating comes from the overall experience and discipline of an NPC. It is the simplest way to know when a grunt or group of grunts will bail from a fight. You take their Professional Rating and compare it to the number of damage boxes they’ve taken. Once the total boxes exceed the Professional Rating, make a Composure test (p. 67) to see if they bolt. There’s some leeway in this, but as a general rule, if it looks like the fight isn’t going to go their way, grunts bail.专业等级也作为喽啰的初始极限骰池,他们共用一个极限骰池,不管你如何安排他们的攻击方式,他们在一轮中只能用一次极限。这意味着,如果你把一组十个人的喽啰分成了4,4,2三个组,那么他们不能在同一个战斗轮中都使用极限——仅仅有其中一个组可以使用。想要一些编排喽啰的帮助,请查阅专业等级侧栏。
剧透 -   : Professional Rating is also used as the initial Edge pool of the group of grunts. They all share the pool, and no matter how you group them for attacks, they can’t use Edge more than once in a round. This means if you have a group of ten grunts split into attacking groups of four, four, and two, they can’t all use Edge in the same combat round—only one of the groups can. See the Professional Rating sidebar for a better idea of how to classify your gruntsSample Grunts 喽啰范例
剧透 -   : Let’s take a look at some examples of those folks who might make it tougher to get your hardearned nuyen. There’s an example for each Professional Rating, with a lieutenant for each category offering specialized skills of varying levels among the ranks so gamemasters have a few prebuilt NPCs with 侧栏:professional rating专业等级
剧透 -   : Rating 0 (Untrained): These guys aren’t real combatants. They might know how to use their weapons, but they’ve never trained as a unit. Their reactions tend to be clumsy, slow, and a bit chaotic. If somebody in their group goes down, the rest tend to turn tail and run. Examples include mall cops and random street mobs等级1-4(半受训)这些喽啰受过一些训练,并且组成小队时会表现地稍微好一些,但缺乏足够的战斗经验。他们会按计划来,但在交战时,就很难保持冷静了。如果他们四分之一的人员倒了,小队就会停止作战,开始撤退。例子有新手警察,低端的帮派份子,还有刚好够格的安全小队。
剧透 -   : Ratings 1–4 (Semi-trained): These grunts have had some training and can work a little better as a team, but don’t have a lot of field experience. They can follow a plan, but they have a hard time keeping their cool under fire. If they lose more than a quarter of their number, the team will stop fighting and make a retreat. Examples include rookie beat cops, low-end gang members, and basic corporate security teams等级5-7(受训):这就是麻烦开始的地方。这个情况下,他们接受过良好训练,并且经历了相当多的战斗,有着老兵般的冷静。如果他们伤亡超过一半,他们就会战略撤退。并不是简单地撤退,他们边开火边撤退。例子有专业保镖,HTR和SWAT小队,雇佣兵战斗单元,还有顶级企业的安保部队。
剧透 -   : Ratings 5–7 (Trained): This is where the trouble starts. At this point they are well trained, have seen a fair amount of combat, and have earned the coolness of the veteran. If they take casualties over half of their number, they’ll make a tactical withdrawal. They don’t run. They run and gun. Examples include professional bodyguards, HTR and SWAT teams, mercenary units, and top-tier corporate security forces等级8-10(精锐):他们是精英中的精英,比大多数狂奔者还要优秀。他们为战斗而活。作为顶级专业人士,他们不会崩溃。他们会战斗至最后一人,或者接到撤退的命令。例子有军事特种部队,狂热份子,还有疯子,以及那些不成功便成仁的人。狂热分子和疯子比较例外,因为他们往往缺少训练和技能,却不停地进攻,即便他们成群地死去。
剧透 -   : Ratings 8–10 (Elite): These are the best of the best, often better than most runners. They live to bring the fight. As top-tier professionals, they will not break. They’ll fight to the last person or until they get orders to withdraw. Examples include military special forces units and fanatics and madmen who would die before failing their cause. The fanatics and madmen are interesting because they often lack the training and skill but don’t stop coming, even though they die in droves

Key to Grunt Stat Abbreviations 喽啰状态的简写表
B 体质Body
A 敏捷Agility
R 反应Reaction
S 力量Strength
W 意志Willpower
L 逻辑Logic
I 直觉Intuition
C 魅力Charisma
M/RS 魔法/共鸣(那些没有这些属性的NPC例外)
Magic/Resonance剧透 -   : (not included for any NPC that doesn’t have one of these attributes)ESS 精华Essence
DR 护甲等级Defense Rating
I/ID 主动性等级/主动性骰池(他们基本的主动性等级,和他们的骰池数量)
Initiative rank/Initiative Dice剧透 -   : (the base Initiative rank and the number of Initiative Dice they have to roll)AC 动作分配(他们可以使用的动作 A:主要动作 I:次要动作)
Action allotment剧透 -   : (the actions they have available. A: Major Actions; I: Minor ActionsCM 状态监视条(他们CM格数的值)
Condition Monitor 剧透 -   : (the number of boxes in their Condition Monitor)MOVE 运动(移动和冲刺的距离,还有在冲刺检定立获得的净成功)
Movement 剧透 -   : (distances for the Move and Sprint actions, along with the per-hit increase for the Sprint test


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