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程序 Program
剧透 -   : Below are common Matrix programs, along with descriptions of the effects of the programs. The Data Processing rating of your device limits how many programs you can have running, though more may be stored.

基础程序 Basic

婴儿监控器 (Baby Monitor)
剧透 -   : Tells you your current Overwatch Score without needing an action.
搜索引擎 (Browse)
剧透 -   : When doing Matrix searches, gain 1
Edge that is either spent immediately on that action or disappears.
配置管家 (Configurator)
剧透 -   : Store alternate deck configuration, swap to it instead of changing two attributes.
编辑器 (Edit)
剧透 -   : When doing Edit File action, gain 1 Edge that must be immediately spent or else it vanishes.
加密器 (Encryption)
剧透 -   : +2 dice when doing Encrypt File action.
信号清理器 (Signal Scrubber)
剧透 -   : Reduce noise level by 2.
工具箱 (Toolbox)
剧透 -   : +1 to Data Processing.
虚拟机 (Virtual Machine)
剧透 -   : 2 extra program slots; take 1 extra box of unresisted Matrix damage when attacked.
骇入程序 Hacking

矩阵护甲 (Armor)
剧透 -   : +2 to Defense Rating .
生物反馈 (Biofeedback)
剧透 -   : Causes Stun (if target is in cold-sim) or Physical (if target is in hot-sim) damage with Matrix attack. This program is linked to the Attack attribute.
生物反馈过滤器 (Biofeedback Filter)
剧透 -   : Allow Device Rating or Body roll to soak Matrix damage.
断片 (Blackout)
剧透 -   : Like Biofeedback, but Stun damage only. This program is linked to the Attack attribute.
解码器 (Decryption)
剧透 -   : +2 dice on Crack File action.
防爆层 (Defuse)
剧透 -   : Allow Device Rating or Body roll to soak damage from Data Bomb.
利用漏洞 (Exploit)
剧透 -   : Reduce Defense Rating of hacking target by 2.
分叉 (Fork)
剧透 -   : Hit two targets with a single Matrix action without splitting dice pools.
封锁 (Lockdown)
剧透 -   : Cause link-lock when you do Matrix damage.
超频 (Overclock)
剧透 -   : Add two dice to a Matrix action. One of them must be the wild die.
匿踪器 (Stealth)
剧透 -   : When performing a Hide action, gain 1 Edge that must be spent as part of the action or vanish. This program is linked to the Sleaze attribute.
追踪器 (Trace)
剧透 -   : When performing a Trace Icon action, gain 1 Edge that must be spent as part of the action or vanish. This program is linked to the Sleaze attribute.

主机 Hosts
剧透 -   : Hosts are the larger systems present on the Matrix.
They are representative of systems that interconnect many other systems behind them. When looking at a host from the outside, it is generally a larger icon sculpted to look like a place or a building. Some hosts exist entirely virtually and appear as floating above the black plane of the Matrix, while others are attached to physical hardware at a specific location.主机内部的虚拟空间与矩阵整体是分离的,并且其内的所有图标无法直接访问除非它是一个专为从公共矩阵接入用的图标。只有访问主机才能与其内的图标和设备交互。
剧透 -   : The virtual space in a host is separate from the Matrix at large, and any icons on that host are not accessible unless expressly part of a public-facing side. Gaining access to a host will allow interaction with the icons and devices on the inside.主机有一个通用的主机等级并将其转换为矩阵属性。这些主机等级在1到12之间。主机的矩阵属性等级一般为(主机等级),(主机等级+1),(主机等级+2)和(主机等级+3),四个数字任意排序。例如一个4级主机的矩阵属性可能为攻击性5,隐匿性4,数据处理7,防火墙6.主机的矩阵属性同时被它自己和附属于该主机的IC使用。
剧透 -   : Hosts have a general rating, which translates into their Matrix attributes. These general ratings are between 1 and 12. The ratings of these attributes are usually (host rating), (host rating + 1), (host rating + 2), and (host rating + 3), in any order. For example, a rating 4 host might have Attack 5, Sleaze 4, Data Processing 7, Firewall 6. A host’s attributes are shared by itself and its IC programs.
剧透 -   : Basic host security usually consists of Patrol IC scanning icons as they move about. If an unauthorized presence is detected, it may launch other IC programs, in addition to notifying security staff that it has been compromised. A host can launch one IC program per combat round, at the beginning of the turn, and can have up to its rating in IC programs running at once. Hosts may only run one copy of each type of IC.另一种主机安保手段相比杀手程序更侧重于主机结构。多个主机可以以一个嵌套在另一个上的形式存在,最贵重的数据被藏在嵌套结构最深处的主机。因为要访问最深处的有价值主机(如果有的话),骇客不得不从外到内一个一个的骇入嵌套主机以获得更深处的访问权限,而监控指数的增长速度取决于他同时保持访问的所有主机,而非他正在使用的那一个。
剧透 -   : Other security measures have more to do with host architecture than with killer programs. Multiple hosts could be nested behind one another, with the most secure data being on the deepest host. Because you must hack each host in succession from the outside, having inside access to a site with a direct connection to the deepest host (if one exists) is valuable—especially when your Overwatch Score increases are based on all the hosts in which you maintain access at any given time, not just the one
you’re currently using.矩阵主机结构
矩阵<——> 主机A<——>主机B<——>主机C<——>主机D
剧透 -   : This basic host structure would look like this: Another could have two separate hosts for different jobs, such as one for general office work, and another for security. Their relationship to each other might be diagrammed like this:                             <——>安保主机

剧透 -   : These are the types of IC a host may throw at unwary intruders. All IC use (Host Rating x 2) for Attack Rating, Condition Monitor, and most rolls. Their Initiative is (Data Processing x 2) + 3D6. Defensive rolls and effects vary by IC type. Defensive rolls and effects vary by IC type.酸蚀 Acid
剧透 -   : Defense: Willpower + Firewall
Acid IC is about wearing down the defenses of intruders so that the other IC can finish it off. When Acid IC hits in cybercombat, the target’s Firewall attribute is reduced by 1 per net hit, reducing the effective defenses. Lost points are restored after leaving the host, at a rate of 1 point per minute.捆绑(木马) Binder
剧透 -   : Defense: Willpower + Data Processing
Where Acid IC wants to reduce your defenses, Binder IC wants to slow down all of your functionality—and keep you from running as many programs as you would like. When Binder IC hits in cybercombat, the target’s Data Processing attribute is reduced by 1 per net hit. When Data Processing hits 0, no Matrix actions can be performed until it hits 1 or higher. Lost points are restored after leaving the host, at a rate of 1 point per minute.黑IC Black IC
剧透 -   : Defense: Intuition + Firewall
Black IC means business. When a host tosses this out, it wants your brain fried, plain and simple. If you see this coming at you, no one would blame you for running. In cybercombat, Black IC does (host rating + net hits) in both Matrix damage and biofeedback damage.冲击波 Blaster
剧透 -   : Defense: Logic + Firewall
Blaster IC isn’t fun, but at least it’s not as focused on killing you as Black IC is. Yeah, it might want to subject you to all sorts of unpleasant Matrix- based torture, but you have to be alive to experience pain, so that’s something, right? In cybercombat, this does (Rating) Matrix damage while also link-locking the target.崩溃 Crash
剧透 -   : Defense: Intuition + Firewall
Crash delivers a sweeping blow intended to take weapons out of your hand. When it hits in cybercombat, this IC does no Matrix damage; instead, it crashes one random program. Crashed programs can’t be run again until the device is rebooted.干扰 Jammer
剧透 -   : Defense: Willpower + Attack
Jammer IC is an expert fencer who toys with you rather than killing you outright. In cybercombat, when Jammer IC hits, the target’s Attack attribute is reduced by 1 per net hit. No actions using the Attack rating can be performed when the Attack rating is 0. Lost points are restored after leaving the host, at a rate of 1 point per minute.杀手 Killer
剧透 -   : Defense: Intuition + Firewall
Killer IC is the choice of hosts where they don’t want to go for a bunch of fancy tactics and prefer to just leap for the jugular. When Killer IC hits in cybercombat, it does (net hits + host rating) Matrix damage to the target.标记 Marker
剧透 -   : Defense: Willpower + Sleaze
Marker IC is a response to too many backdoors—if hackers are going to start preferring Sleaze options to make and secure backdoors into hosts, then hosts are going to keep hackers from having high Sleaze ratings. In cybercombat, when Marker IC hits, the target’s Sleaze attribute is reduced by 1 per net hit. No actions using the Sleaze rating can be performed when the Sleaze rating is 0. Lost points are restored after leaving the host, at a rate of 1 point/minute.巡逻 Patrol
剧透 -   : Patrol IC is often the first line of defense in hosts, since it doesn’t escalate any confrontations, but instead gives the host’s owners a good sense of what’s going on. When it is activated, make a Matrix Perception roll for the Patrol IC; that serves as hits on Matrix Perception actions it takes every in-game minute it is active. That means one of the Patrol IC’s Minor Actions is always given over to Matrix Perception. Reroll the Matrix Perception test once per minute.扰乱
剧透 -   : Defense: Willpower + Firewall
Scramble IC doesn’t care how hurt or damaged you are; it just wants you gone. If Scramble IC hits in cybercombat, it forces the target to reboot on the target’s next turn, unless the target is linklocked.电椅 Sparky#
#译注:在美国各地电椅有一个共同的外号叫Old Sparky
剧透 -   : Defense: Intuition + Firewall
Sparky is aggressive IC that wants to bring the damage right to the user, bypassing hardware entirely. If Sparky IC hits in cybercombat, it does (host rating + net hits) in biofeedback damage.焦油宝宝 Tar Baby
剧透 -   : Defense: Logic + Firewall
Tar Baby is about slowing you down so you can be caught by other IC or you abandon the host in frustration. If Tar Baby hits in cybercombat, it forces link-lock.追踪 Track
剧透 -   : Defense: Willpower + Sleaze
Track IC doesn’t do harm directly—it’s about gathering information in case harm needs to be done later. If it hits in cybercombat, Track IC discovers the target’s physical location.


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