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剧透 -   : With background issues covered, it’s time to start slotting some numbers. The Priority System offers a quick and broad-stroke method of making your shadowrunner. The big picture is shaped by your choices on the Priority Chart. There are five priority rows (A-E), and five categories to assign priorities: Metatype, Attributes, Skills, Magic/Resonance, and Resources. Give one priority to each category (i.e., pick one option in each row, and only one per column). These choices will give you the basic components of your character.随着背景问题的讨论,是时候开始给出一些数字了。优先系统提供了一个快速而宽泛的方法来制作你的暗影狂奔者。大局取决于你在优先级表上的选择。有五个优先级(A-E)和五个可分配优先级的类别:泛形态、属性、技能、魔力/共鸣和资源。为每个类别分配一个优先级(即,在每行中选择一个选项,并且每列只能选择一个选项)。这些选择将为您提供角色的基本组成部分。

剧透 -   : Selections don’t need to be made in order. Choosing what’s most important to you first or least important to you first are equally valid options, and adjustments may need to be made as you progress. We present them in the order we have them on the chart, but you can choose them in any order your remarkable heart desires.选择不需要按顺序进行。首先选择对你来说最重要或最不重要的是同样有效的选择,随着你的进步,可能需要做出调整。我们按照它们在图表上的顺序呈现,但你可以按照你独特的心愿的任何顺序来选择。

剧透 -   : Here is a rundown of each column of the table.


剧透 -   : Now that you know what you want to do, let’s decide what wrapper you’re going to toss on. Shadowrun is a mix of high fantasy and dystopian cyberpunk, the former of which means you've got some race options other than just human.现在你知道你想做什么了,那就来决定你要折腾什么包装纸吧。暗影狂奔是高度奇幻和反乌托邦赛博朋克的混合体,前者意味着你除了人类之外,还有一些种族可以选择。

剧透 -   : Different metatypes are available at each priority with a variable number of points to use to buy Edge, boost specific attributes for that metatype, and/or enhance Magic or Resonance. Certain metatypes, namely humans and elves, don't appear at the highest Priorities. You can get an overview of the metatypes on p. 53.每个优先级都有不同的泛形态,可以使用不同的点数来购买极限,提升该泛形态的特定属性,和/或增强魔法或共鸣。某些泛型态,即人类和精灵,不会出现在最高优先级。你可以在第53页了解泛型态的概况。


剧透 -   : The rules as described in this chapter describe the basic level of play for Shadowrun, but that doesn't mean everyone wants to start at that level. Some people may want to push their runners a little ahead, so they can start with more experienced, skilled characters. Others may enjoy the challenge of starting with less-skilled characters and see if they can make them survive long enough to become street legends.本章描述的规则描述了暗影狂奔的基本级别,但这并不意味着每个人都想从这个级别开始。有些人可能想让他们的狂奔者领先一点,这样他们就可以从更有经验、更熟练的角色开始。其他人可能会喜欢从技能较低的角色开始的挑战,看看他们是否能让他们存活足够长的时间,成为街头传奇。

剧透 -   : Making low-leveI street runners is simple-select your priorities as normal from the Priority Table, but then apply the values from one row lower than the one you chose (e.g., if you chose Priority B for attributes, you'd actually gain the values from Priority C, which is 12 at¬tribute points). Since you can't go any lower than row E, that means you would have two selections from that row.制作低级别的街头狂奔者很简单-像正常那样从优先级表中选择你的优先级,但之后应用比您选择的优先级低一行中的值(例如,如果你选择属性为优先级B,则实际上将获得优先级C的值,也就是12个属性点)。由于你不能低于E级,这意味着您将在该行中选择两个选项。

剧透 -   : On the other end is a prime runner. If you want to start at this advanced level, simply double the amount of customization Karma (see p. 66) from 50 to 100. Get that spent and start living the prime life!另一边则是一个高级狂奔者。如果你想从高级级别开始,只需将自定义业力的数量翻倍(见第66页),从50个增加到100个。把它花掉,开始过上黄金生活吧!

剧透 -   : The selection you make here is based not just on metatype but on the accompanying number of adjustment points you will use to increase the values of certain attributes. Adjustment points are used to modify Magic/Resonance, purchase Edge, and enhance the special racial attributes. Each metatype (except for human) has two or more attributes that can be outside the base 1-6 range. These are the special racial attributes, and they can be increased with adjustment points from this column.你在此处所做的选择不仅基于泛型态,还基于将用于增加某些属性的数值的附带调整点的数量。调整点用于调整魔法/共鸣、购买极限和增强特殊种族属性。每个泛型态(除人类外)都有两种或两种以上的属性,可能超出基础1-6的范围。这些是特殊种族属性,可以用本栏中的调整点增加。

剧透 -   : The Edge attribute deserves some special attention. Edge can be extremely valuable, helping snatch victory from defeat. Points to increase Edge come from here, so take advantage of it! For more information on Edge and its uses, see p. 44.极限属性值得特别注意。极限是极其宝贵的,有助于从失败中夺取胜利。增加极限的点数来自这里,所以要好好利用它!有关极限及其用途的更多信息,请参见第44页。


剧透 -   : As described on p. 37, attributes fall into three different groups: Physical, Mental, and Special. All metahuman characters have a rank in each of their Physical and Mental attributes, but some may not have ranks in the Special attributes.如第37页所述,属性分为三种不同的类别:生理、精神和特殊。所有的泛人类角色在他们的生理和精神属性中都有一个等级,但有些角色可能没有特殊属性的等级。

剧透 -   : Baseline attributes range start at 1 and can go up to 6. That range is modified by metatype and/ or chosen qualities. The Metatype Attributes table provides the ranges of the attributes for each metatype and the particular qualities certain metatypes gain as a free bonus. Descriptions of qualities start on p. 70. If player characters ever have a Physical or Mental attribute adjusted to 0 through magic or some other effect, they collapse, as either their body or mind has lost some critical functioning. They are nonfunctional until at least 1 rank is restored in that attribute.基础属性范围从1开始,最大可达6。该范围由泛形态和/或所选属性调整。泛形态属性表提供了每个泛形态的属性范围,以及某些泛形态作为免费奖励获得的特有特质。对特质的描述从第70页开始。如果玩家角色的生理或精神属性通过魔法或其他效果调整为0,他们就会崩溃,因为他们的生理或精神失去了一些关键功能。在该属性恢复至少1个等级之前,他们都处于失能状态。

剧透 -   : During character creation, only one attribute may be at the maximum for the selected metatype.在创建角色的过程中,所选泛形态只能有一个属性达到最大值。


剧透 -   : Tom and Alyson are going to make characters in a game they'll be in together, so they want them to complement each other. Tom's going with an elf spellcaster to take care of the magic side of things, and Alyson wants to make a human street samurai to bust suckas in the face.汤姆和艾莉森为他们将一起参与的游戏创建角色,所以他们想让他们相辅相成。汤姆要用一个精灵施法者来处理魔法方面的事情,而艾莉森想做一个人类的街头武士来打那些蠢蛋们的脸。

剧透 -   : Tom wants to be an elf, so he can’t take Priority A from the metatype column, because it doesn’t have an elf option. Priority A has the highest values in the Magic or Resonance column, so that’s what he selects. He wants enough attribute points to make his Willpower and Logic high enough to resist Drain, and also to have points to spread around to other areas so he can be capable in running, dodging, and maybe throwing a punch. So he takes Attributes for Priority B. Priority C in Skills will help him get the Sorcery, Conjuring, and Athletics skills he wants (with some Perception and other odds and ends thrown in), while Priority D in metatype will let him be an elf and give him a few points for Edge and Magic adjustment. That means Priority E will be resources—a mere 8,000 nuyen, but Tom doesn’t figure to be spending much on gear. So his choices look like this:汤姆想成为一个精灵,所以他不能从泛形态一栏中选择优先级A,因为它没有精灵选项。优先级A在魔法或共鸣一栏中的数值最高,所以他就选择了这个。他希望有足够的属性点让他的意志和逻辑足够高,可以抵抗耗竭,同时也希望有足够的点数分配到其他方面,这样他就可以在奔跑、闪避,或许还能出拳。所以他把属性设为优先级B。技能的优先级C会帮助他获得他想要的巫术、咒术和运动技能(再加上一些侦察和其他零碎的东西),而泛型态的优先级D会让他成为一个精灵,并给他几点边缘和魔法调整。这意味着优先级E将是资源——仅仅8000新円,但汤姆估计不会在装备上花费太多。所以他的选择是这样的:

剧透 -   : Priority A: Magic or Resonance
Priority B: Attributes
Priority C: Skills
Priority D: Metatype
Priority E: Resources优先级A:魔法/共鸣

剧透 -   : Alyson has different priorities. She knows her Metatype column will be C, D, or E-probably one of the latter two, since she doesn't think shell need many adjustment points. She also knows she needs more money than Tom for some first-class 'ware. She doesn't think she needs the same attribute spread as Tom, and she wants a fair amount of skills-Firearms, Close Combat, Stealth, Perception, and Athletics will all be worthwhile, and she might throw in some Biotech for healing purposes. The good news is she needs neither Magic nor Resonance, so that column will be Priority E.艾莉森有不同的优先级。她知道她的泛形态一栏将是C、D或E——可能是后两个中的一个,因为她认为外壳不需要太多调整点。她也知道自己需要比汤姆更多的钱来购买一些一流的赛博改造。她认为自己不需要像汤姆那样的属性分配,她想要相当多的技能——枪械、近身格斗、隐匿、侦察和运动都是值得的,她可能会为了治疗目的而加入一些生物科技。好消息是,她既不需要魔法,也不需要共鸣,所以这栏的优先级是E。

剧透 -   : Priority A: Skills
Priority B: Resources
Priority C: Attributes
Priority D: Metatype
Priority E: Magic or Resonance优先级A:技能

剧透 -   : To be honest, she's a little concerned that the 14 attribute points from Priority C will be a little thin, but she figures the extra Karma for customization and a negative quality or two will help fill in any gaps she might have.老实说,她有点担心优先级C的14个属性点会有点单薄,但她认为额外的自定义业力和一两个负面特质将有助于填补她可能存在的任何差距。

剧透 -   : Some of the elements mentioned here, including extra Karma and negative qualities, will be covered later in the chapter.这里提到的一些元素,包括额外业力和负面特质,将在本章后面讨论。


剧透 -   : It's now time to define what you can do, or at least do well. Skills are used to perform any and all challenging actions or even simple actions when under duress in the world of Shadowrun, Consider what your chosen place on the team requires, and then consider some of the character's broader history when choosing where to put your points.现在是时候定义你能做什么,或者至少能做好什么了。技能是用来执行任何和所有具有挑战性的行动,甚至是在暗影狂奔的世界中受到胁迫时的简单动作,考虑你在团队中选择的位置需要什么,然后在选择把你的点数放在哪里时,考虑一些角色的更广泛的历史。

剧透 -   : During character creation, skills can be purchased up to rank 6 (7 with the Aptitude Quality). Only one skill can be put at that maximum level (6 or 7). During gameplay, those skills can reach 9 (10 with the Aptitude Quality). Skill points from the priority table are spent on a one- for-one basis—each point spent adds a rank to a selected skill. Descriptions and rules for what is covered by each skill is located in the Skills chapter (p. 92).在创建角色的过程中,可以购买最高等级为6级的技能(具有天资特质为7级)。只有一项技能可以达到该最高级别(6或7)。在游戏过程中,这些技能可以达到9级(具有天资特质为10级)。优先级表中的技能点是按一比一的方式花费的——每花费一个点就会给选定的技能增加一个等级。每个技能所涵盖的内容的说明和规则位于技能章节(第92页)。

剧透 -   : You can also select specializations (see p. 92 for description) in character creation. When using the Priority Chart, a specialization costs the same as one rank of a skill. You cannot acquire more than one specialization in a skill at character creation, and you cannot acquire an expertise.你也可以在创建角色时选择专精(见第92页说明)。在使用优先级表时,一个专精的费用与一个技能的一个等级相同。在创建角色时,你不能获得一个以上的技能专精,也不能获得一个精通。


剧透 -   : If you don’t want your character to have Magic or Resonance, you get to skip this section, but know that it's out there.如果你不想让你的角色拥有魔力或共鸣,你可以跳过这一节,但要知道它是存在的。

剧透 -   : By 2080, everyone knows that magic and technomancy exist. Their views and opinions of it vary and contain a different subject matter altogether, but that's work for another section.到2080年,每个人都知道魔法和超链的存在。他们对它的看法和意见各不相同,包含了完全不同的主题,但这是另一个节的工作。

剧透 -   : Using this column, you choose whether your character will have a Magic or Resonance attribute. Let’s look at the options and go over the parts of this step. There are five options in this column: full, aspected, adept, technomancer, and mundane.利用这一栏,你可以选择你的角色是否会有魔法或共鸣属性。让我们来看看选项,并介绍一下这一步的部分。这一栏有五个选项:全能法师、专精法师、修士、超链者和凡人。

剧透 -   : Mundane is only available at Priority E, so let’s cover that real quick. Choosing to be mundane means no access to Magic or Resonance. Simple as that. Your special attribute points will have to be spent elsewhere, but if you don’t want Magic or Resonance, this is probably the best use of Priority row E.凡人只有在优先级E才有,所以我们来快速介绍一下。选择凡人意味着不能使用魔法和共鸣。就这么简单。你的特殊属性点将不得不花在其他地方,但如果你不想要魔法或共鸣,这可能是优先行E的最佳利用。

剧透 -   : Each selection beyond that provides a base Resonance or Magic attribute between 1 and 5, generally differing based on the type of character you are building (aspected magicians get an extra point of Magic to compensate for their other limitations; see p. 159). These ratings can be increased using adjustment points from the Metatype column or using Karma in the Final Touches stage.除此之外的每个选择都提供了1到5之间的基础共鸣或魔法属性,一般根据你所创造的角色类型而不同(专精法师会得到额外的一点魔法,以弥补他们的其他限制;见第159页)。这些等级可以使用泛形态栏中的调整点或在最终调整阶段使用业力来增加。


剧透 -   : Astral, Athletics, Biotech, Close Combat, Con, Conjuring, Cracking, Electronics, Enchanting, Engineering, Exotic Weapons, Firearms, Influence, Outdoors, Perception, Piloting, Sorcery, Stealth, Tasking星界,运动,生物科技,近身格斗,唬骗,咒术,破解,电子学,附魔,工程学,异种武器,枪械,影响,户外,侦察,驾驶,巫术,隐匿,任务调度

剧透 -   : Full magicians gain access to the full range of magical abilities, spellcasting, summoning, and enchanting, as well as offering full access to the astral plane with both astral perception (p. 159) and astral projection (p. 160). During character creation, they get a number of spells or rituals equal to their Magic x 2—the rating used for that calculation is the Magic in the Priority table, not as altered with any points, Karma, or any other adjustments.全能法师可以获得全方位的魔法能力,施法、召唤和附魔,同时还可以通过星界侦察(第159页)和星界投影(第160页)完全进入星界位面。在角色创建过程中,他们获得的法术或仪式数量等于他们的魔法x 2——用于计算的等级是优先级表中的魔法,而不是随着任何点数、业力或任何其他调整而改变。

剧透 -   : Aspected magicians are only able to utilize one of the three aspects of magic: spellcasting (Sorcery), summoning (Conjuring), or enchanting (Enchanting).专精法师只能使用魔法的三个方面中的一个:施法(巫术)、召唤(咒术)或附魔(附魔)。

剧透 -   : They can access to the astral plane with astral perception and projection. Sorcerers select a number of free spells or rituals equal to their Magic x 2—as before, the rating used is the Magic in the Priority table, not as altered with any points, Karma, or adjustments.他们可以通过星界侦察和投影进入星界。专精法师选择一些相当于他们魔法×2的数量的自由法术或仪式,和之前一样,使用的等级是优先级表中的魔法,而不是用任何点数、业力或调整来改变的。

剧透 -   : Adepts focus all of their magic inward, fueling their talents with their innate ability to pull mana in rather than channel it outward. Due to this physical connection to their magic, they cannot astrally project and only gain the ability to astrally perceive through training. Adepts have a pool of points equal to their Magic (as listed in the Priority table, before any adjustments) that they use to purchase adept powers. For more information on adepts, see p. 156.修士们把所有魔法都集中在内部,他们用与生俱来的能力吸引法力来激发他们的天赋,而不是向外输送法力。由于这种与魔法的身体上的联系,他们不能进行星界投影,只能通过训练获得星界侦察的能力。修士有一个等同于他们的魔法的点数池(在任何调整之前,如优先级表中所列),他们用来购买修士异能。有关修士的更多信息,请参见第156页。

剧透 -   : Mystic adepts are a blend of inward and outward magic. They are capable of casting spells, summoning spirits, and enchanting items, but they also channel a portion of their magic inward to fuel adept talents. They are not able to astrally project due to the anchoring effect of their adept powers, but they can astrally perceive. They must split their Magic between spells and adept powers. They first purchase adept powers up to a maximum of their Magic attribute then multiply the remaining Magic by 2 to determine their starting number of spell choices. Again, this uses the Magic value in the Priority table, not as adjusted with Karma or adjustment points.神秘修士是内在和外在魔法的融合。他们能够施法、召唤精魂和附魔,但他们也会将一部分魔法向内引导,以激发高超的天赋。由于他们熟练的力量的锚定作用,他们不能星界投影,但他们可以星界侦察。他们必须在法术和熟练异能之间分配魔法。他们首先购买最大魔法属性的修士异能,然后将剩余的魔法乘以2来确定他们的起始法术选择数量。同样,这使用优先级表中的魔法值,而不是通过业力或调整点进行调整的。

剧透 -   : Technomancers have a special connection to the Matrix, which is measured in an attribute called Resonance. They have the ability to create programs and sprites on the fly along with the ability to manipulate the energies of the Matrix to bend it to their will. When they select their Resonance Priority, they also select a number of complex forms equal to Resonance x 2 (using the Resonance figure from the Priority table, not the number as adjusted).超链者与矩阵有一种特殊的联系,这种联系是通过一种名为共鸣的属性来衡量的。他们有能力在飞行中创造程序和网精,同时也有能力操纵矩阵的能量,使之屈从于他们的意愿。当他们选择共鸣优先级时,他们还选择了数量等于共鸣x 2的复合程式(使用优先级表中的共振数值,而不是调整后的数值)。


剧透 -   : This one is straightforward. The number in the column is the cash you have to buy those things you’re going to need to rule the shadows. This isn't your only chance to get money, but it's the biggest. If you need more cash, in the Finishing Touches section of this chapter you will find a place to spend a little more Karma for cash. The exchange rate is 2,000 nuyen per Karma, or 5,000 with the In Debt quality. The money will be spent on Gear; which is detailed in the Gear chapter (p. 244).这一节很简单。栏中的数字是那些你将需要购买的东西的售价,你将需要这些东西来统治暗影。这不是你获得金钱的唯一机会,但这是最大的机会。如果你需要更多的现金,在本章的结尾部分,你会找到一个地方可以花更多的业力来换取现金。汇率是业力2,000新円,或在负债特质下为5,000元。这笔钱将花在装备上;这在装备一章中有详细介绍(第244页)。



剧透 -   : This step can be done at any point after you’ve developed a little backstory and you know something about the character you’re going to bring to life. Look through the Qualities section (p. 70) and start a list of things you think fit your character concept. You can pick based on mechanics, but it might be more fun to design a concept, pick qualities that suit it, and see what happens!这一步可以在任何时候完成,只要你已经有了一个简单的背景故事,并且你对你要赋予生命的角色有了一些了解。看一看特质部分(第70页),开始列出你认为符合你角色概念的东西。你可以根据机制来选择,但设计一个概念,选择适合它的品质,然后看看会发生什么,可能会更有趣!

剧透 -   : Once you have the list, tally up the costs, positive and negative. The limit on qualities at character creation is this: You can't select more than six total qualities at character creation, and the net bonus Karma cannot be more than 20.有了清单之后,就把成本算出来,正面和负面的都算出来。角色创建时对特质的限制是这样的:你在创建角色时不能选择超过6种特质,并且净奖励的业力不能超过20。



剧透 -   : Every runner gets to wrap up their creation process with a little touch of reality. After the original points are spent, it's time to think about a little development. Each character receives 50 Karma to make a little move forward. The points are spent on skill or attribute advancement, as well as additional funds to get those last gear pieces you might have missed or an additional quality (though the limit of six qualities still applies). See Character Advancement (p. 68) for the price of buying these advances.每个狂奔者都可以在创作过程中总结一下自己的现实。最初的点数花完之后,就可以考虑一下发展了。每个角色都会获得50点业力,可以让自己一点点的前进。这些点数可用于技能或属性的提升,以及额外的资金来获得那些你可能遗漏的最后一件装备部件或额外的特质(不过六种特质的限制仍然适用)。购买这些提升的价格请参见角色提升(第68页)。

剧透 -   : Remember that you can spend Karma to buy cash for the next step at a rate of 2,000 nuyen per point of Karma, or 5,000 with the In Debt quality.



剧透 -   : By this point you should have a pool of nuyen, both from your Resources selection on the Priority Table and from any Karma you turned into cash. You can buy goods for your runner from the Gear chapter at the price listed in the book. Make sure you look at the Availability rating of any gear you buy; at character creation, you cannot purchase any illegal gear with a rating 7 or higher (see p. 244 for definitions of availability).到了这一步,你应该已经有了一个新円池,无论是从你在优先级表上选择的资源还是从你转化成现金的业力。你可以按书中列出的价格从装备一章为你的狂奔者购买物品。一定要查看你购买的任何装备的可获得性等级;在角色创建时,你不能购买任何等级为7或更高的非法装备(有关可获得性的定义,请参见第244页)。




剧透 -   : Contacts are a pivotal part of shadowrunning. Everyone knows a few folks they can reach out to for gear, a little support, or info. These individuals are controlled by the gamemaster and live their own lives while the runners are out shooting people in the face for money. When needed, you just pick a contact and tell the gamemaster you're reaching out.人脉是暗影狂奔的关键部分。每个人都认识一些人,他们可以联系他们,以获得一些装备、一些支持或信息。这些人由游戏主持人控制,过着自己的生活,而狂奔者则为了钱而朝人脸上开枪。当需要的时候,你只需要选择一个联系人,告诉游戏主持人你要联系他。

剧透 -   : Each contact has a pair of ratings: Connection and Loyalty. Connection usually determines the detail and level of info or rarity of the gear they can get, while Loyalty determines whether they're going to turn around and sell similar data on you, tip a gang off to a well-equipped runner team, or roll over when Knight Errant kicks down their door. The more loyal, the less likely they are to sell you out.每个联系人都有两个等级:人脉和忠诚度。人脉通常决定了他们能获得的信息的详细程度和级别,或者他们能得到的装备的稀缺性,而忠诚度决定了他们是会转身出售关于你的类似数据,或是向装备精良的狂奔者团队告密,还是在游侠骑士踢开他们的门时背叛。越忠诚,他们越不可能出卖你。

剧透 -   : During the game you gain contacts through jobs and interactions with the citizens of the Sixth World. During character creation, you have a total of Charisma x 6 points to spend on Connection and Loyalty ratings for your contacts, and at this point, neither rating can be higher than the character's Charisma.在游戏中,你可以通过工作和与第六世界公民的互动来获得人脉。在创建角色的过程中,你总共有魅力x 6点可以花在联系人的人脉和忠诚度等级上,在这一点上,这两个等级都不能高于角色的魅力。


剧透 -   : The things you know shape who you are一 maybe you're a pop-culture expert, or elven wine aficionado, or an expert on unsolved math equations. Knowledge skills add depth and options to your character. Characters get a certain number of free Knowledge and Language skills at character creation (for more information on these skills, see p. 97) equal to their Logic, plus one free Native Language. Characters can buy additional levels of Language skills as if it were an additional Knowledge skill, but only one Native-level Language skill is allowed.你所知道的事情塑造了你的身份——也许你是一个流行文化专家,或者是精灵葡萄酒爱好者,或者是一个未解开的数学方程式的专家。知识技能为你的角色增加了深度和选择。在创建角色时,角色会获得一定数量的免费知识和语言技能(关于这些技能的更多信息,请参见第97页),这些技能的数量相当于他们的逻辑,另外还有一个免费的母语。角色可以像购买额外的知识技能一样购买额外等级的语言技能,但只允许购买一个母语级的语言技能。


剧透 -   : Once you’ve made all the purchases and adjustments, there are a few calculations to make to get your character polished up. Here they are!一旦你完成了所有的购买和调整,就需要做一些计算来完善你的角色。他们来了!


剧透 -   : In combat, the Attack Rating is a measure of the accuracy, efficiency, and basic smoothness of the attack. Usually, it comes from a weapon, but sometimes you‘re attacking with your bare hands, so you need an Attack Rating. It's Reaction + Strength at the Close range, with no rating at the other ranges (see Attack Rating/Range, p. 108). Some qualities and gear may affect this.在战斗中,攻击等级是衡量攻击的准确性、效率和基本平稳性的指标。通常情况下,它来自武器,但有时你是徒手攻击,所以你需要攻击等级。在近距离的时候是反应+力量,其他射程没有等级(见攻击等级/射程,第108页)。一些特质和装备可能会影响这一点。


剧透 -   : Defense Rating is a measure of how well prepared you are to take a blow, or to encourage it to miss you. It is used in virtually all combat situations. To generate it, add your Armor rating to Body. Some qualities and gear may affect this.防御等级是衡量你对遭受打击的准备程度,或鼓励你闪过它。它几乎用于所有的战斗情况。要生成它,将你的护甲等级加到体质上。一些特质和装备可能会影响这一点。


剧透 -   : Initiative is used to determine who goes first in combat. Add your Reaction + Intuition for your base, then write how many Initiative Dice you have. You start with a default of 1; this may be increased by augmentations. It looks like this when written: 9 + 1D6主动性是用来决定谁在战斗中先行动。在你的基础上加上你的反应+直觉,然后写上你有多少主动性骰子。你的默认值是1;这个值可以通过强化来增加。它写成这样:9 + 1D6


剧透 -   : Most tests in Shadowrun are a combination of skill + attribute, but there are a few fixed attribute-only tests that come up often enough that characters should make a note of them so they’re ready to be used.暗影狂奔中的大部分检定都是技能+属性的组合,但是有几个固定属性检定是经常出现的,角色应该记下来,以便随时使用。


剧透 -   : When the stress is running hot, the gamemas¬ter can call for a test to see if you keep your cool. The gamemaster sets the threshold, and the player makes the roll to see if they stay engaged or start freaking out. Note that repeated exposure to certain types of situations reduces the need for Composure tests in those situations.当压力很大时,游戏主持人可以要求检定一下你是否保持冷静。游戏主持人设定阈值,玩家进行投掷,看他们是保持投入还是开始发狂。请注意,反复暴露在某些类型的情况下,会降低在这些情况下进行沉着检定的必要。


剧透 -   : Sometimes you just need a roll to get a read on someone. The Judge Intentions test is just that. Once you've had enough time to get a read on someone (as judged by the gamemaster), you can make a roll to help fill in your basic attitude and feelings toward the target. Just remember that a good part of Mr. Johnson's training is dedicated to getting you to trust them when you shouldn't.有时候你只需要一个投掷就能读懂一个人。察言观色检定就是这样。一旦你有足够的时间去读懂一个人(由游戏主持人判断),你可以做一个投掷来帮助填写你对目标的基本态度和感觉。只需记住,约翰逊先生的训练有很大一部分是致力于让你在不该相信他们的时候相信他们。


剧透 -   : Most of us don't remember our lives with one hundred percent clarity. We're influenced by the mood at the time we formed a memory, the current mood, the presence or absence of memorable stimuli, or even slight oddities in the details. Then you have the tricks our mind plays in distorting memories to make us the heroes of our own story, and things get really weird. When it's time to make a withdrawal from the memory bank, the game master sets a threshold based on the age and complexity of the information, and you can roll to determine whether or not you recall the information you want. It may be about remembering a face, recalling a critical piece of information, pulling up a detail from the past that will help you understand what's happening in front of you right now, or some other mental feat.我们中的大多数人都不能百分之百清晰地记得我们的生活。我们会受到形成记忆时的情绪、当前的情绪、有没有难忘的刺激,甚至是细节上的细微怪异的影响。然后你会发现我们的大脑在扭曲记忆,让我们成为自己故事中的英雄,事情就会变得非常奇怪。当需要从记忆库中提取信息时,游戏主持人会根据信息的年龄和复杂程度设置一个阈值,然后你可以投掷以确定是否能回忆起你想要的信息。这可能是关于记住一张脸,回忆起一条关键的信息,从过去提取一个细节来帮助你理解现在发生在你面前的事情,或者其他一些脑力上的壮举。


剧透 -   : As any professional powerlifter or crossfit champ will tell you, it's not all in the muscles. You need the will to persevere in order to pull that little extra bit for the big efforts. Whether it's pulling a comrade out of danger or flipping a car to cover your getaway this is going to be the roll when there's a question on whether or not it can be done. Characters can lift [(Strength x Strength) x 10] kilograms naturally; if they need to raise the weight over their head, the multiplier drops to 5. Making a Lift/Carry test increases your effective Strength by 1 per net hit. It also does 1 Stun damage, resisted by Body. The damage increase by +1 each combat round you continue holding or carrying the weight.正如任何专业的力量举重运动员或健身冠军都会告诉你的那样,这并不全在肌肉上。你需要坚持不懈的意志,才能为大的努力多花一点力气。无论是把占有从危险中拉出来,还是掀翻汽车掩护你的逃生,这都将是在能否完成的问题上的关键。角色可以自然举起[(力量x力量)x 10]公斤;如果他们需要将重量举过头顶,倍数降至5。进行举重/负重检定时,每一点净成功增加你的有效力量1。它还造成1点晕眩伤害,由身体抵抗。你继续举着或扛着重物的每个战斗回合,伤害增加+1。


剧透 -   : Do you have any cash left over from character creation? Great. That's your starting nuyen. If it's more than 5,000 nuyen, then go back and buy something else (including buying a Lifestyle), because you can't go into the game with more than that. If it's less, then plunge ahead and get ready to earn some more!你有创建角色后剩下的钱吗?很好。这是你的起始新円。如果超过了5000新円,那就回去买别的东西(包括购买生活方式),因为你不能带着更多的钱进入游戏。如果少了,那就勇往直前,准备赚更多的钱吧!


剧透 -   : Characters use Karma they earn on runs (as well as bonus Karma gained in the character creation process) to increase their various abilities. The costs for advancements in all categories are outlined in the Advancement Costs table, along with suggested training times. The time it takes to raise any given ability is truly only suggested—the actual time used is up to the gamemaster, with times best fitting the story they want to tell, but we offer the listed times to create a general consensus. During those periods of time, it is expected that the runner is spending at least four hours each day dedicated to their efforts. Given eight hours for sleep and four hours for miscellaneous life activities, that leaves twelve hours, and therefore three different advancements that can be worked on simultaneously.角色使用他们在狂奔中获得的业力(以及在创建角色过程中获得的奖励业力)来增加他们的各种能力。各类能力的提升费用在提升费用表中列出,还有建议的训练时间。提升任何特定能力所需的时间确实只是建议——实际使用的时间由游戏主持人决定,时间最适合他们想要讲述的故事,但我们提供列出的时间是为了创造一个普遍共识。在这些时间段内,预计狂奔者们每天至少要花四个小时的时间来努力。考虑到8个小时的睡眠时间和4个小时的生活杂事,那么就剩下12个小时,因此可以同时进行三种不同的提升工作。


剧透 -   : Whether physical or mental, attributes are increased with exercise. It may look like gym time or a rigorous series of Matrix puzzles, but each attribute needs to be worked on to make it better. Spend 5 Karma x new level to advance. This needs to be done for each rank of advancement, so if you want to change an attribute from 4 to 6, you need to pay 25 Karma for rank 5 (5 x 5) and 30 Karma for rank 6 (6 x 5), for a total of 55 Karma. See the Attribute and Skill Advancement table for the costs to rise from one rank to another.不管是身体还是精神,属性都会随着锻炼而增加。看似是健身时间或者是一系列严谨的矩阵谜题,但每一项属性都需要经过锻炼才能使其变得更好。花费5个业力×新等级来提升。每升一级都需要这样做,所以如果你想把一个属性从4级改为6级,你需要为5级支付25业力(5×5),为6级支付30业力(6×5),总共55业力。从一个等级升到另一个等级的费用请看属性和技能提升表。


剧透 -   : Any active skill requires training. This can be range time, dojo time, shop time, driving time, lodge or circle time, or a myriad of other times. You just need to put in the time and effort to see the results and improvements you want. Due to these space and training needs, the gamemaster may also put a price tag on the work to represent range memberships, space rental, or other incidental costs. Fifty nuyen per month is a good base, but gamemasters can adjust according to their campaign, and characters can mitigate those costs by getting help from teammates or contacts.任何主动技能都需要时间训练。这可以是里程时间,道场时间,商店时间,驾驶时间,住宿时间或俱乐部时间,或无数的其他时间。你只需要付出时间和努力,就能看到你想要的结果和进步。由于这些场地和训练的需要,游戏主持人也可能会给工作贴上一个价格标签,以代表俱乐部会员费、场地租金或其他附带费用。每月50新円是一个很好的基数,但游戏主持人可以根据自己的战役进行调整,角色可以通过从队友或人脉中获得帮助来减轻这些费用。

剧透 -   : You have to spend 5 Karma x new rank to advance. This needs to be done for each rank of advancement, so if you want to change a skill from 4 to 6, you need to pay 25 Karma for rank 5 (5 x 5) and 30 Karma for rank 6 (6 x 5), for a total of 55 Karma. See the Attribute and Skill Advancement table for the costs to rise from one rank to another.你必须花费5业力×新等级才能提升。每升一级都需要这样做,所以如果你想把一个技能从4级改为6级,你需要为5级花费25业力(5×5),为6级花费30业力(6×5),总共55业力。从一个等级升到另一个等级的费用请看属性和技能提升表。


剧透 -   : Through study, schooling, Matrix courses, or just sitting down in a library on a daily basis, you learn. Gaining Knowledge skills requires study. The one-month timeframe assumes concerted study, as described earlier in this section. Trying to learn on the fly, fitting in study when the character has time, makes the time frame 3 months. New Knowledge skills cost 3 Karma.通过学习、学校教育、矩阵课程,或者只是每天坐在图书馆里,你就会学到东西。获取知识技能需要学习。如本节前面所述,1个月的时长假设进行协调一致的学习。试着在旅途中学习,在角色有时间的时候配合学习,时长是3个月。新的知识技能需要花费3业力。


剧透 -   : Like active skills, specializations and expertise (p. 92) take time to learn. While a specialization can be learned for any skill, there are two prerequisites for an expertise: first, you need to have a specialization in that area; and second, your related skill rank needs to be at least 5. This means that the months spent gaining a specialization and expertise are concerted training on top of the education and skill you already have. You cannot gain an additional specialization in a skill until you have converted the first one into an expertise, and the most you can ever have in a skill is one specialization and one expertise. Specializations and expertise both cost 5 Karma.


剧透 -   : Qualities can be obtained in two ways after character creation; they can be purchased, or they can be earned.角色创建后可以通过两种方式获得资质;可以购买,也可以赢得。


剧透 -   : Purchasing a positive quality requires spending twice the normal Karma cost. New negative qualities cannot be “purchased” in an effort to get more Karma after character creation, but negative qualities the character already has can be eliminated by paying twice the base Karma bonus.购买一个正面特质需要花费两倍于正常的业力费用。在角色创建后,不能为了获得更多的业力而 "购买 "新的负面特质,但可以通过支付两倍的基础业力奖励来消除角色已经拥有的负面品质。


剧透 -   : Both positive and negative qualities may be earned through role-playing. Maybe a character makes several wildly successful juryrigging tests in a row, so the game master feels they have earned the Juryrigger quality. Or maybe the character has taken an orphaned child under their wing, earning them the Dependents quality. Gamemaster discretion holds sway here, but gamemasters should be careful to assign qualities that make game play more fun for everyone involved—loading a character with too many free positive qualities can make one character too overpowered so that the other players have less fun, while saddling a character withnegative qualities too easily can be frustrating for them. Work to provide a balance of challenge and fun.正面和负面特质都可以通过角色扮演获得。也许一个角色连续做了几次非常成功的陪察言观色检定,所以游戏主持人觉得他们获得了应急机师特质。又或者这个角色将一个孤儿收留在自己的羽翼下,从而获得了挚爱亲朋特质。游戏主持人的自由裁量权在这里占了主导,但游戏主持人应该谨慎地分配让每个人都能享受游戏乐趣的品质——给一个角色赋予太多免费的正面特质会让一个角色太过强大,从而让其他玩家少了乐趣,而太过轻易地给一个角色背负负面特质会让他们感到沮丧。努力在挑战和乐趣之间取得平衡。


剧透 -   : Learning a new spell requires a spell formula,which generally can be purchased from a talismonger. You also need access to a magical lodge (see p.129), some time to study and practice the intricacies of the casting, and a final ritual to lock the spell into the spellcaster's aura. After about a week of study, (see p.131), the spell is ingrained into the spellcaster's mind well enough they'll never forget it, while the ritual creates the bond needed to pull the energies of that spell from the astral plane. The spell costs 5 Karma.学习一个新的法术需要一个法术公式,通常可以从奇物贩子那里买到。你还需要进入一个魔法帐篷(见第129页),花一些时间学习和练习复杂的施法,以及将法术锁定在施法者的灵光中的最后仪式。经过大约一周的学习(见第131页),这个法术已经深深地根植在施法者的脑海中,他们永远不会忘记它,而仪式则创造了将该法术的能量从星界位面抽取出来所需的纽带。法术耗费5个业力。


剧透 -   : Learning new technomancer complex forms has not yet become mainstream. In order to learn a new complex form, you need access to the base code, a host to work on, and the time to get the intricacies of the formation down. Once the process is started in a host, it needs to be completed in that same host. At the end of the week, the base code is absorbed into the Resonance of the technomancer, becoming a part of what they do in the Matrix. New complex forms cost 5 Karma.学习新的超链者复合程式还没有成为主流。为了学习一种新的复合程式,您需要获得基本代码、用来工作的主机以及了解复合程式的时间。在主机中启动该程序后,需要在同一主机中完成该程序。在一周结束时,基本代码被吸收到超链者的共鸣中,成为他们在矩阵中所做工作的一部分。新的复合程式需要5业力。


剧透 -   : While vastly different in appearance within the Sixth World, the processes of initiation and submersion both require intense time and effort. The details of each are located in their respective chapters along with the advantages and other abilities gained through the process. For purposes of Karma and time, characters start at Level 0 and grow from there. Initiation costs 10 Karma + the initiation/submersion level.虽然第六世界内部的外观有很大的不同,但启蒙和深潜的过程都需要花费大量的时间和精力。每一项的详细内容都在各自的章节中,以及通过这一过程获得的优势和其他能力。出于业力和时间的目的,人物从0级开始并从那里成长。启蒙费用为10业力+启蒙/深潜等级。

A   Dwarf, Ork, Troll (13)   24   32   Full: 4 Magic, Aspected: 5 Magic, Mystic Adept:4 Magic, Adept: 4 Magic,Technomancer: 4 Resonance   450,000¥
B   Dwarf, Elf, Ork, Troll (11)   16   24   Full: 3 Magic, Aspected: 4 Magic, Mystic Adept:3 Magic, Adept: 3 Magic,Technomancer: 3 Resonance   275,000¥
C   Dwarf, Elf, Human, Ork, Troll (9)   12   20   Full: 2 Magic, Aspected: 3 Magic, Mystic Adept: 2 Magic, Adept: 2 Magic,Technomancer: 2 Resonance   150,000¥
D   Dwarf, Elf, Human, Ork, Troll (4)   8   16   Full: 1 Magic, Aspected: 2 Magic, Mystic Adept: 1 Magic, Adept: 1 Magic,Technomancer: 1 Resonance   50,000¥
E   Dwarf, Elf, Human, Ork, Troll (1)   2   10   Mundane   8,000¥
优先级   泛形态(调整点)   属性   技能   魔法/共鸣   资源
A   矮人,兽人,巨魔(13)   24   32   全能法师:4魔法,专精法师:5魔法,神秘修士:4魔法,修士:4魔法,超链者:4共鸣   450,000¥
B   矮人,精灵,兽人,巨魔(11)   16   24   全能法师:3魔法,专精法师:4魔法,神秘修士:3魔法,修士:3魔法,超链者:3共鸣   275,000¥
C   矮人,精灵,人类,兽人,巨魔(9)   12   20   全能法师:2魔法,专精法师:3魔法,神秘修士:2魔法,修士:2魔法,超链者:2共鸣   150,000¥
D   矮人,精灵,人类,兽人,巨魔(4)   8   16   全能法师:1魔法,专精法师:2魔法,神秘修士:1魔法,修士:1魔法,超链者:1共鸣   50,000¥
E   矮人,精灵,人类,兽人,巨魔(1)   2   10   凡人   8,000¥

Metatype   Body   Agility   Reaction   Strength   Willpower   Logic   Intuition   Charisma   Edge
Human   1-6   1-6   1-6   1-6   1-6   1-6   1-6   1-6   1-7
Racial Qualities:None
Dwarf   1-7   1-6   1-5   1-8   1-7   1-6   1-6   1-6   1-6
Racial Qualities:Toxin Resistance, Thermographic Vision
Elf   1-6   1-7   1-6   1-6   1-6   1-6   1-6   1-8   1-6
Racial Qualities:Low-light Vision
ork   1-8   1-6   1-6   1-8   1-6   1-6   1-6   1-5   1-6
Racial Qualities:Low-light Vision, Built Tough 1
Troll   1-9   1-5   1-6   1-9   1-6   1-6   1-6   1-5   1-6
Racial Qualities: Dermal Deposits, Thermographic Vision, Built Tough 2

泛型态   体质   敏捷   反应   力量   意志   逻辑   直觉   魅力   极限
人类   1-6   1-6   1-6   1-6   1-6   1-6   1-6   1-6   1-7
矮人   1-7   1-6   1-5   1-8   1-7   1-6   1-6   1-6   1-6
精灵   1-6   1-7   1-6   1-6   1-6   1-6   1-6   1-8   1-6
兽人   1-8   1-6   1-6   1-8   1-6   1-6   1-6   1-5   1-6
种族特质:弱光视觉,坚韧 1
巨魔   1-9   1-5   1-6   1-9   1-6   1-6   1-6   1-5   1-6
种族特质:钙化皮肤,热感视觉,坚韧 2

Active skills   5 x new rank   (new rank) months
Specializations   5   1 month
Expertise   5   2 months
Attributes   5 x new rank   (new rank x 2) months
Knowledge skills   3   1 month
Purchase positive quality   2 x normal cost   1 week
Eliminate negative quality   2 x normal cost   1 week
New spell   5 per spell   1 week
New complex form   5 per form   1 week
Initiation   10 + Initiate Grade   (Grade +1) months
Submersion   10 + Submersion Level   (Level +1) weeks
类型   业力花费   训练时间
主动技能   5x新等级   (新等级)月
专精   5   1月
精通   5   2月
属性   5x新等级   (新等级x2)月
知识技能   3   1月
购买正面特质   2x正常花费   1周
新法术   5每法术   1周
新复合程式   5每程式   1周
启蒙   10+启蒙阶级   (启蒙阶级+1)月
深潜   10+深潜等级   (深潜等级+1)周

Desired Rank
Current Rank   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10
0   5   15   30   50   75   105   140   180   225   275
1   —   10   25   45   70   100   135   175   220   270
2   —   —   15   35   60   90   125   165   210   260
3   —   —   —   20   45   75   110   150   195   245
4   —   —   —   —   25   55   90   130   175   225
5   —   —   —   —   —   30   65   105   150   200
6   —   —   —   —   —   —   35   75   120   170
7   —   —   —   —   —   —   —   40   85   135
8   —   —   —   —   —   —   —   —   45   95
9   —   —   —   —   —   —   —   —   —   50
当前等级   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10
0   5   15   30   50   75   105   140   180   225   275
1   —   10   25   45   70   100   135   175   220   270
2   —   —   15   35   60   90   125   165   210   260
3   —   —   —   20   45   75   110   150   195   245
4   —   —   —   —   25   55   90   130   175   225
5   —   —   —   —   —   30   65   105   150   200
6   —   —   —   —   —   —   35   75   120   170
7   —   —   —   —   —   —   —   40   85   135
8   —   —   —   —   —   —   —   —   45   95
9   —   —   —   —   —   —   —   —   —   50


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