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法术 Spells
剧透 -   : When people think of magic, they tend to think of spells first. Spells are the process that makes magic happen, the channeling of magic into an effect that stops the world in its tracks— or keeps you from being noticed at all. This is how they work.

学习法术 Learning Spells
剧透 -   : New spells, rituals, or alchemical preparations can be learned by studying spell formulae or finding some mentor (either a spirit or another Awakened individual) to teach you. Some magicians may be lucky enough to have a library of collected scrolls and grimoires passed down from previous generations. They also could have an Awakened family member teach them a new spell. For the rest of the Awakened, there are online communities such as SpellSource and Magicknet that hold collections of formulae submitted from various traditions. These networks are generally supported by one or more corporations, meaning that in order to use it, you’ll need have a legal SIN and a license to practice magic. Or good fakes. Established magicians sometimes work in the grey area of teaching unlicensed magicians, picking up a little extra nuyen by passing on knowledge to someone not quite as experienced.如果你想要独自学习,你可以购买法术公式(价格写在了魔法商品面板,p.168)。如果你想要一个活生生的老师,他们通常会收取{影响技能×公式消耗}新円——有些昂贵,但确实对得起你花的每一个子。不管是哪种办法,你都需要一个你流派的魔法帐篷。(见P.127)
剧透 -   : If you want to learn alone, you can buy a spell formula (prices on the Magical Goods table, p. 168). If you want a living, breathing teacher, they usually charge around (Influence skill x formula cost) nuyen—expensive, but usually worth every bit of the jing you spend. Either way, you’ll need a magical lodge of your own tradition (see p. 127).一旦你搞定了魔法帐篷以及一个公式或者一个老师让你学习你想学习的法术,你就已经做好学习法术的准备了。做一个学习检定,(巫术/附魔,取决于公式的种类)+直觉。你需要学习的时间为{12/检定中的成功数}天。如果你有一个老师,他或她能做一个指导检定(p.96)来给你的学习检定加入额外的骰子。在学习的最后阶段,花费5点业力来学会法术,仪式,或者炼金制剂。
剧透 -   : Once you have access to a magical lodge and either a formula or a teacher for the spell you want, you’re ready to try to learn the spell. Make a Learning test, which is a (Sorcery or Enchanting, depending on the type of formula) + Intuition test. The time you need to learn the spell is equal to twelve days divided by the number of hits you get. If you have a teacher, they can make an Instruction test (p. 96) to add extra dice to your Learning test. At the end of the study time, spend 5 Karma to learn the formula for the spell, ritual, or alchemical preparation.所有的伤害减值、维持法术的分神、恶劣的坏境等等造成的减值都会应用在这上面。如果你的法术公式或者老师和你不属于同一流派,你的学习检定会承受-4骰池罚值。
剧透 -   : All injury modifiers apply, as do distractions from sustaining spells, poor conditions, and so forth. If your formula or teacher is of a different tradition than you, you take a –4 penalty to the Learning test.在学习法术的时候,你每天必须消耗8小时来学习法术,否则你的学习就会失败,而且必须从头开始。如果你在学习检定中没有得到成功,你就失败了。如果你的学习最终失败了,将没有业力被消耗,但你在学习指导上花的钱都将付诸东流。
剧透 -   : While learning the spell, you must devote eight hours of each day to learning the spell, otherwise you fail and must start all over. If you get no hits on the Learning Test, you fail. If you do end up failing, no Karma is spent, but any money you spent on instruction is gone.

施放法术 Casting Spells
剧透 -   : Casting a spell has three primary steps (note that Combat spells add a step before these three):
1. Adjust the spell;
2. Roll a Spellcasting test (Sorcery + Magic); and
3. Deal with drain.
调整法术 Adjust the spell

剧透 -   : Amp Up: This is for Combat spells only. For each point of base damage the caster wants to add to a Combat spell, increase the drain of that casting by 2.
Increase Area: Area-effect spells have a base effect of a sphere with a two-meter radius. For each increase of 2 meters in the radius of the area of effect, increase the drain of the casting by 1. 扩大范围:范围法术的基础效果是一个半径为2米的球形。法术范围半径每扩大2米,增加1点施放法术的耗竭。
剧透 -   : Increase Area: Area-effect spells have a base effect of a sphere with a two-meter radius. For each increase of 2 meters in the radius of the area of effect, increase the drain of the casting by 1. 变换范围:只可用于特定的范围法术。施法者可以将维持法术的作用范围变换到另一个其施法距离内的范围。可以变换范围的法术都会在其法术描述中注明。这需要一个次要动作,可以在任何时刻进行。变换范围不会造成耗竭。
剧透 -   : Shift Area: This can only be done with certain area-effect spells. The caster can shift the area a sustained spell is affecting to another area within spell range. Spells that can have the area shifted are noted in the spell description. This requires a Minor Action and can be done any time. It does not cause drain.
投掷施法检定 Roll the Spellcasting test

剧透 -   : The Spellcasting test is Sorcery + Magic; the number of hits needed and/or the opposed roll are described in the Spell Descriptions (p. 131).处理耗竭 Deal with drain


剧透 -   : Each spell has a Drain Value, which may be increased by any adjustments the caster makes. The caster rolls Willpower + their tradition attribute— Logic for hermetic mages, Charisma for shamans—and compares the hits to the Drain Value of the cast spell. If the hits are equal to or greater than the Drain Value, the drain has no effect. If the Drain Value is higher than the hits, the caster experiences Stun damage equal to the difference between hits and Drain Value. If the damage after the resistance test is higher than the caster’s Magic, the damage becomes Physical. Drain damage cannot be healed by magic or medkits.

法术描述Spell Descriptions
剧透 -   : Shadowrun spells have the following elements:类别:暗影狂奔中的法术被分为以下五个类别:战斗,侦测,生命,幻象,操纵。法术是按其类别列出的,因为相同类别的法术具有某种共同特性。
剧透 -   : Category: Spells in Shadowrun are divided into five categories: Combat, Detection, Health, Illusion, and Manipulation. Spells are listed according to their category, since there are commonalities throughout the category.距离:接触(Touch)表示需要接触目标以使法术生效(如果接触一个非自愿目标,需要进行一个徒手近身格斗攻击,此次攻击中目标的防御等级需减去他们的护甲等级);LOS(视线)表示需要施法者到目标的物理视线(光学透镜如双筒望远镜可被视为物理视线;魔法效果和数字化影像如热感护目镜不被视为物理视线);LOS(A)表示该法术具有视线距离,同时也有范围效果,从半径为2米的球形范围起;特殊意味着其法术距离在法术内说明。
剧透 -   : Range: This is either Touch, meaning the target needs to be touched in order for the spell to take effect (when touching an unwilling target, make an unarmed Close Combat attack, and subtract the target’s Armor rating from their Defense Rating for this attack); LOS, meaning the caster needs a physical sight line to the target (optical lenses such as binoculars count as physical line of sight; magical effects and digitized images such as thermographic goggles do not); LOS(A) means the spell has a line of sight range and also has an area effect, which starts at a two-meter-radius sphere; Special means the range is defined in the write-up of the spell.持续:这描述了该法术效果持续时间。即时法术(I)说明会产生效果,然后马上消失;持续法术(S)说明只要施法者维持法术运行法术效果会一直持续下去(停止一个持续的法术无需任何动作;法师只是简单地停止维持法术);时限法术(L)说明该法术有一个设定的时间终止点,超过时间终止点法术就无法继续维持下去,但如果需要的话它可以提前停止(时限法术应用维持法术的标准罚值);永久法术(P)说明其效果不会消散,无需施法者付出任何努力或者专注于此,其效果就能保持原样——该法术已经成为了世界的一部分。
剧透 -   : Duration: This describes how long the spell lasts. It is usually Instantaneous (I), meaning it takes effect and then immediately dissipates; Sustained (S), meaning the effect lasts as long as the caster keeps it in operation (dropping a sustained spell requires no use of an action; the magician simply stops holding it); Limited (L) means the spell has a set endpoint that the spell cannot be sustained beyond, but it can be dropped earlier than that if desired (the standard penalties for Sustained spells apply); and Permanent (P), meaning the effect does not dissipate and stays in place without any effort or focus on the part of the caster—the spell becomes a full part of the world.类型:可以是法力法术(M)或者是物理法术(P)。法力法术只与星界位面互动。它们会影响活物,因为活物拥有星界成分,但是法力法术对非活物和非星界实体不起作用。物理法术只影响物理领域。
剧透 -   : Type: This is either M (for mana) or P (for physical). Mana spells interact solely with the astral plane; they may affect living beings, as living beings have an astral component, but they have no effect on nonliving, non-astral entities. Physical spells only affect the physical realm.耗竭值(DV):这是施法者必须抵抗的基础数值以避免承受耗竭。如果施法者使用增强或者扩大范围来调整法术,耗竭值会增加。
剧透 -   : Drain Value (DV): This is the base value that casters must resist to avoid experiencing drain. It can be increased if casters use Amp Up or Increase Area to adjust their spells.这些是每个法术都有的特征;每个类别的法术都会增加其它特征,这些特征都会在每个类别的标题下说明。
剧透 -   : These are characteristics of every spell; each category may add other characteristics, which are described under each category’s heading.
--- 引用 ---维持的代价 sustained costs
剧透 -   : Magic is wearying and requires concentration, so if you are trying to keep a spell running while doing other things, there will be a price to pay due to the concentration and energy spent maintaining the spell. Whenever a spellcaster is sustaining a spell, they take a –2 dice pool penalty to any action test for each spell they sustain.

--- 引用结尾 ---

边栏——间接施法Indirect  Spellcasting
卡斯漫游马(Cass Wandering Horse)已经表现得尽可能好了,但谈判还是破裂了,是时候爆一个火球术了。该让这些蠢货学点教训。
剧透 -   : Cass Wandering Horse has played nice as long as he can, but negotiations have broken down, and it’s time to break out a fireball. Suckers gotta learn somehow.主动性轮到卡斯行动了,他决定了火球的方向。有两个保安组成一队,另外两个保安离的很近,还有一个在不远处。一个2米半径的爆炸能炸到每个队伍的两个人,但是卡斯认为如果他使用一个增加范围效果他能攻击到第三个,所以他就这么做了。他决定不增加这个法术的伤害因为那还会再增加法术的耗竭值。他不想因为一个火球术就把自己毁了。
剧透 -   : When it comes to Cass’ spot in initiative, he decides where the fireball is going to go. There are two security guards in one group, and two others close to each other with a third hanging not too far away. A two-meter- radius blast would get either group of two, but Cass figures he can hit a third if he adds an Increase Area effect, so he does. Since that adds one more to the Drain Value, he decides against increasing the damage on this spell. He doesn’t want a single fireball to wipe him out.选好目标后,卡斯首先看他自己的攻击等级(Attack Rating)。他是一个魔法6魅力5的萨满,所以他的攻击等级是11。他所攻击的队伍成员中防御等级(Defense Rating)最高的是8,所以他不获得任何极限。是时候掷骰子啦!
剧透 -   : With the targets selected, Cass first looks at his Attack Rating. He’s a shaman with Magic 6 and Charisma 5, so his Attack Rating when casting spells is 11. The highest Defense Rating in the group he has targeted is 8; the difference is 3, so no Edge is awarded. Time to roll dice!卡斯投骰巫术5+魔法6,总计11个骰子,他获得了5成功。主持人(gamemaster)为三个防御者掷了一次骰子,而他们获得了3成功。卡斯能攻击他们三个。
剧透 -   : Cass rolls Sorcery 5 + Magic 6, and those 11 dice give him a solid 5 hits. The gamemaster makes one roll for all three defenders, and they get 3 hits. Cass has hit all three.基础伤害是卡斯的魔法除以2,以及火球术造成的是物理伤害,所以安保们面临的是3P伤害。卡斯获得了2点净成功,所以伤害增加到5P。安保投骰他们的体质(Body rating),有3个骰子,获得了2成功。这意味着他们每个人要收到3P伤害。
剧透 -   : The base damage is Cass’ Magic divided by two, and a Fireball does Physical damage, so that’s 3P coming in on the guards. He got 2 net hits, so the damage is increased to 5P. The guards roll their Body rating, which is 3, and get 2 hits. That means they each take 3P damage.火球术给每个受到伤害的目标等同于净成功数的燃烧状态,所以三个安保获得了燃烧2状态(Burning 2 status)。如果他们不把火扑灭,这个状态会造成更多上好。
剧透 -   : Fireball gives each damaged target the Burning status with a value equal to net hits, so the three guards get the Burning 2 status. If they don’t put the fires out, the status will do more damage.现在是卡斯偿还施放火球术的代价的时间了。火球术的基础耗竭值(Drain Value)是6,扩大范围效果把它増到了7。卡斯有魅力5和意志5,所以他投掷10个骰子。只获得了3个成功,他由此承受4点眩晕伤害,这让他非常疼痛。他花了2点极限来重骰,结果投出了1个成功,让他的成功总计为4,而这让他所需承受的伤害下降为3。这很痛,但是对手身上的火焰会让他们伤得更重。
剧透 -   : Now it’s time for Cass to pay the price of casting the Fireball. The base Drain Value is 6, and the Increase Area effect bumps it to 7. Cass has Charisma 5 and Willpower 5, so he rolls 10 dice. With only 3 hits, he is in position to take 4 Stun damage, and that feels painful to him. He spends 2 Edge to get a reroll, and it comes up a hit, bringing his total to 4, and the damage he has to take down to 3. That hurts, but the fire smoldering on his opponents will make them hurt worse.

战斗法术Combat Spells
剧透 -   : Simply put, Combat spells bring the pain. They’re what you cast to make enemies scared, unconscious, or dead.战斗会在施放法术的第一步之后增加一个步骤,这个步骤应该是在选择完目标之后。一旦选择完目标后,比较攻击等级和防御等级以让其中的任意一方获得极限。在有多个目标的情况下,使用其中最高的防御等级以决定是否获得极限。施法者的攻击等级构成是魔法+TA的流派属性;防御等级如常,这取决于防御者在物质位面(material plane)还是在星界位面(astral plane)。(见P.161)
剧透 -   : Combat spells add a step after the first spellcasting step, something that should happen after targets have been selected. Once the targets are known, compare the Attack Rating and Defense Rating to see if either side gains Edge. In the case of multiple targets, use the highest Defense Rating to determine if Edge is awarded. A caster’s Attack Rating is Magic + their tradition attribute; Defense Ratings are as normal, depending on if the defender is on the material plane or astral plane (see p. 161).战斗法术有两种基本类型:直接(Direct)和间接(Indirect)。
剧透 -   : There are two essential kinds of Combat spells: Direct and Indirect.直接战斗法术 Direct Combat Spells
直接战斗法术是你塑造法力直接打击对手——魔法即是伤害。当你施放直接战斗法术时,投骰巫术+魔法对抗目标的意志+直觉。伤害为你所获得的净成功数加上角色所选择的增强(Amp Up)伤害数。直接战斗法术所造成的伤害不会被抵抗。
剧透 -   : Direct Combat spells are when you shape mana in a way that it directly pummels the opposition—the magic is the damage. When you cast a Direct Combat spell, roll Sorcery + Magic opposed by the Willpower + Intuition of the target. Net hits become damage and are added to any Amp Up damage the character chose. Damage from Direct Combat spells is not resisted.间接战斗法术   Indirect Combat Spells
间接战斗法术不是让魔法打击对手,而是用魔法创造一种造成伤害的效果——比如点燃火球,或是打出一道闪电。施放一个间接战斗法术,投骰巫术+魔法对抗(目标的)反应+意志。伤害是施法者的魔法/2(向上取整)+净成功+增强(Amp Up)伤害。目标投骰TA的体质抵抗伤害,就好像TA在物理战斗时一样。间接战斗法术经常会带有元素效果(elemental effects)(见P.109)。
剧透 -   : Rather than having the magic do the pummeling, Indirect Combat spells create an effect that causes the damage—igniting a fireball, say, or sparking a lightning bolt. To cast an Indirect Combat spell, roll Sorcery + Magic vs. Reaction + Willpower. Damage is caster’s Magic divided by two (rounded up) + net hits + Amp Up damage. Targets roll their Body to resist this damage, as they would in physical combat. Indirect Combat spells frequently come with elemental effects (see p. 109).除了正常的法术特征之外,战斗法术还会列出造成的伤害类型,无论它是眩晕伤害(S)还是物理伤害(P)。
剧透 -   : In addition to normal spell characteristics, Combat spells list the type of damage done, whether it is Stun (S) or Physical (P).译注:如果你是一个5E玩家,你可能需要注意以下法术标注出的DV不再是前版本的伤害值(DamageValue)而是耗竭值(DrainValue)。


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