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剧透 -   : You’re only as good as your gear. It’s a common saying, but it’s true, especially on the mean streets of the Sixth World. Having the wrong gear at the right time or the right gear at the wrong time are both potentially fatal flaws. Either way you’re probably going to end up in a world of hurt, or worse.
剧透 -   : The key functions of any piece of gear in Shadowrun are expressed in its game stats. The exact categories of stats depend on the item’s type. Cost is a universal stat—everything costs money—and all items also have Availability. We’ll cover that and some of the more specialized stats.

剧透 -   : Availability expresses how easy it is to find a piece of gear. The higher the number, the more scarce the item is. Availabilities typically range from 1 to 6, but circumstances can push them up to 9.
Note that the top levels of Availability are primarily reserved for alphaware, betaware, and deltaware versions of augmentations.
剧透 -   : Availability ratings give a general sense to the gamemaster of whether player characters can find a given item, but they also can be used in mechanics in two ways. First, the Availability rating can be used as a threshold in Matrix Search tests to find someone who carries the item—though the gamemaster should note that just because the players find a seller doesn’t mean that seller will be easily accessible. Second, players may ask a contact to locate an item. Generally speaking, contacts can find goods whose Availability is less than (not equal to) their Connection rating. Whether they connect the player characters to the gear is a question of Loyalty and role-playing.
--- 引用 ---可获得性表 AVAILABILITY TABLE
等级状况1这件物品随处可见,如果你处于一个相对文明的区域,只要走几条街你就可以找到卖它的地方。2这件物品稍显稀缺,但是这只是意味着你需要寻找这个特定种类的专卖店而不是在随意某个自动售货机(stuffer shack)里买到而已。3这件物品已经进入了精品的领域,这类商品为狂热分子准备,又或者是产量相对稀少。他们不是最稀缺的装备,但与此同时你在曼城区的大多数商店里找不到它们。4现在我们打入细分市场了,这些商品不瞄准大众市场,他们的特定功能并不是为所有人设计的,只有在特定城区的少数人拥有他们,并且供应有限。5真正的特级商品,为收藏家或者某一个靶向市场设计,但是他们非常难得一见6非常稀有,通常由手工制造的物品。小工坊与少数供应商会制造他们,但是你永远不会在主流零售店里找到他们。努力工作,然后你也许可以找到一个接受预约的卖家愿意卖给你一个此类商品。7这些物品不会被量产,每一个都是独特和个人定制的。8和等级7一样,但是你需要提前预约,并且也许需要接受背景调查,基于制造商决定的某些模糊标准。9钱能买到最珍贵的物品——你需要找到一个愿意收你的钱的人。拥有其中一个足以使你跻身精英阶层,出售其中一个可以带来基于稀缺程度的额外收入。剧透 -   : 1 These items can be found just about anywhere. If you’re in a relatively civilized area, just walk a few blocks, and you’ll find a place that sells this.

2 These items are a bit more specialized, but that mainly means you’ll have to seek out a store that focuses on this type of merchandise, rather than finding it in your local Stuffer Shack or whatever.

3 These are starting to be boutique items, the type of things aficionados seek out, or things that are made in relatively small batches. They’re not the rarest items, but they’re also not sitting in a ton of stores across the sprawl.

4 Now we’re getting into specialty markets. These are things not intended for mass markets, and their specialized function isn’t for everyone. Few people in any given sprawl carry them, and their supplies are limited.

5 True specialty items. These may be collector’s items or things deliberately made for a niche audience, but they are not at all easy to find.

6 These are quite rare, often hand-crafted items. Small workshops and specialty manufacturers make them, and you’ll never find them at a
major retailer. Work hard, and you might track a by-appointment seller who will sell you one.

7 These items are not available off-the-rack. They are specially ordered and custom-made.

8 Same as 7, but you have to make an appointment to order one, and you may be subjected to a background check based on whatever obscure
criteria the manufacturer has decided to assemble.

9 The most rare items money can buy—you just have to find the person who will take your cash. Owning one of these marks you as a member of the elite, and selling one of them brings in extra cash due to their scarcity.
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有些物品会在可获得性里额外获得一个(I)或者(L)的标识。I代表私人持有这些商品在大多数场合都是非法的,代表他们只被安保,超企以及政府机构允许持有。L代表需要执照(p. 273)以合法持有或递送的物品。执照可以被购买并附加在SIN上(又或者是假SIN)。
剧透 -   : Some items are listed with an (I) or (L) as part of their Availability rating. The former refers to items that are illegal for private ownership in most places, which means they are only allowed in the possession of security, megacorporate, or government entities. The latter designation is attached to items that require a license (p. 273) in order to legally possess or transport them. Licenses are bought and attached to SINs (or fake SINs).
剧透 -   : The legal status of any given item is dependent on the local laws. What’s legal in the UCAS may not be legal in CalFree, or vice versa. The listings here are for the UCAS and Seattle in particular, as the UCAS has several laws (like gun possession) that vary by state.

剧透 -   : This shows how many programs an electronic device can have running at a single time.
剧透 -   : This is the ammo capacity a firearm has, as well as the type of container—(belt) belt, (c) clip, (cy) cylinder, (m) magazine, (ml) missile, or (z) muzzle loaders.

剧透 -   : This is the Attack Ratings the weapon uses. The rating is an abstraction of different characteristics of the weapon that make it more efficient and effective on the attack. This is listed as five numbers, representing, in order, the ratings for Close, Near, Medium, Far, and Extreme ranges.

剧透 -   : For Matrix items, this lists the attribute array an item has for the categories of Attack (A), Sleaze (S), Data Processing (D), and Firewall (F). The first two and the last two are typically paired together.

剧透 -   : This is the size of a blast of an explosive.

某些物品允许改造与强化,他们拥有一个容量等级来表示他们可以容纳多少改动。其他物品会占用容量——这些物品的容量等级会被以[ ]圈出。
剧透 -   : Some items can hold modifications and other adaptations, and they have a Capacity rating to indicate how much they can hold. Other items take up this space—those items have a Capacity rating listed in brackets [ ].

剧透 -   : This is used for weapons and is the base damage the weapon inflicts if it hits. It may have a letter indicating its elemental damage, such as (e) for electricity or (f) for fire. For explosives, this is listed at different ranges, including ground zero (GZ), Close, and Near ranges.
剧透 -   : This is the boost to a character’s Defense Rating that an item provides.
剧透 -   : Used for electronic devices, this is a kind of all-purpose stat that reflects the devices overall power and systems integrity.

剧透 -   : Used for cyberware and bioware, this shows the Essence reduction you experience when installing this item.

这是一件火器拥有的开火模式,详情见p. 108
剧透 -   : These are the firing modes firearms use, as discussed on p. 108.
这代表了附件被安装的位置,详细规则见p. 259
剧透 -   : This describes where an accessory is placed, as per the rules on p. 259.
剧透 -   : If an item has a range of ratings in which it is available, it is listed in this column or next to the
item’s name.
载具拥有自己的属性——它们被详细记载在p. 198
剧透 -   : Vehicles have a bunch of stats—they’re described on p. 198.

是否拥有一些基础的物品取决于生活方式(see p. 56)的购买。
剧透 -   : Some general assumptions of item ownership come with the purchase of a Lifestyle (see p. 56). Basic clothing and doss furnishings would be included along with general amenities appropriate to the Lifestyle level. These items only need to be worried about when a character loses their Lifestyle or doss due to unforeseen circumstances, but they are replaced as soon as the runner buys a new Lifestyle.
剧透 -   : Runners use the funds they get at character creation to buy their initial gear. This includes arms, armor, tech, vehicles, and everything else that wouldn’t be a normal part of everyday life. These items should have some kind of note on where they are stored, because the runner could lose items if they keep them in their vehicle and it gets stolen, keep them at their doss and it gets burned, or keep them on their person and they get pinched.
剧透 -   : Let’s make this simple. In order to fence the valuables you come across, you need a contact who’s in the right field (your bartender contact isn’t going to be the most useful helping you unload that cyberdeck prototype you lifted from Mitsuhama). If you have the right contact, you can get back ten percent of the base value on the item, plus one percent for every hit on an Influence + Charisma test. If the item is particularly hot or desired (according to the gamemaster’s discretion) the whole selling process could be more adventurous and offer a bigger payday, but that’s up to the individual running the show.
剧透 -   : Sometimes you want to keep your stuff away from prying eyes. There is no active test for hiding gear—you put it in its carrier or holster or whatever and hope the equipment does its job. Spotting gear is based on a Concealability threshold that is used in Perception tests. Items have a base threshold based on their general size and shape; some items change this based on their design, whether they are built to be hidden or bulkier than normal and hard to make disappear. All these thresholds assume the item is being hidden by the owner—if you’re holding the item openly in your hand, the Concealability threshold would not apply.

--- 引用结尾 ---

剧透 -   : Most gear is built to be used by humans, or at least human-sized creatures. Elves and orks are close enough to human sizes that they can generally make this gear work for them, but it’s not as easy for dwarfs and trolls. They usually need to shop at special stores or order their gear with certain customizations made to it. To account for this, dwarfs pay a ten percent markup on all the fitted gear they purchase. This applies to items like armor and clothes, but not stuff like weapons and commlinks. When in doubt, the gamemaster makes the call of when to apply it. It’s harder for trolls, and they experience a ten percent markup on everything. Even AR setting have to be adjusted to fit trolls’ thick fingers, and every piece of gear needs some kind of adjustment for their size, strength, and dermal deposits.使用不合适的物品 USING UNADAPTED GEAR
剧透 -   : Sometimes a dwarf or a troll has to use someone else’s stuff or make do with what’s handy. Any time a dwarf or troll uses gear that is not adapted for them, they suffer a –2 dice pool penalty on all actions involving that gear. This means armor doesn’t close right, guns don’t fit right, commlinks aren’t easy to use, etc.
剧透 -   : Nearly every device is wireless. The wireless revolution started for tracking purposes, though most of the tracking was about observing consumer behavior. The corps also found it useful for inventory tracking and seeing how people used their goods. The only trick was finding a way to make sure consumers had a reason to keep the wireless functionality on at all times. That led to … the wireless bonus!无线奖励 WIRELESS BONUS
剧透 -   : Many items have a bonus applied when they’re kept attached to the Matrix. For the bulk of the population, this is just a little convenient aid in their normal life, but for runners it is often a door- die decision, because leaving your Smartgun XI linked to the Matrix could be the little edge you need, or it could be your doom as you get hacked and the fancy electronics-laden SMG becomes a paperweight. Items with a bonus are listed, and some have it listed for the entire category as well.关了它 TURNING IT OFF
剧透 -   : Separating yourself and your gear from the Matrix is easy. An Electronics + Logic (1) Test as a Minor Action is all it takes in combat. The rest of the time, you can just assume you can figure it out as long as you have the Electronics skill.过时货 THROWBACKS
剧透 -   : These devices are older tech. Whether it’s because they’re incompatible with the current Matrix or devoid of a way to interface with it, they don’t have a way to connect and gain any bonus from the wireless world. They also can’t be hacked in any way shape or form other than the other use of the word, like when a troll swings his axe and hacks your antique rifle in half.

装备列表 GEAR Listing

剧透 -   : Welcome to the land of the Close Combat skill.
The weapons here range from the classic, simple and
primitive, to the elegant futuretech designs of the
minds at Evo, but they all supply the hurt with the
help of some good old-fashioned metahumanpower.
剧透 -   : Sharp edges provide the lethal advantage to everything with a blade. Brute force works, but elegant
style is just as effective with objects honed to
a razor sharpness.
战斗斧Combat axe
剧透 -   : Whether you’re Neal the Firefighter or Neil the
Ork Barbarian, you can swing an axe for both utility
and violence. The combat axe come with a single
or double blade and a hardened spring-loaded
thrusting point for breaking glass or providing an
unpleasant surprise. In the overmuscled hands of a
2080s street warrior, this weapon can be far deadlier
than a firearm.
战斗刀Combat Knife
剧透 -   : A simple, elegant, efficient killing device with a
chisel point to make light work of armor. It’s also
前臂爪刃Forearm snap blades
剧透 -   : Don’t like getting implants but still want three razor sharp blades to pop out of your forearm? This is
the weapon for you. The blades extend and retract
through either a forearm muscle command or a wireless
signal. Either way, it takes a Minor Action.
Wireless bonus: The blades grant an extra Minor Action on the turn when they are extended or retracted.
剧透 -   : The iconic two-handed sword of the samurai is
standard issue for trid-series shadowrunners. Out
on the street, the deadly blade teaches lessons to
those who think the trope is solely about looks.
剧透 -   : A catchall term for a variety of different deadly
fighting blades. The style is up to you, but the stats
are all the same.
剧透 -   : Take a long stick, add any of a dozen varieties
of blades to the head, and you’ve got a polearm.
Designed to keep distance between attacker and
defender or strike at a mounted target, they’re not
common street weapons. They’re nearly impossible
to conceal, even for a troll, but they’re great at
keeping problems at a safe distance.
求生刀Survival knife
剧透 -   : Specifically designed with a cutting edge on one
side and a serrated sawing edge on the other, the
true “survival” piece of this knife is in the han
dle and its collection of accessories. In the handle
you’ll find a GPS monitor, mini-multitool, and mi
cro-lighter. The blade is coated with a photovoltaic
skin that blacks out the blade to prevent unwanted
reflection; when charged, the skin can be activated
to provide two hours of light. Combat stats are the same as the combat knife. 无线奖励:求生刀会显示一份包括了当地地图以及你的GPS定位的ARO,同时在你持握时提供基础的生理监控信息。
剧透 -   : Wireless bonus: The knife displays an ARO of
local maps and your GPS position, along with providing basic biomonitor data when in your hand.

剧透 -   : A heavy blade on a one-handed grip that comes
in a variety of styles. The world’s dominant combat weapon for thousands of years until the firearm came along

棍棒 Club
剧透 -   : The stats listed can be used for a range of objects, including an axe handle, baseball bat, crowbar, tire iron, wrench, or even a two-by-four with a couple nails in it. The price listed is for a professionally made, old-style police baton, but it would be relatively easy to find one for free in a pinch.
伸缩警棍Extendable baton
剧透 -   : This telescoping club can be extended with a
wrist flick or a wireless signal. In its retracted form,
it’s easier to conceal (Concealability threshold 4
when retracted, 2 when extended). Retracting or
extending it is a Minor Action. 无线奖励:在你伸缩警棍的回合,获得一个额外的次要动作
剧透 -   : Wireless bonus: You gain a bonus Minor Action
on a turn when you retract or extend the baton.
剧透 -   : Also known as a blackjack, this is a short, flex
ible club or a leather-wrapped iron, lead, or sand
filled sack for thumping heads. It’s designed to be
concealable, often fitting in the palm of the hand
(Concealability threshold 4).
剧透 -   : Speak softly and carry a big stick. This is that
big stick. Available in composite, hardwood,
high-carbon steel, and other materials.
防暴棍Stun baton
剧透 -   : A riot-control staple and viewed as a symbol of
corporate-government oppression, this handy electrical prod is still useful for everyone in the shadows. The stun baton holds ten charges and regains
one charge per ten seconds when plugged in. 无线奖励:防暴棍无需充电即可充能,每有半小时开启无线即可恢复一格充能
剧透 -   : Wireless bonus: The stun baton recharges with
out being plugged in, regaining one charge per half
hour of wireless-enabled time.
伸缩长棍 Telescoping staff
剧透 -   : A big stick that starts out as a small stick. This
metal and composite staff can telescope down to
the size of a stun baton or a sword. It can be ex
tended and locked in place by spinning or snap
ping it out in each direction and giving the handle
a twist to lock it. Or it can use a wireless signal
to activate the telescoping effect. Extending or re
tracting it takes a Minor Action. 无线奖励:在你伸缩长棍后获得一个额外的次要动作。
剧透 -   : Wireless bonus: You gain a bonus Minor Action
on a turn when you retract or extend the baton.

机车链Bike Chain
剧透 -   : Go-gangs love to pull the old equipment off
their scrap bikes and smack other people with it.
These heavy metal chains are brutal weapons, es
pecially when backed by the speed of a motorcycle.
You gain a bonus Minor Action on a turn when
you use the Trip Minor Action with this weapon.
The classic leather cord used for centuries to
keep cattle, and other types of “livestock” in check.
Brutal on bare flesh, these things are mainly a trip
ping hazard for anyone with armor. You gain a bo
nus Minor Action on a turn when you use the Trip
Minor Action with this weapon.

剧透 -   : Everything from a roll of quarters in the palm
(though who has that lying around?) to brass
knuckles to Ares Hardliner Gloves, these weapons
move a fist from potentially deadly to a probably
deadly by augmenting the structure of the hand
with metals or composites.
单丝鞭Monofilament Whip

剧透 -   : Striking fear in the hearts of those who have
warily watched its serpentine glow since the 2050s.
In the hands of a trained user, this terrifying weapon can cut through armor, flesh, and bone as easy
as butter with every millimeter of its two meters of
monofilament line. In the wrong hands, or even with
a bad twist of a skilled wrist, that line can send you
to the street doc looking for a new limb. The whip is
stored in the specially designed compartment in the
handle with a small weight that detaches when the
weapon is activated. Glitches are handled as usual,
but a critical glitch always requires the wielder to
resist the base damage of the weapon. 无线奖励:单丝鞭使用你对于目标的视觉信号以校准,改良弹道,使攻击等级提升2。同时,在严重失误时,单丝鞭的内部安全系统会自动回收单丝线而不会让单丝鞭击中你
剧透 -   : Wireless bonus: The whip uses your visuals on
the target to make small adjustments in targeting,
and the whip adjusts its trajectory. This increases
the Attack Rating by 2. Also, the whip’s built-in
safety system retracts automatically instead of hit
ting you on a critical glitch.
电击手套Shock Gloves
剧透 -   : Insulated gloves with an integrated system
that discharges electric current with any contact
after they’ve been activated. The gloves inflict the
Zapped status (p. 53) and are good for ten charges
before they need to be plugged in and recharged (at
a rate of one charge per ten seconds). The charge is
activated with a muscle command or via wireless
signal, which takes a Minor Action. 无线奖励:当你激活电击手套时获得一个额外的次要动作。电击手套会自动充能,每半小时的无线时间恢复1点充能。
剧透 -   : Wireless bonus: You gain a bonus Minor Action
on a turn when you activate a charge. The shock
gloves recharge by induction, regaining one charge
per half hour of wireless-enabled time.

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--- 引用 ---其他武器 OTHER MELEE WEAPONS
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