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主题: 魔域传奇人物设定的14个问题1.0版
作者: Meow2007-10-10, 周三 17:29:43


……So,as a final exercise, whenever you create a Ravenloft player character, place yourself in your hero's mind and consider the following questions. This is not a test, and there are no wrong answers.

1.What do you look like?
Are you alluring? Plain? Grotesque? Do you dress in finery or tattered rags? Do you have any scars or distinguishing features? A character's appearance may hint at her past. For example, a fighter hunting the weretiger who infected her with lycanthropy might still bear scars from the attack.

2.Where is your family?
Where is your homeland? Are you native to Barovia, or were you drawn into a quest from the arid Amber Wastes? Do you have a cozy cottage to call home, or have you been banished from you ancestral estate? Some players may believe that loved ones can't be threatened if they don't exist, but consider this: a hero with no one to lose also has no one to turn to in times of need.

3.What is your greatest love?
For what or whom would you make sacrifices? A romantic interest? A family member? Yourself? Your deity? Magic? Youth? Knowledge? Power? Would you make a personal sacrifice of sacrifice someone else?

4.What is your regret?
Do you have any memories that haunt you at night? Were you unable to prevent a death? Do you have mental or physical trait that you despise? Did you betray a friend in a time of weakness?

5.What makes your skin crawl?
What are your hates or fears? Many elves are disgusted by the acrid scent of gunpowder, and dwarves are said to dislike the sea. Do you dislike the smell of livestock, or do you hate the sweltering heat of summer? Does witnessing an injustice set your teeth to grinding, or does the sight of spiders send you into shivers? Do you find a race, culture, religion, or form of magic primitive or unnatural?

6.What is your greatest shame?
Do you secretly desire fame? Power? Have you harmed someone in the past to advance yourself? Did you desert a friend in order to learn something or gain something you wanted? Do you secretly despise you brother and wish him harm? Have you committed some act you think is unforgivable, yet desire redemption?

7.What fascinates you?
What topics draw your interest? Do you attend operas, or do you read tawdry novels? Would you rather pore over the intricate patterns of a magic scroll, the strands of a cobweb or the gears of a clock tower? Do you have a Weakness for riddles? Do you live your life in search of new sensations?

8.What are your habits?
Do you have any patterns in your life? A sorcerer might twist his beard when lost in thought; a caliban might collect "trophies" from slain foes; a bard might practice every night to hone her musical skills.

9.What are your secrets?
Do you hide anything from the outside world? Are you disguising a trait, or have you buried an event from your past? Why do you keep this secret? If your secret was revealed, would you merely be embarrassed or might you face persecution or place someone at risk?

10.Are you rational or passionate?
Do you pride yourself on following your head before your heart, or are you a true romantic? characters with chaotic alignments tend to be more comfortable with their emotions, but lawful characters are certainly capable of passionate outbursts.

11.Are you sophisticated or superstitious?
Were you educated in the finest boarding schools, or did tanners who left their homestead only to check their traps raise you? A cosmopolitan character might be experienced in the skills of etiquette, while an unrefined peasant might know countless folktales about the fey.

12.How strong is your faith?
Many denizens of the Land of Mists scoff at religion, believing that the deities have long since ceased to care about mortal concerns. If religious, do you worship the prevalent religion of your homeland, or have you adopted a foreign creed? Are you pious or zealous?

13.How self-confident are you?
Do you continually question your own motives? Do you struggle with an inner darkness? Or do you stride boldly forth, knowing in your heart that your actions are correct?

14.What drives you to adventure?
Why have you taken up the dangerous life of an adventurer? Are you simply mercenary, seeking treasure? Are you on a hunt for vengeance? Are you driven by altruistic motives? Do you believe you have a destiny to fulfill? Are you trying to reclaim a stolen birthright? Are you struggling to be reunited with a lost love?

Answer as many questions asked above as you can and you will find that your character has developed a vivid background and intensely personal backstory. These can only enrich your play and give your Dm ideas for building stories around some of those details. these might incorporate your family members, dislikes, fascinations and beliefs or they might help you resolve old fears, personal demons or an old debt. Whatever comes of the answers, you know your character far better, understanding where he came from and what drives him to adventure in the Land of the Mists.

主题: 魔域传奇人物设定的14个问题1.0版
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